wish you the best of luck in this new year of life


jboyega_: I’ll write what I was going to say because I can’t be bothered to film it again. Them second takes feel so awkward sometimes lol! Hope your year has started well and wishing you the best of life, lessons and love this year. A new year represents a new start to many and has definitely worked well for me, so to all that recognise this year as a fresh start good luck! God bless you ❤️

Wishing you folks a Happy Winter Solstice a day early since I’ll be offline tomorrow. Here is the final line art of my fauns in a loving embrace entwined with the tree of life. You’ve seen snippets of them this year as I’ve been working on both this piece and my ultra huge coloring book project. (I am so so so glad that project is finished and turned in!) Should you be interested in a colorable version of this piece, as well as a variety of other cool Christmas/Holiday themed coloring pages, you can find it in Blue Star Coloring’s Holiday Parade on Amazon.com. Stay tuned in 2016! Sometime in January my very first coloring book will be released with Blue Star! I’ll have more announcements to come on that. :D

I should have some more art posts before the New Year. But seeing as many of you might be offline more often than not, best of luck and love and light and life to all of you. <3



I passed all my exams and therefore am officially a second year medschool student!

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I got results of my last exam yesterday, but I actually still can’t comprehend it., that this is it, that I really made it. 

After a year of super intense work and constant studying and struggles coming with starting a completely new chapter in my life, a chapter so different from anything I experienced before, starting holidays feels.. weird? My brain still has those moments of panicking that i should be studying and I still have dreams about anatomy and histology and I simply can’t put my head around the fact that for the next 3 months I actually don’t have to study at all.

I will probably write some longer piece about my experiences during this first year, but as of right now I just wanted to thank all of you for your good luck wishes during this whole year, and specially during finals, you are the best ❤️

And of course a super, super thank you to my amazing Zuzia, who listened to me whining for this whole time and supported me and repeatedly told me that I can make it.

Turns out I really could!


I just wanted to wish a big good luck to everyone who’s going to be starting a new school/college/university year over the next few months! Whether if you got straight A’s last year, or if you failed every class, I believe you can improve so much! Go over the things you did (or didn’t do?) that made your school life worse and better. Make sure you have very clear, but achievable, goals for the upcoming year. Try your best, because even if at the end of it all you won’t have the best results, you can at least know you were trying. Have a good year and remember to take a breather every once in a while!