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To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.

It kinda annoys me how fandom culture is often treated as something “other” to be mocked and laughed at, but being a passionate fan of a sports team is considered totally fine. 

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hey can you uhhhhh maybe tag posts with ch*se as "my b*yfriend" please? aaaaaaa im ace so I'd really appreciate it because i just wish you weren't open about your relationship uwu if i could id have you two separate too xD so just tag it please if that makes sense hhhh,,,,, uvu thank you

aside from this bein an obvs troll its rude of u to demonize ace people as bein homophobic like that. i kno some ppl might be annoying or inadvertently say some dumb shit, i get that, but why purposely try to incite ppl to go ‘ugh aces can die’? u feed off negativity? r u bitter? :^{ poor anon… i hope u find some garbage 2 eat soon so u dont starve

  • neoliberal: WORDS ARE JUST WORDS, people should be able to say whatever they want without others getting so offended.
  • me: fuck fascists.
  • neoliberal: wow why are you being so rude? I'm really offended right now. you shouldn't say things like that. I don't understand why you're so triggered right now. allow me to continue like these for another solid 30 minutes, going on in great detail about how terrible and mean you are and how much i wish you weren't allowed to express your opinion.

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Shamless Imagines 4-I wish you weren't a lesbian.(Best friends-Lip)

Pairing: You and Lip as best friends

Description: You and lip had been best friends since 13, You are now both 19 and living together, he had found out a few weeks ago that his girlfriend had been cheating on him and thats when you start to comfort him.

Requested: Yes: Lips best mate + a lesbian

Words: 400

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You and lip cuddling was something that happened often, when a girl broke your heart or you had a bad dream or he thinks about drinking or Monica comes back or anything really. Your arms were open for one another at anytime.

You had never felt anger flash through you so fast until last week when Lip had come home with glossy eyes and tear stained cheeks. “She cheated, the whole time” He whispered to you after he had taken off his winter jacket. It didn’t take you long before wrapping your arms around him.

Thats what lead you to this moment now, you and lip were laying on the bed in your room that lets be honest most of the time you two shared as you had a huge fear of sleeping alone, his head on your boobs while laying on his stomach, one of your hands with a joint in it and the other wrapped around him as you watched American dad.

“Fuck I wish you weren’t a lesbian”He said randomly causing you to laugh.

“Careful Lippy, starting to sound just like my father when I told him I was gay” You say, causing a loud chuckle to come from the boy laying on you.

“No I mean, If you weren’t into girls then maybe I wouldn’t be hurt all the time by assholes who lie to me and Id just have you, Ya know? Like maybe if you weren’t a pussy licker we would be a thing”

“Ive thought about that a lot too, and sometimes I wish I wasn’t so I could protect you from all these whores who seem to hurt you, but I’m extremely happy with this.” You paused,

“You are like the husband my dad wants me to have, the brother Ive always wanted, the best friend Ive never had before you, My mom when I need her since she passed, my everything all wrapped up in a semi broken bow” You added causing him to smile.

“Yeah I wouldn’t want to change this either, this friendship is the best thing thats ever happened to me” Lip said turning back to the tv.

You smiled and started putting your hand through his hair, This was all you needed. Girls will come and go for the both of you but this friendship was going to last and both of you knew that.                    


1x01 || 6x13.


“On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z, the Eternal Dragon is summoned once again, and right in Bulma’s backyard!  In clear violation of the neighborhood leash law, have our friends from Earth finally gone too far?   It’s joyful tidings on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.   Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Krillin’s indahouse!

Okay, I’m posting this because I just realized that a lot of Dragon Ball fans may not know about Krillin being in da house.  Please allow me to explain. 

When Funimation started dubbing DBZ in-house, Dale Kelly served as the narrator until the end of the Cell Games Saga.  Kyle Herbert took over the narrator role from episode 195 onward, and then when Funimation went back and redubbed the first 67 episodes,they just went ahead and had Kyle redub the narration for 68-194 while they were at it.  So when you watch DBZ on one of the box sets, or the Funimation streaming service, or whatever, you’ll hear Kyle Herbert doing the narration from start to finish. 

Of course, even if you picked up one of the old DVD releases, it might not have every single next episode teaser, because each disc had three or four episodes apiece and I’m pretty sure they only included the teaser from the last episode on each disc.  So maybe the only way to see these teasers is on TV?  Do they even air DBZ on TV anymore?   It seems like all they show now is the Kai version.

Anyway, if you want to see Dale Kelly’s next episode narration, good ol’ YouTube has your back.  Pretty much every episode featured silly narrations like this, such as “A power punch from a souped-up Saiyan!   Ow.  That can’t feel good.”  Somewhere along the way they must have decided to tone it down a little, so when Herbert redid these episodes they changed the lines some.  Although, I haven’t heard Kyle Herbert’s version of this teaser, so maybe he insisted on reusing the original copy. 

The point is that if you were watching Dragon Ball Z on Cartoon Network in late 1999, this was how you found out Krillin would be returning to the show.   The show that was his home.  His house, if you will.  And indeed, in that episode of Dragon Ball Z, Krillin was indeed, in da house.

Don’t let me go

Sorry for the crap writing and it taking forever for me to write another piece. Its just life is really kicking my ass this time of year. I hope you enjoy this. It is a really angsty piece. Love you all and thanks for stay with me through this time.

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It was a cold winter night. You lay there, wondering if he’s coming back. You knew that the answer was probably not. But you hoped he would fight for you and that this was just a rough patch that people talk about when they are together. It’s been a couple of hours. You two got into an argument, your first real fight. You two had been dating for a little over a year. You loved him and he loved you.You were thinking back to the stupid argument. What could you have done differently? Was this your fault? You knew not to blame yourself you both said some things you wish you could take back. Or at least you did, You weren't sure exactly what was going on inside his head.

He had come back to your shared room in The Avengers Facility. He slammed the door closed and you knew something was off. You wondered what it could have been. What happened to make him angry. You do what you guys always do when one another is angry or sad. You go to give him a hug and asked about his day.  But it doesn’t go as planned. He turns away from you and goes towards the living area. You follow at a good distance not crowding. When he sits at the edge of the couch. You sit at the other end and turn towards him. 

As you go to ask him If he is okay, He turns to you but still not looking at you. You start to worry because this is uncharted territory, this has never happened before. You sit there waiting for him to speak, but nothing comes out.

“Babe, What’s going on are you okay?” you asked.

“I don’t want to talk right now,” he said harshly

“Okay, I’m sorry I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“You know, you cant help with every problem I have.You can’t change me no matter how hard you try.” As he turned away from you.

“I can try and help. Never once have I ever tried to change you, James. Never have and never will.I love you for who you are you know this. I am sorry that I did something that upset you but can you look at me so we can talk about what made you so upset.”

“You know, Y/N not everything is about you. You make it impossible to be alone. You don’t understand I’ll be fine without. I’m not a child who needs to be watched constantly. Just because you can help people doesn’t mean you should. Just Leave Me Alone. CAN YOU DO THAT? Can You Just Give Me A Break? ”

Those words stung. He told you he didn’t need you. Those were words you never wanted to hear coming from his mouth. You tried to shove the self-conscious feelings aside but they weren’t going very far.

“I don’t appreciate the way you are talking to me Bucky, I have done nothing to you to deserve this. If you want to be angry go ahead but I’m not going to sit here and let you disrespect me like this. I honestly don’t know what has gotten into you.” You start to walk away, grabbing your keys and sweater. You to have gotten into argument but nothing like this.They were merely little discussions on simple stuff like moves, snack, etc.., he has never yelled or disrespected you like this.

“I’m leaving and going to Nat’s for the night.” as you open the door.

“Fine. Just know that there are no promises of me being here when you come back.”

“How can you say that to me? I am trying to help you and you don’t want it, I try and give you space you don’t want it.You need to make up your mind on what you want. Because I’m not going to do this I’m not going to sit here and let you act like this.” As you slam the door closed now. Walking back into the apartment not giving him the satisfaction of you leaving.

“You know what I don’t think I want in this anymore.”


“It’s not working why can’t you just let go, you clearly have been wanting to for a while now.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“Don’t play dumb Steve told me all about your talks. About how you don’t think I want to be in this relationship. Well, here I am telling you what you want to hear.”

You were so confused because those talks with Steve were not even on topic too what he said. You wanted to know if he wanted to marry you. So for him to throw that in your face, made no sense at the moment.

“You know what you’re angry. From what only the gods know because you won’t talk to me. I’m going to be the bigger person and walk away because I don’t want any more words to be said that we can’t take back.”

“Of course that is your solution. Why can’t you face any problem head-on.”


“No, you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do. You don’t own me. You like to think you do but you don’t. I’m done. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Tears of sadness and anger are strolling down your face. You don’t even care that they are falling. It only makes it worse that he doesn’t care that he has done this to you. The man in front of you has done this, his promises now broken, just like your heart. You can’t take this anymore, if he wants an out then you’re going to give it to him.

“Fine, If this is what you want, Then leave. No, you know what I will I can’t even look at you. I don’t know what happened and at this point, I don’t fucking care because you’re an asshole Bucky.” as you wipe away some tears.”Never once have I ever done anything to make you feel unloved or unwanted. I have always accepted you no matter what because I know what its like to be unwanted. But here I am once again being betrayed by the person who promised me the world. You want to act like I am a poison in your life then so be it. I’m too much for you. Fine but don’t sit here and act like I am the monster when we all know that you have that role covered.” You slam the door shut as you run to the elevator. You head up to Nat’s room. As you knock on the door you hear laughing and chatters in the room. 

“Y/N what are you doing here? Are you okay?” Nat asked as her smile fades to worry.

“Yeah, i’m fine. I just wanted to know if I could stay over til I get my old room back but you’re busy. I’ll stop by later.” As you turn to leave she grabs your arm. letting you know damn well she isn’t going to let you go talk to Tony right now.

She pulled you in and asked what happened. Everyone took that as the moment to leave. You explained to her and even she was confused.

“I don’t think we are going to recover from this we both said some really hurtful things.”

“Jut go lay down. We will figure it out tomorrow okay.” she said as she walked you to her bedroom.

And there you lie wondering if it will be okay. Can this be fix. Will you lose the man you love, your bestfriend. Who knows that is only known by the gods. But for now you would allow sleep to swallow you whole so that you could get away from the worry for at least an few hours.

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Happy birthday, Riko-chan!


Or should I say Princess Riko?
Because this fic turned into something that even I wasn’t expecting … :’) it might turn into a proper AU if people enjoy it haha … But I really don’t know how this fic will be received, so for now, I just hope that you’ll have fun reading it, or that you’ll just enjoy it a little …

Thanks for your time again, guys! But don’t expect a wild party and cake and candles and all, we’re kinda far from all this


Once all the guests have taken a seat and comfortably settled down, loud chatter erupts and fills the huge dining hall, much to Riko’s great displeasure. It is not like she isn’t happy to be here, at the head of the table with the two Queens –her parents– sitting next to her, surrounded by most of the servants who saw her grow up … and, of course, by far too many acquaintances.

No, honestly. Riko loves dining with her doting parents, and with ‘Auntie’ Tsubasa and ‘Auntie’ Honoka, two housemaids who are close friends with her Mama and Mommy, and whom she holds close to her heart. But, dining today with so many strangers is quite unnerving and nerve-wracking for the crimson-haired beauty. She couldn’t care less about the old aristocrats who were invited to her baptism years ago ; she couldn’t even care less about the other royal families, who are certainly here today out of obligation.

Truthfully, Riko would rather run away from that formal dinner than stay here, on her comfy seat, listening to the annoying chit-chat of all those toffs. She knows that the Queens aren’t the ones who orchestrated all this. After all, they are so thoughtful, so nice and so involved when it comes to their little princess that the idea of organizing a big ceremony for Riko’s twentieth birthday would have never crossed their mind. It is certainly their old and exasperating advisor behind this … setup. But her parents must have agreed because it was an occasion for them to adorn most of the rooms and halls and corridors with Riko’s favorite flowers –among all the flowers the princess tends to on a day-to-day basis.

Riko’s love for gardening comes from her childhood, the moment when her Mommy unconsciously conveyed her passion for plants and flowers to her. Riko remembers it as if it were yesterday : she was barely starting to learn how to speak when, one day, she escaped from her Mama and Honoka in the kitchens and ran to the garden. Where she bumped into her Mommy, who was watering a bush of light blue flowers. A few years later, she learnt that they were hydrangeas –and they quickly became her favorite–, while learning at the same time how to tend to an entire garden and everything related to the world of flowers.

“Mommy,” Riko once asked as she was sitting in the grass, the Queen tenderly braiding her daughter’s shoulder-length hair, “Why did you tell Auntie Tsubasa to take our pink p- … Peonies for her wedding bouquet?”

“Because peonies are known to be a symbol of romance and love, and even of beauty and honor,” her Mommy replied, fingers combing a few unruly crimson locks. “Pink peonies are often used in wedding bouquets, and I want your aunties to express their love for each other even with the bouquet.”

“Oh … Can they put my favorite flowers in their bouquet?”

Riko leaned her head back when she heard an uncharacteristic snort behind her, meeting her Mommy’s amused lilac eyes. “Unfortunately sweetheart, no one should make a wedding bouquet with blue hydrangeas.”

“Why? Don’t the other flowers mean love and beauty and grace? Like, all the flowers?”

“No,” Anju answered her daughter after tying the end of the braid with a magenta
kosumosu. “Yours, as it happens, don’t really represent love between two persons. If you give a blue hydrangea to someone, it means that you’re turning them down … With refinement,” the Queen giggled before seizing the ivory watering can, on which were drawn blossoms.

Riko stood up and grabbed her mother’s hand, following her under an arch with ivy and climbing roses creeping it up. “Mommy, can you tell me more about the flowers?”

“Of course.” She smiled, before loosening her grip around the little girl’s hand and handing her the watering can. “What if you water the tulips and I tell you everything about them, for now?”


Riko heaves a discreet sigh as she straightens her back once again, lowering her gaze and looking at the empty plate in front of her. Ah, she desperately wishes she could have shared this copious meal with someone else. How she misses those amazing sapphire irises …

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becauseforoncethisisme  asked:

Why do so many ASOIAF characters want to be Starks? Someone theorized that Robert Baratheon was really into being part of the Starks and there's the canonical Theon and Barbrey. What's so attractive about them?

Well, Robert probably wanted to be a Stark because you can imagine homesick Ned in the Eyrie singing their praises; two strong and brave brothers and a sister (strong and brave and beautiful), loving parents – whereas Robert was orphaned at 16 and had only disappointing Stannis and baby Renly. The bonds of a close family who all love and like each other is something a lot of characters don’t have. Theon’s father was cold and distant, his brothers were abusive, and he was the baby of the family – in the Starks he could be the eldest brother, recognized and admired for his skills (especially by Robb), and if he married Sansa then he would be one of them in truth and not just a hostage…

Note there’s a lot of projection here, as Ned is almost as awkward and stiff as Stannis sometimes, and certainly made himself distant to Theon – though not emotionally abusive like Balon, of course. And even though Theon was physically punished more than once at Winterfell, once for knocking Old Nan down while play-fighting, it was “almost tender compared to the beatings his brothers used to give him back on Pyke”; also, he could see how loving Ned and Cat were with their children, and if he were a Stark for real, then surely that hostage-distancing would be gone, right?

But there’s also the way they treat their lessers – for example, Ned seating someone different by him at dinner at the high table every night, ranging from lower-level nobles like Vayon Poole and Rodrik Cassel, to Old Nan, to Gage the cook or Mikken the smith, asking them questions about their lives and work and genuinely caring about them. Ned must have learned this tradition from someone, and while it might have been Jon Arryn, it’s also very possible it was from his real father Rickard and the Lords of Winterfell before him. I mean, there is a graveyard in Winterfell itself, right below the First Keep, “where the old Kings of Winter had laid their faithful servants.” Compare Ned’s tradition to Tywin’s “You feed your dog bones under the table, you do not seat him beside you on the high bench”, and you can see how very different the Starks must look from other highborn families.

Now, the bonds of family and friendship, love and honor and respect, are pretty good reasons to want to be a Stark. But besides that, there’s more selfish, status benefits. The Starks are amazingly prestigious, a family with a history nearly as long as humans have lived in the North. They’re a Great House, just below the royal family in status – and the Starks even were kings, not too many centuries past. And Winterfell itself is amazing, not just huge with a unique defense system of double walls and moat etc, but it has the high technology of a greenhouse – the “glass gardens” that provide food in the winter, and plants and flowers that would not otherwise thrive in the climate of the north. And the hot springs, the lifeblood of the castle, flowing through the walls to keep rooms warm even in the bitterest winters when you’re running short of wood, making the difference between life and death… Which is also something the Starks do for thousands of people every winter, taking in people from around the countryside in the winter town, even clansmen from the mountains.

So, hopefully, you can see the attraction here – why a bannerman’s daughter like Barbrey Ryswell would want so desperately to be part of this. Or why Theon, of ancient lineage himself, would remember the moldering wreckage that is the castle of Pyke and traitorously feel like he never wanted to go back. Family, status, history, holdings, power – it all adds up, it’s so much, it’s far more than so many others have… and the Starks don’t even seem to realize how lucky they are that they live this way. Well, they didn’t realize, I should say – but now they do know, and want so desperately to return to what they’ve lost. But I’m sure that the wolves will return to Winterfell, and repair its lost grandeur, if not by the end of the series then in a dream of spring…