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1920’s killjoy AU, inspired by a post by @metallicdeceiver (with just a little bit of information on each person)

Gerard A. Way, known as Party Poison: The leader of the ex-mafia group the Killjoys, he’s one of the most feared leaders, but also considered something of a joke among the higher-ups. Some whisper that his scarlet hair is dyed with the blood of the ones who’ve crossed him; anyone who really gets to know him, however, knows that it’s just red food dye. Gerard’s not a very good shot, but he’s the quickest draw. He got his “Killjoy name” after one particularly infamous party, where he slipped cyanide into one of his own bootlegged drinks, gave it to one of his stronger rivals as a show of peace, and promptly poisoned him. 

Frank A. Iero, known as Fun Ghoul: The hot-head of the Killjoys, it seems he has a gun or switchblade on him at all times. He’s constantly teased for his height (although there have been others shorter than him), but he makes up for it in the amount of fights he gets himself into. Frank, along with Ray, plan all of their so-called “missions”, and both of their cunning have made for quite a reputation. He devised his Killjoy name after the Italian word “fanculo”, meaning fuck you - it’s caused a riot once or twice, and gotten them into trouble more than a few times.

Michael “Mikey” J. Way, known as the Kobra Kid: Silent, underestimated, and put down as just the “leader’s baby brother” a lot of the time, he might be the most dangerous one out of all the Killjoys. He’s extremely proficient with a tommy gun, and isn’t too bad with a knife, either. However, he prefers hand-to-hand combat, and is much more likely to punch your lights out rather than stab you in the gut. Many are surprised by the fact that he’s the best negotiator, but he’s the one with the best communicative head on his shoulders; he’s talked the Killjoys out of numerous dangerous situations. There are multiple sources on why he came to be known as the Kobra Kid, but the most prevalent rumor is that he once set a family of cobras onto one of the more devious rivals of theirs. 

Raymond “Ray” Toro, known as Jet Star: The one behind each and every action the Killjoys take. He’s Gerard’s right-hand man, constantly counselling and whispering suggestions into his ear. He’s also influential, being able to get them into almost every speakeasy in the area and then some. He’s known by many names: Strongman Toro, Silvertongue, The Real McCoy, but most know him as Jet Star. Much like Mikey, there are many sources on why this name has become the most famous, ranging from “He stepped foot on the moon, I swear to ya!” to “He’s the quickest draw in the city, even faster than ol’ Party Poison! He’s faster than any shooting star out there!” 

No one really knows how they got possession of the girl only known as Grace - if anyone asks, they just shrug and say “Don’t remember how we got her either, to be honest with you.” She’s quite possibly more infamous than any of the other Killjoys; many call her the Killjoy’s Baby, as well as Little Bird, Giggle Girl, etc. A lot of the time they leave her alone, knowing that she’s hardier than she looks, and she knows that if she needs anything she just needs to get Dr. D, the owner of one of the nicest speakeasies around. 

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between harry's tweet and ig post (like really? the tweet wasn't enough?) i can't help but find the whole thing funny now. either it's true and harry continues to go rogue w/o supervision, or it's not and he's just trolled the entire fandom. (i'd wish it wasn't true but i'm convinced it is at this point.) anyway point is i love harry lmao

i fucking hate him


Paul Bernardo’s written statement to police about the night Tammy Homolka died:

“I am twenty-six years of age and reside at 21 Sir Raymond Drive, West Hill, Scarborough, Ontario with my parents. I have been dating Karla Homolka for the past three years and am currently engaged to her.

On Sunday, the twenty-third of December, 1990, I was visiting at the Homolka home. I visit there every weekend. Karla and I had been over at the river about 3-4 hours on Sunday afternoon. We returned home at approximately 6:30-7:00PM and had supper. After supper was finished we sat around and talked for a while.

Mr. and Mrs. Homolka went down to the rec room. Karla, Lori, Tammy, and I stayed up in the living room and watched TV. We watched a movie that we had rented. While we watched the movie, Karla, Tammy, and I had some drinks. I had one or two caesars, maybe a rye and coke, and a rusty nail, which is scotch and drambuie.

Karla and Tammy were drinking pina-coladas and strawberry daiquiries. Tammy had a couple drinks of my rusty nail. We also opened a bottle of champagne, I don’t know how much Karla or Tammy drank of the champagne. I think I had a half a glass.

Around 11:00pm, Mr. and Mrs. Homolka came upstairs and went to bed. At this time, we went downstairs to the rec room and continued watching the movie. I was sitting on one couch with Karla and Tammy was on the other by herself. Sometime I fell asleep.

I was awakened and Tammy was choking. She was lying on her back with her head toward the Christmas tree. She was choking and vomiting. I tried to pick her up off the couch, but I was not too successful. I got her off onto the floor and administered mouth to mouth resuscitation 2 or 3 times.

I tried to pick her up and I moved her into Karla’s bedroom on the floor and continued trying mouth to mouth resuscitation till the fire department arrived. I asked the fireman if he could continue mouth to mouth and he said yes.”

I told myself if i didn’t touch the opening animation for a week that I would let this post automatically. However, the most recent incident with one of my fans and another tumblr user has caused me to realise that this is not my home, the crowd that I belong in. And so, this is my kind of resignation from the kill la kill fandom.

i’ve discovered that the kill la kill fandom is pretty mucha thankless fandom [then again, what anime fandom isn’t]. i give and give andgive… being in this community isn’t going to help me with my career. i'vebeen here for a year.

However, i do not regret how I’ve spent my time here.Honestly 2014 was the best year of my life. I’d never been happy every singleday before, until klk came into my life. And I’ve also learned so much to helpme with my art in the future.

But now it is time for me to move back to a more familiarcommunity, one that is not anime. And so I post this KLK AU opening, that isnot complete, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever complete it (maybe over the months during downtime). I would have if I felt that holding my place in theKLK community may have benefitted me, but it’s not.

I’m discussing with Bishironen to release all of the logs we’ve typed on the KLK AU for those who were actually interested in it. Here is the storyboard art for the opening, for incomplete stuff. Here’s the last few frames I had done


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I haven't really liked very many mainstream musicians, but singers like Solange and Rhianna I love! The rest just feel so dispassionate and lifeless, or repetitive. However Rhianna is willing to take risks and change with every song, she is such an innovator and trendsetter! Her makeup brand says it all about how much she cares about other people and her fans, and has put a lot of thought into people being represented. I have so much admiration for Rhianna, I wish she wasn't looked down on.

Rih’s such a true risk-taker whether it’s fashion or music. I love that about her because she isn’t afraid to try new things, things that are outside the box. Every now and then we’ll see someone emulate something she did because they were inspired. I can’t wait until the 2nd drop of Fenty Beauty! It’s such an incredible brand that’s inclusive to everybody. It’s hilarious how some ppl complained that she initially didn’t put out much product but then BAM, she hit us with a holiday collection!


I was gonna talk to him, and get some answers of my own.
You can’t. You cannot talk to him.

  • Someone: Donald Trump is an asshole. I wish he wasn't the president of the USA.
  • Me: Yes that's true.
  • Someone: Donald Trump is going to round up the LGBT people and put them in gas chambers, he's going to go in a tank and murder all the pee oh sees, he's going to shoot disabled people and rape all the women and get rid of abortion and America is going to become North Korea and we are going to die and I want to kms-

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so we all know you're actually a cartoon trapped in a 3D felshy realm but how old were you when you had your first existential crisis, exactly?

Okay so you’re joking but I’m not because I remember it and it was during my first year of secondary school which would make me eleven years old.

Biology class, first term: we are all getting to know each other still and today we’re doing genetics- the teacher asks us to separate into groups according to our eye colour, pointing to different corners of the room for brown, grey, green etc. etc.

I, blithe and unsuspecting, wander up to the ‘blue’ corner, being of exceedingly blonde hair, freckle-specked chalk complection and (up to that point in time) thinking that I most definitely had blue eyes.

The blue eyes do not agree; “you have grey eyes, go to the grey eyes group.”

The grey eyes do not agree; “you have green eyes, go to the green eyes group!”

The green eyes then inform me that I have blue eyes and the net result of this exercise was that I, of eleven tender years and no particular intrinsic attatchment to the colours blue or grey or green am left, stranded in the middle of the room like a lone chicken sandwich at a vegetarian buffet. The other groups have by this point solidified, making my abandonment all the more excrutiating, whilst internally my brain begins to fervently question all the other things I thought I was very sure of about myself and how likely it was that I was just as wrong about those things, and perhaps in that case I wasn’t anything at all like I thought I was and who exactly was I anyway?

I am asked, sternly, why I am still stood in the middle of the classroom by the teacher and promptly burst into tears.

I still do not know what colour my eyes are, and to this day I have never found any two people who agree on the subject, the end!

Me: (Has two 10+ papers due tomorrow)

Also me: *Scrolls through Shawn’s tag on tumblr, watches every video he’s in on youtube, listens to every song he’s ever sung on spotify*

Also me: *Simultaneously hates him for being so distracting and loves him for existing at the same time*