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After everything… I’d still choose you.”

“You can lie to yourself but don’t lie to me.”

warnings: fluffiness and shortness.

According to Penelope’s very colorful visiting schedule, it was finally your day to go visit spencer in the prison. you were both excited and terrified, you were excited to finally see the man you love but terrified to see what condition he’d be in. spencer was a lover not a fighter and prison is not exactly the place a person like him should be. Before you leave you Say, your goodbyes to everyone in the office and they all wish you the best of luck, with kind words and hugs you are on your way. The drive is dreadful you have a million thoughts running through your head. finally you make it to the prison and wait for them to bring spencer out with the rest of the inmates you take a seat behind the glass the wait nervously fidgeting in your seat the biting your nails it seems like hours have past while you were waiting but in reality it couldn’t have been more that 20 minutes

Finally you see the guards bring in your lovely boyfriend in a less than lovely condition spencer has a busted lip and a black eye and you feel your heart drop all you want to do is run up to him and hold him and never ever let go. If only this stupid piece of glass wasn’t here, spencer sits himself across from you and it is silent for a moment as you both take in that you are really sitting across from each other as you try to hold yourself together you finally decide to speak

“What happened Spence?’  You say with tears already starting to fill your eyes

“Hey don’t cry! I’m fine really I’m okay it looks worse that it is everything is okay” spencer says trying to reassure you

You can lie to yourself spencer but don’t lie to me .I know everything is not okay” you say with tears finally spilling from your eyes.

“Maybe it’s not okay right now but once I have you in my arms again it will be”

Spencer hates to see you upset, and he hates it more when he is the very root of your sadness. He can’t help but blame himself for how upset you’ve been J.J has been telling him how you don’t smile as much or how the circles under your eyes seem get darker every day. He can’t help but be angry at himself because he is the one doing this to you, making you worry about him all over a secret he hadn’t told anyone, now  you and him and all of his friends where paying the price.

“I’m so sorry for everything I’m putting you through. I’m sorry for not telling you about what I’ve been doing, and I’m sorry for being the worst person and boyfriend you don’t deserve to be put through that. I know you know that I did not murder anyone but I did keep a huge secret and I do not expect you to forgive me. I understand if you wouldn’t want to be with me after this mess-“

“Spencer stop. After everything… I’d still choose you. You’d be ridiculous to think otherwise, you’re my forever Spencer Reid”

“And you are mine y/n”

(a/n its not that great! but i tried)

Untitled 23

Complaining won’t change the status
Only thing I got is nobody else had this
Seen some shit and know some shit
Wish I’d never noticed it
Sometimes I wish it didn’t happen but it’s too late
Like tryin save little Timmy drowning from the lake
Nobody paid attention til the time was up
You fucked up, or even worse, your luck ran up
Destiny had other plans like you had with another man
All the attention was tending to his business
You gotta be trippin if you thought no one was listening
What happened to you behind close doors
Come on girl I ain’t four
I understand that I wasn’t much but I’m far from a bore
Sure, half of it, maybe my fault
But breaking hearts isn’t me
So the King made a mistake by trusting his heart
The sky told me to forgive you
What is your little girl gonna think about what her mother has turned into
What has gotten into you
What’s gotten into me
Mentally, I don’t think nobody is ready for me
Physically, nobody wants this
I done been through it all, so expect success
If I can’t have it all, it’s cool
I don’t shoot for the stars, jumped past the moon
Into the cosmos
Imagination will take me whatever I go
Or where I need to be


Annie came over with a bright smile, hugging you and giving you a kiss on the cheek. You were happy she was here. One of the most precious people  in your life, the other one was standing beside you.

“I wish you all the luck in the world.” She nods, congratulation you before stepping aside to let someone else through.

You had been in a sort of daze throughout the whole ceremony, not noticing much that had happened. The only thing you were concentrated on was Finnick. You were happier than you’d ever been. You hadn’t believed this day would really come but here you were with the man you loved more than anything in the world.

Finnick nudged you in the side and smiled at you when he saw you drifting away into your thoughts, “You still with us?” He whispers into your ear.

“Mhhm.” You smile back up at him, “Yes.”

He takes your hand and pulls you away a bit, “Ready for a dance, love?”

“Do I have a choice?” You reply, a small smile  tugging at your mouth.

“No.” He grabs your waist, swinging you around to the sound of the music, “I just asked to be polite.”

The Lonely Tree (Part 1)

Word Count: 923

Summary: You have a favorite tree which you make sure to pass every day on your way to class, but one day you find you’ll have to get used to sharing it. Artist Steve College AU

Warnings: I feel like Artist Steve should count as a warning, guys. I don’t know.

A/N: Well, here’s part one of my first ever drabble series! Let me know what you guys think! Part 2

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“And where do you think you’re going?” your roommate Natasha called after you as you made a break for the door.

“Going to class,” you replied innocently, silently cursing your luck that for the first time all year, Natasha was skipping her morning class.

“Going to class thirty minutes early?” She was suspicious now, slipping out of her bed and eyeing you carefully. “What’s his name?”

“Whose name?” you scoffed, wishing at the last minute that you had played along. Talking up a handsome man was far less embarrassing than what you were actually leaving early to do.

“Come on, Y/N, just tell her! I think it’s cute,” your friend Wanda chimed in from her place on the rug. “She’s going to visit her Lonely Tree.”

“It’s not my lonely tree. It’s just a really pretty tree that I like to sit under for a little while in the morning,” you muttered defensively as Natasha regarded you with clear amusement.

“Because it’s all by itself in the middle of a clearing when all the other trees are close together,” Wanda added in a singsong voice, patting your cheek. “You’re adorable.”

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a Disney princess as a roommate,” Natasha mused, throwing you a wink when you gave an annoyed sigh.

You didn’t think your morning ritual was as fluttery and silly as your friends made it sound. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you had to cut through the trees in front of your residence hall to get to your English class. In doing so you had noticed a tree growing separate from the others, ruling over its own solitary patch of sun-dappled grass.

It had struck you as unusual, being unlike any tree you had seen before. Its bark was pale and smooth, and the shape of the trunk was odd, resembling a bundle of thick ropes all fused together and springing up from the ground in one strong cord. The leaves were small and a lovely pale green, and they made a delicate whispering music when the wind blew. It was a beautiful and unusual tree, and you had taking an instant liking to it. And so, every morning you took your breakfast of granola bars and juice to this lovely, lonely tree and sat at its roots while you ate.

Today was different.

As soon as you entered the tree line you noticed that students were scattered here and there on the ground, sprawled in differing levels of comfort and consciousness in the dewy grass with sketch pads and charcoal pencils. As much as you tried not to, you found yourself glancing at each pad that you passed, the sight of so many unique drawing styles and interpretations of different trees making you smile. But as you approached the place where your tree grew, your smile flickered and disappeared.

Someone was drawing your tree. It was stupid for you to feel possessive of this tree which had been growing here since the early forties, utterly indifferent to your existence, but still you eyed the man sitting in front of the tree, your tree, with annoyance. You took in the neat blonde hair, the broad shoulders, the strong jaw, and the intense blue eyes and felt yourself tense. Of all the people to find sitting in front of your tree, it had to be an incredibly handsome guy who was probably only taking art for the nude models.

With one last frustrated huff, you walked determinedly around him and satisfied yourself with patting the smooth trunk of the tree affectionately as you passed. Just as you were about to step onto the sidewalk, a voice called out behind you.

“Hey, wait! I’m sorry, can you do that again?”

You turned back uncertainly, vaguely alarmed to meet with bright blue eyes staring into yours.

“Do what again?” you asked nervously when he didn’t offer up any explanation.

“Oh, just umm… When you passed the tree you kind of patted it… and you were looking up at the branches and smiling. Would you do it again? Is it okay if I add you into my drawing?” Oddly enough, he sounded even more nervous than you did, and he offered up a timid smile as you blinked owlishly at him.

“I… yeah I guess… I can’t really stay though. I’ve got class soon. Do you want to like… take a picture or something?”

“Is that okay?” he reached slowly for his phone as if he was worried about scaring you off with sudden movements.

“Sure?” you shifted uncomfortably on your feet before walking back towards your tree, drawing some comfort from its sturdiness and the smoothness of its bark under your palm as you looked up into the leaves that seemed to glow green where they filtered the sunlight.

“Okay, I got it. Thank you so much. I’m sorry if that was kind of creepy.” He sounded so intensely apologetic that you couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh, the sound of which noticeably eased the tension in his shoulders.

“I’ll be back here tomorrow… same time,” you offered up nervously. “Will you be…Can I see it then? This drawing you’re working on?”

“Yeah,” he said with a gentle smile. “Yeah, I’ll be here.”

“Okay, good. Um… Well, I’ll see you then.” You gave an awkward wave and turned away, only to call back over your shoulder, “My name is Y/N by the way!”

“Steve,” he replied, his smile growing just a bit wider. “Steve Rogers.”

Part Two

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Love letter (platonic): I think you're a wonderful person. You have issues, yes, but they don't impact who you are at heart. You are strong, reliable, and powerful as all hell. I admire you for that. I hope you go far in life and wish you and Dazai all the luck in the world. You're a good man, Chuuya.

Thank you, friendly anon. 

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Babe, I just read everything about J. I wanna tell you my husband left me to be with his girlfriend February 11th (our 14 month wedding anniversary, 1 month to the day before we'd been together 4 years). I've been having such a shit life since then. I don't use drugs or alcohol. Anyway, I know it's so Fucking hard. So fucking hard and unfair and when you love someone and they break your heart... you never recover all the way. Stay strong; we are women men need, not women who need men.

I’m so sorry that happened to you. I can’t even imagine… although my situation is similar it’s no where near as hard as yours and I’m sorry. I’ve been telling myself consistently that things do get better and to remain strong, even though that seems next to impossible. I wish you luck babe. Never forget that you’re amazing and you deserve a happier life without the man who did you wrong. I’m telling myself that too.

  • Kirk: Hey.
  • Bones: Yeah?
  • Kirk: You ever wonder why we’re here?
  • Bones: It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, isn’t it? Why are we here? Are we the product of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really a god out there, watching over us? I don’t know, man, but it keeps me up at night.
  • Kirk:
  • Bones:
  • Kirk: What? I meant why are we here, in this ship?
  • Bones: What? Oh, yeah.
  • Kirk: What was all that stuff about god?
  • Bones: Nnnothing.
  • Kirk: You want to talk about it?
  • Bones: No.
  • Kirk: You sure?
  • Bones: Yeah.

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I don't know if you can talk to your dad so openly as I can but you should at least consider this: my father had some issues with his job and he didn't tell me or my mum, so he started drinking a lot, and whenever he was drunk he was awful. A few months it was hell. But one day my mum and I calmly sat with him and talked. We talked about everything and he actually told us what was bothering him and we solved almost all the problems together. I hope you can do this too. Wish you the best of luck!

I wish I could talk to my dad about it. He’s a real man’s man. He doesn’t like..open his emotions to others at all. I think he drinks because he thinks it’s fun and just doesn’t give a shit what we think.


DP: Keep your people close. A man, woman or anon is only as strong as the posse they roll with. Talk to strangers–– people who can fathom the experience because they know it too. It’s terrifying when you’ve got no control over what happens next –– cosmic energies, God–– Sadistic Writers–– poking at you with a big stick? I’ve been there. It’s a lot like facing against the Sinister Six, minus the spandex and campy enthusiasm. Fight or flight. And we all know you’re a fighter, anon. Not–– a… flighter… 

We’re all with you, anon. Every last one of us. 

moonwich skomentował(a) Twój post “hi! :) are you gonna draw more art? everything what you draw is so…”

damn i wish you lot of luck with your final exams! also you’re going to the college? are you considering to study art? :) i understand you’re really busy with everything now take care of yourself! by the way is there something i can do to make you feel better?


I did think about it a lot, but I just don’t think I can even make a living with this, u feel me?? Like, I know kids who could absolutely live on art and man I’m not one of them? Ye, I can do that and all but it’s not very easy and the results are not very good, so probs not

Also thanks for asking but I guess it’s just stuff that I have to handle by myself eheh

Omg so

I just did the “Murder of Crows” quest in DA2 and I’m romancing Fenris.

If you flirt with Zevran once during it, right before he leaves, he’s like “Ye I gotta go, unless you’d like to get to know each other better? *eyebrow wiggle*”

To which hawke doesn’t even get the chANCE to respond, cuz fenris is all like “DEPENDS, HOE. IF UR UP FOR TESTING THAT LUCK OF URS. TBH I’LL KICK YO ASS. MY MAN.”

I wish they’d had more stuff like this in inquisition. Your LI’s acting jelly and defensive like “yo back up bitch, this is claimed.”


Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader

Summary: Pietro can’t stop thinking about you, or talking about you, much to Wanda’s annoyance. He’s so obsessed, he doesn’t realise when the person he’s talking about is standing right behind him…

A/N: Biology test tomorrow, wish me luck! This is probably all I’ll be posting tonight as I want to go over my notes one last time, hopefully I’m going to do well!

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(Not my freaking adorable gif. Someone let me marry this man)

Wanda sighed in frustration, fighting the overwhelming urge to strangle her brother just to shut him up. He was like a lovesick puppy, and she was seconds away from putting him up for adoption.
“She would never feel that way about me though. Would she? Wanda? You’re a girl, you know what girls-,”
“Pietro, either ask her out, or shut up,” she mumbled, covering her ears with a cushion. He gawped at her, seemingly horrified.
“I can’t just ask her out! She will say no, she will know that she is too good for me and she will go off with the Captain, or the God, because she deserves someone like them,” he said in despair, flopping down on the sofa and resting his legs on top of his twin, pinning her down so she couldn’t escape his ramblings.
“Pietro, (Y/N) will never tell you how she feels if you don’t tell her first,” Wanda wheezed, trying to shift his legs. “She is shy.”
“But why would she be shy?” he wondered aloud. “She is so beautiful. Have you seen her eyes? They seem to hold an entire world within them, no, an entire universe!”
She groaned, covering her ears. If her brother kept on with this soppy nonsense, she might actually throw up.

You yawned, reaching for the coffee pot and pouring yourself a mug; you’d been forced to get up early for training with Steve and Nat, and you were shattered. Sipping your coffee tiredly, you made your way through to the living room, where you could hear Wanda and Pietro bickering.

“-and have you seen the way she walks?” Pietro was saying, his back to you. “I could watch her all day.”
You raised your eyebrows, not saying anything as you leant in the doorway. Wanda looked up and met your eyes, a smirk growing on her lips.
“You do watch her all day, it’s kinda creepy,” she told her twin, glancing up again and meeting your eyes. “I mean, you even look all spaced out when you say her name.”
“I do not!” he argued. “(Y/N)! See, I said it completely normally!”
You nearly choked on your coffee. Did Pietro like you back?
Wanda grinned at you over her brother’s shoulder. “What do you like about her then? Why are you so besotted?”
Pietro took a deep breath; he’d practically memorised all the things he loved about you.
“She has the prettiest eyes, and my heart beats faster when I look into them. Her hair smells amazing-,”
“How do you know what her hair smells like?” Wanda interrupted, laughing.
“I hugged her once,” he said smugly. Your cheeks were on fire by now, but apparently he wasn’t finished. “And she tells the best jokes and stories, and her voice is like a choir of angels. And she’s kind and selfless, like when she took a bullet to the shoulder to protect you…”

As he paused for breath, you bit your lip. Damn, he really did like you, didn’t he?

“…so that’s why I am in love with her,” he finished. “She is perfect.”
You smiled softly, praying that he couldn’t hear your heart, as it seemed to be trying its best to leap from your chest.
Pietro stood up from the sofa, still not turning to face you. “She’s just so beautiful and sweet and kind and funny and-,” He finally turned, his eyes widening when he saw you watching. “-and she’s standing right behind me.”
You cleared your throat, smiling slightly. “Did you mean all that?” you asked, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. He gulped nervously.
“Every word,” he said quietly, his cheeks turning red. “I’m sorry.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Why are you saying sorry? I think it’s really sweet.”
He looked up in surprise, not quite believing his ears. “Really? You…you like me too?”
You nodded, ducking your head shyly. “Yeah, I think you’re amazing.”
You were suddenly aware of someone standing directly in front of you. You felt a pair of warm fingers under your chin, gently making you look up into a pair of brilliant blue eyes.
“You’re the amazing one,” he murmured. “And I think I love you.”
Taking a slow breath, you cupped his cheek gently. “I love you too.”
Closing your eyes, you pressed your lips to his in a soft loving kiss. One of his hands went to your lower back, the other playing with your hair gently. After a while, you pulled away reluctantly for air, your forehead resting against his. He grinned shyly, his thumb caressing your cheek gently.
“Wow,” he whispered, making you giggle. You stretched up on tiptoe to steal another kiss from him, but you were distracted by someone clearing their throat pointedly from behind Pietro’s back.
“Um, still here?” Wanda said awkwardly. Pietro rolled his eyes, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he spun the two of you round to face her, his arm sneaking around your waist.
“No one’s making you stay,” he pointed out, smirking.

IKON REACTION: Where their S/O's ex keep bugging them by saying they still have feelings for the S/O and won't leave them alone about it


Hanbin is not known for his calm and patience, then someone would probably have to hold him.

“So if you like her so much, you shouldn’t have ruined everything! Now she is with me, so just try to take her away from me and you’ll meet the Hanbin power, man!”


“I wonder what it was that she saw in you…” He would say calmly.

“I wonder the same thing when I look at you!”

“Well… I wish you good luck because I know what she saw in me… So you’ll need lots of luck just to try!”


He’d try to keep calm, after all the most affected person would be you, who had to deal with the ghosts of a relationship that didn’t work. So he wouldn’t confront your ex, but would always be by your side saying he supports you and that will help you in everything.


He’d be like that internally:

“I’ll kill this guy~”

But would just say:

“If Y/N is with me, it’s because she chose me not you. You had your chance, now live with the taste of refusal and let her try to be happy with someone that won’t do any bullshit!”


I don’t think he’d be like Bobby or B.I. confronting your ex. Donghyuk is a lovely and sensitive guy, so he’d fell really threatened and would be quieter than normal until you ask him what’s the problem.

“Do you still like him?”


Certainly Koo Junhoe’d face your ex, totally angry saying that you were fine with him and that was to your ex get out of your life.

But when he was with you he would be the child he is, not knowing what say or how act because he loves you too much and don’t wanna lose you.


He’d feel insecure and really lost, and as Donghyuk wouldn’t be able to confront your  ex. With you Chanwoo’d try to act as if nothing was happening, even you knowing that isn’t so.

~ADM Misso

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oh man…. i know that pain and i wouldn’t wish it on anyone else T__T i’m so sorry to hear that!!! i hope you don’t feel too disheartened or discouraged! i wish you luck on that performance regardless!!

Massive Crush

Request: hi good luck on your blog! I was wondering if you could do a imagine of being Scott and Stiles best friend who Liam has a massive crush on??

Pairings: Liam x reader, Scott x Friend!Reader X Stiles

Warnings: None

Word Count: 332

Gif Source : liamdunbargifs

A/N: Hey, thank you for the wish and the request and I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry for any mistakes :)

‘I think you should talk to her “ Mason said for the umpteenth time for Liam on Y / N.

” Man, I cannot talk to her is a friend of Scott and Stiles and after all, I do not know if she has a crush on me real “ Liam said to his friend rolled her eyes.

” If this is the reason for all this fear I can ask Corey about her crush on you “ Mason ponders Liam and feels your heart fails. ‘N-no you crazy?’ ’

” I’m not mad in that story Liam ’.

“ Mason, I like her ok? I can until be in love with Y / N but and there? I cannot do anything”

“ In fact you could try talk to me about it ” A voice speaks behind him and Liam noted Mason giving an amused smile and turned backwards - my God Y / n, what are you doing here- he thought

“ Damn ” Liam sighed and let his head fall on the table feeling her cheeks turn red in an act of utter shame.

“ You should not be ashamed of Li ” Y / N says ducking around him making him lift his head. “ I like you too ” She completes her sentence making him smile

“ He should worry ” Stiles says with an overprotective in his voice

“ Stiles … ” Liam starts but Stiles interrupts.

'' Do not give me that '' Stiles' you know you should not get close to her’’

'STILES! You’re not my father “ Y / N says angry and tells Scott.

” Help me, please Scott. “

” Sorry, Y / N but I’m Stiles side in this. “ Scott said with a shrug and Y / N lets out a long sigh.

“‘I told you this was not a good idea Mason’ 'Liam said lowering his head again ignoring the little discussion.


To Cho Kyuhyun, the one who sings beautifully, the one who preservers no matter the hardship, the one who dances like an old man, the one who is loved by all, the one who is the reason behind my smile, thank you. 

It has been 1,207 days since I have set my eyes on you when I was first introduced to Super Junior and I never regretted it.Your smile radiates happiness which warms my heart every time, your snarky bratty side is adorable, even though you are a grown up man, I love your child-like side. I can’t imagine my life without you, and as you are soon approaching the age to go serve your country, it pains me. 2 years without you is going to be hard, I won’t lie. Come back quickly, I will be waiting patiently for your return.

You will forever be my one and true bias. I don’t even think I can call you a bias anymore because you are so much more to me. I wish you the best my little ballad prince, please be healthy and keep singing those marvelous ballads of yours.

I love you. 
Happy Birthday.  ♥

Here it is, the legendary autograph. I was such a nervous wreck as the line inched closer to that red door, the pit in my stomach worsening. When I stepped into that room and saw him-this man’s work being responsible for a huge part of who I am today and how incredibly humble he is-I started to cry. I sniffed as I told his assistant to tell him that I’ve been following his work since I was nine years old and that he continues to be an inspiration for me. I also pointed out my little brother who came all the way to see him! Having Masashi Kishimoto personally sign and give this to me is the greatest honor. I don’t know what I did to deserve such good karma, but I wish you all luck, those who are trying to get his autograph, anyway. It’s such an overwhelming and fulfilling experience, meeting your favorite author and the man responsible for your childhood hero. You don’t realize how big a deal it is until it’s over. Bless Kishi. ❤️❤️❤️