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Meant to be - Montgomery de la Cruz

A/N: Before anything, I want to leave clear I’m not a fan of Montgomery’s behaviour in the show, but I really like the actor who plays him and I wanted to give it a shot writing about him. So in this AU Montgomery has already realised he’s been a dick and has changed for the better; then, this fluff takes place :)

As always enjoy!!

“Monty, you need to relax. Everything’s gonna be totally fine.”

“Oh, believe me, I can sense it’s not. What if I embarrass myself? Or say something inappropriate? I’d only worsen the bad reputation I already have.”

You couldn’t do nothing else but watch the way his shoulders sank down after his words, regret taking over his countenance.

Even though you tried to look for the softest way to answer, you also knew you had to be honest, otherwise you wouldn’t help him.

“Okay, the image you worked yourself over these years wasn’t the best one, true, but you can’t cling to that, you need to move on.”

He hung his head low, watching the nervous interaction between his fingers. It had been a long time since he last felt okay with the jerkish manners he used to have. Although it took him a while, he eventually realised he needed to change.

It wasn’t until then that he understood the happiness he had been looking for in his tough and cruel behaviour had always been in being kind and respectful to others.

Using a low, if not barely audible voice, he asked “You know I’m in the process of changing that, right?”

With that question he intended to erase once and for all, the insecurities that in occasions crossed his mind. He feared you continued thinking that old Montgomery still existed. He dreaded the idea of you not trusting his will of amending all of his past mistakes. But, most of all, he despised the idea that you didn’t believe in him.

“Of course baby, you should be very proud of yourself”

You walked towards his standing figure in front of the views his window offered, wrapping your arms around his chest and placing a soothing kiss on the crook of his neck.

“You don’t have anything to fear, my mom’s gonna love you, and, despite what others may think, you’re a good person, don’t you dare to forget that, you hear me?”

He tilted his head in your direction and gave you a wide grin that reached his eyes, before placing a chaste kiss on the tip of your nose.

“You really think that?”

“Baby, I’ve thought that all along”

He turned completely to face you, placing one hand at the small of your back and the other cupping your cheek. Staring at your orbs he understood why he wanted to change for the better so much: the cruelty he had been filled of until then would only have ruined the kindness and innocence you possessed. He didn’t want that, he intended to give you as much as you gave him.

“I love you”


“Are you still nervous?”

“No, I’m fine”

“Baby, your hands are sweating”

“I just hope I don’t embarrass myself, just that”

You chuckled, looking for your keys in your back pocket. The smile erased from your face when you didn’t touch the cold metal. “Ugh, I think I left my keys at your place” “Why is it that I don’t find it any surprising?” He laughed when you rejected the peck he was about to leave on your lips. “Let’s just knock” he suggested.

“Who’s there?” Your mother asked from the other side “Us” “I like the way that sounds” she mumbled to herself, before unlocking the barrier that separated you.

“Mom, this is Montgomery. Monty, this is my mother”

“Monty? Is he your boyfriend Monty?”


“Like, your boobear?”

“Boobear?” he interrupted, giving you an amused look. You could feel the burn coming from your embarrassed face.

“Mom! You were the only one who knew I called him that way!”

“Oh… sorry”

Monty looked at you with loving eyes, action your mother didn’t ignore. The fact that you called him that when talking to you mother made him want to run to the highest point on Earth and shout out loud to the world how much he loved you. Such a simple fact made him genuinely happy.

“Hey, it’s cute, like, really cute”

He broke the hold of your hands, just to cross one arm around you waist and place a peck on your temple, whispering “my cute boobear”

“Hello Mrs. Carter, I’m Montgomery de la Cruz. Nice to meet you, ma’am”

“Call me Diana. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, it’s nice to finally meet you”

Your mother opened her arms to receive him with a warm hug. You knew Monty loved hugs, and were sure that would, if not erase, calm his nerves.

You bit your lip to not giggle when she looked at you in between the hug and made a sign of approval.

“What are we still doing here? Come on in!”


The afternoon was being lovely. Your mother and boyfriend turned out to get on really well. The conversation between both went smoothly and there weren’t any uncomfortable silences nor awkward sentences to break the ice.

After getting to know each other properly, your mother started talking about you. If there was anything you feared, that was her speaking about “her beautiful baby girl”, because that meant having to share your childhood pictures and, what was even worse, anecdotes.

“Look at you in this picture babe, you’re the cutest” Monty couldn’t get his eyes off your ten year-old self dressed up as Jessie from Toy Story at Zach’s eleventh birthday party. You glanced at it and shrugged as the corner of your lips lifted slightly, remembering the story behind that picture which actually involved him.

What you didn’t expect was your mother bringing your thoughts out loud.

“Did you know when she saw you were dressed as Buzz Lightyear she told me “See mommy, we’re meant to be” she’s had the biggest crush on you since elementary school, haven’t you sweetie?”

“Mom! that’s enough, stop it please, you’re embarrassing me!”

Monty laughed along with your mother. Seeing you still got embarrassed even though you were already dating just potentiated the soft image he had of you, and weakened his willpower to restrain himself from bathing you with kisses constantly.

Monty had never been reluctant to public displays of affection, he didn’t go too far either. He liked to show he cared about you and didn’t wish anything but to make you happy, so that didn’t stop him from getting up from the sofa he shared with your mother to the armchair where you observed their interaction, and kiss you on the cheek.

“You guys make a beautiful couple, honestly. Monty, you’re a really nice guy. I feel like you both complement each other so well” Your mother said giving you both the sweetest smile.

“Yes Diana, we do“

Your joy was her joy.


“Thanks for the lovely evening Diana, you’ve been really nice to me, hope to see you soon”

“Of course Monty, there are lots anecdotes I haven’t told you yet” She whispered this last part.

“And I’m looking forward to you telling me all of them” They snickered conspiratorially.

He walked towards you and held you by the small of your back “Mom, I’ll guide him to the door”

“Okay, see you soon, darling!”

Outside the warmth of your house it was already dark, the only illumination being the dim light of the lampposts. You hadn’t realised how much time you had spent with your mother until then.

 “So… did you have fun?”

“Your mother is so cool, I had the time of my life looking through your pictures” He didn’t wait any longer to kiss you slowly yet intensely in the mouth. “You went from adorable, to adorable and hot”

“Shut up!” you giggled, throwing your arms around his neck. “Let me remind you how you persistently claimed you were going to embarrass yourself, and how it didn’t turn out like that”

“My poor boobear! Nevermind, to me you just got even more lovely, seriously” 

You brought him by the hem of his shirt and whispered into his ear

“I love you… boobear”

“I love you too. By the way, the eleven year-old you was right from the start, we were meant to be together”


Just a heads up for my next commission batch.

At the moment I’m not at all in good health and it’s been making my drawing progress a lot slower and I get antsy and frustrated easily when it didn’t turn out the way I want it to.. and because of that, my mental health has been a mess as well.

But homegirl still needs to earn some bucks to pay for bills and debts. So to ease things up a bit for a short time, for the next batch I’ll have to pull out Full Body Category and only offer (Flat) Coloured Bust and Torso Category. It takes quite a while to sketch, compose, refine, lineart and colour a Full Body commission so I hope you’ll understand.

4 slots as per usual. I haven’t decided what date for my next batch because I’m working on the last piece for this batch, but it’s probably gonna be soon.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I love what I do, but sometimes my mind and body just doesn’t want to cooperate. 

Thank you! :)

The Reunion

Per the lovely @illyriangoddess1‘s wishes, I have attempted to bring what was craved (short and sweet maybe?). The reunion between the Inner Circle after Rhys was freed…

I was reeling. My mate. Feyre was my mate. This changed everything.

I vanished from her sight, against all instinct, and winnowed to above the House of Wind, letting my wings out as I coasted to the balcony. I pushed open the balcony door hastily. Mor was in the kitchen holding a plate of fruit. “She’s my mate!” I all but shouted, the adrenaline coursing through my veins, causing me to forget all reason, the fact that I was seeing my cousin again for the first time in 50 years momentarily set aside.

Mor dropped the plate and it shattered, sending the coloured fruits scattering around the room. Her eyes had grown wide and her tanned skin, pale. “Rhys?” She whispered, not quite believing what she was seeing.

She took a tentative step forward and then sprinted across the floor and threw herself at me. I caught her in my arms and tucked her in. I breathed her scent in, as familiar to me as my own but something I had been missing for years. She was sobbing, my name was mixed in between her tears and gasping breaths.

“Mor, it’s okay. I’m here. It’s real. I’ve missed you. I’m sorry.”

She pulled back, not enough to leave my arms but enough to search my face, looking for any injuries. She grasped my face between her hands, “you’re not hurt? How did you get out? How are you here? I never thought I would see you again!” She released my face but hugged me again, hard, almost as though she was assuring herself that I was truly here.

I squeezed her to my chest. “I can’t believe I’m here again. It’s surreal. Thank you for taking care of our home. Thank you for never giving up, even when I did.”

She pulled away, out of my arms this time. “I need to know everything. Mate? Who? What happened?” She was trembling but I could see the strength I always knew she had, holding her together. She had never given up hope on me, on my return home. I could feel that she always expected me to come home, even on the hard days.

At that moment, two more scents swept into the room.

My brothers.

I turned to face them.

Azriel came forward and clasped my forearm just as I clasped his. “Welcome back, Rhys.” He gave me a significant smile, I suspected he was fully apprised of the events that led me back home already but showed nothing else in current company. I would likely be hearing more about my little trick 50 years ago from my Spymaster when we were alone.

Cassian on the other hand, looked murderous. He stalked towards me and I braced myself for it, I deserved it, whatever it was. I would take everything because he gave everything for me, for our Court.

“You’re a damned idiot, Rhys. How could you be so stupid? What were you thinking? Oh, that’s right. You weren’t. You were so caught up in your thirst for revenge that you didn’t think about us and what you left behind that it got you caught under a fucking mountain for 50 years!” He was roaring at this point.

I felt tears sliding down my face, but made no move to wipe them away.

“I thought you were dead or going to die if you hadn’t already. That silence was the worst thing I’ve ever heard. You were gone and there was nothing, nothing I could do to get you back.”

“Cass…” Mor moved towards him and placed a soothing hand on his forearm, concern marring her brow. The tears were openly flowing down his handsome rugged face.

Az had bowed his head, silent acquiescence.

I could feel my heart breaking, again, for what I had put my family through. I could feel how little I truly deserved them, now more than ever. I had imagined this reunion since I had been trapped and it was every bit as heartbreaking as I imagined. Facing them after my stupidity… I would try to make up for that pain for as long as I lived.

Cassian regained his composure and then he pulled me into a hug. He patted me roughly on the back and withdrew. “What I really mean to say is, welcome home ass. Don’t pull that shit again.”

I laughed and wiped my face free of tears. “It’s not something I wish to repeat anytime soon, believe me. I never thought I’d see you guys or Velaris again. It’s like I’m in a dream.”

Az smiled knowingly. “Well, I couldn’t let these two burn it down while you were away. There was always the chance you would get out.”

We all laughed at that and a few protests came from Mor.

‘Where’s Amren? Why isn’t she here crying at my feet now that I’ve returned?” I asked, trying to let the real me back into the world after having had to suppress everything I truly was for so long.

“You know how she is. I told her you had come back and she just shrugged and said she knew you would.” Az answered.

“I expect she’ll wait until there’s food and wine and then make an appearance.” Mor shrugged, the tension lifting from her shoulders.

“What do you take me for? A common dog begging for your scraps? We all know who the dogs of our circle are.” Amren sauntered into the room, a smirk plastered on her face.

I smiled broadly at my second who returned my smile and gave a slight dip of her head.

“Welcome back, High Lord. It’s about time you returned. I was growing weary of the lack of acceptable company.”

I laughed, “Remind me to buy you a gift to add to your collection as an apology for your boredom.”

“Ah, yes. I will never say no to your gifts, especially where apology is due. You have exquisite taste after all.”

Mor glared at Amren and opened her mouth to argue but I interrupted, mostly to save my home which I was very interested in getting reacquainted with, “I have a lot to tell you and we have a lot to do to prepare but first, I need a bath. I need to wash that place off of me for good. Then, let’s eat and we begin.”

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 16

Originally posted by jeonsshi

(Wow I love gif hunting for this story ;; )

Omg I need to get onto writing this more. I’m in the middle of part 18 right now and I need to finish it before Wednesday Dx Not to mention needing part 19 for Thursday ^^;

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 4,200+
Genre: fluffff and some drama ;o

Part 1 - Part 15 - Part 17

> Masterlist <

“I have never seen her more upset than I did yesterday,” Jungkook said to Taehyung and Jimin as they sat in Jungkook’s office. They were all supposed to be on their lunch break, but Jungkook asked Jimin and Taehyung to come talk to him in his office.

“Well how would you feel if your parents talked to you like that?” Taehyung asked as Jungkook leaned back in his chair, “Even if she hated her parents in the first place, it would still hurt for them to say that to her.”

“I know… but she won’t talk to me,” he frowned, picking up his phone, “I called her five times this morning and twice while on lunch break and she hasn’t even sent me a text.”

“Wow…” Jimin scratched his cheek and looked at his phone, “Not even a text? You need to go see her, then.”

“I should go see her,” Jungkook pushed his chair away from his desk, “but I’m afraid that I’ll show up to the coffee shop and she won’t be there. I don’t have enough time to drive all the way to her place.”

“Nari is home right now,” Taehyung started to pull out his phone, “I can ask her if she’s there. You’d have time to go straight there if she is.”

Before Jungkook could say anything, Taehyung began calling Nari. She picked up after three rings, “Hey Tae! Are you on your lunch break?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “But I need you to tell me if Chaerin is home right now or not. She’s not picking up any of Jungkook’s calls.”

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A Show From A CamBoy

This is @goddessoftheworld‘s au, Not mine!  This is for You senpai!

Tom was setting up everything for his show.  He knew for a fact that Matt and Edd where out to the arcade for a few hours and tord was most likely at the shooting range.  He had the entire place to himself.  He grinned as he pulled the Dragon Dildo that ‘Daddy’ had gotten him.  He chuckled as he pulled his laptop forward onto his bed and put it onto live.  He would sit and wait for the first few to join in before he began

A few minutes later, most people had quickly joined on

“ Welcome back~  Glad you guys could make it ” He smirked, most of his fans wanted him to bring out his toy.  
“ Oh you guy want to get to the fun already do yeah? ” He chuckled and would turn around, showing his ass that was sadly covered by his boxers to the camera as he grabbed his Dragon Dildo and pulled it out to the camera.

“ Well, We cant get to the fun that quickly now can we~? *He asked as he teasingly nudged down his boxers, rubbing his dick as he did.  His dick soon popped out from his boxers and right on que, many of them started complimenting it, wishing they could suck it off.

” Wish you guys where here to help me~ “ He chuckled as he teasingly wrapped his hand around his length and petted it gently.  He let out a small grunt, the smirk still on his face
” Are you guys gonna enjoy this as much as me~? “ He asked as he picked up the pace, his hand pumping up and down his full length as he let out small grunts and moans, but this is hardly anything compared to the other things he has done.  Alot of people where now begging him to cum but he only chuckled and let go of his cock.” Oh dont worry, you’ll be seeing a real show soon~ “ He would get up and walk over towards a small box under his bed and pull out a Large, blue, normal dildo and sat back down onto his bed before grabbing a bottle of lube from his side table.

” And just so you know, I will be stick my toy daddy got me into me soon, dont you worry~ “ He chuckled as he pulled the Dragon Dildo out and would lube it and his ass, the cold feeling of it shot a shudder through his spine.
He would bring the dragon dildo towards him and would sit up a small bit and would lower down onto the tip.   Biteing his lip as he let out a moan.  He would slowly begin psuhing his body down the entire length of the dildo, letting out a louder moan as he did.

Once he was all the way down to the base he was panting a tiny bit.  Damn, it was alot larger then he ad expected it to be.
He would Grab his blue dildo as he began lifting himself up the dildo and slamming it back down, letting out harsh moans.  He would begin licking at the blue dildo greedily, sucking at the tip of it as he kept slamming himself down to the base of the Dragon Dildo.  He would push the Blue dildo into his mouth, sucking on it hungerly as he pushed it down all the way to the balls, Feeling it slip down his throat plus the feeling of being filled in the ass.  Luckily tom didnt have a gag reflex so this was easy for him.  He would start pumping the Dildo in his mouth in time of his thrusts down.
He would wrap his free hand around his own length and would begin pumping it quickly.  His body raked with pleasure as his moans and groans where blocked by the dick in his mouth.  his eye sockets where half lidded as he soon picked up the pace by a large amount, his cock leaking precum.  He would keep thrusting in and out before his entire body suddenly jerked and a wave of pleasure caught him as he let out his semen all onto his bedsheets.  He would ride out his orgasm, slowly pulling out the blue cock in his mouth, panting and moaning massivley as he slowed down on the Dragon dildo and his own cock.  He would lean off the dragon dildo and slip it out.  He would raise his hand off his cock and lick at his fingers hungerly as he smirked to the camera.

” Hope you enjoyed the show~ “ He winked and ended the live recording.Mean While In Tords bedroom

Tord stared at his screen, a blushing mess.  He would quickly clean up the mess of his own that he had made from Toms show, turning off everything on his computer and jerked up his pants and pulled on his hoodie and would quietly make his way towards the front door, Tom had to think that he was just out at the shooting range and not there with him.   Masturbating to him.  A small smirk cross his face as he left the house and he would mumble under his breath.

” Glad you liked your present CumSlut~ “

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Along my way through Fujiyoshida ((((((((((っ・ω・)っ

I think people living in Fujiyoshida will think that I walked on quite a long and erratic way through their city :D

I like this way of sightseeing and in case of Japan it is exceptionally safe and you can walk around without worrying about too much (except of running out of water on a hot day and feeling awful because of dehydration (didn’t happen to me though :))
It allowed me to find hidden gems like the little spring that had a lot of moss around it and had a very clear and cold water to offer :3
There was a very cute shrine right next to it but I cannot read it yet (^-^;)
There are many small and cute shrines all over the city too and some very charming looking houses :3

The Volkswagen beetle made me feel a little sad though (^-^;)
Whenever I see broken things I want to repair them (^-^;)

The house in the photo beneath it reminds me of the Sentou from Spirited away :3

There seem to be Bozouzoku (I hoped I spelled it the right way (^-^;)
I saw several of their modified motorbikes in Japan and I was surprised to see how much work they put into them :o
Although I’m not a fan of the sound and noise they make (^-^;)
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy listening to a nice sounding engine doing its thing but their pointless revving makes me feel sympathetic with their engines and clutches (^-^;) 

I like Fujiyoshida :)
It is a nice place to be in, the Udon is delicious, the landscape gorgeous, the houses charming, it is calm and the people are very nice :)
I hope I can visit it again although I’m not sure when this will be ✽(′ॢᵕ ‵ *ॢ)✽ஐ

I had a very nice week :)
At least in y spare time :D My work isn’t too bad but it is not fulfilling and just something I do to finance my life :)
I don’t plan on staying forever anyway so I don’t worry about it too much :)

The weekend was awesome some friends came to visit me and we had a lot of fun :3
Today I went to a museum with these friends and we had another great day (o^-^o)
Also I got praised by a real Japanese Daiku (o^-^o) and got called sexy :3
I feel very flattered (o^-^o)
As a guy I feel very happy someone thinks of me as being sexy (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

I’m not getting too much work done recently but I’m making progress and want to write a “current state of my projects” article soon :)
Now I’m super tired and quite happy (^-^)
I think I’ll sleep well and dream of having a girlfriend to cuddle with :3

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams of places you like and friends that make you happy (^-^)/

Grounded (Dally Imagine - Requested)

I watched out my window as the sky began to darken and the sun began to fade. The cool summer breeze blew in through the half-cracked open window.  The sunset was always beautiful on this side of town, but I knew it’d be much more intriguing if I wasn’t trapped in my room. Once again, I was grounded. Ever since I’d been going steady with my boyfriend Dally, it’s been more than a struggle to stay out of trouble. Not only have we gotten into it with parents and teachers, but I’ve started to become a regular down at the police station. Him and I had gotten caught last Saturday slashing Tim Shepard’s tires. It was all fun and games for us, but the fuzz didn’t seem to agree. I didn’t mind messing around though. As long as I’m with Dally I’m happy. But let’s just say, my parents weren’t too thrilled to get a call from the chief of the station.

I was currently lying on my bed, reading a magazine and listening to music. I’d been doing anything and everything to distract myself from the boredom. I sighed, turning the page when suddenly I heard a tap on my window.
I whipped my head around quickly, only to see nothing but darkness through the glass. Curiosity took the best of me as I climbed out of bed. I walked  slowly, peering out into the night.  As I walked closer and closer I could almost hear someone. My brows furrowed in confusion as I pushed the window up further.
“Hey baby”
“Dally!” I gasped at my boyfriend suddenly standing in the window.
“Dal, you scared the shit out of me!” I said, slapping him on the arm playfully.
“Hey-hey, go easy on that arm. There was a rumble last night.” he said, rubbing his right bicep.
“Oo did we win?”
“Come on babe” he smirked, “It’s Dallas Winston you’re talking to here”
“Oh, I see” I said, pulling him close to me.
“Wish you could’ve been there, I had two guys in a choke-hold as soon as someone threw the first punch”
“Well you know I’d gladly watch you roll around in the dirt with other guys any day” I teased.
“Funny” he said sarcastically.
“Nah, but you know I love seeing you all worked up and angry and sweaty” I smirked, pulling towards me as we locked eyes.
“Oh really (Y/N)? Well maybe this dirty greaser’ll have to get into fights more often”
“Now that’s the Dally I know” I said, pulling him in for a kiss.
Dally’s hands gripped my waist tightly, pulling me against him. Soon enough our mouths were moving in sync, my tongue dancing with his as my fingers tugged on his hair.
“(Y/N)” he said breathlessly as he pulled away.
“Yeah Dal?”
“I love you so much”
I smiled and planted a slow, passionate kiss on his lips.
“I love you too Dally”
He flashed me a smile and suddenly lifted me up playfully. I giggled as we gently fell onto the bed. His lips soon met mine again as we continued what we had started. I straddled his lap, slowly grinding my hips into his. I let out a small whimper as Dally let out a frustrated “fuck”.
“Come on baby” he begged, “don’t tease..”
All of a sudden there was a knock at my bedroom door. Looking at each other wide eyed, we jumped up suddenly. Dally hid under the bed as I adjusted myself.
“(Y/N), is everything alright? I thought I heard a noise” my mother said when I opened the door.
“Um, yeah I’m alright mom. I was just finishing up some homework.”
“Alright, well I want lights out soon. Don’t stay up too late okay?”
“Sure mom, yeah.”
“Goodnight hunny, love you!” she called, walking down the hall.
“You too!”
I shut the door gently then let out a huge sigh of relief.
“That was a close one” Dally said in a silly voice, popping up from the bed and holding one of my stuffed bears over his face. I walked over to him, laughing at him.
“You’re stupid”
“Yeah but you love it” he said, putting his arms around me.


Hi everyone! I’m a new member of the study community on Tumblr, and it’s nice to meet you all! Well, let me explain something: I’ve always loved this motivational and inspirational environment, made by amazing people, but I’ve never got the chance to participate it myself. That’s because: 1)English is not my first language; 2)I don’t have enough time to be actively online; 3)I’m kind of shy about exposing my work. However, good news everybody: I MADE IT! It’s so nice to be part of this supportive group, and to get in touch with individuals that hold this passion for learning! I WANNA HUG YOU GUYS SO MUCH! The only thing I’m asking is: let’s be friends! Wish you, the best of luck at everything and don’t forget: work for it, you can do it!

* My name is Duda Kobayashi, I’m 15 years old (actually my birthday is coming soon: may 28th), and I’m half Japanese and half Brazilian.
*I’m a Gemini sun, Virgo moon, and Capricorn ascendant; a Ravenclaw, a daugther of Apollo and a Warlock. In other words: a nerd, a geek and well that’s it hehehe.
*I love books and music, coffee and chocolate, and I’m an enthusiast about asian culture in general (KPOP, JPOP, ANIME, MANGA).
*I speak Portuguese and English, and I’m currently learning Japanese, Korean and Mandarin.
*My favorite subjects are: biology and chemistry.
*My ultimate goal is to become a doctor, and to travel and live abroad, learning more about my future profession.
* My favorite colors are black and red.
* I’m reaaaaally talkative (sometimes it gets pretty much annoying).
* I have a thing for poetry and watercolors hehehe.
* I consider myself as an open minded person: I’ll embrace and love you for who you are.
* I’m afraid of storms (even though i love rainy days), of heights, of darkness, and of burning things (I’m always thinking that I’ll set myself on fire by accident hehehe).
*I have another tumblr account: your-destiny-lover (it’s mainly in Portuguese hehehe sorry).


Hm, I guess that’s enough information hehehe. So I’ll let it be for now. A thousand of hugs and kisses! LOVE YOU ALL! (Tagged some of my favorites, hope you guys don’t mind).



The Not So Annoying Bartender

From the prompt @its-a-story-of-love gave to me

Robin owns the local bar and Regina finds herself at the bar with a friend… she should have known she’d be left at the bar with the annoying English bartender

Also tagging @snowgiinaa and @sassqueenregina

Why does she agree to these things? Every time she agrees to come for a drink with Ruby she knows she will be left sitting at the bar whilst Ruby is off flirting with God knows who. Well now in this case, making out with someone she’s probably already forgotten the name of. She thought back to when she reluctantly agreed to come to this God forsaken bar.

‘Oh please Regina’ begged Ruby ‘you haven’t been out since you and Graham split up’

‘I’m not in the mood for this’ Regina deadpanned, cleaning the same spot for the tenth time.

‘You’re never in the mood for this. Come out, have fun, you might meet someone new you never know. Maybe give that counter a break from your cleaning’

Regina simply moved to another counter.

‘And that one.’ Regina still said nothing. ‘Look it’s been 6 months since Graham, you could at least do something different other than clean your house for the umpteenth time… I can do this all day Regina, I’m asking for one drink.’

‘One drink?’ asked Regina.

‘One drink.’

‘Fine, but that’s all I’m having’

‘Yay!’ Ruby squealed, jumping up and clapping her hands together.

And now here she was, sat at the bar with her one drink, with Ruby off and draped over some guy. Regina turned her drink round and round, not taking her eyes off the glass.

‘Penny for your thoughts.’ Regina jumped and her head snapped up towards the unmistakable British accent. ‘Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you’ the bartender smiled in what she assumed was meant to be kind but right now just irritated her.

‘Yeah well you did’ Regina snapped.

‘Is that your friend over there? The girl with red streaks in her hair?’ The bartender asked, ignoring the fact that he’d just been snapped at.

‘Yes’ Regina muttered ‘One drink she said. Should have known better.’ Regina took another sip of her gin and tonic.

‘She normally like this then?’

Why was he so interested in Ruby? Probably the same reasons every other guy was interested. She knew how to turn heads with just a simple look and flick of her hair. Not that it bothered her that he was interested in Ruby, what guy wouldn’t be?

‘Why does it matter to you? You interested or something?’ Regina asked brusquely.

‘No, no need to get defensive, just making conversation. Or at least trying to.’

‘Yeah well stop trying, because I’m not interested.’ Yet that answer seemed to relieve her a bit.

‘Really? Cause you sounded jealous that I might have been interested in your friend over there’ he smirked

‘Why would I be jealous of a simple bartender, whose name I don’t know?’ Regina snarked, she couldn’t let this man affect her this way. Look how it ended last time something like this happened.

‘I’m not simple, most people find me quite complex. And the name’s Robin.’

‘Yeah I’m sure you are complex’ Regina said, rolling her eyes. ‘So Robin are you actually going to do any work or just stand there and attempt to make the place look pretty?’

‘Well as you can see there is no one waiting to be served, so yes I will stand here and make the place look pretty, as you so aptly put it’

‘I said attempting actually. You seem pretty sure of yourself don’t you?’

‘Well I do have the stubble and the blue eyes you ladies always seem to fall for.’ Robin grinned.

‘Mhmm and the mousy brown hair all girls just love.’ Regina said, trying very hard not to notice the aforementioned blue eyes and failing miserably.

‘Well my mousy brown hair as you so sweetly described it hasn’t had any complaints so far.’

‘Well your girlfriend probably hasn’t said it to your face then’ Regina sassed, finishing the rest of her drink.

‘I’m actually single, if you’ll believe it. No one has managed to win my heart.’ Robin put his hand on his chest and pretended to look away forlornly.

‘Is that meant to make me feel sorry for you?’

‘No, I’m a strong independent man’ Robin mocked

‘Oh really? Cause it didn’t seem that way a moment ago’ She smirked, as Robin called out last orders.

‘Do you want one last drink? You don’t have to stick to your one drink rule, you never know could actually get a full smile out of you’

‘Might as well break my rule, seeing as Ruby over there was meant to help me get over my ex, which to her means find someone to sleep with’

‘Ah, Ruby’s her name, think you could erm slip her my number?’ Regina’s jaw dropped and Robin winked and laughed. ‘I’m joking, gin and tonic isn’t it?’

‘Erm yeah it is’ Regina said trying to recover. Robin passed her drink over and went to serve some others before it was time to start closing up. Looking at her watch she realised it was nearly 11. How was it so late? She looked around for Ruby and spotted her walking towards her, with some guy behind her.

‘Hey, Gina I’m going back with erm… with…’ Ruby looked behind her, clearly having forgotten the guy’s name, just as she’d predicted.


‘That’s it, Billy. You’ll be okay on your own won’t you? Or are you with that cute bartender you’ve spent most the night talking to?’

‘I’m not with the cute bartender, and it’s fine. Go.’

‘Okay if you say so’ Ruby walked off with Billy leaving Regina alone at the bar again.

Robin came back over a few moments later.

‘Shame I haven’t got a shot with Ruby, heard her call me cute’

‘Well she’s also drunk, so I wouldn’t rely on her judgement right now. Plus I need to get going’ she said starting to put her jacket on.

‘Aw stay here with me for a little while longer at least until I’ve cleaned up.’

Regina thought of her empty house, and how much for some reason she didn’t want to go back to it.

‘Hmm I suppose I could stay for a short while.’ Regina shrugged her jacket back off again.

Once the last few customers had left, she started to help Robin clean up, even though he insisted she didn’t need to do it. They soon finished and Regina stood by the door laughing at Robin and how he’d insisted he could walk around this pub blindfolded, so had used a towel as a blindfold and had consequently fallen over the half door that he didn’t realise had closed too, blocking his entrance to the bar.

‘See I told you I could make you laugh’ Robin said as he used the bar to pull himself off of the door.

‘You said… you could get me… to smile’ Regina laughed trying to pull herself together but not quite managing to.

‘Still to laugh, you have to be smiling’ Robin pointed out now walking towards her.


After Robin had locked up they started to walk towards their cars.

‘Well this is me’ said Regina ‘Thanks for making this night slightly better than I thought it would be.’ She started to walk round her car to get in.

‘Hang on’ called Robin ‘here if you don’t mind.’ He gave her a piece of paper. Regina looked at it and realised he’d given her his number.

‘Don’t girls usually give the guy their number?’

‘Well I didn’t think you’d be giving me your number any time soon. You don’t seem like the type of person who does that with anyone’

‘You’d be right’

‘Well do with that what you will. You can even rip it up in front of me if you so wish.’ Regina just slipped the number into her back pocket. ‘So does that mean I might hear from you?’

‘Maybe you will, goodnight Robin.’

‘Goodnight Regina’

They both got into their cars and drove off. And well if Regina texted Robin the next day, it’s not like anyone had to know just yet.

Northern Lights

Okay @rosesnvines, here’s your request for Sparkly!

This is for #kalluramonth2k17 prompts Aurora Borealis, Sapphire and, of course, sparkly. 

Allura cursed under her breath as the wind stung her face. Well, the part of her face left exposed, which wasn’t much. Mostly just her eyes and bridge of her nose felt the bite of the icy air, her eyelashes sticking together every time she blinked back tears. Her knitted scarf was protecting the rest of it, a burst of steam escaping whenever her breath met the frigid atmosphere.

The sun hung low in the sky, painting the clouds deep pinks and purples as it sunk into the horizon. Soon the dark night would chase it down, littering the sky with sparkling stars and, with any luck, the aurora borealis. They’d chosen this for their final spring break holiday; Keith wanting to see the Northern Lights, and Allura hoping to see the diamond studded Milky Way.

She considered herself lucky that it was the middle of April and not January, when the weather would have been significantly harsher. She was also glad for the warmth of the person holding her to keep her from turning into a human popsicle.

Keith was sitting behind her on the snow mobile, his arms wrapped tightly around her. He shoved his hands into her coat pockets to rub her fingers as a token of appreciation she presumed. Either that or to ensure neither of them lost a digit to frostbite. Whatever the reason she welcomed them eagerly.

“Of all the things you could have asked for as a graduation present it had to be this?”

Allura felt rather than heard his chuckle, the low rumble of his chest somehow making its way through her multiple layers of clothes. He leaned closer to respond, the hot wind from his mouth tickling her sensitive ears.

“Should I have chosen another plus one? The invitation wasn’t specific, I’m sure Shiro would be enjoying this.”

She twisted slightly to shoot a dirty look at him.

“You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me, maybe next time I’ll invite someone else,” she huffed.

His arms squeezed a bit tighter, a light kiss falling on her forehead.

“Never gonna let that happen,” he teased. “Besides, I’m sure Lotor has moved on by now.”

As much as she hated hearing her ex’s name, she had to admit dating him worked in her favor. They’d been an item all through high school and she expected to marry him after college. Thankfully he showed his true colors freshman year. She’d forgiven him one indiscretion that she was aware of, never comfortable with his promises of future fidelity. In reality she’d stayed with him because it was expected of her.

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Trust me, I didn’t choose this pic on purpose after what happening and after the recently WWE decision … this pic was taken randomly from my collection … is it a destiny!? 😬

However, I use this moment to wish again a speedy recovery of both 🙏💕

Kageyama Rare Pair Week

Day 1

Universe: University/College AU

Topic: Rivalry/Competition

Pairing: OiKage

Hamasaki Souske is certain that his team has The Coolest Setter Ever, capitalisation required because that’s just how awesome the guy is.

He’s only a first-year like Souske himself but, well, he’s simply brilliant! The team’s last setter was a third-year anyway so that worked out perfectly, but even if there was yet another setter, Souske’s convinced Kageyama Tobio would still be on the starting team. He’s that amazing and Souske, quite frankly, considers himself lucky to be on the same team as him (even if Souske himself isn’t part of the starting line-up).

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@stkoharu “ Hey, I really like your blog. Lately I really curious about Percy and what he can do to raindrops. I hope I doing the prompt thing right. “  

Firstly, I do prefer if you did this as an ask, but it’s all good :) Secondly to answer your ask:

-Percy most definitely can control raindrops, he can control where they land, how hard it rains, etc.

-Percy first finds out he can control rain when he’s on a date with Annabeth and because she does not have the powers he does, is getting soaked.

-He then thinks about stopping the rain and before his eye’s rain within a 50 feet perimeter stops.

-Both are shocked, but Percy just kinda shrugs it off, vowing to play with that ability another day.

-The next time Percy plays with this ability is after Clairesse is bringing up the time that she dunked his face into a toilet and Percy thinks of how he wishes she could feel what he did, and next thing everyone knows, there is rain falling only on Clairesse in the middle of the dinner hall.

-Perhaps Percy would have played around more with this ability had it not been that Clairesse the proceed to chase him, yelling threats. 

-Pretty soon, Percy figures out he can control where rain does or does not land, as well as the strength of it.

-It isn’t necessarily the most useful ability but he does use it more than a couple times, mostly to get back at Leo for a prank.

Keep sending me prompts guys!

anonymous asked:

I'm curious. What happen to snail and to the anon who's asking you out?

Aaah what happened is that I’m trying to finish something for @queenofthyme‘s birthday (go wish her Happy Birthday everyone!!) and I have about 10 asks in my inbox that I haven’t posted yet because I don’t want to get distracted, and I’m sorry!!

Snerg and anon and other anon and other other anon (also, why are so many anons interested enough in me to fill out that insane survey, you guys are ridiculous 😅), as well as people who have sent me other lovely asks, please know that I will get back to you soon!! <3<3<3

So AI EXPO has officially ended! I was so worried about being unable to come to the 2nd day of the event because there was an emergency but phew, luck was on my side!

AHHHH AI EXPO seriously felt like a Meet & Greet with me for the past 2 days. At first it was just a running joke after my friend put my cosplay picture in the event’s poster lol Then I ended up being a judge for the Karaoke contest and performed (unprepared) on stage, became a guest speaker for the workshop as well as got my art auctioned and all. This is the first time I participated in an event so much (usually I just cosplay with friends) uhuhu So many people even took pictures with me and had me sign their loot again. What surprised me most was the auction. Four of my works were auctioned and one of them got the highest bid for the night. I am so overwhelmed! 😭😭😭 If you were there, you would see me going like thisヽ(゚〇゚)ノ earlier. 707 your power is srsly so amazing! To the people who bought my original comic, thank you so much!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!! It was a very old piece but I’m so glad that there is still a huge demand for it. Sadly, I could only print a few copies. And everyone who bought my prints…. may God bless your beautiful souls ;;;;;; AHHH I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS UGUHUU 😭😭😭This is all JayCee & @aegisdea’s fault uwaaa//// all those sleepless nights and working myself to the bone despite being sick is SO SO SOOOOOO WORTH IT!

I also saw my old students from Joy Fernando’s Summer Art Workshop!! One of them gave me a drawing! (You cutie I WILL FRAME THIS) QwQ I also met new people~ fellow artists, new Manga students, the ICC students (who helped organize the event)~ they were all so awesome and nice! Special thanks to my friends @blindwithoutglasses, @amei-arts, @noridiculous & Jana (idk your tumblr /sobs) for manning my side of the table while I was gone. I wasn’t able to man it because I was at the Manga Workshop until 5pm. So for those who wanted to meet me or sign the prints, I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully we could meet again next time!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made the event become a success! I hope everyone had a great time! <3 AI EXPO SRSLY MADE ALL MY WISHES COME TRUE I KEN DIE HAPPEH NOW

Another special thanks to @alcestisam for being my sponsor lmao jk jk but for supporting me when I was about to give up on selling the prints last Friday because of technical and financial difficulties… thanks sugar momma (also get well soon too) 😘😘😘

I’m still sick so I think I’m gonna rest for a few days. I’ll get back to you guys about the Nationwide and International Shipping details once I’m all rested up! But one thing I’m gonna add is that A3 size prints and 2x3 ft tarps “might” get added to the list if there’s a demand for those sizes~ we just need to know how we could ship them safely. Thank you so much for your patience!

P.S. I hope those who purchased the whole set and got the secret print could keep the secret unknown to the public hahaha get it? XD I’ve seen some people who have posted the secret print online but it’s always fun to keep people guessing~ I mean, the faces of the people who saw the secret print was priceless!! <3 (I hope it was worth it for the buyers~ ;w;)

Some news on Colby

Welp, Colby got scared and tore his back fin pretty bad.. poor little guy.. I hope it heals well. And the food he has is getting him all bloated so now I have to get new food. And the power strip I use for his tank is not working which is causing him and me some stress. Im trying to make some money here so I can take care of my fishy son.

Wish Colby good luck,

I’m trying my bestt~

(Will update soon on this situation)

I thought you were a myth - Part 7

Derek Hale x Reader (x a little bit of Pack)

A/N: This chapter is also fluff and set up for what’s to come. Also getting a little angsty. Sigh, you knew it was inevitable. And yes, I know some characters might be a little OOC (and I literally mean little) but it will make sense in the next part. Sigh. Yes. I will write more. (Here is the masterlist, in case you want to catch up.)

Words: 1,514

Warnings: None that I know of? Well, it starts and ends really fluffy and happy, but gets angsty in the middle. (Actually, mention of dead characters, so, a feels warning. And some light swearing.)

People requested to be tagged: @never-good-enoughhhh

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


The last way you expected to spend your Sunday began with a jolt.


“Dogpile!” Some random voice cried, before you and a still snoring Derek were covered with your laughing pack members. A groan emanated from where you guessed Derek to be in the mass of limbs, the mattress bouncing slightly still from the initial impact.

“If you all don’t get off in the next five seconds, I will-”

“You will what?” Stiles’ voice challenged you back teasingly.

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'Hidden Secrets' Part 4: Family Secrets - Liam Dunbar, Teen Wolf and Supernatural Crossover

[Chapters to the rest of the series.]

It’s the morning of the school carnival, and the cheerleading squad was at Beacon Hills High helping set up for tonight’s event. Y/N couldn’t get tonight off her mind as she taped a “Kissing Booth” banner on one of the booths. She didn’t know what the plan was for tonight. Her brothers, Sam and Dean, were figuring out a plan right now and would explain it to her the moment she gets home later that afternoon. She had to know the plan so she can create a plan of her own, a plan that would prevent her from killing innocent creatures and saving Liam. 

Liam. She didn’t know exactly where they stood. They finally kissed after months of hanging out and flirting, only to find out their darkest secrets might tear them apart. She came from a family of hunters who kill Liam’s kind, werewolves. But now, she wanted nothing more than to save him, protect him, keep him as close to her as she can and away from her brothers.

She couldn’t call Liam or text him after last night’s family meeting with her brothers. She was afraid Sam and Dean would look into her phone, and what she’s done, or if she had warned him. She couldn’t risk getting caught. Instead, she waited for this morning where she knew he would be there and her brothers wouldn’t.

Between the rest of the girls from the cheerleading squat and the entire lacrosse team, Y/N saw Liam setting up the dunk tank with Mason across the parking lot. She needed to approach him without making it obvious. They still weren’t on speaking terms yet, but incase one of her brothers were lurking from a distance to scout the place for tonight, she couldn’t just walk up to him. Instead, she decided to act normal, even though nothing felt remotely normal at the moment. 

“Hey, Brit,” Y/N looked at her cheer mate, “the next sign is the dunk booth.”

“I think that’s across the parking lot,” Britney walked towards the dunk booth with a roll of tape in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. “Hey Mason! Hey Liam!” Britney cheered with a wide smile on her face as she approached the booth. “It looks like you’re almost all done setting that up.” 

“Yeah, we just have to double check and make sure everything is secured, or Coach Finstock will kill us if this thing falls apart when we add the water,” Mason said.

“I’m sure you guys will get the job done,” Britney said.

Liam avoided looking in Y/N’s direction, but he could smell the intoxicating lavender shampoo as the light breeze passed by her. He wanted to close the distance between them. He wanted her in his arms. He wanted to feel her soft lips again. He wanted her, but he knew she needed time to think. It’s been two days, but he didn’t know what the protocol was. How much time does one need to think about their situation? 

Y/N saw Liam tightening a bolt with a monkey wrench. “Liam,” she whispered so low, no one would hear her but him. Liam stopped tightening the bolt at the sound of her voice. He was about to look her way when she immediately whispered between her teeth, “don’t look. Keep tightening the bolt.” Liam does as she says. She had to think of how to say the next part without making it obvious that she was whispering to herself. “Don’t come tonight. Trap. Brothers. Hunting. Killing. Carnival. Tonight,” she gritted between her teeth.

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Errands (Ex. Ending)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: After meeting the reader & her son David, Bucky feels like he was given the second chance he always wanted

Word Count: 4,148

Warnings: None, major, super Bucky fluff

A/N: Sorry for the delay, but with finals coming up school’s getting a bit busy. But here is the ending that was requested by quite a few on AO3, enjoy some more Bucky fluff! 

Previous Part: Errands

(GIFs are not mine, credit to owners)

Originally posted by siren-symphonies

It’s been almost a year since I met (Y/N) and David, and they were the best months I’ve ever had since Steve brought me back. She made me feel wanted, loved, appreciated, and most importantly, she made me feel like the man I used to be. Or at least I think so. I know I’m never going to go back to the same James Barnes that Steve grew up with, but at least I was the man I wanted to be.

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Also I’m sorry about the sudden posts but: here’s my Amazon wish list!! It took me forever to make, but this is available as well as my Ko-Fi!! I have a birthday coming up October 29th if you wanna contribute to me being cute. 👀💕

I didn’t expect to get so many, so soon. I’ll find some way to think you all soon~

Thanks guys, look out for content and I love you allllll.