wish us luck! :d


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You're in pharmacy school too, wow as if I needed a reason to admire you more 😻. I'm currently a P2 student, what year are you in?

Hahaha, I don’t think you should admire me XD
I am flailing my way through pharmacy school ^^;;;
and not kill anyone ;;;;;
and I am also a P2!!! :D

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good luck on your new blog! <3 the rfa reacting to their innocent looking mc having a sailor mouth maybe?

Thank you! Wish us luck :D 
I’ll add V later, because right now, I still can’t think about it >.

I had to google what is sailor mouth lol XD


  • A customer was being very rude and demanding at the coffee shop
  • Calm Jaehee is just trying to reason with the customer
  • Enough with it
  • You approached the man and
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • The man apologizes a thousand times to Jaehee and you, bowing deep and left the café in a hurry.
  • Jaehee was very surprised
  • But urges you to not be like that in the future, since it scares the other customers


  • You are LOLOL-ing with Yoosung
  • And it was the time when teams battle each other
  • You and Yoosung are on the same team of course
  • Each of you focused on their own computer with headphones
  • Basically communicating through the game
  • And a team was fighting with yours but you lost
  • The other team cheated!
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • The entire team that can hear the chat was quiet. Dead quiet, except you.
  • “Yoo…Yoosung, is that your girlfriend?”
  • Yoosung acted like nothing happened, but deep down he reminds himself to never ever let you get angry again.


  • Jumin is a certified fail driver
  • So it’s been you that is in charge of the driving
  • You have drivers, but you prefer to drive on your own
  • You were with Jumin one day
  • Someone cut you off, making you break suddenly
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • “MC, please calm yourself down”
  • You continued the drive
  • Jumin ended up make you take attitude class, what.


  • You are on your night minimarket run with Zen
  • Holding hands throughout the walk
  • Suddenly you hear a fight happening in an alley
  • Not exactly a fight, but like a group of men bullying and stealing from another weaker one
  • “Hey, what are you doing?”
  • “None of your business, granny.”
  • Granny? Did those punks just call you what??
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • The punks left, the bullied was ever thankful for you
  • Zen frozen
  • He turned to look at you. Your innocent angelic face!
  • “Did you get possessed or something?”


  • You both know your shared apartment is trash
  • Complete trash
  • You cleaned it up and next minute it’ll be trash again
  • Who to blame? Seven, of course.
  • So, you are pacing your way around the apartment
  • When one of Seven’s pants caught your foot and you end up banging your head on the kitchen counter
  • Boom! Beast released.
  • How can his pants make way to the kitchen??
  • God 707 explain?!
  • Seven who was busy with his computer was suddenly focused on you
  • “So, can we do rap battles now?”
Message For Jacksepticeye: Submissions are CLOSED

Sadly, all the places in the video were taken by this time! Sorry to announce, but you can not submit more works :c

I gave people a month as a deadline since I definitely didn’t expect everyone to be SO INTERESTED in it in the first place, but you guys will never stop surprising me! Everyone was really passionate about this project and really excited to be a part of it. We did it in a week, this is nuts.

Now we have to do all the work with editing/animating/voicing and other stuff! Wish us luck :D


Don’t be upset if you couldn’t make it in the video, there’ll be more projects to participate in~

I’m going to Stockholm tomorrow for the first time! :) My boyfriend has two auditions there and after calling many airline companies we finally found one that allowed us to take the double bass in the cabin! Hope everything will work out alright! Especially with airport security so strict these days.. wish us luck! :D 


Fade Outs and Smooth Kreminals tonight with hyperbali wish us luck D:

ETA: Conclusion - Smooth Kreminal is tasty and really interesting?! It’d just be a regular rum and coke but the elderflower takes it somewhere else entirely. Fade Out literally tastes like a Fade Rift if instead of demons it was pouring out sweet licorice candies. Burns nice tho.
yuhwan0729:방금 막 뮤직비디오 촬영이 끝이 났습니다.
긴시간 컴백 기다려주신 분들 곁에서 도와주신분들
너무 감사합니다. 정말 좋은 무대로 보답하겠습니다. 
이제 조금씩 베일을 벗을 이번 스피드 앨범
기대하셔도 좋습니다 행운을 빌어주세요.
#Speed is back #good luck to speed 
#speed #comeback 

↳ The filming for the music video has just ended.
Thank you so much to the people who have been waiting for the comeback which took a long time and to the people who have helped by us. We will repay you with a really nice performance. 
You can anticipate Speed's album which is slowly revealing itself. Please wish us luck.
#Speed is back #good luck to speed 
#speed #comeback 

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Exams start tomorrow! D: Wish us poor IB kids luck?

I won’t wish you good luck. You don’t need luck. You need skill. Good skill!!!!


Just uh… gonna share this one. Haha. I doon’t know when I’ll finish Chapter 1, but I redid the past pages I did because…. just because. I’ll just update y'all if I posted Chapter 1 in Manga Magazine and smackjeeves C: 

Anyway after this one I won’t (I think, I can’t promise LOL) post any more BTO stuff until I get the pages over with. God. Why do I suck so bad.

So… here’s a sneak peek, I guess. JUST THIS ONE. NOTHING ELSE. I suck at hiding surprises. 

So, Happy New Year Guys! Wish us luck on 2014~ C: