wish you saw yourself the same as how i do


Two very different kind of evil.

Chapter 22 (Behind the Walls)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1436

Warnings: Smut. NSFW gifs.

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

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This part is long as hell but I just couldn’t shorten it any further. It’s also kind of feelsy so if you want to really tug on your heartstrings (as I know some of you sick lil shits will - myself included) then play this song when you read the line “I always did have the worst luck.” As requested by @delicatelygrandtraveler, @sxnali, @arabella-loves-coffee, and @meganlpie; this is the latest chapter of Plague - enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I read part 6 today almost as soon as you posted it. It’s fantastic! There is going to be another part, right?


Omg the feeeeeels from part 6 of Plague! It was so profund and emotional, it was a challenge for both of them

I am LOVING Plague! Loki is one of my favorite characters and you write him so well! I cannot wait to read the next part!

Plague (Part 7)

Part 6

Thor was careful returning to Loki’s room as he had just seen you leaving it. One half of his brain argued with the other as it collectively questioned what had ensued since he’d been gone. He wanted to believe that you had been sensible and had begun your separation from his brother, but the more naïve part of him hoped he wasn’t so bad that you would feel obligated to abandon him. It was difficult being the closest thing Loki had to a friend, and so desperately did Thor want him to be well again.  

He just knew that there must be good still remaining within his brother; there had to be. If his work with the Avengers didn’t bring it forth, then perhaps you could. Loki clearly was more… willing to try the latter method. As he stood contemplating such things, he realised that several minutes had passed. Shaking his mane of hair, Thor slipped quietly into the room to see that Loki was curled up under the covers. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, so I looked at you march promts and I was wondering if you possibly do one wit 7,32,34,44,56 and 73 you don't have to do all of the so you can oick and chose. I love your wrotong and want to se what you do wit the once I chose if you want to. 😊✌❤

Derek Hale - “I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing!”

You had your arms folded around your legs and your knees pressed to your chest. You stared out of the window. Even though you had always liked and enjoyed the rain, you were now just afraid of it. You had been afraid of it ever since you had seen what Jennifer Blake was capable of.

“(Y/N)?” Derek placed a hand on your shoulder and followed your glance. “Jennifer is dead. She’s gone. There is no need to be afraid anymore.” He sat down next to you and he wrapped an arm around your trembling body.

“Are you kidding me?” You turned your face towards him and you felt a shiver rolling down your spine. “Just because Jennifer is dead I should stop being afraid?” You shook your head and let out a deep breath. “We had Peter, we had Kate, we had Matt and his Kanima, we had grandfather Argent, we had a pack of Alphas, we had Jennifer…” You paused for a moment and let all the names sink in. “Why do you think it’s gonna stop here? Why do you think it’s not dangerous anymore? There will be a next thing or a next someone or maybe even both.”

“(Y/N)!” Derek cupped your face. His hands were big, but soft and in a way even tender. “Keep your eyes on me and listen to what I say.” His eyes met yours. “There is always going to be something dangerous, but I won’t let it hurt you. Don’t underestimate what a person can do to protect those they care about.” His lips curled up into a smile, but you couldn’t smile along, couldn’t smile back.

“I’m not sure if I’m afraid that something will happen to me.” You bent your head and stared at your own hands. “I think I’m more afraid of what could happen to you.” Your voice was barely a whisper now and Derek grabbed your hand to rub your knuckles.

“If it would keep you alive, I’d happily die for you.” Derek’s lips were forming a straight line and you knew that he meant it. If he would die knowing that you would be safe, he would die with one of those rare smiles on his face.

You shook your head. “Don’t you dare die on me, Derek Hale!” You stood up and raised your voice. “Don’t leave me behind!” You felt the tears rolling down your cheeks and all the fear, all the worry, all the pain and all the sorrow came out.

Derek wrapped his strong arms around your trembling body and he pressed you to his chest. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” He didn’t say anything else. He just rocked you back and forth and he kept on whispering those same words over and over. “It’s okay.”

You didn’t believe him. You didn’t believe it was okay. “I’m a crybaby.” You sniffed and you saw how Derek’s shirt was soaked with your tears. “How can you just say it’s okay? I can hardly stand myself!” You tensed all your muscles and tried to free yourself, but Derek only tightened his grip. “I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing.”

“You don’t mean that.” Derek’s forehead touched yours and he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Maybe you don’t want to feel the bad things, but you do want to keep the good.” His nose brushed yours and you could feel his breath on your lips. “And to keep the good, you have to deal with the bad.” He kissed you, slowly and tender while he pressed you tighter and tighter to his chest. “And so far we’ve both survived the bad.” He paused for a moment before he kissed you again. “I believe in our odds.”

Obi Wan : Torture

(In this universe Palpatine was killed by Anakin and he became a master and evERYTHING IS FINE. THE COUNCIL ACCEPTED ANAKIN EVEN THOUGH HE HAD KIDS EVERything is fine.)  

   You stood nervously, shifting your weight on your feet. The wind whipped at your hair, so you pulled the hood of your cloak up and over your head. It wasn’t too cold, but normally Coroscuent was warm with the sun shining through the clouds. So this weather was a somewhat brutal change from the norm. Against the cold, your whole body warmed at the sight of a small red cruiser landing on the pad. The top of it opened and a mess of cloaks climbed its way out.

       You smiled from underneath your hood, hoping he wouldn’t notice. “General Kenobi.” You said, walking towards your friend. “Y/N.” He said, his voice holding a quality that you would only use when addressing an old, yet loved friend. His cheerful blue eyes searched for yours under your hood. “I take it that you’re cold. Let us head inside.” He linked your arm with his and started to walk back towards the temple doors.

    Once inside, Obi Wan turned to face you, moving his hand carefully to the hem of your hood. He pulled it away from your head and smiled when he saw your face clearly. You smiled softly at him, as he took in the features of your face. He quickly shook his head, ridding himself of his thoughts. “How have things been since my departure?” He asked, walking further into the temple. You walked beside him, and caught him up.

      “Anakin was been doing very well, helping Master Yoda with the terrified Senate. He will make a great leader one day.” You informed him. He nodded at the mention of his friend, his old padawan. “Good.”

“You taught him well, Kenobi.” You said, touching his arm lightly. You felt a shock of nerves when you did. “Why are you nervous? Do you sense something?” You were concerned for your friend, Obi Wan normally wasn’t jumpy. “I’m…I’m okay. I must speak to you though, Y/N. In private.” You nodded, but suddenly felt his same nerves at the thought of being alone with him. You were normally near other Jedi’s and knew how to conduct yourself around them. But with just Obi Wan…

     You followed him into the empty training room, and once inside he closed the door behind you. “What do you wish to speak of?” You asked, trying not to stutter. When your eyes met with his, you saw his weak, wide eyes staring at you. He suddenly let himself look tired, and his lips formed a slight frown. “I’ve been trying to embrace what I have, not wanting more from anything, anyone; I feel like my heart’s mistaken.”

   His voice was lower, as if weighed down by his thoughts. “Obi Wan…has the Dark Side..” “No. I’m not seduced.” He said quickly. “Then what is wrong?” You asked walking towards him, his face was close, but he still had to look down at you slightly. “Promise me, that you’ll listen to the truth, and believe it.” He said softly. You nodded in response, wanting him to open up.

   “I hate pretending to give you the attention the Code dictates I am allowed to give you, Y/N. I’m trying to follow the rules given and set, but my heart tells me to do otherwise. Because of you.” He stopped speaking, his hands were holding yours because he had grabbed them when he started to talk. He studied how your hands locked together, thinking about whether he should say more or leave.   

      You bit your bottom lip, going over what he had said in your mind. You were piecing together an answer if sort when he spoke again.

“It’s torture not being able to love you how I wish. Lying about my happiness is eating me alive.”

“You no longer have to struggle, Obi Wan.”

  You met his gaze, and a small smile played on his lips. He moved his hand up your arm carefully, as if you would break under his touch. His finger tips made their way to the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him. You could feel his heartbeat against your chest, and it was as quick as yours.

       He pulled you face closer to his, until you felt his chapped lips against yours. You both moved in sync, as if you were one person. You had never felt more connected to someone until now, in this very moment. His lips were suddenly gone, leaving you yearning for that warm feeling once again.

   “I love you, Y/N.” He said, his voice carrying a tone of loving seriousness. You leaned up to his lips, pressing yours to his again. “I love you too.” You said in response, after pulling away from the kiss. It didn’t feel rushed to you nor him; it felt relieving to finally act as you both pleased.

    It stayed quiet for a while, you being held tightly in his arms. It was only when his comlink went off did you part. “Hello Anakin! Master Yoda wishes to speak to me? I will be with him in a moment. Thank you my friend.” When he hung up, he turned to look back at you, his gaze instantly meeting with yours. You stepped forward and leaned upward once more to kiss him on the cheek. “I’ll be in my quarters, you can come by after speaking with master Yoda.” he nodded, and you turned around to leave the room.

*Obi Wan’s POV*

   I watched her leave, her cloaks billowing out from behind her. It made her seem elegant at best, but no word seemed fitting for her beauty. No word seemed fitting for the way she made me feel, all I knew was that it was painful to not embrace this feeling. Once a few minutes had passed, I headed out the door, and walked to the Council's’ meeting room.

   Anakin’s tone over the comlink seemed calm, unusual for him but none the less I has happy he was finally at peace with himself. Little Luke and Leia had been keeping him busy too, at from what I saw the last time I visited Anakin and Padmé.

     Luke looked like his father, and already seemed to hold a strong power with the Force. Anakin and Padmé seemed happy too, free from the threat of the Dark Side. My thoughts drifted to Y/N, and how happy we are right now, just at the very start.

   When I reached the Council’s door, I tried to quiet my thoughts of Y/N, although it’s basically impossible. I entered the room, and saw Master Yoda sitting in his small chair. I walked to the middle of the room, and stood before the green Jedi respectfully. “Greetings, Kenobi. Seen you not since young Skywalker’s journey to Master-hood I have.” I nodded, “It’s good to see you Master Yoda.”

     “Worried was the Council for you. Sensed grave heartache and pain if young Skywalker had failed for you, they had. Grateful we are for you training him.” He said, moving his short fingered hand to his chin. “Thank you, for letting him continue on his path in the Light even though he broke the Code.” I said, trying to express my own gratitude towards him and the Council. “Forgiving we were, for saved Galaxy he did.” He said, humor lacing his tone. I chuckled quietly, but then straightened. “A strong love between Anakin and Padme there is. Sensed a challenging love I have, equal of magnitude.” He had a small smile as he spoke. “Of one of your Jedis?” I asked, trying to hide my raising nerves.

“Hmm, Yes. But deserves this love he does, break he needs.”

“A Jedi’s work is never done, breaks are not had by your Knights.” I said, feeling a wave of sadness and realization washing over me.

“Beating himself up, this Jedi is doing. Awkward he is with his feelings.” He laughed when he finished speaking, looking at me with mischief in his eyes.


“Luck I wish to you and Y/N, Obi Wan. Worry not.” He finished. I took a deep breath before nodding to him in thanks. “Excused you are Obi Wan.”

I quickly walked out of the meeting room and headed to Y/N’s quarters. My thoughts were wild with the feeling of hope. I was also trying to figure out a way to tell Y/N what happened, but tell it in a way where I’m not embarrassed by Master Yoda’s teasing.   

One Day {Bucky Barnes}

Originally posted by our-maybe-someday

Prompt: “I just wish you saw yourself the way I see you.”

Character: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Note: #MomentOfWeaknessProject drabble :) This was meant to be a short prompt but I wrote it a lil bit longer. Reader is insecure about their body.

Author: @alloftheimaginesblog aka @bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside

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Dark Chocolate (KBTBB)

Sorry for the most random posts, but yes, this is what I feel like I should be writing about right now. The bidders eating dark chocolate~


Eisuke: Eisuke’s face was expressionless as usual as he bit into the thin dark chocolate that broke with a nice crisp sound. He was resting in his lounge when he decided to try some of this dark chocolate that you left on the coffee table. You had been going crazy about this chocolate that you discovered, and you looked so happy every time he found you happily munching on this chocolate as you sat on the sofa in the lounge on nights after you came back from work.

Horrible. Was all that went through Eisuke’s mind. He didn’t like the chocolate at all, as he had always preferred his coffee and chocolate on the sweeter side.
What is this. He thought in the same kind of tone in his head as the way he talked.

As you came back into the lounge after going to the bathroom, you just saw Eisuke lean over the coffee table from where he was sitting in the sofa to put the dark chocolate on the table. You wondered if he liked it or not, as his face was expressionless. You shuffled back to the sofa and sat down next to him.

He didn’t say anything as he went back to staring at his laptop but you found yourself staring at him even as he was intensely concentrated on reading a report on his laptop. You realised by now that he probably didn’t notice you as he was busy doing work. Man, I wish I knew what was going on through his hea-

“It’s too bitter.” Eisuke said bluntly. You snapped out of your thoughts and you were surprised, and not surprised at the same time, at how Eisuke always knew what you were thinking and knew what you saw.

You started giggling as you realised now that Eisuke saw you seeing him put the chocolate back on the table, and still decided not to say anything about it. It came off really cute and childish for someone like Eisuke, and even as you tried to keep your mouth closed, you couldn’t contain the wide grin on your face.

“I don’t appreciate what you’re doing” , Eisuke said as he shut his laptop lid. He pushed you onto your back on the sofa. You looked up at him, your lips mum as you shut them, but your eyes said it all as you found it all so amusing.

“I need something really sweet.” Eisuke said with a smirk, as he leaned in towards you and gave you a deep passionate kiss.

Soryu: You had barely seen Soryu eat chocolate before, so you had to do a double-take and glance back as you walked past him in the living room on the sofa, take a bite out of a chocolate bar. His face was his usual serious one, and he looked up at you as soon as you started staring at him after he took a clean subtle bite out of the chocolate bar.

“Soryu?“ You asked him in a quiet voice. You walked over towards him in small steps, and you smiled sweetly as you felt like you were walking towards a child. You felt a bit funny as Soryu still looked so serious and handsome while holding that bar with his lean, slender fingers.

“Did you want some, ____?” Soryu asked you, blushing and looking off at the side, but you shook your head and sat down next to him. You saw him chew for a little while, before gulping, without this expression changing.

“No I was just wondering what you were doing, because I don’t usually see you eating chocolate”, you explained to him. Or any snacks for that matter… You thought to yourself as you realised Soryu always ate proper meals-and your omelettes- and your line of thought trailed off to thinking about how he was always keeping his body in shape, which eventually lead you to imagining a shirtless Soryu and Soryu’s sculpted torso. And how his toned body leant over you last night as you wrapped your arms around his body during your sweet night last night. You could feel your cheeks burn and you looked away before Soryu could catch you blushing.

“So… why are you eating chocolate, Soryu?”, you asked trying to get those thoughts out of your mind.

“Inui…”, Soryu said, trailing off for a while before continuing. “He said that the only way I would know why you liked chocolate so much was to try it myself.”

“Oh, Soryu”. You chuckled a little and wrapped your arms around his neck before giving him a light peck on the cheek.

“This chocolate’s pretty good”. You heard Soryu say quietly as you leaned your head onto his strong chest, and he wrapped his arm around you.

Ota: You quietly entered Ota’s studio as you knew he was recently into a really big project which made him spend most of his time at the studio. As you entered the studio however, you saw a scowl on Ota’s face and you were surprised when you saw him going to pick up his paintbrush with his left hand as he held a square of thin chocolate in between the thumb and his third finger of his right hand.

He noticed as you walked in, and wasn’t uncomfortable as you knew what his real personality and attitude was like. He wasn’t some angelic artist like how everyone else viewed him, although he definitely looked like an angel. If anything, he sure looks like an annoyed one, you thought to yourself. You heard him mumble.

“I can’t believe I washed the paint off my hands for this”, he grumbled. “It isn’t even good”, he said with his mouth full of chocolate already. He didn’t even try to hide his irritation.

“Why are you eating it then?”, you asked as you walked over to the couch to put down your bag. You looked over at him and saw him starting to bite on another square as he resumed painting. “Surely you’re not going to work like that Ota?!”, you asked, surprised at how nonchalantly he was dabbing his paintbrush on the canvas.

“I’m hungry.” Ota said bluntly. Right. You got it, as you realised he probably had lost track of time in the studio and forgotten to eat.

“Ota, stop!”. You knew his art would take the consequences of him painting while in a grumpy mood. A hungry Ota was not an efficient nor happy one. You walked over to his easel and stared at him until he stopped painting. He looked over you and was frowning like a child. “What?” He asked.

“Come on let’s go out and get something to eat.” You said, pulling at his arm as soon as he put down his paintbrush. “It’ll be really quick, promise. You cant work like this.”

But hungry as he was, Ota still had enough strength in his lean frame to resist your pulling. “Don’t wanna.” He said. You looked over at him and saw how tired he looked as he gave you his trademark mischievous grin.

“Oh my gosh, Ota… Gah!” You screamed a little, as you staggered over Ota as he pulled you down onto the couch with him.

“I just wanna have you.” Ota said.

“Oh my gosh, Ota. You’re unbelievable.” You stared up at him defiantly as he leaned over you. You stared at his beautiful face as he hovered above you, his face blocking the path of the ceiling light above, giving him an even more angelic appearance than usual. But you knew better than that, as you took one last look at his devilish smirk before closing your eyes as he leaned in for a kiss.

mccrum  asked:

Prompt #2: A pair of wild "Noodle Dragons" appear during battle, without Hanzo sending them out and they rush to protect McCree from an attack that could have killed him. Genji laughing his ass off bc he knows exactly what this means, Hanzo does too but Jesse is the only one being like ???? What the fuck is going on?

Countless assassins were sent to kill the eldest Shimada heir. That’s what he got for leaving. None of them had ever succeeded. No one came close until now.

McCree, the man that he is, rushed to protect Hanzo and got himself knocked over injured underneath the barrel of an enemy gun. “Surrender or he dies!” the grunts commanded.

“You release him now!” Hanzo barked.

“Hanzo,” he yelled weakly. “I ain’t worth it. Run!”

“No! I will not let them take you!”

“Hanzo, go!”

Click. The reload of an impatient gun.

“Don’t!” gasped Hanzo. “Name your terms!”

“You come with us, the American walks free.”

“I will disarm. You let him go first.”

“Shimada, I swear to god! You dense idiot!” McCree growled. “I ain’t worth this!”

An enemy kicked him to shut him up. Their last mistake.

“Jesse! I said RELEASE HIM!”

A roar shook the earth at their feet. Before anyone could react, a pair of shining blue dragons stormed around McCree, twisting around each other as the enemies’ life forces drained. McCree was untouched, only shaken.

The dragons opened a window that Genji had been waiting for in the shadows, taking out the few the dragons did not touch.

Hanzo attempted to collect himself. Someone needed him and he did not have time to break.

“Jesse,” Hanzo said again, skidding on his knees to his side. He brushed hair sticky with blood away from McCree’s face. “Jesse, are you alright? Answer me.”

McCree, leaning against a wall, groaned, then growled. “What. The fuck, Hanz!”

“The- the dragons weren’t-”

“I ain’t talking about the goddamn dragons. What the hell were you thinking?!” McCree scolded through winces of pain. “You would have let yourself be imprisoned or worse – and for what? Me? You should have run, or let them kill me, or-”

“I am not losing you!” Hanzo’s roar echoed in there ears, hanging over the pair. He continued, softer this time. “I am not losing anyone else at my expense.”

“And I’m supposed to be alright with you dying for me?” mumbled McCree. “What if the dragons hadn’t come? Would you have taken their bargain. Tell me you wouldn’t have.”


“It does not matter,” interrupted Genji, to his brother’s relief. The younger Shimada lept to them from the rooftops. “The dragons did come, and they saved McCree. For one reason or another.”

Hanzo swore he could hear the smirk in Genji’s voice beneath that visor. He shot him a glare. “I don’t know why they came to me,” Hanzo lied. “It was their divine will.”

“Wait- you didn’t call them?” McCree blinked.

“Occasionally the dragons can come to us without command if their will is strong,” Genji explained. “For… one reason or another.”

“Genji,” Hanzo warned.

“So you didn’t plan that?” McCree breathed. “You were actually going to go through with these asshole’s bargain?”

“You cannot understand my actions. Do not question them.”

“No, tell me.” It was a plea, lacking heat. “Why did they come? Why didn’t you just let them kill me, Hanz?”

“He has lost a lot of blood,” Genji intervened. “We need to get medical attention.”

“Yes,” Hanzo nodded. “Help me, Genji.”


“You are late,” Genji noted, breaking meditation.

“I know. I am sorry,” said Hanzo, taking his place next to his brother. He handed him a small cup of tea, prepped the way he liked. “I was with McCree. He is nearly restored.”

It was far harder for Genji to eat compared to the common human.Genji’s armor hissed as it opened, revealing just a bit of flesh so Genji could drink. Hanzo frowned. He frowned every time. He was getting worse at making sure Genji did not notice. “And did you tell him?”

“Tell him what?”

“Why the dragons came to him,” Genji reminded simply. “You know as well as I do why they rushed to your aid.”

“I do not believe we share the same thoughts,” he guarded.

“I know you, Hanzo. You may not think I do, but it is so.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“I know what you feel for Jesse, brother,” Genji hummed. “Your urge to protect him was so great, the dragons sensed it and stopped at nothing to protect the one you love.”

“‘Love’ is a strong word,” Hanzo flushed.

“A strong feeling, too,” Genji laughed. “A feeling strong enough to summon the dragons without command.”

“McCree does not know,” he muttered. “Nor should he.”

“He cares for you a great deal, brother. Perhaps he feels the same.”

“He does not need to know,” repeated Hanzo.

Genji sighed, lowering his head. “Why won’t you let yourself be happy, brother?”

Hanzo took a breath; he did not need Genji upset with him now. “He deserves better than I.”


“He is a good man. I am not.”

“I do not believe that, and I truly think McCree doesn’t either,” Genji argued. “You saw how he acted when you tried to sacrifice yourself for him. If he did not care for you, he would not have laid his life down for you.”

Hanzo said nothing.

“Even if he does not feel the same romantic feelings you do, he is very clearly your friend. If you confess, he will either return your feelings or gently say he doesn’t feel that way. Nothing will change between you.”

“Everything will change between us.”

“You do not know that.”

“I no longer wish to discuss this,” Hanzo growled.

“You will think on it?” Genji hummed.

“I will think on it. Change the topic.”

falling in love

○ pairing: hoseok | reader
○ genre: fluff
words: 2,901
○ warnings: none

a/n: hello again, i really hope you enjoy this! there wasn’t really any storyline – i just typed what i felt like typing, so sorry if it’s a bit choppy[?]. nonetheless, i’m in the mood for [love] writing, so enjoy!
any feedback is highly appreciated!

The pitter-patter of rain upon the windshield distracted you from the onslaught of the harsh air. Clasping your hands together, you sat; legs crossed and hands to your mouth, hoping for any sort of warmth to envelop you. A chuckle appeared from the boy sitting beside you, also trying to warm himself up and you stuck out your tongue out at him.

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merlin + 5.05

I can’t ignore what I saw. Gaius, Mordred is destined to play a part in Arthur’s death. Perhaps, perhaps not. The future has many paths. That is only one. Have you ever seen him show anything but kindness towards Arthur? No, but… If Mordred wished Arthur ill, he has had ample opportunity to do so. He’s a likeable boy, Merlin. I know. I like him myself, but I can’t ignore what I saw. Seeing is not the same as knowing. And we must know for certain before we act. [-] How could I have been so stupid? You did what you thought best. I assumed the best way to protect Arthur was to kill Mordred. A perfectly natural assumption. But all I did was make sure he lived. That was the Disir’s judgement. Mordred’s life is Arthur’s punishment for rejecting magic. You mustn’t blame yourself. But it is my fault. Mordred is alive and well. He’s free to play his part in Arthur’s death and there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Nothing.

Long Way Home ~ Luke

Originally posted by lydsiamartin

Short Summary: Luke notices you in the crowd of the 5SOS concert and wants to find you.

Words: 1.5k+

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

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Ashton Song Preference: “Far Away” by Nickelback

Author: Rhine


Who was I to make you wait

He hated how you waited for him.

Of course, a part of him loved it - knowing that he’d have someone there for him, someone behind him, someone to come home to after a long day or tired practice, someone to keep him warm at night, to loosen the worry from his muscles.

But another part of him hated it. Hated how he knew you’d be waiting by the phone, curled up on the couch, alone and staring at the door, counting down the minutes until he came home. He hated knowing that you were by yourself on so many nights while he was away.

He hated how he made you wait. He loved being in your arms, but he hated how he was the reason why the two of you couldn’t be together as much as you’d like.

You deserved someone to be by your side, to make you smile on bad days and to kiss you while you laughed, to hold you close and to make you feel like you were always surrounded by love.

Not someone who could only give words of reassurance; phone calls full of ‘I love you’ and 'I miss you’ that you’d get tired of hearing after so many times, no matter how sincerely he tried to say the words.

You didn’t deserve to waste your days, weeks, months, sitting on a couch and waiting for a boy who could give you so little when you deserved so much.

He didn’t deserve to have someone like you waiting on him, not when you could do so much better.

But Ashton was always a little bit on the selfish side.


And I miss you
Been far away for far too long

He’d always have to leave for weeks and months, and when he came back, it would only be for a few days.

There’d always be a lingering feeling of sadness when it came to your relationship - sad when he wasn’t there by your side as the seasons changed and sad when he was there because you knew he’d be gone too soon again.

He’d go to places all around the world, his footprints on every corner of the world and his legacy lasting for years to come. He’d see sights and scenes that were so different from home; so exotic and so enchanting, places that didn’t seem like they belonged on earth at all.

(but none of those places would be as enchanting as you)

And everywhere he went they’d be people screaming his name and asking for pictures and signatures and some would want a hug or a kiss and while many let their skin linger on his for a moment too long, they’d fade almost instantaneously from his mind.

They meant nothing to him unless they were from you.

He wanted to hear his name on your lips, your arms wrapped around his waist, your mouth on his and your taste on his tongue.

Ashton wanted you, and every touch and every voice that wasn’t yours only reminded him of the girl at home that he missed so much.

And every new, beautiful place he saw only reminded him of how you wanted to see the world and how you were his world but yet you would always be thousands of miles away.

The days seemed to go backwards and the sights began to blur and soon lyrics were just words that fell automatically from his lips.

The only thing Ashton could comprehend was the aching emptiness of missing you.


I keep dreaming you’ll be with me
And you’ll never let go

You knew it was a part of the job.

You knew it from the moment the Ashton Irwin told you he loved you.

It was the first thing that registered in your mind.

Not the fame or the money or the fangirls or the hate.

The distance.

The loneliness while he was gone living his dream, the empty rooms in the house and the clothes he’d leave behind; the phone calls that were always too short and the Skype calls that would never be enough.

The days where he’d be gone that lasted for too long and the days where he’d be with you that flew by too fast.

You knew you knew but knowing didn’t make it any easier; knowing didn’t cure the heartache and knowing didn’t make the nights any colder.

Only Ashton could fix that.

But even though you knew the consequences of loving someone as incredible as Ashton, it didn’t stop you from wishing. From imagining. From dreaming.

From curling up into yourself in the middle of the lonely nights and pretending that the mess of blankets and pillows were the body of the boy that you loved so much; that the wind from the windows was a whisper in the voice of the person you missed with your whole heart.

You couldn’t help but to dream that Ashton never left your side, your weak imagination of having him next to you just enough to lull yourself asleep into another day closer to being in his arms once again.


Give anything but I won’t give up

It didn’t matter how difficult it was – how laggy the Skype calls were, or how static-filled the conversations were – Ashton wouldn’t give up.

He wouldn’t give up on what the two of you had, he wouldn’t let go of you even though the thread connecting the two of you together was fraying as he looped around the world over and over again.

It could only stretch for so much.

But Ashton loved you too much to let you go, to let you just walk out of his life.

He was selfish like that.

He didn’t care what he had to do to keep you by his side. He’d talk about you to all the interviewers whether or not they asked about you or not, just so you’d know and the whole world would know how much he loved you. He’d send flowers to your house and he’d mail back tiny little trinkets weekly. He’d write letters to you just so you could laugh at his terrible spelling and he’d give you the stars if it meant keeping you by his side.

He wouldn’t give up on you, and he could only pray that you would do the same for him.


And I forgive you
For being away for far too long

No matter how achingly painful the lonely nights were, or how much it hurt to see Ashton everywhere but by your side, it’d all go away the moment he’d come home.

All those nights of wrapping yourself in layers of his clothes, of sitting alone in a table for two, of writing out all the words you wished you could tell him – they’d all disappear once you saw his beaming face, once he wrapped you up in his arms again.

Every teardrop he wasn’t there to wipe, every smile he couldn’t see, every minute of frustration and every moment of regret – they’d melt away from you like they never existed once Ashton pressed his lips against yours, his fingers tangling themselves in your hair and holding you close like he’d never let you go again.

You’d forget everything but the beautiful boy in front of you that you just loved so much, and nothing else mattered but you and him together again.

Because for the first time in months, there’d be no distance between you; no space and no emptiness, just his body pressed up against yours and surrounding you as if it had never left in the first place, as if it never planned on leaving again.

And it’d be no problem for you to say I love you because you did, you really did.

And he’d say I’m sorry and he’d murmur it into your hair and into your lips; I’m sorry I was gone for so long babe, I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.

But none of it mattered anymore because he was here now and that’s all you cared about - not the half-empty bed and the table meant for two – he was here and he was back with you again.

He might’ve been a little scruffier than before; hair a little longer and a stubble that tickled your cheeks that wasn’t there before, but he was back he was back and you couldn’t be any happier.

It’s okay babe it’s all okay you’re here and that’s all I need.

I missed you.

You don’t have to miss me anymore.


So keep breathing
‘Cause I’m not leaving you anymore

You were his air and he was a dead man walking without you by his side. He’d tell you how his days were empty and meaningless without you, and you’d smack him playfully, telling him not to exaggerate.

But you didn’t understand, you didn’t understand how you brightened up his world and how his smile was wider because of you, how his life was just so much better with you by his side.

He couldn’t put it into words and he couldn’t tell you just how much you meant to him, so he merely smiled and kissed you whenever he could, a hand always on you, keeping you close to him.

He’d say how he didn’t want to leave you anymore, how you weren’t going to be alone anymore, how he’d always stay by your side.

And you’d look at him with a tinge of sadness in your eyes, reminding him gently of his dream and how it would mean tours and shows and days on the road without you there with him.

But he’d merely press a gentle kiss on your lips and smile lightly as he pulled away before burying his head in your stomach and wrapping his arms tightly around your waist as he nuzzled into your body, saying I’m not leaving you and that’s final, his voice childish and muffled in your shirt.

You’d kiss the top of his head and laugh at his antics, and you’d feel him smile into your stomach before resting his head and looking up at you, eyes sparkling.

Stay with me forever?

Forever’s an awfully long time with you, Irwin…

Well, I’m not leaving you, so you’re just going to have to deal with me for forever then.

I guess that could be managed.

Good. Then it’s a deal – seal it with a kiss?

You’re so cheesy, Ash.

You love it.

I love you.

And I love you, too.


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