wish the video was better quality


Hey, Meg here! I made a quick little video in response to @glythandra who asked about making shapes in photoshop! I go over the Shape Tool, Marquee Tool, and Brush. Thanks for the question! (Also you can find rectangles with rounded edges under the shape tool. Increase the radius to increase how rounded they are )


GUYS. I MADE THIS THING. ((also yes sorry for bad video quality. I honestly wish I could make it better but I made do with what I had i.e. a camera phone and a sister and some walls to prop things up on huhu)) BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Okay @ladylike-foxes and @shift-shaping this was a hard moment to extract into gif form!! Sorry for the fairly low quality - it’s a super quick moment and hard to get without Lavellan in the shot, so I had to crop it and slow it down which means adding frames and blah blah blah. Anyway here is Solas bobbing his head after being Fade-smooched as per your request ^_^


A number of people messaged me asking where this better previous gifset was from. It, as well as this one, is from the promo of a play Daveed did back in 2007 at the SF Playhouse called Six Degrees of Separation.

That play also gave us a summary that includes this: “When Ouisa goes to wake Paul [Daveed Diggs] the next morning, she surprises him [while] in the act of receiving oral sex from a male prostitute.”

As well as this magical photo:

(I know what I’ll be doing with my time machine…)