wish it was out for download

How to be a TS4 Simmer

Never actually play the game. Spend hours downloading and organizing 10GB+ of CC. Desperately wish there were a better way to preview CAS CC so you can weed out duplicate hairs and broken meshes. The End.


Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it. 

You know what would have been fun? it’s sort of late now, but it would be really neat to have 13 artists collaborate to make a Miraculous Ladybug 2017 calendar. It would have been each artist tasked with drawing a picture themed around their given month (and one for the cover) and be given as a free download for people to print out and compile into a calendar they could have on their wall. We could even have season 2 air dates and anniversaries and character birthdays (if any are known) as dates, as well as holidays celebrated in france and events that take place in paris, so that you could look at it and think “ah, maybe Alya would be doing that!” 

That would have been really fun, i wish i had thought of it earlier.

Well honestly, it could still be done. Cause like, even if we didnt get it out until late January it would still be useful for the year. And if people felt compelled to do so on their own time you can really easy convert the photos into an ACTUAL calendar at any target or walmart or place like that, lots of sites online do it too. 


Would any artists be down to work with a two monthish deadline to create one piece for their assigned month? Two months for one picture, themed around whatever month you get. So if its a fall month maybe the characters in fall wear and leaves and its a plaza or something interesting. You could research events that take place in Paris that month and perhaps depict the characters (probably the main four, adding in anyone else as additional if they’d like but sticking mainly to them because they are the mains) at the event. 

i’d also need someone who would be confident creating the actual grid day to day look for the bottom part of the calendar. it would be best to have one person do all twelve by just creating a template and shifting the numbers in needed, not hard just tedious. I havent the program to make any that look good or i’d do it myself. and we could assign a second person to adding in all the dates and tidbits and what not, perhaps someone who enjoys researching and looking through events in different cities and that sort of thing since it could be boring otherwise. 

i’m gonna shelve this idea, i’ll leave it up for a few days to see if anyone is interested. if you are an artist or are want the two additional positions should i move forward with this please leave a reply on this post. reblogs to spread the idea around would be appreciated. I think it could be fun and relatively easy to manage. I’ll go through any artists who volunteer and pick people personally, so please please leave a reply if you want to work on it! tag your fav artists, perhaps they’d be interested. 

hey hi hello, I don’t normally post stuff like this but I actually think it might help people out a bit so here u go. I was downloading random apps yesterday and found this one called Virtual Hope Box, for when ur down or stressed or whatever, which lets u put in comforting pictures n videos n quotes and offers games to distract u (as well as relaxation and coping tools + support contacts). As far as I can tell it is completely free, so if you think this will help u, then 10/10 would recommend! love u all x x x x


Attention Clique! 

We’ve all seen Tyler’s “new lyrics” for Stressed Out:

I wish I wrote a different song no one’s ever heard
I wish my mom would just admit she’s sick of every word
Overplayed, overstayed, it was a smash hit,
funny how overplayed songs sound like crap
I was told our true fans don’t like this song,
but I hope they sing along,
but I hope they sing along

I want to show Tyler and Josh that we love the song, that we’re ecstatic for their success, and that we’re still in this with them!

The plan is to hold these signs up during Stressed Out, or you can make your own sign with the slogan, too! 

You can download the sign here! Print it out, share them with your friends! Even if you’re not able to make it to a show, please spread the word - we want this to reach the boys as much as possible. 

We’d like to have Clique members at each show to hand out signs, explain the Project, and to help us make sure this succeeds! Please message me here with your date if you want to be a leader for that date! 

Here you can submit pictures, stories, or anything else from the project!

Good luck, and stay alive, frens! |-/


HI there everyone! It’s been too long since my last cc, and I am so sorry! My family has been moving and I have been moving with them!

Anyway, when @puresims released this shirt I fell in love! And as much as I love it I wished there wasn’t the tie on some of them. So I took it upon myself to lop off the little tie and edit it out! 

  • You may need the mesh, I’m honestly not sure if you do, but I would say download it anyway here
  • You can download my edit here

I hope you enjoy it!

<b>Fact: </b>Pansexuals, while plentiful in the Pansexual Pantheon, are sometimes hard to find outside. Because of this, should you wish to find a pansexual, it is advised that you download the app Pansexual Go, where trainers everywhere seek out pansexuals to befriend.

distracting/calming post-election masterpost <3

so i think we’re all pretty freaked out and upset

and if youre like me youve been shaking/crying/throwing up/dissociating all day

well its a good thing my entire life is about happy little distractions

Cooking videos/my favorite chefs on youtube

These are all Chef John from Food Wishes and hes really relaxing and funny

Onto other chefs!

My favorite crafts/polymer clay tutorials

Makeup tutorials and hauls/unboxings

well thats all for now folks

feel free to add more, and ill probably add onto it some tomorrow

I wish I could upload a much more detailed picture, because Undertale is very important to me :’3 but I’ve been out here and there without a tablet.  


I found out about UT from my sister. I usually don’t download games on my computer or phone. I prefer games you buy for the DS or Wii, or something. One day, I was super bored…… so I thought, WHY NOT. LETS DOWNLOAD THAT ONE GAME. I played it and LOVED IT. What really got me into UT was the music too/// (my favorite is Hope and Dreams)  listening to the soundtrack always got me back into draw fanart for UT.,…. and drawing UT made me really happy!!!! Hmmmm what I liked the most about it…. was that each character was so lovable!! There’s much more I would love to say about, but for now, I will just say….. Thank you Toby Fox!! Undertale will always have a special place in my heart :) 


Theodore House

Finally, I’ve upload this small part of my Rebuild Newcrst project ! It’s the house of Juh and Albert Pha - an elder couple who are taking care of two orphans. Juh and Albert try to give them the love they deserve. I wish them a good new start in life.

68,505 $ / 20 x15

Origin ID: DWould or search for #redhotchilisimblr


Do whatever you want with this lot, but do not reupload it to the Gallery. If you use it for your gameplay, feel free to tag me ! I love to see other simmers playing with my creations. Happy simming !

Please, enable bb.moveobjects before uploading this lot !

Note : You can download this lot without having Kids Room SP, Backyard SP and Dine Out because I only use one item of each.

Madlen Cesena Shoes

Gorgeous metallic pumps for your sim! These come in 7 breathtaking variations (HQ mirror patent texture). If you wish to stand out these are shoes for you! Mesh is completely new, made by myself and low poly. Joints are perfectly assigned. All LODs are replaced with new ones. If you wish to stand out these are shoes for you!

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolor it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.

Hope you’ll like it!



Updated on 12th March 2015

anonymous asked:

Loving the Iris West-Allen, M.D. look! I wish they would've given her a bun or ponytail for the surgery lol. And I'd bet my car that no one is begging her to help while she stands over Katrina's body making selfish excuses. Iris probably volunteers to help even though they're in the midst of trying to take on a meta who knows who Savitar is and who can help prevent her own murder.

Katrina would have been dead had I been Iris.

LOL, that’s cold. 

Not going to rush out to buy GG’s album but he sounded good to me last night. I downloaded the song and listened to it a few times now. He’s not a deep baritone for sure but I wouldn’t describe his voice as “weak and sqeaky” Considering how well the songs are selling I think we’ll without a doubt get another musical.

I’m just glad that what is essentially the WA theme song is the best selling song of the night. I”m sure @minute42 has already pointed out that you can kind of hear WA’s theme in the string arrangement, which makes sense now that we know Blake did the score….

*looks at New promo pics for 318* ummmmm why is iris the one helping julian perform surgery? Are the writers really trying emphasize that anyone can fill CS’s role if need be?

Iris probably has the steadiest hands and the coolest head. Barry and Cisco look like they are completely freaked out by everything happening. LOL

While Millie, her dads, and the ending saved the episode for me… can I get more crossover where TF characters on the other show? I’m getting a bit tired of seeing other people ending up on there. Also, Music Meister, he was a bit campy with that “power of love” mess though I wouldn’t mind seeing him again with a little less song and dance.

On one hand I’d love to see Iris get to cross over to the other shows, on the other hand, I don’t really want to be obligated to watch the other shows… I really just want Candice to get those extra checks. I didn’t mind MM that much, but he doesn’t make sense to me as a being. So what is he GOD or something? It’s strange how he knows everything that everyone else went through.

Iris in those scrubs saving Katrina life. Our girl can do everything

Iris the queen of doctors.


Sonic Adventure DLC - Halloween in Twinkle Park

When Sonic Adventure was released on the Dreamcast, Sega regularly uploaded content onto the in-game site that would unlock already programmed, yet hidden, data.

From October 19, 1999 to December 28, 1999, Sega released Halloween decorations for Twinkle Park. Scattered around the level, graffiti has been tagged on the walls and floors wishing the players a Happy Halloween, while Jack-o-Lanterns in witch’s clothing danced around. “Trick or Treat” would occasionally come up while walking on the graffiti.

Since all of the downloadable features and sites are inaccessible, I figured it’d be nice to rummage through all of my VMUs that had the DLC stored away on them to show those who missed out on said events. Enjoy. :)

a few tips for the witch on a budget:
  • dollarstore, dollarstore, DOLLARSTORE! they have so much stuff - herbs, jars, incense, flower seeds gardening tools, rocks, sand, candles… I could go on and on. the dollar store will be your best friend! so what if its not fancy stuff, it still works! 
  • utilize plants and flowers native to your area: they will be readily available in forests, rivers, parks, etc. there are lots of powerful things around that you may not even realize
  • sigils! theyre so easy and really don’t require extra purchases here is a really good tutorial on how to make them, and then you can activate them in any way you wish (burn them, erase them, rip up the paper, wash the sigil away, etc.)
  • instead of buying a tarot deck, download an app - theres lots of good ones out there that are available for free! (I use golden thread tarot) 
  • you dont need fancy crystals or altars or herbs or tarot decks or anything really. all you need is you! remember that your power comes from within you and it is stronger the more you access it. Tools simply enhance that, however they are not necessary to witchcraft. You are the magic :) 

my citizenship test is less than 24 hours away aka time to frEAK THE FUCK OUT about it, omg??? the questions are so hard and vague and pointless and i think i’m prepared but lmao with these questions who knows?? (fr if you’re english, i dare you to download a ‘life in the uk’ free mock test on your phone and plz lemme know how you do tbhh) i still can’t believe i have to do this, i’ve been here for so long this whole system is a hot MESS 

BUT basically i am going to sign off until tomorrow and try and force some more information into my head brb next time you see me i’ll either have passed or failed rip

truecrimedylannroof  asked:

Hey! I was wondering, since you know a lot about prisons, do you know how inmates get to listen to music? I know some canteens sell mp3s? And if they do, do they have songs on them already or are inmates able to use a computer and sync them into the mp3? I doubt it but who knows since some can access the website jpay. Thanks in advanced :)

Hey :) The system can slightly differ with the prisons, but yes, the inmates buy a (pretty expensive) mp3 player (no songs on it) and then they buy credits to buy the songs. They have access to a catalog, usually directly on their mp3, where they can put songs on their wish list or their download list. To get the songs, they have to plug their mp3 to a special kiosk. It basically works like a computer and sync. When they are out of space, they can decide to remove songs from their player to download new ones but the system remembers they already bought them if they want to put them back later so they don’t pay again. Kinda works like iTunes.

I have this headcanon that Enjolras greatly disapproves of Pokemon Go because of how much it’s disrupted meetings.

“Enjolras your points are good but hold on a minute before I respond there’s a vulpix near the toilets.”

“Thanks, Courfeyrac.”

But eventually he gets so curious about it he secretly downloads it. And like a lot of things Enjolras gets into, he gets into it HARDCORE. Walking around Paris at night catching pokemon.

He realises after all his rants about it being a distraction he can’t possibly let Les Amis know he caved in. He does all his pokemon hunting in secret, like he’s having an affair or something.

Then one night he’s out tracking down something rare and he looks up to see Grantaire opposite him, phone out, a scandalised look on his face.

At that moment Enjolras wishes he could just die on the spot.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jenba! I was wondering where I can find the black crate in Sams childhood bedroom? Also the schedule (?) on the wall, the leaves, the umbrella and hat rack, and the photo booth pictures in Beth's room? Thank you so much!!!

Hi Anon! The crate came from Designs for Sims, but their site doesn’t seem to exist any longer. :( Their Tumblr still exists, but the link on there just points to the non-existent site. I do see that dreamteamsims has some crates here (the download link uses AdFly, just as a heads up) so maybe you could use those? This is one of those times where I wish I had the patience to figure out meshing; I’d love to have a whole set of stackable crates!

The schedule, leaves, and photo booth pics all come from Sandy’s (@aroundthesims) wonderful Pinboard Set

The umbrella and hat rack is from Jools’ (@jools-simming) fabulous Fisherman’s Nook set.



The book will be out to download by the end of the week, but I’ll order printed copies too. If you want a printed copy please leave me an ask or an email to meisel.ramona@gmail.com

Price: 18€ - worldwide shipping is already included in this fee.
All books come with a handwritten Thank You letter and a personal inscription on the first page, if wished.

Payment options: Paypal and bank transfers only.

How to: If you want a printed copy of Sunblind please contact me via email at meisel.ramona@gmail.com so I can give you my payment contacts. Once I received the money I will order the book and send it to you once I receive it. This may take up to three to four weeks, so please count these waiting days in. You receive an international number where you can see the status of your order. You must be comfortable to share your shipping address with me. 

I will order a couple of copies upfront so if you want to be one of the first ones to have a copy please contact me now, as I order the books by the end of this week! [Friday, August 5, 8 p.m CET]

“Do you want to set the world on fire tonight?”

Sunblind is an anthology about the love of two boys on the verge of falling apart. Set in the modern world, the old legend of Icarus with a modern twist is told through the eyes of both lovers, sometimes alternating, and a collection of voicemails, texts, post-its and notes filled with unexpected twists and turns reminiscent of a leap of faith. 

The book features over 70 pieces and is divided into three parts which piece together the life of Icarus and Apollo, and their story which struggles for love, dependency, fear and more.