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By Way of Spontaneity (Part 9)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 816

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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Steve looked up from his laptop screen as Peggy came striding into the room, clad in only his dress shirt. He obviously ogled her and smiled when his eyes reached her toes and she wiggled them, toenails painted a vivid red.

“What are you doing?” she asked him, sitting down next to Steve and cuddling up to his side.

Steve gave a tiny shrug. “Enjoying our day off.”

Peggy scoffed. “By catching up on the latest gossip?”

“Hey, Facebook is quite the gossiper. I’ve found out remarkable things on this.”

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today was my high school graduation yaayy…

anyway I’d like to personally thank you people who have wished good luck and congratulations and also have a shout out to those people who have been stuck with me since I started 4th year and have been dealing with my school related rants for the past year

also my cap did fall off during the march and I was the freaking one in front of my section

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“Why is your hand on my ass?” With Daveed or oak

“That fucking bastard.”

You were fuming. Your ex had broken up with you yesterday and was already flaunting another woman around on all his social medias. Surprise, Surprise, it was the girl he told you he had nothing going on with (you knew it was bullshit but you wanted to trust him.)

“I told you Kyle was a piece of shit.”  Jasmine shrugged, sipping her martini.

You were on vacation at a beach house with Daveed, Jasmine, Anthony, Renee, Phillipa, Rafael and Oak. You all agreed you needed time away from the city to relax and unwind. However, your vacation was almost immediately ruined as Kyle called and broke up with you the moment you landed.

“I wish I wasn’t so bothered by this.” You plopped back onto the lounge chair, looking up at the beautiful clear blue sky. “I’m in the Bahamas, I am feet away from a beach, I’m with some of my closest friends but I’m sitting here irritated.”

Jasmine frowned, looking around the yard at everyone else. They were in the pool, throwing around inflatable beach balls and messing with inflatable chairs while Rafael controlled the music. 

“Well…revenge is a dish best served cold, right? Flaunt a new guy on social media.” Jasmine suggested, already eyeing the perfect candidate.

You followed her gaze and realized she was looking at Daveed who was walking around the pool with a smile on his face and his beautiful torso on display.

“No. No. Nuh uh. Nope. You want me to die.” You shook your head rapidly, “One, I will not sink to Kyle’s level and two, Daveed would never. He’s so….wow and I’m so….not.”

“I get that you want to jump his bones but besides that, Kyle was always intimidated by Daveed. Who better to appear on social media with?” Jasmine pointed out, a smirk on her face.

You sighed, crossing your arms and thinking about what Jasmine just said.

“Come onnnnn, give him a taste of his own medicine! He follows me on Instagram so, I’ll post it, tag everyone so he knows it’s you and boom. He’ll feel what you’re feeling. Be petty!” Jasmine continued, glancing at Daveed and waving.

Daveed waved back at Jasmine before his gaze moved to you. He gave you a smile and you smiled back.

“Plus, gives you a reason to be all up on him.” Jasmine wiggled her brows, laughing as you pushed her playfully.

“Fine. Fine. Ask Daveed for me please?” You bit your lip nervously, watching as Jasmine called Daveed over.

“What’s up?” Daveed sat down on the lounge chair on the other side of you.

“Well, Kyle broke up with Y/N yesterday-”

“What? What an asshole.” Daveed looked at you with sympathetic eyes.

“It’s whatever.” You looked away at Renee who was splashing Oak.

“Anyways, he’s flaunting a new girl around on social media already and we thought it would be nice to give him a bit of his own medicine. You were always intimidating to Kyle so I was thinking we could take a little picture for Instagram.” Jasmine explained, smirking when a mischevious smile appeared on Daveed’s face.

“Hell yeah. I’m down.” Daveed agreed, giving you a wink.

You blushed, looking at your hands as Jasmine called everyone over for a group photo.

“So, what should we do?” You asked, starting to stand up.

Jasmine was explaining the plan to everyone else as Daveed and you planned out a pose.

“Come here, lay next to me but against my side.” Daveed moved over a bit so you could slip in next to him.

“Oh god, the only way I can stay on is if I basically lay on top of you.” You chuckled, trying to ignore your racing heart.

“Exactly.” Daveed smirked, moving your leg so it was across his pelvis. 

You squeaked a little when Daveed’s free hand roamed down to your ass. 

Why is your hand on my ass?” You looked up at him, frustrated with how beautiful he was. 

“You want him jealous right? I can move it if you want.” 

“No, it’s fine. Just unexpected.” You reassured him, going to rest your head on his shoulder.

“Alright, guys you ready?” Jasmine called out.

Daveed gave a thumbs up and Jasmine gave the phone to Rafael as she took place next to Anthony.

“Hey Y/N.” Daveed whispered.

You lifted your head to look at him.


Daveed smiled, staring you for a second before responding.

“Let’s go check the photo.” Daveed helped you stand before walking over to Jasmine.

“Mmm, ya’ll were getting real comfy over there.” Jasmine teased, nudging you as she handed her phone to you.

Your eyes widen as you stared at the pictures. If there was anything that would get Kyle fuming, it would be this. You and Daveed looked like actual lovers, Daveed smiling down at you with a hand on your ass, you looking back at him with your leg hiked on him.

“Gonna post it now!” Jasmine took her phone and walked off.


You turned to face Daveed.


“It’s Kyle’s loss. I would never let someone like you go. Hell, I almost didn’t let go after the picture was done.” Daveed chuckled, openly checking you out in your bathing suit.

Your jaw almost dropped at Daveed’s bluntness. This had to be a dream.

“If you want to make him jealous again, let me know.” 

And with that, Daveed sent another wink your way before walking to join Rafael. You watched Daveed walk away, a smile slowly forming on your face. You would have to take him up on that offer.

Spies & Secret Agents Larry Fic Rec

Because everyone needs some action in their lives: 

never gonna dance again by togetherwecouldbealright:

Summary: Harry is quiet for a moment and his fingers feel like they’re burning past the fabric of Louis’ jumper, branding his skin. “Can I kiss you?“

This is where Louis should walk away and leave Harry to pirouette and cambré by himself in the faint moonlight shining through the windows. He is a spy and Harry is a dancer. There are lines that should not be crossed.

Louis surges forward.

Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other.

my heart, in deadly rhythm by impetuous:

Summary: There exists somewhere a very, very small list containing the names of people who don’t want Louis Tomlinson dead. Harry Styles may or may not be one of those people.

(or a Spies!AU in which Liam is the Wade to Louis’ Kim Possible, Zayn seduces people for intel, Niall is an expert at blowing things up, and Harry is more than a bit famous in his particular field… or infamous, actually. And Louis? Well, Louis just wishes people would quit trying so bloody hard to kill him all the time.)

I’ll Throw Away My Faith (Just To Keep You Safe) by theboyfriendstagram:

Summary: AU. Harry Styles is an MI6 agent on a mission to find out who’s planning on killing the Prime Minister. Louis Tomlinson is a wanted professional assassin, hired by the MI6 to kill whoever wants to kill the Prime Minister. Louis doesn’t do relationships but he does Harry. Featuring Niall as their handler, Liam as Harry’s boss and Zayn as his sidekick.

Where You Go, I Go by onedirectionrody:

Summary: “Agent Cowell yelled, ‘Remember, lads this is a sacred relationship. Spies and their handlers must be closer than most spouses to survive.’

Which, like, that would be okay, except Harry was staring directly at the boy he fucked in the toilets at the club the night before.”

In which Harry and Louis are secret agent partners who probably shouldn’t fall in love.

The title’s a line from Skyfall, by Adele. The story, otherwise, has very little to do with Bond.

When Worlds Collide and Days are Dark by darkmarkburning, staybeautiful:

Summary: It’s Harry’s job to investigate and stop any threats to National and International security as MI6’s top operative, which in this case, might just be Louis, over glorified Personal Assistant / Ministerial Diary Secretary to the Prime Minister, no matter how blue his eyes are or what his tight pants might do to Harry. With Harry as James Bond, Louis as his Bond Girl, Liam as M, Niall as Moneypenny, and Zayn as Q.

The Things You Hide by LiveLaughLoveLarry:

Summary: Louis has been an MI6 agent for four years. Now he wants out. Unfortunately, his superiors have other ideas. Their solution: a ‘mission’ in the Greek Islands, one that’s more vacation than actual work.

Harry is an avid photographer who shows him around the area. He’s open and carefree and everything that Louis wishes he could be.

Along the way they fall in love, and maybe Louis learns a little about love, a little about lies, and a whole lot the meaning of home.

Too good to be bad by Tita:

Summary: “You’ll never guess who’s here,” Louis rushes out, knowing very well that this is not how it’s supposed to go.

“Louis, we should focus on the mission.”

“I know, but it’s Harry, Li.”

Liam falters for a second. “Training camp, sexual awakening Harry?”

Or: Two spies, one mission, zero things left in common between them.

Shoot First, Fall in Love Later by how_about_no:

Summary: “I’m gunna go wash this blood off me.” Harry declares before getting up and heading into the en-suite.

“Does he scare any of you?” Niall asks with a faux shiver.

“Adorable yet deadly,” Zayn laments before smiling at Niall, “J'adore ça.”
Niall snorts and Louis really wishes he knew French.

Or the one where Louis is a dick with feelings, Harry is sweet but secretly a bad ass, Niall loves everything to a point, Liam is a computer nerd, and Zayn speaks french when he’s emotional.

Into the Badlands by midnightsurge:

Summary: “007, need I remind you that this was meant to be a covert operation?” he snapped through the mic. He waved away one of his minions when he was approached, unwilling to suffer any sort of attention deficit that could possibly result in the near annihilation of a very small country by one of his very, very stupid double-oh agents.

“Q, you wound me,” came the cheery voice over the speakers, gunshots sounding in the background. “Of course I listen when you tell me what my missions are.”

“Covert, 007, covert. Shall I bring you a dictionary so that you may look up the definition of the bloody word covert?!” he nearly shrieked as another explosion rocked through monitor.007 giggled. 

“You sound angry; have you been doing those relaxation exercises I showed you last time? They’ll do wonders for your elevated stress levels.”

OrLouis is Q. Harry is a double-oh agent who thinks that making knock-knock jokes around foreign embassy delegates mid-mission is a good idea.

You Only Live Twice (hope the second bullet doesn’t kill you) by trailsofpaper (Sanwall):

Summary: Agent Louis Austin of the MI6 is reported missing, presumed dead, after a failed hit on one Harry Styles. The rumours of his death are highly exaggerated however, and when Louis’ former colleague Liam Payne needs Louis to help him with an unsanctioned mission, well. Let’s say 'no’ isn’t an option.

Too bad this mission involves none other than Harry Styles.

(or the James Bond AU no one asked for)Series

Switching Up A Gear - Chapter 1

Summary: Megan is fiery Omega and the Manager for Team Stark, one of the most successful NASCAR teams on the circuit. Her boss Tony recruits a new driver to work alongside their current one Steve Rogers, she soon has to cope with two Alpha males butting heads, and when she finally meets the new driver she’s in for a surprise.
Pairing: OC Megan x Bucky Barnes
Triggers/Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, none really for this chapter.
A/N: This is a Avengers/NASCAR AU, and one that will also include the Alpha/Beta/Omega verse, however i have decided to make sure i explain things for people not used to this genre within the story, so if you don’t know, or haven’t read A/B/O before i can assure you that this story will make sense!


Switching Up A Gear – Chapter 1

Megan closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, the scent of gasoline and motor oil filling her senses and calming her nerves. Even with the ear plugs in, the constant roar of engines reverberated through her body and pushed at her mind. Racing was in her soul. She’d grown up on the circuit and had spent her working life so far doing everything from being a PR girl in spandex booty shorts to what she was doing now; managing Team Stark.

Her boss Tony Stark was the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, dabbling in everything from arms and weaponry to alternative energy sources. He was also a shameless flirt and had at least one scandal a year that Megan would have to work tirelessly with their PR whizz Wanda to quell in the press and work with their legal team for the appropriate out of court settlement.

Squinting into the hot North Carolina sunshine Megan felt the first trickle of perspiration run down her back, her red and gold uniform blouse sticking to her skin, her tight pencil skirt reminding her that she needed to switch to the jersey fabric when she was back on home ground, the local humidity clinging to her the moment she’d stepped outside. Adjusting her sunglasses she strode around the pits, her high heels expertly dodging the patches of spilt oil as she headed to the bay they were working out of.

Stepping into the relative darkness of the low roofed building, she hooked her sunglasses into the front of her blouse, blinking a few times as her pupils adjusted to the low light and to wet her contact lenses after the heat of the racetrack, plucking her earplugs out as she ventured further into the building.

“Hey Beautiful, looking hot”

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Shared Spaces




“You’re kidding.”

“Wish I was, bro. But your vessel is faltering. Fading. Disintegrating. Falling apart. Collapsing.”

Lucifer scowled at his brother. “Thank you, Mr. Thesaurus.”

“Look, Dad wants to fix it. He does, after all, have a soft spot for you. But in order to do so, you’ll have to…”



“Vacate.” The word felt strange in Lucifer’s mouth. “So, what, I’ll be kept in a jar while Daddy tinkers on my vessel?”

“Well, that is an option. But I would suggest finding another vessel.”

“Right. Because I just have people lining up to let me invade their bodies.”

Gabriel crossed his arms. “Look… I know this is a weird situation, but I know of a vessel.”


“You know how we, as archangels, need special people to be our vessels?”

“Who is it?”

“And you know how we found the Winchesters and you were originally supposed to use Sam but then that whole thing happened and now he kind of hates you?”



Lucifer was shocked into silence. “What?”

“Y/N. She’d be perfect.”

“You want me to use the Winchesters’ little sister as my new vessel?”

“The Winchesters are the best vessels we can find.”

Lucifer was quiet, weighing the options.

“Come on, Luce. If you don’t… I don’t know how much time you have.”

“She’ll never go for it.”

“Of course she will. She’s a nice girl and she likes you.”

Lucifer tried to not let his brother’s words get to him. “Her brothers will never let her.”

“They won’t have to know.”

Lucifer rolled his eyes. “Seriously? Two of the best hunters won’t know that their little sister is a vessel for an archangel who HAPPENED TO USE ONE OF THEM BEFORE?”

“Calm down, Luce. You’ll break your vessel even quicker.”


“So… how’s everything?”

“Well, I’m currently shoved into a corner of my own body so an archangel doesn’t lose his own vessel.”

“I’m sorry,” Lucifer said. “I… I didn’t mean to put you out.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s just… weird.”

“Gabriel said it should only be a week or so….”

“It’s fine, Lucifer.”

The two of you sat in your room… or rather, your body sat there physically while you and Lucifer shared the internal area.

“At least your brothers don’t seem to notice anything,” Lucifer said.

“They’re dimwits, to be sure. But it’s only been one day. They’ll sniff something out.”

“What do you think will happen when they find out?”

“They’ll probably be mad. Dean will probably punch the wall. Sam will yell. They’ll try to cast you out, but they can’t because it’s my ultimate decision. Dean will go off to drink, Sam will hit the books, trying to find a way around that.” You sighed. “This bunker will turn into a war zone.”

Lucifer was quiet for a few moments. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause such a problem.”

He felt you smile. “It’s okay, really. I’m happy to help.”


“Well, you’re my favorite archangel. I’d like to consider you my friend.”

“I’m… your favorite?”

You gave a nervous laugh. “Did I say that?”

“Well… if it makes you feel better, you’re my favorite Winchester.”

OITNB Season 5 Review

The Good
- Flaritza had so many iconic lines and they’re the absolute bestest friends, I loved them so much!
- Red was delightful, I’m constantly surprised by how well written her character is and how Kate Mulgrew is still able to infuse her character with this manic energy that is just hella enjoyable. I’m excited to see where she’ll go in Season 6, because her development is always amazing.
- Alex and Piper were 500% better than any season. Piper is a lot stronger than before, with a more introspective and balanced feeling to herself, while still having the same flaws as previous seasons. The pair overall works a lot better when they aren’t the spotlight pair and are able to just BE a couple. That proposal and the leadup with Piper’s mom and the tattoos were the best.
- Those flashbacks with the tattoos were the strongest flashbacks this season. I just wish all the flashbacks were this integral to the characters and story. (Watson’s flashback also kinda fits, but it wasn’t quite as strong)
- Taystee (Danielle Brooks) deserves all the awards. That was MVP this season. She had such a strong hols on the plot and kinda slips into that lead role that Piper vacated. It works extremely well.
- The focus of the season was so tight that (narrative filler withstanding) everything felt important.
- The amount of monolgues this season was brilliant. As an actor, I always love a well written monologue that is able to convey strong character. These come up soooo much, giving characters like Soso, Nicky, and Piper some of their strongest material. Suzanne also kills it with her monolgues, Uzo is brilliant.
- Daya gets the strongest development and ugh I’m feeling really bad for her, but I’m also glad she’s ignoring her mother and making her own choice. Also happy that the baby will be safe.
- Some characters like Sophia and Soso aren’t big players, but their actions and the power of their actors made them fantastic. Soso has a myriad of powerful moments and I’m just amazed.
- That finale with them all in the pool was spectacular.
- Caputo is still a very strong character.
- There are some brief little looks into the other charavters of the world, with looks into Maria’s boyfriend and Taystee’s daughter. I love these moments. They work so well.
- Gloria and Maria are still very strong characters, so I hope they get to keep growing.
- The stripper moment with the guard was iconic.

The Bad:
- The Nazis and The Methheads. Although they have some interesting moments, they were overall just narrative fluff. They were around for weird comedy and filler.
-A lot of the season has some filler plots. The bits with the methheads, the bits with Pennsatucky’s trial, some other plotlines.
- The flashbacks also tended to lack necessity. Many of them, while interesting, are extremely superfluous to the characters, either telling us information we could guess or that could easily be explained in dialogue.
- The balance of comedy and drama this season is extremely poor. Although it is extremely funny and dramatic, a lot of times we are subject to forced comedy to try and break away from the heavy drama. Stupid shit like the Nazis and the methheads plus the weird sexual harassment is done very poorly.
- This is more of a worry for the future than anything. The fact that everyone is being separated could prove to be a problem next season, so hopefully this all works out. I have faith.
- I don’t like Aleida. Her scenes just sorta suck this season.
- Sister Ingalls might be very dead/dying and I’m worried.

The Problematic:
- Piscatella’s backstory basically just being about how he’s sadistic cause he’s gay. He just gets too psychotic as the season progresses and begins to feel too inhuman. He does provide some of Red’s most interesting development, whoch I love, so he gets a bit of a pass.
- All the moments were the girls sexually harass the guards that are played for laughs. There are good dramatic moments of this, but a lot of the time it just feels awkward and disgusting to watch.
- Coates. That punkass rapist still around and it’s still hella messy.

Overall: Done messily, but the ambition of the season and the strength of it’s actors pull it through. It is an extremely strong season with a few low points, but the season presented enough brilliance to make up for it’s flaws.

Thanks for reading, you guys are cool.

The Confession

Good news: I’m on summer vacation now :)
Well, technically I’m still in school, but I don’t have to come in for any finals!
Hopefully I can write more this summer, but that’s a bit of wishful thinking

Title: The Confession
Pairing: Julian Albert x reader x Barry Allen
Summary: Barry confesses his feelings for you with your boyfriend, Julian, as an unintentional witness
Word Count: 1,460
Warnings: Lots of swearing, references to sex, food mention, an unfortunate cliffhanger
Notes: Maybe hoping for a part 2? Let me know if you guys would like one! 

Your name: submit What is this?

            "I’ll be home soon,“ Julian said through the phone. "See you then, babe.”

           The click on the other end signified the end of your conversation, and you smiled in excitement. Everything was prepared for your movie night date, including popcorn, hot cocoa, and blankets. You were so excited to have Julian — and just Julian — for a night.

           There’s a knock on your door and you immediately spring up to answer. You’re surprised that Julian arrived so quickly, but when you open the door, you realize it’s not Julian at all.

           "Barry?“ you greeted in surprise.

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You don’t know about the meaning of strong bonds until you’ve seen two people communicate without spoken words..

376 days were enough for Y/N to meet Harry after building herself up, only to be teared again into the same pieces she was once left.

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just you and i

Originally posted by s-tttop

Title: just you and i
Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader
Genre: Dad!AU
Summary: Seunghyun is beautifully surprised when he’s left alone with his son and he’s asked about art.

Seunghyun always saw the job of being a mother as the hardest task a woman could even fulfill –or a man, in certain cases- and he learnt said lesson with his mother. He remembers the moments he would look at other students in his class with his mom and dad, whilst he held his mother’s hand and she tried to give everyone a smile, because even when he made mistakes she saw the best in him. Seunghyun remembers when he smoked his first cigarette and how his mother cried hours to no end. He specially remembers seeing her there by his side when he wanted to reach a music career or when he acted in his first drama, everything was always something that he would thank her for endlessly but for the longest time, he thought that he was never going to find someone that would treat his future kids like his mother treated him, with both respect and love. It’s not that the man was picky with his partners, he had a fair exchange of girlfriends in the twenty-something years that he had when he met her, but he had never met someone like her, someone that couldn’t care less about what others thought of her and that protected her family like her life depended on it. Seunghyun could easily fall in love with her physical features, but her personality was what caught her.

Cherry blossoms, deep kisses, exchanged shouts and a few years later, the two remained together but with something different in their love lives. The two had gotten married around two years ago and Jiyong almost dropped everything to the floor when he heard that the uncatchable Seunghyun was getting married and he even helped him plan everything. His other bandmates were there as well, obviously. Whilst marriage life wasn’t the easiest, he enjoyed the feeling of the deep rain and how the sun would appear after every fight the two had and sooner than later, a decision was made and Seungkwan was brought to the world, which strangely enough…looked a lot like Seunghyun when he was a baby –or those were his mother’s words-, widened eyes, petite nose, puckered up lips and the most squishy cheeks that he had ever seen in his life and if he ever learnt something from taking care of his nephew was that pinching a baby’s fluffy cheeks and hearing their little giggles were better when they were your children, when you realized that you had all your hopes and dreams placed on them.

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Title: Vacation

Word Count: About 900

Rating: K+

Summary: The BAU is stuck in Hawaii while the jet is under repair.

Requested: Nope.


“Wait, really?” You ask Hotch in disbelief. He nods.

    “You mean, of all the times for the BAU jet to need repairs…” Penelope begins.

    “It’s in Hawaii?” Morgan finishes, raising one curved brow.

    “Well, I’m not complaining,” JJ says with a smile, “even if I do wish Will and Henry were here.”

    “How long is the jet under repair?” Spencer asks, looking a little apprehensive.

    “It should only be a few days. Like it or not, we’re stuck here.” Hotch replies.

    “Well, this is great, because I brought a swimsuit!” Pen says, grinning.

    “Why did you bring a swimsuit?” Emily asks, breaking the mildly uncomfortable silence.

    “You have much to learn, my multi-lingual grasshopper.” Pen replies with a smile. “You should always bring a swimsuit, wherever you go.”

    “I think there are exceptions to that rule.” You say, nudging her.

    “Like Greenland.” Rossi says.

    “Or Antarctica.” JJ adds.

    “You know, Antarctica is actually a desert.” Spence cuts in.

    “Okay, I’ll bite.” Emily says, breaking another uncomfortable silence, “How is Antarctica a desert?”

    “It’s covered in snow there. How can it be a desert?” Morgan asks.

    “Yeah, but that snow is actually years and years old. On average, Antarctica only gets about six and a half inches of snow per year. It’s just that none of it melts.” Spencer replies.

    “Okay, all of this talk about snow is making me cold.” You say.

    “Why don’t the four of us go out and buy swimsuits?” Pen asks, indicating herself, you, and the other two women.

    “That sounds like a good plan.” Emily says, and with that you leave the Honolulu police station and head out into the sun.


    Pen, Emily, JJ and you had a blast shopping for swimsuits. All of you had smiles on your faces by the time you left the store, each of you carrying a bag. Pen had somehow talked each of you into buying not only a swimsuit each, but also sunglasses, flip flops, and cover ups to match. Pen herself had found a bright pink, sparkling number with ruffles. You knew she’d look great in it.

    You were pretty confident about your own choice, too. It was a very pretty (f/c) two piece that made your breasts look great and somehow seemed to minimize your waist. You loved it.

    It was just past noon when you got back to the hotel. There you find Rossi, relaxing with a cigar and a glass of scotch at the outdoor pool.

    “Really, Rossi?” You ask him, plopping down into the chair next to him.

    “Hey, if I’m going to be forced to go on a vacation, I’m going to at least try to enjoy it.” He says.

    “Well, if this is your idea of enjoying a vacation…” You trail off, shaking your head at him. “Where are the rest of the guys?”

    “Hotch is up in his room, Skyping with Jack. Morgan and Reid are at the beach.” He says, giving a smirk.

    “Spence is at the beach?” You ask, raising your eyebrows.

    “Don’t get too excited.”

    “Wha- but-!”

    “I’m joking, kid.” He says, smirk back in place.

    “Morgan must have dragged him.” Emily says from behind you. You turn, seeing her, JJ and Pen, all in their swimsuits. Each looks gorgeous.

    “Go get your swimsuit on, Y/N!” Pen squeals. JJ and Emily nod vigorously.

    You do as she says, then slide your new cover up, flip flops, and sunglasses on. The four of you then exit the hotel and walk the boardwalk until you see Morgan and Spencer. You hop down into the sand and jog up to them.

    Morgan is in his swim trunks, getting hit on by a ton of women. Spencer, on the other hand, is still fully clothed, clutching his satchel and looking nervous. You walk up to him.

    “Spencer, I know you hate the beach, but…” You begin, looking up at him.

    “But your going in that water, even if we have to force you!” JJ says, laughing.

   "I made him get a swimsuit. He just won’t put it on.“ Morgan cuts in.

    Spencer looks at you imploringly, as if expecting you to help. You look away before his puppy dog eyes can guilt you into helping.

    "Sorry, Spence, I have to agree with them this time.” You say. “You’re getting into the water.”

    He shakes his head at you. Feigning defeat, you shed your cover up and gesture for everyone else to follow you to the water. When you’re out of ear shot, you say, “On my count.” The others nod imperceptibly.

    “One.” You pause when you’re all ankle-deep in seawater.

    “Two.” You turn, the others mimicking you.

    “Three!” You cry, and you bolt forward. Spencer’s eyes widen, and he tries to run, but you’re too quick. You grab him under the arms. Morgan grabs his feet, the other girls grabbing his legs. You toss his satchel into the sand, away from the waves, and then walk him to the water. With one toss, the five of you send him flying into the ocean.

    He pops up after a minute, entirely soaked. Your too busy laughing to notice, though.

    Big mistake.

    Suddenly you feel something grab your ankle. You shriek and fall back into the water.

    You pop back up, laughing. Spencer stares at you with a smirk on his face and you splash him. He splashes back, and soon you and the rest of the team are in an all-out water war.

    Unbeknownst to you or the others, Rossi and Hotch are watching from the boardwalk. Smiles light up their faces.

    Ah, vacation.

Leon Draisaitl #2


Apologizes for not writing/posting lately, I just couldn’t get anything good but this came up! Wether it’s good or not I posted yay, enjoy :) Requests are still open, just don’t expect them to be written within a day

Word Count: 1,954

Originally posted by mattyymarts

You really didn’t want to go out to some party tonight. Sure it was a Friday night and you had a long week that was well deserving in a drink, but partying just didn’t seem appealing today. Add the fact the moment you got there you realized this wasn’t about to be just some normal party and you were so ready to go home. 

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well that was borring, why didn't anyone grill him about the florida vacation with phil's family!!?

mm i wish he would’ve talked more abt his antics in florida but there was a lot of other stuff that he hadn’t talked abt in a liveshow yet and a lot of it was stuff that we already knew about which is probably why the liveshow was a tad boring.. he seemed to be in a good happy mood but i think he was just very drained from traveling

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Hi, there is something I was wondering. Why shippers? No offense, just curious:). I personally think it’s just teasing friends or an act, but I do respect you. I just don’t understand why people seek proof, as if trying to prove their thesis, isn’t Samcait love life not our business? some were so mean towards mackenzie for no reason. Not denying, who knows, but why do people care to prove their probably inexistent couple? Thankfully you don't fall in the agressive shippers (nice blog btw) Thanks

Hi. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by aggressive shippers, but I guess thanks.

The shippers that I know and interact with would not leave the comments that I’ve seen on mm’s account. That being said I personally do not understand why people make any comments on her account. Do you think that by wishing her well on her vacation or stating that she makes a cute couple you will get something in return? I know as much about her as I do the person I pass on the sidewalk when I’m taking a walk. Why would I comment on her account? I cringe when I see people asking fans who met Sam or Cait questions. You don’t know these people, they are strangers.

Both Sam and Cait have shown that they are ok with respectful shipping. They both clearly love each other (whether romantic or platonic) and shippers see that and respond to that. It’s almost like we’re matchmakers. We can see how they are around each other and we want only the best for them. For them to be happy. Yes, shipping ideally shouldn’t be about being right or having to know. Unfortunately shippers have been met with a lot of hatred and people who want to undermine our beliefs. After being told we’re wrong or delusions for actual years, a bit of you wants to be right just to shut them up. I know it’s not the best look for shippers, but if people had just left us alone we wouldn’t be here.

But please remember all that shippers do. We fan girl like everyone else, maybe even harder. We run blogs with up-to-date information on filming and events. We create fan art and fan fics. We are active members of this community and if you hate us because we love love and just want the two leads to be happy, then maybe we’re not the right group for you to follow.

I Get Off

Authors Note: This Jared Leto one shot was requested by the evil @teggles07 to the song ‘I Get Off’ by Halestorm. I hope that you enjoy! XOXO

Trigger Warning: Profanity, Masturbation, Smut

Also, lines indicate POV Changes.

“Are you fucking kidding me,” I yell at my new assistant as the others roll my luggage from the house. “Asbestos?”

“It happens. I’m sorry! I swear we were all cleared to move in but I guess they fucking forgot something,” she typed away on her phone trying to get me a place at the last minute. “Chateau?”

“Nah. Give me something that’s well I don’t know….different. Unexpected,” I paced the grounds with my hand on my hips.

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Listen, as much as I Iove boku no hero academia, and as much I want know what will happen next, I wish Horikoshi would take a month off instead of a week. I think he really needs not only rest but also have his fun and a week is not enough on my opinion :/


170128 Letter from Ryeowook (1)

To my beloved ELF,

Are yu doing well? Everyone~ ^^ Are you feeling blue because you guys are going to be a year older or are you liking the thought of being a more matured person? k This oppa’s morning as a 31 year old… TT I difficultly woke up and I couldn’t see the sun well so I welcomed it gloomily (?) kkk As I was writing, I realized I write informally,eh? ~ I’m an oppa so it’s okay right? ^^ I am 31 years old! When I came into the army, even thought I don’t have a firsthand access to what’s happening in the society, I could know it through TV, internet and through our E.L.F.’s letters~ Thank you~ Are you being comforted by watching ‘Voice’ after finishing 'Goblin’? kkk Us too (army band members), we soften our hearts while watching it kk I was once a drama fanatic ~ I heard that Yesungie hyung’s drama is now out~ I’m extremely happy~ kk Anyways, drama is love~kk Time flew fast and after my letter last November 6, this is the first long letter I’ve written since then~ I also want to write more often~ But I realized I really need to have time to adjust when I came to the army band~ I am also assigned to play an instrument so I am practising alto saxophone~ There were also lots of events, we have events here and there~ That’s why kkk Oppa also sings, right? I also sing sometimes~ Eunhyukku hyung told me I’d be singing The Little Prince for more than 100 times but I haven’t done that yet~ kk Maybe I’d do it a little by little then? Anyways, I am doing well~^^ Our E.L.F. could only know news about me through my letters… but I made you wait~ I’m sorry~ Now I will write letters once a month~! Wait for it~ Okay?^^^! (Promise) Ah! I have my 5 successors~ kk They are kind and they are also soldiers who do their duties well~! Thanks to them, I who’s still lacking, could confidently live here! Wah! We need to gather now to eat kk I will write again after eating~kk Please wait for a moment~ I love you still (needlessly loving~ kkk)

170128 Letter from Ryeowook (2)

Is everyone receiving lots of New Year luck? January has almost gone by~ and February is coming! From Private Kim Ryeowook, I’ll be moving to private first class kkkk If we come to think of it~ I was just Trainee #40 then~ and before we knew it I’m already private first class~ kk I don’t know if it’s because I can adjust so well that’s why I am living well here~ Don’t worry ^^ Consciously or unconsciously, I know that everyone is worrying about me~ But I’m doing very well that my predecessors are surprised~ kk My predecessors are younger than me except for one so I nicely get along well with them! When I write to you in a rolling paper style, I will also send to you the stories of my senior and junior colleagues~ you will feel like 'Ah, our Ryeowook oppa is getting along well with these kind of good people~’ Ah! Few days ago I got a call and knew that they had a Lotte Fanmeeting… did they do well~?! It would have been better if I was in that event~ Now there’d be more places that we could meet~ Just cuddle and be well with our hyungs~! Okay?! During the year-end, I herd that S.E.S. had their concert… and they released an album… you informed me through letters… an that Bada noona is getting married and you asked if I am okay with it~ kkkk To our E.L.F. who consoled me… kk…. I’m okay … ;; TT kkkk Should I use my vacation day on her wedding day~ kkkk Anyways, congratulations Bada noona on your wedding~ ^^ I am really envious, I only wish you much happiness

170128 Letter from Ryeowook (3)

Ah~ While doing training in a cold weather, I had many thoughts~ When it snowed, we sweep it away~ because it’s cold~ I have always thought that I should live while being thankful for the smallest things~ But then I felt that I should have live with a more, more, more thankful heart~ Our ELF too, whenever you see a soldier passing by, could you think about us too!! kkk While contacting our members, our hyungs, Kyuhyunnie and Henry~ and Zhou Mi hyung too, I felt sorry that I wasn’t able to take care of them more~ ^^ I should reflect more and feel it~! (I am reflecting~) Anyways, whenever I see the activities of our members on TV, it’s weird but I’m touched~ kkk I am more confident and proud~ I am now a baldie so I live forgetting that I am a celebrity haha. Now I divide my time, I study~~ I exercise~ I practice singing too and I also take care of my skin well~ Our ELF too, you know that have to be prettier, smarter and healthier too, okay? You drink Vitamin C, right? Yoo also have to drink Omega 3 and Vitamin E (I added~ kk) Don’t forget it~!! To those ELF who are drinking alcohol, please only drink a little~ You have to take care of your future~ (End of nagging~ kkkk) There are many starts in the skies of Jeungpyeong~ While looking at the stars one by one… if I am on duty, it was just a few months ago when it seemed that I haven’t thought of looking at the sky~ It was amazing~ If you incidentally look at the stars in the sky every night, (we will be) looking at the same star~ ^^ ~ (Like a star you’re my angel~) Let’s meet in our dreams too tonight~ I have so many things that I wanted to say~ Wah~ I grabbed a pen and it was a bit too awkward so it’s not neat~ Please understand me~ ^^ Receive many blessings in 2017~ Thank you for reading my first letter in the new year~ I want to do a voice message or video message (needlessly … again~kkk) I love you everyday~ You can’t catch a cold! (My current body condition is very good~ kkk) Love yourself!

P.s. Our senior and junior colleagues are so cute, right? There are people who haven’t written yet, they will write in  February~  kk Annyeong

2017.01.25 Ryeowookie

Translations by tinyyhae

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Can i have a scenario where all of the class is going on a beach vacation and todoroki see his fem s/o on a swimsuit for the first time? And then his reaction when she pull him to the water to play with her? Love your blog 💙

It was a well needed day off of school for everyone at the beach- not a complete day off because Aizawa decided that there should be some training in the sand, but after that, Class 1-A was free to do what they wished.

Todoroki had gone up to the bathrooms to change while you already had your bathing suit on and in the water. Urakara was next to you and you were both laughing and having a good time. You didn’t seem to notice him at first until Ochako splashed you, making you laugh and turn your head. When you see your boyfriend you smile and wave him over, wanting him to come and join. “Come on! The water is super nice!”

“I’ll come in a bit later.” he tells you, but you’re having none of that.

“Oh no no no,” you taunt playfully with a grin on your face, “you’re coming in right now!” Before he knows it, you’re out of the water and pulling him towards the sea.

Todoroki is stunned for a moment, not sure how to react because this is the first time he’s seen so much of you. And he thinks your perfect. His face is slightly flushed and he’s thankful that it’s hot out.

He feels his feet hit the wet sand and soon after that, soon after that, you’re both in knee deep water. He hears your laugh as you let go of his hand, tripping into the water. Now you’re looking up at him,  your hair soaked and droplets running down your face.

A smile tugs at his lips and Shouto is so entranced by how cute yet beautiful you look that neither of you notice the large wave that comes crashing down on you both.