wish it were a bigger pic!!!!

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Top 3 pics of Sebastian 😁

YOU ARE AN EVIL, EVIL WOMAN but this actually didn’t take me as long as I thought it would so YAY ME :D hahahaha

sigh ok first we have scruffy snuggle seb because awwwwwwww

and this whole look™ just slays me, don’t ask me why I DON’T KNOW it just does

and finally this gem because i’ll never get over it. ever. put it on my tombstone.

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So legit- I am not trying to be a dick but 🤔 is that you in your avatar pic? I've noticed a lot of girls don't use a pic of themselves.. and I just think that is so strange.. Like idk why sharing pics of ourselves is not a bigger thing? I wish no one felt like that had to be super skinny before they could post pics of their selves /: We ought to work to spread the idea that were all worth seeing, no matter where we're at in our journey. What do you think?

No it’s not. I had myself on my profile pic originally though! I was soooo scared that one of my friends or family would somehow find this tumblr acc and know that it’s me so I changed it. You’ve made a good point though…maybe we should start using ourselves more. We’re all beautiful and have nothing to be ashamed of 💕

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Hi! This is an appreciation ask :3 I won't tell ya who I am, or this message won't have any point. Thank you so much for beeing so kind to me, (back in the days when you were mintysimmer-I think? I'm not sure haha :P) I watched your blog "grow" and go from something small to something bigger that would always grow larger. I adore your pics and your gameplay, and also thank you for that giveaway, you're so kind and generous! I wish you the best my friend, have a blessed day/night! <3

omg seriously you all are too nice to me!! even tho idk who this is i’m so so glad we met on here!! Thank you so much for the kind words, they mean a lot to me, honestly. <3

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giant squids?



One of my favorite pictures on the internet (gosh, I wished I saved it, I can’t for the life of me find it again) was a scientific looking size chart that showed the orders of magnitude for size and depth of the ocean to-scale, except its dimensions were super tall so you had to scroll for a long time, and at the very end, there was a very dim eye barely illuminated on the ocean floor the size of the empire state building.

It sounds silly but it was a ver. effective pic and it gave me chills and I JUST WANT MASSIVE, BIOMASS-PHYSICS IMPOSSIBLE SEA CREATURESSSS

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I don't want to sound rude but how can your lips be real? Like I saw some old pictures of you and they were so smaller. I mean they are very beautiful and there wouldn't be anything wrong with admitting you got fillers

you see some pics of me and completely assume, what am i supposed to pout all the time and use lip liner? LOL my lips aren’t huge but they’re decent, i make them bigger with plumper & liner i’m 16 god i wish i could get lip injections! i definitely will one day and the day i do i will tell people! but i haven’t so i can’t admit to something i haven’t done?

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Niall and Melissa were spotted outside the club together but Niall looked like he was so completely done. Typically when you take your gf somewhere you look happy to be near her and actually walk close to her. Even if they were friends he would at least look interested in her existence.

Gosh, I lurked at some bigger blogs, people just really take the Melly stuff without even being a tiny bit questioning the narrative? No wonder they also fell for the media Zayn=bad boy stuff without hesitation… I wish Niall the best, but it looks pretty much like a set up and he doesn’t even look like he enjoys it in the slightest, more like doing just the bare minimum participation like you said.

There are pics of Niall and Deo arriving, and either they cropped Melissa out, or she wasn’t there. She doesn’t appear to be anywhere near him in every pic I’ve seen of Niall in the club. And yet, she’s right there as they’re leaving? This entire Niallissa/Nelissa/Nelly relationship screams “fake and set up” to me. What I don’t understand is how a large section of the fandom is unable/unwilling to see the obvious patterns being repeated here.

I have to agree, Niall is really not selling this Melissa thing for me. Zayn and Liam have done a better job with Zerrie and Sophiam, for God’s sake.

Agreeing with everything about Nelly, feels like a stunt Niall isn’t really into. It also definitely feels like there are two teams and no one knows anything like www(.)dailymail(.)co(.)uk/tvshowbiz/article-3055967/Maria-Fowler-trolled-posting-cosy-club-snap-Niall-Horan(.)html and www(.)mirror(.)co(.)uk/3am/celebrity-news/niall-horan-rumoured-girlfriend-melissa-5585288 They are reporting totally contrary things about the same thing 😂

thanks so much, it’s so hard finding somenone paying attention to niall as much as to the other four. with everything going on with larry & ziam so many are forgetting about niall & just believe everything they hear about him. niall is my fave so he always has my main attention even tho i believe in larry and ziam. it’s just so hard to find someone who cares about niall as much as i do and see the lie that all five of them are going through. larry aren’t the only ones who signed with a shit Mgmt

I’m glad to see so many people on the same page about Niall and Melissa, and especially to see so many people supportive of Niall XD

The whole club thing is definitely sketchy.  

  • First off, someone tweeted about Niall going to that club (one of the staff?), so we knew ahead of time there were probably going to be pictures.  
  • Second, if Niall wants to go out without being bombarded, he can do that.  We never get pap pics when he’s out with the LIC.  
  • Third, he’s looked perfectly happy lately and even in pictures in the club, but as soon as he’s out he looks far more upset than I’ve ever seen him in pap pictures.  Even when people mobbed Greg and Denise’s wedding, I’ve never seen Niall look so over it.
  • Fourth, we’ve seen drunken Niall before.  Anyone remember when he was all over Julian in a club to the point where people thought they kissed?  Niall is a cuddly, rowdy drunk from all accounts I’ve read and watched.  Him looking like someone died and walking several feet in front of Melissa shouldn’t have anything to do with him being intoxicated.
  • Fifth, no one remembers seeing pictures of Melissa near the club until Niall came out.  Who do we know who was supposed to be at events but was only in a very small number of pictures from the actual event? Sophia, for one.
  • Sixth, I imagine if Niall actually wanted to go public with a girlfriend, he would.  He would either announce it and hold her hand and act like a normal person in a relationship, or he’d do what he’s done in the past which is date without getting seen or papped at all.  
  • Seventh, even if Niall was being forced to make a real relationship public against his will, what good does him ignoring his girlfriend do?  It’s not going to endear her to the fans any if he looks unhappy and it probably won’t endear him to her when he ditches her continuously.  

All of you probably already knew that, but I like lists if you haven’t noticed ^.^;;;

My personal opinion is that the boys have learned from each other along the way.  It took Harry and Louis a little while to stop cooperating with their closeting and to learn strategies to undermine it.  Liam and Zayn benefited from that experience and got a head start on strategies to support each other and stay strong through their closeting.  It looks like Niall’s decided to take cues from late Elounor and act completely cold towards Melissa.  I don’t think he hates her, but he probably wants it to look that way.

As for the two articles that you linked, I actually think they give about the same message.  The top of the Daily Mail article is completely different, but it’s more about the woman getting harassed than any potential of her and Niall actually being involved.  The bottom of the article is the standard Niall and Melissa story we’re getting right now.

As for the fandom not seeing it, that’s same old same old.  The people who always swallow the narrative whole are swallowing it whole.  The people who know nothing about Niall and can’t see past their own favorite member are continuing to do that.  My current strategy is to ignore them as much as possible and try to create a mostly positive OT5 bubble around myself.  

You’re welcome to come into the bubble and chill too or to create your own if you want.  I rather like the idea of people who care about Niall forming more bonds in the fandom.  I’ve run across very few people who do analysis and are specifically Niall stans.


Elliot: Hello friend. Hello friend? That’s lame. Maybe I should give you a name. But that’s a slippery slope, you’re only in my head, we have to remember that. Shit, this actually happened, I’m talking to an imaginary person. What I’m about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There’s a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I’m talking about the guys no one knows about, the ones that are invisible. The top 1% of the top 1%, the guys that play God without permission. And now I think they’re following me.

It like drives me crazy how anxious and scared seeing her makes me and it also drives me crazy how much she hates me. Like. I just wish she would talk to me because we have SO much to clear up with each other. Like I’m just trying to fucking live, and quite honestly I don’t understand how things got this rough. I was literally showing the girl who LIKES ME videos and pics of her and I tonight. And still, seeing all of those now seriously makes me smile bigger than anything else. I’m not in love with whoever she is now but God, we were so in love. I think in some way I’m still in love with her then. You look at pics and videos of us and neither of us look like we could be any happier than we were at that moment. All the kissing videos and the videos of us looking at each other and all the laughing and giggling. Oh man we adored each other. We loved each other so much. Things are so broken right now and there’s no return but some nights I’m not really sad. I’m just kinda disappointed with myself that I didn’t make better choices. Maybe it was my fault she cheated on me. It still wasn’t right.. But there were times when I was not a good person to be with. I loved and I lost but I can’t possibly be sad about it. I see pictures of her and I can’t help to exclaim about how gorgeous she is. The girl I was with said, “you were lucky” and I said that in some ways I still am. By that I mean, I’m lucky I ever got to be with her. Like fuck she makes me feel like hell now and I make her feel like hell but both of us are so misunderstood right now. Some days I feel like I’ve never been more scared because of her, and some days, when I look at all these old pics of her, I remember how good she was. I still don’t know anything. Whether the things in her life are real or not, or actually whether she’s even okay. It would be so easy to check her tumblr, but I’d rather not, and plus I don’t think she updates it really. Things are weird. Tonight is weird. If all this didn’t happen, this year would’ve actually been incredible. At first we had three classes together. Like. We’ve never had more than one! Tomorrow I have to get my science class changed, or I literally might have to go to the hospital from anxiety. She’s the only one i know in that class and she straight up HATES me. Fuck. We were best friends before we were ever lovers, and I wish we could talk, because I don’t believe it should be like this. Not at all. I don’t know what’s going on with her. Some days I love her and some days I hate her, but I always miss her. I read old poems I wrote her and this Valentine’s Day note and I looked at all the pics of the gifts I gave her and I remember how I felt in all those moments. I was so happy. I was so in love. My friend asked me if I would ever get married, and I told her I would if I found another love like that. Being with her, my future had never seemed so solid. Trust me, through all of this, I’ve learned to cope with many things. This break up has never made me feel like I needed to hurt myself, but I was just so sad. I got through most of it within a week, but again, I’ll always miss her. I really hope things work out for her.

Quick EXO concert in LA recap

-Concert started with overdose

-Chanyeol likes jogging

-Suho is adorable and I really want to marry him

-Suho again spoke the most english

-LA also got the One Step Back track for the first and midway through ments. 

-Just a quick FYI, ambulances were at the venue for ppl who fainted/got sick about 4 hours before showtime. Soon as I got into the pit around 6:15 pm someone already needed to be escorted out of the area (there was a gurney).

-Suho said it would make his heart hurt if anyone got hurt trying to see them

-deafening screams for bacon (ie, baekhyun) playing the piano during my answer

-deafening screams whenever D.O. did anything

-Cute VCRs

-Cute boys

-chanyeol grabbed kai baek and tried going for D.O. for the kissing/hugging elves in red stripes thing….kai tried kicking someone and d.o. was having none of chan’s sh*t

-boys stripping onstage

-chanyeol is obsessed with jogging

-suho asked what he liked about LA and he jogged away and backstage

-he’d come back and jog away 3 more times

-suho asked chan to “come here” and put his arm around him (probably to stop the jogging fever) 

-chanyeol mentioned the marathon that happened in LA that morning

-suho talked about things he loved in LA most and he said he likes Pinks hot dogs and he’s been to six flags, disneyland, santa monica beach/pier. He said his favorite thing was us (exo-l) cute

-Kai said he wishes there was a cruise from disneyland to disneyworld then he said stuff about going to malibu beach and swimming with exo-l. 

-Suho talked about being in LA for christmas last year and being sad that he couldn’t spend christmas with us. Then he said we were gonna have christmas now (lol) to make up for it

-Xiumin has energizer bunny level energy like if you watched him dance i bet he could hop right off that stage he was jumping so high like damn boy 

-before the machine mashup set Xiumin and Chanyeol came out to “teach” us korean lyrics to shout. 

-Chanyeol kept shaking his head no until we got a solid run (with xiumin’s help)

-Machine, drop that, let out the beast, 365 set meant that EXO went crazy and everyone had to jump

-let out the beast literally turned the venue into a rave

-suho is beautiful

-screams were deafening when Kai came out to start Call Me Baby

-ment where we had to step back again or else the concert had to stop (ppl listened..slowly but surely) 

-chanyeol tried bribing everyone saying that D.O. would do a little dance for everyone if they stepped back

-D.O. threatened Chan and Chan ended up on the floor..

-D.O. did a cute…hand…heart dance…thing (i recorded it, must look and edit it later) 

-Chen got a lot of screams during one of the VCRs, Miracles in December, and Sing for you

-chen also said he wouldn’t mind having a family in L.A. ;) ;) 

-Anytime Lay was on screen, screams were eardrum shattering

-Sehun spoke mostly during the ending ment. Screams were so loud idk all of what he said, but he was smiling cutely the whole time. He asked if we knew about the marathon and wanted to tell us if we didn’t know lol. Also while chanyeol was doing his ment sehun kept touching baekhyun for fun.

-Xiumin doesn’t run out of energy ever

-Suho promised he would come back with new songs and lay and yeahhh

-ppl threw stuff onstage by chanyeol and everyone in the back w/ me thought it was underwear. Chan picked them up and they were like giant plushie roses. he played with them during sehun/baek’s ments. D.O. came by and goofed with him.

-After Unfair encore they all said byeee…chen and baek stayed till the end with their arms around each other. chen left and baek was last to leaveee

(All in all i give concert experience an 8.5) 

***Special Notes***

-No cameras, if you had one that wasn’t a phone you got taken out and your cam will be taken until the end of the show, and they make u delete the pics. (Bigger cams=rejected from the venue *i talked to the security guy about it*)

-LA fans were body checked (That hand wand type body scanner) 

-cute smallish backpacks were allowed