wish i was their friend

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i have so many gay friends, i feel so blessed to have friends i can talk lgbt+ stuff without feeling awkward. i wish everyone else here a lot of happy amazing lgbt+ friends too becasue everyone deserves someone they can talk gay shit to

honestlyyyy my lgbt friends are the ones who do the most to help me become comfortable in my identity and explore myself, just by Being There. s/o to lgbt friends (online or off) and supportive cishet allies too, y'all are appreciated and ily

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Heyyyy it's Jessie, my tumblr keeps playing up but i just wanted to say that I woke up in the night at around 4, looked at my phone and it said that Louis had tweeted "always" about an hour ago and my ~~~friend~~~ said I just sat up, went "you bastard" then rolled over and went back to sleep😬😬😬😂😂😂😂


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I always hear people making best friends through fandoms but I have been I many different fandoms for almost 5 years and I haven't made any friends and it sucks cause I don't have any friends irl either

In my personal opinion, I feel like it depends on the fandom and who it is you’re talking to you know? I obviously don’t know which fandoms you’ve been in over these past few years but I urge you to reach out to others if you haven’t already. Once you meet someone you really click with (and that can take some time so don’t get discouraged) things should come naturally <3

does anybody have the gif of megamind dancing and there’s text over it like “i wish two people could just be friends without people saying they’re gay or lesbo” i really need it 

A reason why i think starco might not become canon

i know a lot of you ship starco, and thats okay. i just dont, and this is my opinion-my hope, and i’d like if you try to respect that. thanks!

a reason why i think starco might not become canon is, well… star DID say that its always changing, who she likes… thats just a SMALL bit of evidence-the big point of evidence is the fact that both star and marco kept saying “I miss how it use to be” “i wish everything was normal”

they just CANT end the show with them together, because for star and marco-it doesnt feel normal to have crushes on eachother or anything like that. star kept repeating stuff like “i wish things where how they use to be” “i wish everything was normal” “i wish we where just friends again” and if they do end the show with them liking eachother?

well, that doesnt make much sense to me.

Sometimes i’m like “wow i wish i had friends i’m really lonely” but then i remember i isolate myself from everyone who tries to be my friend, i never or rarely make any effort to keep a conversation going for more than a few messages because i don’t want to spend my own free time on anyone else because i care more about some stupid mediocre bands who i’ll probably get bored of in a few months. So i’m never going to have any close friends XD

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Oh no, what happened to make you cry? :( Wishing you strength and peace, friend!

The parent I expected to be alright was horrendous about my impending engagement. And I… I knew it would be bad, but I didn’t think I could be hurt like that again. I’ve been out for 12 years, I’ve been dealing with this for so long, I thought I… it’s whatever.

It could have been so much worse, I can’t complain.

Thank you for your kind wishes, dear <3 <3 <3

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What is it broom?

this broom, my dear, is the best broom you will see in your entire life.

it’s brown and red. my two favorite color… my dad had this broom. he got it from my grandfather. and me i got it from my dad… it’s very old and kind of magic.

magic because… even with years, it’s always the same.. LIKE IT WAS NEW!!

also, i can clean everything perfectly with this broom! i love it…

i wish it was alive. you see it’s like my best friend. this broom is important for me.

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my internet friend and i like to send each other gifts randomly without telling the other person and today i got something from her in the mail and she sent me the volume 6 haikyuu manga and i'm so happy and i wanted to share

Aw, that’s really cute! I wish I had an internet friend to do this with! ☺

-Admin Lana

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Do you have any witch friends? If so, how did you meet them? I'm super sad because I need someone to talk to about witchcraft but my friends are Christians and they don't really get it, which is understandable I still love them though

honestly, all of my witch friends are online. i don’t have any irl witch friends but i wish i did, but then again i find other people’s crafts so different sometimes i suppose being solitary is a good thing. 

sometimes we just don’t connect or share everything with everyone. different people get to see and celebrate different sides of our identity, and that’s alright. 

So my brother’s friend works at a store and these 3 ladies are looking concerned, wondering about for like an hour and a half and he goes up to them asking if they need help. They say no and he says that if they need any help, let him know cause he’s been watching them and they looked confused. They get offended, he walks away. Then one of the ladies drops to the floor, he can still see her btw, she rips off her weave, puts on a PURPLE SHOWER CAP AND SKI MASK, pulls out a garbage bag and starts shoving hundreds of dollars of merch into the back. So my friend comes over, slashes the bag, calls on the radio that shop lifting is occurring so close the doors/gates. The 3 women start screaming and run out the door.

He says he’s gonna get the footage from the police in the next few days cause I’m gonna need it cause this sounds too insane to be true jfc.