wish they would make an mv of it

BTS Poster Connection Theory

You know how there are pairings in many of BTS’ music videos, Rap Monster with V, Jungkook with Suga, and J Hope with Jimin, while Jin is usually on his own, the phrases on their posters all connect with each other (almost as if they’re talking to one another):

Jungkook and Suga:

(In the RUN MV we see Jungkook and Suga fighting, mainly because Suga is angry and Jungkook tries to stop him but only ends up getting hurt in the end. There are also times in other MVs where they are apart while the other pairs are together)

Jungkook: "The direction of my heart, I want to run to that place.”

Suga: “Don’t come any closer, you’ll be unhappy.”

(Jungkook’s heart may be with Suga, because he loves his hyung, but Suga feels he may only hurt him if they are together)

V and Rap monster:

(Tae is looking at his reflection, Rap mon’s song was called Reflection and most of the lyrics mentioned were about him wanting to love himself)

V: If I had made a different choice, would you have not left?” 

Rap monster: “I’m only looking at you from behind because now isn’t the right time.”

(Tae may have made a mistake that caused him to lose Rap mon, and he thinks that he may hate him or Rap mon may have left Tae behind to go find himself)

Jimin and J Hope:

(In J Hope’s poster isn’t that the same plane Jimin was looking at in Fire and that was in the Young Forever MV? I just find it interesting that they’re both looking up at the sky, maybe because they’re both thinking of one another at that time?)

Jimin: “I lied, because there’s no way you can love someone like me.”

J Hope: “As long as you’re shining, I’m okay.”  

(Jimin feels as if he doesn’t deserve a friend like J Hope because of his past sins, but J Hope is fine with being apart from him as long as it makes him happy)


I feel like Jin’s poster sums up what they all may be feeling and how they wish they could fix the mistakes they made in the past 

Jin: “If I could turn back time, I would want to be the best man in the world.”

But it could also depict that, since he’s the one in all of the MVs that may be dead, if he could turn back the clock to when he was alive (in the past), he would do so many things over and be the best man in the world. Maybe that’s why he’s the only one in a suit? People tend to be buried in suits.

I tried to draw Rapmon because he looked incredible in Spring Day. <3

Spring Day is honestly rivaling BS&T for my favorite song/MV. The aesthetics are beautiful (even that big pile of clothes? lol) and the song itself just carries SO much emotional meaning. Lowkey wish Hobi had a solo in it, but maybe they’ll give him one for the live performances, that would make me happy~

anonymous asked:

I dont get these marketing genius. They have a goldmine of PR with Woman and the duck hahah Release it as the next single, add a duck to the mv, good inside joke with the fans, and the media talking about a cute story regarding it hahah how hilarious would it be? On a serious note, the song is amazing! It's different from SOTT which shows he's versatile, and I wish they just let music speak for itself. Quit these stupid and unnecessary games to promote the songs. He's enough. His music is enough

Make Woman the single and have Robin and a duck be the stars of the music video. Everyone wins.

5h Billboard Interview - Damn, I have even more questions now!

I was thoroughly confused during and after reading this interview because well, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was hoping to hear more about what we the fans care about…their upcoming album. I was expecting to hear about the vibe, how many songs they actually wrote, does it tell a story or is it more or less just different shades of their characters, did they play around with their vocal ranges, is it purely rnb, are they still including lame ass rappers in there, shit…at least how many tracks are there gonna be, SOMETHING! I love me something to bump in the car but I fell in love with these girls’ voices in their ballads and heartfelt stuff with some depth. I mean Dinah, you’re always killing me with your tone, ugh, love it. 

But instead, we got this weird bitter ass interview that left me asking what the hell did I read this for? I know they’ve avoided the topic for several months now but damn, you guys should have kept silent about it if this is what was going to be put out for the world to read. I did not like it at all and if it was heavily edited to death then Billboard did you guys wrong but if this was for real for real then 5h needs a new media/marketing/keepitstepping team because this was not it. It seemed very much against their personalities besides Normani because she’s quiet in interviews and thinks before she opens her mouth.

A lot of it seemed out of place like the part where my ray of sunshine was like “you can’t change people.” That seemed to come out of nowhere and doesn’t really mesh with the personality we’ve known for years from this little rosebud. Obviously, if you look at my blog I am a Camila fan but I wont hesitate to criticize a performance or something said in an interview, I’m not above it but after she left 5h, I was just confused. I think the messiest part of the breakup was the “farewell” letter from 5h. I think it should have been personally written by each girl from their point of view and not even a what happened but more of we wish her well, she’s gone, let move on but it seemed very management written and insincere and kind of cold.

When Camila clapped back with the “i was shocked” and of course they knew I was leaving, immediately split fans into she said/they said and really 5h statements weren’t adding up. They first said they were informed by her representatives like they woke up to a text message that morning or something. Then the second response was they knew she was unhappy in Nov…like which November? It couldn’t have been Nov ‘16 because you guys said you tried kumbaya for a year and a half…so… November ‘14…’15??? Whoever wrote that statement hopefully doesn’t work for the girls anymore because that is just weak af.

I was really confused that I missed a part of the interview because there’s more to this story we aren’t privy to. So the questions begin. Why did Camila want to leave? She said in interview that her creativity wasn’t being expressed and she wasn’t happy. Basically she didn’t wanna continue being a manufactured group and wanted to have input but the label said eh, no thanks. Lauren herself was “caught” on audio saying the label treats them like shit and they’re slaves that work for nothing. I’m assuming she’s referring to the amount of pay they receive. In this interview it’s mentioned how hungry the girl’s are for creative input so…okay. They agree with Camila or nah?

Next, in the official 5h statement they said Camila refused come to Jesus meetings which is more personal to their circle than the fans need to know in my opinion.If Camila felt like what’s the point in talking if nothing is gonna change then I kind of see her point but I feel like this was like a year ago, they were still in each other’s faces. You’re trying to tell me these girls are that great of actresses? The soundcheck interactions, being on tour together, being in each other’s faces, the interviews where they were joking and still somewhat sweet to each other but behind the scenes all this mess was happening? I think we’re missing a big piece of what actually happened. Part of what I think happened is that management from both sides couldn’t reach a resolution and it ended up a big mess.

Another weird ass piece was the legal stuff that I felt should have been left tf out. So, you trademark 5h early last year without Camila, obviously months and months before she left, knowing she wasn’t going to be a part of 5h but…she still continued performing as part of 5h because of her contract? Uhm…that doesn’t really look good on your part 5h.

And then it continues…there’s talk about 5h fighting the label with their chatty chatty lawyer Dina about how they signed the worst contract she’s ever seen in the music business and fighting the label for their rights but fans are still surprised Camila was like peace out the second she got? This is a job or should I say career this whole things is about shitty contracts and management who prey on artists etc etc. This was never about the personal relationships of the girls and that is quite obvious now…well, before this interview. 

Dinah really could have left the part out about not wanting to be in the studio 24/7 and wanting to enjoy life. That makes her look crazy to people who work on their craft for 24/7 just to reap the rewards later on. If you wanted to hang out then you should have found a hanging out profession. The entertainment industry is cut throat, just because you have an amazing voice doesn’t exactly afford you success. There’s hard work, there’s a team behind you, success, failure and compromise.That’s why a lot of stars have mental breakdowns…that shit is hard. It really undermined a lot of people who do give up time with their families to pursue this stuff. I didn’t like that part at all. I’m not sure if it was out of context but it was really weird and cringy to read.

I also don’t understand the whole solo hate. I’ve had a lot of 5h fans tell me that they think Camila is a snake because she didn’t tell them about her solo songs. Really? You’re telling me she tiptoed in all black and a ski mask to the studio to make IKWYDLS in secret? First, she would have had to have management approve such an undertaking then she would have had to go to the studio to record it.You’re trying to tell me that these girls that spend pretty much their working schedule together on top of each other had absolutely no idea she was offered a chance to record a song? Oh and what, Dinah just happened to have caught on and was in on the secret being the only one to ask her to listen to it? C’mon people.The girls should have just been like we didn’t want to hear that shit and moved on. I respect real shit not this whole Dinah was the only one who asked to hear it. For real? I want the whole truth.This is supposed to be your sister! I would have been at her performances like that’s my mf bitch right there in the front row screaming on camera embarrassing my bandmates, just like i would have been there for Ally and Lauren and knocking people down cheering for Normani killing it on DWTS. That’s how you support your sister or at least thats how i support my friends.

What I don’t agree with is the newfound solo bug the girls’ have caught. If they had such a problem with solo music outside of 5h why praise Lauren for her collabs or Ally or Dinah? It doesn’t make sense. And I, as a fan, don’t appreciate solo music outshining 5h work like don’t accept work if it’s going to be dropped practically on top of 5h’s huge debut single after Camila left! That shit made me raise my eyebrow and also Ally dropping music at the same time. You should be dropping music on the off season of 5h’s music like that doesn’t make sense and I don’t understand how management okay’d any of this. But then again I don’t understand their management period. I mean fans can do a better job of managing 5h promo right about now. They dropped Down and then left it there. Disappointing.

I just wished the interview would have said she’s happier being solo and we are happier being together and we are gonna make great music and we wish her well. Boom done. Now, it just makes 5h look crazy as hell stuck in shitty contracts and leaving thirsty fans wanting more music and not random drama. Covers, vlogs, hell even just sitting in front of a video camera looking pretty, anything! Drama can only take you so far. And dammit we need more production in their MVs no more of this seedy motel room pseudo brothel nonsense.  I need the ladies blinging and running shit like real queens! Damn how hard is that?!

1995maitran  asked:

People seem to forget that there are other stuff going on in korea, and that the country is not just about kpop how shocking 😩 I really wish army would stop making bts to be the underdog or the victim of some big3 conspiracy that they are not. Maybe at first they really were. But now, even though bighit may not have a resource as big as the big3, I think they still have enough connection and finance to do whatever they want to do and support bts in everything they want to do

of course they do now, they even recently moved to a new building ;; if they don’t how could bighit fund the mvs for the members’ mixtape or collabs like namjoon and wale lol. kpop fans need to be aware that korea isn’t only about idols, we’re talking about a whole country here, they have their culture, politics, social issues and lives. not everything revolves around idols 👏👏

Favor vs. Flavor

I don’t think Fantagio would make the mistake of putting favor instead of flavor.  Honestly, I don’t think even Eunwoo would make that mistake with his arguably not-fluent English skills.  I don’t think anybody would put favor instead of flavor on purpose in an MV set.

So.. what does favor mean?

1. If an AROHA drinks a soda, they can have a favor (aka a wish, a dream) granted by the member they picked.

2. ASTRO perform favors inside the dreams that are induced by the sodas that AROHA drink.

3. Providing the drinks is a favor?

the concept behind the n.o mv is actually really important and interesting and I wish people would stop labeling it as the “dark past” of bts.

yeah sure, their outfits and styling were sort of wild and the editing was a little bit cheesy but this was actually a huge risk to take because the video/song is blatantly criticizing the korean education system and sort of telling students to not be a slave to education and not to live under your parent’s and teacher’s will but to do what makes you happy and to follow your dreams instead.

and this is an important message because korea has some of the highest suicide rates in the world, and a huge portion of that statistic actually comes from teen suicide.

in korea, you get only one chance to take the college entrance exam (which you have to take as a 3rd year high school student) and how well you do quite literally determines your fate. the pressure on students to do well on the test and to get into SKY (the korean equivalent of the ivy league) can start from when you’re as young as third grade and actually many parents force their children to start attending tutoring sessions and after school “hagwon” at around that age. and then once you’re in highschool, that pressure is tremendous, a lot of students literally go to school every single day and attend night school (lasting until 11pm) IN ADDITION to hagwon and you can see many people sleeping at the school library instead of going home. another thing to note is that your class ranking is made public for the rest of the school and Korean parents are brutal when it comes to test scores and how well you do in school. like many children suffer from corporal punishment and borderline abuse if they fail to meet their parent’s expectations and over all it’s just extremely stressful for students and many of them suffer from mental illnesses (like depression and anxiety) but once again, mental illness has a huge stigma in korea and very few schools have counselors for the kids to go to. so yeah, this is why many korean students look to suicide- because education is quite literally their life and if they fail to reach the high standards, they feel as if their lives are over. it’s so bad that most of the times, korean schools lock the bathrooms (to prevent students from hanging themselves or doing anything else) during testing and make sure to secure the roof tops.

so yeah, the n.o mv is pretty important


Hi everyone! I wanted to talk about something.


I know that the number of ARMYs has grown significantly, but I honestly wish people would appreciate The Sunshine a little bit more.

Appreciate his hard work:

BTS Hope On The Street - Boy Meets Evil Practice

Boy Meets Evil MV Making

Watching those two videos should make you wanna watch the goddamn trailer at least once a day, seriously!

We failed to stream BME for Hobi’s b-day, why don’t we do it now? Hixtape is near, let’s encourage him! It doesn’t take a genius to see how self-conscious our boys can be (Yoongi postponing the release of his mixtape, does it ring a bell?).

I see many people commenting BTS SNS “Where’s the Hixtape?” etc. Maybe instead of DEMANDING we could show how much we appreciate what we have? 

I’m not asking anyone to make a fuss, because “Hobi is so underrated.” I’m asking you to spare three minutes to watch. We have a couple of days left before the new MV comes out!

my little list

Have a nice day, everyone!

The ULTIMATE HYYH Theory & Analysis (INU, Prologue, RUN, EPILOGUE) - PART 1


This is my plot theory/analysis for BTS’ HYYH MV series. I’ll be going through the MVs one by one, making points when they become relevant. I’ll be discussing butterflies, card houses, photographs, as well as extra bits here and there that I think are important/hold some meaning.

Let me just say, that I did no extra research into any of the stuff I’m going to bring up; this is literally all from me watching the MVs and putting things together piece by piece. I’ve tried my best to only go off on what is presented to me, and let my mind fill in as least gaps as possible (because if you want to see something hard enough, you will).

I’ve also screencapped loads of moments to add ‘evidence’ to my claims. Enjoy!


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Seventeen Reaction to you doing a Girly Cute Concept when your Usually an Alluring Quiet Girlfriend - Request

A/N: Hiiii! I hope you enjoyed the request that was awaited for quite awhile… I’ve been quite busy and lazy for awhile and now I’m finally no longer beating around the bush this time around. Please request again, thank you so much! 


I can see S.coups being even more attracted to you, seeing another side that he’s never seen from you. He’d be very much impressed by how you’re aegyo was so adorable he just wanted to squish your cheeks saying that you were extremely cute. 

imagine the amount of times you would hear him teasing you about that pose


He would be very much pleased since he’s always asked you to do aegyo but you never have done so to him. When he sees your concept in your mv, he’s very much captivated to your cuteness, impatient to see you again to tell you that you looked extremely cute in the new concept you were doing. 


Using words such as “aww” or “ooo” he would be googly eyes on your new appearances. He was into your quiet and alluring self but when he sees that you can be a different person too, he’d definitely love you even more, not missing out to compliment you endlessly. 


Cursing to himself for not being able to watch your new mv with this concept, he’d be sad that he couldn’t give you the hugs and kisses. Seeing this new concept on you, really did fit you, getting texts from Jun saying that you were extra adorable in your new concept. 


When you tell him that your new mv was published, he would immediately watch it, seeing your cute cameos throughout the whole mv. The concept would kill him to see you as he would call you saying that he wanted to meet up very soon. When you two do, he’d be telling you that you really fit the cute concept, causing you to blush. 


Seeing that Wonwoo is quiet too, he would love to see another side to you. When the new concept photos come out, he’ll immediately go to your photos, seeing you doing the adorable poses that you declared you would never do in front of him, the smile on his lips never leaving when he sees the photos. 


Aww, this guy would be going crazy by himself, seeing you so adorable in both the mv, photos, and teasers that came out. He’d be fanboying, saying random stuff about how cute you were to himself, calling you up saying that meeting up right now would probably be great as he couldn’t wait to shower you with the love for a new comeback and new concept. 


Telling Seokmin that the photos representing the mv’s concept was published, he’d definitely go check it out. Seeing you doing aegyo, he would accidentally scream, causing his members to groan in dissatisfaction. He’d softly apologize as he’d continue on with looking at you, seeing you pouting so adorably. 


This giant could not stop staring and replaying to your cameos because of how amazing you looked. Seeing the choreography was also quite cute while you did aegyo in your scenes, Mingyu would probably be dying by himself, so disappointed he couldn’t watch it with you. 


After seeing the photos, behind the scenes, mv, and teasers, he’d definitely be extremely happy to see you having an amazing comeback, not to mention how amazingly cute you looked for this comeback. He’d ask you when your live showcase was and probably surprise you that day. 


This guy would be head over heels for your new concept. His long awaited cuteness that you hid was finally shining brightly. He would ask where you were since you knew that today was the day you had a break and he would explain all his “fanboy feels” to you, causing you to blush furiously in embarrassment. 



He’d be very much pleased with the new concept, loving the new you. He’d love to see more of the cute version as it was a new style that he’s never seen you in. Proud, he would call you up, congratulating you on making another comeback but also adding a few cheeky words about your new comeback, able to make you blush through his words on the phone. 


He would be expecting a chill comeback, only to see the cute background and cute girls (including you) in the mv. When he checks out the photos after, he’d be all over you the next day he sees you, telling you that he wished you showed this side sooner as he found you extremely adorable, seeing you just made him want to bear hug you.

EXO (ot12) react to you fangirling for another group

Hello lovely followers~ Call me Admin Miya. ^.^ I’m the new admin for the blog. Please enjoy this gif reaction I’ve made. Cheers~ 

**Gifs do not belong to me**

Xiumin: He would be try to pass off as being apathetic towards your fangirling, but inwardly he would be slightly bothered. Occasionally, he’d approach you and say: “Jagi~ I’m still here you know…”

Originally posted by omgeeitseverly

Luhan: He’d find your fangirling a bit cute. “Wow baobei. BTS dongsaengs look so cool!” However, if you get too excessive with your raving and adoration for the group, he’ll get a little jealous. He’ll start calling for you excessively when he catches glimpse of you fangirling in an attempt to claim your attention. “Baobei… Baobei~ Baobei!”

Originally posted by gothweirdfigure

Kris: Oh, he won’t take this very lightly. Kris is a possessive lover and wants your undivided attention centered upon him. He’ll definitely make sure to remind you on how centering your attention on another group is not something you’re going to get away with easily. “Mm, you’re in for it now baobei.”

Originally posted by oxyperoxy

Suho: He wouldn’t mind so much. In fact, he’d probably start fanboying on the group with you. “Woah! Such a cool MV! I can see why you like them jagi~” Of course, he’d lowkey remind you of his presence: “You know jagi, EXO’s MV is pretty cool too…”

Originally posted by taoriscute

Lay: I don’t think Yixing would even take much notice on you fangirling. In fact, he’d be so oblivious that he would think that you just found a new song to jam to. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t be bothered in the slightest; he’d find your antics cute. “Cool song baobei!” 

Originally posted by chicken-hope

Baekhyun: Baek wouldn’t take kindly to your raving. While you’re fangirling, he would mimic how you look in an vexatious, high pitched tone. When the group appears on your phone screen and you start squealing with excitement, he would pretend to gag. “Ugh! They’re not even that good. Jagi!” he’d whine clearly exasperated. 

Originally posted by dosibelo

Chen: Jongdae would be a bit similar to Baek. He would find your fangirling quite irksome. He would walk past you, while making snide remarks about the group and your devotion to them. “Please. Not like they would even go out with you.” 

Originally posted by chenc-17

Chanyeol: He would constantly do little things to try and regain your attention back to him. He might do little eccentric and adorkable things just to get you to turn his way. “Hey jagi! Look at this! Look at me! Pretty cool right?!”

Originally posted by luderella

D.O: He wouldn’t be completely against this. But, Kyungsoo wouldn’t be completely unaffected by this. Expressionlessly, he’d traipse past you barely audibly murmuring: “they’re pretty cool jagi…” Inwardly he would be thinking of ways to get your attention off of that group. *commence Satansoo mode*

Originally posted by huang-shit-tao

Tao: Each time he catches you watching an MV of your newly loved group, he would make various comments on how much better he is than the members of the group. “Hey! I can rap better than that!” “Oh come on! I’ve done better dancing than him before.” “He wishes he had my visuals!”

Originally posted by kimjongdaeoppa

Kai: Jongin wouldn’t really like that you’re attention is centered on some other group, but he wouldn’t express his distaste. He would just shrug it off to the best of his abilities. Each time he sees you fangirling, he’ll just sit there watching, with a displeased pout on his face. “Oh you’re busy? Oh….okay…”

Originally posted by kaibility

Sehun: He wouldn’t like this, but he doesn’t need to say much to make that point lucid. He’d just walk past you and roll his eyes when he sees you squirming and squealing for your group. “Whatever. I know once you’re done with them, you’ll come right back to me.” 

Originally posted by osehu

Be sure to send more requests! 

❥Admin Miya

When SHINee sees Jonghyuns "Crazy" MV for the first time...

Taemin: would just be like…wooah look at Hyung..

Minho: would be wishing for his solo…

Key: would be…well..key

and Onew: would be busy making fun of shawols…

Submission from Anon!! Thanks! My other SHINee Reacts: Bra on stage  you ruin their food  you steal a kiss  someone hurt you  taemins solo  walking down the isle  a photo of you  if you are dating  they see you crying  he cant kiss you  FB vrs TMBLR  honey im preg  catches you reading smut  youve bought something  sees you naked

Monster double standard

I’m sorry but we must call bullshit when we smell it. This may offend people but this blog is based off of us ranting and being real.

The whole Exo thing is pissing me off.

Let me start off by saying that I hate how easily plagiarism claims are thrown around in the Kpop community. Like y’all really know anything about music production. Show me your credentials then go in. Till then go back to your anonymous bs posts.

Also I hate the “OH MY GOD they totally copied this group.” Seriously, stop.

What I hate more than anything is double standards and hypocrites. Nothing makes me rage more.

So when BTS had their comebacks they were immediately targeted and accused of copying/plagiarism. People even started the whole “plagiarism boys” hashtag.

They were accused of copying Big Bang with using the same tunnel (that sounds ridiculous even writing it out) and for having the same hair colors.

Then the whole Dead Leaves issue. Please look into sampling/purchasing beats and how this actually works before you try to come for them.

Where is the double standard?

The fact that within a few hours of BTS releasing their album/mvs there were already smear campaigns on social media Not to mention it got to the point where kpop news sites were writing about.  

Today I have yet to see any claims about Exo being accused. Besides the one track They Never Know. No one has made ridiculous claims when they clearly can be made.

Looking through that tag on tumblr so many fans are like

“Please this is exo’s day.”

“They didn’t copy it’s sampling.

“Bts wishes Exo would copy”

“Armies are ridiculous. Stop” Followed by a ridiculous amount of emojis.

“Don’t start shit.”

The last one is the best because then you look at the tags and it is full of insults towards BTS.

So people can’t do the same thing that was done on their group comeback day?

Okay, so the Monster mv actually reminded me of quite a few but just so people can’t say I am making ridiculous claims let’s us the most exact one.

Monsta X’s most recent comeback with “All in”.

Y’all know the MVs seem similar. The plot is the same. The whole rebelling against a higher power. Both songs are talking about a girl.The mvs concepts were similar.

So why isn’t there an uproar of them copying Monsta X?

That my friend is a double standard.

Don’t believe me? Here are some stills comparing the two.

Even looking at these stills in an album format, you can’t even tell that these are from 2 different videos.

Look I don’t like doing this but I feel like this has to be addressed at how messed up the double standard is.  I don’t think it is fair that people drag other groups names through the mud but when people try to say “Hey you know the same can be said for your group.” they get so outraged.

I also hear a similarity in beats when it comes to Day6′s song “Blood and Exo’s “Lucky One”. Especially in the intro. 

Where are the plagiarism claims?

Not to mention that BOTH Lucky One and Monster are super similar to BTS’s N.O.

Yeah, I said it.

Look my point is that the double standards have to stop. You can’t enforce it when it is useful to you and tear other people done.

This isn’t me stating that I hate Exo. I actually think Monster is a catchy song. I even went to their concert. This is just me addressing the bs that has been happening lately.

Originally posted by meldemarilla

The irony isn’t lost to me when I see Exo-L’s telling other fandoms to chill.

A message to Tinkerbells:

I understand your anger and frustration and sadness right now over the news that KNK will not release an MV. However, especially in comments of the lyric video they did upload, there’s been a lot of negativity regarding the situation.

To those of you who want a music video, even if the video is of poor quality, let me tell you why that is a bad idea for KNK right now. KNK is a rookie group from a small company. Some are arguing that other groups have released poor quality music videos and been fine, however as a rookie group KNK does not have this luxury. Yes, you as a fan will love their productions no matter what, but for a rookie group prospective fans are important. YNB can’t just release a low quality video and put a disclaimer on it like “sorry for this poor quality but here’s the MV anyway”. It is possible that people who are not as into KNK tear the MV apart for low quality, or are turned away from the group due to the poor quality. 

As someone who likes KNK’s music but has never really learned all of the members, I can see why they did not want to release a video. The clips used in the teaser are likely the highest quality shots KNK got, and towards the end of the video, you can see how the video quality is not only blurry but also stutters a lot. Maybe KNK was aware of the quality and did not want to release content they themselves weren’t proud of. Please understand, although as their fan you have been waiting for this content for a long time, in terms of KNK’s current repuation and popularity, a poor quality MV would hurt them. As much as I wish this weren’t the case, no music video is better than a poor quality one. (Though I do agree with the idea of the self-filmed video if KNK have the resources and time to make that happen)

Right now what KNK needs is support. They are probably upset and grieving, truly sorry to their fans that they couldn’t release their video. Accept their conflict, and support them. Put your energy towards watching and spreading the performances they do have. Tell people their story of the MV being cancelled, and ask them to watch their performances. 

And to anyone who is not a Tinkerbell, please please take a listen to KNK’s new song U! Please recognize this situation they are in and listen to their song and watch at least one performance. 

7/21 Fukuoka Aeon Mall handshake event: Ikuta, Ishida, Nonaka

Ishida: Shooting the dance for the Oh my wish! MV was very severe. We had to start over if anyone made a mistake. “Don’t make a mistake~!” we said. (lol)
Nonaka: When the singing group made a mistake, I thought we would get killed by the dance group!
Ishida: We didn’t kill! (lol)
Ikuta: Half-killed, maybe. (lol)
Ishida: Scary senior~!

(Fan report: @sasasayu_min)


Jin: Since you like dancing to our song so much lets see if you enjoy acting out the mv 

Suga: You’re not allowed to dance that good to My song. sorry I don’t make the rules

J-Hope: We Need her in our next mv

Rap Monster: *tries copying you* hey y/n we should collaborate sometime

Jimin: Will you teach me how to: *bop bop bop*

Taehyung: I knew all that practising would be worth it! I’m so proud of you!

Jungkook: That was Really something, you should have told me how good you are sooner

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anonymous asked:

snsd is the most overrated group in kpop there's nothing special about them. most members aren't even talented.

I respect your opinion ^-^ But in my opinion, I think that all the snsd members are very talented.

Taeyeon sings very well and she has sang many dramas’ official soundtracks (ex. “If”, “Can You Hear Me”, “I love you”, etc.) as well as a musical. She has also been featured in SHINee’s Minho’s drama which displayed some of her acting abilities ^-^ She was also Music Core’s MC along with Tiffany and Seohyun. Jessica sings very well too. She also knows how to speak english and has acted in her own drama, “Wild Romance.” Sunny has been in a few musicals (ex. “Catch Me If You Can”) and was a trainee in another entertainment company until she switched to SM which meant that she had to audition in order to get in to the other entertainment. Tiffany is also really well known for her voice. She’s able to design outfits as seen on “Fashion King“ and is really good acting as it could be seen on ”Horror Movie Factory“ and music core’s advertisement. She has been a MC with Yuri on several occasions as well as Music Core and has been a MC with Taeyeon and Seohyun too but she has been a MC by herself along with other groups too. Tiffany also knows how to play the flute. Hyoyeon was one of the finalists on the show “Dancing With The Stars” and is extremely athletic. She knows how to speak chinese too. Yuri is also one of the dancers of SNSD but she could sing too (ex. Jjalajajja). Yuri has acted in her own drama, “Fashion King,” and in several other films such as “No Breathing“ and ”Unstoppable Marriage.” She has also been Music Core’s MC along with Tiffany and by herself with other groups too. She’s also athletic like Hyoyeon. Sooyoung also had her own dramas such as “Dating Agency“ and ”The 3rd Hospital.” She also acted with Yuri in “Unstoppable Marriage.” She’s also an MC on a talk show and is good at singing and dancing too ^0^ Sooyoung can imitate other people’s voices as well as knowing how to speak in Japanese. Yoona has acted in many of her dramas too such as “You Are My Destiny,” “Love Rain,” “Cinderella Man,” etc. She’s one of the main dancers of SNSD too. Seohyun can also speak english, japanese, and chinese. She’s one of the main singers in SNSD and has acted in a drama, “Passionate Love.” She has been in a musical, “The Moon Embraces The Sun“ and knows how to play the piano and guitar as seen before. And of course LOL as mentioned before, she has also been an MC on Music Core.

Also in my opinion, I don’t think that SNSD is overrated. To me, they deserve all the fans they have. They’ve trained for many years and have been through many things to get to where they are today such as the black ocean. They are very kind hearted people and many employees have complimented them for their personalities and sisterhood. 

  • “No doubt about their performance, but what was more impressive was SNSD’s attitudes. Other artists I have worked with them for long time but for SNSD when I first met them they were already top stars. And I worried that they might not hide the vagaries of their moods at the set and make the shooting difficult. But instead they were so courteous and innocently cheerful.” - Jang Jaehyuk, the director of Tell Me Your Wish MV 
  • “The Soshi girls are mentally strong and prepared. The program writers would compliment on how amazing they are like that. The PDs love the girls, they are always eager to do more than asked. The excellence of the girls’ work ethics and attitude is like second to none.” - SBS staff account (19th July 2010).
  • “The members of SNSD are like real unnies, dongsengs, and loving mothers to each other. The group SNSD is but a family only under the name of SNSD. Through this filming, I have come to know a family with a sincere bond.” - Credit
  • More quotes here

I do respect your opinions of course but these are just my opinions > - < so please don’t misunderstand :c Not everyone likes the same band, group, people, music, etc. and everyone has a reason to like or dislike anything they want.