wish there was an aqua tag

lesbianhozier  asked:

dat boi signifies the end of the meme recession he is meme jesus bringing back what once was great

hmmm imo as much as i would like to credit dat boi with ending The Meme Recession bc he is pure and good and i believe in him and wish him nothing but success….

i would actually argue “tag yourself” in january marked the end of the meme recession. based on what i’ve documented (i have a pretty comprehensive meme timeline going), january was a steady month for memeing following “tag yourself,” but february was even more active–the most active Meme Month since summer 2k15. 

it seemed like almost immediately after tag yourself, the Meme Dam broke and all the memes in the Meme Reserve spilled out. like that scene in fury road where Immortan Joe releases the aqua cola to the dehydrated and filthy masses, who begin to weep and scramble and fight each other in pursuit of fleeting relief from their suffering. except in this case, aqua cola is memes, and instead of purifying and cleansing us they only serve to make us filthier.

anonymous asked:

Send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the game going, make someone smile! (^ω^)

ay this one again :3 thank you so much to sent this to me, nonie-chan!  (◕‿◕✿) sure, i’ll do it right this time! but i’ll just play tag cuz i’m lazy to send one by one!

Oh no, only 10? O: I’m sorry but I have plenty name to tag! Cuz everyone who been talk to me or respond me are have their own wonderful blogs that I wish I could be like that too! They are all also a bunch of wonderful person in the wonderful fandom! 

@guacameowle @suzunesays @shedreamsfiction @viridian99 @akanojikan @rainbowatnight @kitty-kat-ty @dreamsinparadise @bloody-geisha @shioune @thedaydreamingotaku @manju-girl @aqua-pikachu @amigoingbananas @minminami @minty-fresh-otome @nikkihime @akechimitsuhidevevo @luxiditywastaken @mistakenmessenger @niakidanigara @singokumaiden @kureacollins @dreamfar628 @moonlight-nightingale @mioyaya @seagoddessmai @sugoileo @phoenix-kiyota @demon-princess-anastasia @quincette @bmp-slbp-matchup @piasa1 @ot-anime @shirokagami1910 @shigetsugu @lou-the-mudkip @listless-days @minty-fresh-otome

I hope they’re all smiling now as they get the notification of the tag no mater what kind of day they are having now! because even a little simple happiness always look gorgeous on you! C:

and i tag @ALLMYFOLLOWER! Have good day and smile beautifully!