wish on a shooting star

It’s 5:40 and I just woke up with a feeling of anxiety in my chest.

I hung out with my crush on my birthday and we got to be intimate again and we talked for hours just laying there naked on his bed, listening to Cocaine Jesus and like it was so… I can’t even describe it. God the amount of want I have for a single person is astonishing but completely scary as shit.

That’s not the part that’s causing me a feeling of anxiety though, the anxiety is coming from the fact that as time passes I just want him even more and I don’t know if I’ll get to have him… I don’t wanna feel like I’m wasting my time and god do I feel like this is gonna get thrown in my face; everything tends to :/

But every dumb wish post I see, every 11:11, every eyelash and shooting star and wish bone has gone in hopes of his reciprocation. I feel borderline psychotic over how much his name crosses my mind daily…

And I see his name fucking everywhere too it’s like all the sudden everyone who’s ever worked on a production is named the same as him. And I keep fucking dreaming of him and

This is like the 10th status I’ve made about him and I’m sorry for all my long time followers for seeming so out of character bc I’ve never had a crush before, but I’m unfortunately in amour fou and I don’t know what to do. :/

i think it’s really cute how on some level we all kind of believe in magic. you can practically wish upon anything whether it’s a shooting star, a fallen eyelash, or even a dandelion. somehow kissing your true love is bound to save the day. cool rocks and flowers can be used for different kinds of magic. even just the concept of people who can conduct magic is adorable. the belief in magic is literally apart of everyday life whether you choose to see it or not and if that’s not the cutest shit idek what is

“I am Native American from the Omaha tribe in Nebraska. My Indian name means ‘shooting star.’ I wish the world knew that we do still exist. And, no, we don’t all live in tepees. When I see people in headdresses or Native American accessories, I feel disrespected. They don’t know the meaning behind it, how we wear it, or what we do to earn it. This is a real eagle feather. It doesn’t just fall off an eagle and someone says, ‘Oh, here — it’s yours.’ You have to earn it in my culture. I feel powerful when I wear it, more confident, and more connected to my ethnicity. I’ve never been embarrassed about being Native American. I take pride in it. I love how spiritual we are — it’s like we’re in tune with the Earth and the universe. I know there’s no other culture out there like mine.”

Daunnette Reyome

But she ignored
a lot of
and galaxies—
just to wait
and wish
for a single
—  ma.c.a // I want no one else, but you
🌙 10 Space Asks 🌙

1. 🌒 - What’s your favourite planet?

2. 🌓 - What is your first thought when you look at the stars?

3. 🌔 - Do you prefer the Sun or the Moon?

4. 🌕 - Do you believe in aliens?

5. 🌖 - Would you go live on Mars?

6. 🌗 - Do you believe in creation by a God or the Big Bang?

7. 🌘 - What is your star sign and do you believe in astrology?

8. 🌝 - Do you think the Moon landing was fake?

9. 🌚 - What’s your favourite nebula?

10. 🌜 - Do you make a wish when seeing a shooting star?