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Happy Friendsgiving

I was going to post this on Thanksgiving until I found out there was a Friendsgiving and it’s today, according to Snapchat anyway. I just wanted to take the time to tell all my friends how much I love them.

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commander-kulan  asked:

If it's alright, I wish to know things! Like what drew Linna to Malady and how she reacted to the rather dramatic transitions between Acts, especially the arrival in Arx. Does she suspect what Malady's mysterious problem is? She appears to need a Divine on her side for it so tons of question marks.

Romantic stuff was never a top priority on Linna’s list, but the moment she saw Malady for the first time, she couldn’t help but notice Mals’ beauty and sharp tongue. It made her curious about that strange woman with a mask on her face, and as someone who specializes in mysteries and forbidden knowledge, she wanted to uncover the truth hidden behind the gold of Mals’ face. Linna took it slow, because there were more important matters than her curiosity being sated, but Mals’ magic, so strange and yet familiar, her way of talking, her wits, her looks, everything that was telling Linna that it was IT - a half demon is her perfect. She’s the one she was waiting for her whole life. That woman with a half of her blood belonging to a demon, a woman capable of anything. A woman that saved her life so many times and supported her this whole time. Linna feels like she owes Mals more than her life - and that’s probably true. When Malady asked her who is she in her eyes - a demon or an elf. And that was the moment Linna answered that she’s Malady. Her Malady.

And she gave Mals that look:


Linna became the Divine also for Malady (I mean, not ENTIRELY but she was also the reason). She suspects Mals’ problem is somehow connected to demons. She’s more than ready to help Malady on her mission and people like Malady - but we shall see what the future brings.

anonymous asked:

I just wanna tell you that your selfies are major body positivity for me and it's so lit , it makes me wish I even had clothes like yours so I could attempt to rock the shit out of it (crop tops esp) you look great, you keep doing you!! (This is the same anon who asked if I could reblog your selfie sorry!)


THANK you so much anon

edit - it didn’t post the rest of my answer but: i’ve been having a hard time w/ self image lately (its winter and im Sad) but its messages like this that REALLY helped me feel better abt myself about a year ago and start being able to change the way i felt about myself for the better. I appreciate y’all a lot and know that i’m here for u in spirit

Burning Low. Sometimes you gotta let yourself feel things. 

Yo this is the one and only time I’ll ever draw angst goodbye forever friends.

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

I can’t even be upset that you don’t care about me too because you were never mine to care about to begin with…
—  Confessions of a party girl