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Hey everyone!

If you reblog this before May 26, 2017, I will create a special bunny character just for you, personalized to match your Tumblr blog! Additionally, for every person you tag (max is 10) I’ll write a sentence about their characteristics and personality.

If this side project becomes too much for whatever reason, and I can and will end it early. If ended early, I’ll still complete any bunnies who where rebloged before then, just not accepting any more. Thank you for your understanding.

Team Voltron as things I have experienced during my first year of college finals:

Shiro: caffeine monster. Consumes as much caffeine as possible hoping it will help him stay awake to study and stay alert during the tests. Definitely mixed Red Bull and a Latte earlier, with no regard for whether or not he would survive. But somehow it does nothing for him and backfires. Instead of being ready for the exam, he turns into a twitching, irrational, groggy monster who just wants it to be over.

Pidge: similar to Shiro except instead of backfiring, the caffeine takes Full Effect™. Pidge has finished every assignment several days before they are due, has making an online flashcard system that has been shared with the entire class, and has overachieved way more than humanly possible. Don’t tell Pidge “good job” because speaking to this sleep deprived gremlin will end in disaster. Do not approach the beast. Stay back.

Lance: the human embodiment of “listen, if I get a 20% on this final, I’ll still pass the class with a 76, so I’m really not worried about it”

Hunk: Is Worried About It. Someone give this boy a hug.

Keith: “I heard that if someone dies during the test, then everyone gets an A on the final. What I’m saying is that we all have to make sacrifices, Lance.”