wish they were a couple in real life

Also, whenever I get even the slightest bit worried about Finn’s future due to the way this racist fandom treats him, I remember how most of the guys I’ve spoken to in real life who considered Finn their TFA favorite and who believed in FinnRey were white men, and how warmly Finn and John were received by the critics and general public, and how that one FinnRey cosplay couple made national news and was adored by everyone, and how Finn merchandise as well as Rey was in higher demand than expected after TFA came out, and how basically, the general audience is made up of good eggs who Lucasfilm is going to cater to, which means lots and lots of Finn kicking ass and doing great things in future films! 

Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: Picking up the Pieces (Chapter 1)

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Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 4k+  

Rating: M (Smut)

A heavy sigh escaped your lips as you made your way up to the attic. The past couple of days had been so chaotic. It almost didn’t feel real, no matter how hard you tried to wrap your head around every overwhelming thing that happened. You didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at your own misfortune. You even wished you could go back to the days where you were blissfully ignorant about your boyfriend’s infidelity.

As you reached the top of the unsteady stairs, you lightly kicked the already broken and flimsy door open.

“Hey, careful! What if it breaks?” A low voice scolded you from behind.

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I’m tired of:
Fake people, fake smiles, fake hugs
Fake hope, fake friends, fake love
Cuz fake friends are a real waste of time, and fake love is a real waste of life. So don’t you go texting me, telling me, “wish you were next to me.” Rest in peace. Everything’s ending eventually, best friends can become your enemies.
—  Gnash

i just remembered a couple of years ago i was in some sony store with my friends when 3D TVs were just gettin popular and there was one on display so i tried it out and then i said “wow this so cool, i wish real life was in 3D” as a joke and the employee just said “uhhh… real life IS in 3D, dude” and walked away. i dont know if reddit was popular back then but if it was he definitely went home after work and posted about how “stupid” i was lmao

Shipping is hard

GODDAMNIT. WHY. I swear to god, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are so fucking adorable and cute together, but I wish they were a couple soooooo badly. I wish from the bottom of my heart that someone would tell me if they’re real or not. They don’t even have to announce it publicly. They could literally whisper it in my ears of something; I just wanna know.

They’re always so in sync that it’s almost be scary, if it weren’t for how fucking adorable it is. 

There’s also that thing they do where they constantly touch each other??? Like, Baek, you really don’t need to touch Chanyeol to sit down. I’m sure you can manage fine on your own. And Chanyeol, why do you need to keep touching Baek???? I get the hitting, because when you laugh, you literally either drop, or you just start hitting everyone and everything, but like???? hand grab???? That was unnecessary. Even in the context it was taken out of it was unnecessary. And why did you fall on Baek’s lap???? You weren’t even laughing???? That was completely and utterly random. And Chanyeol, why are you fucking gluing yourself to Baekhyun in the third gif????? I assure you that you do not have to completely surround a person by wrapping your hand around their neck to whisper to them.

I know there’s a chance they could be an actual couple, but it’s slim. And it’s made even slimmer because you have to take away the fanservice moments, and the heteronormativity of their industry, and the fact that you’ll never get to fucking know, because they would never tell. 

It’s so frustrating, because a straight public celebrity relationship already causes so much hate to be flung and chaos to be had, but a gay public celebrity relationship? The chance is literally one-in-a-million, if you’ re lucky. There’s also the fact that neither of them might be gay (though, omg, do they fucking act like a couple), and then my entire ship is sinking. :( 

I wish someone could answer all my questions, but the universe is permanently against me, so…… :(

The Front Bottoms' 'Talon Of The Hawk' songs for the signs

Aries: Au Revoir
You know what I think’s really sad / I know how really sad you are/ I’m probably gonna leave real soon / just wanted to let you you know before I say au revoir

Taurus: Peach
/You are my angel, you are my crime / I’ll serve this sentence the rest of my life/

Gemini: Twin Size Mattress
/Make sure you kiss your knuckles before you punch me in the face /
There are lessons to be learned / consequences for all the stupid things I say/

Cancer: Santa Monica
/I wish we were forever lying on the Santa Monica beach / Drinking Tecate 24oz underneath the stars /Being the superior couple, loving who I am cause what we are/

Leo: Backflip
/One day I will realize I don’t need this because it is just not who I am /
Until that day comes, I’ll keep my eyes closed, and I will try to feel all of the effects/

Virgo: Funny You Should Ask
/But you were young, you thought you didn’t have to care about anyone/
But you’re older now and wish that you could/

Libra: Everything I Own
/You say I deserve it, what’s coming, the good and the bad
I don’t regret it, how could it? You were the best I ever had/

Scorpio: Skeleton
/Come on baby calm me down/ You’re the only one who knows how/

Sagittarius: Tattooed Tears
/It’s not like a movie when we kiss, there’ll never be no music when we kiss / And I’m gonna have to learn that this love will never be convenient/

The Feud
/You were too good, I should have known /You were a prize my hands could never hold/

Aquarius: Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It
/And there is someone out there just like me/ probably keeping to themselves/

Pisces: Lone star
/The past few months were pretty rough / A couple times, wished we both were dead / I never cried like that before / I thought my eyes would pop out of my head/