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My mother and Father were never in love, it took them less than  5 years to get sick of each other, everyone around them said to “Stay Together For The Kids” I never really understood the song until the day my mother held me, crying. Her voice shaking she said “they’re not all like your father.” I could hear her heart breaking. Their hearts were rotting out of their chest and the silence between them slowly suffocated them both.
So when you came along i loved you with everything i could. 
7 months later and you were gone. Word on the street was that your eyes were dimming and there was nothing i could have done to save you this time.
Last December i was writing about loving you; this December i wrote about missing you. 
And when you left i tried to cut your words out of my veins but i cried and bled in the shower when i realized 
you were still here. 
It’s been 8 months since you left and i can’t even find the words to describe how much i miss you or how warm your eyes were and i wish i had found the strength to say “please don’t leave me” while i still had you.
—  Funny how they say “If you lived here you’d be home now” cause you still live in my heart, wish i still lived in yours. You were the only home i ever knew

On this day in history: Troye finally announced his EP TRXYE on the VidCon main stage while simultaneously uploading an announcement video to his YouTube channel, changing all of his social media layouts, starting the EP preorder on his website, and causing us to, in his words, “go absolutely nuts.” Within seconds, we crashed his website and made the preordering of the EP very messy and frustrating. This night however was still one of the, if not the best night I’ve ever experienced in this fandom.

I honestly don’t even have the words to explain the pure unadulterated joy and excitement and pride that defined this night for us. It may be 365 days later, but I’m just as proud of Troye today as I was on this day last year. We’ve come a long way but the best part is that this is only the beginning.

Here’s to countless more nights full of bad gateways and amazing memories.