lotor: [malicious smile] hello, paladins. i’m here to destroy voltron.

allura: i was about to say, “no you won’t, you son of a bitch,” but i’m sure your mother is a lovely person. 

allura: [scans lotor from top to bottom, subtle disgust written on her face] send her my condolences. 

lance: hey slav, could you tell me more about those alternative realities?

slav: oh yes! would you like to hear about the enemies to friends to lovers klance trope with mutual pining, or do you prefer the slow burn klunk coffee shop au? the yellow paladin is very fond of that one.

anonymous asked:

Omg I just had this daydream of Burr. The ultimate photobomber. Tons of hamilsquad pics and in every single on Burr is just in the background photobombing. Some pictures it's like really obvious and others he's just in the back barely visible, but still there. He eventually cultivates the nickname PhotobombBurr