wish they made a cg of this


I thought V called MC by “jagiya” (aka darling/honey) in Normal Ending just once BUT after replaying again and again IT WAS ACTUALLY THRICE


IN VOICE HE SAID ‘so jagi what do you want to do’



or not my last wish is to have kissing cg in after ending IM A SUCKER FOR ROMANCE



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Daddy : It’s 11:11, I wish for my soul mate to be with me. Oh wait, she is

Me : Huunnn it’s 10:11 where I am

Daddy : Well it’s 11:11 here so I made my wish

Me : But you’ll be asleep when it’s 11:11 here, so I won’t get to make one

Daddy : Your wish will still reach my heart


~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction!~

hello hey hey hello eyy

i thought i might do a little update since it’s err.. i have a little energy left before bed

university is giving me a super hard time and sucking all the energy i have for drawing/posting/being active in a nutshell

i’m super thankful for the people in my life who back me up, for the fact itself that i have people in my life to fall back on ( thank you senpain for constantly being there *clap clap* your patience is priceless)

also thank you everyone who sticks around :’) honestly i was expecting you all - can i call you friends, its weird to say followers- you all friends to unfollow my inconsequential ass :’’) 

i want to offer more to this blog but as i am right now.. i don’t feel like i have something worthy of offering - i just wish with all my heart to get in a better phase of my life so i could just draw

haha wow this became a rant

anyhoo please have this..old..super sketchy…CG redraw of yoosungie - remembered i made it after i saw @itscutiepieyoosung dedicating a moment of silence to it and damn did i agree lmao

i drew it at an early stage of mysme syndrome, ahh i was happily in love and and angry he didnt have a damn nose : ) look now he has a cute one!! *boop it boop boop*

that’s all folks!! i hope you have a super duper day/night! *fingerguns wink wink*

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Why give rika a good ending? she doesn't deserve it

Okay, anon… I understand where you’re coming from. Yes, Rika did some pretty bad, disgusting stuff in her life. However, that does not mean that she is 100% not worthy of any sort of redemption.

I’m going to probably end up doing some sort of long analysis on Rika here, so stick by me…


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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #117 - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

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Spoilers Below

Have I Seen It Before: Yes.

Did I Like It Then: Yes.

Do I Remember It: Yes.

Did I See It In Theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. No.

Format: DVD

1) I don’t rewatch this film as often as some other Dreamworks movies (The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt), and only vaguely remember it. I was incredibly surprised however to realize I TOTALLY remembered the main theme (composed by Harry Gregson Williams) as it started playing in the film.

2) Michelle Pfeiffer as Eris.

Originally posted by dazzledfabulous

The first character in the film we’re introduced to, Pfeiffer brings a wonderful fun to this villainess. According to Wikipedia (which quotes it from Entertainment Weekly):

Michelle Pfeiffer, who voices Eris, the goddess of chaos, had struggles with finding the character’s villainies. Initially the character was “too sexual,” then she lacked fun. After the third rewrite, Pfeiffer called Jeffrey Katzenberg and told him “You know, you really can fire me.”, but he assured her that this was just part of the process.

Pfeiffer is a delight in the role, and Eris is animated wonderfully. She’s a total treat to watch every time she’s on screen and a delight in the role.

3) Brad Pitt as Sinbad.

Originally posted by annebonnny

Brad Pitt as Sinbad is pretty good. I think one of the film’s biggest failings is that Sinbad’s character development doesn’t seem to flow too well, it just sort of happens (although that just may be a me thing), but Pitt brings the roguish charm and just pure fun that is needed for this character.

4) This film does have some good swashbuckling fun in it, and it’s what makes the movie as good as it is.

5) The bromance between Sinbad & Kale is nice. We know that Sinbad and Proteus had a past relationship as friends but it’s Sinbad and Kale who have the relationship NOW. Kale knows Sinbad well and he’s loyal to him until the end, and Dennis Haysbert is a joy in the role.

6) That’s not to discount the interesting conflict the relationship Sinbad & Proteus brings to the film though. It’s a unique idea I’m glad was included.

7) Honestly the CGI monsters are the things I remember most from this movie. They’re each fairly memorable in their designs. Plus I think McDonald’s or Burger King had toys of them.

8) The first fight with Cetus (the monster above) is a good way of showing off Sinbad’s ingenuity and smarts in a fight. He doesn’t go head first into danger thoughtlessly, he thinks things through.

9) Chekov’s Quote.

Eris: “When a goddess gives her word, she’s bound for all eternity.”

10) Catherine Zeta Jones as Marina.

Jones (or is it Zeta Jones?) does well in the role of Marina. She is able to balance the character’s sense of nobility and responsibility with the heart and brashness of an adventurer, both things which are needed to understand her character and that character’s internal conflict.

11) I always like it when you have third-wheel characters in movies - like Proteus in this film - who aren’t dicks. Like it would be so easy to make the boyfriend an asshole but the conflict is deepened when Marina has feelings for someone other than her future-husband and that future-husband is a great guy.

12) I’m pretty sure when Sinbad discovers Marina snooping around his ship she glances at her boobs for the briefest of moments. Just thought I’d share.

13) The siren scene is another excellent example of great fun and good monsters.

Originally posted by visuky

Harry Gregson Williams music is very good and blending pretty with creepy. You KNOW something is wrong, that we’re in danger, but the vocals are really beautiful. The scene also shows off Marina’s skills on the ship, which are great.

14) I cringed so hard at this. But I loved it.

Originally posted by somehow-you-will

15) I personally think Sinbad & Marina have better chemistry when they’re having fun bickery banter (like when Sinbad, “thanks,” Marina after saving their life) then when they’re acting all sweet. But there are a lot of movies out there which I feel that way about.

16) Other than the issue I mentioned above, I think the film is a little overstuffed with monsters for too short a runtime. You go from sirens to this sort of weird fish island to the snow bird all pretty quickly. And it may just be me who feels this way, but I’d rather have the fish island cut if that meant we got more time with the snow bird. That doesn’t mean the fish island isn’t visually stunning though.

PS: I’m sure there are some Sinbad fans out there who probably cringe when I use terms like, “snowbird,” and, “fish island,” since there are probably official names for these monsters out there. I apologize for that.

17) According to IMDb:

In the scene in which the entire crew, including Spike, is losing their lunch after traveling at top speeds you can hear a man say, “Hey, where did he get the carrot?” According to the filmmakers, that line was a joke someone said during story production that made everyone groan so much that they decided to put it in the movie.

18) I did not understand this joke as a kid. I laughed so hard when I watched it now.

Originally posted by jaimeedarling

19) I do REALLY enjoy the ice bird scenes and the design on the creature (and Sinbad/Marina’s chase from it), I just wish we’d gotten more time in this environment.

Again, an example of a very neat CG monster in this film.

20) I love this.

Rat: “It’s the edge of the world!”

Gin [to his brother Li]: “Pay up, it’s flat.”

Originally posted by animations-daily

21) Aaaand the ship is flying.

22) The bromance between Sinbad & Kale is only strengthened when - before entering Tartarus - Sinbad tells Kale that the ship is his if he doesn’t return.

23) Tartarus is truly visually fascinating, keeping with the themes of the CG monsters of the movie and Eris’ animation.

24) It’s probably just me, but I feel like Marina’s, “I love you,” to Sinbad isn’t really earned. I love her and I love him and I think they have fun chemistry and a good relationship, I just wish we’d gotten a bit more nice honest moments with them before she said she loved him. We did get a few nice honest moments, but I feel like one or two more would’ve helped.

25) I like that Sinbad comes back to sacrifice himself to save Proteus, because he returns knowing he’ll be a dead man. And he thought he was lying when he told Eris he’d do this! He thought he was a coward but it just proved that he’s not. And then comes the twist: since Eris promised Sinbad the Book of Peace if he answered one question honestly (will he go back and die if he doesn’t get the book) and he does go back even though both he & Eris thought he was lying when he said, “Yes,” (holy run on sentence Batman) then he’s not lying!

Seven year old me did NOT see that twist coming.

26) Three people who I were surprised to see in the credits of this film:

  • John Logan wrote the screenplay. John Logan is the creator of “Penny Dreadful” and writer on the last two 007 films.
  • Jennifer Yuh Nelson was head of story. Jennifer Yuh Nelson directed the last two Kung Fu Panda movies and holds the record for highest-grossing film by a solo female director. (Technically Jennifer Lee has the record for highest-grossing film directed by a woman with Frozen but she co-directed with a guy.)
  • Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott (writers of the first four Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Road to El Dorado, and Treasure Planet among others) served as creative consultants.

I like Sinbad, I really do. It’s a fun adventure even if (in my opinion) it doesn’t hold up to The Road to El Dorado or The Prince of Egypt. But a film should not be judged based on the quality of other films. The animation here is great, the voice acting is fun, and it’s just an enjoyable time all around. Go put it in if you have the chance!

[Review] Dance with Devils Roen Lilyknight’s route

The game’s unlockable character and the route that contains the most spoilers. Roen is a mysterious blue haired dude who is actually Rem’s pet pomeranian. His true form is that of a Cerberus who’s in charge of watching over the Gates of hell. He’s also a walking spoiler as he is the one that drops the bomb about Ritsuka being the Grimoire in the left door routes and also takes up the position of a secondary villain. There’s a lot and I mean A LOT of positive reviews on this route and it does truly live up to the praise. Just wished the writer actually kept this level of writing consistent throughout the entire game…

[Spoilers under the cut , this is a summary of his whole route, including some CGs]

Left Door routes:     Rem  Lindo 

Right Door Routes:  Mage  Urie  Shiki

<< Previous (Lindo)    Next (Final thoughts)>>

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30 Day Cheritz Challenge! Day 9: Route that crushed you - Jieun

I couldn’t handle the cuteness. And learning his past and realizing why he wants to become something that can’t think or speak made me so sad I just wanted to hug him. But the ending was so beautiful where instead (like that others) where the guys return to her world, in Jieuns, she goes to his. And, well, just look at that final CG. I could rant forever about how much this route made me love the game but I don’t want to bore you all.

“They have crossed each other many times. On the sunflower field, in the capsule, somewhere along the empty corridors of Ashford Academy. There were times when they were only one foot step apart. There were times when an arm length was the only thing that stood between them. But then the door shut off, the glimpse of light died out and their paths continued to run parallel, close to each other but never touched. They were aware of another existence yet never made effort to yearn for it. Until the right time came.

There have been so many possibilities, so many what-ifs, what could have happened. Suzaku could have befriended C.C. during her stay in Japan. She could have run into him in a school festival. Suzaku could have remembered the green-haired girl that he’d saved back then on the battle in Narita. But those things never took place; it had not been the right time yet. Destiny is when you meet right people at the right moment. Zero Requiem is not something God dropped onto them out of the blue; their souls had unconsciously seek for a chance to merge into one, and when it came, they did not hesitate to advance.  

So people asked me whether I wish things between them could have been different. I used to, yes; but now that I think about it, could their meeting in the middle of a cheerful school festival have had a bigger impact on me, than when they met after being abandoned together by the rest of the world? What made the pair special was not only their chemistry, but also the timing. It was beautiful, it was tragic and meant to be, it was destiny.”

Art © to  濃い目い子 (Pixiv ID:  62552773)


“Tell me what am I in your heart?” - Yan Da

“An enemy.” - Kong Shi

I’ve been watching the show for THEM AND HIM. FIRE PRINCESS AND ICE PRINCE (possibly half-siblings) =  STAR-CROSSED AND DOOMED = THEY OWN ME!

I mean more like I’ve been fast-fowarding it (the editing is all over the place, transitions are non-existent, the dubbing terrible, the script barely mediocre and let’s rather not talk about the CGs), only stopping at the scenes involving either one of them because Ying Kong Shi is so otherwordly gorgeous and dreamy in every scene and it doesn’t matter whether it’s his human persona or his epic white mane of glory. I’M PRETTY SURE LEGOLAS IS SOMEWHERE OUT THERE WISHING HE WERE THAT COOL AND PRETTY! I even reconciled myself with the possible incest because I ship them so hard but it probably won’t help me because things will only get worse. You know I made this classic mistake of every addicted and overzealous fan - I watched the official MVs and trailers. And even if I didn’t it still wouldn’t help me anyway, because, seriously, who reveals one of the biggest spoilers of the story in the OP which runs before every episode (obviously, Chinese do)!!!

I have already more dramas on my plate than I can manage so I definitely don’t have time for another one but it’s stronger than me! IT’S ALL KONG SHI’S FAULT!


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Refrain (part 2)

A/N: Part two of the songfic requested by @minminami~ (Aka second verse of the song “Refrain” by Miyano Mamoru). Part 1 is here.

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Pairing: Inuchiyo x MC
Genre: Angst
Trigger warnings: None, but I do have some spoiler warnings since this fic is set in a AU setting where MC never confessed her feelings to Inu in the main story and the part where the 2nd cg took place never happened ^^

And Lord Sassa made the same request to MC to marry him to save Inuchiyo in a battle he’s 100% gonna lose.

Hope that makes sense. Lol. Let’s begin the angst ride~

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30 day Cheritz challenge! Day 14: Favourite CG - Jiwoo’s cross dressing CG

How could I not pick this one? It’s so funny and adorable and it made me really like his route. And he was being very dramatic in this scene (and I’m sort of a suck up for tsundere’s) which just made it 100x better. I love it.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (2015) Review: Has Spoilers

The AssClass fandom is really busy these days. We have an ongoing manga with interesting plot twists every single chapter, the 1st season of the anime has ended, and then now we have the first live-action film.

At least for me, this review was interesting to write. Perhaps less exciting (both to read and write) than the Kamisama no iu Toori review, but I had a tougher time doing this. 

There are spoilers. Be warned. :)

Plot and Directing

The plot was average, nothing too stellar. One thing I liked was that the jokes and comedic moments were well-timed and they were spread evenly across the duration of the film. The production team gave many nods to the source material, such as combining the mission of peeping at Korosensei and the class guys’ tank project. We had some of the guys sneaking towards the girls’ bathroom to check on their ‘development’, but it was doubly hilarious to see them snooping around with acrobatics and treating the whole thing extremely seriously like some top-secret spy mission. The 'looser’ guys were all part of the mission…and then we have Nagisa, who was made to join. xD The best part came when the girls were chasing Korosensei and the boys scrambled madly to leave when they heard footsteps, only to have Nakamura arrive on the scene mid-chase and see Nagisa alone outside the girls’ bathroom. And Nagisa proceeded to act like a girl and furiously claim that he was Kayano (*W*) while trying to hide himself. Another great scene was the Karma and takoyaki scene, which will be further mentioned later.  

It was unfortunate, however, that the film fell victim to Adaptational Distillation. Many things were either adapted out or slightly changed, which would have actually been fair if not for the fact that it compromised the plot and the pacing quite a bit. Things felt as if they were only lightly scraping the top of the pudding and it lacked a certain sense of depth and sincerity to it, resulting in me not being able to connect as deeply with the film as I liked. The class also had a lot of characters and there was a time limit, so the lack of development and focus on certain characters was a given. Certainly, there were particular adjustments that were justified, such as having Karma ace his tests, since the first test was adapted out and him aceing would have ensured that Karma received enough focus as the second male lead. However, I wished that they could have kept the original idea of getting a vacation on an island. Having the attempt in the schoolyard just somehow made it feel very scaled down. (And for Ikemen fans: Isogai the class rep took a backseat, which was really a pity, since the original character is one of the key members of 3-E outside the main trio. He had an even smaller part than Terasaka’s gang. But then the actor was quite adorable looking hahah I wanted to squish his cheeks. But I digress.) Takaoka’s revenge also felt quite forced, since it was the section of the film that was subjected to the greatest degree of Adaptational Distillation. There was no infiltration attempt, and no battle against the three pro-assassins. Fuwa didn’t get to show her deductive skills. Hayami and Chiba were given passing mention in the first half of the film when Karasuma was mentioning students with potential, but that was it. There was no gunfight, which could have been used to create tension in the story and let Hayami and Chiba grow emotionally (since they had just missed killing Korosensei). Nagisa didn’t crossdress to emphasise the fact that he had androgynous looks (Yamada has crossdressed before btw); Yada didn’t get to put Bitch-sensei’s lessons in use. Karma did not get to fight with Old Man Nu and display his fighting prowess either. There were a lot of missed opportunities for potential character development, and most of Class 3-E was relegated to background scenery, which was a pity, since some of the students had quite decent acting skills. The suspense of having to fight a unknown enemy was the highlight of the Summer Vacation Arc. Instead, we had Karma and Nagisa climb up a electricity cable tower (what do y'all call that? there aren’t any where i live so…) and fighting Itona. Why up the tower? The logic behind this escapes me. Wouldn’t that have been more dangerous than staying on ground and trying outwit Itona? Which couldn’t have been too hard, seeing that Karma and Nagisa are intelligent people. The way Itona was defeated was also too much of an easy resolution. Director-san, are you meaning to tell me that you had two middle-schoolers climb up a tower, and an electricity cable tower without any safety equipment no less, just to let rain fall sooner onto Itona? I am beginning to wonder if one of the requirements to watch this plot is to have the IQ of a preschool kid. The Takaoka vs Nagisa confrontation fell rather flat too. Yes, there was no Lovro in the filmverse, but the film could have had Nagisa successfully 'assassinate’ Takaoka on his own and thereby highlight that he possessed the overwhelming talent which it had been so diligently foreshadowing all this while. In this aspect, I think some of the manga fans might be disappointed.

[this can also be put under Effects:]

I have a bone to pick with the usage (or rather, the overusage) of certain effects too. When used appropriately during dramatic moments, #Dramatic Slow-mo heightens the tension present on screen. However, the film had multiple #Dramatic Slow-mo scenes within a relatively short period of time, and each subsequent #Dramatic Slow-mo decreased in effectiveness as the audience can’t help but go: 'Yet another one?’ And if one ever uses #Dramatic Slow-mo, be sure to offer a follow-up/resolution to the tension. You can’t build up the anticipation with the foreshadowing of Nagisa’s hidden talents, and have his greatest display of that talent to be the ability to take insults and act to drag time out for the class! Where is the 2nd assassination attempt on Takaoka? This brings me to the topic of the supposed climax. A climax is one which surpasses all the rest of the scenes; the highest point in the story. The directing disappointed me in this aspect as the plot seemed rushed toward the end, and a golden opportunity to create a second high slipped away right in front of the audience’s very eyes. My anticipation kinda fell flat as the supposed climax was of a lower energy than even the normal scenes. Putting it bluntly, it was anti-climatic. Yes, Kayano was being hung over cement with the threat of death and half of Class 3-E was down with a virus, but it all somehow felt lame after all the fights and assassination attempts peppered throughout the film. Takaoka went down wayyyyy too easily. (Blame also falls on Adaptational Distillation.) Granted, there is a dilemma between choosing the quality and flow of the story and the time limit for the film given to you, though I half-wished that they could have transplanted some of the excessive time from The Hobbit into here.

Cinematography and Visual Effects

Since the story had an octopus teacher as one of its main characters, CG played an important role in the film. I was initially worried about the CG for Korosensei, but it seemed my fears were unfounded as he was superbly done. A lot of attention was paid to detail and to make him seem as real as he could possibly be. When Korosensei was talking with Karasuma, they made him seem as if he was really physically behind the slightly grimy glass windows. Another scene I liked was when Korosensei was moving around the class, and his reflection was seen in the glass window, with the correct sense of distance and proportion displayed. This goes up and beyond the level of detail available even in mangas and animes, and I must say that the effects team really did a good job.

The cinematography for this film was rather interesting. One could tell that the people in charge of lighting and colours (what are they called lol) and the cinematographer had coordinated to tell the story by varying the atmosphere with different colours in various shades of vibrancy and intensity. But when it came to interesting cinematography and presenting methods, the scene with Karma and the takoyakis took the cake. Instead of just merely choosing to present it in a normal method, the team chose to do it in a manga-ish format, with panels on the screen separated by the famous white manga borders that moved along with the action. It added dynamism and liveliness to the scenes and emphasised the characters’ reactions further, allowing the reactions of various groups of people to be shown across the screen simultaneously. This helped to greatly propel the comedy factor in the film too, and was probably my favourite scene in the film. One seriously needs to watch this scene to fully appreciate its awesomeness. (on a sidenote: Karma and the takoyakis….sounds like a good band name HAHAH)


Ninomiya’s voice acting was unexpectedly good. I admit I was worried since Fukuyama Jun had done such a great job in the anime and Nino wasn’t a pro voice actor, but the moment I saw the trailer, I was utterly convinced about Nino’s skills. Since they were two different people, it was obvious that they would sound different. But what was most important was that the feelings and emotions of the character are transmitted across to the audience, and I believe that Nino did a pretty good job on that. His 'Nurufufufu’ was especially similar to Fukuyama’s original and it had me wondering initially whether they had Fukuyama reprise the role in the film. On the other hand, I still believe that Nino has some room for further improvement, since there were some instances where his voice lost the 'Korosensei spark’ and was a bit weak in expression. I know that he can be even better than what he had shown us, as evidenced by his Korosensei laugh; he just needs to work on it a bit more. Either way, I cannot wait to hear him again in the sequel , where I believe his skills will be even more matured than before.

Yamada as Nagisa was convincing. I agreed with him when he thought he would be getting the role of Karma instead since he had a colder characters from previous projects and his image is also the cool type. But perhaps getting a character as Nagisa would do well to help him expand and increase his versatility as an actor, since he has been doing TV for quite long and he didn’t really had many characters with similar dispositions as Nagisa. I liked how he showed that Nagisa was physically weak, and yet when he was required to reveal his 'bloodlust’, he can instantly switch to a cold and eerie smile reminescent of  Zekki from the tv series Hell Teacher Nube. Granted, there were certain expressions that still looked somewhat forced, but what probably affected the way Nagisa was shown in the movie was more due to the directing and the plot than Yamada. He still has potential for growth in him and I certainly look forward to seeing an even more strongly-acted Nagisa in the sequel.

I confess I watched the film for a couple of reasons, with one of the major ones being Karma and Suda. I wasn’t disappointed. Suda might tend to look a bit paler and less cute-sy compared to his Kamen Rider days (his facial features were more softer and rounded then), and some might have doubts about him playing the exceedingly attractive Karma, but the charm of Suda lies not only in photos (he modelled for JUNON); it reveals itself in even greater force in live-action. Suda portrayed Karma’s relaxed and carefree personality all the way down to the way he stood. Even when he was merely in the background and slightly blurred, he continued to build his character with little actions such as casually leaning against a wall, tilting his head slightly and so on. I was also really captivated by the way he used his eyes during his character building, with each look that he gives with his eyes hinting and building Karma’s backstory. Suda truly transformed into Karma and one becomes increasingly convinced of this as the film goes on as he continues to reveal more and more of his acting chops with each subsequent scene. It was a pity that he didn’t get any tougher scenes than what he is capable of since I would love to see Suda pushed even further than he was in the film. But given this is a story abt middle school students and that Matsui Yuusei’s idea of 'dark’ isn’t too extreme since it’s a shounen manga, I suppose it’s reasonable. Suda’s comedic timing is also as impeccable as ever. In the manga and anime, Karma’s attempts to ruin Korosensei’s day were funny enough, but Suda and his reaction shots upped the humour factor. He had everyone in the cinema hall roaring in laughter when he was dressed up in a frilly apron and had his nails painted by Korosensei.

Another actor (or in this case, actress) worth commenting was Kang Ji Young as Bitch-sensei. Since this is a live-action, Bitch-sensei was appropriately less 'well-endowed’, but Kang’s portrayal of her personality and mannerisms were so reminiscent of the original (how do you say 非常还原 in English lol) that Bitch-sensei seemed to have walked straight out of the manga. Bitch-sensei might appear like an easy and simple character who is always the butt of the class jokes, but one often forgets her history and the experiences that shaped her to be who she is. Kang effortlessly did this and more, making this character hers and switching between seductive, fiery, funny while still giving of the aura that her Bitch-sensei was a pro assassin who exudes danger with every move. #FemmeFatale


I had always liked Sato Naoki’s work, and he had a few good pieces that I enjoyed a lot in the AssClass anime. I didn’t know he was also in charge of the music for the live-action, but I was wondering throughout why it felt so like Sato’s work, until I saw his name in the credits. His compositions had this certain grand feel to them that was extremely suited for the scale present only in films, and his choice of instruments helped to build up the atmosphere. As always, Sato’s strength comes fully to the surface especially during emotional and majestic scenes.


Come for the plot, stay for the actors and effects. 'Nuff said. :P I recommend that you first watch the movie, then the anime, and read the manga last for optimum experience.

Fangirl section (ignore if you don’t like Karmana)

KARMA AND OKUDA (and Takebayashi) WORKING ON MATH TOGETHER AS REVISION. (that was the only obvious Karmanami interaction iirc. might be wrong tho.) ASDFGHJKL. Forgive my shipper heart.

A fanart of @skillshotlabs‘ Ren-senpai of Notice Me Senpai! :D I’ve been addicted to this game for months and I already have all the senpais! (ノ^∇^) Just waiting for all the CGs to be collected. I wish there’s a girl senpai version though XD I would be so happy (*≧▽≦)
Notice Me Senpai recently made an update to dress up the senpais, and I really like how Ren-senpai looks like in the bonnet! :D I’m planning to draw other senpais, if you play this game, who do you think I should draw next? :D (if I plan to continue illustrating them lol)

No Thank You!!! Review

Just finished playing No Thank You!!! in its entirety And…. I’m seriously blown away.

This game exceeded my expectations and caught me off guard. I’m going to be honest and say that I got this game just to show my support to show that there is a market for localized BL games. The initial synopsis of nty wasn’t that interesting to me and I’m not a fan of bara either. Now that I’ve played this game, I’m so so glad I gave this game a try, it was completely WORTH IT.

This is a non-spoiler review (well more of my thoughts just laid out there), but GO INTO THIS GAME WITHOUT KNOWING ANY SPOILERS. The plot twists are such a treat and I’ve been left with my mouth hanging open in shock several times while I played.

The game is extremely hilarious, mainly thanks to HARU. He had me laughing like crazy with his silly attitude and the things he said. I applaud his voice actor; he did a brilliant job and brought Haru to life in such a fantastic way. I fell in love with Haru’s personality and I adored his character.



Not gonna spoil, but the moment you reach your first true ending of your first route, it really makes you rethink the entire game. And after replaying the routes once you complete them unlocks extra scenes and POV scenes that show you a lot of things that are purposely not shown through your first playthrough of the route. And oh man, you’re in for a ride.

By the way, definitely follow the recommended route order of:
Hiroyuki - Maki - Kouichi - Ryu

Of course, there were a couple of things I personally didn’t like:

- There were way too many sex scenes.. normally people who play R-18 VNs don’t complain about this haha. I was fully aware that there were going to be a lot of sex scenes in this game and I’ve played other R-18 VNs before. At first, I didn’t mind them in nty and sometimes they did serve as plot points. But still, I eventually grew bored of it near the end. That’s most probably just me though, I guess I’m more into plot than sex.
- Which brings me to my next point where I wish more of the CGs contained the fight scenes or more plot-relevant; most of them were the sex scenes
- I would have liked to see more romance between Haru and the bachelor in question. Hiroshi’s route is the most romantic one. Ah well, they all end up caring for Haru in their own ways

Other than those nitpicky things, I really did enjoy this game. Play this game. Seriously, play it. Not only does it support the future of more BL games being localized, but it’s actually a very well made game that surprises you and makes you really think.

There’s a lot more than what meets the eye in this game and I LOVED that.

The above is non-spoiler. Aaand slight spoiler stuff down below, just some extra thoughts. Do not read the below before playing the game!

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LoGH 2017 Wish List
  • Doesn’t try to be a copy of the OVA
  • Keeps the art style and character designs realistic
  • No CG ships
  • All new main voice cast with some of the best of the best
  • Brings back those still active from the old cast to do new roles *cough*Norio Wakamoto*cough*
  • New ship/uniform designs that don’t look stupid
  • Mitsuru Miyamoto as Cazellnu 
  • Oberstein flashback/backstory
  • More screentime developing Yang and Greenhill’s relationship
  • More Greenhill screentime in general
  • More screentime for all the LoGH ladies
  • Makes Reinhard canonly bisexual
  • Uses at least some classical music, maybe during really important moments
  • At least one scene of Yang and a cat
  • Has made the most of the 5-6 years of development
Voltage CG Challenge

(plus the story behind them and why they are my favorites)
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Here’s the rules:
1. Cannot repeat the same guy (even if it is two different games)
2. Has to be from a route you have actually played


1. My lover is a PSD detective Seiji Goto Falling in Love Route
(Gawd choosing ONE Seiji CG was so hard!!! But I finally made my mind up) Instructor Seiji confess his love for his pupil on the platform of a train station after a visit to Kazuki’s grave. (at least it was not in front of the grave *sobs*)

2. Be My Princess 2 - First Anniversary Event
Ivan finally get time alone with MC and he takes off all her clothes while things are getting hot! Feeling shy, she says it’s not fair she’s the only one naked. So Ivan does what he has to do, he takes his clothes off too. What a sweetheart!

3. Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - Joshige - Eisuke Ichinomiya’s main route
First of all MC has eyes! She is wearing this beautiful backless gold dress Eisuke made her wear to accompany him to the casino. You see the high neck? It’s because Eisuke has a collar around her neck he put on her after he bought her (a GPS device to track her) and that dress hides it. Everything about this is so wrong. Any sane person would freak out if put in this situation but because it’s fiction and we know what Eisuke is like, I cannot help but like the way this smart, over confident man takes control. 

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Voltage updated the CGs for Scandal in the Spotlight:

Images Correction

In accordance with everyone’s wishes,
we have made a change to the images that are shown in the story and that you receive.

I guess that means all the CGs with the MC now show her as having eyes. (IMO it’s a good change, she looks cute.)

I only bought Kyohei’s routes, but I’m assuming that the CGs for Iori’s and Kota’s routes are changed too.

(I wish they’d do this with True Love Sweet Lies…)