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Sanders Sides Appreciation Month: Roman’s Week

Wow!! I just have no words!! Thank you to everyone who participated and helped appreciate Logan this week! I know its not over yet, but the amount of theories, posts, memes, art, fanfictions, poetry, puzzles everyone made was just…All I have to say is great work!!! We were even noticed by @thatsthat24! And its all thanks to you guys who made the start of this month so spectacular!

Just a recap on the progression of #sanderssidesappreciationmonth here are the dates for the next weeks that have yet to come:

July 31st-August 6th : Logan/Logic (Almost finished)

August 7th-August 13th : Roman/Princey (Next)

August 14th-August 20th : Patton/Dad/Morality

August 21st-August 27th : Virgil/Anxiety

August 28th-September 3rd : Joan and Talyn (Because they do so much for Thomas!!!!!)

Sadly as all weeks end on sunday, so must Logan’s, but that just means its time for a new star to shine! As Logan’s week transitions into Roman’s, just keep the teacher in your thoughts and focus your attention on the one who craves it!

Again, you can celebrate these characters in any way you want to! But, I have created a challenge calendar for each week that is completely optional and will definitely make this month more entertaining.

(If you don’t like these sets of challenges, please feel free to make your own! After all, everything points back to the brilliance of Thomas and his friends anyways. This month is all about them and respecting and enjoying what they have created.)

On the saturday night before each week starts I will post a series of optional challenges all relating to the character of the week! Each day will have a title, and then three challenges that correspond to the day. By no means do you have to do all three of them, but they are there so everyone has an option. This just helps everyone’s creative juices get flowing! 

Without further ado, Here is Roman’s Challenge Calendar:

Day 1: Monday August 7th - A grand entry!

a. Prince Roman changes Thomas’s mind palace into a Castle for a week! How do the other sides react?

b. Edit a video to make one of Roman’s entrances look as epic as possible In any way, shape or form!

c. If Roman were to wield a different weapon other than a sword, what would it be?

Day 2: Tuesday August 8th - Disney Day


          GO!!! (Try to use as few Pixar movies as possible)

b.       Roman wishes upon a star. What does he wish for? What happens?

c.       Change a Disney movie’s storyline to incorporate Roman!

Day 3: Wednesday August 9th - Romantic Gestures

a.       SHIP DAY with Roman. (Princality, Logince, LAMP, Prinxiety. Your choice) (Could be art, fanfic, poem, ANYTHING!! Be creative.)

b.       Thomas must woo another guy. In what grand ways does Princey come up with to impress him?

c.       Princey is cursed to be clumsy in everything he does for one whole week! I wonder how that plays out.

Day 4: Thursday August 10th -  A Creative Approach

a.       Change a song’s lyrics to fit right in with Roman’s character! (If you feel so daring, sing it for us!)

b.       Draw Roman in a different time period or style (could be steam-punk, goth, futuristic, even ancient Egypt. Be creative)

c.       Make Roman into as many memes as you can! GO!

Day 5: Friday August 11th - A battle waged

A.      Have Roman fight a creature of some sort!!! (Even if it’s something as ridiculous as a house fly or a fish!)

B.      Roman’s empire is under attack! How does he and the other sides react?

C.      What would happen if Princey’s ego was destroyed? How would he bounce back from his pride being torn down? Or would he bounce back at all?

Day 6: Saturday August 12th - A Victorious Celebration!

a.       Roman invites the rest of Thomas and his sides to a fancy ball!  If Roman had to design their outfits, what would they look like?

b.       Roman wins a challenge against one of the other sides. Does he rub it in their face? Or is he more humble about it?

c.       Celebrate with Roman by showing your prince, princess or non-binary royalty cosplay!

Day 7: Sunday August 13th - Coronation Day

a.       Prince Roman is crowned King!! How does he react? Is he still the same egotistical teddy bear we all know and love? Or has he changed his demeanor slightly?

b.       Have Roman humble himself to strengthen his friendship with any of the sides or even Thomas himself.

c.       Patton’s week is next! Maybe have Roman and Patton hanging out or poking fun with each other, so we can Celebrate the end of Roman’s week with a nice transition. Deep down inside we all know Roman does love the rest of Thomas. He just refuses to say it out loud.

 Even though you’re week will come to an end as well Roman, know that in the words of Thomas: “People still love you.”

When you post a challenge to your wall, all I ask is you put what day it is and which challenge you are doing followed by using the tag: #sanderssidesappreciationmonth . Again these are only optional! I’d love to see what everyone else decides to do!

Even if you decide not to participate, all reblogs are appreciated so that we can all get the word out there and celebrate the Sanders Sides Appreciation Month together in Unity!

Again thank you to everyone who participated and I can’t wait to see whats next!


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If you want to be tagged or I accidently forgot to tag you, please message me and I will!

Thank you again everyone and we love you THOMAS, TALYN, AND JOAN!!!

When You Wish Upon A Star

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: General Audiences
Marinette may know that Chat Noir isn’t really all as romantic and suave as he likes to think he is, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still believe that he’ll turn up on her balcony to meet her on Valentine’s day.
And, well, as for Chat? Of course he’s going to turn up - it’s not even about him trying to be her Prince Charming anymore. Marinette feels like home.

Also on Ao3

Author’s Note:

this is like, really late, but here is some valentine’s day fluff i wrote for miraculous ladybug. and of course, since i’m complete trash, it had to be marichat. it’s essentially just fluff that i would really love to imagine happened. hope you enjoy!

Marinette is slumped at her desk, sleepily tapping a pencil on the table. She had been attempting to design some new clothing items for her to sew until a few moments ago, but she’d realised that none of the designs were quite good enough, because she hadn’t really been trying. And now she does what she really knew she had been doing all that time: she waits.

It’s hard to resist falling asleep when the night grows so late and dark, but she knows that it will be worth it in the end. If he comes, as she believes he will; it’s the sort of thing that the silly cat would do. He pretends to be all romantic and smooth but it’s obvious to her that in nature he really isn’t. Still, it’s something she loves about him… it always seems like he tries so hard to impress her. It can be annoying, but in an endearing sort of way.

The candle in front of her on the table flickers, and she looks up to the window to check if it means what she hopes it does, her heart rate increasing fast, but he isn’t there. Although the balcony door is slightly ajar, that’s the way she left it. For him. She stands up slowly, sick of waiting around, and moves over to the door, opening it wide and stepping out into the freezing February air. At least it isn’t raining. The briskness of the night is actually refreshing as she leans against the balcony railings and looks up into the sky. It’s an especially clear night, and stars scatter across the darkness, twinkling and blinking as if underwater. Her sigh is carried away on the breeze as she gazes at them, wishing that he would arrive soon.


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