wish me luck i love you all xoxo

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Hii darling, how have you been? (i haven't been asking you lately because i have been seeing you happier than a couple of weeks ago) have you passed your finals? tell me a little about your life, or whatever you want to talk about. I wish you all the best of luck angel, XOXO

I love you. A lot of changes have happened in this month for me and I’m learning to understand it and with that accept it. It has its ups and downs but I’m grateful because I feel more true to myself. As this summer progresses I’ve learned how to find its sweetness and I’m continuing to learn how to live with its madness. I’m becoming less afraid of chaos. And I feel like I’m focusing on details more with the people in my life and how much they hold me and how grateful I am for that. I don’t know i hate this month bc its a transition month but I’m at peace at the same time. I won’t let it scare me. 🏹


This is it! I am going to be heading off to Egypt in a few hours (okay so like 10 but still) and I have 2 posts queued up for every day till I get back. I spread out all the headcanons for y’all across these next three weeks and I hope you all enjoy them! I have written quite a few so I hope that it goes well. 

Okay, it is now 5 AM and I am beat so I’m gonna try to get some sleep before my flight. Wish me luck! Much love, xoxo.

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hi hun i just found you blog and your poetry is out of this world amazing. so many of the pieces you write hit me real hard, or you were able to put what i feel into words and i love that! i truly hope that you never stop writing because you have an incredible talent. on a second note, i hope that you have a wonderful life and (sorry that this is cheesy) that all your dreams come true! good luck babe and have a lovely day :) xoxo

thank you so much lovey! i really appreciate all the well wishes, this is very sweet 💗


every month or so i have an epiphany about some part of my life that i’ve been struggling with and everything just comes into focus. since i’ve just passed through one, i’d like to share my realizations with you.  i’m gay. i’m gay and it was hard for me to admit to myself (for some reasons that i’ll get to), but it’s not hard for me to say to you all now. as you may or may not know, i live in the blatantly homophobic, racist, transphobic, and misogynist state of north carolina. i was raised with straight love songs, painfully heteronormativity movies, and the promise that “one day, you’re gonna grow up and have a nice husband.” when i came out to my family, i wasn’t accepted. i’m living in a country on the verge of falling under the control of what will undoubtedly be an extremely oppressive governmental administration. i’m surrounded by a community of conservative people. and due to all of that, heteronormativity hangs so thick in the air here that some of it managed to sneak into me.  i first came out as pansexual almost exactly a year ago. i’d realized by then that i was super duper into girls, so i’d slid right out of identifying as straight and right into identifying with a multi-sexual identity with little to no true, deep questioning involved. i knew i liked girls, and i liked boys– i’d always liked boys, right??– so no single-gender attraction identity felt right for me. looking back now, i don’t think i ever sat back and really thought it through. i don’t think i ever sat back and really went “how do i know i like boys?” because if i had, i think i would’ve realized that my answer is “i don’t” a lot sooner. i don’t know what specifically it was that made me play into the same hetero-normality that i despise so deeply, but i certainly know it wasn’t conscious or voluntary. honestly, i just think the whole “you’re a girl, so you like boys” idea had been shoved so deeply down my throat at such a young age that i didn’t know that it wasn’t supposed to be there. it felt normal to assume that i liked boys; i didn’t even think about it.  well, now i’ve thought about it, and now i know: the assumptions they made about my sexuality, the ones they forced me to believe myself, were wrong. society was wrong about me just as they’re wrong about thousands of other people. because, surprise society, i’m a girl and i like girls, and that’s perfectly okay. in fact, it’s more than okay; it’s wonderful. it’s wonderful because i love it– i love liking girls. it’s wonderful because it feels so natural and right to call myself a lesbian, a thousand times more natural than calling myself straight or pan ever felt. it’s wonderful because it’s who i am, it’s a part of me, and that makes it beautiful, real, natural, and valid. i want to take a moment to erase everything i’ve ever said that directly or indirectly suggested that i wish i was different than i am, because that’s just not true. this is the way i am, and fuck it, i’m happy this way!! gay and proud, my friends. gay and proud.  i hope you all have a wonderful 2017 day. if you are currently questioning any part of your identity, i wish you best of luck in your journey to discover yourself; just keep your chin up and remember that all things take time, and even if your identity seems confusing right now, you’ll get it all sorted out eventually. should any of you ever, for any reason, need someone to talk to, please feel free to message me. i’m always here for you, no matter what :). thanks for hearing me out, friends!! love you allllll. xoxo nova!!

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Once upon a time, I (the girl in the top left) made a submission to this blog. I had hoped that I would find someone that would make my heart soar. I met many people through this blog and made plenty of friends, but there was this one woman that caught my attention (the girl in the top right.) She made my heart tingle with sheer happiness and soar; she made the butterflies come alive in my stomach. She took my breath away by simply being herself. She was absolute perfection, and I knew after just a few weeks that I didn’t want to live my life without her. I asked her to be mine on December 25th, 2014. It was the best Christmas present I could have possibly gotten!

But there was one tiny problem, she was 1,010.74 miles away from me. I yearned to be with her, and after the first month of being together- she took a plane to visit me. Our first kiss at the airport, I swear felt like the universe was exploding. We fell in sync with one another and nothing had ever felt so right. It was as if we had known each other for years. It was so completely natural. On January 19, 2015, my love asked me to marry her. Of course, I said hell yes!

On February 21st, 2015 I flew to her for our second visit. So far, we’ve been together for the past 6 weeks. On April 3rd, 2015, we got married! It was a very small ceremony, and the only person that mattered being there was my angel. She will be leaving me on April 8th, 2015. This will be the last time we will have to be separated. At the end of May, my wife will be moving to be with me. The distance will finally be closed. 

So, to the person/people running this amazing blog, thank you so, so much. I can not express my gratitude enough! You/you guys have made my life. I officially have a stunning wife thanks to this blog! I love love love you! You/you all are so wonderful! Keep being amazing and never let this blog go, because you/you guys change lives. 


Emily (girl in the upper right): eat-me-im-emily.tumblr.com

Brandy (girl in the upper left): the-gay-vagitarian.tumblr.com

Our blog: total-gayness.tumblr.com

Again, THANK YOU!! 

Admin note: This is honestly just so wonderful. We’re so happy you were able to find each other and we wish you the best of luck!