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You’re my Apple Pie

Title: You’re my Apple Pie

 Prompt: Had a request for some Male!Reader stories! ^^

 Pairing: Dean x Male!Reader

 Summary:  You have always loved Dean Winchester, but he never looked at you, at least you thought. Little did you know, when Dean pictured the apple pie life, it was you he was picturing it with.  

 Warnings: Angst.  Mild Language.  Fluff.

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You sat back in your chair and propped your feet up on the one next to you.  “Glad we didn’t have a hunt.”  You spoke softly.  “It’s nice to just relax.”  You reached your arms up in a big stretch, your shoulder popping a couple times before you settled back down.

“Dude, you need to get that checked.”  Dean spoke as he nursed his whiskey.  

“Don’t mother me, Dean.”  You said with a chuckle.  Although you always brushed off his worry, you secretly loved it.  You loved it when Dean worried about you.

“Not motherin’.”

“Sure you aren’t.” You watched him for a moment.  His green eyes were trained on his drink, his finger moving around the rim slowly.  You watched him for a few moments before speaking up.  “What’s bothering you?”

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Imagine #12

Don’t mind me, just the usual not posting for months then returning with a new imagine out of no where. No biggie….


The metal of the swords clang against each other as Peter and I dueled. He had been teaching me for a while now, and today he thought it would be a good idea to start with real swords. 

It had gotten intense so far, we had been dueling for a good 15 or 20 minutes, I’ve gotten good with the beaten up wooden sword I’ve been using since we started all that time ago. But when we switched to the real thing, I found it took me a moment to adjust to the weight of the steel in my hand. Despite this, I was still giving it my all.

Peter was fast, but I had developed the footwork it took to evade him rather well. The sound of steel clashing together kept me grounded and focused, I wanted to show that I had absorbed everything he had taught me. I wanted to impress him. He saved me after all, I’d been so lonely and so disconnected until he came to me one night and saved me from my boring drab life.

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baekhyun-for-breakfast  asked:

#1 and mark for the drabble game~ ♥

Mark + #1: “Would you come to my funeral?

“This is the worst game in the world, my brain hurts.” You whined from the couch, glaring at the computer screen.
“What is it now?” Mark snickered from his spot, spread out on the floor and scrolling through his phone, looking at god knows what. “Did you have to pick between eggs and bacon or waffles again?”
“Shut up, every decision counts you jerk.” You scowled, wishing there was something near to chuck at him. “It was a hard choice!”
“Sure sure, whatever you say.” Mark shrugged. “So what is it this time?”
“Sacrifice the whole flip dickin town or just the chick that’s totally my girlfriend.” You huffed. “Bae or friend zoned boy and everyone else…..oh god what if there’s dog’s here! How can I kill a dog! I don’t even know how many people I’ll kill! All the animals! But I did kiss bae….”
“Dude, you know it’s a game right?” Mark asked. “You know you can play it again, right?”
“Shh what’s the fun in that? I have to make my choices and live with them!”
“Ironic coming from a game you rewind time every time you screw up, but whatever.” Mark muttered under his breath, but you hear him and tossed another glare his way.
“Screw it, I can kill dogs. We had some good times, pool hopping and dancing in our undies, you getting shot…many times…but the dogs man I gotta think about the dogs.”
Hesitantly, you chose to sacrifice Bae, and sat back to watch the scene unfold. Nearly crying over it, you watched as the game showed you the town was fine, and now Bae’s funeral. 
“Hey Marky Mark? Completely random, but if someday I die, would you come to my funeral?”
If you died?” Mark scoffed. “Nice set up there, babe. If it’s cool, I’m not coming to your sad and crying funeral, there better be music and good food, I’m talking buffet style.”
“Fine, lemme just write that in my will then, ‘must have buffet or my own boyfriend won’t come’.” You rolled your eyes at him. “You suck.”
“Yeah, but at least your funeral won’t.” Mark snickered. 
“I hate you.” 

[NCT Drabble Game]

Inktober: Intimacy

[A/N: Special thanks to @mysenia for beta reading this and all of the Inktober prompts for StarkSpangledWinterHawk Month!

Inktober prompts can found here.]

Bucky’s hands drifted to Tony’s waist.

Tony screwed his eyes shut and shoved down the voice in the back of his head that reprimanded him for letting Bucky touch him, for daring to even think of Bucky romantically. He focused on the kiss. He paid attention to the softness of Bucky’s lips as he laced his fingers through Bucky’s hair and held him in place.

If he just kept kissing Bucky, just focused on the feel, eventually his mutinous thoughts would fade away.

Bucky broke the kiss. His warm breath came out in puffs that ghosted Tony’s lips. “You’re trembling.”

Damn it. Tony pulled Bucky down to continue their kiss. His other hand wrapped around Bucky’s waist. He tried to slide his hand up Bucky’s bare back, but Bucky’s shirt was too long and he had to wrestle with the fabric.

Bucky broke the kiss again and took half a step back to put some distance between them. “Tony, stop. You’re shaking like a leaf.”

“Ever hear the phrase, ‘quaking with desire?’” Tony tried to kiss Bucky again, but Bucky yanked his head back.

“‘I know the phrase, but I also know the difference between trembling in fear and quaking with desire.” Bucky dropped his hands from Tony, and it was somehow more painful than a punch to Tony. “I know we’re trying to make this thing work between the four of us, but you don’t need to force yourself to have sex with me. It’s okay if you only want to be intimate with Steve and Clint.”

“That’s not what I want. It’s just my stupid head, okay? If we have sex now then I won’t tremble next time. I just need to get over this hurdle.”

“And what hurdle is that?” Bucky laid his hands on Tony’s back, holding Tony loosely, and Tony just about sighed in relief. He loved Bucky; he really did. He also wanted to be with Bucky intimately, but his usual willingness when it came to sex was being hampered by morals and guilt that he deeply wished he didn’t have.

Bracing himself, Tony let go of Bucky. He slipped out of Bucky’s hold only to cup Bucky’s hands with his own. “You didn’t kill my mom, but these hands were used to do so.”

Pain and guilt contorted Bucky’s features. He tried to yank his hands away, but Tony held onto to them.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love these hands, and I want these hands all over me, but my brain won’t shut up. It keeps reminding me about my mom and how she died, and those kind of thoughts aren’t the kind of thoughts that turn me on.”

“I’m sorry.” Bucky hung his head.

“I forgave you a long time ago, Bucky.” Tony sighed and dropped Bucky’s hands. He crossed his arms. “I just wish my conscious would get over it.”

“We don’t have to have sex.”

“But I want to.” Tony took a step forward and rested his forehead on Bucky’s shoulder. “Why can’t I have sex with my cyborg boyfriend?”

Bucky hugged Tony’s head, then kissed Tony’s temple. “Because you’re a good guy. Look on the brightside. Until we get through this, at least we have Steve and Clint if we get any physical urges.”

“I don’t think they’d appreciate hearing how they’re the booby prize.”

“You know that’s not what I meant. We’re not alone in this, and who knows? Maybe the solution is our first time together can’t be just us. And if we never find a way to overcome this-”

Tony groaned.

“If we never find a way to overcome this,” Bucky repeated louder, “it will be fine. You’re still my boyfriend even if we can’t have sex.”

“You’re such a sap,” Tony said.

Bucky chuckled and kissed his head. “Yeah, but I love you, so it’s okay.”

top 5 and bottom 5 kudos fics

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What are your five most popular works? (in descending order)

1. I Think You’re Cute

Or, the one where Bellamy and Clarke meet on Instagram. (10k) 

wow okay i really didn’t expect this to be my most kudos’d fic? tbh this was one of those on-a-whim ideas that i didn’t plan and just wrote. thanks @ D.R.A.M for the inspo i guess! 

2. Must Be Love (On the Brain)

Or, the one where Clarke Griffin wishes the annoying boy who always sits next to her in class would shut up and let her listen to her professor. Her professor also happens to be really pretty. (4k)

credit to @hiddenpolkadots for this one, this was supposed to be just a short 1k+ fill for a cute idea that ended up becoming a whole Thing bcos i’m incapable of excluding SOME type of Development

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I liked the pens and I don’t understand how people are defending them, they fucked up okay?

I’ve been upset/sad/angry and I’ve sulked for days. There’s no way around what they did. They opened their mouth when they shouldn’t have and when everyone and their mom yelled at them to Not Do The Thing, they did it anyway.

Trumps comment about them being true patriots? That wasn’t a moment to laugh cause lol he’s too stupid to know they’re majority Canadian. You know why he said that? It was a stab at all the athletes and teams that took a knee or refused their White House trip.

Prompt List

  1. “I told you it would light on fire”
  2. “Aw that’s cute. You aren’t. But that is.”
  3. “I’m cheating on you.”
  4. “Use your brain, thinky boy.”
  5. “Oh you’re adorable. I wish you always were but that’s too much to ask for, yeah?”
  6. “And that, my friend, is why you should listen to me”
  7. “I’m actually dying so could you shut up for 5 seconds? Please? Thank you.”
  8. “I can tell that my charms have succeeded in seducing you.”
  9. “Oh don’t mind me gagging over here. Carry on.”
  10. “Are you dehydrated? You seem thirsty.”
  11. “Calm thyself before I smack thou.”
  12. “Have fun! But not too much fun, ok?”
  13. “I strongly advise you to shut the hell up before I stab you with a spoon.”
  14. “Oh right! I forgot. Will you marry me?”
  15. “If you start singing, I’m gonna break up with you.”
  16. “Oh my god we’re going to die.”
  17. “I love you with all my heart but you’re on your own. Have fun!”
  18. “Oh my Merlin what happened to your face?!”
  19. “Keep in mind I’m only stalking him ‘cause I love you.”
  20. “143. Now say it back”
  21. “Words cannot describe how badly I want to kill you right now.”
  22. “You act as if I love you more than food.”
  23. “Cuz viva la vida.”
  24. “You’re my deer doe.”
  25. “I feel like you didn’t hear me.”
  26. “Don’t even think about touching that if you value your hands.”
  27. “Did you look both ways before you wandered into my heart?”
  28. “I’m gonna go with no.”
  29. “Your face makes me cry.”
  30. “Prepare to be serenaded.”
  31. “If you were going for the middle-aged-housewife-who-collects-jewelry-and-shoes look, you totally nailed it.”
  32. “I’m not entirely sure why I cried.”
  33. “I got 0 points!”
  34. “But there’s people…”
  35. “I’m too good-looking to be hit.”
  36. “Because you’re insignificant.”
  37. “How have you stayed alive this long?”
  38. “I don’t talk to idiots.”
  39. “I don’t miss you, dumbass. I just need you.”
  40. “Oh you were serious about that. My bad.”
  41. “In retrospect, that was a bad idea. Good thing you did it though.”
  42. “Please don’t say anything.”
  43. “Is there a reason I’m holding you?”
  44. “Well I’m glad you’ve found my bed. Now why don’t you go find yours?”
  45. “You are the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something ‘cause I’ve looked in the mirror recently.”
  46. “You planned on never telling me this?”
  47. “I wish I could be your hero and save you.”
  48. “I’m a monster? No no no, sweetheart, I’m whatever you make me.”
  49. “You couldn’t even if you tried.”
  50. “You make it work, sweetie.”
  51. “I can’t do this. I’m sorry.”
  52. “That’s beyond disgusting.”
  53. “Strike a pose, beautiful.”
  54. “I can be enough for the both of us.”
  55. “Dance with me.”
  56. “I’m not asking. I’m begging.”
  57. “Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be wrong?”
  58. “So this entire time, you were faking it?”
  59. “Be the toadette to my toad?”
  60. “We’re related…that’s nasty.”
  61. “It’s just one proposal and then BAM! Free food.”
  62. “Trash. You are actual trash. Go away.”
  63. “Servant, open the door.”
  64. “I’m not crying, I swear. There’s just a huge onion war going on nearby.”
  65. “You’ve committed high treason. I’ll have you charged for this.”
  66. “Of course I don’t mind spending my last days with you.”
  67. “I can’t believe I fell in love with such a cheeseball.”
  68. “I’m never leaving alone.”
  69. “I know that you can hear me so hurry up and run.”
  70. “I think you forgot that I’m lactose-intolerant 'cause that was way too cheesy.”
  71. “I don’t feel the same way.”
  72. “I was living in the dark till I met you. Now all I can see are the stars in your eyes.”
  73. “We need to talk.”
  74. “I never imagine my soulmate would look like you.”
  75. “You, sir, are an asshole.”
  76. “It’s just blood. Don’t be such a baby.”
  77. “I think I’m getting an allergic reaction just from being near you.”
  78. “Don’t touch me, your feet are cold.”
  79. “I can’t believe that out of all the people I could’ve gotten stuck with, I got stuck with you.”
  80. “Oh that was so adorable and cute I almost forgot you’re an ass.”
  81. “You could try having a conversation. I heard they’re actually quite nice.”
  82. “Because I love you, here’s something to cuddle.”
  83. “Stay in the dark.”
  84. “Come into the light.”
  85. “Oh I didn’t realize you’re dead.”
  86. “Who needs relationships when you can have 12 million dollars and free coffee for the rest of your life?”
  87. “Just frost the damn cupcakes.”
  88. “I just got out of the shower and you want me to dance.”
  89. “Wait. I didn’t mean that. Please…come back.”
  90. “Why would I be sorry?”
  91. “I wasn’t gonna offer anyway. It’s all for me.”
  92. “I don’t know why you think I care.”
  93. “Your child just called me 'daddy’ so I feel like I have to ask whether there’s anything you want to tell me.”
  94. “I’m serious this time, promise.”
  95. “It’s ok, just close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
  96. “I brought a blankie for you.”
  97. “One day someone is going to run you over and I’m going to laugh, I swear.”
  98. “Flowers out of my face please.”
  99. “My heart hurts.”


Remember when we were kids?

And we thought we could conquer the world?

Remember the crazy dreams and the insane hopes?

Remember the weirdly innocent expectations we had of the world?

And remember those times when we we came to think

That the world we wanted to take over

Really isn’t the same world anymore?

Remember those times when we realized

That times have changed?

Even when we didn’t want them to?

I do

I remember

I still live them

Because the sweet innocence through which I saw the world

Is now gone

I don’t want to take over this world anymore

It’s not the same

It’s become this alien planet

Where people starve on the streets

Because no one else is willing to share

Where children grow up alone

Because their parents don’t notice enough to care

The world has become a dark one

And it’s becoming hard to hold onto the belief

That there’s goodness on this earth

Even if you can’t always see it

Faith is running thin

And it’s not always enough, is it?

It’s not always enough to just have hope

Because it will only lead to disappointment

In the end

So I guess I’m stuck

Mourning the loss

Of the innocence I once had

And the people that I thought I knew

I guess I’m stuck

Being the one who just remembers

Fear & Loathing (Part 1)

A/N: This is something I’ve been working on for a while. This is just part one, there will be more to come. This is a OC I’ve created. You’ll get to know more about her past as the story goes on but basically she was experimented on and because of it she has heightened senses. She was basically turned into a weapon which is something she is struggling with. 

Hopefully you guys like this story. Let me know what you think. The title was inspired by the song Fear & Loathing by Marina & the Diamonds. Also shout out to @dirtytrenchcoatcas for beta-ing this, thanks so much! 

Paring: (Eventual) Steve Rogers x OC

(Read Part 2 Here)

It had been about a month since I had moved into Avengers tower. I was the newest member of the Avengers, having been recruited by former members of a strike team I was a part of a long time ago. Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton were and still are close friends and I’m extremely trusting with them. I haven’t yet warmed up completely to all of the other Avengers.

I liked the Captain well enough, but I still had my guard up. I couldn’t decide if I could trust him fully without him reporting back to Fury. I didn’t need an informant as an ally. There’s another reason too, but its one that doesn’t need discussing.

I’m on good terms with the two scientists, Bruce and Tony.  They made me laugh, how they bicker back and forth to each other like an old married couple. I would never admit this, but I secretly liked Stark’s perverse sense of flirting. He knew I was way out of his league, but it never stopped him from saying something outlandish. It amused me.

I had yet to meet Thor, he hadn’t returned from Asgard yet but I had heard of what he had done for our planet. I respected him, and believed that I would grow to trust him.

“Hey Mercy!”

I heard the Captain call my name. The muscles in my back tensed as I turned around. I saw him with an African American guy. Ex-military I deduced. On American soil for about two years now. Right handed. I observed all his weak spots, calculated the many ways I could kill him without Steve being able to interfere.

Not that I planned on killing the guy, but hey, you never know. It was like Tony told me once, ‘You’re like a boy scout Mercy. Always prepared’. I didn’t like that my brain worked that way, like a calculated killing machine, but it had become a necessity. It was something that had been ingrained into me since I could remember.

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anonymous asked:

katsudeku 5 if you are still taking requests!

There’s a knock, a rattle and then the sound of a teenage-sized body colliding with the ground of Izuku’s floor. The freckled boy’s sitting upright in his bed in an instant, blinking into the dark of the night as his eyes try to adjust. There are still remnants of sleep fogging his brain, blurry pictures of a dream slowly fading to nothing, as his mind begins to clear.

He stares at the complaining pile beneath the window, sand-colored strands of hair gently bobbing in the nightly breeze, which crawls in through his opened window.

“Kacchan,” Izuku begins, more surprised at himself for being not surprised with the boy climbing through his window in the middle of the night, “are you okay?”

“Shut up! Stupid, Deku, don’t be so concerned. I’m not some china doll, fucking idiot,” Katsuki grumbles, as he pushes himself onto his feet. “Why the hell do you leave your window unlocked at night? Some psycho could crawl through. You want to fucking die, assclown? You’re having a goddamn death wish? Unbelievable. Shit-chomping moron piece of trash.”

Izuku stares at him, the wheels in his brain slowly clicking into place. “Kacchan, this is the fifth floor. Who would climb through my window?”

“I don’t know!” Katsuki hollers, hissing at himself when he realizes the volume of his voice. “Just lock your dumbass window next time, okay, nerd?”

“Alright,” the freckled boy mumbles, slowly crawling out of his bed. “Uh, Kacchan –“

“I kinda ran away from home,” the blonde begins, having read Izuku’s puzzled expression. “So… let me stay over tonight, dweebface.”

“Ah, I see,” the other boy says. Nervously, he gnaws on his bottom lip. “Do you maybe want to talk about it?”

Katsuki snorts, offering him a snide smirk. “Hell no, I don’t. Just, I don’t know, let me stay for a while. I can sleep on the floor, or whatever.”

But Izuku is his mother’s son, and treating your guest with respect is one of the first things she taught him.

“No way! You’ll sleep in my bed. I can carry my stuff over to the couch and –“

“I’m not gonna kick you out of your own goddamn bed, shitmunch. What are you, stupid? Fine, I’ll sleep in your uglyass bed. But you won’t sleep on the couch! Just don’t kick me in your sleep, nerd.”

It’s suddenly many degrees warmer in the room, as Izuku watches his childhood friend kick off his shoes and climb into his bed. As Katsuki slips under the covers, he catches the other boy’s baffled expression.

“Oh, come on, fuckhead. Not like we never did this as kids. Get over your goddamn self.”

“S-sure,” Izuku mumbles, heart falling into an excited gallop, “no problem at all. Just like when we were kids, only that we’re bigger now, and older. Yeah, sure, I’m fine.”

This night held two surprises for Midoriya Izuku: one, there’s apparently nothing Katsuki could ever surprise him with, even with himself climbing through his window in the middle of the night. And two, the blonde’s surprisingly good at cuddling.

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sometimes I just wish my brain would just shut the fuck up because for once in my life I’m truly and purely happy, why the hell am I ruining it for myself with these negative thoughts? why over analyze, why question. why the fuck won’t they go away

Upcoming Jori Story.

Emma: In case anyone is interested, I’m in the process of writing a new, fresh Jori fanfiction that’s going to be loosely based off of Jadeandtorimakeablog. It’s been in the works for awhile now, so please comment/like below and let me know what you think of this small excerpt. I’m still not entirely sure if I want to publish it yet. I might be too late…

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