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Max: “I have thought about it, like really thought about it, over the last few days and I think even if you had told me, the outcome would have been the same. Neither of us are ready to be parents. But I really do wish you had told me about all this. I’m your boyfriend, I am supposed to be your support in times like this, not someone you hide things from. You hurt me, badly.”

Gingerly, Max leaned forward and took Elizabeth’s hands in his own.

Max: “However, I love you, Beth. We can fix this, and nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Elizabeth: “I will fight to rebuild this thing because to lose you would be to lose a part of myself.”

I refuse to believe that this is it. You got so close to yet disappeared the moment you know I was nearby. All this time since that time in summer you were there, messaging me and now nothing. Couldn’t have made it more obvious that you started avoiding me the moment you knew that I was much closer to you than you thought I was. You’ve had a girlfriend all along but got close to me the second you were on holiday away from her. I just wish I was given a reason. I want to know what made you get close to me and what made you leave. I miss you.
Luke Hemmings Imagine

*Imagine you confide in Luke but he freaks out because love lmao

“Why are you giving me such a hard time about this? Leave me alone Luke!” You cried out.

Last night you got completely wasted and lost your virginity to some random guy you met at a club. Your best friend Luke hasn’t stopped pestering you about it though; saying things like You’re better than that or I can’t believe you did that. Although you wish you could have remembered what happened in better detail, it pissed you off beyond belief that Luke was judging you. Luke always slept around with random girls on tour but now that you slept with some random guy, it was all of the sudden shameful?

You thought you could confide in him about what had happened last night, but instead of him letting you talk about it, he got super angry at you. You didn’t regret what you did, but you did regret going to Luke with this information.

“I just don’t know why you would do something like this Y/N! And with a stranger? Are you insane!” He let out a heavy sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose. You could tell he was annoyed and that pissed you off even more.

“How dare you!” You spat. “You don’t get to tell me how I should feel! I don’t regret what I did, so instead of being an asshole about it, why don’t you try listening to me?!” His eyes went wide and a hint of sadness crossed over his angered expression. He hesitated but took a step forward, gently bringing his hand up to caress your arm. You tore out of his grasp and backed away from him. It had gotten to a point where you were so frustrated that tears started to stream down your face.

“Don’t touch me.” You seethed, wiping away tears. “I-I’m going home; I can’t be around you right now.”

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Just A Touch

In hindsight, Harry felt that he should have come to this conclusion before now; his luck dictated that just when he thought things could not get any worse for him, they invariably did.

Yet it seemed so impossible, so contrived, so ludicrous of an idea that it had never even occurred to him for one moment.

He wished it had.

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One thought I had that I found very comforting was that Killian could be looking at this as a way to free her from a type of bondage, a slavery of sorts, and giving her back her choice as Emma, separate from the wishes of her family who initially condemned her to the role, rather than what it appeared to be on the surface, him just disregarding her explicitly stated wishes because he doesn’t want to lose her.

If we’re still thinking of this prophecy as a terminal illness than his choice is very troubling for me. But if he is,
as the character looking at this more as wanting to give Emma a choice for herself, made without outside influence or obligation, that’s entirely different.

The dialogue of him stating he just wants to give her what her heart desires supports that even if it wasn’t explicitly stated outright by him in the episode.

I just hope if they do have a conversation, that it would be called out as to why, and the constant group setting cited as a reason he didn’t feel like she was making an informed decision. That he tells her she needs to decide alone, as Emma whether she wants to be the Savior or not, free from the pressures of the town or her family.

Then this would make a lot more sense for me. It’s not that I don’t think Killian would do whatever is necessary to keep her alive, he absolutely would, but him disregarding her wishes and subjecting her to something he experienced first hand just weeks before, subjecting her to the helplessness and the betrayal of such an action just doesn’t jive with me yet and this makes more sense to me personally.

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"I'm gonna groupie the shit outta that kid." 😂😂 haha but really though I'm honestly considering it 😅

It’s gonna be bad. One day when my kids have to deliver my eulogy I hope they say “We thought Niall was just a phase. But when her last dying wish was to be buried in her antique Horan and Rose shirt, in a shamrock-lined casket while "Drag Me Down” played in the background, well we finally realized how serious it had gotten.“



How did I first hear about the game:

Who was the first person I was interested in:

Which route was my favorite:

Who is the best looking:

Who has the best story line plot:

Who had the best CGs:

What are my thoughts on the art:

Who are my favorite NPCs:

Any NPCs I wish got a route:

Rate the game:

As i look up at the clear blue sky, i remembered how i met you for the very first time. It was an awkward smile and a shy hello. It was a calm, peaceful day yet my heart was in chaos. I’ll never forget that moment, my love. How i wish i could relive that moment and start over. We’ve been together for four blissful years, we thought we had this figured out already, our plans and future together but four months ago, our time has come to an end. I still hope that someday, it’s still us in the end.
P.S I miss you, every day.
P.P.S I still love you, it did not change.
—  Until then, my lover. (ktboj)

I’d wait for you until 2 am if I knew you’d respond to only say you’ve had a long day and and wish me a good night and tell me you’d hoped we could have talked more. I’d wait for you any time and any day, because you are worth waiting for, she thought. Should she tell him all this, or prove it to him?

This is my inner monster. It sort of radiates negativity and I can’t get rid of it, as it is just a jumble of all my toxic thoughts, feelings, actions, and desires. I wish none of us had these inner monsters… They’re a pain…

i understand that too. but while monsters can be destructive they can also give us power. dont let it bring you down! (they have such a unique design, i like them a lot!)

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You are creative!! That psycho-ologist doesn't know what they're talking about! I have seen characters you created and gone "I never thought of that!" and people are always saying I'm super creative. You got mad skills and I wish I had your level of creativity.

Thank you!

thought about endcredits

ok. ok. so now i able to think straight (ha!) again.

I have this theory i never share on my blog before that they will repopulate the earth by abusing ectobiology. so we can get dirk/jake baby, jake/jane baby, rose/jade baby, even dirk/rose or jane/jade baby! but i didnt that time because i thought its too silly and perverse. BOY I REGRET THAT! i wish i put that theory so i could reblog it now with added ‘I KNEW IT!’ hahaha :D

i have mixed feelings about this end credits. its overwhelmingly positive of course! :D i feel so full and alive :3

rose and kanaya got married! (rosemaried!) not exactly what i had in mind! and rose is actually butch XD also, davejadekat is real? jakey boy and janebaby is successful and rich now :3 i m not sure about dirk and jake relationship, it looks canon enough for me! (they’re kings!! XD)

but then theres terezi talks about vriska, then the shattering reality, then john…. omg john. something feels off. you live alone in there? i always thought john’s anger towards caliborn is a bit excessive… john. boy. in previous upd8 you snap happy pictures of your friends, it just feels weird he smashed the same phone like that.

Daryl did what they all wished they could. And at that point, they had no idea the ramifications of “acting out” wouldn’t be dealt on the person who acted out, but on someone else.

I have no doubt that if Daryl knew someone ELSE would die for what HE did, he wouldn’t have done it. Just like I think Abraham stared Negan down and showed defiance because if someone were to die, he preferred it be him than anyone else. And he probably died thinking he’d spared them all.


A friend of mine, who wishes to remain unnamed. 

Yes, Daryl thought he’d be held accountable. He’s prone to being willing to throw his life away for his people because he holds himself and his life in so little regard. He was basically committing suicide. Had he known Glenn would pay the price for that he never would’ve moved. He’d never try to bring harm to any of his people. 

You let Rick make a mistake that will get other people killed and–oh wait, he did! He didn’t see to it that Andrew was dead. He just trusted he wouldn’t survive, but he did, and guess who died for his actions? T-Dog. Lori. Almost Carol. Carl himself later said that his mother (and remember T-Dog as a result as well), died because Rick didn’t kill Andrew. But that’s forgivable, huh? Because it’s Rick, and you like him. Not killing Andrew was a huge mistake that cost two members of his group, one of whom was his wife, to die. Daryl made a stupid choice to punch Negan, not realizing someone ELSE would pay for his actions. Rick made a stupid choice not to make absolutely certain Andrew was dead (threw a punch), and two members of the group paid for that stupid decision with their lives.

But it’s okay for Rick to make mistakes that lead to group members dying, right? He’s Rick. He’s half your favorite ship so he can do no wrong. Let Daryl make a bad decision and he’s suddenly the worst in the world. It disheartens me to see so many Richonners being so hateful toward Daryl, but oh well. Your choice. Just don’t act like Rick’s never made mistakes that led to the deaths of important characters.

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Aran Kei

Why I like them
I mean I’m not going to lie, during Touko’s top run I was mostly invested for the sake of Asuka, but I actually really really like Touko as a sienne. I like her voice a lot, thought it’s got an almost “weathered” sound to it that’s unusual and sounds a little different to the preferred “otokoyaku” voice. Marvelous actress too, and off-stage seemed very sweet if occasionally a little reserved. 

Why I don’t
I’m too scared of Lee to dislike anything about Touko

Favorite show/scene

Favorite outfit

I genuinely thought Touko and Asuka were goddamn golden together.

Non-romantic OTP
I did like her and Chie’s Top/Nibante dynamic, they seemed to play off each other very very well. Had a good dynamic going with Wataru too.

Unpopular opinion
I don’t think I have one?

A wish for them
That she continues to outshine all the terrible men she has to act and exist near now as an OG ~

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen for them
Anything bad ~

5 words to best describe them

My nickname for them
Just Touko.

oh no my trash mind went wandering again

hear me out on this


i was listening to phantoim of the opera and i had wishing you were somehow here again on loop because damn its a good song, but

my hanzo obsessed mind was like 

“hanzo thinking about genji after he thought he killed him”


A few thoughts on 1943's Phantom:

I really wish they had kept the father/daughter angle.  It’s very obvious that they filmed it that way and it makes the film make a bit more sense overall.

I like how appropriately dingy Claudin’s lair looks under the opera.  I feel like some adaptations can make it look too “pretty”, but the guy is living under the Opera house….I loved the dripping water and kind of “unfinished” look it had.

I realized something at the end.  When Claudin is playing along with the concerto, which is written around Lullaby of the Bells (Christine’s Song) and asks her to sing, he’s got this look in his eyes that makes me think he was planning on telling her the truth about who he was.  Almost like he was willing her to figure it out.  Again, this is sort of lost on viewers unless they know how the script was originally written.  And Claude Rains plays it so beautifully, it makes me even sadder that it was cut.

I love their interpretation of Christine.  I think changing the source material really made her smarter.  I also think that this is a really difficult role to write/play without making her seem completely useless and, for lack of a better word, dumb.  There are moments near the end that I love, like when she thinks quick enough on her feet to suggest they return to the foyer and she’ll sing for him.  And even when they’re in his lair, there’s a shot where she’s sitting on a chair listening and she looks back at the door.  Almost like she’s wondering if she should make a break for it.  I even saw her “marking the path” on the way to the lair….like she was taking mental images on how to get out of there, so she could escape while he was asleep or something.

And I love Nelson Eddy more and more each time I watch this!

im having dinner and drinks with 4 other girls in my art class at a really good italian place on wed and im so happy and thankful that i am making friends but i wish i hadn’t waited so long. i wish i had cared less when i was younger about what people thought of me and i wish i had sought help sooner when things got unbearable because i have 101 college credits and this is my first semester where im really happy and having fun and not crippled by fear and depression. 


OutOfSword: Omg guys…. I … am speechless honestly… Real talk this means so much to me because I never thought I would get to this point…. When I first made a blog on tumblr I had a really popular character just because no one else tried him at first… And I got really close to a number like this but I was forced to run away and abandon that blog due to bullying and I never thought I would be able to do it again so this…. Is amazing to me. I wish I could thank every single one of you so many times. I normally would say around now that all of you are lost and to leave… but… This milestone… I am going to say Thank you… With all my heart I mean it. This means a lot to me… gosh I’m rambling so sorry. But… Thank you for dealing with me.

You left me a message and, during it, asked, ‘How do I get you out of my mind?’ I held my breath and wished I had an answer. For the rest of the day, I stared out at the California coastline and into its deep blue waters. Everything was picturesque, and I still did not have an answer to give you.

'It isn’t fair.’ Your words hung over my head like the Christmas lights my parents never took down. 'It’s not like I can really talk to you about it either, and I wouldn’t really want to because I know it took you a long time to get to this point.’

I was quiet when I shouldn’t have been.

'It’s not like I go to bed every night and hope that I think about you for a couple hours or how your skin would feel under my fingertips or how you would look first thing in the morning. It’s not like I’m obsessed or whatever. But it happens some nights.’

I spent the afternoon in a sunny, seaside town, and I searched for answers. You haven’t brought it up since.

—  I still don’t know what to tell you. (bm)