wish the video was better quality


Stephanie tries to teach Robbie the bing bang dance!

Christmas Luminous.

I wasn’t going to draw a pic or write anything for Christmas though I had a rough idea (as I’ve missed it) but I listened to ニブンノイチ and 「THE LAST ONE」 and felt things working out.

I wish I could draw the picture better, but I’m really rusty, so I apologize for that. I hope that despite the poor quality, it is enjoyable. Thank you.

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I’m making a video for Brittany’s birthday, and if you want to be a part of it, follow the instructions below:
Send a video of you saying these things:
- Your name (first name only PLEASE)
- Your country or state
These are optional:
- Wish her happy birthday
- Why you are a fan of hers
- How she has impacted your life
- What you want to do with her if you got to hang out
- If you’ve met her, where and when
- Whatever you’d like to thank her for
If you don’t want to make a video, just send anything else I wrote above
- HORIZONTAL videos/pictures only
- The higher quality video/picture, the better
- NO shoutouts
- Don’t be creepy
- Email to sendrickheads(@)gmail.com ASAP
Please don’t wait last minute.
Feel free to comment any questions or suggestions!
(Reblog to spread the word! She saw last year’s video!)