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papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?
wish u were here by cody simpson because my best friend lives in another fucking state and my other best friend lives in another fucking state and alL OF MY FRIENDS LIVE IN OTHER FUCKING STATES AND I MISS THEM ALL THE FUCKING TIME anyway


Cody singing Wish U Were Here in Los Angeles (January 11)

over the time, i’ve noticed that i am falling quite hard for you. it comes natural and right now i don’t even know yet if it’s good or bad.

“you’re all i need
according to your heart,
my place is not deliberate,
feeling of your arms
i don’t wanna be your friend,
i wanna kiss your neck”

falling for you - the 1975 ; the woods - sky ferreira ; flawless - the neighbourhood ; 400 lux - lorde ; marilyn monroe - lana del rey ; boyfriend (acoustic version) - justin bieber ; wish u were here (acoustic version) - cody simpson ; angels - the xx ; you - the 1975 ; figure 8 - ellie goulding ; give me love - ed sheeran ; better together (jack johnson cover) - cody simpson ; daydreamin’ - ariana grande ; baby blue love - lana del rey ; what makes you beautiful (one direction cover) - the 1975 ; thinkin about you - frank ocean ; your body is a wonderland - john mayer ; awake all night - cody simpson ; overjoyed - bastille

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June 13: Cody performing Surfboard at Great Wolf Lodge

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Cody performing Wish U Were Here in Washington, DC (January 22)

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