wish you have fun in paris

A Night on The Town

My @mlsecretsanta​​ gift for @katswatermelon​! A Happy Holiday to you! Now have some DJWifi fluff!


“I just don’t know what to get her, bro.”

“What about an interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir?”


“Got her that last year.”

“Has she interviewed them since Ladynoir became canon?”


“Seriously, Nino. Stop beating your head against the table.”

“I’ll stop when I figure this out.”


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Random Tag meme lol :P

tagged by @softlight289 and @feverwildehopps

RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

A) Age: 25
B) Biggest fears: errrrrrrr responsabilities
C) Current Time: 0253
D)Drink you last had:

E) Every day starts with: trying to wake up
F)Favorite song at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBjQ9tuuTJQ
H) Hometown: Paris
I) In love with: bewbs
J) jealous of?: not really jealous
K) killed someone?: not people
L) last time you cried?: a while ago
M) Middle name: classified
N) siblings?: a younger sister
O) one wish?: i have many wishes
P) person you last called/texted: a friend
Q) question you’re always asked?: “Are you always like this ?”
R) reason to smile: weekends
S) song last sung?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2isCyeEScoI
T) Time you woke up: Today? 1220
W) worst habits?: procrastination and laziness
X) X-ray you’ve had: some years ago for teeth
Y) your favorite food: MEAT
Z)zodiac sign: scorpio

You know what would have been fun? it’s sort of late now, but it would be really neat to have 13 artists collaborate to make a Miraculous Ladybug 2017 calendar. It would have been each artist tasked with drawing a picture themed around their given month (and one for the cover) and be given as a free download for people to print out and compile into a calendar they could have on their wall. We could even have season 2 air dates and anniversaries and character birthdays (if any are known) as dates, as well as holidays celebrated in france and events that take place in paris, so that you could look at it and think “ah, maybe Alya would be doing that!” 

That would have been really fun, i wish i had thought of it earlier.

Well honestly, it could still be done. Cause like, even if we didnt get it out until late January it would still be useful for the year. And if people felt compelled to do so on their own time you can really easy convert the photos into an ACTUAL calendar at any target or walmart or place like that, lots of sites online do it too. 


Would any artists be down to work with a two monthish deadline to create one piece for their assigned month? Two months for one picture, themed around whatever month you get. So if its a fall month maybe the characters in fall wear and leaves and its a plaza or something interesting. You could research events that take place in Paris that month and perhaps depict the characters (probably the main four, adding in anyone else as additional if they’d like but sticking mainly to them because they are the mains) at the event. 

i’d also need someone who would be confident creating the actual grid day to day look for the bottom part of the calendar. it would be best to have one person do all twelve by just creating a template and shifting the numbers in needed, not hard just tedious. I havent the program to make any that look good or i’d do it myself. and we could assign a second person to adding in all the dates and tidbits and what not, perhaps someone who enjoys researching and looking through events in different cities and that sort of thing since it could be boring otherwise. 

i’m gonna shelve this idea, i’ll leave it up for a few days to see if anyone is interested. if you are an artist or are want the two additional positions should i move forward with this please leave a reply on this post. reblogs to spread the idea around would be appreciated. I think it could be fun and relatively easy to manage. I’ll go through any artists who volunteer and pick people personally, so please please leave a reply if you want to work on it! tag your fav artists, perhaps they’d be interested. 

VIXX IN ITALY | My experience

I just comeback to my bed and I thought it was the best moment to do this.

Today was amazing, even if the organisation wasn’t that extraordinary me and VIXX italy tried our best to makes the queue and provide any kind of infos the fans need.

Let’s start with the tracklist: (the played the newst songs)
Chained up
Love me Do (so many fanservice)
Hot enough
Only U
On & On
Voodoo doll
Secret Night
Light Up The darkness

Honestly the were just so kind and fluffly that you just want to hug them!

There were also some MV about the making of FANTASY and the intro of Esilyum.

In the Talk time we ask some question and:
everyone was so shy trying say the right Italian word.
- HYUK sing “Love me The same”
- Hyuk & Ravi sang “Memory” but ravi actually forgot his lines so we end up singing DAMNRA and Ravi dancing on It.
- Leo sang a part of his song “Dead Leaves” (not sure if this is the real name of the song). He get embarrassed just about after 2 lines and stopped. HE WAS SO CUTE!
- N went and sent a Kiss to a fan (SO FUCKING ENVY AND AT THE SAME TIME HAPPYNDJDHDDH) then just wanted to kiss RAVI lol
- We ask them which animal they like to be, and when Hongbin answer a puppy N ask Him to show us the sound (?) Of a puppy and he and up just “woof woof” that make us laught a lot!
- Then we sang “Happy birthday” Song to Hongbin
-Vixx thanks Us for coming and be with them (since we made a banner “Thank for being VIXX)
- At G.R.8.U they guys just walk on the stage an greet starlights (SO MANY EYE CONTACT) and just takes our banner from our hands.. KEN TAKE THE BANNER FROM MY HANDNSJSHDIDD
- Hongbin was the most happy with the banner ( cause on one side was the one for his birthday) that at the end he took a banner from a fan and just run on the stage ending hugging Ken (that was also around there just be himself ahah)
- Ken beatbox a lot! He even beatbox Belly Jean lol
- LeoBin is so real, they keep bothering each other ahah
- N just scold(?) Us because in the Q&A when we say "Cha Hakyeon Cha Hakyeon ” we say it with an apparently wrong pronunciation lol

- High touch and Photo -
Well… the H-Touch is always so fast that sometimes you don’t eve remember everything.
I clearly remember Hongbin and N smiling at me, and all the guys hands were so soft ;;
Luckily in the pic I hust sat in between Leo & Hongbinbdisbsius

I think those are the most important e amazing thing from the show If I remember something more I will just add it to this post lol
I thought the guys have fun during the talk time they keel laught and smile also at each others.


P.s sorry for my bad engliah I’m so tired T_T

Send Me a 2015 Tony Nominee~

An American in Paris - Which foreign country would you love to live in?
The Audience - If you could have a private audience with anyone, who would you choose?
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - How well do you know your neighbors?
Disgraced - How important is religion in your life?
The Elephant Man - What is your least favourite physical feature?
Fun Home - What did your parents hide from you when growing up?
Gigi - What is something you learned recently you wish you had been taught a long time ago?
Hand to God - What topic do you wish you could talk about freely?
The Heidi Chronicles - Describe a time when you felt betrayed.
It’s Only a Play - What was the last thing you wrote?
The Last Ship - Where was the last place you traveled to?
King and I - What is the biggest deal-breaker for you in a relationship?
On the Town - What would be your ideal way of spending 24 hours?
On the Twentieth Century - What would be your dream musical cast?
Skylight - What is your favourite way to eat pasta?
Something Rotten! - What was the first show/musical you ever saw?
This is Our Youth - What would 16-year-old you have spent $15,000 dollars on?
The Visit - Which would you be most likely to kill for: Money, Love, Fame, or Revenge?
Wolf Hall - Which historical person’s life would you most want to insert yourself into?
You Can’t Take it With You - Who is the most eccentric member of your family?

Heartbeats - Chapter 9

Hello! It’s still morning here and I’m hungover so if some typos slips… well. As usual beta’ed by excellent hartfic. I sure hope you’ll enjoy this chapter a bit more than the last two ;) 

((N))SFW, (N)SFF, 2990 words

“We’re close” Mamrie whispers into Tyler ear, and points towards Beanz, desperately pulling on her leash.

“How do you even have one of Matt’s t-shirts?” Tyler asks while finishing up with his bow tie.

“It’s not Matt’s. It’s Greg’s.”

“Greg? Like ‘best man’ Greg?”

“That’d be correct.”

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Complications: Part 4

Author’s Note: I never expected to get so much support for this story! You guys are truly amazing! I think a lot of you will like this chapter, but no spoilers :-) And now, I present to you the next installment of “Complications”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Dusk was approaching. The sun was setting against the Paris skyline. It was truly a sight to behold, but Ladybug was on a mission. She was leaping from rooftop to rooftop, determination and confusion flowing through her as she raced towards the Agreste mansion. Her heart was beating in her chest as she recalled the things this boy had said to her over the last two days.

I’ll see you later, princess…

…I wanted to see you…

…I didn’t know you were falling for me…

…because I trust you…

…I’ll see you very soon…my lady…

…May I kiss you…

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Thanks a lot for the messages, the thoughts and the prayers. They mean a lot to us. You know what would be a good way to honour the dead, too, though?

Have fun. Kick back. Enjoy yourself.

The terrorists’ targets were specific: a stadium, a concert hall, restaurants and cafés. Sure they were chosen for maximum damage, but also because they’re symbols. The people who were there last night came to eat, drink, be with other people, have a good time.

So listen to music. Cheer for your favourite sports team, without hating on the opposing team. Treat yourself to nice food (not necessarily expensive/snobby food, just things you like) and share it with people you love.

I wish you all good company, good times, and good food.