wish my dm was that cool :(

Weeb Cult

Context: We were running the Lost Mines of Phandelver map (with 5e Homebrew characters), and have encountered the Cult of the Dragon’s hideout. This was also my first time DMing. 

DM(me): You enter, and it becomes clear that these hooded men are definitely up to no good. They wear horned dragon masks, black robes and- oh god. 

Storyteller(ooc): I can see where this is going. 

Me: They’re also wearing leather-made dragon wings…? 

Storyteller(ooc): Called it! 

Dragon Knight: OH GOD, THEY’RE WEEBS! 

Me: *buries face in hands* I wish I was joking but that’s what it says here… 

Druid (ooc): It’s like the design people thought up some really cool designs but all I can imagine now are people in crappy dragon mascot costumes. 

Dragon Knight: Can I join the cult? I have a mini dragon! 

Everyone: No. 

One Campaign later, we decided to run Rise of Tiamet. This was how I decided to propose the module: 

Me: Guys do you remember the weeb cult from our first game? 

Knight(ooc): Yeppers 

Me: (Storyteller) and I found this: (Insert picture of Rise of Tiamet book cover) 

Knight: Oh my god. OH MY GOD 

Storyteller: The weeb cult is stepping up their game. 

Knight: I’M IN! 

Druid: This is absolutely not going to be a serious game, is it. 

Me & Storyteller: We’ve literally never had a serious game, (Knight) spent the next week after we encountered the dragon cult giggling every time we referenced them. 


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hey everyone, so i just hit 1k followers!! i’m super excited and can’t believe how fast i’ve hit 1k, i’m beyond happy that you guys have decided to join my journey into medicine even though that won’t be happening for awhile… anyway, to celebrate, i’ll be doing blog rates for awhile!!

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I know some of you follow Friendship Campaign and some of you don’t, but I just need to share with the internet what an amazing DM I have and what a chilling, moving, multimedia experience she created last night.

So poor @astriiformes‘s character, Erwyn, has been dead for several sessions, his soul trapped in the Ring of Mind Shielding. @skittlestew​’s character, Voski, our party bard, has been studying the Raise Dead spell and we recently acquired the diamond we needed to cast it.

The spell is supposed to take an hour to cast, and that’s about how long it took to cast in game. Because @scribefindegil decided, well, it’s a Bard spell. It should involve music. And it’s an important spell. We can’t just breeze past this.

She wrote and recorded so much music for this spell (it’ll be up on the campaign blog soon if you want to hear it, it’s beautiful and eerie, as music to call the dead back to this world should be.) Chants for Voski to sing, supernatural harmonics to join in, songs native to the fictional world. She played it all in the background while she narrated in beautiful poetic terms exactly what the spell was doing, how it felt for Voski, for Erwyn, and for the others huddled in the cave.

That would have been awesome enough on its own, but she didn’t want to just narrate a cool experience to her players, she wanted her players to create that experience with her. So she contacted astriiforms and asked him to come up with an idea for a song from Erwyn’s part that might be important to him (and props to astriiformes too, who immediately wrote a thematically relevant translated-from-elvish lullaby) and had him describe an important memory that was stirred by it during the ritual. 

She contacted skittlestew and asked her to come up with the song that Voski could use to get the attention of a diety and (she claims she was joking) she suggested a Drow Opera and Scribe ran with it, writing music and lyrics in Quenya, A FICTIONAL LANGUAGE, and then had Voski describe the plot of the opera as well as her rationale for picking it as it played.

There were so many other factors she couldn’t have predicted…like when Voski had to call on a deity to plead for its intervention, and she chose to call upon the patron deity of one of the major antagonists for this arc. Or when Erwyn realized that in order to be summoned back to his body he had to take a leap of faith and tell the ring he was ready to pass on, undoubtedly a difficult move for a cautious, anxious character like him. Or when Voski rolled a critical fail on her last check, the one check the DM hadn’t planned for a failure on, and both the DM and players had to hurry and improvise to make certain the spell was completed. 

(There’s even more to it but for the sake of space I won’t describe everything, if you’re really interested there’ll be info on the campaign blog.)

It was an incredible experience, and perhaps the most amazing thing is that although Scribe put an amazing amount of work into it and wrote and recorded these beautiful pieces of music, it wasn’t 100% hers. She was just as surprised as the rest of us by Voski calling on Pholtus, or the critical fail. It was an inherently collaborative, hour-long multimedia experience. Where some DMs would have just described some cool stuff that happened, Scribe created the opportunity for something unique, surprising, moving and so so beautiful. 

I was alone in my apartment with all the lights turned off, and listening to the music, watching things unfold, it really felt like I was there, huddled in a cave with the others while I witnessed something incredible. It was amazing and I just wish I could share it with everyone.

rinrinp42  asked:

What advice would you give a first time d&d player? My brother is running a one-shot for me, my friend, our mom, and our cousin and it's my first time ever, though I do listen to Campaign and I've helped him make decisions both as a player and a DM in the past

:) awesome!! I’m glad you’re getting to play! I obviously think the world of these games, and hope you have a wonderful time playing them.

the best pieces of advice I think I can give to players are the ones I wish I’d had myself going in so sorry in advance if they’re sloppy and not useful for you.

1. Put your stuff on the table. I tend to construct rapidly and elaborately in my head. I can be content doing that pretty much entirely. But the point of play is collaborative storytelling. No one will know the cool thing you thought up for your character or for the scene unless you say it. Take the risk. You won’t be thought of as silly. I promise. The GM wants your engagement. It’s, most likely, how they figure out how to mold their game to your/others’ liking. And a large portion of other players’ fun is getting to see you shine. Don’t hold stuff in. Be awesome.

2. It’s ok to focus on the bits that interest you. Does your character’s clothing interest you? Indulge that. The spell list? Spend time there. Whatever’s fun for you should be allowed to be fun. Don’t monopolize things entirely so things aren’t fun for other players, but don’t deny yourself your own fun. Collaboration means you’re all doing something together. Let yourself figure out what your part of that means.

3. You are allowed to call for time outs, out of character clarifications, or set ANY necessary boundaries along the way as you go. You’re also allowed to ask for trigger warnings going into things. That might seem daunting, so here’s an application that doesn’t press on things we traditionally think of as a boundary-breaching. Your character is playing quid-pro-quo with the needle-toothed mage. You’ve been at it for around 10 minutes, and she has been handily sidestepping the information that you want to get from her. You also suspect she is feeding you some misinformation. Nothing is happening outside of the rules. This is frustrating. You’re starting to get frustrated. You call for a time out, and check in with the GM, “Both my character and I are getting frustrated.” The break enables the GM, who had previously been acting as a character meant to frustrate your character to be able to step back enough to see the bleed taking place and alleviate your concerns. “Ah. Your character is DEFINITELY allowed to be frustrated right now. They are being fucked over. But I don’t want you to be. You also have a chance to turn this around through cunning or a good roll. Are we good to continue?” If you are, the scene is reframed as a collaborative effort again where you’re both on the same side, the side of the story. Asking for breaks to sort through stuff that’s more complex than what’s on the table is ALWAYS OK. It helps everyone.

4. Bring a water bottle. Drink water.

5. This isn’t one I ever needed, but it’s one I’ve seen lots of folks be shy about so I guess this is the place for it. Unless you’re playing a game that’s just you and the GM, games are, in my experience, at their best when the party loves each other unrepentantly. Not everyone is good about speaking up for themselves, or finding room to showcase their own special talents, so help them do that. Love each other by helping each other be awesome. “Lidda, you’d be great at that!” Is a * 0 * moment for a shy player. If your game is more rp focused, asking folks questions about themselves is going to get you cool answers, and forge neat bonds for your GM to mess with down the line. Play with each other. It is your GM’s responsibility to introduce villains and other relevant NPCs early enough to make you give a damn about them. They have to earn each important conversation you have with an npc. Not so with the party. You kids have fun and indulge each other. It’s the good stuff.

Errr that’s all for now I think. Have fun! Oh! And you are 1000% allowed to make your first character a self insert. ALL of your characters can be that. Don’t let anyone give you ANY flack for that. And smooch that cute Jaebrin. Honestly.

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hey listen i'm really sorry to bother you but i have got to have updates on your campaign because whaaaaat the FUUUUUUCK. dude!!! that is so COOL i wanna personally high five ur dm and ur paladin

@metaphoricalbrainjizzbaby​ aw not a bother at all!! and honestly im sure the dm (@babyduckinabox) and the paladin (@bpd-lance) would appreciate that! (i actually showed them both the post, our paladin’s “so glad thousands of people are in fucking awe of my bullshit luck” and our dm wants $5 per high five)

for context, here (x) and here (x) are the two posts this is referring to!

dude i wish i could give you an update on the campaign, but summer break meant we all parted ways until late august at the earliest, which means a mandatory 3 month break from the campaign. our dm teleported us into the magic plane, ended that session on a cliffhanger, and then took a three month hiatus. i’m actively dying.

in lieu of an update, i can provide a little bit of background info (that i totally had to ask our dm about for double checking and which he graciously answered even though it’s 1 am i’m sorry grant you’re a gift)

so, this was the pretty standard high fantasy world- elves, half orcs, dwarves, humans, other planes, and lots of magic, all overseen by 21 deities. this world progressed until it hit what we’d call an industrial revolution, and that’s where one woman- winona stoneshout, winner of both “most badass name” and “single most misguided plan ever”- comes in. stoneshout decides that the old deities are holding things back, and if she were the only god, she could get this whole technological boom deal rolling at double speed. she’s so intent on this that she somehow finds a way to lock up the old gods and elevate herself to godhood.

so now, every single old deity is gone. with the departure of the elemental gods, the material plane drifted from the other planes of existence and there was no way to reach any of them. with the departure of oreamnos, the god of magic, the world lost every bit of magic it once had. the only remnants of this were elves, dwarves, orcs, and whatever extraplanar/magical races happened to be in the material plane at the moment this happened. with the departure of xenopus, the god of death, the souls of the dying had nobody to go to. everyone that died while xenopus was locked up was forgotten, lost to time. souls didn’t go to another plane, they just… dissipated. each god being gone had its own special, shitty consequences on the world, some of them visible and some of them not.

and through all this, winona stoneshout ruled. she ruled for 250 years. and during those almost three centuries, she did exactly what she intended to do- she got the world to embrace the industrial revolution. the world flourished, even without magic, and it came to look very very similar to the world we live in today. computers, skyscrapers, the whole deal. all of this went great, until some 250 years after winona had risen to power, a small group of intrepid jackasses stumbled out on an adventure and ended up freeing the gods.

all 21 of them come back, and they come back with a vengeance. they are all furious that they were forced away for so long, and as punishment, they choose to take back every single thing that the world created without them. every piece of technology disappears all at once. computers and machines disappear from the spot they were left in, overly-complex buildings were reduced to nothing, blueprints and instructions on how to create them vanish, the information people had memorized disappeared right from their heads.anything the gods could find that they didn’t like, they destroyed. they were allowed to keep none of it. and so the world, under the rule of the original 21 gods plus one winona stoneshout, was plunged back into the way it had been left centuries ago.

the gods pushed the material plane back into its place among the other planes, each god resumed the duties they once held, and the world had to figure out how to resume life freshly hurled ass-first into the stone age.

there were some small, slight holdovers from the technological boom- for example, our party ended up being invited to a rave held in an ex-playboy-mansion by someone who managed to become rich by preserving the recipe for gatorade. but for the most part, the world is a classic dnd campaign taking place in the ruins of a world like our own.

and our wide-eyed, eager party of 6 has banded together some hundred years or so after the gods have returned. we may have on clue what the hell we’re doing, but we are definitely ready to do it.

Can I ask?

So I know this sounds crazy, and I find it hilarious. But so many of y'all Dm me and are like me and sis love your vids, or what’s your fav prank on each other, and so many think I’m the twins..(trust me I wish I knew them tho haha)

••IM NOT THE TWINS THIS IS A FAN ACCOUNT 😂😂 DOES MY BIO NOT GIVE IT AWAY….much love tho even tho some y'all don’t understand, it’s cool😂💙

bye for now

so if u can’t tell imma leave tumblr. i dont use it and to be honest i’ve kinda grew out of it and i don’t enjoy going on it as much. i rarely go on it and i wish i could still get the same happiness from it as i used to. i made a ton of good friends thru here and ppl who make me really happy. soo i don’t have too much left to say just thx tumblr for being a cool place. i might come back on here once and a while. maybe when fob releases their ep. my blog will still be up and uhhhhh if u have any questions or wanna talk just send me a dm or an ask and i’ll try to respond if i don’t delete the app lmao. that’s it.

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So it turns out that a friend of mine who goes to Texas A&M university goes to school with one of Robbie's friends. I know this guy well bc we were in band together (in hs) and he's sorta dating one of my sisters bffs. I'm not sure if he knows Robbie's friend personally, I just know they both go to Texas A&M. 👀 I wish I could show u but I can't dm u!!!

That’s so cool!! And lucky aha. Feel free to dm my personal blog.

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To be honest, I think you're pretty cool and awesome. I wish I could get to know you better without it being weird. Too bad I have the social skills of a corpse. 🤷‍♂️

Same I got the social skills of a moldy sandwich, but thank! I’m a little awkward but my DMs are always open!

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my character is named faline cervidae shes chaotic neutral and low empathy for other people but extremely high empathy when it comes to the environment and animals..... as such shes vegan and an anarcho-primitivist (kinda like andy!! her personality is not much like andys tho) and rn shes also having a mild Thing w the goddess of nature who is a dragon in human form but they cant date until faline gets to like level 20 or somehow becomes a god before that bc my dm wont let them until then :/

Oh my gosh she sounds so cool :0 !! I wish my character was as developed as urs but them again I just started playing with him so gfomckdxn but god he sounds amazing

In a church filled with cultists, shortly after bringing a lich to life.

Powerful Final Boss Lich: Thank you for summoning me noble paladin, I will grant you one wish.

Kobold Paladin: To Summon my God, Opsu.

Lich: (In a “Are you stupid?” voice) …N-no…

Inquisitor: WAIT A MINUTE, Are you telling me that YOU can’t summon a god?

DM: The Lich is starting to get angry.

Inquisitor: Are you even the real lich we have been trying to prevent all this time?

DM: Roll for diplomacy of the church.

Inquisitor: (rolls a natural 20)

DM: Okay, so the whole church is in an uproar against the Lich. They are questioning if this was all just a big joke. In rage, the Lich decides to grant your wish and summons Opsu.

Party: Oh hey! Cool!

DM: But, also summons Tiamat. Roll Initiative.


i am going to insomnia 55 as y’all might know [i wish i could take everyone with me!!] 

but. i would like to give the sidemen a letter since i havent really got the money to buy them all something amazing and cool. so i was pretty stumped for ideas.. but then i thought ! why not create a letter with messages from the sideman fam on twitter/tumblr !! 

basically my idea if that you reblog this post with your message (you could also tweet me / dm me at @SHERBETLESTER or send me a tumblr message, it has to be off anon tho) to the sidemen and i will use your message with your url/@ name on a letter i will give to vik/any other sidemen!!

I just thought considering a lot of the sidefam on twitter/tumblr will not be going to insomnia and since the sidemen apparently wont be going again, it is a great opportunity for you to say your thanks to them if you wont be able to!!

hope you have a nice day ~ katie / zxrkxr / SHERBETLESTER