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I had this medival au where Tord became a wanted criminal for attempting to kill the king (Edd) so is now travelling to find a relic that has the ability to grant one wish every century, allowing him to get revenge. On the way he meets another criminal named Pat and a smuggler with a giant bird (Paul). Together they go on a giant adventure and bonds form, but when they finally find the relic, they run into Pay who wants to use it to bring Sharpie back. Angst happens and Pat has to make a choice.

Boi that sounds good tho.

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Are you going to stop writing Oswald x female reader inserts? I've seen a few accounts stopping doing this and I was wondering if you were too

You know, I’m not sure. I honestly haven’t thought about it much.

I just tend to write whatever people want. Sometimes that’s reader inserts, sometimes it’s Harvey Dent bending Oswald over a table and calling him a bad boy… It’s really up to you guys. 

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I personally have always seen Oswald as bi/pan. Loving someone for who they are rather then anything else. But that’s just me.

fix you.

erasers!au | 2,154 words | fluff; mentions of heartbreak

as an eraser, his job is to mend broken hearts by helping them forget. out of all tasks, he finds the most interest in yours.

a/n: this was a repost and a re-vamp of something i had on my flashdrive. hmm, i suppose you could consider this the fifth spoopy piece so enjoy! feel free to check out the other pieces here~

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It’s not uncommon for wanting a pain to end so much that you’d rather forget than live through it, that when someone says he or she wishes for some event to be gone, it’s simply erased. It’s not an uncommon thing to occur, but it sure as hell isn’t ignored. You see, there is a world that allows for wishes of the matter. These erasers, well, they’re called the Erasers. They’re not some punk garage or indie rock band singing about girls and screwing. No, they’re the people who grant your wish to forget. They actually make it happen. One minute you’re crying your heart out, aching to forget, and the next minute, you actually do- all thanks to them.

It’s not always an unnatural occurrence for someone to wake up remembering, and then suddenly forgetting. A modern spin it is usually the justification of ‘getting older.’ It’s why nearly most teenagers and adults can’t seem to remember things at certain moments of their lives. Those memories that’ve been ached to be forgotten have gone ‘poof!’ like magic. Not quite though. It’s a job description for only the ones who could not forget no matter how hard they wished and their Eraser tried. This is because eventually old Erasers need to retire, while new ones replace them.

In total, now, there must’ve been at least thirty. but they’re diminishing. Erasers were losing their touch, at least that’s what Jungkook thought. He believed that ones that couldn’t even fulfill their task just weren’t up for the jobs. Except, it wasn’t just any round of jobs that were causing these poor Erasers to fail.

Nope. It was just one job by one person. You to be exact. You were unlike most people, even if your problem paralleled everyone else’s: heartbreak. Your heart had been snapped in two, literally, from what the dark doe-eyed boy accessed. Things in their world, though it did not differ any meter from yours, were taken slightly more seriously, which explained why there was normality in seeing how your bright red heart was beating in two different places in your chest.

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i support haute couture that enables people to look like a) the dread, immortal witch queen of a forgotten empire, b) a wholesome nature spirit who will grant wishes, c) the bouncer for a dystopian night club, d) living cubist/impressionist/pre-raphaelite/art deco/byzantine art, e) the enchanted furniture living in a cursed palace, f) a hogwarts professor.  

This year on Halloween when the Great Pumpkin appears and grants wishes to everyone who’s been good, I hope I get picked and we can retcon the end of Saw VII.

Wickerbottom Halloween update quotes.

Hello again! Thought i might as well do Wickerbottom’s quotes, so here we are!

trinkets first!

  • White Rook: “It was once called the “tower”, long ago”
  • Black Rook: “Calling it a “castle” is plainly incorrect”
  • White Knight: “Knights are better pieces when they’re active in the center”
  • Black Knight: “In German, it is known as the “springer””
  • Cubic Zirconia Ball: “Oh, i got my hopes up for a nice crystal ball”
  • Spider Ring: “A decorative arachnid adornment! How darling!”
  • Monkey Paw: “The paw grants three wishes, with terribly ironic results. So the story goes.”
  • Empty Elixir: “Odorless. I believe it may have been sugar water”
  • Faux Fangs: “Dunk those in boiling water before wearing them, dear”
  • Broken Stake: “Luckily it is much too brittle to do any real damage”

and now the candy! :)

  • Candy Apple: “Remember to eat in moderation, children”
  • Candy Corn: “Delightfully colored kernels of high fructose corn syrup”
  • Not-so-candy Corn: “Hmm, well, at least there’s a healthy option on the table”
  • Gummy Spider: “I was always a fan of black licorice, myself”
  • Catcoon Candy: “It almost seems a shame to eat them”
  • ”Raisins”: “I’d prefer none of you eat these at all”
  • Raisins: “I’ll take the ones you don’t want, dears”
  • Ghost Pop/Tentacle Lolli: “How darling!”
  • Jelly Worm: “I had best not hear of any tummy aches later”
  • Choco Pigs: “I fear I’ve a terrible weakness for a spot of chocolate”
  • Candy bag: “A festive bag for seasonal treats”

that’s it! happy halloween, from Wickerbottom, and remember to stay safe!

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valentine’s day cards: kyungsoo edition
(because honestly what says ‘i love you’ more than creepersoo? nothing, that’s what)