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Shy (Harry Hook X Reader)

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A/n: This is probably my favourite idea for an imagine that I’ve had in a long time. I hope you guys like it
Requested: Yes!
Words: 3770
Warnings: Angst (not a lot but it’s there)

A: It’s just…. It’s just that people like you shouldn’t fall in love with people like me
B: Are you fucking serious
A: What?
B: I get to decide who I do and don’t fall in love with. That’s mine okay?. No one else’s choice, not even yours. It belongs to me. I. Love. You

You had always knew you were different to the other kids on the Isle. Always. Even as a toddler you were clearly set apart from the other villain children; choosing to sit and watch their boisterous behaviour instead of partaking in it yourself. You were unmistakably good, there wasn’t a hint of bad in you. Unfortunately, your father Shan Yu, possibly the most ruthless and merciless of the villains, was not the most accepting of your passive behaviour, so you dreamed of Auradon, a place where thought you wouldn’t feel like a stranger in your own home. You couldn’t help it, you had no interest in terrorising others or making their lives miserable, instead you wanted to make friends, you wanted to help people, you wanted to learn.

When Ben eventually accepted all of the villain kids into his kingdom you thought all of your wishes would come true. You had a fresh start, a chance to surround yourself with people like you, a chance to be happy. It turned out there really was no people like you. You were instantly shunned by the princes and princess’ at the school once they figured out who your father was, turning there backs on you immediately as if his actions where your own. There was no chance of forming a friendship with any of the VK’s, you had exhausted that possibility many years ago, you were too fundamentally different to them, so you found you were left by yourself once again. To be honest, you had kind of grown accustomed to your own company and didn’t mind being alone. You began to realise that Auradon wasn’t so different to the Isle, sure it was cleaner and fancier but it could be just as lonely and isolating.

Despite little change when it came to friendships, you had discovered one new thing about yourself since arriving at Auradon; a distinct love for reading. The first time you stepped foot in the school library, you felt suddenly giddy, hardly able to contain your excitement as you stared at the seemingly never-ending shelves of hardbacks, tracing your fingers across the spines. As reading and academic interest in general was frowned upon back on the isle you had never even known libraries existed, so you took it upon yourself to make up for lost time. Any spare time you would have you would spend reading, curled up in your special corner of the library as you slowly worked your way through the endless collection of novels. It was quiet and you rarely saw people there but it was just how you liked it, peaceful and un-interrupted, fully submerged in whatever universe you were reading about. Then one day, completely by accident, everything changed.    

Harry ran down the corridor, a wicked smirk plastered across his face as he sprinted from the enraged Tourney players behind him. The pirate may have been fast, but he knew they were faster, Chad leading the angered mob. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to put fish guts in their Tourney helmets, he thought to himself as he sped around a corner. Then he glanced back at the remnants of the slimy filth dripping from Jay’s hair as they charged after him and sniggered. Who was he kidding? He lived for the adrenaline rush. Still, while they were still behind him, he ducked out of their way, running through the doorway of a random classroom instead of continuing down the hallway. He pressed his face against the glass panel in the door, crouched down watching the Tourney players run straight past where he was hiding, sighing in satisfaction. Harry, slumped with his back to the door, laughing to himself as he caught his breath, slowly looking around the room he was in. It was bigger than he had anticipated and certainly not a classroom, the space occupied by neat rows of bookcases, overflowing with novels but was seemingly empty. His blue eyes scanned the corridor, in case anybody was still out there looking for him. The coast was clear, so he jumped up, gripping the door handle before stopping. Harry’s head whipped around as the pirate froze. He could have sworn he heard a noise.

A soft giggle, barely audible but a giggle all the same, that’s what Harry thought he heard. He brushed it off, putting it down to paranoia, and went to leave the room again. He was interrupted. Another giggle, this time louder, more prominent. He knew he wasn’t hearing things then and took a step towards the noise, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he tried to work out where it was coming from. He trod carefully through the maze of book shelves, trying not to make a sound when he saw you. Instinctively he ducked down, hiding behind more books as a small smirk stretched across his lips.
“Now who are ye?” he whispered to himself as he fixated on your small frame, curled up beside a fireplace, holding an old book in your hands. A hint of recognition flickered across his eyes as he watched you grin at the hardback, beginning to laugh even louder at whatever you were reading. He was mesmerised by you, intrigued by how absorbed you were in the story, grinning to himself as huge belly laughs escaped from your lips.
“Where do I know ye from?” He said to himself, chuckling quietly from your infectious laughter. He rested his hand on a pile of binders as he craned his neck further to study you better, jumping backwards as he knocked them to the floor.
Your nearly jumped out of your skin, dropping the book you were reading and shooting up.
“Hello?” You called out, hoping there would be nobody there to answer you.
Harry was half-way down the hallway before you could take another step.

He was back again. Why? He had absolutely no idea, but the next night he found himself back in the library, hoping you would be there too. Harry wasn’t disappointed, as after filtering through the aisles of books he found you in your familiar corner, this time wrapped under a blanket, a small lamp beside you. Making sure he was hidden from view, he watched you again, trying to stop himself from chuckling.
You were reading a horror book and it was fair to say you weren’t enjoying it, but you had vowed to read every book in the library in alphabetical order and you could hardly back out half way through the the ‘A’s. You read a particularly frightening sentence and slammed the book shut, holding it at arms length away from you, before painfully slowly re-opening it. You read another word and shut it again, this time staring at the novel as if it was the devil incarnate itself.
That was the point when Harry lost it, having to bit down on his own hand to stop himself from bursting out laughing.

It had been over a week since Harry saw you the first time, and he had returned to the library everyday to find you. Every time he would find you in the arm chair beside the open fire, the little crevice of the castle you had claimed as your own. It had been over a week since you had felt like you were being watched, and you were starting to feel slightly unnerved. Every time you would convince yourself you were just feeling paranoid but something was telling you to trust your instincts.

When Harry entered the library one evening he was confused. As he walked towards your usual spot,  but he couldn’t hear a thing, no snorts of laughter, no gasps, no occasional tutting. Silence. He frowned a little before it clicked. You weren’t there. The armchair was complete empty, the fire hadn’t been started, there was no pile of books on the floor.
“Where are ye then?” He asked himself, puzzled.
“Who? Me?” You replied triumphantly from behind him, arms crossed and tapping your foot as you gave the pirate boy a knowing look. He shot around, unable to figure out a response, so instead choosing to stand with his mouth open. So you weren’t going crazy
“Oh come on,” you laughed, no longer intimidated by the boy “Don’t tell me the infamous Harry Hook is at a loss for words”
Harry relaxed, slightly shocked that you weren’t weirded out by him, and flashed you one of his signature smirks laced with a little insanity. He was curious as to how you knew what he was.
You grinned back at him, as if reading his mind.
“I mean, this kind of gives it away doesn’t it,” you motioned towards the sliver metal of his hook, glinting in to the dim light.
He smiled again, licking his bottom lip slightly.
“Ye know for someone who spends all there time in a library ye don’t half talk a lot” Harry teased, regaining his smug demeanour and taking a step towards you.
He tried to reach his hook to meet your face but you turned on your heels before he could.
“And for someone who spends all there time stalking people you are oddly confident”
“Touché” Harry laughed, following you as you collapsed into your armchair.
“What do you want Harry” you grumbled, unimpressed that the boy was invading your reading time.
He leaned back on the arm rest and grinned at you, deciding that he wanted to know more about the mysterious library girl.
“Nothing,” he said innocently enough but still with a devilish gleam in his eyes “I came here to read”
You rolled your eyes.
“We’ll go do it somewhere else, this seat is occupied” you replied, retrieving a book from your bag and opening it to the first page.
“Well if ye insist,” whispered the pirate, walking away from you.
You tilted your head, that was far too easy. You were kind of disappointed that Harry had left so soon but you dismissed the thought and started to read, happy to be left in the quiet. That was until, you hear the screech of wood against the library floor.

“Harry! I told you to leave!”
“Nu-uh, ye told me to get my own chair,” he said smugly, dragging one of the libraries benches from the other side of the room to the fireplace “So I did”.
He winked at you
“You are ridiculous”
“I think ye mean endearing”.
The bench was now directly next to your chair, Harry sprawled out on it, his hands behind his head in a mock super model pose. You giggled.
“You’re not seriously, going to stay here are you?”
“Ye already know the answer to that question sweetheart” Harry whispered.
“I can’t believe you” you said under your breath but seeing Harry’s two piercing blue eyes stare back at you charmingly, you relented.
“Fine, read this” you thrusted a book into his arms, “But I have rules. You don’t talk to me and I don’t talk to you”
Harry smirked.
“You won’t even know I’m here”

You knew he was there alright. Every five second the boy tried to talk to you and in the hour you had been sat there you hadn’t even finished the first page of your book.
“Just put me out of my misery sweetheart and tell me ye name” he pined, creeping closer to the end of his bench and you.
“Shut up and read your book Hook”
“I am reading,” he protested “Ye know I can be very persuasive when I want to be”
Harry was whispering to you, his lips brushing against your ear. You shuddered a little, not used to being this close to somebody. Annoyed, you pushed Harry playfully by the shoulder away from you.
“If I tell you will you leave me alone”
“I’m not making any promises” You jabbed him in the ribs “Okay! I’ll leave you alone”
Harry wiggled away from you and picked up the book, pretending to read it. You did the same, returning to your novel. Neither of you could concentrate on any kind of story, taking it in turns to steal glances at one and other when you thought they weren’t looking. It was Harry who caught you first.
“I can see ye looking at me ye know” he said raising an eyebrow.
“L-looking at you? Pffft I’m not….. looking at you” you stuttered embarrassed at being caught. You were a terrible liar.
“You’re sitting right next me. I can see ye”
“W-well then you need to get….. some glasses”.
After realising how terrible your excuses were you made eye contact with Harry again. The two of you tried to keep straight faces but faltered, laughing until you cried and your sides actually beginning to ache. When the sniggers finally subsided you turned to the pirate.
“My names Y/N Yu,” you said at last causing Harry to sit up.
“I thought I recognised you from the Isle” he replied, looking at you slightly differently.
“I doubt it. I have never really been a people person. Nobody really remembers me”, your voice sounded slightly sadder than you had intended it to, so you shut your mouth abruptly.
“I remembered you” Harry stated quietly, before, for the first time that night, picking up his book and  starting to read it.

It had been months since your first encounter but you and Harry had grown in-separable. It baffled everybody, the quiet shy bookworm and the obnoxiously flirtatious pirate, it wasn’t a mix that most expected to work. But it did. Soon friendship progressed to something much more. You understood Harry unlike anybody else, your relentless kindness something he had been missing but craved. Harry was fiercely protective of you, threatening to hook anybody who gave you any trouble. Yes, you knew it was a little much, but he was trying. Neither of you had any trouble admitting you were madly in love with the other. You and Harry still had your nightly reading sessions, only now you shared the armchair, you curled up on his lap, your head against chest. Harry would rest his chin on the top of your head, reading over shoulder and kissing your forehead occasionally, your bodies engulfed by a thick tartan blanket. Often, you would fall asleep like that and Harry would carry you back to your dorm, careful not to wake you. It was perfect.
For a while.

*teeny tiny time skip*

“It’s the end of the world as we know it!” You exclaimed, you pouted at Harry who just laughed at you and ruffled your hair.
“Has anybody ever told ye you’re over dramatic?”
“I’m being serious Har! The library is shut! All day!”
He chuckled at you again.
“I guess ye’ll have to sit at an actual table at lunch and actually talk to people”
You sighed melodramatically and Harry copied you, mocking your movement.
“I’d watch it Harry, you’re forgetting who my father is. I could have you flattened on this floor in a second”
“Y/N, ye may indeed be the daughter of Shan Yu, but ye haven’t flattened anything in your life”
You swatted the back of his head.
“I’m in a bad mood” you grumbled quietly.
“Come on Little Miss Yu, we’re going to sit with Uma”

You and Uma had a mutual dislike for each other. The kind of mutual dislike for each other that often caused countries to go to war. Which was a shame, her being your boyfriends best friend and all, but you tried to not let it bother you. Uma had begun to hate you since Harry started spending more time with you, annoyed that he no longer wanted to try and destroy Auradon. She lost her shit when she caught him reading a book in his room instead of training one time.
“I thought you hated Y/N” Gil said goofily as you and Harry sat down at Uma’s picnic table.
“I do” Uma said bluntly, giving you a death stare. You pretended to ignore it, instead pulling out a piece of chocolate cake from your bag. Harry sent a warning glare back to Uma.
“Well I think Y/N’s very nice,” Gil added, giving you a genuine smile and nodding his head.
You smiled back. Gil might not have been the sharpest knife in the draw but he was pretty harmless.
“She always was, wasn’t she. So nice”. Uma spat, sneering at the word nice as I it was an insult.
“If you’ve got a problem with me, I can go you know” You stood up for yourself, imitating Uma’s tone.
“Fine by me”
“Uma,” Harry growled, an fierce edge in is voice
“Oh, I’m sorry I forgot you developed feeling for the girl. Did you forget she was just part of the plan”
“Uma, shut it!” Harry banged his fists on the table.
“The plan?” You nearly choked on your cake.
“Oh honey didn’t you know” Uma said with fake concern “He only dated you because I told him to”
You spat the remaking chocolate cake out.
“What” you whispered venomously, staring at Harry who was sat with his mouth wide open.
“I thought we needed to expand our crew a bit so I told him to go out and find some vulnerable girl who would follow him blindly. Don’t know why he chose you though, you’ve always been weird haven’t you. Always been a loner. Always been a fr-”
“UMA ENOUGH!” Harry screamed.
You felt suddenly dizzy, black hazing your vision. Harry tried to grab your hand but you snatched it away. You were crying now, your heart slowly shattering. Turning around you stumbled away as quickly you could, as far as your eyes could see.

You ran into the woods, needing to be as far away from the school ,and the people in it, as possible. You were sobbing now, heaving and wailing like a child, as you sprinted. Refusing to stop, you ran deeper and deeper into the forest, your legs snatching on brambles and the wind biting at your cheeks. You never wanted to go back. How could you? The only person that had made Auradon bearable was Harry but it seemed even that was just some cruel joke. You stopped only when you thought your lungs would collapse, throwing yourself down beside a tree trunk.
“She’s right,” you blubbered to yourself “I don’t belong here. I don’t belong on the Isle. I don’t belong anywhere!”.
Your thoughts where interrupted by the snapping of a tree branch. You peered behind a tree defensively, to see a familiar pirate stood behind you.
“Y/N darling, Ye know that’s the biggest pile of bullshit I’ve ever heard”

He attempted to pull you into a hug but you refused.
“Harry,” you started.
“Uma’s a liar. Ye knew that already, she’s temperamental that’s all, she doesn’t mean anything she says-”
“Harry, don’t bother” You pulled away from your embrace, slumping back down to the ground.
Harry sat beside you.
“Don’t bother with what?” He asked softly, sweeping the hair away from your face with his hook so he could look into your eyes.
Before you could get lost in them, your tore your eyes away from him his.
“Stop pretending that you love me, or that you care, or that I mean something to you. It’s only hurting me more.”
Harry grabbed hold of your jaw, and twisted it towards you so you would look at him.
“You’re seriously not saying all of this because Uma threw a hissy fit are ye?”
“No actually. That’s the sad bit, I’ve been thinking about it or quite some time”
“What the hell are ye on about now!” Yelled Harry suddenly exploding, taking you slightly be surprise “Ye know I’d do anything bloody for ye!”
You ignored him, continuing your little speech.
“Do you know what people say when they see us together. They think how the hell did he end up with that, they think that-”
“When did I ever care what people think? When did ye ever care what people think?” He was still shouting, his yells echoing around the forest trees.
“I’ve always cared,” you whispered so quietly it could have gone undetected.
Harry heard though and got to his feet
“Then why don’t you care what I think then, eh? Because you know full well I love you!”
You stood up beside him, tears still streaming down your face.
“It’s just…. It’s just that people like you shouldn’t fall in love with people like me”
“Are you fucking serious” Harry whispered, cooling down again and turning towards you.
He wrapped his arms around you, refusing to let you go no matter how hard you squirmed until you eventually melted into his touch.
“ I get to decide who I do and don’t fall in love with. That’s mine okay?. No one else’s choice, not even yours. It belongs to me. I. Love. You”
“I love you,” he repeated.
“I love you too”
You nuzzled your face into his neck, breathing in the unmistakable scent of the ocean that never seemed to leave the pirate. Standing on your tiptoes you reached up and planted a short kiss on Harry’s lips, before lowering down and simply staring at him.
“I was going to wait till ye birthday but-”
Harry pulled away from you, untucking a small pendant necklace from his shirt and took it off. He placed it carefully in your hand, folding over your palm and pushing it gently to your chest.
“It was my mothers. I want you to have it.”
“Harry, it’s beautiful but… But I can’t take this from you,” The necklace was small and ornate, a silver crescent moon charm adorning the chain. You rubbed the cool metal between your thumb and forefinger.
“I told ye,” Harry whispered with a smile “It’s yers”
You flung your arms around his neck and he picked you up, spinning you around and round in circles until you begged him to put you down.
“We should probably get back Har” your said, still feeling a touch dizzy.
“Yer right Y/N. I’ll race ye back to the library,” Harry winked, twirling you around a final time.
“You know full well it’s closed, why torture me like that? You know we can’t go”
“Yeah well yer forgetting I’m a villain Y/N, breaking the rules is what I do”
You stared up at the boy you loved one more time, gazing at the way his eyes shone in the dappled sunlight.
“Harry Hook,” you stated “I’ve never met a more lovely villain”

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Word Count: 15,061

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Public Teasing, Public Masturbation, Teasing in the car and in the bedroom, pleading, seduction, striping Dylan because he’s sexy as fuck, dry humping, thigh riding, hand jobs, face riding, handcuffs, blindfolds, 69 (aka oral male and female receiving), overstimulation, praising, orgasm denial, female riding male (regular and reverse cowgirl), whiny Dylan, mentions of dominant Dylan, A lot of submissive Dylan, BREATHY MOANS

Notes: I will make this short as I am writing this pool side from hell. I’m so sorry this took forever. I have no excuses. But hopefully it was worth it. I honestly don’t know if this is my best writing for what you guys wanted from this. I promise the next thing I write won’t take as long. 

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▷ White Lies | Best Friends!au | 2k words
⇢ What happens when there are too many broken promises

▷ Fever (M) | Supernatural!au, Werewolf!au | 1k words
⇢ When he is in heat and you are his true mate

➤ Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom )

▷ Chance Encounter (M) | 01 | 02 | 03 | College!au, Mentor&student!au 
⇢ What a simple DM mishap could lead to happen

▷ Take Care Of You (M) | 2k words
⇢ Helping your boyfriend to relax after long nights of working

Unravel (M) | 1k words
⇢ He loves how easy it is to have you unraveling under his touch 

More coming soon

▷ Panic | Lucid Dream!au | mini drabble
⇢ You were drowning and there’s nothing you could do about it

Chased | mini drabble
⇢ When there is nowhere else to go

2 Seconds | mini drabble
⇢ It only takes two seconds

Untitled #1 | mini blurb

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twilight saga meme: [2/5] quotes → new moon, page 534

“This is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone to vote no for me.”

So Naomi reached 100 days as Smackdown Women’s champion today!!

I figured this would be the most appropriate time to suck it up and post this. Its actually kind of a test for a lesson I plan on teaching. But I got very, very into it.

I chose white heather flowers because one of the meanings is “fulfillment of a dream” or “wishes coming true” and I think for both Naomi and a lot of her fans that holds a special significance.

I haven’t seen video from my round table at SDCC up here yet, so I just wanted to add a few tidbits from that one that I couldn’t fit into my article.

  • From Dabb. We are definitely going to see more conflict between the boys this season, or at least at the start. Sam wants to keep Jack and help him while Dean wants to kill him. 
  • The top of the season is going to be more emotional/character driven than myth and plot compared to last year. Dean’s in serious mourning, Sam’s keeping it together.
  • The cast hasn’t seen anything from the scooby ep, but Dabb has seen a rough animatic
  • Singer hinted we may see someone from the British men of letters show up, but it sounded like a one off. That plot is definitely resolved.
  • Misha joked that playing a corpse was  his most natural role. 
  • Misha was super cute and tan, jsyk. 
  • Misha has done home made fortune cookies, complete with home printed fortunes and insisted they are very easy to make.
  • Jared said that the keg on Conan was a honest to god surprise and he really didn’t know it was going to happen.
  • Jared also talked about how Sam fears being powerful because it’s gone so wrong in the past, and that makes him feel for Jack
  • Jensen says that they pick up exactly where they left off and he wishes he had known the writers we going in that direction because he would have pitched instead that the boys kept their hiatus beards and looked are scraggly and disheveled to show what bad shape they’re in (GOD I WISH THEY HAD DONE THAT).
  • Jensen talked about who things might ends for Dean and explained that he used to think going out in a blaze of glory, but now he thinks Dean hanging it up and leaving the life, especially if Sam is gone. (I have some video of this answer and it’s lovely).

Hope that’s of interest! 

Sitting next to those guys and talking about the show was a dream come true. 

the honeymoon || tom holland head-canon 

summary: ahhh… the honeymoon stage..or in this case, the actual honeymoon because i’m absolutely living for newlywed!tom

requested: yes 

Originally posted by tomshollandss

  • now, we all know it would’ve been the wedding of the century 
  • not necessarily because it was an extravagant and so over the top that it put royalty to shame 
  • but because tom had pulled out all the stops to make sure it was everything you had dreamed of 
  • of course you insisted he had his wishes met and added details that he would’ve wanted
  • however he wanted to make the day your fairytale dream come true
  • and so he did
  • (if you want to read more about the wedding i highly suggest checking out this by @snetersnarker, my homegirl taylor brought this to real life)
  • he would’ve tried to keep the destination a surprise
  • months in advance he had been looking into hotels, villas, and vacation houses 
  • it would’ve been a total surprise up until he handed you your boarding pass 
  • “what?! did harrison tell you??????”
    • “no you goof, it’s right here on the ticket” 
    • “oh, fuck..can you at least act surprised when we get there?”
    • “whatever you say, hubby”
  • tom practically grinning the whole flight, all due to the fact that you were now officially his
  • he loved holding your hand even more now because he could fiddle with your wedding ring 
  • constantly referring to you as “the missus.” 
  • keeping you close to him and reminding you how lucky he is all throughout the plane ride 
    • even when you fell asleep before him, he’d press a kiss to your forehead and remind you 
  • once you got through all of the stops in the airport of santorini, tom would be practically dragging you out of the place 
  • he was really eager to get you back to the vacation house that he had booked 
  • “darling, you’re going to love it, i’m positive” 
  • taking a taxi to the beach house he had booked 
  • being in absolute awe of the fact that tom had did this 
  • “i-i thought we were going to a hotel?”
  • “now, why would i do that for the most magical week of our lives?”
  • trying to carry you bridal style into the little villa 
  • “tom i don’t think you can carry me and our suitcases”
  • “do you forget you’re married to spider-man??”
  • let’s not forget he would use that excuse for almost everything now 
  • tom immediately wanting to have sex as soon as you dropped your bags down i’m not even going to lie 
  • “we just got here???”
  • “and i’ve been controlling myself since i saw you walk down that aisle” 
  • i’m just gonna acknowledge this now
  • your honeymoon week had a lot of sex 
  • but this first time was different of course
  • now that you were married to him, he wanted to make that first time memorable 
  • he ushered you out of the room and quickly got to work 
  • while you took to one of the bathrooms to change into one of the many lingerie sets you got for your bridal shower, tom was busy setting up the room 
  • when you got back, you were in shock 
  • so was he as soon as he laid his eyes on you 
  • he had laid out rose petals, lit some candles, and turned off the lights 
  • “tom what-” 
  • “shh, just come here and let me appreciate my wife” 
  • let’s also not forget tom mentioning at every opportunity he got that you two just got married
  • before snorkeling, he told the instructor 
  • at dinner one evening, he told all the waiters
  • he bragged to all the taxi drivers
  • regardless if they spoke fluent english or not, he just loved being able to tell the story
  • and he’d look at you with so much love in his eyes that no matter who he told they were absolutely over the moon because they could tell exactly what he was talking about 
  • in conclusion please let me marry him and go on a honeymoon with him i’M BEGGING YOU 

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So This Is Love [3]


Summary: Y/N is heavily mistreated in her household. Prince Peter has to find a bride to become the queen of the kingdom.

AN: THANK YOU TO @hufflepuffholland FOR MAKING ME THIS AWESOME MOOD BOARD!!! also i would really love it if you guys gave feedbacks!!! they literally make my day and they encourage me to write faster (so like faster updates *wink wink*)

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

I hummed to myself as I sweeped the floor clear of the dust. I moved all of the dirt to a small pile which I would pick up later.

No matter how your heart is grieving…If you keep on believing…The dream that you wish will come true…” I sang to myself. My mother taught me this song before she passed. She told me that whenever times were tough or if I was feeling down, that I should sing this song.

I was finishing up when suddenly, Stepmother’s cat, Lucifer, jumped out of nowhere and pounced on the pile of dust. He ran around a few times, scattering what I’d just cleaned. The cat even turned to look at me with what, I swear, looked like a smug look in his eye.

“Why you little-”

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Humans are wird: getting a cat

Zhaxu looked out of the window in ze little room. Ze carefully opened it and whispered: “You are welcome to come in.” Hoping that this was the night it was going to happen.

Ze had been so excited to be chosen amongst all the potlings to go to earth. It had been such a wonderful trip. Ze lived with human-Jesper who called ze “My favorite little squid.”

At first Zhaxu was worried human-Jesper didn’t like Ze but then human-Jesper laught and told ze that squids were very smart and he showed ze videos of squids fooling humans. So now Zhaxu was proud to be human-Jesper’s favorite little squid even if ze wasn’t little at all, it was just human-Jesper who was so big!!

Zhaxu really hoped that tonight was the night ze wish would come true.
When human-Jesper had thrown a birthday party for ze Zhaxu had gotten a birthday cake and when ze blew the candles, ze wished for this one thing and the humans had told ze that a wish made when blowing out candles at a birthday cake would come true.
Ze was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work because ze was not born but had hatched, but human-Jesper said that that didn’t matter. The day you came into the world was your birthday!

Zhaxu dreamed about the night human-Jesper took ze to meet his sister.
They sat in the living room when it came in. It was slim and beautiful, gray with white stripes and it moved with such grace.
It came up to Zhaxu and jumped on ze lap.
Zhaxu was overwhelmed but human-Jesper told ze to stroke it and ze did.
It began to make the most wonderful little noise and ze just wished ze could sit with the amazing creature forever.

“I thought you didn’t want an other cat” human-Jesper said. “I didn’t” answered his sister “but this little fella just wandered in and refused to leve, so now I have a cat”.

Since that day Zhazu made sure ze window was open at night and whenever ze saw a cat ze told it, that it was welcome in ze room.
But no cat came and now time was running out.

Next morning the room was empty and Zhazu was so disappointed that ze turned almost white with distress.
Ze tried to put up a good mood but human-Jesper saw right through ze.

“What is wrong? ” he asked looking worried. Zhazu tried to avoid telling him. If ze told him ze wish, it would not come true but at last ze gave in.
Ze told human-Jesper how much ze wanted a cat of ze very own and how ze had been opening the windows at night and had wished when blowing out the candles. Finally ze whispered “"but now it won’t come true” “

Zhazu was so distressed ze again lost all colors. Human-Jesper smiled at ze and said “"My favorite little squid, there are more than one way to get a cat and I know just how to make your wish come true.” ”

They went to the animal shelter and there were so many cats that Zanzu almost couldn’t choose. Ze felt so bad for all the cats ze couldn’t give a home.
On the way home in the car ze held the cat close and carefully caressed its fur.
The cat made the wonderful sound and Zhazu was overjoyed it was the happiest day in ze life!!!

Source crasybirdlady
Roadside Dreams (M)

word count: 4.8k

genre: the fluffiest fluff i could manage + smut ; tv host! hoseok + hoseok can build stuff idk what the title it would be

pairing: reader/wonho

summary: hoseok is a host for a show that renovates old school buses into dream vans/rvs. you’ve brought him a project and over time, you’ve developed a crush for the charismatic man, wanting to take him along for the long ride you’ve dreamt up; as does he, you come to learn.

dedicated to: my wife @honeyheonie bc she deserves some tooth-rotting wonho fluff. also one word to you mi amor: diddle

a/n: this is based off an actual tv show that i literally saw half of an episode of with my mom and i instantly thought of this prompt and just had to write it

music: all of seventeen’s love & letter album 


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A World of Color

Originally posted by thelongwindedblues

Request: “ This idea came from new-fanfic-order’s Marvel blog, but I think it would be really good! A soulmate fic where your soulmate is the only person you see in color, but since kylo’s clothes are monochrome, only he knows you’re meant for eachother.”

Summary: Soulmate AU: (Y/N), princess of Lysatra, has been cursed from a young age by the infamous Supreme Leader Snoke. In hopes to end the last of the Resistance’s allies he happily awaits the day for his curse to enter the last phase. With all things going according to plan Snoke sends his most trusted knight and apprentice, Kylo Ren to finish the job. Little do either of them know however, that things are going to take an unexpected turn.

A/N: I really seriously love this concept haha, I hope I did it justice. I also remember someone requesting something along the lines of a Sleeping Beauty AU (I unfortunately cleared it cause my requests are closed but it’s meshing into this one) and it seemed so perfect for this. Hope you all like it!

In the dim light of the seemingly grand but bare hall Kylo stood with all his attention focused before him. Despite Starkiller’s destruction, Snoke assured he still had a space in which he could speak to his apprentice. Though rather than a hologram, Kylo was looking directly into the sunken eyes of the humanoid he called master. 

Snoke shifted his boney hand slightly, observing it for a moment before he spoke.

“Do you know why I have called you here today?”

Opting not to nod Kylo simply stared at his master, “Yes.”

Snoke smirked as he turned to face Kylo. Though Kylo was accustomed to his masters appearance, the sight would send chills down anyone else’s spine. 

“As I knew you would. …Today is the day in which we get one step closer to destroying the Jedi, as well as the Resistance.”

Snoke straightened himself in his seat as a more mischevious but subtle smirk settled onto his face.

“Lysatra has long been a sympathizer for the Resistance and a known home to force users and former padawans alike.”

Instantly Kylo stopped the horrid memories from playing in his mind once again. It was as if his subconcious was programmed to replay the fateful evening every time the word was uttered. What was done was done and he was onto a far greater path. Wasn’t he?

“Their beloved princess is not only intelligent, but a rare force user. A balance within herself. Mastering both the light and dark without claiming either as a refuge. Word has already surfaced that they wish to send her to Skywalker, further train her in her abilities. With her Skywalker would double his odds of defeating us. That is where you come in, my wise apprentice.”

Kylo straightened his shoulders, as if in an interview for the first time.

“As you know, in my own ability, I placed a curse of the force upon her through a tainted kyber crystal. Now after years of waiting, she has finally fallen into a deep, unshakeable sleep. That, however, is not good enough. We need to be sure Skywalker gains no more assets whatsoever. She must be rid of.”

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Monsta X reaction to their S/O asking for a slow passionate night.

Requested by : @curator-of-cute

Request : Yoooo I see mx scenarios and I’m in! can I request a smutty reaction where their partner asks for a slow and passionate night (you two normally get real kinky)

Warning : Smut (kinda)

Wonho : (Hos,eok)

His eyes widened slightly as you suggested the idea of having slow, sensual, loving sex. He then smiled softly and started walking towards you, where you sat on the couch. He started prepping kisses kisses on your cheeks, your nose, your neck, your ears, your collarbone, your forehead….. and finally your lips. “No…. I’m not gonna have sex with you…. I’m gonna make love to you…. I’ll teach you to love every inch in your skin, your body, your curves, your face, everything about you.” your eyes teared up a little as he picked you up and started walking upstairs. He then put you down on the bed as he peppered you with slow, passionate kisses. He then took off your shirt. “You’re not wearing a bra, huh? you prepared for this….” He chuckles softly as you giggle too but he suddenly latches his mouth on your nipple “H-Hoseok!” you let out a choked gasp as he runs his tongue slowly on your nipple, rolling it in his mouth. He then comes up and kisses you deeply as he wraps his arms around your back bringing you closer to his body. He then pulls away and looks deeply into your eyes as he speaks. “I love you, and I’ll love every inch of your body tonight. Just let me love you baby girl….”

I.M : (ChangKyun)

“Y-you want me t-to make love to y-you? I-I mean a-are you sure?” Changkyun asked as you both were laying down on the bed. “Yes Kyunni…. I mean only if you want to?” You said shyly, looking down to avoid his eyes. “O-of course I agree! I wanted to do it but I was kinda afraid to ask….” Changkyun says as he runs his hand through his hair as he blushes lightly You smile taking in his rosy, soft blush. You go to answer but he shuts you up with a kiss and gets on top of you as he starts kissing your neck slowly, finding your soft spot quickly, he starts running his tongue over it with pressure. You start letting out soft whimpers as he starts sucking at it, nibbling on it with his teeth leaving deep blue and purple mixed into green marks. “These marks…. they prove my love to you….” He says as he stares into you eyes, you getting lost in his eyes. You start kissing behind ear softly as you flick your tongue on his earlobe. “G-gosh, you know how to work me up so quickly…” He trails off as he dives down and takes off your pajama shorts. “Let me treat you tonight, show you what real loving is”

JooHeon : 

“Of course my love, your wishes are my commands.” He says as he takes your hand, leading you into the bedroom, walking slowly as smiles at your shorter form.When you get in the bedroom and both of you stand in front of the bed he speaks. “Strip for me sweetie. Keeps your panties on only” You nod as you start stripping in front of JooHeon, his eyes staring at your curves in pure adoration. “My god babygirl, You are carved by the gods themselves….” He gapes at your form, taking you in, staring at you as if he’s  trying to print you, burn your image into his mind, even though you are already carved into the depths of his heart, not only having a special place in his heart, but owning all of it. He then strides to you, smashes his lips to yours but the kiss wasn’t rough, it was sweet and passionate, that one kiss spoke a million words that your mouths couldn’t utter. As he brings your body closer to his, he pulls away, panting and slightly sweating as his breath hits your face slightly “Let me taste you Jagi, let me love you like a real lover would…. No rushing, no hurry, just us tonight combining our love into one…. Don’t you agree beautiful?”

Kihyun : 

“Is that what you really want Y/N?” He asks as his thumb rubs over your palm in small, soothing circles. “Yes Kiki….. Please?” “Okay okay, don’t give me that pout, you know it breaks my darn heart you little witch.” He chuckles as you giggle along with him softly. “C’mon you little witch, let’s go to our bedroom” He says with a big, proud smile drawn on his face. “Hm, you seem to like the idea more than I do, and I was the one who suggested it in the first place” He smiles widely as he pulls into his chest, squeezing you tight, as if you’re gonna vanish or disappear at any given second. “That’s true my little vixen, i want to show you how much you’re worth my dear.” You raise your eyebrows as you stare into his brown, bright eyes that hold the whole galaxy in them, “So first I’m a little witch, then I turn to be a vixen and then you have the guts to call me dear? Pfft the nerves of this man” You roll your eyes fighting off a smile as he laughs out loud, his head thrown back and his Adam apple bobbing. You laugh softly with him as he grips you closer. “Now let’s get down to business,shall we my fair lady?” “We shall, my handsome lover.”

MinHyuk : 

“Really?! I would like that a lot baby! That’s a brilliant and amazing idea!” Minhyuk yells loudly causing your eyes to widen as you slam your hand down on his mouth. “Shhhhh! We don’t want South AND North Korea to know that I asked you to have sweet, passionate sex with me!” “Um, I think you just told America too Y/N…..” He stifles a laugh as he grabs you by your hips. “Stop pouting baby girlllllllllllllll” He says as he starts tickling you softly. “H-hehe okay okay I’ll stop! I’ll stop!” He stopped tickling you as he stared at you in awe. “S-stop looking at me like that Minnie! You know it makes me feel uncomfortable” He chuckled as he saw your cheeks get slightly tinted with pink blush. He then started to run his hands down your back till they landed on your butt, he squeezed slightly making you gasp as your thighs quivered. He started tracing circles on the inside of your thigh, then lightly tapped your clit which made you cry out softly. “N-not in the living room Minnie…..” “Okay baby girl, let’s go make love, shall we?”

Shownu : (HyunWoo)

“Wh-why? Do I not show you enough loving, my darling? Was I always after my needs that I forgot yours my dear?” He asks as hurt fills his eyes and he looks down on the ground as if afraid to look into your eyes. “No!!! That’s not what I meant!! I just want slow, sensual, sweet love making with soft music” You say as you quickly grab his chin and bring it up so he can look up at you as he bit his lip in anticipation to what you’re going to say next. “I just want my sweet, cute, handsome, sexy and so many more, boyfriend to make love to me till the morning comes and we’re spent out on our bed, covered in our juices that prove our love process” You quickly kiss the tip of his mouth when you finish talking. “Is that it my love? I am very capable of that. Don’t worry, I’ll make you orgasm so many times but with slow and sweet loving. We’ll be very spent and I’ll cover you up with my marks and you’ll mark me too. Sounds good darling?” “Yes Hyunnie, sounds great….”

HyungWon : 

“Hmm….. Cheeky cheeky babygirl… Is that what my jagya wants? A slow pleasure-full night?” He says as hi raises an eyebrow at you, his mouth quirks up in a smirk as you blush and hide your face in his chest. “No no no, no hiding sweet cheeks.” He lifts your head up so your eyes meet his as he winks at you, causing you to slap his chest playfully. “I take it back, bye” You turn around to walk away but he quickly grabs your hand, turning you around causing you to slam into his chest, as you feel it vibrating from his laughing. “C’mon jagya, you know I was only kidding and playing around with you. I would to love to make my baby’s wishes come true. You already know that your wishes and dreams are my commands.” He lifts up your shirt up slightly as runs his finger-tips very slightly on your sides, causing goosebumps to cover your whole body. He smiles lovingly as he takes your hand and lead you to the bedroom, closing the door as you both entered. “Let me show you my true loving colors tonight baby…. Just let me and I’ll take you to another land…..”

First reaction everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think about it? Is it good? Bad? Needs to be longer? Shorter?


5 Things You Can Use For Motivation Anytime, Anywhere

1. Your tribe - think about who’s in your life. The people in your life can either motivate you to be better or be your motivation to do better. Assess your inner circle and ask yourself if you want to become the average of the people you spend the most time with - it may be time to find new company.

2. Your health - how do you feel? Think about how you feel on a daily basis, if you’re tired of the rut you’ve fallen into - now is the time to start taking action to change your situation. If you’re not in good physical health - now is the time to start cleaning up your diet and moving into the body to heal it.

3. Your wallet - is it empty? We all need money to survive and an empty wallet can be great motivation to start taking action. Money is not evil and the pursuit of it can be healthy - depending on the intention you have for trying to acquire it. Ask yourself “what would I do if I had all the money I needed?” and work toward making it a reality.

4. Your dreams - are they going to remain a fantasy? Think about all the things you wish you could do in this lifetime and then ask yourself “how would I feel if someone told me I would never get to do those things?”. You are the only one who gets to decide if your dreams come true or not.

5. Your idols - who are you influenced by? Think about the people you look up to and why they inspire you. Emulate their behaviour if you want to achieve the level of success they have in their lives and be prepared to work your face off - as my business mentor Gary Vee says.

The best motivation is progress and progress comes from actions, if you want to stay motivated - you have to take action consistently every single day. There will be challenges, there will be mistakes and there will be late nights - but one day you will be able to look upon what you’ve created and be glad you put in the work.

Think about what you want & don’t stop until you get there.

Peace & positive vibes.

Need some help finding your purpose? Add me on Skype for a free consultation - spoonofconsciousness

A Week in Montreal

Highly requested! This follows Millennial Love, Part 2 in my series I’m calling: “A Modern Love Story”! 

Preface/Summary:  A few weeks after Tom’s initial offer of meeting, you had finally agreed to visit him in Canada. A week of shenanigans ensues. 

“Flight 203 to Montreal, now boarding.” 

You anxiously grabbed your bag and waited in line, fiddling with your passport and boarding pass. Once you got onto the plane, you quickly texted Tom: “On the plane! Excited to finally meet you 😘” 

Wow, you thought. I’m finally meeting him. A wish that so many fans dreamed of was finally coming true. After his first mention of you coming to Canada was implanted into his brain, he asked you to visit weekly. Your refusals were due to your worry that your visiting would interfere with his work, and his rebuttal would always be that he “wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t want to see you.” 

You smiled, butterflies filled your stomach. Bless the internet, you said, really enjoying this feeling. How did this even happen? This is insane. Your phone vibrated with a text from Tom. 

“Perfect! Text me when you land, please. See you soon!!! ❤️ “

A couple hours later… 

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Character Development Questions #11
  1. How does your character feel about personal space?  Do they tend to make others uncomfortable with how close they get, or are they the ones constantly being uncomfortable with anyone getting too close to them? Or do they not care either way?
  2. What is your character’s dream career?  Are they actively trying to pursue it, or is just a wish/fantasy they have that they know can never come true?
  3. Would your character have fun in an art museum?  Or would they be bugging their friends to leave the whole time?
  4. If your character is in pain, do they let everyone around them know just how bad it is, or do they tend to try and cover it up and say they’re fine? Does this ever result in negative consequences, whether it’s people ignoring their complains when they actually do have a bad injury, or their injury going untreated when they really do need help?
  5. Does your character tend to make decisions based on instincts or “gut feelings,” or do they rely more on logic and careful consideration? Do they ever try to find a balance between the two?
  6. Is your character easily creeped out by ghost stories, horror movies, scary images, etc.? If so, what kinds of stories scare them the most? Why?
  7. Has your character ever had to overcome a big fear in order to complete an important task?  If so, what was the fear, and what did they have to do to overcome it?  If not, have they ever failed at a task because of a fear?
  8. Describe how your character deals with failed or failing relationships, whether familial, platonic, romantic, sexual, or otherwise.  Do they easily let go of people, or are they more likely to hold onto a relationship for as long as they can? Does this affect how they form relationships?
  9. Is your character gullible, or do they tend to be more skeptical? If they’re gullible, do people ever take advantage of them for it? And if they’re skeptical, is it hard for others to convince them of things that are actually true?
  10. If your character emptied the contents of their pockets/purse/backpack/etc., what would be inside? Do they often have a lot of stuff on them from day to day, or are they light packers?
  11. Just for fun: If your character was the protagonist of a fantasy RPG, what would their class be?
Has the ship sailed? - Sebastian Stan

Summary: Sebastian is interviewed and of course the interview at the Late Late show is brought up. 

Part 1 Ce Faci?

AN: I tried to write a sorta part 2 to “Ce Faci” and I hope you guys catch the Angel name thing. ;) <- when you try really hard not to spoil the story haha. I might consider writing the first date in the future, no promises ;)

Originally posted by little--batman

“Hi, welcome,” the excited interviewer said smiling widely.

“Thank you,” Sebastian answered giving her a warm smile as he settled into the chair.

He was currently doing an interview so he could promote the new Marvel movie, but his manager did warn him that there would be other questions, too.

“How are you?” 

“I’m really great, working on this movie was so much fun even though I had to deal with Chris’ boob grabs,” he chuckled thinking about the many people who actually wished they could be on the receiving end. 

The interviewer laughed along cracking a joke about this particular action admitting she could understand why people loved it. After that, she continued talking about the movie and asking about the shenanigans the cast got into before moving on to other subjects. 

“I have to say, I saw the interview with James Corden…” she trailed off giving him a smirk. 

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Dear Ex Best Friend,

For starters, I hate saying that, “ex” best friend. Our friendship was always just worth more than that, and I know you know that too. I hope you realize nobody will ever take your spot, nobody will ever lead up to you. Our friendship was too special for someone to be able to take your title. Plus, nobody will ever be you.

Next, I often think of the “what ifs” and “could’ve beens”, but in all honesty maybe this is where we are supposed to be. Maybe we will find our way back to each other one day, maybe not. However, I will always be here for you, disregarding all the circumstances. Even if you do not ever want to be my friend again, I will always be a friend to you. And I am terribly sorry for how we ended our friendship.

Furthermore, thank you for being such a wonderful person. You were my person, and you came into my life when I needed someone. I will forever be thankful for you. Even if we never cross paths again, our past contains memories I will cherish forever. It was just you and I against the world for awhile, and that’s all we needed at the time, but high school indeed changed everything.

In my opinion, we needed to find ourselves. I admit I lost myself for awhile, and I am terribly sorry that it changed me into someone I was not. I will forever regret that, but just know you will always be my person. Even if I am closer to other people now, you will forever have the spot of being my actual best friend.

The worst part of it all is we can walk past each other now and act as if we were never in each others life. I miss you terribly sometimes. Especially in the summertime, it is like every memory painfully fulfills my mind. I go through old pictures and I wonder how everything just changed so fast, I wish I could have stopped that.

Also, I hope someone walks into your life one day and is an actual great friend to you. You deserve that and please do not settle for anything less, you deserve to be treated like a person, not as if you do not exist. I also hope all your dreams come true and everything in your life turns out good.

Buddy, do you remember how we would always say “do not jump oceans for people who would not jump puddles for you” ? I know you do, so keep that in mind always on your path throughout life. You can overcome all the obstacles life throws at you, and I admire your strength. And I wish you the best for all the next stages in your life.

Lastly, although we are not close anymore, i still want to thank you for all you did for me. Thank you for being my person, wiping my tears, venting with me, going on walks, looking at stars, and laughing together. There is nobody else I would want to have such great memories with. I am so sorry for everything. Also, I hope you still get that apartment we planned on getting in California.

Love always,
Your Ex Best Friend.

—  Smf
Sansa and Sandor and Jon and Ygritte - Why Understanding the Connections in their Stories Could Help Explain What is to Come

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So I joined Tumblr about 4 years ago with the intent to blog about A Song of Ice and Fire, one of my favorite book series but because of life and other things, never really got around to it.  Now as the show is winding down and diverging so much from the novels, I thought I would post my thoughts about where I think the major stories in the books maybe headed.  A couple of these theories I’ve recently posted in response to discussions on other sites but I wanted a place to put them down all in one place.

To start off, I’m going to discuss Sansa and Jon as I think their stories are strongly connected and will have repercussions on the final battle for the dawn.  And I’m going to begin with why I think Sansa is a greenseer.


As we know, Sansa’s direwolf, Lady was killed and so that bond was never able to fully developed, as was the case with the other Stark children and their wolves.  Then she lost her father to beheading, was beaten multiple times on the orders of Joffrey and had to literally fight to survive in the cesspool that is Kings Landing using nothing but her wits.  The fact that she was able to make it through with such strong odds against her speak to her inner strength.  However, I think that these same traumas are what helped to develop her as yet unrecognized warging and green seer abilities.

Stressful situations seem to help to open the “third eye” of individuals with potential warging and or green seer abilities.  Think of Dany in the House of the Undying; Bran being pushed out the window; or Arya being blinded by the Faceless men.  What helped these three with their awakening was their bond with their dragons and direwolves respectively as well as the shade of the evening, given to Dany in the House of the Undying by Pyat Preet, Jojen paste given to Bran by the Children; and the “special” candle lit for Arya by the Faceless men.

You’re probably saying to yourself, what is she talking about? Sansa has no warging or green seer abilities.  Well, I’m here to argue that she does and I’ll tell you why I think this—her wishes and thoughts that came true or are about to come true…all without her knowing.  What do you think the odds are that so many of her wishes and thoughts would actually happen?  I think they are coming true because Sansa, like Bran is having green seer dreams, only she is not recognizing them as such and probably were initially forgetting most of content.  Think about these examples…

Sansa thinks, “I want a knight to cut off Jonas Slynt’s head” and later without her knowing, Jon does just that. She also thinks that Cersei eyes are bright with a feverish heat. “Eyes like wildfire,” Sansa thought.  She tells Dontos that she wants the Sept of Baelor to burn.  Well, it hasn’t happen yet in the books but I’m pretty sure that like on the show, Cersei will use wildfire to burn the Sept of Baelor and possibly all of Kings Landing.  (I also suspect that this is one of the 4 major plot points that George told D&D would take place in the books).  Also, as Sansa is entering the Sept of Baelor to pray prior to the Battle of the Blackwater, she thinks that the man walking next to her is a “guard, whose watch has ended,” which totally hints at what will happen to Jon.

In addition, as she makes her way down the mountains with Sweet Robin, a cold wind blows and it is described as “howling fiercely.”  To Sansa, it sounds like a wolf but not just any wolf. To her, the wind sounds like “a ghost wolf big as mountains.”  Interesting analogy don’t you think.  I think it’s another tip to her green seer abilities as she is probably sensing Jon’s death.  However, I think that it also hints at one of two things. Ghost will be in the mountains around the Eyrie at some point and where there’s Ghost, there you will find Jon. Or, Ghost is dead because he was the sacrifice to bring Jon back (death must pay for life) and it’s Jon, returned from the dead as a symbolic ghost who will be in the Eyrie.

If I’m right about Sansa’s abilities, and I think that there is a very strong chance that I am, then she has to be extremely strong…as powerful or maybe even stronger than Bran if given the proper training.  I say this because she has been able to develop her abilities even though her direwolf was killed.  Second and more importantly, she seems to be gaining control of her dreams and be able to go where she wants—something Bran is now learning under the tutelage of the Three Eye Crow.  Why do I think this you ask?  Well, in the last Alayne chapter from AFOC, she plans to curl up under her feathered covers and have one of her “sweet dreams.”  As most people can’t control what types of dreams they have, it’s telling that Sansa seems able to plan hers in advance.  Speaking of sweet dreams lets move on to…


You are probably wondering what do Jon and Ygritte have to do with Sandor and Sansa.  Well, I think that their stories and intricately tied to each other.  I’m going to give a brief summary of some chapters to support my theory but to get the full effect of what I think GRRM has done, you have to read the chapters side by side for yourself.

A Clash of Kings


Sansa goes to meet Dontos in the Godswood for the first time and is caught by the Hound on the way back.  She lies and says that she was praying for her father and Joffrey’s safety.  The Hound doesn’t really believe her but asks her to sing him a “song”. She says that she knows a song about Florian and Jonquil but the Hound doesn’t want to hear a song about a fool.


Joffrey has Ser Boros beat Sansa because of the loss of the Lannister army to Robb at Lannisport.  He then orders Boros to strip her nude in front of everyone but Tyrion comes in and stops it before her clothing can be completely ripped off.  He orders someone to cover her and the Hound throws his “white” kings guard cloak to her.  She uses it to cover herself and even though the material is rough, to her it feels like velvet because of the protection it offers her.

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JON VI (in which he meets Ygritte)

Chapter starts out with Jon and Qhorin Halfhand and their ranger party spying a fire in the night on a mountain in the Skirling Pass.  It burned redder than any star and did not twinkle and they recognize it a fire lit by the Wildings for warmth as they watch the pass.  Halfhand orders Jon and Stonesnake to climb the mountain and kill the watchers.  When they reach the top of the mountain, they discovered three watchers.  One with red hair was asleep; one was feeding twigs to the fire and the other standing watching the pass with a horn ready to blow in warning if he saw anyone attempting to pass through the mountains.  Stonesnake attacked the wilding with the horn while Jon went after the one at the fire.  This turned out to be Orel, the skin changer.  When Jon attacked, Orel grabbed a burning brand, which he thrust at Jon’s face. It barely missed and would have burned Jon in the face if he didn’t quickly jump back.  (Note symbolism of a possible burnt face). Jon saw the figure under the blankets stirring and knew he had to kill his opponent quickly before the other came into play.  He was able to swing sword and pretty much severed the wilding in the stomach. However, the wilding took Longclaw with him when he fell and so Jon quickly pulled his knife and was able to grab the redhead by the hair and put the dirk to her throat.  It was only then that he realized she was a girl.  Stonesnake told Jon to kill her but before he could, Ygritte yielded.

You can read the chapter yourself to pick up more details.  However, in addition to Ygritte’s red hair, there are three other things on importance in this scene to note. First is that Ygritte told Jon that she would sing him the “song” of the Winter Rose, which is a song about how the Wilding lord Bael the Bard stole the daughter of one of the Kings of Winter.  Note that song does not always mean singing but sometimes simply to tell a story.  The second thing is that when Qhorin climbed the mountain the next morning, he ordered Jon to kill Ygritte and walked away to leave him to it.  Jon puts “Longclaw to her neck” to mark where the sword would fall but as he looks at her, he thinks of his father and could not kill her.  We also find out later that the man Jon killed was the skin changer Orel and his spirit jumped into his eagle when he died.  Oh, and GRRM makes a point to note that Jon hadn’t shaved since he left the Fist of the First Men (will get into the importance of this later) and Jon describes Ygritte’s breath of smelling like onion.

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SANSA IV (immediately follows JON VI)

As with Jon, Sansa’s chapter opens with her watching a fire, only this time it was the fire Tyrion set to burn the docks before Stannis arrived.  Sansa is on her way to the Godswood to meet Dontos.  While talking to Dontos, she says that she hopes the great Sept of Baelor burns and he tells her not so say so as the gods may hear her.  After leaving him, she heads back to her room.  However, when she got to the doors to her room, she couldn’t enter because being inside made her feel trapped.  She turns and goes up the steps to the top of the castle where she looks out over the Red Keep and pretty much all of Kings Landing.  She also gets a sudden pain in her stomach and almost collapses but a hand suddenly reaches out and catches her and it turns out to be the Hound.

When Sansa tries to thank the Hound for previously rescuing her, he makes fun of her girlish fantasies about knights. He tells her that all men are killers and even her father was one.  She tells him that her father only killed because it was his duty, not because he liked it.  (Her sentiment probably echoes what Jon is probably feeling in his chapter).  Anyhow, the Hound then lays the edges of his long sword against Sansa’s neck and tells her all about his first kill and about the real life of a knight. (In Jon’s chapter, he puts his sword to Ygritte’s neck)  Sansa runs away from the Hound and that night has multiple nightmarish dreams.  She dreams of the riot where she was attacked and pulled from her horse and also of twisted faces with monstrous inhuman masks.  The breath of the man who pulls her from the horse “smells like garlic” (A similar smell to onions). She cries for her brothers and fathers and prays to the gods for one of the knightly heroes from her song to come and save her but no one answered.  She also dreams of women attacking her and someone hitting her in the face which made her “teeth shatter.” (More to come on the shattered teeth later) In her dreams, she sees a glint of silver and someone “stabs her in the stomach.”  She wakes in the morning to evidence that her first moon blood has started and she tries to burn the evidence but is caught by the servants who report it to Cersei.  While the knife in the stomach could have been a hint of her first moons blood, I think it was also a green seer dream and along with the vision of the masks and monstrous faces could be the same the Mellisandre and Aeron saw in their visions and will turn out to be important later.

JON VII (Immediately following Sansa IV)

Not going to go into this chapter in much detail except to note that Jon has a wolf dream and while in Ghost, he is attacked by Orel in his eagle form.  When this happens, Jon is kicked out of Ghost.  They are now discovered by the Wildings and must run.  This is also the first but not the last time that Orel in eagle form will attack Jon.


Two things of note… Sansa is ordered to the Queens Ballroom where she is to stay with Cersei and the other ladies of the court while the Battle of Blackwater takes place outside.  Ser Illyn who chopped of Ned’s head is also in the room with the ladies and when Sansa asks why he’s there, Cersei lies that he’s there to protect them.  And Sansa’s thought at that moment is “I would be gladder if it were the Hound.”  Harsh as he was, she did not believe Sandor Clegane would let any harm come to her. “  This is the first time that Sansa has any true positive thoughts about the Hound as she was always afraid of him previously and could only see the ugliness of his face.  Of note is that the writers of the show had Sansa say something very similar to Brienne about Jon on the show.  “Jon is Jon. He would never let any harm come to me.”


Sansa goes back to her room after leaving the Queens Ballroom.  This is at the point before Tywin arrives and everyone thinks the battle is lost.  In her room, she cries for Lady and wonders if she will see her wolf again if she dies.  Then someone reaches out and grabs her wrist and it’s the Hound.  He had come to her room and fallen asleep there.  He tells her that if she screams, he will kill her.  He tells her about the battle and that he’s leaving.  He says that he’s there for the “song” (again a reference to a song) she promised him.  She tells him that she can’t; he’s scaring her and to let her go.  He then says that everything scares her and demands that she look at him.  However, she becomes even more afraid.  He says that he can protect her as everyone is afraid of him and asks her to come with him.  He pulls her closer and she thinks he means to kiss her and closes her eyes.  This makes him even angrier and he pushes her on the bed and pulls his knife and puts it at her throat…demanding she sing him his song about Florian and Jonquil.  (Now Sansa has a knife held to her throat the way Jon held one on Ygritte) She’s too afraid to remember the words and instead recites a prayer to the mother to protect the sons of war.  The Hound takes the knife away from her throat and some instinct makes her reach up and cups his cheek with her fingers where she feels the blood on his face (from the battle) and also his tears.  Sansa wonders why she touched his face and we will get to an explanation later.  He calls her  “little bird” once more in a soft voice, whips off his white Kings Guard cloak, and throws it on the floor and leaves.   She crawls out of the bed, see the cloak on the floor, “the white wool stained with “blood and fire.”  Curious that Martin used the Targaryen words to described the stain on the white (snow) cloak.  Also, interesting that they had Sansa make Jon a cloak on the show.  It’s not white but you can certainly connect that scene with this one from the books.


Ygritte and the Wildings capture Qhorin and Jon.  Jon Kills Qhorin on his orders and begins his infiltration of the Wildings.

Now as you can see from the ACOK chapters, Sansa and Ygritte had both a knife and a sword drawn against their necks.  Fire also played a role in a few of the chapters and Jon is almost burned in the face like the Hound.  Could Martin have written these similarities just as happenstance?  I don’t think so as he does nothing without a reason. If you still don’t think that Jon and Sansa’s stories and intricately and deliberately connected— lets move on to ASOS to see if further evidence will convince you but first, lets talk about the symbolism and mythology behind numbers and their usage in ASOIAF.

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170908 Leo Twitter Reply Compilation


자 해볼까

Now shall we try


save me

Leo: 닉네임이 좋다

Your nickname is great

(T/N: Their nickname means “Taekwoon-ah should we get married”)

 (Private account)

Leo: 공부해라!


지금 몸이 안좋아서 따뜻하게 누ㅜ워임ㅅ는데 오빠보고싶어8ㅁ8

I’m not feeling well now, so I’m lyㅜing down, but I want to see you oppa8ㅁ8

Leo: 아프지말자

Let’s not be sick

멘파 하나요?

Are you doing a mention party?

Leo: 그렇지

That’s right

나 택운이한테 답멘 받으면 성적 진짜 잘 받아올 수 있는데 공방 가서 성적표 보여줄 수 있는데!!

If I get a reply from you Taekwoonie, I’ll be able to get really great grades, so I can go to a music show and show you my report card!!




Answer me

Leo: 박력있네

You’re a go-getter

요즘 대학교 때문에 정신 없는데 응원해 줄 수 있어? ㅠㅠ

Recently I’ve been out of it because of university, so can you cheer for me please? ㅠㅠ

Leo: 화이팅!


나 내일 시험 보는데 응원해줄 정택운구함

I’m taking a test tomorrow, so I’m looking for Jung Taekwoon who will cheer for me

Leo: 응원!


오빠 오늘 무대 올라가기전에 팔이랑 어깨 흔드는 뒷모습이 약수터에온 귀요미같았아ㅓ염

Oppa, before you went on stage today, the backside of you swinging your arms and shoulders was like a cutie who came to a mineral spring

Leo: 🔥

요즘 재밌게 본 책 있어 ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀?

Is there a book you enjoyed recently ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀?

Leo: 요즘 볼시간이 없어..

Recently I haven’t had time to read..

(Private account)

Leo: 멀어도 지켜보고 있다

Even if you’re far, I’m watching over you

너무 갑작스러워서 무슨말을해야할지모르겠어ㅠ 항상고마워 택운

It’s so sudden that I don’t know what I should sayㅠ I’m always thankful Taekwoon

Leo: 고마워




Leo: なんで?


요즘 민율이 봐요??

Have you seen Minyool recently??

Leo:  봤지!

I saw him!

고등학생 국어 가르치는데 오늘 문법 부분이라 아이들도 지쳐하고 같이 힘들어요  힘 좀 주세요 레오오빠!

I teach high school Korean and today was grammar, so the kids were tired, and we all had a hard time Please give me some strength Leo-oppa!




Answer me pleaseㅜㅠㅠ

Leo: 울지마라

Don’t cry

오빠 저 뮤지컬배우가 꿈인데 언젠가 기회가 된다면 꼭 같은 무대에 서는 날이 있었으면 좋겠어요, 저 진짜 꿈 이루려고 열심히 노력할게요!

Oppa, my dream is to be a musical actress, so if someday there is an opportunity, it would be great if there was a day we could stand on the same stage, I’ll really work hard to make my dream come true!

Leo: 나도 노력할게

I’ll work hard too

진짜 정택운 멘션 한 번만 받아보면 더이상 소원 없을 듯 점이라도 찍어주시면 안 됩니까!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Really if I got a mention from Jung Taekwoon just once, I would have nothing else to wish for Could you put even just a period!!!ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Leo: 소원


지금 뭐해?요?

What are you doing?now?

Leo: 인천가는 중

I’m on my way to Incheon

오빠의 답멘기준이 그때그때 눈에 보이는거라고 했죠? 내 멘션은 보일랑가ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Oppa, you said that you answer depending on what you see at the time, right? Can you see my mentionㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Leo: 보였네

I saw it

답멘 받으면 수능 올1 찍을게..! 못 찍으면 젤피 앞에서 위스퍼 춤추겠음 (진심

If I get a reply, I’ll get 1′s on all my CSATs..! If I don’t get them, I’ll dance Whisper in front of Jelpi (Earnest

Leo: 회사앞은 안됨

Not in front of the company

요즘도 공카편지 봐요~?

Do you look at the letters on the fancafe recently~?

Leo:  항상 보고있지. 요즘은 어플이 편해서 자주 봐!

I’m always looking at them. The app is handy, so I look often!


I love (you/it)!

Leo: なにが?



Taekwoon-san I miss youーㅠㅠBut you’re far awayㅠㅠ

Leo: すぐにほんであうから

I’ll see you soon in Japan

나한테도 답좀 해주라 ㅇㅅ"ㅇ

Give me a reply too ㅇㅅ"ㅇ

Leo: 답!


내가 참 마니 조아한다 정택운!!!!!!

I really like you lots Jung Taekwoon!!!!!!

Leo: 고마워^^


왜 내꺼는 안보이나ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 봐라보ㅏ라봐라봐라 얍!

Why can’t you see mineㅠㅠㅠㅠ See it See it See it See it Yap!



(T/N: Yap is a sound to yell for strength/concentration.)

택운아!!!!!!!!!! (쩌렁쩌렁) 하지만 못보겠지….(쭈굴)

Taekwoon-ah!!!!!!!!!! (blaring) But you probably won’t see it….(unconfident)

Leo: 보인다

I see it

와… .읽는다고 생각하고 글쓰니까 눈무리 날 것 같운데 건강 챙기고.. 걱정이야 증말….. ㅂ약 필요하면 회사로 보낼게 ㅠ

Wah… .I’m writing this thinking that you’re reading it, so I feel like I might cry, but take care of your health.. I worry really….. If you need medicine, I’ll send it to the company ㅠ

Leo: 엘알컴백실화다

The LR comeback is real


오늘 남은 하루도 힘냅시다. 🔥
날씨가 참 조으네

Let’s have strength for the rest of the day. 🔥
The weather is pretty great

오늘도 모두 고마웠어.

Thank you to everyone today as well.