Min’na-sama! (Everyone!) Happy Valentine’s Day!

And this is the 12th Valentine in my Disney series—Kristoff & Anna from ‘Frozen.’

One left in this series—can you guess who? ^.~

My sister wishes to dedicate this card to our new, dear friend @ribbonsandchocolate who loves Kristanna as much as my sister and has been a real sweetheart and sister in Christ to us!

Colossians 3:12-14

God bless you and keep you!!

Set Knows How to Work the Cards, I Wish the Rest Could be as Forward as He is

Went to the flea market today. Bought a tiny obelisk- I think its tiger iron, but not sure. Hematity with brown/yellow mixed in. 

Didn’t know who to give it to. Got out ye ol’ tarot deck and- very loudly- stated that Whoever wants it should speak up, ‘cause its all yours. Shuffled the shit out of them, then drew the Chariot. The Chariot, in my upg world, is Set’s card. Welp, nekhtet Set! Enjoy the new rock. I was just thinking how He had less of a rocky selection than His brother (my other Beloved) Wesir. I guess this evens them out. :D

I also got an ammonite slice for Amun- I need to figure out a way to rig it into necklace form, if I can.