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EXO as: The Boy Who Has A Crush On You

Minseok (Xiumin)

  • Writes you cute letters in post-it notes then sticks it on your locker
  • “You have the cutest smile :)“
  • Probably is too shy to approach you to confess his feelings
  • But he knows you know he likes you and hE GETS EXTRA SHY
  • His friends is always pushing him to talk to you
  • But all he could muster is a small wave before bLUSHING LIKE A CUTE MESS
  • the purest admirer 

Junmyeon (Suho)

  • He buys you tons of gifts to impress you
  • “I hope you liked the bracelet. I designed it myself.“
  • Also buys your friends gifts for extra points
  • He’s very open when expressing his feelings for you
  • You once told him it wasn’t necessary for him to give you a lot of gifts
  • And he apologized
  • hella extra

Yixing (Lay)

  • Sends you cute ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’ texts.
  • “The sun is shining bright, but your smile is bright enough to light my day!“
  • Always asks you to walk you home from school
  • Insists on carrying your bag or books
  • But you decline, saying it wasn’t heavy
  • The most gentle person you know


  • The fuckboy that became soft and sweet after meeting you
  • Uses pick-up lines to make you blush
  • “Can I follow you? Cause my mom told me to follow my dreams”
  • Willing to do anything just so you could notice him
  • He’s really sincere with his feelings for you

Jongdae (Chen)

  • The boy who bought you a bouquet of roses and a huge Toblerone for Valentine’s Day
  • Very verbal in expressing his feelings
  • “I really like you. I hope you feel the same way.“
  • Buys you a puppy on your birthday
  • He’s not even your boyfriend yet but he’d go all the way just to make you smile


  • Writes songs about how your eyes sparkle in the moonlight
  • Blushes a lot when you’re next to him!!!!!
  • Plans a lot of fun activities just to spend time with you
  • “Do you wanna go for Ice cream after class?“
  • Probably your best friend who fell in love with you
  • Or the boy who is just really fun to be with so he’s now your best friend

Kyungsoo (D.O.)

  • The secret admirer who leaves chocolate bars and flowers on your table
  • You know it was him, but you act as if you don’t so he won’t be embarrassed
  • Admires you from afar, and he gets all mushy when he sees you smile and laugh
  • “She’s smiling, I wish I was the reason behind it.“
  • He’s been trying to approach you, but he’S JUST REALLY SHY???
  • You’ll end up approaching him first

Jongin (Kai)

  • May seem intimidating, but is actually a sweet boy
  • Even sweeter towards you
  • “You have the cutest laugh“ and a lot of “You look so beautiful“
  • Likes giving you handcrafted gifts
  • The most caring admirer


  • The type to never say he likes you, but shows you in various ways
  • Waits for you by your locker in between classes just to see you
  • Befriends your friends because he knows how special they are to you
  • “Don’t forget to drink lots of water.“
  • Is willing to buy you food at 3 in the morning tbh


first off i wanna say thank you to everyone who follows me and sticks by me even though i’m really annoying and i never shut up about bts,,,,my boys,,, 💘 but anyways yeah i wanted to make a big ol post full of love towards my mutuals bc i would probably donate a kidney if any one of you needed one sshsjskjs but seriously i love you all 💕 i hope you all are doing good and i wish and hope that you have the best days and nights 🌈🌟💓

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sidney crosby // it's a boy

warnings: noneย 

who: Sidney x readerย 

premise: you have special news to tell your husband +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ย 

ย From the day you married Sidney Crosby, you knew he would be an amazing dad. You loved watching him interact with young children during various charity events and listening to him gush about it after. You both had discussed it and were both looking forward to being parents and raising a family, maybe hockey players like their dad.

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Produce 101 as F4 (Boys Over Flowers)

I don’t really know why I thought of this as I reached home from dinner but here we go with my picks and the rationale for doing so. :3 And besides, this was my very first drama that got me into the Kpop and Kdrama culture so what’s a better way than to have a little moment as I recall one of my favourite drama of all time right? :)

Just a side note that this is 100% opinion and it’s really a personal preference! I’m all ears for differing really so do share your opinions with me too and perhaps we can be friends?? ^^ Hope you guys enjoy reading this anyway~ ^^

Ong Seongwoo as Gu Junpyo

Like Junpyo in Boys Over Flowers, Ong Seongwoo pretty much fits his part with effortless savage comments when the situation calls for it. Furthermore, he is sassy when he wants to be, and think about it, he would definitely have the same level of command and presence just like Gu Junpyo. However, despite the tough aura that he presents, it’s pretty clear that he is a huge softie and is capable of pulling off hilarious antics. Honestly, I could imagine him pulling off Gu Junpyo’s character flawlessly and perhaps even utter the cheesiest of lines when it comes to confessing (or even professing) to the girl that he likes. 

Originally posted by csb95

Bae Jinyoung as Yoon Jihoo

Indeed, he did not get his name “Deep Dark” in the beginning of the show for no reason. He was a pretty stoic person back in Produce 101 and always faced the ground, most likely out of shyness. However, this pretty much resembles Yoon Jihoo doesn’t it? He’s shy, yet talented, and prefers not to draw too much attention to himself. However, as the show progressed, we got to see more sides of Jihoo, just like Jinyoung in Produce 101. He might be young, but I could totally imagine him as a huge tsundere, always being there for the main character at the most unexpected of timings when she needs his support. (i.e. Like how Jihoo called himself Jandi’s fireman) 

Originally posted by hun-forever-han

Park Jihoon as So Yijeong

Do I need to say more? Yijeong, to me, was probably the most adorable one that all viewers probably fell for at first sight with his natural cuteness (especially in terms of visuals) and his smolness. However, who would have expected him to be the casanova of the team right? Indeed, that’s probably what Jihoon does best; he can be cute and adorable when he wants to, but rUDE when he wants to be, worming his way into women’s hearts. It was a little hard to appreciate Yijeong as time went by because of how he treated Gaeul at some points, but it was clear that he tried his best to change for her (which was really really sweet). Besides Jihoon’s natural smolness in this team, he could probably pull off So Yijeong extremely well and would show both his bad and good side. He might be 18 but ho, no one was a better fit than this not-so-innocent Park Jihoon. 

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Hwang Minhyun as Song Woobin

In the show, as far as I could remember, Woobin was always known for the comic relief, badassery, wit and the fact that he was always the friend which all those members turned to for help. To me, that sums up our Emperor Hwang pretty much; he’s a dependable older brother figure for the young ones, his stone reaction which brought laughter to the community and for having seemingly innocent witty (and savage) comments. It’s funny imagining him as the son of a mafia boss, but Minhyun has pretty much shown that he can pull off almost any concept. Furthermore, Woobin is one happy go lucky character who cares for his friends deeply and Minhyun has definitely shown that he is one happy boy capable of the unexpected. Woobin was pretty much the “mum” for F4. Hence, I don’t think Minhyun got his “mum of Nu’est” title for nothing, don’t we all think so? Indeed, he would be more than capable of pulling off this character because it pretty much represents him in real life anyway.

Originally posted by peudyu101

That’s the end of this post! Thank you for reading up till this point and I hope you guys had fun! ^^ To see more of this, don’t hesitate to follow or perhaps drop in some questions too! :) Once again, I’m open to ALL opinions so fret not and drop me an ask or even a message to tell me what you guys think! <3 Wishing the top 20 all the best and goodbye for now~~ ^.^ 

Side note, I am so happy with the gifs I found because they are SO fitting???

Inspired by @smileyhueyuniverse for “PRODUCE 101 TOP 20 AS SHOWS” and she needed some members for Boys Over Flowers. 

the only things i know about mp100 i’ve learnt from posts my mutuals have made or reblogged and i’ve gathered:

  • there are some psychic middle schoolers running around
  • their one (1) supervising adult is a bard but his perform skill is con-artistry
  • although i take that back i think he might have a boyfriend? who used to be in a cult. two supervising adults
  • there’s a spirit who appears to be a bit of an ass and wears a lot of blush
  • there’s a group of very kind jocks looking after the protagonist
  • Local Boy Needs a Haircut
  • whatever the heck’s happening in the latest chapter with?? the shadow figure??? who has flowers?? i hope they’re doing okay you all seem fond of them and i wish them all the best
Slipping through my fingers

This is the last one for today I swear. Just something I couldn’t get out of my head.

Another Mamma Mia song, but now with @dan-yuna ‘s Ghost AU. Please listen to this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGP7ZuK4W_g) while reading it. It gets the feels a little better.

Thank you and I’m sorry.


He didn’t know ghosts could cry.

“I’m here baby! I’m right here! I love you! Please, stop crying my darling!”

He tried to touch her, but his fingers passed through her shoulder and she gasped between her tears, eyes wide, scared. He pulled away, afraid of scaring Andrea any further.

She ran to her brother, both crying against each other, and Mario watched his children with his heart breaking slowly.


“Papa! Papa!” the little girl squealed, rushing closer to him and waving a beautiful drawing on her hands. Mario smiled widely, taking the drawing and checking it.

“It’s beautiful, cariño” he said, pulling her for a hug and kissing her head. “I love you. Te quiero”

“Te quiero Papa” she mumbled back, nuzzling against his chest, hugging him tightly.


Alejandro was strong. He walked to his casket without a tear in his eyes, and put the flowers over the wood, letting a small smile appear on his face.

“You were the best father I could ever ask” he muttered, and then a sob broke through his barriers, his eyes tearing up all the way as he started to cry, biting his bottom lip to control himself as he stood there, alone.

“I love you, my sweet boy” Mario whispered, standing next to him without him knowing, wishing he could just touch him, just hold him one last time. “You will be fine”


“Papa, I want to learn soccer” the little boy said as he ran to his father, jumping over the couch, on his lap. Mario smiled, nodding to him.

“That’s wonderful! What about I search a few clubs that might have soccer training for you?” he asked, smiling, but Alejandro shook his head, smiling widely.

“No, papa. I want you to teach me! You said you learned once with one of your Brazilian friends. You can teach me, can’t you?” he asked, eyes wide, bright, and Mario chuckled softly.

“Of course I can, Ale. Of course I can”


“Bye grandma” Andrea and Alejandro said together as they left for college one morning after spending a month with their father’s mother. Mario watched them as they left, biting his lip, tears of joy and sadness mixing on his face.

“So grown up… Adults already” he muttered, holding his own hand and trying to control himself not to just run after them and hug them. They would only feel some cold breeze. It was no use. And yet…

“See you later, my lovelies” his mother said, waving her hand to the two and smiling sadly as the two smiled and waved back.

He knew that feeling.


“Goodbye!” Mario said, holding back his tears as he watched his little bundles of joy and happiness walking inside their first school. They waved at him, holding each other’s hands, smiling widely, Pokemon and Cinderella backpacks on their backs.

“Bye Papa!” they screamed back before looking forward and going inside the building.

Mario stared and waited for at least another ten minutes before he broke down, his heart being completely crushed as he remembered the time when they were only two little beans in his hands that couldn’t walk or eat or live without any help, and now they were walking away from him and it was just…

He cried the whole day, cancelled the meetings he had, and hugged their first clothes as he reached his house, closing his eyes and imagining his little babies in his hands, instead in a place completely unknown and scary and big.

They were growing up so fast.


“Look papa. Your grandchild” Andrea said, holding her own little baby girl in front of his stone, smiling brightly before she sighed. “I just wish you could have met her. She is… wonderful”

“I know” Mario muttered, standing behind the stone, waving to the little baby, tears in his eyes. “You are a wonder to sore eyes, little darling”

“I named her Maria after you” she said, kissing the baby’s cheek and sighing. “Well… goodbye dad. See you later. Te quiero”

“The quiero, cariño” Mario mumbled, watching her leave and meet Alejandro a few feet away, who was just watching and smiling weakly.



“You miss them, don’t you?” Alex asked as the other three floated closer to Mario, while he still watched Andrea and Alejandro going away, while the baby girl looked at them as if she could see them. Mario smiled, weakly, shrugging his shoulders.

“How can’t I? They were my everything” he mumbled, voice a little broken, as he waved to the baby girl, and she squealed, jumping around. “I love them more than anything in this entire world”

“I am deeply sorry. If we could…” Roman started, but Mario smiled and turned to him, shaking his head and closing his eyes.

“There was nothing you could have done” he said, and opened his eyes again, and they were bright and tearful. He couldn’t stop. It was so much. “I’m sorry for being emotional all the time they visit” he mumbled, but the other three shook their heads this time, moving closer.

“You can always count on us, Dad” Alex assured, smiling weakly, and Mario looked at him, biting his lip and nodding. “You can also let it out. It’s fine”

Mario closed his eyes and whimpered, loudly, sobbing against his hands and being quickly hugged by the other three, curling up between them and crying loudly against Logan’s chest, holding onto his shirt as them all caressed his head and back, hugging him and letting him cry his heart out.



“How was your first day at school?”

“So cool!” “We drew!” “And sang songs!”

He smiled, ignoring the burning behind his eyes.

They would grow up.

That was the harsher truth.

[SCENARIO] How the Vocal Team will Propose (DK/SK)

A/N: ANDย HERE IT IS! How would the Vocal Team propose! This is the Dokyeom and Seungkwan edition, and they are such babes in our hearts i swear we almost died from flutter just thinking of ideas to write about what they would do. Anyways, please look out for our Jeonghan, Woozi and Joshua edition, which is coming out really soon! :)

A continuation of one of our earlier scenarios (How the Hip Hop Team will Propose). We will also be doing one for the Performance Team as well, so we hope you look forward to it!


- wooed <3
- Scooped โœŒ๏ธ


Originally posted by meaniengful

SYNOPSIS: I think we all know that the Vocal Team are definitely the shyer, less expressive ones (other than Seungkwan) in the group, so we can see them turning to simpler, but sweeter ways to propose to their significant others. True to themself, their proposal methods may be really cliche but it will definitely melt any girlโ€™s heart.

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the-fangirls-world  asked:

Hey Darlin', a couple things, if I may: 1. Your blog is very entertaining, so thank you for writing it :) 2. 2p Prussia- you are adorable little honey bunch, and I'd love to give you a hug. & 3. May I ask how the 2ps would react to being asked for help with getting ready for a first date? ~That's all, thank ya kindly Darlin'

((*speechless* aaaah what– >/////<

hhhhn, thank you… and btw, gilen said you could hug him but only if you’re gentle with him ;//w//; ))

2P: *gets asked for help with a date*

2p!america: huh? you want my help? i-i mean, of course you want my help! listen bro, just be at the place five minutes early and don’t take her to some shithole restaurant– in other words, no fuckin’ place that serves meat, got it? *lowers sunglasses and grins*

2p!china: wait, you got a date? *pouts* lucky… er, i mean, hey, we should go on a double date! *pauses* uh, not that i have a date… yet! and we could go somewhere fun, like a carnival or something. girls love ferris wheels, don’t they? *smooth chuckle, lights up pipe*

2p!england: oh goodness, first of all, congratulations, my boy! i am glad you have finally found yourself a nice girl~ anyhoo, i suggest you give her compliments on anything you like about her, such as her pretty eyes or hair, because we all know they’ll look lovely! also, don’t forget to bring flowers and smile for her!~ *grins as an example*

2p!france: *grimaces* uh, i dunno man, i don’t do dates…

2p!russia: *somber look* my apologies… i suggest you ask someone like luciano about this… i am no good with relationships or dating… however, i wish you the best of luck.

2p!italy: *sly smile* no worries dear, you’ve come to the right place~ forging relationships is my specialty. oh… what’s that? you really like this girl? *chuckles* i see. then, i suggest you treat her as the gentleman that i know you are. make eye contact, smile at her, listen to what she’s saying and be polite, never forget to open doors or pull out chairs for her! you hear me? oh, and be charming. i know you can do it. only make jokes when it’s appropriate and be sure to do things that’ll make her swoon, such as placing a strand of hair behind her pretty ear~

2p!germany: *laughs* just be yourself, man! you can be funny and she probably knows this. pff, don’t even be nervous. you got this cadet. *salutes*

2p!japan: *sighs* how would i know? you should just be glad she even said yes…

2p!canada: uhhh, i don’t know? tell her she’s cute…?

2p!romano: *gaspu* nO WAY?! OMFG, MY DARLING IS GROWING UP!~ come, we must decide on what you’re going to wear! a shopping trip sounds good, does it not? of course it does! you could use some new clothes anyway. *flips scarf* don’t worry, Flavi’s got you covered~ now, let’s decide on what tie color goes well with your eyes…

2p!austria: ohohohoho, why of course you’ve come to the beautiful me for assistance~ i am stunning in everything i do and i am glad you’ve come to realize this, lad! now, it is time for you to see the true austrian charm at work~ let us take for a social outing and you can watch how i handle the ladies, yes? be sure to take notes, oho!

2p!prussia: er, w-what? you’re asking me…? *squirms* i-i’m not exactly comfortable with this… and i’ve never been on a date before… *blushes* i’m sorry, i don’t think i would be of much help… you should talk to my brother about this, girls seem to like him. but if you really want my opinion, um… tell her she has a great smile, because i’m sure she does, right?

My Top 10 Favorite Korean Dramas of 2013

It’s the last day of the year, and we had a long journey of watching and spazzing about our favorite Korean dramas the whole year. Today, I am posting my TOP 10 FAVORITE KOREAN DRAMAS OF 2013. Remember, this list is only based on the dramas I featured on this blog. Dramas that I wasn’t able to watch (what a pity! there are a lot!) are not included.


10. Good Doctor

Such a touching drama. It portrays that any disability won’t stop a person to dream and fulfill it. The drama also tackled rare medical cases which most are about psychology. Joo Won’s acting is the best in this drama!

9. The Heirs

A star-studded drama it is. It’s like the Korean version of Gossip Girl. A drama about friendship, family, and society. There are a lot of cute characters such as the famous LEE BONA and YOON CHAN YOUNG couple, and the ever funny spotlight-taking JO MYUNGSOO.

8. Gu Family Book

What made me love this drama the most is the Romeo and Juliet-like story of Kang Chi’s real parents. That feeling when you want to see Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yeon Hee pair up in another drama again, and you even want to see them together in real life.

7. That Winter, The Wind Blows

Well, as expected from two veteran actors, of course, the drama is a definite must-watch. I won’t say more about it instead, you must watch it to know.

6. Monstar

I love music dramas! And I love teeny dramas as well! HAHA. Each character has its own story that touches viewers hearts. Junyeong was adorable, while Kang Haneul was very striking. Yeonsoo was so cute. But what I like the most are the songs sang in each episode. Those songs were revivals of old famous songs. My favorites are “Atlantis Princess” and “I Chose To Love You.”

5. You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

This is the longest drama among all the dramas in the list, and this is the only family drama. IU got people’s love again in this drama. As you can see, most of my favorite dramas are about fulfilling dreams and this is one of it. It talks about the reality you have to endure while walking through the path of reaching your ultimate life wish like family support problems, rejections in auditions, anti-fans, prohibited love, getting the love from your co-workers, etc. This was such a tear-jerker!

4. Flower Boy Next Door

It is the third installment of the TvN Flower Boy Series. I discovered Yoon Shi Yoon again after being Kim Tak Gu in this series, and that is Enrique Geum. Quotes from each episode were remarkable. Every girl can relate to Park Shin Hye’s hopeless romantic character. And of course, who would not feel hoity-toity and laugh with the GARBAGE COUPLE!

3. School 2013

High school life where we experience love-hate relationships with friends, teachers, parents, grades, the society, and everything around us… these made this drama a memorable one. This drama also gave Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Kwak Jung wook and even Lee Ji Hoon names in the industry. A star-maker drama. This is also a comeback drama of Jang Na-ra. I love how this drama made me laugh, cry, smile, angry, and feel touched in every episode. A drama which I could relate much remembering the times when I used to be a student, when I used to teach, and when I used to make friends and be one with the society.

2. Reply 1994

This is supposed to be my top 1 if it only ended the way I wanted to be —- the way #TeamChilBong wants it to be. This drama broke a lot of fangirls hearts with it’s ending results. Watching this drama was a roller-coaster ride, making us confused on who will be Na Jeong’s husband. A lot of guesses were made. In my case, I made a lot of friends in tumblr and twitter spazzing about this drama (Hello my fellow Team Chil Bong mates!). Being the second installment of TvN’s Reply Series, it is truly a masterpiece. It brought us back not just in 1994, but the feeling of being in those years – from 1994 to present. The characters and situations are also very realistic that you can’t help but think about this drama the whole week. This drama gave Go Ah Ra an opportunity to reinvent her acting. Jung Woo and Yoo Yeon Seok were rediscovered and loved by a lot of fangirls, and the other characters were given a name in the industry as well. I love how Reply 1997 characters had their cameos in this drama.

1. The Master’s Sun

The most fictional among all the dramas in the list, but for me, the best of all. The plot was funny and shallow, but the acting was very convincing, that made us watch every episode with a smile. Gong Hyo Jin is really an actress that I envy. She never portrayed a character that I don’t like. And yes, So Ji Sup is a perfect leading man. I still can’t forget his hand gestures while saying, “Kojo!"  I love psychic dramas, and even though this is more done in a comical way, it is very interesting to watch. There was mystery, there was comedy, there was romance, and there was drama. I also love the cameos in each episode.

There are still a lot of upcoming dramas which started this year and will end next year. I look forward on spazzing more dramas with you my fellow Kdrama addicts. Thank you for this amazing dramatic year.

Thank you for spending one year with me (this is mykdramabin’s one year anniversary). More notes in 2014!

ktana-shelo  asked:

mmm love your blog fucking too much! can you rate the members for how rough their sex is?? sorry for bad english lol

Your English is perfect! Don’t need to worry.

Jin: 7/10 (He’d be rough if you have done something to tease him to the point where he cannot hold himself back.)

Suga: 7.5/10 (Ask for it and he’ll probably comply. It could also depend on how he’s feeling and how the music he’s heard during that day makes him feel.)

Rap Monster: 9/10 (No need to beg for it, just tell him what you want he’ll be to fulfilling all your wishes.)

J-Hope: 6/10 (He’s be rough on certain occasions, but mostly he’d be gentle. He wouldn’t mind being rough if you ask him to.)

Jimin: 7/10 (Same as J-Hope, but he’d be questioning if you are fine with it until the moment he starts. Oh boy, best ride of your life.)

V: 7.5/10 (As playful and cute as he is, he’d be rough in bed. But he would also have those m0ments where he’d treat you like a fragile flower.)

Jungkook: 8/10 (If you are older than him, he’ll try to prove that even if he’s younger he can dominate you in bed. If he is older than you, then he be gentle but every so often he’d show that dominant side.)


melioristicman  asked:

He doesn't make a big commotion of the occasion. Instead, he manages to sneak into the other's quarters while he knows the prince is busy and leave a small wrapped box, a bouquet of fresh flowers and a little note that reads:"I sincerely hope you have a wonderful night. Best wishes, for today of all days and for every moment afterwards. - Your most troublesome retainer" In the box are assortments of teabags, the contents of which were hand picked and put together - his own one-of-a-kind blends.

The flowers at Xander’s desk at first give him a jolt of instinctive anxiety – someone in his rooms? Without his knowledge? 

But his pulse quickly slows back to normal as he remembers: they are at peace. There’s no harm to be done. And it is his birthday. They must be a gift. 

He truly feels at ease again when he reads the note and recognizes the handwriting, then opens the box. Each blend is carefully labeled, and he recognizes the purpose of many of the ingredients: relaxation, alertness, sleep. It’s a thoughtful gift. He pulls out the materials to write a thank-you note immediately, but before he starts, calls for a servant to fetch him a kettle and a cup to enjoy as he works. 

kiss me under the light of a thosand stars [[LISTEN HERE]]

☾ you aren’t a waste of space ☽ 

01 oxford comma - vampire weekend ● 02 thinking out loud - ed sheeran ● 03 last night on earth - green day ● 04 no 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys ●  05 sun - two door cinema club ●  06 miserable at best - mayday parade ● 07 horchata - vampire weekend ●  08 telescope - cage the elephant ●  09 green eyes - coldplay ● 10 my heart is the worst kind of weapon - fall out boy ●  11 hold on till may - pierce the veil ●  12 i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie ●  13 awake - secondhand serenade ●  14 painting flowers - all time low ●  15  banana pancakes - jack johnson ●  16 toothpaste kisses - the maccabees ●  17 magic - coldplay ●  18 such great heights - iron and wine ● 19 remembering sunday - all time low ● 20 wish you were here - pink floyd ●  21 carolina - m. ward ● 22 trouble - nevershoutnever ●  23 nothing - lewis watson ●  24 samson - regina spektor ●  25 so soon - marinas trench ●  26 if it means a lot to you - a day to remember ●  27 iris - goo goo dolls ●  28 to build a home (rainymood) - the cinematic orchestra ●  29 goodnight mood - go radio ●  30 friday i’m in love - the cure ●  31 without you - badfinger ●  32 mardy bum - arctic monkeys ●  33 i’ve given up on you - real friends

BTS when they celebrate your birthday

It’s Jin’s 24th (korean) birthday today!! Happy birthday and all the best wishes to Bangtan’s handsome and talented oldest hyung! <333

Please enjoy and have a nice weekend! A.R.M.Y. hwaiting!

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Jin: (Birthday boy) Jin will plan small but cute and meaningful things to give to you on the final day: your breakfast in bed in the morning, a gift for you to unwrap afterwards, maybe a really nice walk in a pretty park in the afternoon that leads you (by accident of course ^^) to a flower shop where he has ordered a bouquet for you the night before. At the end of the day, you and Jin will equally smile blissfully - you because you are so touched by all the effort he made, and he because all his effort is really no effort at all as long as he can make you happy~

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Suga: Oh my, I think Yoongi would be so cute to you on your birthday pampering you even more than usually. He’d do everything for you - bake a cake, feed you mouthfuls of said cake, and take you out shopping or to a nice dinner. Swaggy Yoongi wouldn’t disappear - instead he’d be saying things like “God, I’d be even more of a jerk if you wouldn’t have been born all those years ago” and “Didn’t oppa do well this year? Your next birthday will be even better”. At the end of the day, he’d be slightly teary at the realisation how important you were to him and how glad he was that you were born that day~

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would try to craft something for you, a personal gift that he’d have to invest time into and that would be way more precious to you than something he bought at a store. He’d try to craft a few frames for photos of the two of you, your family and other friends. However, he’d break some glass in the process and the frames would look a bit crooked. The moment you’d unwrap the handmade gift though you’d break into a smile and hug him tightly: “Oppa, you made this despite your tight shedule? It’s so beautiful! Can you hang it onto my wall, please?” Namjoon would be really proud and glady hammer a few nails into your wall for you. It wouldn’t look perfect in the end, but it would be a very sweet, dear present from a loving boyfriend~

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J-Hope: My my, Hobi would be so hyper :D He’d hug you the whole day, and carry you around, and hold you and bounce up and down with you. You’d have to wear a party hat and he’d sing a birthday song for you while you’d blow out the candles on your birthday cake. He’d also try to get your family and friends to be with you on that special day, driving around the country the night before to get whoever lived too far away to make it by themselves in time. It would be a day of dancing and eating and just enjoying each other’s company. At the end of the day, Hobi would whisper into your ear: “And now promise me to stay happy and healthy thoughout the whole next year, jagi, alright?”

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Jimin: Jimin would be a lot more quiet than, say, Hobi. He’d rather prepare a romantic day than a big party with all your friends. During the day, you’d just celebrate a normal bithday: a cake, a present, maybe a dinner in a restaurant you never tried before. In the evening though, when you’d already be sleepy from the birthday activities before, Jimin would surprise you with a special treat: “Jagi, do you remember how you always nagged me that I wouldn’t put on a private dance show for you? Well now, the day has come. Park Jimin will do a private show for only you~” 

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V: Taehyung would be hyper like Hobi, but a less crazy and more cute hyper-active I think. He’d talk to you in a really sweet voice the whole day, never let go of your hand, and shower you in cute little presents: An eraser shaped like a unicorn, couple hats, confetti that sticks to your hair and lollipops that you could suck on the whole day. He’d be the kind of person to tell strangers on the street that it’s your birthday, expecting them to congratulate you and treat you extra nicely. In the evening, he’d cuddle you and make suggestions about the next year: “Should we go to an amusement park next year?”

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Jungkook: Kookie would be clingy like Hobi, but not in an overly excited way. He’d just cling to your side, resting his head on your shoulder while you blow out the candles on your cake, and holding you in every picture that would be taken that day. He’d always check your hair and make-up and make small adjustments here and there so that you would look stunning at all times and not have to worry about anything besides being happy. You’d take a ton of adorable selcas, and Kookie would proudly show them off to his hyungs later on~

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Wu Yi Fan Kris for Rayli Magazine October 2015

 “There are many times I do not wish to further elaborate on how tough and difficult this path I took was, because in the future I would have to work even harder. Many people say that I am lucky, so therefore I have to be thankful, but gratefulness cannot be mere lip service. What I can do is to steadily continue forth, not let down those who have expectations of me, so I am continuously trying out challenges, hoping to bring even more surprises to everyone, including myself.”

[Rayli Q&A]

We heard you really like watching Slam Dunk! Who’s your favourite character?
Kaede Rukawa! Because he’s really awesome. Actually Slam Dunk was very influential amongst young people, many started playing basketball after watching Slam Dunk.

When you were young did you dream of becoming someone like Rukawa Kaede?
How did you know? At that point in time it was my dream all along to play basketball professionally, but then I did a [bone] test and according to the results I could only grow up to 1.88m, since I could not reach 1.9m I gave it up.

You appear to be very cold and aloof on the outside, but on the inside was your personality influenced by Rukawa Kaede and Hanamichi Sakuragi?
Yeah really a little! And also Scorpios are cold on the outside and passionate on the inside, the closer you are to them the more they will be able to open up.

Wu Yi Fan hopes to be remembered by his strengths - acting, singing, dancing… He’s not a flat, ordinary 2D person, but on the contrary is more three-dimensional, with richer experiences of the loneliness of living abroad as a foreigner, and the hardships of being a trainee. He does not wish to be just a pretty flower boy. Not being complacent with things as they are, he is proactive, hardworking, modest, and keen to experience all the surprises and hardships of reality. To date, Wu Yi Fan has acted in at least seven silver screen productions, an enviable feat, compared to many other actors who struggle for many years because they are still unknown, Wu Yi Fan had a good start, to which few can match.

What do you think is your best quality?
I think I’m a very strong minded person, and I have very strong will to follow through.

But you’re very lucky, you’ve started off so well (Wu Yi Fan shakes his head)
You probably don’t have any obstacles you can’t overcome?

There are many times I don’t wish to further elaborate on how tough and difficult this path I took was, because in the future I would have to work even harder. Many people say that I am lucky, so therefore I have to be thankful, but gratefulness cannot be mere lip service. What I can do is to steadily continue forth, not let down those who have expectations of me, so I am continuously trying out challenges, hoping to bring even more surprises to everyone, including myself.

Listening to your skill in speech, [we feel that] you should publish a motivational book.
Actually I’ve really thought about this before. Perhaps it is due to the environment that I grew up in, when I was young I was extremely introverted, I didn’t speak much, didn’t know how to make friends. After that there was a period of time where I read a lot of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, hoping that the books could help me change my mindset, and honestly they helped a lot. Me being so positive now has got something to do with those books I read when I was young.

So as you’ve said, the current you is probably very satisfied right?
I’m quite satisfied with how things are currently. But this does not mean that I don’t want to improve. People have to be satisfied to a certain degree to be happy long term, many times [we] can’t worry too much over gains and losses, otherwise it would result in a lot of negativity. So I make sure I’m happy every day, this way I’d have a lot of crazy ideas, which would bring to me more motivation and encouragement to continue doing crazy things.

It seems like you’re a person who has been successfully brainwashed by “chicken soup”.
I guess it should be said this way, I’m a person who has been by nourished by “chicken soup”.

When this 25 year old man raises his head with a gentle gaze, he has an otherworldly handsomeness. But his Weibo posts have an unexpected change in tone from this image, his humour evident throughout. Unlike other idols who are like beautifully wrapped chocolate sold at supermarkets with a similar taste to their packaging, Wu Yi Fan is instead more similar to fizzling candy, you can’t predict when he will pop, it’s a mix of surprise and playfulness. He said that there is a part of him that has a personality similar to that of a child’s, anticipating the future with a sense of curiosity.

Why do you say that you have a 4D way of thinking?
Because I’m someone who completely doesn’t follow norms, on many occasions I won’t be on the same frequency as everyone else, there are times when I say things that others totally don’t understand. For example like lame jokes, there are a lot of people whose reactions are slower by me by half a beat.

What will you do in such situations, will you save the situation by yourself?
Occasionally I would save myself, there are many times where others are just slower by half a beat, two seconds later they would find it very funny too.

How did you land yourself the role of a 4D person?
When I was on a variety show, I had frequently responded in a way that resulted in the other party being at a loss of what to do, and they’d always say “What kind of situation is this, this guy is kinda silly, but very interesting.” After a long period of time, many fans felt that I really couldn’t carry out an ordinary conversation, which resulted in me being called 4D. But I feel that actually many times I’m not on the same page as everyone else, occasionally even I myself don’t know what I want to express.

You’ve said before that you love yourself a lot, so will you “research" on which angle you look the best? 
360 degrees no bad angles! (laughs a lot) Nah, even if I love myself I won’t research which angle I look handsome in, I’m not someone who pays a great deal of attention to my looks. 

Then which area do you feel that you pay attention to the most?
I pay more attention to the way my appearance is coordinated on the whole, because one’s aura is able to leave a greater impression on others. 

Taking a look at the sample shots you did here, we like those where your eyes have feelings in them
Photos are a very flat medium, so I really hope to have some emotion and story present in my eyes, this way it will bring the picture to life. If one merely looks good there is not much meaning, I don’t like it if it’s simply handsome. Things with some content are more substantial. There’s no point in being too perfect, beautiful things are things that definitely have to have some imperfections, thus when looking at them [on the whole] everything will look especially harmonious.

[Fans’ Q&A]

Is the new puppy male or female? What is it named? How do you interact with it every day?
The puppy is male, its name is Rourou, you guys are first to know about this.
I don’t usually spend a lot time to walk the dog, but because it’s still young, as long as it sees me it will be very happy. Only after reading a lot of dog care manuals did I decide to keep a dog. I’m a person who will prepare well in advance. I train it everyday, and within a short period of time it has learned 4 tricks: sit, shake hands (paw), play dead, stand (in punishment).

When do you plan to release your new album?
It’s in the midst of preparation, because it’s my first solo album, from producing the songs to MV shooting, I will personally play a part in all of them, so this may only possibly be revealed to everyone next year. For the special feature (I) will be collaborating with an international team, I really hope to bring more surprises to everyone.

In the future when choosing roles, will you try taking up the challenge of playing the antagonist?
This will be necessary, every actor aims to take up the challenge of playing different roles. It is then that [they will] have a sense of freshness.

Right now you’re so busy you barely have time to rest, but your physique is still maintained so well, how do you find the time to work out?
Squeezing out some time, there will be time [left for exercising]. When it comes to exercising, it can be done anytime anywhere, those who always say that they don’t have the time to work out are giving excuses for their laziness.

If you had several days of vacation what would you like to do the most?
The first thing I’d do is sleep in, sleep till I naturally wake up.

How does it feel to have shaven off all your hair for the movie role?
It feels very refreshing, with no hair my while body feels light.

Will you prefer a girl who takes care of you more or would you prefer to be the one who’s taking care of her more?
Is this very important? If two people mutually like each other, you would enjoy being taken care of by the other person and you too would, out of your own will, take care of the other person too.

At what age do you plan to get married? What will bother you the most while dating?
It all depends on when I meet my ideal other half. When we are dating as long as you don’t make me eat vinegar it’s ok, because I don’t like acidic stuff (haha).

What if your favourite scent of perfume on girls?
Regarding perfume, I’ll accept any scent, as long as it is not too strong.

Please share with us your ideal partner
Filial, understanding girl

Do you still dislike eating fish now? Besides eating fish is there anything else you dislike more? If you don’t like eating fish, how do you deal with it?
I don’t eat fish and coriander and I’ve never really thought of dealing with it.

[Fast Q&A: Wu Yi Fan rates himself]
(out of of 10 points)
First movie: pass
Singing: 7 points
Long legs and side profile: both 8.8 points
Current acting ability: 7.5 points
Cooking skills: 3 points
Basketball skills: right now 5 points
Fashion sense: 8 points
Communication skills: 9 points
Patience: 9 points
Degree of silliness: this is higher, 9 points

translation: @wu_yi_fan

Dear Kris,

How are you? I hope you’re alright. You’re a superman, you’ll be fine, right?
It has been quite exhausting these days.. I want to pass a message for you, may I?

Thank you. For everything. For being unique, for being duizhang, a great entertainer, great musician, our dragon, our Kriscasso, for making our past years as lovely as blossoming flowers on springs. For taking care of another 11 boys we all adore. For giving them and us smiles by your sense of silly jokes, for the laughs, joy, and memories. You’ll be carved neatly in our heart as the outstanding Kris Wu.

Life goes on, in each day people chose different paths to achieve what’s best for them. And you have chosen yours. I believe we all do something for a reason, and because of a reason. Whatever yours is, I wish that it will be the right choice.

Dear Kris,

Don’t worry about us, we will always support you. It is fine to choose to listen to your own conscience. People can say so many bad things, but maybe it is because……this news is too sudden. It is a shocking surprise, even to myself.

Don’t worry about your other brothers also, if you cannot be with them, you have us. We will protect them like the Great Wall of China even if the tallest one galaxy couldn’t come.
They’ll say that they won’t be fine without you, but trust me. They will get through this. Because they’re all talented. Have faith on them.

Dear Kris,

Most of us have and have not meet you personally, either you won’t remember us or you won’t recognize us, but we are all here for you. Your friends, your families, acquaintances, fans and supporters. Please do not be afraid to tell us when anything goes wrong. Don’t keep it all inside.

We love you, we care for you. Your pain is our pain too.

Thank you, again, for enduring the hard times. For trying hard to be the best and succeed at it. You’ve done amazing.

And lastly…

In the end, everything will be alright. If it isn’t, it’s not the end :)

Looking for the day when we will finally meet, in EXO’s concert. You as Yifan Wu, and me, as your new friend.

Your journey doesn’t end here. Make us proud of you again ♥

That’s all the message for you. I’m not much of a good writer or what, but I wish it brings sparkle to your eyes and forms a smile on your lips.

Have some faith, stay healthy because we all care. For our one and only,

Irreplaceable Yifan Wu.

May 22nd, 2014

With much love,

(A fan of Fanfan and EXO)

Short story on Gay Tolerance and acceptance, from our inbox. ย By Noel Malphoi

The Story of Your life

You were seven years old when you first realized you were different.

All the girls in your first grade class were gathered in a tight circle beside the brightly colored plastic pieces of the playground, including you. There was giggling, and stories, and secret telling, things any other little girl would talk about without a second thought. And you didnโ€™t give a second thoughtโ€ฆ That is, until the topic of boys came into conversation.

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Like I said yesterday, I don’t usually get very excited about birthdays. They’re never all that great, I’m not a huge fan of all the attention, and it’s really just another day. But yesterday? Yesterday was perfect. The day start out exactly right, and ended even better. 

The boy had a surprise dinner planned and wouldn’t tell me where we were going. Well, we all know that pizza is the way to my heart.

Any day, all day, errrryday! 

We went to Kaos (pronounced “chaos”) which is literally in a renovated house somewhat downtown and in a residential area. So. Fucking. Good. I’m not even kidding when I say it was probably the best pizza I’ve ever consumed. And I’ve consumed a lot of pizza. 

He also got me beautiful earrings and flowers, and actually noticed that I don’t wear a lot of dangly earrings, so he kept them elegant and simple. Felt good yesterday, had a great image day, and didn’t eat the entire pizza ;) 

Thanks everyone again for all of the birthday wishes. I cannot believe how many comments, messages, and even text messages I received from my Tumblr peeps. I love you guys!