I just saw a gifset of the scene where Rogers asks Tilly to move in and you see hesitance in his face. This scene is often paralleled to Mary Margaret asking Emma to live with her, but there’s a key difference here.

This is a man, who if we go based on Colin’s real age is pushing 40, asking a young 20 something year old girl to move in with him. A lot different than a 28 year old woman asking another 28 year old woman to stay in her spare room.

He knows how this looks. He has to word it carefully, because he doesn’t want to make it uncomfortable or seem like he’s trying to take advantage of her.

Because how many men ask a young girl to come stay with them with no expectations?

He doesn’t want to come across as pushy or seem like he’s being a creep. Because he’s not. He just cares about her and doesn’t want her living in a train car anymore.

And luckily, Tilly understands.

You know what I’d like?

I’d like an OUAT S7 fic where Old Hook kills Wish Rumple and becomes the Dark One, eventually de-ages himself, gets caught up with the rebellion and ends up cursed as Rogers, who is still Weaver’s partner and an adorable cinnamon roll, but occasionally has a very dark streak, and Weaver is desperately trying to hide that dark side from him. This would satisfy sooo many needs…

Overall…I have to applaud how S7 handled Weaver and Rogers’ respective relationships with Tilly.

It would’ve been so easy to make them seem creepy or off putting, but I feel they put the extra effort to make it clear that even cursed, Weaver viewed her as a daughter and that was it. I know there was some panic from fandom when Rose and Bobby filmed together about there being some kind of romantic subtext and they could’ve gone there…but they didn’t.

It’s not easy to show this kind of dynamic, young woman with men a bit older than her or in Bobby’s case, being twice her age and not have it come across as creepy. Because some shows would’ve had lines or jokes. Heck, I’d expect that from Once because they think that kind of stuff is funny, but they refrained, so good on them,

just imagine Robin making her way back to the team and asking Hook if he’s free to talk for a little while, and then telling him all about this new friend that she met when she was out troll hunting, and, Wow, she’s just really smart and sweet, a-and pretty, and brave, with a soul that’s so ridiculously kind for someone who’s been so lonely, and on and on and when he finally puts the pieces together and realizes she’s been talking about Alice, he just pulls Robin into this mega Dad Hug and wants to know everything and if she’s okay – She is – and if she’s alone, and Robin tells him that she won’t be anymore because she’s going back to help her on her quest to find a cure for Hook’s heart, but, She misses you. The way she talks about you, you’re like the ideal dad. She’s so lucky to have you, and then she shows him the selfies they took together on her magic phone box and Hook sees this weird sparkle in Alice’s eyes when she looks at Robin and it all  c l i c k s  and in his mind he is already prepared for the inevitability of first love hitting these girls like a ton of bricks and it’s great but also makes him a little sad, that she’s already grown up and experiencing these things without him there to talk to and ooohhhmygod someone stop me


On day 56 is like to honor some pretty amazing dads. Once Upon A Time is all about family and these fathers fought for their kids everyday. Some of them have made mistakes, and some of them had to learn how to be fathers but all of them loved their children unconditionally! As you see I’ve also included step dads because they count too! Henry had so many step/surrogate fathers and each of them made him a better person!

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