wish she could appear a little more

@andyourteeth here’s the soulmate AU fanfic I was woking on!!!! Gosh, your fanart is so amazing so i tied to based it off it!!!!! I hope you like it!!!! @peaches2217 @aileenprestice 


At first she thought it was just fairies writing on her arms when she wasn’t looking… then maybe it was an invisible creature. What else would explain the different things appearing on her arm? 

Her father told her that there were no such things as that, and he would explain once she was older.

Well here she was…older and all those doodles still in her arms. She sighed once different letters began to appear. She could only imagine what the other person was about to write now.


She couldn’t believe it. Was this the person she was supposed love for all eternity? She wished she knew a little more about him, more than just his Chinese diet. 

Shifu told her about the soul mate thing, how it was normal. He didn’t seem too comfortable about it, but she still needed the talk. Supposedly all the things she wrote on her arm would appear on his, lucky for him, she didn’t scribble things she would forget or grocery lists…. once in a while she would draw flowers or intricate zentagle designs.

Turn in assignment!!!!! DON’T FORGET !!!!

Ah. There it was again. She smiled though,  because that meant at least she had someone somewhere who would understand her and value her. There were people who didn’t have a soulmate, those who were meant to be alone, and that was just as great. It didn’t mean anything bad. There were those who decided to ignore the writing on their arms, Tigress couldn’t understand how.
But Tigress, she was really interested on this other person. Whoever it was.

-call dad 

She chuckled silently before turning her attention back to class and covering her arm with her long sleeve shirt.


He smiled as his eyes carefully predicted what was going to appear next in his arms. 

Another petal was formed. 

Flowers once again. 

He would wear them proudly for the rest of the day until they disappeared. Is not like everyone had a soulmate who drew beautiful things. 

Once school was out and he finished going through the grocery list, he got home.

“Look dad,” he showed the new design on his arm. Mr. Ping chuckled and looked at it.

“I can’t imagine how she or him, or they, must feel about this. I bet they get tired of you writing reminders on your arm." 

Po rolled his eyes, but it did motivated him on maybe writing less food items on his arm.


Tigress was laying on the couch, tracing her arm over and over. She wondered how this whole thing started. She remembered when she was younger and she thought nothing of it, only doodles decorating her dark skin.
But the fact that her life was connected to someone else? What if….
She searched for a pen and began to write,


Po was doing his homework as he felt something began to appear on his arm. He immediately smiled, waiting for the beautiful picture to appear, but instead, letters came.
A hello.
His breath ran out…  what… he grabbed the pen that was lying on his desk.


Tigress widened her eyes once she saw the reply. They could communicate. Talk. In a different way…

She bit her lip as she thought of what to say next… she could overwhelm him/them easily with her questions…. she would save those for after. When they knew more about each other. For now, she would only write the most logical thing.

“I’m Tigress”

Po blinked and smiled. That was a unique but great name. He could start asking them anything! But…. no. They were supposed to be soulmates, but that was for later. For now, they were just strangers with a connection, trying to know each other.

“I’m Po.”

He wished he had thought of this sooner.

She smiled as she stared at the name. Po. She could already imagine how their story would begin….