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Journey To The Past (Chapter 1)

Magnus has spent his whole life in an orphanage. He has no memories of his childhood, and no clues to what happened to his family other than a single necklace wrapped around his neck, and three little words - ‘Together In Paris’. On leaving the orphanage, it will take a leap of courage to go and chase down his dreams - and a little help from a kitchen boy turned forger called Alec.

aka Anastasia AU

“Magnus! Today’s the day,” the young voice urged again, bouncing on the bed, shaking his chest. Magnus laughed a little, swatting at the young girl bouncing up and down, stilling her hands.

“Yes, Madzie. I know,” he assured her, shaking his nightmare from his mind as he sat up in the bed. It wasn’t a new nightmare. In fact, he’d been dreaming of something similar for as long as he could remember. A palace, the ballroom, a party, his family…. and then losing them in the riots. He had wondered about it, before. Wondered if his family had worked in the palace, what had happened to him, where they’d gone.

But he’d been found just after the riots and the revolution. Maybe that was where it came from. His subconscious reconstructing the night he’d lost everything. After all, he must have had a family before that, right? Someone who loved him, someone who would take care of him and hold him and….

The dream was too much. It all hurt too much.

It hadn’t been awful growing up in the orphanage. He’d been looked after, but there was little affection and love in a place like this. Some of the other children had been adopted, but as Magnus had gotten older, his chances of that happening had dwindled away to nothing. He’d been in this old house for his whole life.

And today, he was leaving.

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protip for if you’re trying to do an assignment/study and are getting tired

grab your phone and your headphones and put on the catchiest pop song you have on hand, and make sure the volume is high but not enough to hurt

(my go to song is Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon, but it’s up to you) 

and then dance around your room/the living room/wherever you might be working for one to two durations of aforementioned catchy pop song

I’m talking like, dancing like no one is watching (hopefully, no one is), going, just jamming out however you like to this fucking catchy song

seriously, you will feel so much better, not just more energised but also probably happier 

michael is the type of guy to stand outside your window in the rain the night before your wedding just so he can give you a kiss and tell you goodnight but this dumbass didn’t realize how long he had been standing in the rain for so he wakes up on your wedding day with a cold