wish they made a cg of this

A fanart of @skillshotlabs‘ Ren-senpai of Notice Me Senpai! :D I’ve been addicted to this game for months and I already have all the senpais! (ノ^∇^) Just waiting for all the CGs to be collected. I wish there’s a girl senpai version though XD I would be so happy (*≧▽≦)
Notice Me Senpai recently made an update to dress up the senpais, and I really like how Ren-senpai looks like in the bonnet! :D I’m planning to draw other senpais, if you play this game, who do you think I should draw next? :D (if I plan to continue illustrating them lol)

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about the whole "lapis hating the crystal gems" thing, i had a thought about how to rework that plot. one of lapis' points was that the CGs only cared about earth, and not other gems. well, RSu made a point to eventually reveal that rose was a flawed, morally gray character, so maybe lapis could have been slowly integrated into the CGs for Steven's sake, and as she gets to know the CGs she could offer her thoughts and they could talk it out, using Steven as a mediator of sorts. peri could also

Yes!! I really like this! The thought of having Lapis actually talk with other gems and having Bismuth as part of the team is so good. I really wish something like this happened in the show, thanks for sharing!

(nah spam is good, I like talking with people about this stuff! Thank you!)


“Tell me what am I in your heart?” - Yan Da

“An enemy.” - Kong Shi

I’ve been watching the show for THEM AND HIM. FIRE PRINCESS AND ICE PRINCE (possibly half-siblings) =  STAR-CROSSED AND DOOMED = THEY OWN ME!

I mean more like I’ve been fast-fowarding it (the editing is all over the place, transitions are non-existent, the dubbing terrible, the script barely mediocre and let’s rather not talk about the CGs), only stopping at the scenes involving either one of them because Ying Kong Shi is so otherwordly gorgeous and dreamy in every scene and it doesn’t matter whether it’s his human persona or his epic white mane of glory. I’M PRETTY SURE LEGOLAS IS SOMEWHERE OUT THERE WISHING HE WERE THAT COOL AND PRETTY! I even reconciled myself with the possible incest because I ship them so hard but it probably won’t help me because things will only get worse. You know I made this classic mistake of every addicted and overzealous fan - I watched the official MVs and trailers. And even if I didn’t it still wouldn’t help me anyway, because, seriously, who reveals one of the biggest spoilers of the story in the OP which runs before every episode (obviously, Chinese do)!!!

I have already more dramas on my plate than I can manage so I definitely don’t have time for another one but it’s stronger than me! IT’S ALL KONG SHI’S FAULT!


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30 Day Cheritz Challenge! Day 7: Route that made you the happiest - Jiwoo

Little tsundere bunny’s route made me smile so much, whether it be because of something funny or sweet or comforting. His route was and still is one of my favourites and Jiwoo is my second favourite character in Dandelion. I would very much recommend his route, even if you don’t like him because he’s sort of a prick to us.


30 Day Cheritz Challenge! Day 9: Route that crushed you - Jieun

I couldn’t handle the cuteness. And learning his past and realizing why he wants to become something that can’t think or speak made me so sad I just wanted to hug him. But the ending was so beautiful where instead (like that others) where the guys return to her world, in Jieuns, she goes to his. And, well, just look at that final CG. I could rant forever about how much this route made me love the game but I don’t want to bore you all.

30 day Cheritz challenge! Day 14: Favourite CG - Jiwoo’s cross dressing CG

How could I not pick this one? It’s so funny and adorable and it made me really like his route. And he was being very dramatic in this scene (and I’m sort of a suck up for tsundere’s) which just made it 100x better. I love it.


Puppy Jasper, YES! And also, yeah, it’s a bit disappointing, but there wasn’t much room for too much Jasper interaction. Her and Amethyst will be interacting the most out of any of the main CGs and Jasper (other than Steven). Connie doesn’t interact with other Gems onscreen. Pearl forgives Jasper and acknowledges her as a CG, but doesn’t like her. Jasper won’t be clueless about Earth culture, but not well informed either.About the giant hand ship, NIS4. Yes to Rose/Pearl angst, no original Rainbow Q voice. No more details/news about Lighthouse and Snowflake. No new trio + og trio fusion. Some Era 2 gems are being made powerless, but not all of them. Connie will still have a prominent role!  I wish I knew which breeds the Gem shifted to, but I don’t. ;_;

@okami-dono. One of my best friends works for CN as a censor. If you remember Ben and Matt’s post about the writing process, they mentioned sending outlines to a censor to see if it was OK for kids. My source is one of those censors. I think the marathon title Jasper and the Rubies is pretty good confirmation, but I also have an outline screenshot coming up tomorrow! I just need to wait for my source to be at a studio computer and get the outline file.

By no more permafusions, I meant that there will be no other permafusions. They will not take the corruption device. YD and BD don’t appear “so much”. They’re only in like 1 or 2 episodes each. The big turning point that makes Jasper an official crystal Gem - probably Steven, during the episode Gem Grade, telling Jasper that the Diamonds don’t care about their soldiers and proving it by showing her who the Cluster experiments are made out of. Steven learns how to control his ability to create sentient life. And it’s revealed he now knows how to shapeshift 100%. YD and YP have a song in Shattered because they are pissed off about the return of the Crystal Gems. We will learn of PD’s Pearl, but not see her. We won’t see Opal. I’m assuming (THEORY) we’ll see her updated form in Season 5 since by that point both her and Amethyst have regenerated.