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I’m sure that someone else has said this in a far more articulate manner, but here goes.

It irks me that the same people who outright mock Shinsuke and Asuka’s English (or go the so-called ‘gentler’ route of suggesting that they need advocates) are also the people who are hollering for WWE to take more people from NJPW/other promotions not based in the US.

Y'all don’t get to have your cake and eat it too here. You want foreign talent, from countries where English is NOT the first language? You can accept the fact that their English is probably not going to be as defined. Ever tried learning a second language?

Don’t chant “WHAT” every time they talk, be RESPECTFUL. You are witnessing performers who left what they were familiar with, who were willing to adapt to their surroundings (which is much more than I can say for a lot of wrestling fans). Don’t clamor for foreign talent or main roster status on NXT talent if you’re not willing to respect them once they get into McMahon territory. It smacks of greediness and entitlement, like a child who pleads with their parents for a new toy while sitting atop the mountain of toys they already have.


Still the most accurate thing…

Studyblr Asks!
  • Pen: are you left or right handed?
  • Pencil: how neat would you say your handwriting is?
  • Eraser: what advice do you wish you'd been given a year ago?
  • Highlighter: what's one of your proudest moments?
  • Exam: how do you deal with stress?
  • Textbook: how do you prefer to learn (audio, visual, etc.)?
  • Novel: what are you currently reading?
  • Break: what are your hobbies?
  • Snack: what are your top 3 study snacks?
  • Clock: how much time do you normally spend studying?
  • Cactus: are you an outdoors-ey person?
  • Yawn: how much sleep do you get on average?
  • Notebook: are you more creative or scientific?
  • Folder: are you an organised person?
  • Bullet Journal: what's your personality type?
  • Motivation: when do you work best (evening, morning, etc.)?
  • Desk: what's your favourite item of stationery?
  • Pencil Case: what's your favourite stationery shop?
  • Inspire: how do you get inspired to study?
  • Mind Map: what study techniques do you use?
  • Flash Cards: what's your favourite way to memorise facts?
  • Dream: what do you want to do in the future?
  • Calendar: where do you see yourself in 3 years time?
  • Travel: what's one place you'd love to visit?
  • Post-it: what are 3 blogs you're loving at the moment?

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✿ 20 SaboAce?

20. underwater kiss

The aquarium hadn’t meant to acquire a mermaid. It certainly hadn’t meant to acquire Sabo, angry and half-blind and terrified of any of the mermaids that looked like him, and when Ace had found out he’d stormed Shank’s office in his half-off wet suit and demanded that the mer be put into a private tank. 

It’d taken a solid ten minutes of arguing, but Benn stomped in near the end and pointed angrily at the puddle on the carpet, making Shanks groan and relent, agreeing to let Ace work with the young mer. 

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“One night! That’s all it took to ruin my life!”

“What a difference a day makes… Twenty-four little hours…”

“I’d do anything to take that night back.”

“If I could turn back time…”

Imagine if the SSW Theory actually did end with the flashbacks we’d all wanted.


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Ancient Caretaker! The Lady of the Liminal Space asked me to deliver a message. She asks that you please remember to leave a little more space between the stars when you tuck them in so she has places to slip through, she'd hate to bump into them and wake them from their slumber. She also says you're doing a marvelous job and enjoys your fortunes, though she does wish you'd visit more, it's been ages and she misses your charming company. I am happy to do my Lady's bidding for she is kind to me.



Gordon Ramsay {Sentence Starters}
  • "I have an earnest desire to get things absolutely right."
  • "The time we have together is quality, rather than quantity."
  • "Get yourself out of your comfort zone. It's a great learning experience."
  • "Some can handle it, and some can't. I'm not interested in the ones who can't."
  • "I'll often say certain things just to motivate people or to get something else out of them."
  • "You're making me mad. Fucking mad."
  • "Forecast for tomorrow? 100 percent chance of tears."
  • "Do you want a fucking medal?"
  • "I wouldn't resort to cannibalism, never mind if I was starving."
  • "From an early age I understood that cooking was never going to be a job, it's a passion."
  • "You know, I have a rough side. I have a smooth side."
  • "I could never maintain a relationship with a vegetarian. Their breath is just too smelly."
  • "My gran could do better! And she's DEAD!"
  • "I have to laugh when someone calls me a ______. I've been called far worse than that."
  • "I wish you'd jump in the oven. That'd make my life a lot easier."
  • "You've now just confirmed in my mind you're not trustworthy."

@sicktwistedaffairs - Divergent AU

@perditusfeles - Summoned A Demon

@perditusfeles - Captive in the Asylum

@perditusfeles - When Wrong Feels Right

@perditusfeles - Steps to the Past

@sasuketemeuchiha - Meeting the Monster

@simplyonehellofahokage - Welcome Home 


………..*sniff*……………..*sniff*………………..FUCK! NOT AGAIN!

Cool questions (via Ask.FM)
  • <p> <b></b> 1. What can totally impress you?<p/><b></b> 2. Are you usually late, early or right on time?<p/><b></b> 3. Are you a good liar?<p/><b></b> 4. If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be?<p/><b></b> 5. What is the most popular lie, people tell to each other?<p/><b></b> 6. Is your favorite time the past, present or future?<p/><b></b> 7. What makes someone attractive?<p/><b></b> 8. What worries you the most?<p/><b></b> 9. What is prohibited in your country?<p/><b></b> 10. If you could start a new business, what would it be?<p/><b></b> 11. How can you be happy without money?<p/><b></b> 12. Who was the last person you said thank you to?<p/><b></b> 13. Who was the last person you said I love you to?<p/><b></b> 14. What talent do you wish you'd been born with?<p/><b></b> 15. What do you do when you're angry?<p/><b></b> 16. What was the last restaurant you went to?<p/><b></b> 17. Do you trust people easily?<p/><b></b> 18. Opinions about Grade Conscious people?<p/><b></b> 19. Opinions about Money Conscious people?<p/><b></b> 20. Dog lover or Cat lover?<p/><b></b> 21. Android or Iphone?<p/><b></b> 22. Do you trust people easily?<p/><b></b> 23. How important is money to you?<p/><b></b> 24. What made you happy today?<p/><b></b> 25. If you could be the leader of your country, what would you change?<p/><b></b> 26. What is your most played song?<p/><b></b> 27. What's your genre in music?<p/><b></b> 28. What's your favorite slang word?<p/><b></b> 29. Do you prefer rough ot sentimental-romantic ones?<p/><b></b> 30. When can you say that a person has already moved on?<p/><b></b> 31. What would the world be like without religion?<p/><b></b> 32. If you could print any phrase on a tshirt, what would you say?<p/><b></b> 33. Who knows the most about you?<p/><b></b> 34. What is something you want right now?<p/><b></b> 35. Do you give money to beggars on the street?<p/><b></b> 36. Which is the best book you have read so far?<p/><b></b> 37. What activity do you never get bored with?<p/><b></b> 38. What are you obsessed with?<p/><b></b> 39. Food lover or Beverage lover?<p/><b></b> 40. What's something that you would never wear?<p/><b></b> 41. Is there any person you are afraid of?<p/><b></b> 42. Do you miss anyone right now?<p/><b></b> 43. What are the things you always take with you?<p/><b></b> 44. What was the best advice you've ever received?<p/><b></b> 45. What's more valuable, brains or beauty?<p/><b></b> 46. What will you never do?<p/><b></b> 47. Is it important to love or be loved?<p/><b></b> 48. Do you believe in happy ending?<p/><b></b> 49. Would you rather a lonely genius or sociable idiot?<p/><b></b> 50. What kind of surprises do you like?<p/></p>

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Martin factions anon here - just to say that you are in NO way one of the blogs I was talking about! Love your blog and love of Martin, so no, not talking about you at all. And also get how it wasn't a big feud or anything so it may not be super noticable at first, it's a creeping thing really, but still noticable if you look at who's left and who's still around...

Hey, you’re here! Was worried that you might not be around to see. I’ve gladly untagged my earlier Answer, ‘cause I was a teeny bit worried that it’d cause drama…

I guess I may actually be super ignorant, as I currently can’t see what’s what. (Sorry!) I’d take note of your observation though, and see if I will eventually come to the same conclusion. To be honest, I hope not…

The XX sentence starters
  • "You used to have all the answers."
  • "I think we're superstars."
  • "I'll forgive and forget."
  • "Don't think that I'm pushing you away when you're the one that I've kept closest."
  • "Here I saw something I couldn't over look."
  • "I am yours now."
  • "Please don't say we're done when I'm not finished."
  • "I could give so much more."
  • "It's been a while and you've found someone better, but I've been waiting too long to give this up."
  • "Sometimes, I still need you."
  • "Maybe I had said something that was wrong."
  • "I think I'm losing where you end and I begin."
  • "I can't give it up to someone elses touch because I care too much."
  • "Could you tell I was left lost and lonely?"
  • "Can I confess these things to you?"
  • "We'll talk about it soon."
  • "I couldn't spill my heart."
  • "I can give it all on the first date."
  • "If someone believed me, they would be as in love with you as I am."
  • "Everyday I'm learning about you, the things that no one else sees."
  • "I think I'm ready, as long as you're with me."
  • "Did I hold you too tight? Did I not let enough light in?"
  • "We used to get closer than this; is it something you missed?"
  • "You're more than I can believe would ever come my way."
  • "I want you to be mine."
  • "I wish you'd been there, I needed you there."
  • "Maybe tonight I could stop dreaming and start believing in forever."
  • "Did I see you see me in a new light?"
  • "I saw you again, it felt like we had never met."
  • "What have you done with the one I love?"
  • "I always thought it was sad the way we act like strangers."
  • "After all that we had, we act like we had never met."
  • "You were more than just a friend."
  • "I always thought it was a shame that we have to play these games."
  • "It felt like you really knew me, bow it feels like you see through me."
  • "When I see you again, I'll know what not to expect."
  • "When I see you again, and I'm greeted as a friend, it is understood that we did all we could."
  • "Been gone such a long time and I feel the same."
  • "Will you miss me?"
  • "Now there's no hope for you and me."
  • "Do you still believe in you and me?"
  • "Is it meant to be?"
  • "I can't stop you leaving."
  • "Some things have lost their meaning."
  • "Why would you ever want to leave?"
  • "I wouldn't do that to you."
  • "You move your hand away from mine; I'll take it as a sign."
  • "I would have given you it all."
  • "I'm soothed by you, you take it all away."
  • "I lose to you, surrendered at the start of the game."
  • "The moments we share always end too soon."
  • "What I've done, you've done, too."
  • "I know you're hurt, I want to mend your heart."
  • "You reappeared like you had never been gone."
  • "You're touching me like you have no desire for closure."
After Kylie Jenner's wheelchair photo, people with disabilities reveal the things they wish you'd stop doing

Kylie Jenner has been branded an ableist after she was pictured using a wheelchair as a prop in a fashion magazine shoot

Captured by photographer Steven Klein for Interview Magazine, the image depicts the reality TV personality in a golden wheelchair as she stares in the distance.

The image was released just days before the UN’s International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDD), which is aimed at raising awareness of the difficulties presented by a person’s health conditions as well as the way in which society is focused around the able-bodied.

Over a billion people, about 15 per cent of the world’s population, have some form of disability, according to the World Health Organisation.

Kayleigh Millar, a 19-year-old student at the University of Chichester and an ambassador for disabled children’s charity Whizz Kidz, said the photo was derogatory to her and other wheelchair users.

“Kylie Jenner used the wheelchair as a metaphor for the limitations she has faced in her career, and that word limitation affects society’s view of disabled people.

"So now when they think of a wheelchair they’ll think of limitations.”

To mark IDD, here are six things that - like Ms Jenner’s photoshoot - those without disabilities think are acceptable but aren’t.

‘Don’t assume you can know why I use a wheelchair’

“I find a lot of people feel they have the right to know what’s wrong with me before they know me,” explains Ms Millar.

“And then when you don’t tell them they get offended. It shows that my disability is viewed as more interesting as my personality.

"That happens pretty much most days. I get at least a comment a day.”

'Don’t make people with disabilities feel uncomfortable at work’

“Disabled employees need to feel comfortable that their boss will see their talent first and foremost and not the support they need,” says Clare Pelham, the Chief Executive of the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity.

“We know from our research that when people are open about themselves, and the support they need at work, that they are happier, more creative and more productive.”

'Don’t describe my wheelchair as a limitation’

"It’s not ok when people define my wheelchair a limitation and describe it as something that confines me,” explains Ms Millar.

“Like when they call me 'wheelchair bound’, because my wheelchair is my freedom, it’s not a limitation at all. In fact it enables me to do everything I can.”

'Don’t assume I won’t travel because I use a wheelchair’

“Disabled people are neglected when it comes to motivation to do these sorts of things,” says Ms Millar.

“I was never told I could travel the world, ever, after my accident.

"Whereas since I’ve had the new-found confidence I’ve been all over the place, including America, France.”

“I was like 'if I want to do it I will find a way’. But still there’s days where I want to give up because of the way society is structured because someone will make horrible comment, or a comment that may mean well, but actually kind of knocks me.

"It makes me feel like don’t want to travel anymore.”

'Don’t use the 'r word’

“As somebody with a learning disability, I know that the words people choose to use can be really hurtful,” says Lorainne Bellamy, spokesperson at learning disability charity Mencap.

“Some people don’t stop to think about using terms that can offensive to disabled people such as the 'r word’, though it makes me feel different and not respected.  

I’ve heard too many stories from my friends and colleagues who have a learning disability about people using highly offensive words to describe them. This is bullying as language like this makes people feel worthless.  

'Don’t think I don’t have sexual needs because I have a disability’

"As a disabled person you have the same rights as anyone else to enjoy sex and have sensual experiences. These rights don’t change if you live in a care home,” says Robert Hambrook, the manager of Leonard Cheshire Disability care home in Farnham, Surrey.

'It’s not OK to think I’m not worthy of a romantic relationship’

“I quite often get told 'you’re really often pretty for someone in a wheelchair’. Does that mean I’m not pretty in other standards?” says Ms Millar.

“​I tend to be stripped of gender. People tend to not see a woman [using a wheelchair] as an acceptable woman for a relationship or a man [who uses a wheelchair] as a competent man for a relationship. I want to be seen as a worthy member of a gender and equal to my peers in terms of relationships and romantic partners.

"With women’s clothing, there’s a certain expectation that I can’t dress pretty and there’s no sexual appeal if you wear a dress. You’re expected to be a certain way and you can’t be anything else.”

'It’s not OK to assume I’m brave’

“People tell me I’m brave all the time – when I’m shopping, heading to work or enjoying a drink with friends,” says Rosemary Frazer, campaigns manager at disability charity Scope.

“Someone even told my partner that he was brave for taking me out. Our research shows that 62 per cent of disabled people say they are treated differently because of their impairment.

"This includes being told ‘you’re brave’, being asked ‘what’s wrong with you?’ being patronised and treated like a child.

"Not many people come into contact with disabled people in everyday life. So when they do, they panic, make awkward gaffes, or worse, avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing.

"Let’s be brave, get over our awkwardness and focus on the person, not their disability.”

This piece originally appeared on Independent.co.uk.