wish you'd stay

Nov 2012 - I know you feel like no one wants you right now, but trust me, I do. I just can’t tell you yet.

Dec 2012 - I’ve known you for over a year, but I still get breathless when you walk into a room. Those eyes; they catch me off guard every time.

Jan 2013 - You asked me today if I love you. I laughed, but didn’t say a word. The truth is, I think I’ve loved you for a very long time.

Feb 2013 - I’m falling for you, SO hard. I want you so badly, all of the time.

March 2013 - I know sometimes we find it hard to understand each other and you get frustrated, but in time we’ll learn to know each other.

April 2013 - I love the way you half wake up at some ridiculous time, like three in the morning, and you sigh, and sleepily you roll towards me, finding me with your arms. Then you envelope me in a spoon, kiss my neck, and softly fall back to sleep.

May 2013 - Please let me into that mysterious, messed up head of yours. You don’t know how much it’s killing me not knowing what you’re thinking.

June 2013 - You’re always nicer in my dreams.

July 2013 - I miss you.

Aug 2013 - I haven’t seen you in too long. You work too much. I feel like you’re not even trying anymore.

Sept 2013 - I love you, but I’m ashamed of letting you hurt me over and over again.

Oct 2013 - We both knew it was over months ago. We were just too scared to admit it.

Nov 2013 - All I want is to cuddle up in bed with you. But I shouldn’t and I can’t, and I don’t even know if you’d want me there.

Dec 2013 - I’m only sleeping with you again because I like feeling wanted. I’m trying not to let my feelings get in the way.

Jan 2014 - Stop giving me hope and then crushing it into tiny little pieces. And no, we’re not anything more than fuck buddies, because I can’t trust you. I can’t keep hanging around, waiting for you to break my heart.

Feb 2014 - You came back today. I still like you.

March 2014 - You told me last night that you’ve started seeing someone else. I keep picturing you fucking her. I’m in bits.

April 2014 - Stop acting like I’m invisible.

May 2014 - I keep finding myself crying and then I realise I’m thinking of you.

June 2014 - I can’t believe I’ll never see you again.

July 2014 - I saw photos of you and her together and I couldn’t breathe, I was crying so much. Why does it still hurt?

—  21 things I wish I’d told you at the time, but didn’t.

“Decked out as he is in the show, you would expect him to receive some odd mail. ‘It’s really a rock musical so you get pop-py letters. I have always expected some rude ones but haven’t had any at all.’ He smiles even more broadly. ‘Very disappointing.’…”

Tim Curry discusses his Rocky Horror fan mail - 1973

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I dunno if you already read my fic ‘although I wish you’d stay’ (A westallen fuck-buddies college AU) but I wrote a small companion piece to it from Barry’s point of view! 

~it also features angsty barry and library sex~

Blue October Lyric Sentence Meme
  • "It's gone wrong again."
  • "I'm stronger than you."
  • "Why can't we work when we both try?"
  • "Will you think of me in time?"
  • "Can you hear me at all?"
  • "Cause if I believe in you, will you believe in me? "
  • "I gave up on the past cause it's unforgiving."
  • "I'll give you everything my life amounts to."
  • "Replace my heart, 'cause I'm convinced mine broke the day I let us end."
  • "I have to fix this on my own."
  • "I'm finally happy."
  • "I think I'll lie a bit."
  • "I won't cry over anything at all."
  • "You're not the one with all the problems."
  • "I bet you're waiting for a long sob story of how I was mistreated again."
  • "You broke my thunder."
  • "How do you tell an angel that you don't believe in God?"
  • "I wish I knew how to keep the promises I made you."
  • "I only want you to see my favorite part of me."
  • "I want to fall in love with you."
  • "I haven't met another you since you were with me."
  • "There's no forgiveness for you! You sick fuck!"
  • "I can't believe you actually picked me."
  • "Will you help me through?"
  • "I lack the beauty you display."
  • "I'm sorry for the way I treated you."
  • "Can you show me how to treat someone? I don't recall ever learning how."
  • "Give me strength to be kind..."
  • "I'm on your side, if you fail at least you tried."
  • "I want you to come closer.."
  • "So have I found your secret weak spot, baby?"
  • "Can you pretend I'm amazing? Instead of what we both know?"
  • "You make me smile."
  • "Who cares if no one else believes?"
  • "Sometimes it feels just like I'm falling in the ocean."
  • "Would you meet me?"
  • "Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you."
  • "Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you."
  • "You seemed as happy as you'd ever been."
  • "Go away."
  • "Oh, should I listen for a dress size?"
  • "But I'm happy that you're happy."
  • "This is no longer about me!"
  • "And now you're pulling out the best of me..."
  • "I never knew you till you left me with the crying disease."
  • "I'm admitting I'm wrong."
  • "We may be some sort of crazy."
  • "But you're my everlasting friend."
  • "You taught me how to live at last."
  • "Will you be coming home?"
  • "I'm so yours for the taking."
  • "And I wish you'd stay.."
  • "I need support, not a slap in the face."
  • "You got one life, live it, 'cause they'll take it away."
  • "So which one of us will wage war?"
  • "I know that God exists. I held her in my arms."
  • "Take me off your worry list, it'll be better that way."
  • "I'm just sick of calling your bluff."
  • "I fought the world and I lost that bout."
  • "And remember I love you the same and I'll strangle you're pain."
  • "I want to belong...to someone..."
  • "Maybe life's not for everyone..."
Horoscope for May 31st, 2016
  • Aries: Come out of your shell today. You'll notice that people are much more sensitive to your feelings because they seem to be more emotional themselves. Communication is likely to occur more through unspoken channels than traditional methods. Many words can be conveyed with a look, wink, or long hug. Let others know that you're listening to them.
  • Taurus: You may feel a bit restless because you know something is brewing but can't seem to get hold of it. This energy is like a river rushing beneath your feet while you stand on a bridge. The water is tempting, yet you can't summon up the courage to jump in. Don't feel like you have to be a part of everything. Perhaps your destiny lies on the other side of the bridge.
  • Gemini: If you wake up this morning and want nothing more than to stay under the sheets and cuddle a little longer, know that you aren't alone. There is a sensitive warmth about the day that's making you feel vulnerable. Make sure to surround yourself with supportive people today. Harsh words are likely to cut more deeply than usual, making you wish you'd just stayed in bed all day.
  • Cancer: You may find yourself taking the high road today. It could be that you're like a bird soaring above the landscape. As you fly, your partner is on the ground trying his or her best to keep up. If you keep flying straight, you'll get lost and confused and may not find your way back. Consider keeping your feet on the ground with your friend.
  • Leo: Today you'll feel as though your energy has come home. Often times, if you aren't feeling 100 percent yourself, you'll refuse to leave the house. Today you should feel much better and ready to take on the world. Your emotions are in line with your actions, and things should be crystal clear for you. You know the route you want to take. The path is obvious.
  • Virgo: Your wacky personality will be appreciated today, but don't take it too far. Leave room for seriousness to enter the picture. There's a dreamy, cloudy sensation to the day that might make it difficult for you to concentrate on any one thing. If you pretend to know the answer when you don't, you'll only serve to confuse the people around you. The truth will eventually be revealed.
  • Libra: You should try to feel at ease today. Remember that inner peace is a big part of your health. This can be achieved through reflection and a quiet review of where you are in life. Try not to focus too much on material things. Instead, concentrate more on your emotional state. Others are likely to feel more sensitive and weepy as well, so have them join you in this exercise.
  • Scorpio: It may be hard to find answers today. It may also be hard for you to get your point across, especially since everyone's head is way up in the clouds. Don't be surprised if your own head takes a trip up there as well. You're better off giving it a boost up there instead of trying to force it back down to reality. Check things out from a different perspective.
  • Sagittarius: This is your day. You may find that people gravitate to you for advice and support. They're apt to lower their guard and more openly accept things you believe in. Conversations could lead to more spiritual topics and you could end up giving lessons on the meaning of life. Suddenly, the things you've been thinking are reaching a huge audience that's eager to hear your words.
  • Capricorn: It's important for you to be extra cautious today. Make sure you're calm and collected before you get behind the wheel of a car. Be sure to have a helmet on if you're riding your bike. Strong emotions that come up at this time are apt to trigger a physical response that could be quite powerful and even a bit violent. Be careful of such tendencies.
  • Aquarius: You may not want to openly admit something to someone today, even though you know it's true. You're more than likely working to hide behind a barrier that has formed between you and a close loved one or family member. If you insist on behaving this way, you may want to consider why you even bother staying in the relationship in the first place.
  • Pisces: Like playing a game of chess, you may need to think through your next move carefully. It could be that your opponent is taking a long time to make the next move and you're impatient. As a result, you may make your decision too hastily. Feel free to take as much time as you need. Your opponent may be thinking two or three moves ahead of you already, so concentrate.

snoflak-isen-dronning  asked:

//make muse cry >:)\\ "I hate you, Anna. I wish you'd never been born...I wish you'd stayed frozen. I can't believe you'd do this to me! I'm never going to be able to live this down, how could you!?"

Anna shook her head, holding her hands out to Elsa. “You don’t mean that… You’re just angry.” Her eyes were watery.