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i don't understand 'influence.' i must be missing something in the past. help!!!

Oh gosh, I don’t keep up with which cons/panels are which, but at another Mishalecki panel at some point in the past (JiB? Last year? Maybe?) someone asked about how they “influence” each other, and the two of them went straight to the gutter with it. The two of them were practically in tears laughing about it, and it was hilarious. And “influence” became the euphemism of the week.

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From JiB7 and JiB8:


And going all the way back to 2013, JiB4:


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Enoy your influence!

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I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THIS WHUMP YOU SPEAK OF. (Seriously, Sherlock getting whumped is my favorite thing, especially if there's lots of comforting involved. Preferably by a certain doctor.) I recently discovered your fics and have started reading the On Pins and Needles series and you're already one of my favorite authors. Your writing and characterization is wonderful. I wish I had the time to just read all of your works immediately :P

Thank you, dear Nonny. You will be delighted to hear I typed up no less than 7600 words of fresh whump today.

The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness

madi’s narration of the 100 leaned on the category side of fairytales, such as embellishing the grounders and mt weather as “monsters” and calling the ark a “castle” even titling clarke as the “bravest and fairest” … as if madi was describing clarke as a PRINCESS

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