wish it could last

If I had the chance to speak with you for one last time I’d tell you how much I miss you. I don’t remember you too well anymore. The sound of your voice, the memories we’ve created, your face, all of it has become hazy. I was young when you departed from this world and I didn’t understand much of it. I couldn’t find the tears when I realised you were no longer here. I couldn’t feel any pain. To this day I don’t feel anything other than a sense of longing. I miss you so much. You kept our family together. You made every day full of adventures and excitement. You were more of a father to me than my biological one ever was. If I could talk with you one last time, I would tell you I miss you. The house we live in feels so empty these days. I wish I could hear your voice for one last time. I wish I could hear you sing “What a Wonderful World”. I didn’t fancy that song too much as a child but now I cherish it. Listening to it makes it feel like you’re standing right beside me humming along. I wish you were still in this world but I know you’re somewhere watching over me. I hope I’ve made you proud.
—  If I could see you one last time… // S.T.

These two definitely deserved a happy ending
When I saw this video, I immediately started thinking of what  I wish Genndy  could have done for the last episode.
More time. This episode definitely felt like it was being rushed, especially the scene where Jack Finally killed Aku.
Ashi would have vanished the moment she felt Aku leave her. It doesn’t make sense for her to still stay in the past for a while and then tragically disappear on the day of Her and Jack’s wedding (which my guess is must have been a few months or years after they defeated Aku) .
After Ashi dissapeared it would time skip to the day all traces of the damage that Aku had made were gone and everything was restored.
it would zoom in to jack who was standing on one of the balconies in the palace, which was back to its rightful condition, looking over the land and admiring the beauty he had loved to watch when he was a boy, but unlike his young self he did not have a smile on his face. his mind drifting to Ashi.  imagining her right by his side and the reaction she would have made as the leaves started to change for the coming fall.
his back would be facing his parents as they looked at him with a sad expression on both their faces, knowing their son was still greaving  the loss of the one he loved (Jack had told them about her when he had told them about the journey he endured in the future and the sacrifice she had made) and like any parent they went up to him and tried to comfort him, this was not the first time they had seen him like this.
The Emperor tries to ease him by reminding him of the reason why Ashi had made the decision to return him back to the past and that was to prevent the horrendous actions  Aku had laid waste to the people , to preserve the beauty that nature has made, and bring hope back to the people. None of those would have been possible if jack hadn’t showed her the truth and by grieving her death, he was her dishonoring her.
Jack understands, its not his intention to dishonor her but even so it doesn’t make the memories of her less painful. though he had saved her from the lies she had been brought up in, she had saved him from losing hope, recalling the moment when she had saved him from committing Seppuku.
He then excuses himself , saying that he needed to go for a ride to clear his mind.
This is where the scene to this video would have come in and then maybe the scene of the wedding (minus her disappearing of course). I would have been okay if the wedding hadn’t occurred, I just wanted both of them to be happy. heavens knows they deserve it, after being raised in an abusive home(Ashi) , spending the majority of your life training ( Jack and Ashi), and  traveling around for half a century before finally completing your mission (Jack).
So apparently after all those years, those three gods don’t even have the decency to reward him or even thank him for getting rid of the thing  that they themselves didn’t put the effort to take out.
Note: I mean no offense to these gods, just criticizing the way they  were portrayed in the show. BTW, just to make sure everyone knows, i didn’t make the video i just found it on youtube.

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Do you think when C inevitably goes downhill, she'll start dropping hints that she misses the group and wishes that she could get back for 'one last era' or something like that!

possibly….anything’s possible when it comes to her victim narrative storyline, it has so many twists and turns, you don’t know where you’re going to end up next!! 


the fashion runs in my family

Yeah. Sooooo. I compiled all the Malec kisses (including the almost one) so far, because why not?

So I just got done watching GANGSTA. and… WHY IS IT NOT SO POPULAR??? I mean, you get a racially diverse group of characters, awesome female characters, a deaf protagonist, a female protagonist that suffers from PTSD… and yet it only has one season and the show may never go on… it’s a shame really.

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questions for the signs

Aries: there’s a fire inside you, why are you trying to put it out?  your emotions are real, they’re strong, they’re burning a hole through the walls you build.  let down your barriers and embrace the flames inside of your head.

Taurus: why must you cling to the things that tear you apart?  you are so subtly stubborn; you attach and refuse to let go.  please, but don’t be afraid to release your grip on the sharp end of a knife before it cuts any deeper.

Gemini: what do you want?  your devotion is about as deep as a puddle.  you flutter like a butterfly, from flower to flower, but you never land for long.  remember this before flying away: some things can never be found twice.

Cancer: tears tumble to the ocean, don’t you wish you could go too?  the despair you feel will not last forever; you cannot spend life wishing the worst.  pick yourself up, put together the pieces, dance in the rain instead of crying.

Leo: you are a fierce protector of others, but who is there to protect you?  while you chase away the monsters of friends, your own are catching up to you.  turn around and fight your own demons away instead of sacrificing yourself to them.

Virgo: when you cover your eyes, what do you see?  maybe the still black of nothingness.  look deeper, there’s a world of imagination waiting to be explored, if you can open the confines of your mind and push your own boundaries.

Libra: if you give your life to another with nothing in return, what is left of you for yourself?  partnership is the sharing of hearts, a dance of two people, not a sacrifice of one. remember to ask for a piece of someone else before giving away all of yourself.

Scorpio: why is it so easy for you to rebuild walls? ages of chipping away at concrete is put to waste when you fill the holes of progress with your sharp tongue and poison glare. open up the gate, let others in, let your soul flood out.

Sagittarius: you run, run, run, but where are you going?  you turn your back on others, and chase after the sun instead of giving what you have to those who love you.  open the gates of your heart instead of running away with the key.

Capricorn: if you pour all of your heart and your soul into your work, what will be left of you?  you turn pain into productivity, but be sure not to get too lost in the task in front of you, or you might never find your way back home.

Aquarius: your smile is beautiful, but is it real?  it flickers on your face as you laugh, like a mirage in the desert.  instead of hiding your fears behind your everlasting kindness, let your secrets go, and let your smile fade for once.

Pisces: you’re staring at the stars, what do you see there?  you are so lost in your fantasies, and you will not allow yourself to be found.  descend from your dreams, embrace life, dance under the stars instead of standing and watching.


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