💜A Tarot Spread For Gaining Closure and Letting Go 💜

I made this spread the other night, I’ve recently been pondering a friendship that I never really let go of. This spread is intended to help you gain closure; it could be a relationship, an event, situation, or person. Whatever you need help letting go of and healing from. I hope this is able to help others the way it helped me. As always, I love you and wish you the best.

First Card: This card represents something you may already know but it can help you gain a clear view on why you’re still thinking about the person/situation. Why is this something I’m still thinking about?

Second Card: This card should help you understand why everything played out the way it did, it can be hard to gain closure when you don’t understand why something happened. This helps you understand the point of the relationship, situation, etc. (I.e. did they use you, was it a learning experience, poor communication, etc.) What was the point of this happening?

Third Card: One difficult thing about closure is not understanding what you were supposed to learn. It can be heard to look back and reflect without emotions clouding our judgment. What can you take away from this experience to make you stronger? What have I learned from this?

Fourth Card: Cards four through six will all be self-care and healing cards albeit for different things. This card represents what you can or should do to heal emotionally. What can I do to heal emotionally?

Fifth Card: It can be hard on you mentally in situations that need closure, I personally loose sleep and start to obsess over it in unhealthy ways. Try to find ways to remind yourself to take care of yourself, drink enough water, take a nap, etc. What can I do to heal mentally?

Sixth Card: It can also take a toll on you spiritually. We’re all affected in different ways and that’s okay. What can I do to heal spiritually?

Seventh Card: This is the final card in the reading, this can represent the final outcome of you following this advice or perhaps it’s another piece of advice. It’s what you need to hear most. Is there anything else that can help me gain closure, if not what is the outcome??

You can see some of my readings and spreads here and you can get your own reading by me here.


IT’SSSSSS CRYPTIDSMAS AGAIN FOLKS. Time for a new batch of cards! Wish I’d gone a little harder on the black placement this time, and that watercolor paper scanned better, but I still had a total blast making these.

If any mutuals want to trade cryptidsmas cards, hit me up! This year, I have had the foresight to not be in the middle of fucking moving, so I can be sure not to accidentally miss anyone this time. Non-mutual followers or passersby are also totally free to inquire about a card trade, but I may have to turn you down due to time restraints.

rabbitpietale  asked:

Could you draw someone on enforced bed rest (sick)?

@rabbitpietale, Frisk came down with something and everyone came by the house to check in on them and give them some comfort and smiles through their sick day.

This is part request response and part get well wishes card for you, Rabbit. I hope you feel better soon.
Thank you for your request!✨

old but still gets me mad

So I used to work at a relatively well known card seller chain that also does a lot of ornament sales. Well year round, my store had old ornaments in the clearance section - I’m talking shit that didn’t sell like 5 years prior, just taking up space on shelves.
Well the retailer also used to send out copious amounts of coupons to rewards members. This one lovely woman came into my store, proceeded to shove half of the clearance section into her basket and then bought thirty 99¢ cards (I wish I was exaggerating). In total, she owed like close to $70-80, just due to the excessive amount of shit from the clearance section.
I rang everything up, she was a little short with me but I was used to it and didn’t take it seriously. She gave me one of the aforementioned coupons that was like 10% off or something on NON CLEARANCE ITEMS. I scanned it, and it took the 10% away from the card total, not overall total. That set her off.
She was screaming at me, telling me what an idiot I was. Pulled a calculator out of her purse to show me the math of 10% off of $80 (mind you, this was all in the computer - I literally didn’t do a single bit of calculations on this). I repeatedly told her it wasn’t good on clearance items and if she needed me to remove those items off the purchase I could.
My manager was at the register next to me, completely ignoring the situation as I got screamed at for well over 15 minutes by then. Finally, the woman said “I SHOWED YOU THE MATH. ARE YOU JUST THAT RETARDED THAT YOU DONT GET NUMBERS? WHY DID THEY HIRE YOU?”
I have a special needs sister & have literally dedicated my life to working with the special needs community. I was raised in a household that didn’t use the R-word and I knew I didn’t have to take that shit. I calmly exited out of the entire register, smiled at her and said “I’m sorry ma'am, but I’m just afraid we’re unable to help you today.” And walked to the back room where I proceeded to break down and cry.
My manager got the woman’s info from her rewards account, banned her from the store and apologized profusely for ignoring me when I needed help. The entire store got a lot better at sticking up for one another after that.
2 years later and I can STILL picture that woman’s foaming mouth as she threw a calculator at me across the counter.

Tldr; bitch came to store, didn’t understand coupon, called me a retard and got banned

BSD Tanabata Twitter special: Atsushi and Akutagawa parts

I thought I’d translate the dialogues featuring Atsushi and Aku (since they’re my faves) that were posted on BSD official Twitter in honor of Tanabata in Japan.

Mori: Akutagawa-kun, what a lucky coincidence seeing you here! I have a reward for you. Would you do me a favor in turn?

Akutagawa: I don’t need any rewards. The only thing I’m interested in is eliminating the enemy. Give me an order and I’ll do it.

Mori: What? An enemy? No, no, that’s not it at all! I only need you to go buy something for me.

Akutagawa: ……….. ?

Atsushi: Kyouka-chan, Naomi-san has asked me to do some errands, would you like to come with me?

Kyouka: Errands? A mission, you mean?

Atsushi: Ahaha, no, it’s not for work. Today is Tanabata and everyone will be having somen noodles for lunch, so we need to get ingredients.

Kyouka: Got it.

(the rest under the cut for length)

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Tarot Spell to Increase Your Income

Disclaimer: this spell is NOT mine, it is coming straight form a book by Skye Alexander.


  • 1 green candle and 1 white candle 
  • 2 candle holders 
  • An object that represents your desire 
  • 1 deck of tarot cards
  • Matches or Lighter 

Best Time to Perform This Spell:

  • During the Wax Moon

The Spell:

Cast a circle around the area where you will perform the spell. Put your candles at opposite ends of your altar. Between them, place an object that signifies your desire to increase your income. It could be a coin, a dollar bill, or a piece of jewelry, or something else that suggests wealth. 

From your deck of tarot cards, select the Ace of Pentacles (sometimes called coins or discs), which represents new financial undertakings and opportunities. Place it in front of the white candle. In front of the green candle, put the Ten of Pentacles. Sometimes called the “Wall Street” card, the ten symbolizes a financial windfall. In the middle, between the two candles, place the Nine of Cups - the “Wish” card - and the Star card, which symbolizes hope.

Light the candles and say:

The money I spend

and the money I lend

comes back to me

in multiples of three.”

See money flowing to you form all directions. The more vivid you can make your visualization, the faster your wish will manifest. End the spell by extinguishing the candles and giving thanks. Open the circle. Allow everything to remain on your altar over night. 

Once again this is NOT my spell! This came from the book “the modern guide to witchcraft by Skye Alexander   


Aromantic/Asexual/Alternative valentine cards!
I think maybe I’m gonna make this a tradition

For all those out there who feel left out when you see pretty and creative valentine cards, and wish there were some for you - even if you’d prefer to be alone, or just with a friend - I hope these help! They’re a bit wonky because I’m not programmed to make valentine cards, really, but people were so happy last year I made some new ones anyway.

if you actually wanna use them, feel free to do so in any way you want! whee

Day Eighty-One

-A pair of jocks came through my lane, eager to make their purchases of Yu-Gi-Oh decks. I can only hope that this was in preparation for a niche offshoot of chess boxing.

-A girl handed her grandmother a five-dollar bill to purchase something for her. After the purchase was made, the girl demanded her money back, as since the item was now bought, the grandmother has no need for it anymore. This has been the ultimate hustle and I am grateful to have been taking notes.

-After I asked a woman a question, she immediately became defensive. I am not sure if I went too far and overstepped the acceptable boundaries of cashier conversation. She stood there, suspicious wondering how I could ask such a question. I stood there, scanning, regretting asking how she was.

-A man called the store to ask permission to ride his hoverboard. He was denied, but I expect the kind of man who wishes to ride a hoverboard to do his shopping is not the kind of man to take no for an answer.

-A kid warned his mother not to eat her credit card. I did not see anything to cause this concern, but I trust he knows her better than I do.

-I was told by an elderly woman that she wished card readers would forcefully physically eject the cards onto the floor once they were done. I will now be paying a visit to the patent office.

-A college-aged man explained to me that the boxers he was purchasing were for emergencies. I understand him and appreciate his foresight.

-A woman’s shirt read “DICKS: Last Resort.” I cannot determine whether she is an overt abstinence-only Christian or an overt bisexual with a preference. Either way, I want this shirt.

-A sheriff came into the store with a serious look on his face. I was immediately filled with existential terror, anxiety, and nervous gas despite having never committed a crime in my life and also being white.

-Four college boys stumbled through my lane post-blaze. I know this as in the middle of his purchase, one stopped, blinked fervently, and loudly announced, “I just realized that there are four of us here!” They all laughed. One suggested investing in stocks. He handed me all of the cash in his wallet.

8 / 10 / 2017

Ok so taking a break from studying and I’m in a little mood. This journal is from 5 years ago. So many memories.   When was the last time you looked at your old journals?

lmao lok at me talkin, i ochestrated this whole pic for 1 hr n also that’s not even a bed, that’s my desk with my dirty bed sheet on it tHANKS BYE

Hey y'all! it’s been a long time since I’ve been on social media so for those who don’t know me allow me to do a quick recap of my story.

Who is Tomeetsj and what was Project V?

About three and a half years ago I started a videogame about victubia called Project V, it was supposed to be an action Rpg inspired by games like tales of amalur and others. For two years I’ve worked on the project and it became more and more clear that I bit off more than I could chew. I’ve had a wonderful team working together with me to make this videogame but in the end it turns out a self-taught highschool kid with no budget and who has never been on a programming team or finished a project on his own can’t make a triple A game. Shocking, I know. A lot of people put a lot of faith in my programming skills and I couldn’t live up to the expectation. Then, one year ago I went to university, I realised that I wasn’t gonna finish the game and I put the project into the hands of Djinnet (another programmer) and I was too busy with university that I havent been able to talk to the victubia community a lot.

Screenshot from Project V

So what have I been up to?

After passing all my courses a few weeks ago I decided to go and make a victubia videogame but learn from my mistakes in Project V. This became “Victubia Magi Academy: Dueling Competition”.
I made this game in about a week and it is almost finished (I’ll get to that in a bit). I didn’t tell anyone I was making it so that I wouldn’t get everyone too hyped up and made them feel cheated if it wasnt really good. Its a 2D game and I only used Gabbi’s art, everyone who has tried it themselves knows that getting 3D art from the internet is a pain in the ass and I’m no 3D artist. Lastly, it’s not too ambitious so I knew I would be able to finish it, so far I’ve started dozens of projects and never finished one, I made sure the systems in the game wouldn’t be too dificult so I could actually finish this game. This game is also an apology and a farewell gift in a way.

Screenshot from the title screen.

How does it work?

First, you select a character that you’ve already made or unlocked, or make a new character.

You can select your character’s elemental magic and put distribute 50 points into the different spirit magics with 5 being the minimal amount. After you’ve selected your character you can build their deck, each card is like a move in pokémon so be sure to select the strongest and build your strategy. Each character can use normal (white) cards, spirit magic cards and the cards that are for their element, they cannot use elemental cards that aren’t their elemental magic.

After you’ve selected your chards it’s time to choose an opponent and battle them, you can battle normal VMA students or special unlockable characters. These characters have a “)” in front of their name and join your character select screen after you’ve defeated them.

The battle system is quite simple, both characters get 100 HP, 100 offensive points and 100 defensive points. You draw a handful of cards and select the one you wish to play. A card can have one or more effects, the six effect types are:
⦁ Heal: raises the player’s HP.
⦁ Attack: lowers the opponents HP.
⦁ Raise Offense / Defense: raises the players offense- or defense rating.
⦁ Lower Offense / Defense: lowers the opponents offense- or defense rating.
The amount of damage done is calculated by the ammount of attack effect on the played card, the user’s offense rating and the targets defense rating and the user’s spirit magic level (you heal more if you play a healing green spirit magic card and your green level is high).

Once your opponent’s health reaches zero, you win the game and gain a card pack, there are common cards, rare cards and legendary cards, rare cards are of course less common in card packs than common cards.

What’s also fun is that you can play with- or battle your friends characters! Just copy their .char files from their /Saves/MyCharacters/ folder to your Saves/Opponents/ folder.


Also, most of the artwork you see in the pictures above are made by Gabbi and ripped straight from the victubia tumblr archive.

So when do we get to play this?

Like I said, it’s not yet completely finished, I need to make up a lot of cards and characters to battle. Or rather, you need to. I’m gonna do a stream in the near future where you guys can join me and come up with cards and characters to battle which I will then put into the game. Take your chance to be a game developer and join me in that stream. I will put the time and date in another post once I’ve figured out when I have time ;P.