wish you would leave me

Dark Days

Prompt: requested by, @suli155 “I wish you would just leave me alone.” 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 765

Beta: What would I do without my @babypieandwhiskey


A/N: Flashbacks are labeled. 100 follower celebration!

Today was a dark day for you. 7 years ago today you lost both of your parents and eventually lost your brother. You laid in bed unwilling to move as you replayed the moment you found your parents over and over. Your head was stuck in a loop that you know you wouldn’t be able to get out of.


You and your brother are coming home for the weekend. He picks you up from your college dorm after arriving home from his latest tour in Iraq. You can hardly contain your excitement in the passenger seat. You can’t wait to see the looks on your parents face when you not just tell them, but show them your brother home safe. You’re walking into your parent’s house fighting with your brother about which one of you, your parent’s were going to be more excited to see. Clearly it would be him but you weren’t going to admit that.

You walk in first to try and find your parents and tell them you had a surprise for them. They knew you were coming home but they didn’t know your brother was. The house is dark and you can’t see anything. You reach to your left to flip on the light. You let out a blood-curdling scream and your brother comes running in the door. He stops when he gets to you. He takes in his surroundings carefully stepping around the shattered glass and broken lamp. He enters the kitchen with you behind him and that’s when you see the blood.

*end flashback*

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I wish you had more time to spend online because you're really great and it would be fun to be able to interact with you more 😫

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 Asgfdhgfjg I wish I could, my grey bespectacled friend! If I spent more time here than I already do I wouldn’t make my Monday deadline very often because I am so effing s l o w when I draw it ain’t funny T_T  

If It’s Today

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Featuring: Suga/Yoongi, Jimin (BTS) (it does feature both of them, contrary to the gif lol!)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
By: Admin L

As requested!

‘He doesn’t like me, does he?’

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Michaela Pratt Cap Spam: 3.08
Asher: But first thing is why did she call?
Michaela: I don’t know. I deleted the voicemail. Our relationship is complicated.
Asher: Like my dad and me?
Michaela: This is different.
Asher: Is it? ‘Cause, you know, sometimes I wish that he would leave me a voicemail, but, oh, right, he’s dead.
Michaela: If I pick up the phone, she’s gonna ask me for money, or to give legal advice to some meth-y cousin I never even knew I had.
Asher: Or maybe she’s dying of cancer and just wants to say goodbye.
Michaela: I said goodbye… a long time ago.

I am so incredibly in love with you and I wish you could see the way I look at you with shiny eyes.
You deserve the world and if I could give it to you, I would, but I can’t, so I do what I can to give you the second best.
You’re a piece of art to most, but to me, you’re nothing but a masterpiece that can’t be explained.
I took pieces off my heart that I didn’t even know I had to give to you.
I filled your phone with 101 reasons why you’re amazing, and I wish you would believe those facts instead of ignore them.
You leave me on your answering machine and part of me is glad you don’t pick up, because I’d rather you be able to listen to my exact words more than once (you need to know how lovely you are.)
I drive myself insane trying to figure you out but the pain is calming, in a way.
I give you my everything while you give her your all.
I wish you the best of luck, my dear. Do not let her break you, I hope she gives you more than what I could have.
—  E. Grin // they say whoever wants the best for you is the best for you.
Iceland Quotes From the Hetalia Manga

“What’s this? Some European fad? I don’t get it! I mean today isn’t even my birthday!”

“What’s it to you what I wear?!”

“I don’t expect old guys like you to understand.”

“The pair look is just plain disgusting on brothers our age!”

“Eh? Could it be that I’m the strange one here?! I mean my house is so far away from theirs…”

“There’s no one here… How terrible…”

“*throwing a tantrum* I wish you would all leave me alone already!”

“*at human Mr Puffin* I can live with you in puffin form but not as a human man so would you mind changing back?”

“*after the DNA results were read* It would’ve been better if I was a descendant to something like mystical phantom people that resided only in Iceland…”

“*looking at Norway* … I see zero likeness.”

Iceland: “We’re all mature adults, right? Don’t tell me you actually enjoy being called that.”
Norway: “You bet I enjoy it.”

“… Dear big brother.”

I wish you would have made me thank you for leaving.
—  But I was begging you not to leave

“It’s so quiet in the flat; you would hate it. I do, but I can’t bring myself to leave. I started wishing you would come back to haunt me. A poltergeist that played violin at four in the morning or slammed doors and knocked over dishes. It would’ve felt like you never left. But instead I’ve become the ghost in 221B. Dead man walking, as if we had never met. Life before and after Sherlock Holmes.” – letter from JW to SH by amazing bakerstreetletters.tumblr.com

Lucky You

“Lucky You”

I wish you would go away.
You’re lucky I let you live this long,
For if I didn’t have such self-control,
I’d pick a day and you’d be gone.

You’re lucky I haven’t corrected you,
Or at least ruin where you stand.
I refrained myself from talking,
Because I am the better man.

You’re lucky I haven’t told you,
How I really felt.
My words would lead towards resentment,
Or at least you’d get some help.

You’re lucky I don’t break you down.
You’re lucky I don’t tell the tale.
You’re lucky I don’t speak the truth,
Or everyone would know you fail.
You’re lucky I can hold it in,
And chew my fingers to the bone.
I just wish you would walk away,
And leave me the hell alone.

Imagine Steve overhearing you like him

This is for anon

Prompt: You really like Steve and one day he overhears you when your talking to Nat and he asks you out

“So you like Steve eh”.? Nat asks.” Yea I mean it’s  just a crush.” you said.” Just a crush?” Nat laughs.” I don’t think so whenever he’s in the room you blush and make an excuse to leave.” Yea but I can’t help it he’s so nice but I can never get the courage to talk to him.” He’s really amazing and when he wears tight shirts that expose his muscles and abs It makes me nervous.” I just admire how sweet he is and bucky and him are amazing and I just wish that he would notice me.” You finish.” That is because you always leave when he’s in the room”  She says. “ Please stop Nat.” you whine.” What?” she says.” I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” He would never like someone like me.” you say sadly.’ Come on Y/N don’t be like that, you’re and amazing girl and pretty, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the avengers like you also. She said.” Nat I gotta go I’m tired.” You say it was clear you didn’t want to talk anymore.” Goodnight y/n.” she said. You are about to walk out of the room when you trip and fall into someone’s arms,” Hey y/n you okay there?” said the voice. It was steve. Blushing like crazy you say “ I’m fine.” you mumble.” So y/n I hear you like when I wear my tight shirts and it exposes my musles.You froze up.” Come again.” you ask.He laughs and smiles that perfect smile, “ I don’t want to sound rude but I overheard your conversation with Nat.” he smiles. You blush even harder.” Umm that I wasn’t it’s just that”, you are loss for words because you are nervous.” Y/N can I ask you something?” he says. Of course.” You stutter.” Would you like to grab dinner sometime.” he asks his perfect blue eyes looking into yours,” Umm.” you say.” It’s fine y/n I just thought since I like you back you would go out with me.” he says. Did he just say he liked you and asked you out . Y/N you there?” He asks chuckling.Bulking up all of your courage you manage to say “ Yes Steve I would love that.” Then it’s a date.” He smiles and kissed you on the cheek. You felt like you were going to melt and die right there. Steve Rogers your biggest crush just asked you out and kissed you.Shit you thought I gotta go tell Nat.

“What dream do you hope to achieve in the future?”
“Adults ask me a lot, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ but….I just wish they would leave me alone about it. It doesn’t seem too late to ask me once I’m an adult…but really right now I wish they would give it a rest….”

“앞으로 이루고 싶은 꿈이 뭔가요?”
“사실 뭐가 되고 싶냐고 어른들이 이것저것 많이 물어보는데… 그냥 좀 내버려뒀으면 좋겠어요. 어른이 되어서 물어봐도 늦지 않을텐데…정말 지금은 좀 놔둬도 되는데…”