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I bet you anything some fan is going to go up to that teahouse and take down Misha's wish card and keep it for themselves.

If they do that they must not have much respect for Misha or those that worked so hard on the Teahouse.
But you’re right, I wouldn’t put it past some people in this fandom.


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Nine of Cups

Keywords: Prosperity, fulfillment, good luck, rewards, bonuses and promotions, happiness.

As one of the more positive cards in the Tarot deck, the Nine of Cups is often referred to as the “wish card” as it speaks of fulfillment, happiness, and the attainment of things desired. This card may indicate that, despite recent troubles, you will soon have things to celebrate, or that current joy is the reward for past labor. The deck is telling you that you might very well be getting that thing you have been wishing for. But there is a smugness to this card as well, a note of caution about the possible price of of your prize. Much like a cat eating the canary that he has been longing for, your prize may come at a steep cost to others. Or, simply put, you might be doing something a little shady and don’t be surprised if you get caught!  

In a reading the Nine of Cups is a good omen and should be received gratefully. If this card appears in a reading with cards from the Pentacles suit, it foretells financial or material wealth. If Swords appear along side of the Nine of Cups, you can expect concrete forward movement in the areas of your life for which you have high hopes—professional advancement, personal achievements, health. With Cups, this card can be more complicated and emotional. For example, you may meet the mate of your dreams, but it turns out they are in the middle of a messy separation. Alongside the Hermit, your victory may be a lonely one, and in a reading with the Tower upheaval or dramatic change may be the possibly painful precursor to ultimate victory. In conjunction with the Death card expect a positive change. The Chariot will warn you of the cost of blindly pursuing your desires. If you see this card and the Sun card together, you can have almost no better combination in terms of fulfilling the desires of your heart.

In short, the Nine of Cups is a wonderful card, but like the Wheel of Fortune tells us, all victories have a flip side, and it’s good to be aware of that. In it’s negative aspect the Nine of Cups can speak to overindulgence, greed, gluttony, lust, and the ailments that can come with those undesirable traits. You may feel unsatisfied despite having an abundance of wealth or success. Perhaps you have achieved or received something you always wanted and yet you feel empty or sad. This card can also serve as warning about the cost of pursuing your desires. Accompanied by the Hermit, your victory may be a lonely one, and the Chariot warns of the cost of blindly pursuing your desires.



ASSOCIATED BIRTHDAYS: the 8th to the 14th of October

ASSOCIATED PLANTS: Squaw vine, cranberry, hyacinth