wish someone would notice

One day, I will fully accept that you can’t be mine.

Just wait. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #7


Thoughts Of The Signs
  • Aries: "I'm going to do this with or without you. I do not need you to show me how. I do not need you to watch me do it."
  • Taurus: "I can retract my kindness at any moment. I can make you sorry just as quickly as I can make you comfortable."
  • Gemini: "I just wish someone would believe me when I speak. Not everything I say is a joke. Not every game I play is in vain."
  • Cancer: "How about instead of complaining that I'm constantly moping, you give me a reason to stop moping?"
  • Leo: "There are times I feel like I should just stop speaking. I want to see who would honestly notice, or care."
  • Virgo: "I just wish someone would acknowledge my ideas. I want to feel important for more than two seconds. I want to be remembered."
  • Libra: "I want to show off those important to me. I want to tell everyone exactly what makes them special. I wish mere words could say it enough."
  • Scorpio: "People don't think I notice, but I do. I notice every slight change in behavior, right down to an odd blinking pattern."
  • Sagittarius: "You can either take me as I am or you can walk away. I'm not going to change my way of thinking to appease or align with your lifestyle."
  • Capricorn: "I will bulldoze anything that gets in my way. If it means I have to break a couple hearts on my way up, no problem. I'm not backing down."
  • Aquarius: "I don't have time to talk about it, I don't have energy to talk about it, and I don't have any seconds left to waste. Let's move on."
  • Pisces: "Just yesterday, it felt like everything was perfect. I know it's going to crumble to the ground. I know I destroy everything I touch. So I'm not expecting anything less."

Summary: You’re just ‘one of the guys’ aka: “not considered an option by the guys”. And it hurts. Especially when it comes to your friend and crush Steve Rogers.

Or, Where a drunk Steve tries to break into your room at an ungodly time of night.

Author’s note: I know this has been long overdue😭,

also thank you so so so much for all the support and feedback you guys have been giving me on my imagines, it means a lot.❤❤❤As always feedback is much appreciated!

Warnings: insecurities, language, Steve being a hot ass mess

Steve rogers is a ladies man.

Well kind of a ladies man…The ladies came to him, he didn’t come to the ladies.

Two years ago you helped put the Avengers team back together and then joined it.

Three months after joining the team you realized you had a crush on Steve Rogers.

Nine months later you were in love with him.

A year ago Steve dated Sharon Carter for four months. And has been a ladies man  ever since.

“Damn he’s making a second round already?” Sam mutters under his breath. Bucky muffles a snort. You’re sitting at the kitchen countertop on a tall stool with Bucky and Sam on either side of you. The three of you are currently watching Candice “just call me Candy” Martin run her glossy pink nails up and down Steve’s arm. Steve’s blushing, but he doesn’t stop her. That’s the thing about Steve. He never makes the first move. The girls come on to him and he just blushes in that adorable Steve Rogers way of his and allows it to happen. Then he asks them out and of course they accept- he’s Captain America. You never knew women to be so forward until you had met Steve. They competed with each other for his attention and seemed to relish it.

First there was Candice Martin, the pretty pale and freckled redheaded agent.

Then Freja Hosk, the tall intimidatingly beautiful, Swedish ice blond medic.

Then Paisley Fisk, the gorgeous SHEILD scientist, blessed with flawless dark skin, deep dimples, plush full lips, and waist length braids.

After her there was Biyu Zhou the stunning Chinese agent, graced with an amazing body and a pretty face that always seemed to be flirting with you.

And these were the ones that Steve went on multiple dates with. There was no counting the amount of women he’d only gone out with one time. He’d seemed to have gone through the whole building.

Now it seemed to be back to Candice. You watch Candice give Steve’s arm a lingering squeeze before leaving the kitchen. Your heart twists and you look down at your cereal. You hate feeling this way. Especially for someone who would never feel the same way about you. You and Steve are close friends; you could even call him your best friend, after Sam. But to him you’re just one of the guys.

‘One of the guys’ ….you hate that expression. Because it’s always described you.

You’re not even lucky enough to be one of those cool ‘one of the guys’ girls, the ones that understand men and eventually have one of their guy friends falling for them. No. You’re just one of the guys because guys don’t even consider you a sexual option.

Steve calls you ‘buddy’ for pete’s sake.

Steve wanders over to the kitchen counter and pulls up a stool next to Bucky.

“Let me guess, hot date this Friday?” Sam asks.

“Yeah” Steve answers, stealing a blueberry from Bucky’s plate. Bucky halfheartedly swats Steve’s hand away.

“Man even I wasn’t getting this much action in my heyday,” Bucky chuckles. He reaches out and thumps Steve on the back. “Who woudda thought that Stevie turned out to be the biggest lady killer of ‘em all”

Steve shakes his head, and swipes Bucky’s coffee mug, draining it in one gulp. Amid Bucky’s protests Tony walks into the kitchen. His hair is sticking in all different directions and he has that crazy ‘I haven’t slept in 24 hours’ look in his eye. For about a week him and Banner have been hole-ing themselves in the lab with a few choice SHEILD scientists working on some secret ‘important project’.

“Rough night Tony?” Sam asks.

“Yeah,” Tony walks over to the other counter and pours himself a cup of coffee. “And not the good type of rough either.”

“But, even genius comes out of my roadblocks.” Tony sighs holding his mug in his hands and inhaling the coffee’s aroma .

“So you finally finished the project?” you ask.

“Nope.” Tony answers “But while I was trying to work on the project I got to thinking about Cap’s problem…well one of his many problems.” Tony chuckles to himself at his, and pulls something out of his pocket and tosses it at Steve. “And of course being the humanitarian I am, I solved it.”

“What’s this?” Steve turns what looks like a silver flask over in his hands.

“Next time you want to relax, try cracking this open with ice princess over here on a Saturday night. If it works properly you two finally won’t be the only sober ones on our poker nights.”

“Uh, thanks Tony,” Steve says hesitantly, tucking the flask away, but you know he’s happy. Steve’s confided in you many times that he wishes he just could let go, just not think about the fate of the world or what everyone wants him to be for once. He smiles at Tony and Tony flashes a smile back.

“No problem.” He downs the rest of his coffee and pops a piece of chewing gum. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m supposed to get brunch with Ms. Paisley Fisk,” Tony’s grin stretches from ear to ear.

“Never seen you so excited about brunch Tony,” You observe, taking a bite of your cereal.

“Brunch? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about brunch. Now Paisley Fisk on the other hand…?” He gives a low whistle “I mean have you seen her?….And have you seen those knocke-”

You roll your eyes “Alright Tony, we get that you’re a dog. Move along” You interrupt him. Tony smirks and heads out the door.

“Did he just lick his lips?” You ask, but Sam’s too busy collecting the dirty dishes and Steve and Bucky are hunched together, probably discussing the flask, so you don’t get an answer. You sigh and head out, deciding to get some paperwork and training in so you don’t just lounge around all day. As you head down the hallway, a thought strikes you. Not once has Tony Stark, the famous playboy who would flirt with anything female with a pulse, flirted with you. Not one sly remark, cheesy pickup line or cheeky comment.

Damn I really must be ugly’ you think to yourself.  Heavy footsteps jogging behind you interrupt your thoughts.

“Hey,” Steve says catching up to you, giving you that dazzling smile of his.

“Hey” you respond, smiling back.

“We still on for movie night?” he asks

“Of course, I have three picked for you today,”

“Are the going to be as bad as the last ones?” Steve rolls his eyes.

You gasp in mock horror. “Steve Rogers. My movie choices aren’t bad.”

Steve pretends to think “Okay maybe one of them wasn’t bad.” You guys reach the training room. You push open the glass doors and enter.

“Was it the one that made you cry?”

Steve wraps his arms around your waist, effortlessly pulling you off the ground. He starts to muss up your hair. “Take that back! I just had something in my eye.”

“No! I’m telling the truth!” you screech, laughing. Steve starts to tickle you and you squirm. “Stop! Put me down!”

“Oh okay,” he says and makes as if to drop you, making you screech and cling to him. Your stomach hurts from laughing.

“Steve?” A high pitched voice cuts through your happy haze. It’s Candice “Could you spar with me a bit?” Steve puts you down, and you prepare to mask your expression, to smile and say you’ll catch him later, but when you look up he’s already walked away.

That Friday night starts out as usual. You hole yourself up in your room so you don’t have to see Steve getting ready to pick up Candice for their date. But today you don’t even have Sam to keep you from slipping into sadness because he’s out with his girl tonight too.

So you sit and stew .

Listen to sad music and cry.

Watch a sad movie that make your heart hurt.

Eat pizza and ice-cream and stew.

Look at pictures of Steve on your phone.

Zoom in on his biceps and cry.

And then you start thinking about how Candice is probably running her fingers through Steve’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing him. He’s probably wrapping his arms around her waist, and then you start thinking about how he’ll never touch you like that- he’ll never want to touch you like that. How nobody ever does- and then you decide it’s time to put yourself to bed.

 But you just lay in the dark staring up at the ceiling, thinking about all the beautiful women he’s dated and start comparing yourself.  You wish you could be pretty like them. Take their beauty and wear it like a mask- after all how else would  anyone ever notice you? You wish for once someone would see you, actually see the whole you and want you.

Just as your eyes are about to start watering your door shakes. It sounds like someone’s trying to break in. Reacting quickly, you grab your pistol from your dresser and approach the door. The door handle continues to jiggle.

Your mind boggles at who it could be, after all, what intruder would be this loud? And the compound is practically impenetrable, how would they have not set off any alarms? Still, your heart rate rises as you look through the peephole. When you spy a familiar head of blonde hair you huff and put away your pistol and open the door.

“Steve? Wha-“ Steve barrels past you, flicking on the lights and kicking off his shoes. He sways slightly, and turns towards you. You catch the strong scent of something then, like alcohol, but slightly off. He says your name, surprised.

“Wha-wha are ya doing in my room?” He says

“Steve this isn’t-“ you start, but Steve walks up to you and puts a finger to your lips.

“Shh- iss okay, ya can stay” he slurs slightly, and sits on your bed.

“Steve are you drunk?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest.

Steve giggles “Ya, To-nyyy’s stuff actually worked” he sing-songs Tony’s name. “I feel great” He says laying back.

You hold back a smile, and then a terrible thought crosses your mind. “Steve, where’s Bucky?”

“Oh don’t worry, old Buck’s in his room. Out lika light” Steve snorts “Lightweight.”

You shake your head, wondering what you’re going to do with him, when the sound of movement on the bed makes you look up. Steve’s already stripped off his shirt and is working on his pants. You want to say something- you should stay something, but you’re too distracted by the flexing of his abdominals as he peels off his jeans.

“Steve” You hiss, you don’t think you can say much else. Not when every muscle in his body is standing out in sharp relief.

Steve looks up and smiles widely at you, patting the place next to him. Steve really must be gone. Normally he would be three shades of red if you even mentioned seeing him shirtless. You hesitate for a moment before crawling next to him.  He wraps a well muscled arm around you and pulls you close. It feels so nice you don’t even mind the stink of alcohol on his breath

“So” you scramble for something to say. “How was your date?”


“Oh really?” you ask. You decide to try to fish details out of him. “Candice is very beautiful”

“Yeah not really my type.” Steve snorts.

“Oh?” your fingers decide to do their own thing and start tracing the ridges in his forearm. “What’s you type then?”

Steve’s silent for such a long time you start to think he’s fallen asleep. But then his fingers grasp your face, squishing your cheeks together. He looks down at you, and his big blue eyes look like languid pools of water.

“You. This beautiful face of yours.” He replies. Your heart pounds and you will it to stop. He’s drunk. In the morning he won’t even look at you let alone want you.

“Stop playing Steve,” You turn and start scooting away.

“I’m noooot” he whines, and hooks an arm around you, pulling you to his chest. You try to squirm away but he’s got you in an iron grip “You’re so beautiful Y/n” His large calloused hand caresses your face sloppily.

“Oh really?” you say, trying to keep the bitterness out of your voice. “Why haven’t you said anything before?”

“’cause ya won’t let me.” You feel lips at press at the back of your neck, and you have to stop yourself from squeaking “Come’on y/n….just give me a chance… just one chance. I promise I won’t mess it up. I’ll tell ya that you’re beautiful every day…” He kisses your earlobe and sets your skin on fire “I’ll treat you right. I promiiisee. Why won’t you give me a chance?” his voice turns whiney again. He’s suddenly too close, too much and you squirm out of his embrace. He makes a hurt noise in the back of his throat and you hush him, turning off the lights.

“Let’s go to bed Steve.”

“Ooh I like the sound of that,”

“If you don’t shut up…” You snap, feeling your way to the bed. Once you’re under the covers Steve locks you in his embrace again, almost crushing you. You lay on his chest, his warmth enveloping you, your mind racing a mile a minute. Then Steve’s hand slides up your body and starts rubbing your back and you slip off into sleep.

When you wake up Steve’s gone. Your heart drops, but after laying in bed for a bit you decide to confront him. You pull on your favorite pair of high waisted jeans and an over-sized cropped sweater. You look at yourself in the mirror. ‘At least I can look good while getting rejected.’ You head into the kitchen and are greeted with the sight of a busted looking Bucky being served breakfast by Sam. You pause for a moment to scoop a muffin from the box on the counter and to admire the architecture of Bucky’s hair, half of which is standing straight up, the other half is at a 90 degree angle.

“So I take it Stark’s concoction worked?” Sam asks, arranging pancakes on a plate. Both of their backs are to you, Bucky sitting at the kitchen counter, Sam in front of the stove top.

“Yeah,” Bucky says, voice rough, “Who woudda thought Stark could make that good stuff?”

Sam chuckles “So you and Rogers have a good time last night?”

“Ya, well until Steve started getting whiney.” Bucky snorts.


“Buck, why doesn’t y/n like me? She’s so pretty Buck I can’t take it, why doesn’t she liiike me?” Bucky mocks Steve’s voice. “After that I decided to go bed. I get enough y/n talk when I’m sober.”

“Really?” Sam pries, and you smile, Sam knew about your little crush, and like a true friend was fishing for more information.

“Yeah, he’s such a wimp, I always tell him just to make a move-“ Bucky cuts him self off “Sam ya better not tell y/n about this…I swear”

Sam turns around, pancakes in hand “Don’t worry-“ He looks up and meets your gaze “I won’t have to” he laughs. Bucky looks up at Sam and then turns around. He groans.

“Y/n, how long have you been?- Actually nevamind, obviously  long enough. Just do me a favor and don’t tell Steve about this? He’s an absolute madman when it comes to you….” Bucky grumbles, pulling his hood over his head.

“a… madman?” You ask walking up to the counter.

Bucky snorts. “Yeah he practically beat Stark’s ass after he overhead him saying something slick ‘bout ya.”

You lock eyes with Sam. “Go get him tiger.” Sam smiles at you. You wipe your palms on your jeans and turn to head out.

“Word ta the wise, check the roof.” Bucky calls out after you.

You find Steve sitting on the roof, staring off into the distance. His hair is still messy but he’s wearing a clean white button down shirt, and tan pants with those suspenders you always secretly find adorable on him.

“Steve?” you call out hesitantly “Can we talk?”

Steve’s head whips around and his eyes widen. He then massages his temples with a groan. He must be suffering from quite the hangover.

“You don’t have to say it y/n, let’s just forget last night ever happened.” Your heart beats faster and you gather up the last of your courage before it completely slips away.

“Steve-what you said…did you mean it?”

Steve groans again, dropping his head into his hands.

Yes.” He says quietly.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me Steve?”

“Why should I have?” he gives a defeated chuckle. “Ya already rejected me,”

“What?” Your mouth drops in disbelief and you walk up and stand next to Steve, looking down at him “When? When did you even ask me out?”

Steve looks up at you “What do you mean? I tried after every upstate training session.”

Your eyes squint as you think back. A little over a year ago the team met upstate for a four days to train at this specialized facility and test out new weapons. You think back some more.

“You just asked me to ‘hang out’ after those sessions.” You say incredulously, “Not on a date”

“But that’s how people date nowadays.” Steve looks confused.

You laugh “No, not really. And anyways after those training sessions I was so  disgusting that the last thing I wanted to do was go get ice-cream and marinate in my own sweat  for a few hours”

“But all tha other girls took ‘hanging out’ ta mean a date” Steve looks even more confused.

“I guess nowadays ‘hanging out’ can imply a date, but most of the time it still just means hanging out. At least to me” you mutter the last part “Where’d you get this idea from anyway?”

Steve’s ears turn pink “Uh Bucky”

You eyes practically roll out of your head “Steve! You know he only thing Bucky knows about dating is from those stupid teen drama shows he’s obsessed with.”

Steve’s face turns bright red “I’ll have ya know Bucky was quite good with the ladies.”

You can’t help but to burst out laughing. After you calm down you sit down next to Steve. “You going to Bucky for advice on dating is like the blind leading the blind”

Steve chuckles, wiping a hand down his face. After a moment you pause.

“Steve, why’d you practically date the whole building instead of just telling me.”

“I dunno. I guess I just thought you’d already rejected me so I didn’t want to push the issue, and still wanted to be your friend. So I just thought I’d try to find someone else…” he turns his head and looks at you “But damn it Y/n it’s impossible to find someone who even comes close to ya…” His gaze takes your breath away so it takes a moment for you to respond.

“I guess that’s a good thing then…cause I feel the same way about you.”


“Yeah” you laugh and you feel like you’re flying because all the baggage, all the pain is starting to unload. “And if you hadn’t been so dumb and listened to Bucky you would have known a long time ago.”

Steve smiles widely and wraps an arm around you, the other hand caressing your face.

“So. You wanna go on a date with me?”

“Yeah” You pretend to consider it, and then lay your head on his shoulder “Sounds a lot better then just hanging out.”







Scenario: This guy sitting behind me on the bus was harassing me and when you got on you came up, took the seat next to me and said “Hey sweetie, Mom wants to know when and where you want to meet them for dinner. I was thinking the diner down the road from us”
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,848
Author’s Note: I remember an anon asking me about Jimin stories, so I figured it was about time I got around to that. This may or may not be based on personal experience when I went to university in the city.


Public transportation, as it turns out, is the bane of your existence. You’d think that for someone who has undergone 2 years of the same routine, of keeping to yourself with your ear buds and notebooks and eyes glued to your phone screen for a majority of the ride into downtown, you would have gained a better hand in not attracting too much attention to yourself.

However, the hard jab into the back of your shoulder blades makes you almost think how much safer you’d feel if you had just decided to drive to school—sure, it may cost more and traffic sucks sometimes and driving in it of itself is so exhausting sometimes, but you wouldn’t have to—!

The voice starts as a murmur, drowned out by the steady beat of music ringing in your ears, and you think you might be able to ignore the man entirely before the jab comes back and actually hurts to the nature in which it’s right against a nerve. You flinch slightly upon contact, jerking away from the touch as you become reminded of your slight repulsion of physical touch—especially from people you don’t know very well.

Craning to look over your shoulder, you find yourself coming face-to-face with a man much older than you, his beady eyes giving off intentions for prying on individuals much younger than himself—who eyes you with so much possession that it makes your stomach churn. His gaze holds an expectancy that you wish to ignore, but are unable to do so now that you’ve given him some of your attention.

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I don’t think I can balance the scale, you give me so much yet I give you little. You deserve everything while I deserve nothing.
—  You are light and I am darkness. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #58
The instinctive subtypes as I understand them

My attempt to consolidate what I’ve read in a way that filters/presents actual data without forcing them to fit it inso hamfisted, tortured shemes or concepts & to synthesize something from at times not all that concordant sources & illustrate descriptively where the differences are; I’m not under the illusion that I don’t have a PoV, but I can try.

Basically ppl initially theorized that each of the instincts would produce similar suptypes, but while they have certain similarities (ie, sp/sx being invested in their interests, sx/soc startng personal conversations with everyone… my mom somehow extracted a particular cashier’s entire family history), the ‘state of the art’ is that each type can present quite differently when filtered through one’s instincts, which fasciatingly illustrate how the self awareness/willpower, complex cognition, raw emotions & your instinctually driven brainstem all sit on top of each other and sorta form a whole.

In some types the subtypes can be fairly similar, in others they can be extremely different, especially when they go bad…

sp 1 - Someone who wants to be right/good/super-ego compliant when it comes to their own affairs and their everyday life; Might have a perfectionistic approach to their own work & behavior or even living space (keep it neat & presentable etc.) and/or turn it inward in an anxious way to the point of obsessive tendencies.  Might be cordial or, if healthy, even warm to others, not so much showing the cold or hot zeal you’d find in the other subtypes.

soc 1 - Has a colder, teacher-like demeanor; Most intellectual 1 especially with a 9 wing.  This is the “nitpicky” one the stereotypes are loosely based on, basically a person who wants things to be done right in society, wether it is the country at large, their workplace or their friend group, and be measured & controlled in their interactions with others.

sx 1 - Wants to spread in a ‘dialogue’ setting; Most likely to openly display anger, the type of person to be outraged at all the injustice in the world. Unhealthy individual might be a moral watchdog/ white knight/Nosy Neighbor projecting their own rejected impulses onto others or perpetate institutional/religious abuse, often having a “why not” approach to hypocritically fulfilling their desires on the side in the process of decrying others out of a twisted envy for their (”I repress my desires so everyone else should, too, even though it’s my cjoice to begin with”); Healthy individual would fight for actual good causes and be an uncorruptible whistleblower making sure society stays fair.

sp 2 - Quite different from the stereotype, this subtype hopes to make themselves loveable with a childlike, innocent/endearing demeanor. Might expect to be taken care of & act spoiled & entled; Sort of project more ‘static’ good attributes to attract the love & care of others & might feel they have to keep their attention/entertain them somehow to not be overlooked.   Healthier individuals will be sweet, charming & caring and provide for their loved ones with material/well-being related favors.

soc 2 - The “Charity Worker” or “Mom friend” sort of person. While the previous subtype acts overly childlike, this one is overly adult & wants to be in the role of the caretaker while perhaps overlooking their own needs/ fill an important/helpful/indespensable role for a larger whole of people, perhaps an organization - for that reason this subtype can actually be ambitious & leaderlike to get an important position (and/or help a lot of people).  Can get meddlesome,  histrionic, dramatic (”You all don’t appreciate my efforts!”) and/or develop psychosomatic problems when unhealthy.

sx 2 - The closest to the stereotypical version; The sort of person who always needs to have someone to focus on/  (best friend, boy/girlfriend, children…) really can’t stand being alone. Unhealthy individuals might end up on the manipulative or codependent side, more functional ones will be giving & generous toward their loved ones.

sp 3 - The “Businessperson” Markedly different in that while they might still be braggarts, they’re not overtly flashy and might even disdain flashyness & rather play up their no-frills, pragmatic qualities; Projects an image of ‘being able to care for themselves completely’ & not needing anyone (”I didn’t take no free handouts from no one”) which might manifest as being very sucessful, ambitious & industrious, and, in the best case, inspirational, adaptive & preseverant with a “can do” attitude; Most focus on self-improvement.

soc 3 - Now here’s where the flashy is at; This is the commonly known version. Might be interested in fame & popularity or at least adoration in their circle, comes with a lot of “aura” around them, less enlightened individuals might tend toward the fake, shallow & grandiose, but in the more self-aware ones we find confident public self-love & ppl wo are very good at making an impact on others & making their dreams come true.

sx 3 - Also fairly different but accounts for a lot of em, for example, I was surprised to learn that 3 is the 2nd most common type among ESFJs, and sure there might be some enterpreneurial or flashy ones but they’re not what we most commonly think about… but that was before I got this info. This subtype will present as attractive according to the values present around them, maybe the gender norms,  they’ll try to have the perfect friends & family & partner, perfect house etc the stuff the magazines recomend to be liked & admired but more admiration by the ppl immediately around you than society at large; Might still make a good actress or star tho but in a different way.  Though all 3s are usually on the more extroverted side or at least very good at social maneuvering, it’s the least pronounced in this subtype and some can even be a little shy, maybe worrying if they measure up to what they feel society expects from them; As with all 3s getting an understanding about which wants & goals are truly theirs, being transparent about those and knowing that they’re valuable just for being people probably helps.

sp 4 - These are complex, apparently. I’m not sure f it depends on the wing, the exact stacking or simply how life has treated them, but these tend to fall into two categories; Their similarity is that they tend to deal with their feelings/uffering more by themselves, and might be kinda torn between wanting to take care of their shit by themselves but also lowkey wishing someone would notice, which they might deny or be embarassed about; Also they might use physical possesions/decorations as a means of self-espression but be detached of non-symbolic possesions.

Some of them might present as relatively sunny & quirky, with an undercurrent of melancholy there, the sort to try to keep up a smile and lament about the mishaps in their daily lives and self-console themselves with some chocolate or scented baths or other material things.

The others will do the “enduring it by themselves” more through projecting toughness (and might be easily mistaken for 6s or 8s.) sort of like this type of anime character who’s a tough, cold adult woman that is all embittered because of some sad backstory; In the extreme of that you get a risk-taking, vagabond–like person.

For whatever it’s worth, as a sp-first person with a w4 and secondary 4 fix, I’d say I have traits of both; It depends on which mood you catch me in.

soc 4 - Probably the ones that could be said to most overtly display shame; They’re also fairly different depending on their functionality level, less functonal ones will often compare themselves t others & find themselves lacking/ have low self-esteem and might (ironically) be the most socially anxious and/or avoidant and reclusive.

In the medium range some of them can be involved with subcultures (goth, hispter, punk, what-have-you) as a way to reconcile the opposing impulses of seeing themselves as disparate from the larger society but still wanting to belong to a group.

At their best they often become savy critics of society & will try to help keep society staying true to authentic ideals or make it better.

sx 4 - The 4 classic. Better characterized as a refusal to feel shame for who they are and perhaps a kind of resentment over their lot in life; Attitude of having been personally wronged. Dramatic & possibly competitive (especially with 3 wing), might be very critical of themselves and others & lament the unfairness of their situation, in extreme cases to to the point of vindictiveness, errecting an arrogant superior veneer or misanthropy (”I hate (normal) people.”)/ feel that others have it easier/get more attention than they deserve & be resentful over that;

Might be tempestous, intense & feel personally wronged, be moody or sullen & just generally have a lot of feelings.

As their best they’ll be uncompromisingsy idealistic & integrous and will turn their high standards toward being their best possible selves & doing the best possible work, generally very creative folks and care a lot about making sure everyone’s treated with respect & fairness despite their differences/ might want to help others also become their best possible selves & generally stand up

In searching partnerships they might run into the problem that they have very high standards and might not find someone who meets them or become disillusioned when their partners don’t live up to their ideals; Also I’ve read somewhere that they have the minor quirk of often staying friends with their exes.

It is to be noted that these usually start out as those super sweet  sensisitive, imaginaive children before middle school/[any random stressor]  happens to them and that a lucky few mantain/regain this in adulthood, but there’s always going to be a fierce, immediate quality to their individualism.

sp 5 - The ‘Hobbyist’ mostly spends all day with their own pursuit of their current obsessions; Introvert among introverts, autonomy & having their own space is very important (many chose to live alone or at least like to have their own area in the house, where they might keep personally significant or potentially useful stuff; Might be minimalistic. Or just quirky. Tends to really like the idea of “secret hiding places” & construct/stock a ‘lair’ that they won’t have to leave more often than necessary so they can follow their pursuits.  )

soc 5 - The most intellectual/detached & most uninterested in ‘everyday life’; often tries to fill the role of an ‘expert’ in society/a group & see that as somthing they have to ‘bring to the table/contrbute’; Often interested in symbolism or understanding how society works, the meanings behind great patterns, might have a tedency to admire people they agree with or find accomplished & be drawn toward groups of other ‘experts’. The most detached from small-scale everyday life. Less pleasant examples might be stuck-up & elist.

sx 5 - Least outright ‘academic’ and kinda more dreamy with more of a ‘natural’ curiosity a rich inner life & artsy inclinations, might dream of best friends and/or lovers but not be as good at realizing it IRL because of their withdrawn nature.

Could be mistaken for a non-sx-4 or  sx 9 but distinguished by the sharing of thoughts & information as  a point of appeal; Want to share thir own secret world with the person & have their thoughts be understood.

While individuals without sx in their stacking/in the last spot might want a partner who’s not too demanding & uncomplicated to live with, (if they’re interested in finding one at all), folks with a more pronounced sx insticts will look for friends &/or partners they can have an intellectual exchange with. (Or at least phantasize about finding them)

sp 6 - The “warm/cute” variant of 6. Looks endearing, kind & harmless so others will trust them, wants to be part of gropus in their local surroundings - family, community etc so less system-oriented, or rather working for the system in their immediate surroundings. Tedentially the most phobic/ compliant variant; Under extreme stress, turns into anxious nervous wreck.

soc 6 - Most intellectual, outright ‘mental’ and system-oriented variant, will seek to understand the rules that govern society, most sceptical, keeps authority in check, can be a sort of beaurocratic legaliatic person or a dutyfull whistlblower. Examples which go bad can become conspiracy theorists or outright paranoid.

sx 6 - The ‘warrior’/’punk’/’rebel’, most counterphobic & reactionary of the subtypes, most rebellious, sort of sublimates energy, the interpersonal “testing” behavior is probably most overt here. The sx drive toward making a direct impact on the people you regularly interact with comes out as wanting to have a tough, intimidating effect of people, to have them respect (and therefore not coss/harm/betray) you. Can be mistaken for 8 but while these are more ‘lone fighters’ or ‘ringleades’, & just want others not to cross them, the 6 will react more to perceived infractions into their ‘territory’ and rely on strenght in numbers where the 8 is adversrial & independent.

Can be real badass & stand up against unjust authorities/ actually get trusted & respected, but also become complete fanatists at worst.  

sp 7 - The ‘Hedonistic ‘Pragmatist’: Focussed toward getting their physical needs met and seeks physical/material pleasure. While some name the soc 7 as the ‘countertype’ I personally think the sp 7 is one that has the marked difference to the others: While other 7s will be idealistic and can be naive, this one is instead pragmatic, materialistic,  realistic & wordly quite unlike the ‘scattered, unfocussed, pixie dream girl’ 7 stereotype.

Can be a good business person, extroverted yet discernin nature helps to form  & secure & formaliances, and be pretty assertive and enterpreneurial, even agressive.

Less functional examples are at real risk for addictions (with or without substances involved) & can be pretty selfish & ruthless as they see much of the world as commodities to cosume and might lose sight of everything but ensuring their own material comfort.

soc 7 - Wants to make “the most of their time” in the sense of interacting with/ contributing to larger society and ‘doing worthwhile things’; Your classic ‘benevolent adventurer’, might travel the world with their friends and/or become a activist/ work toward noble causes, have a self-sacrificing bent. Probably the subtype where the ‘overplanning’ problem can be most apparent.

Maybe because the soc instinct’s drive to focus on the group and the fear to lose your own hapiness are more likely to conflict, this is the subtype where the inner anxiety can be the most prominent/ closest to the surface, especially with a 6 wing. Because of all this, can be mistaken for social 2, but ephasis, motivations & reactions will be subtly different as they’re not so much about earning the direct grattitude of others .

sx 7 - Seeks mainly intense experiences & connections to others and as such can be adventurous & very novelty-seeking. Often has a certain  ‘manic creativity’ to them, probably embodies the ‘positive’/’optimistic’ aspect of the 7 the most. Can be very dreamy, idealistic & energetic. Partnership wise, they might be very romantic & look for the one ideal person. 

Also adventurous, can have a tendency to be impressed by/aprreciate/ be excited about all the new cool things they encounter/people they meet.

One common downside is that these individuals can be a bit on the naive/ suggestible side, at least in their youth, and might end up inadvertedly sabotaging their relationships with their tendentially scattered nature. 

On the lower health levels, there can be actual manic tendencies, and increasing inability to control one’s emotions

Can occasionally be mistaken for a 4, especially with 4 fix.

sp 8 - The ‘tough lone fighter’ sort of 8; A bit like a sp 3, they’re going to want to show that they can take care of themselves and some might express this though securing material wealth, though the independence will be more pronounced, wating others to get off their case & respect their boundaries more than to make an impression on them like the 3 or ‘be the boss’ like the other subtypes (though they might still fill the boss role to get shit done/ not tolerate disrespect/just by virtue of acting dominant)

These are typically very self-governed ppl who don’t listen to or rely much on others and follow their own judgement, sometimes to the point of an ubermensch mentality. (not necessarily a bad thing depending on what their values happen to be, they could fall anywhere between honest, fortright & & following their own justice without yielding to outside pressure/hypocricy, or self-servingly amoral) One particular quirk/traits is that they will often act idependently/ “just go and do something” without referring to other authorities especially if it’s something related to getting what they need; In some cases this can lead to ruthlessness. 

soc 8 - The ‘ringleader/gangboss’ sort of 8, where the adversarial, jungle-survival-y attitude of the 8 gets projected onto their peer group & the strenght/ filling of the ‘strong’ role is lived in part through taking others under their wing. 

The worst example would be that one archetypical short guy leadin a band of bullies, flanked by two taller musclier cp6s. Or they could be muscly themselves, it’s the ‘ganboss/armed-with-a-posse’ part that’s the point. Exertion of power/intimidation through having a group as your asset. Other pitfalls can be black & white thinking where the ‘them’ group is seen as practically a caricature, ie basically mob mentality. (Donald Trump anyone?)

The best of them is pretty much the exact opposite, someone who protects & forms a band for the downtrodden. more the sort of person who’d kick a bully’s ass and offer the bully-ee to check out their friend group & empower them to be more confident; Of course part of that involves allowing themselves to feel tenderness for their friends (and indirectly, for themselves) & feel for their troubles. 

sx 8 - More geared toward projecting strenght & self-ruled-ness in terms of direct interpersonal impact, this is going to be a person with an impressive commanding and/or tough aura; Often someone you have to respect even i you don’t agree with them, a ‘charismatic/magnetic leader’ (more sx/soc) or intense rebel (more sx/sp) sort of person. 

Unhealthy individuals can have a volatile temper and be possesive, controling partners, though those are ppl shooting themselves in the foot due to their inability to fully trust others; Actually they’re the most at home in a ‘Lady & Knight’ sort of dynamic and a well-developed individual will be very comitted & devoted to their partner. 

While 8s with less pronounced sx instincts might look for a ‘worthy opponent’ type partner who is also impressive & idependent, this subtype especially is all about trust & look for someone who will be completely loyal & trusts their decisions & might even have self-awareness to recognize that that is because that makes them feel safe themselves. 

They take betrayal really badly (though most 8s do); At the very best they’ll wash their hands of you. Doesn’t help that many 8s are types with absent/polR or inferior Fi. This is not a place where you wanna poke them. 

sp 9 - An earthy creature of habit sort of person, whose means of ‘tuning out’ in times of stress will tend to be everyday/material comforts like food, watching TV etc.  Grounded, calm and patient. Though 9s generally tend to be your typical phlegmatic temperament/‘people-oriented introverts’, this subtype is the most likely to require frequent alone time. Has their own way of doing things and will put up resistance when asked to change their habits.

Tends to be humble & content with their peaceful everyday life but can be inflexible. 

soc 9 - This one can be a bit harder to identify because they might not look all that ‘passive’ at first, in fact, they can be quite hard-working, maybe a combined effect of the 9s identification with/reliance on he larger complete system/environment, and the soc instinct’s ability to really comprehend/grasp that ‘evironment’ and its constituents as more than a vague mass, thus the tendency to want to actively contribute to its continued existence & stability, but unlike, say, a 1 or 3 they will do this in a very self-effacing manner; 

In the worst case there’s where you find the ‘deadened office drone’ variety of disfunctional nine.

sx 9 - The most ‘dreamy’ nine where the ‘epic inner fantasy’ life is the most pronounced; ‘Idealized Identification with the environment’ will be more bound to particular people though the person themselves might not even be aware how much their idea of themselves & their lives is anchored in those people. he main point of synergy between the instinct and the type is a desire for unification so it’s not usual to find these ppl as nature-lovers, spiritual types, or just, looking for a deeper/ideal form of ‘peace’. 

Though with a ostly internal coping mechanism less functional examples can look apathetic & escapistic.

(Corrections always appreciated)

The City Hall Affair.  Role Reversal AU. For Red Queen Week.

*Gruff promo voiceover narrating over catchy theme, smoothly transitioning scenes and serpentine titles flying across the screen.*

Mayor Lucas. She is without a doubt the top dog in Storybrooke. Keeping the small town in an iron grip concealed in velvet, and dispatching opponents with beastly efficiency. Always proper and intimidating, untouchable, above the masses. That reputation suddenly is blemished when a rumor about an alleged affair sweeps through the town.

Regina Mills. She is the owner of a local diner. Opinionated and free spirited, uncaring of the usual, suffocating social norms, she’s always dressed to kill and sharp-tongued. The rumor mill surrounding her and presumption of a torrid life she leads in the eyes of the townsfolk only serves to amuse her.

The curious thing about the small towns is, even though the gossip flies wild, and not many seriously believe half of it, some of what is being whispered is actually true.

How will the two women deal with the fact that their secret affair had become more than either bargained for when feelings develop? That is the explosive question. As is what Regina will do when a young boy shows up at her door claiming to be the son she gave up at birth.

To find out this and more, tune in to The City Hall Affair! Airing next Friday at 6PM! On ABC.

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Pairing: Sirius x Reader
Warnings: none really, fluff???kinda sortha????idk
Request:  Sirius black x reader where you don’t know he’s an animagus so you spill you secrets to a “mysterious” dog that follows you around. You tell the dog that you’re in love with Sirius (Sirius is in love with you too) and that you don’t think he feels the same. End it with fluff?
A/N: this took way too long orz. hope you still enjoy this…whatever this is oml


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C: Sometimes I hate being tall and plus sized. I’m attracted to tall guys and I’m always told I should lower my standards and date someone short just because of my height and size, but my sisters and friends are mostly short or tall and skinny and are constantly told to higher theirs. Sometimes I feel like I’m told to lower my standards because I’m ugly or fat because no one that I like will actually like me back and when they do I’m always the side chick or the person they don’t want to be seen in public with. I know I’m beautiful inside and out but I wish someone else would notice it too. I have potential but why can’t men see it?

Notice Me

I’m a quiet person. By that I mean choose to be silent. It isn’t out of shyness or some form of social anxiety, I simply have always been quiet and never speak unless spoken to. I like it that way, it lets me play the part of the observer. I enjoy quietly watching the world and the people that inhabit it, I notice the most interesting of things.

There are times when I wish I was more talkative, or that people would actually take note of me more so I had the chance to speak. There’s someone in particular I’ve always wished would notice me, but I barely seem to be a blip on their radar.

Why would I be? I’m nothing, nobody. Someone most don’t even look twice at. I’m used to it, but it doesn’t stop it from being even the slightest bit painful. Especially when sometimes I finally feel like they’ve seen me.

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Younger Self - Derek Hale

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Summary: reader is being bullied at school and having issues with the pack when derek gets turned into his younger self. kate comes and plays at her insecurities and derek agrees – older derek comes back to tell reader how he really feels.

Word Count: 1367

Warnings: MENTIONS OF DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY (POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING)/this is unedited bc i didn’t have patience…

You hated going anywhere these days: just the thought of going to school made you sick. The bullying had gotten so much worse and you weren’t sure why. Maybe it was because your best friends were Scott and Stiles and the hyperactive spazz got you a weird reputation? That couldn’t be it because Scott didn’t get made fun of. The the that people seemed to constantly poke fun at was your weight. It was always something you struggled with but when Lydia took you under her wing when Scott added you to the pack it only seemed like someone to compare you two. You loved her to death but hanging out with the beautiful girls of the pack made the other girls at school laugh.

“Lydia sweetie, why hang out with her?” you heard someone mutter one day earning an awkward chuckle from Lydia before walking away.

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Little things~

Pairing: Jack frost x Reader, platonic ig. Can be interpreted as romantic.

Warnings: None

Type: One shot, fluff

Word count: 1673

No spoilers. I wrote this last year and I guess I’ll publish it since there’s never much for Jack Frost.

One barefoot in front of the other, walking aimlessly was how Jack’s eternal life went by. The snow storms and the delicate flakes of snow were all he had for company.

Tip toe, creep and sneak.

He jumped from one telephone line to the other, his hood pulled up to cover his pale face. Golden streaks illuminated the sky as children’s dreams came alive. A small but tender smile appeared on the winter spirits face as he dipped his long slender finger into the dreamy mix.

A good humoured unicorn stepped out and circled him before trotting off; however not before giving him a small nod and an inaudible bray.

Shoving his hands back into his hoodie pocket, he continued balancing and walking, looking around in the small hope someone would notice his presence. Quite a futile wish that was though.

No one for the past 300 years had even looked at his direction, it was a fleeting hope someone would spot him now.

He passed rows of houses, all meager and symmetrical. Most of the lights were out, but one wasn’t.

“That’s strange. There’s usually no one up at this time.” He thought as he came closer.
It was rather weird, as he was out strolling at well past 2am.

He moved in closer with a shrug. Not like who ever was in there would see him anyway. To his surprise there was no curtains, only a thin decorative net covering the pane.

Looking in he saw a girl. Around his physical age of 17. Reading.

Her forehead was creased up in concentration, her lips moved without a word coming from them and her eyes scanned the yellowing pages with unadultered interest.

His rich azure eyes scanned over her before looking at the book that lay on her lap. Tiny letters he couldn’t understand covered the page in small font. Eyebrows knitting together, he tried his hardest to make out what the words spelt out, but he just couldn’t.

He had never been taught how to read or write. Since back when he was born only people of a high wealth could even dream of going to school and learning. In his trance like state he didn’t notice her look up and stare at the window in wonder.

Only when he heard quiet scuffling and a knock on the glass, was when he realised the girl was looking at him.

He stared back, since she obviously was looking at something else. She couldn’t have seen him. Could she? Thoughts ran through his head quicker then lightning as she opened the window.

“Are you a bloody magician or something. How the fuck are you flying?” He was taken aback as her big doey eyes looked at him in wonder and amazement.

He looked behind him to see if there was anyone else she could be speaking to. When he saw no one there, he realised she had addressed him.

“Y-you can see me?” He stuttered meekly with a flabbergasted expression painting his face under the shadow of his hood.

“Well duh. Unless I shouldn’t be seeing you.” Her eyes narrowed at him and he held up his hands in defense.

“I don’t really know. I guess after all this time I just lost my skill with human interaction.” He sighed as she gave him a quizzical look.

“Ok then, Mr magical. You must be cold out there. You can come in if you like. On the condition you don’t try anything.” She warned with a stern glare

He nodded, still unable to process anything in his overwhelmed brain. He barley registered the fact that she grabbed his stick like arm and tugged him into the room.

He looked around feeling a sudden wave of heat caress his face. The room wasn’t overly big, with a nice pale colour adorning the walls. The posters on the wall was obviously about something she liked. It was just a shame he didn’t know what.

“Okie. Now, do you mind telling me how you floated out there? You know unless it goes against your magicians code or something.” She teased him as he stared at her with questioning.

“I’m not a magician. The wind helped me float.” He stated while leaning on his frost covered staff for support.

“If this was any other time aside from the middle of the night. I would go up on the roof and check for a TV crew. But right now I believe you wholeheartedly. Say, what’s your name?” She asked curiously as her eyes grazed over his form.

“My names Jack frost.”

She gave him an unimpressed look before shaking her head.

“Who names their child after an old man that nips people noses?” His lips curled into a frown.

“I don’t nip peoples noses. And parents to the winter guardian, duh.” He sassed as she smirked.

“Hm yeah, and I’m Bob Marley. Don’t lie to me.” She responded hotly as she reached over to pick up her book.

“I’m not. I’ll prove it to you”. A gentle flick of the staff later, small crystalised pieces of ice floated slowly down onto her floor.

The look of awe on her face was enough to make the boys face light up in a cheeky grin.

“Told you” he boasted as he sat down beside her on the padded bed and glanced at the hardback cover.

She tilted the book so he could read it better, but unknown to her. He was almost completely illiterate.

His unpigmented face flushed as he gawked at the title. Failing to make even a bit of sense of it.

“I don’t know what it says.” He squeaked out in a small voice as he felt her shuffle beside him, her arm accidentally brushing up against his.

“Oh that’s ok. It says ‘All the bright places.’” She spoke as he nodded.

“Can you please read it to me?”

It was a request that took her aback but she thankfully obliged without asking anything about it.

Her smooth voice ran over the words and gave them so much life. He could almost feel as though he was part taking in the story.

Emotional agony pulsed through his being as a previously dormant voice in his mind spoke up.

He had always hated not knowing what things said and how to make his presence clear. It wasn’t just her reading, it was her giving him something he had been missing our on for his entire normal and immortal existence.

He quietly exhaled as she rolled her r’s in an extravegant manner and missed out the t’s in certain words. He tried following along with her, but his mind swam with all the letters.

Her voice began slurring and cracking. Stealing a glance at her drowsy face, he noticed that she was beginning to doze off. The floor wasn’t exactly sleep friendly either. Her eyes drooped, covering the girl’s shining iris’s. He picked her up gently and placed her on the bed.

Even though he had known her for less then a day, he already felt a connection. It felt ridiculously good to be spoken to.

Most of all, it made him feel human, like he wasn’t just a wondering soul.

He went out through the window with a content feeling dwelling in his cold chest.
Little did he know it would be only one of many visits.

“Well done Jackie” she grinned as he spelt out his name. He had been improving quickly on his writing.

“Don’t call me that” he groaned dramatically as she laughed that twinkling laugh.

His stomach did a slight back flip but he ignored it, passing it off as belly ache.

Her dainty hands ran across the mahogany desk as she opened a drawer.

“Fuck, where did I leave it?” She hissed agitated as she obviously couldn’t find the item she was rummaging around for.

His eyes spoke words that were not needed in physical form as she responded with out looking behind.

“I can’t find what I had put in here for you”. His heart skipped a beat at her words.

“You didn’t need to get me anything.” He countered as she ignored him.

“Shush Jack. Let me concentrate.” She skidded across the carpeted floor in her fuzzy socks before devlving into a different opening.

“Aha!” She yelled holding up a small box in victory.

She slid over and sat down cross legged in the funny fashion she always did it in.

“Here you are.” Plopping the navy blue velvet box in his lap, he looked down at it with adoration.

His cold hands slowly reached our to stroke the soft material of the box before he opened it.

Inside was a necklace. His name was engraved onto a golden snowflake as her initials were imprinted in the corner.

No words left either of their lips.

He slowly pulled it out of its confines and held it in his hand. As though it was fragile China that would break if he so much as breathed on it.

“Its… beautiful.” he breathed out as he slowly read out the letters.

Joy filled his heart as he was able to make out what it said without stumbling over his thoughts.

“I’m glad you like it.” She grinned widely. So much so he feared her face would split in half right there and then.

She gingerly picked off the book from her nightstand and pulled him up on the bed beside her.

Her nimble fingers took the piece of jewellery from him and snapped it into place so it fell on his chest. The coolness of the metal not adding even the tinest damper to his body temperaturem.

She began reading as he laid his head in her lap. His eyes closed as the thereputic melody of her voice lulled him into internal bliss.

Maybe it was just the little things that counted.

But he was sure as hell that she was more then enough for him to feel alive.


Notes: requests are open! This is me going against all the mermaid aus I’ve done~ hope you like it!!!

•so sirens and mermaids co-exist
•unhappily though
•the mermaids live deep under sea, while sirens stay by the docks, where there are no colonies underneath
•so when they lure humans towards them, they don’t drop bones on the mermaid territory
•(they place them down, just to mess with the mermaids.)
•but not all sirens are sociable, since they are blood thirsty after all
•but you aren’t like most sirens are you?
•nope, you managed to be banished from the group of sirens you had been born into
•not many things would get you banished, after all you’re the “evil” mermaids
•but are you really evil if you haven’t killed any humans?
•the only difference between you and a normal mermaid was your ears
•yours are long, almost to the top of your head, your skin was a pale tone, from having hidden from the sun for so long
•mermaids have their whole top that looks like a human

•humans tasted gross, to you it was like you decided to drink the liquid inside of the boat
•you’d much rather eat the fish that swam near you, instead of the humans that wound scream until they went limp underwater
•but you were still a siren, so even though you were by yourself you couldn’t join the mermaids who had their own colony hidden underground
•even though you were underage in human years and siren years, to a mermaid you were no longer a child
•so even though you didn’t want to be alone, you didn’t have a choice
•you accepted that you would be alone for your whole life, after all what you did was your choice
•you’d swim to the docks just to watch humans, not to eat them
•maybe make up a few story lines
•so if the boy who wore headbands and had small eyes walked onto the dock to wave to the boy sitting on a boat
•the green haired male rolled his eyes and would look at the sea but you could tell that his cheeks were a red
•humans cheeks got red when they were embarrassed or angered, you also saw it on a mans face when he yelled at kids when they got on the dock
•it was fun to watch humans but sometimes you wished that someone would notice you
•when the sun went down, you imagined that the humans went to where that belonged
•and only at night would you let yourself sing, so you wouldn’t hypnotize any humans
•after all the fisherman packed up, and left to wherever they went
•you came out from your hiding place, and swam, stretching out your muscles
•opening you mouth you began to sang a song that your mother sang when you were young
•she’d sing to you as they fed, watching them feeding on humans traumatized you
•after all, it didn’t matter whether they were a child or an elder
•once they were hypnotized, it was game over
•"I’m sorry…"
•you could hear voices from the dock so you swam slowly underwater, keeping your head out of the water
•just in case what was happening was what you thought
•on the edge of the dock was a tall male, his hands were up in a defensive position
•there were three other males crowding around him with a sneer, the lead one kept walking closer
•they were chest to chest, any closer and they could’ve become one
•fearing the worst, you decided to speak from where you were
•"what do you think you’re doing?“
•you voice scared them, but they turned towards you
•with only your torso showing, your mouth closed, you could pass as a human
•"what’s it to you?”
•the two males behind him, cheered and whooped him on
•looking at them and then deciding to go all out
•"Then I guess you won’t mind me sinking my teeth into your flesh?“
•as you spoke, you put on a show flashing your pointy teeth, that probably had fish blood on them
•a scream from them and they were gone, you thought they all would have left, but it seems not
•the male who was still close to the edge was frozen, his eyes were on you like he though you’d attack him
•okay you might’ve just threatened those other humans but cmon
•"I won’t eat you, hell if they didn’t leave my next option was to hypnotize them and tell them to go home”
•you weren’t sure why you cared enough, just to explain to a human that already looked terrified of you
•he sat down where he had been standing, and thanked you for saving him
•making you cock your head at him and remind him how you got rid of those males
•which caused him to laugh but say that you helped still
•it was silent for a while, until you threw caution to the wind and sat with him on the dock
•your dark green tail glimmered in the moonlight, as if reminding you that you were risking your life
•"you’re a mermaid?“
•he asked, making you snort and then laugh at his question
•"No. I’m a siren.”
•there was no reason to beat around the bush
•if you didn’t tell him now, this possible friendship would be doomed from the start
•his face paled, and his teeth bit his bottom lip, chewing slightly on it before he sighed
•"the ones that eat people? Do you eat people?“
•you could tell that he wanted to ask more, but he shut his mouth and continued to eat his bottom lip
•"sirens eat people, but I don’t. I’m a siren though, even though it’s only me here.”
•you didn’t exactly want to tell a complete stranger why you were all alone
•so you changed the subject, asking him why the males had cornered him
•there was another assault on his bottom lip before he answered
•the males were messing with him because they though he had been hitting on their girlfriends when he had been talking to them about birthday presents that they might enjoy
•you laughed and replied that humans seemed to be so fickle, and he agreed
•when he asked you what was on your teeth, you smiled sheepishly and told him the remnants from your late lunch
•his laugh was prettier than the songs that the other sirens sang while they lured people into the sea
•he asked you why you were alone, and as much as you wanted to lie and tell him it was by choice, friendship shouldn’t be built on lies
•with a sigh you told him about your banishment
•"as a siren the only thing that lead to banishment are cannabillism and releasing a human. Others don’t care about age, but it’s tough watching a kid only a little bit younger than you being drowned.“
•you took a deep breath before continuing, already feeling tears dripping down your face
•"So when I bit the one drowning him and returned the kid to the dock, the others were furious. They banished me, even though I was only thirteen, they left me on my own.”
•it was quiet for a moment, before you felt his hand on top of yours
•words weren’t needed, as you saw the smile on his face that took up most of his face
•looking at the moon, you thought of how every night this was the same sight you saw
•but tonight the hole in your heart wasn’t as big as usual

•every night seokmin would come and visit you, whether it was talk to you about his day, or just to come and sit
•you could understand the boy who’s face turned red and he would hide it from headband boy now
•when seokmin would innocently tell you that you wouldn’t be alone anymore, that he wouldn’t leave you
•but your favorite nights were the ones where he would sing, where you could join quietly enough that he wouldn’t be hypnotized
•just the two of you trying to get through your life together
•These nights were kind, everything you’ve ever wanted
•except it left a foul taste in your mouth
•your not supposed to have met seokmin, much less become friends with a human
•what have you done?
•if any other siren ever found out, he would be drowned immediately
•he would be hurt, isn’t that what you saved him from?
•"y/n? Earth to y/n. Y/n can you hear me?“
•looking at the boy who had an eyebrow raised but still had a grin on his face, you let out a sigh
•holding his hands in your own, you looked deeply into his eyes
•"sorry min, just a lot on my mind.”
•he nodded and agreed, saying that you should probably take off some of the weight or else you’d snap your neck
•you shot him a dirty look, and he began to cackle
•telling him to go home you waved, and swam away
•ignoring the dull ache in your heart at what you were going to do
•the next night when seokmin came, you hid behind a boat
•it would be better this way
•he wouldn’t be hurt, he could forget about you
•"y/n? Where are you?“
•ignoring his voice, you continued to hide
•after what seemed like hours, seokmin stood up from where he had been sitting down
•"I thought we weren’t going to be alone? Why did you lie? Did I do something? I’m sorry.”
•before you even realized it, you were away from your hiding space
•"that’s not true! You’re amazing and you don’t deserve what people say about you!“
•covering your own mouth, you dunked yourself underwater, completely submerging yourself in the liquid
•but you poked your head out after a minute
•"you deserve better than me. I’m just a failure of a siren. A wannabe human.”
•you could feel the tears welling up in your eyes, you tried to blink them away
•both of you were looking at each other, but neither of you made an effort to speak
•there were so many words running through your head but none of them came out
•the only phrase that kept repeating in your head is the one that you said
•"I want to be with you.“
•the words felt strange on the tip of your tongue, yet they made your heart swell up while waiting for his answer
•he crouched down, head in hands, but with a glance toward him you could see that his ears were a red
•"I want to be with you also.”
•fuck the other sirens, you did what you want
•seokmin wasn’t a weakness, he was your strength, the only who encouraged you to continue
•the human that was cornered was more confident because of that, and you were no longer lonely

•now if you could only figure out how to make the green haired boy tell his feelings to headband boy~

  • Me: I really wish someone would notice I'm upset, I'm really having a tough time and I wish my friends would notice
  • Someone: Hey are you ok? You seemed kind of off?
  • Me: oh I'm fine, just tired :)
Dead in the Water- Part 1

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,692

Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, angst, language, minor character death, blood, you know the usual

Summary: Still searching for the father that raised you, this time, a hunt takes you to Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin. You investigate mysterious drownings and hope to prevent any more drownings. 

Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this.

Read the backstory for this episode here. You don’t have to read it first but it is highly encouraged.

Feedback is always appreciated

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Madness Of Duke MinHyuk

(this will be a story based on the song “Madness Of Duke Venomania” its a vocaloid song oops i was heavily inspired bc minhyuks way to handsome to not have something going on *weary eyes* this was heavily inspired by the beautiful concept photos,i hope you guys enjoy it and i suggest listening to the song and knowing the meaning of it if you dont get the story~ i suggest a version by the youtuber Razzy :) please hope for a happy ending  basically if you like bittersweet AU stories that arent too clique and over done you’ll like this (hopefully) yes it is smutty and don’t worry I have the smut in the females point of view and don’t be afraid to skip right to the smuuuttt ) 

summary: being cursed into a life of fortune, doesn’t sound all that bad when you’re a handsome young duke. Unless you’re condemned to lust and unable to love 

((mentions of blood (very tiny mention))

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