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Things I Want To See On GMW - Vol. 2

When I heard the news about all of the guest stars in Girl Meets Goodbye, I just had to revisit this post. This post goes back to when I first heard about the Eric and Tommy reunion in season 2. That made me want to see so many other BMW reunions and a wish list was born. More recently I was starting to doubt we’d get to see any of them. But with this episode, all of these are possible because all of these characters will be in the same episode. Its a BMW fans dream. Only two on my original wish list can’t come true in this episode because Jack and Jennifer aren’t in this one. Here’s hoping these wishes come true:

  • Shawn and Mr Turner
  • Shawn, Cory, Topanga, and Minkus
  • Shawn, Cory, Topanga, Minkus, and Mr Feeny
  • Shawn and Minkus
  • Shawn and Eric
  • Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric
  • Eric and Mr Feeny
  • Eric and Josh
  • Eric and Amy and Alan
  • Eric and Morgan
  • Eric, Cory, Morgan, Josh
  • Eric, Cory, Morgan, Josh, Amy, and Alan
  • Josh and Amy

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I hate how fans who are into very few or not at all girl groups always reduce concepts down to cute or sexy! That's like if I were to reduce boy groups down to the bad boy or the cutie boy which everyone knows isn't true!! I wish everyone gave groups a chance rather than just writing them off as 'another cute concept'

yeah, sadly it happens. :(

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @xhikaru-s ! <3

Hope all your wishes come true! May you be blessed with eternal happiness! :)

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You wanted Fronnie right? Here you go! :3 (Sorry its late ;__;)

Art by ME

Designs by Pole-bear

For @xhikaru-s

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Its my first time drawing a pairing/ship so bare with me.


Dandelion Leaf

aka Blowball, Cankerwort, Lion’s Tooth, Priest’s Crown, Puffball, Swine Snout, White Endive, Wild Endive, Piss-a-Bed

Element: Air
Planet: Jupiter, Mars

  • Summoning spirits, healing, purification and defeating negativity
  • Bury in northwest corner of yard to bring favorable winds
  • Use in sachets and charms to make wishes come true

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that video of kodak black’s mom crying tears of joy on the floor because her son was on the front cover of a magazine is so great. i wish i could make my singing dreams come true and make my mom proud like that

Cooking Gone Wrong

Member(s): Luhan x Reader (ft. Mr Cat)
Type: Fluff, Admin Special
Words: 5,743
Plot: Your cooking might not be the best one out there, but your and Luhan’s cooking was certainly on a whole different level (of bad).

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A/N: Happy birthday, Admin Taeyeon! I wish all of your dreams come true one day. <3 This is especially dedicated to the ones who are as bad at cooking as Admin Taeyeon (don’t deny it) and I are, we feel all of you. Also, I just wanted to point out that my favourite character in this whole thing is Mr Cat. I should definitely write more Luhan scenarios, just so I can include him. :D

It was the day: the day You would make a dinner by you yourself and the day Luhan would shout a loud Wow! at the deliciousness of the dish when he came over for a dinner.

You had everything ready: pork belly, ginger, garlic, wine, oil, sugar. Only looking at the ingredients alone neatly placed one next to another was enough to cause you to feel very proud of you yourself. You theatrically took an apron from a drawer and put it on. The piece of cloth fit your body perfectly and you tied it behind your back without problems. Yes, it was indeed the day.

You delicately took a mui choy stem in you hands. You first observed it carefully as to reassure yourself it was the right ingredient you had bought that day. Now that you were standing in your kitchen all alone, no friends to nag and give out instructions on what to do, you felt nervous. You warily removed each leaf off the stem and put them under the water stream, washing it thoroughly to get rid of salt and sand. You then put the leaves aside to soak and cut them into small pieces. Every move of yours was sloppy and inexperienced, yet you still managed to do everything right, more or less. You felt drops of sweat rolling down your face and wiped them off annoyingly. It was way easier on the television. Damn those perfect cooks.

It had already passed an hour since you had started cooking when it was the time to mix everything in one pot. You hurriedly added garlic and ginger to the mass and started frying them. You then added pork belly and mui choy pieces and the seasonings you had previously prepared into the pot and stirred the mixture. It was funny how you hadn’t known half of the things you did in the past hour yesterday - if your friends were to hear you were cooking like this, they wouldn’t believe you. You snickered at the thought.

It was the time to simmer the pork and mui choy for an hour and a half. You put your arms on your hips and looked at the dish you had been preparing for some time and breathed out loudly through your nostrils. It was needless to say you were proud of yourself. Now it was the time for you to decide what to do until the dish was finished cooking. Perhaps read that book Luhan bought me for my birthday, you thought.

You made your way to the living room connected to the kitchen and turned on the CD player placed next to the sofa.



You threw yourself on the piece of furniture, making the cushions bounce at the motion. The leather under you made a funny sound and you giggled. Waving your body in the rhythm of a sonata that had now already filled the room, you eyed the room, as if you were looking for something specific, yet you found nothing.

At the farthest point of the room was a huge window with violet curtains preventing the sunlight to fully illuminate the place. On each side of the window was a pot with areca palm, beautifully bred and attentively preserved. Even though you had way too much work on your shoulders, you still kept on taking care of the green in your small flat in the suburbs of Beijing. It was one of the ways to keep you relaxed - watering the plants and observing the way they grew each day.

In front of you was a dusty TV and a coffee table. Of course the TV would be unclean, you rarely used it and if you were to turn it on, it would be when Luhan would come over and you’d decide to watch a film together. Other than that, there was really no need for you to use the TV remote. It was not like you had the time to care about the cleanliness of something you didn’t use in the first place, anyways.

You reached over to the tiny table and grabbed the only object placed on it - Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. It was one of Murakami’s most famous works and you guessed that was one of the main reasons Luhan had bought you that book for a present. Or maybe it was because of your best friend’s recommendation. you weren’t really sure.

Either way, you were immersed in the book the moment you started reading it. It was one of those works where when you started reading them, you wouldn’t be able to stop. The short, clear sentences, the metaphors and the characters - you seemed to love Murakami’s writing immediately.
However, you just couldn’t get past the middle part and it pained you greatly. It was one of the longer chapters of the story and if you were allowed to add, one of the boring ones. Nothing new was happening and there weren’t many dialogues - nothing to tickle your curiosity.

So, it was no surprise when you found yourself slowly dozing off to Chopin’s Waltz in C-sharp minor.

What made you jump from your spot on the sofa was Luhan’s voice. But what made you jump from your spot in fear was Luhan’s voice yelling something even you couldn’t understand.

“Y/N-ah! What happened in here?!” the young man cried out as he ran to where you were.

“What happened in here…” you repeated after Luhan, still sleepy. Luhan jumped up and down on his spot and shook your shoulders. He made quick movements and pointed in the kitchen’s direction. You looked over to where his fingers were pointing at.

“The kitchen! The smell!” he shrieked, “Why is it so smoky in here?!”

You only then realised what had happened. You yelped, “The dinner!”

“The dinner!” Luhan repeated and ran after you to the kitchen.

You quickly opened all the windows you could reach and took a rag from the counter to drive off the smoke that was almost impossible to see through. Luhan followed behind, copying your moves. You collided a few times, both of you letting out inarticulate squeals at the impact and taking a few steps backwards to regain balance. If one saw the whole act, they’d think it was a scene from a Korean comedy drama.

Luhan ran over to the living room and took a fan from the corner of the room to the kitchen. He plugged it in and turned it on. The smoke soon disappeared.

“Smart.” you mumbled, wiping the sweat off your forehead.

Luhan stuck out his tongue and made a funny face before asking, “Why was there so much smoke?”

“What time is it?” you answered with another question. Luhan frowned.

“It’s past eleven.”


The young man leaned onto the counter and gave you a look that told you you’d better give him an answer to his original question. You scratched the back of you head.

“I may have let it cook for three hours instead of an hour and a half.”

All Luhan could do was let out a whine and fall on his knees, still not believing what had just happened.

The next day was definitely the day: the day you would make a dinner by yourself and the day Luhan would regret ever doubting in your cooking skills.

You laid all the ingredients on the counter in front of you and took a deep breath. Crispy spring onion pancakes. The name sure sounded like it was from a 5-starred restaurant’s chef’s cookbook, but it couldn’t be anything that hard, right? Of course not, you encouraged yourself. After all, you wouldn’t allow yourself to fall asleep this time.

Luhan’s cat crawled up to rub against your leg and you shivered at the sudden touch. You crouched and let the cat cuddle against your hand. It was so strange how Luhan had that cat for such a long time and yet he never gave him a proper name. You also noticed how the cat never seemed to respond to any name Luhan would give him, but always came to you when you called him. That’s why for you, the cat’s name was Mister.

You stood up and washed your hands before taking flour and salt and whisking them together in a bowl. You chopped the onions and mixed them with the mass until they were distributed evenly. You carefully read the recipe from the webpage opened on you r phone and precisely followed every instruction written. Add boiling water, you added boiling water. Empty the bowl, you emptied the bowl. Crispy spring onion pancakes. You smirked to yourself. It wasn’t that hard to cook after all.

You coated the frying pan with vegetable oil you had had such a hard time to find in the stores and turned the heat to medium-high. You sprinkled a little bit of flour into the oil to check if the oil was at the appropriate heat and it bubbled, giving you the sign you were good to go. You then proceeded placing the pancakes you had made into the frying pan.

You couldn’t wait for Luhan to be enchanted by the aroma of sesame oil and the scallion-flecked surface of the pancakes’ golden crust. You were sure he’d never forget the crispy bite he’d take followed by chewy layers of green onion and dough. You felt so smart for thinking of making such a delicious dish for him.

At that exact same moment, the door to the apartment opened and revealed Luhan’s figure at the doorstep. He quickly walked in and closed the door behind him.

“Hey.” he smiled at you as he took off his shoes.

“Hi.” you returned him the smile, “How was your day?”

He mumbled something while he hastily hung his jacket on the hat stand and threw his bag on the sofa. Luhan then walked to the cat and spoke more clearly, “It was alright, nothing special. I had a photoshoot for that big magazine I told you about.”

“Isn’t that nice…” you felt your heart beat faster at the news and leaned against the counter, facing the young man, “I can’t wait to see the photos.”

Luhan kept on petting Mister, “Yeah, I think they came out nice.”

You couldn’t control your smile at the interaction between Luhan and Mister. Luhan always whined how Mister liked you more than him and how the cat was ‘such a traitor’, yet it was clear to everybody who saw the two that there wasn’t a person Mister loved more than Luhan.

“That reminds me,” you started again, “Mister behaved very nicely today.”

“Is that so?” Luhan laughed, “Well, he only listens to you.”

“That’s not true!”

“But it is.”

Luhan,” you whined, “Mister’s your cat, of course he’d like you more.”

Luhan shrugged as if to tell you he gave up and stood up. He walked over to you and made a displeased face, “What are you cooking?”

“Oh, just-” you turned around to show Luhan your work only to cry out in dismay, “The food!”

Luhan peeked from behind you and saw small burned pancakes on the frying pan. He sighed and stated more than asked, “Why am I not surprised.”

The sound of water from the bathroom filled the whole flat. Luhan had been showering for some time by then and you were in the kitchen, hands on your hips, checking if you had all the ingredients ready. Beef. Broccoli. Oil. Ginger. Water. It wasn’t much and it didn’t seem that difficult when you had been forced to watch that cooking show at your best friend’s place.

You had prepared the marinade and the sauce you’d need beforehand so all that was left for you to do was the meat. You took the beef slices and put them with all the ingredients for the marinade to marinate. You felt like your hands had already gotten used to the way they were supposed to handle the food and did it without much difficulty. You easily blanched the broccoli florets in the hot water and after that drained the excess water from it. You wanted you =r friends to see how skilled you were.

“Y/N?” you heard Luhan call from the bathroom.

You straightened up at the sudden change of the monotonous noise of the water from the shower and cleared you throat, “Yes?”

“Where’s the men’s shampoo I brought over here not so long ago?”

“Uh,” you stuttered, “I think it’s used-up, you can use mine.”

“But, it’s strawberry-scented-” Luhan tried to add but then just whined in frustration. Of course you would have used it if he just let it stay in your bathroom.

You continued cooking. You stir-fried the beef and at the same time danced to an unknown song you hummed. You guessed it was some old Spanish song, but even you yourself weren’t sure. All the melodies were mixed up in your head like the vegetables waiting to be fried were. You added other ingredients to the beef slices and shuffled them together. The smell of meat and vegetables fried in oil engulfed the whole place and you felt like you had finally done something worthy of tasting.

Luhan entered the living room completely dressed up, a towel over his head. He smelled the sweet fragrance coming from the kitchen and put a hand over his stomach. He was hungry.

“What are you cooking?” he simply asked.

You matter-of-factly retorted, “Beef stir-fry with broccoli, Y/N way.”

“Sounds like something a world-famous chef would prepare.”

“It is something a world-famous chef would prepare!” your eyes sparkled as you   took the phone out of the pocket of your jeans and and unlocked it, “Look, I watched this with my friends!”

Luhan gave you a sour smile at the sudden realisation you had abandoned the beef and the vegetables frying in oil. He wanted to tell you that you ought to stay with the food, but you started talking so fast about how great it was supposed to taste and how he’d enjoy every last bit of it that he wasn’t able to get a chance to speak up. The young man noticed smoke rising from behind you. He started waving his hands and pointing in the direction of the frying pan, but to no avail. You kept on talking about how cool the chef had been until Luhan yelled a loud The meat!

It took the two of you a lot less time to throw everything away than it took you to cook it all and it was needless to say that night you went to bed hungry. Luhan made a decision to keep an eye on you the next time you decided to cook.

Which he did.

Luhan sat in the living room, flipping through the film script not at all interested in what was written in it. Even if he were, he wouldn’t be able to focus as all he thought about was a certain young woman sorting out the ingredients you had bought on the kitchen counter.

It was already lunchtime and a very rare occasion for the two of you as Luhan had almost never had lunch at home, not to mention your flat, but either at the studio or the filming site. He was already feeling a bit off because he wasn’t used to being home at that time, but what made him even more awkward was the fact you seemed like you had already known he’d be there for lunch so that   you had already gone to the store to buy everything you’d need to make a delicious lunch. Delicious rang in Luhan’s head and he closed the script.

“Baobei, what are you doing?” he tried to sound as disinterested as he could, like it was just a rhetorical question and that he didn’t really care for your answer. He looked towards the kitchen with the corner of his eye, but everything he could see was your back and smoke coming from the kitchen range.

You looked over at Luhan and smiled, “I’m preparing Kung Pao chicken. I heard it’s really tasty.”

“Is that so?” he muttered and rose up from the sofa so he could see what exactly you were doing.

“Yeah. Come on, you’re Chinese, you should know.” you whined as you cut the last dried chili pepper, “Kung Pao chicken is a famous Chinese dish. In Western countries like the USA it’s a world-famous dish - it’s like a synonym for Chinese cuisine!”

“I’m sorry, but as long as the food isn’t burnt, it’s good for me.” still having trouble to see what’s going on in the kitchen, Luhan said.

He finally found a good position to observe your actions. You were now frying peanuts while with the other hand you prepared a bowl and ingredients that looked like they were meant to make a sauce with. Luhan wondered why you needed fried peanuts. Even though it was his country’s dish, he had never tried it before, but at the same time didn’t want to admit he hadn’t. Were he to do that, he would be mocked the whole day, he thought.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Luhan spoke with such speed that it almost sounded like a tongue-twister to you, “What are you doing?! Don’t add that much vinegar! Do you want to kill me?!”

“It’s not a lot!” you protested as Luhan ran towards you.

He took the vinegar bottle from you hand and pointed at the bowl, “Almost half of this sauce is vinegar, baobei!”

“Well, it’s your fault this time!” you huffed, “We’ll either eat it like that or just make more sauce and have to eat it all.”

“Can’t we just make more and then throw away what we don’t need?”

“I’m not having leftovers, Luhan.”

Luhan put the vinegar bottle down and went back to the living room to continue reading the film script. No matter how much he wanted his word to be the last, he couldn’t fight against the fact that he was partly the one to blame for ruining the sauce. Maybe it would be the best if he just listened to you, he thought.

“Now, don’t you even bother to protest. I’m cooking with you.”

You winced at the serious tone Luhan’s voice had gotten all of a sudden and rubbed the back of your head. You didn’t need someone’s help and youespecially didn’t need your ‘I’m only at the level of cooking ramyun, the most I can do is add an egg’ boyfriend’s help.

“Just don’t get in my way, alright?” you turned away in a snit and reached out to grab an apron before giving it to Luhan, “We don’t want your pretty clothes dirtied, do we?”

“Why thank you.” he smirked back at you and took the cloth.

You went over to the small cabinet and pulled out a pot. It was rather small, new and shiny, but it was just perfect for noodles. Making noodles had long ago become an everyday thing for you and Luhan and you knew exactly what to do without making any useless and unnecessary movements. You took two bundles of e-fu noodles and threw it in Luhan’s direction.

“Please put the water to boil and cook these.” you smiled as you spoke, “But don’t cook them completely. Drain them when they separate.”

“They should be firm?” Luhan questioned, worry in his tone. He may had become a master in cooking noodles, but it was cooking them. Asking him to make them undercooked was a whole different story. He didn’t want to admit it, though.

“That shouldn’t be a problem for you, right?”

“Pft, of course it won’t.”

You smiled and went to the counter to cut the vegetables. This was one of the easier recipes that you even witnessed your mother prepare so you were quite confident  you would do it right. You had everything neatly prepared and ready to be put together and stir fried with the sauce you had made beforehand. It didn’t take you long to do everything, you would say it took you fifteen minutes the most. You looked over at Luhan and noticed he was still cooking the noodles.

“How long are you going to do that?” you ran to him and turned off the heat, “I said undercooked, not overcooked!”

“Wouldn’t it be better if they were like that?” Luhan tried to defend himself but only earned a disapproving look, “Trust me. I make noodles every day.”

“Luhan, no.”

He sighed and leaned on the counter, “So, what do we do next?”

“Well, given that we’ve already messed up, I guess we can just continue with the original recipe.”

“And that is..?”

You sighed and walked past the young man to take the ingredients you needed. Without a word spoken, as you  knew it wouldn’t really mean anything to Luhan but only confuse him or make him mess up again, you took oil and cut mushrooms and went to the stove. You poured the oil into the frying pan and let it heat before adding mushrooms and garlic and stir frying them together. You could feel Luhan’s curious eyes on you as you cooked and couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious. You then took wine from a cabinet, opened it and took a sip. Luhan didn’t waste a minute to stop you.

“Whoa there, you can’t drink and cook.”

“It’s to taste it, not like I want to drink now.” you scowled. Luhan gave you a questioning look and smirked. You sighed and gave him the bottle, “You try it too then.”

The young man smirked. The occasions when you would drink wine were rather rare, but what was even more rare was the two of you drinking it together. It was also needed to emphasize that it was usually him who would take the wine himself and not  you inviting him to drink with you. At that moment everything seemed suspicious to Luhan and so did you innocent line.

“You just want me drunk, don’t you?” he approached you and trapped you between him and the stove. You dropped the mixing spoon and skillfully avoided touching the burner holding onto the part of the stove that wasn’t heated. You knew where this was going and you were not pleased with the idea at all.

You tried to push him away, “As if.”

Luhan’s fingers laced with you own and he let them intertwine while he drew your body nearer with his other hand. With your bodies pressed tightly against each other’s, it was almost impossible not to have your faces close to each other’s as well. Luhan chuckled at the frown on your face and you looked away.

“Come on,” he half-whispered, “I know that you must be needy, but don’t do it through cooking.”

Luhan pecked your cheek and you quickly wiped it off. He grimaced. Sometimes he wondered how your mood could change in a matter of seconds and how you could make such a drastic change from a lovable human being to a person who could die without being loved and being fine with it.

He moved closer once again, this time aiming at your lips, and planted a soft kiss on their corner. This time you didn’t wipe it off, but kept still. Luhan noticed a small change on your face as your frown had disappeared and your lips had curved a bit upwards. He smiled back and leaned in for another kiss. It was much longer than the first two and it was completely centered on your lips. Neither Luhan nor you could actually tell just how much it lasted, but you both knew they had been standing there for some time. Luhan gently moved his lips against yours as if he was massaging them and a few times tilted his head to have better access. It was affectionate and it was tender, and it was nothing more than that, but you loved it greatly.

You two broke the kiss when the silence filled the room and there was no frying sound coming from the pan with mushrooms and sesame oil. You quickly looked at the frying pan and noticed that the vegetables had completely taken dark colour to the point they were indistinguishable, no liquid that could testify there was oil in the first place.

You glared at Luhan and the latter took a step back, waving his hands as if to defend himself that he had nothing to do with it.

“I think I will kill you.”

Luhan shivered at the thought.

“I think we should take all these to the trash bin.” you mumbled pointing to the litter on and around the tiny coffee table, too lazy to put effort in pronouncing all the words correctly. Luhan understood everything you had said, though, and looked up at you. You were lying on the sofa in the living room, legs and arms intertwined and Luhan’s head resting on your stomach.

“Let’s play for it.” he sat up and looked at you with a determined glint in his eyes.

“Will playing rock-paper-scissors always be your way of solving your life problems?” you frowned but noticed Luhan had already raised his hand in the air, ready to play the well-known game between the two of you. You chuckled.

You knew Luhan’s game. He always said how he was a man - a manly man at that. Therefore, having claimed he was one, he’d use rock as rock is for men. You just really didn’t want to leave your comfy spot on the sofa, and that was exactly the reason why you chose to play with paper.

“Why are you like this to me?” Luhan whined. You shrugged and pointed at the litter, as if to tell him he’d better start collecting it right away so that he finishes faster. He threw a frown your way and stood up, before very slowly and rather lazily taking each empty packaging and taking it to the kitchen. You could hear him mumble something along the lines of ‘She always wins’ and ‘Witchcraft’ and snorted at how dumb he was.

The exact same moment your phone rang and you swiped over the screen in one fluid movement. Luhan could hear you happily talking with somebody but decided not to interrupt but simply do the task he had been given.

Not so long after, you appeared on the kitchen door and, with a big smile on your face, exclaimed, “Y/BFF/N is coming over for dinner!”

Luhan looked at you dumbfounded, “Dinner? What dinner?”

“What is better than a soothing bowl of wonton soup on a busy Thursday evening?” you tapped his shoulder proudly.

“Wasn’t that busy for us though.” he mumbled remembering the boring day the two of you had, but continued in a louder voice, “When is she coming?”

You looked up, deep in thought, “We have about 25 to 30 minutes to prepare the dish.”

“Wait.” Luhan crossed his arms and leaned against the counter, “Did you even think about the fact neither of us can cook?”

You tied your hair in a ponytail, “Of course I did.”

“And you still told them we’d make dinner for them?”

Wonton soup.”

Luhan raised his hands in defeat and turned around to take two aprons from the upper drawer. He reached around you and skillfully tied it around your waist, doing the same to him afterwards. You let out a giggle at the sight before you: your twenty-six years old, claiming to be very manly, boyfriend was standing in front of you with a high ponytail and a pink apron on.

“Is there something funny?” he frowned and looked down in a search of what was making you laugh. You shook your head and he sighed.

Everything started out nicely: you removed the wonton wrappers you had bought beforehand ( you had been intending to make the soup in the first place, so your best friend’s sudden arrival didn’t disrupt any of your original plans for dinner) from the fridge and left them on the kitchen counter to warm up; in the meantime, Luhan brought all the ingredients he read were needed for the filling and let you combine them in a large bowl.

Your hands worked skillfully on placing all the wrappers on the clean and dry surface of the counter, laying them so the longest width of its oval shape ran from top to bottom in front of you. You asked Luhan to get you a cup of water and he obliged.

Watching you work so easily on making the dumplings was a rarity for Luhan: you wet your finger and ran a little water around the edge of the top half of the wrapper, folded the bottom up and over the meat filling, ran your finger over the filling to push out any air bubbles, then pressed the pastry firmly around the meat so you had a sealed parcel. You tightly folded one corner into the middle and then did the same with the other corner, sticking them with water. You reached out towards the bowl with the meat filling and take another teaspoon of it, but the spoon bumped into something more firm than the filling mixture. You looked over at the bowl.

“Luhan, what are you doing?” you questioned, look fixated on Luhan’s handful of meat.

He pulled his hand out and pouted, looking down at the floor, “He was hungry.”

Mister was sauntering around Luhan’s legs, his tail brushing his jeans and and fuzzy paws stepping over his feet from time to time. He looked up at the two of you and let out a meow that melted Luhan’s heart but only made you frown.

“Don’t give him more meat,” you  protested, “look at how big his tummy is.”

Luhan frowned, “Call Mr Cat fat one more time and I’ll unrelationship you.”

“Okay, okay.” you threw your hands up in defeat and turned towards the kitchen counter and the pastry wrappers you had been making. You heard the young man mutter something along the lines of ‘Only I can call him fat’ under his breath and snorted.

The rest of the cooking went well, if a kitchen sink filled with unnecessary pottery and ingredients spilled all over the counter and the floor could be put under the definition of ‘cooking gone well’. You put the dumplings to boil and stirred them gently in rounds. When they floated to the top, you removed them from the saucepan and added another batch to do the same. Luhan observed how masterly you handled the food with his jaw dropped. Maybe he had been wrong about your cooking knowledge this whole time.

With boiled dumplings transferred to the boiling chicken stock, you instructed Luhan to gently add the pak choi - first the white parts and only then the green ones. You then put the liquid to boil some more and went to the sink to wash your hands.

It was needless to say you was more than extremely proud of the dinner you managed to prepare with Luhan. It took you five consecutive failures to finally get a dish done without much damage to the kitchen, the dish or yourself. You always tried to find comfort in food. Food wasn’t something that could betray you or let you down, it was simply there to give you energy and make you feel good at the end of a long working week. Finally there was a dish you made yourself that could give you the comfort you seeked for.

With a smiling face, you turned off the water and looked over at Luhan, his gaze fixated on a faraway spot in the living room. You approached him and sprinkled water in his face, making the young man’s mouth gape open in shock. You playfully skipped back towards your cooking area but stopped dead in your tracks when ice-cold water splashed onto your back, resulting in you squealing at the touch with your own warm skin. You slowly turned your head around, wet locks glued on your neck and cheeks, and gave him a smile.

“That was really uncalled for, you know.” you muttered under your breath, but before Luhan was even able to register your words you had taken a handful of flour from the counter and smeared it in his face. He gasped, making the powder burst into a cloud of white particles and linger in the air like that for some time. He was done with cooking, it was all evident on his face.

He quickly turned around and moved towards the door leading to the living room, “You know, I have filming tomorrow. I must rest.”

“You can’t just do that!” you laughed and threw yourself on the floor, immediately seizing his left leg and hung on it. Luhan tried to move but your weight on his limb was too much, making him stumble and soon enough, meet the floor with his flour-stained face. With the bottle of seasoned soy sauce he managed to snatch before hitting the ground, the young man showered your hair and you screamed.

Luhan burst in a fit of laughter at the sight before him. You looked way too funny for him to keep a straight face on the whole time: wet, messy, sticky. Never had he seen you so devastated, yet filled with so much rage. However, not a second passed and you  started laughing as well, your uncontrollable giggles being way too contagious and making him laugh only harder.

“You are the worst, you know that?” you managed to voice, still trying to calm down from laughing.

“Y/N.” a familiar voice spoke and the two of you rose up to look at the person behind it. Your best friend stood at the doorway and carefully observed you two sitting on the floor, your clothes completely soaked in water and oil and flour on their faces and hair.

She tried cooking.” Luhan tried to defend himself by laying all the blame on you. You punched his arm.

“We didn’t try,” you corrected, “we did cook.”

Your friend sighed, “Have you ever thought of simply having a take-out?”

“Smart.” Luhan and you said in unison and quickly ran to the fridge where the leaflet was pinned at.

- Admin Lene


What? Did I just make a moodboard of the babe and I on her birthday extravaganza?

The answer is yes. Yes I did.
We went and took photos outside with the cool breeze and got free coffee because its her birthday!
I’m so happy that I get to spend time with her and be happy and merry. :)
She’s my wonderful girlfriend of almost three years and I can’t wait for the years to come next.
She puts a smile on my face and leaves me breathless at how amazing she is. I could not be luckier, and am so grateful she was born into this world where I can love her and smooch her face.

Happy Birthday my radiant Princess!
May all your wishes come true, because I know you sure have made mine. :)

I love you @taciturntentacles, you’re the best. :)

anonymous asked:

hi!i saw ur reply to an ask and i couldnt help myself. i think that hak didnt "mind" yona liking suwon bc he was selfless but now it's also bc a part of him wishes that suwon was still the same person that yona had a crush on (??)

Hey! Anon, Relax! Everyone has different opinions, the same topics.

Anonymous is a very good idea. If part of his wants Soo Won was the same person as before. It’s not changing my speech, because he still suffers.  His wish is now killing Soo Won. I’m not sure Hak,  was really selfless.  He cares about the princess more than himself. Maybe he’s trying to live with the awareness that the princess loves Soo Won. Anonymous, look at it this way, even if his wish come true i’m sure  if Soo Won, would have a second chance to kill the king, he would do it  and yet, this part so wishes, that is, the Hak, would like to live a lie. It is possible that his heart desires it, but his common sense says it’s impossible. For me it doesn’t make sense, because both sides he still suffers. This his unselfishness can’t be sincere (I may be wrong, but I think so)

I’m totally one of those people who gets discouraged when they don’t see results within a few days. I know I have to be patient but it’s soooo difficult. I wish those “Lose 15 pounds in a week!” advertisements were actually true.