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New Year’s Wish: Yongguk

Sorry this was sooooo late! Uhg this was suppose to be done by New Years so well….I tweaked the story a bit since I made this so late hahah…haha….awkward laughter. Anywhose I miss this gummy bear so much but I’m so glad that the boys are enjoying the vacation this month! They deserve all the rest they can get! Anyanyways back to the scenario requested by @rwby-brought-me-baek-to-life

Hello and happy 2017! Since I’m still starting to miss Yongguk, how about his scenario when the girl makes a New Year’s wish and when Yongguk is here, he made a proposal to her. <3

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A/N: this cutie TT_TT Please be feeling better! Pllllleeeaaassseee! Just be happy and healthy!

You idly sat on the park bench, swinging your legs back and forth and enjoying the cool winter breeze as you waited for a certain gummy bear. It was your day off from work and you thought that you would spend it in bed catching up on some Z’s. You thought wrong. 8:00 am sharp, your phone buzzed uncontrollably while the bright light from your screen blinded your sensitive eyes. However, your grumpy expression softened at the sight of the text message sender. Your beloved Gukkie. With his rehabilitation for his anxiety disorder, you forced him to focus his time and efforts on his recovery, you kidnapped everything related to work from his apartment. To your surprise and slight delight, with the so much free time on his hands Yongguk became clingy and whiney in a good, cute way. He would coax you into going on dates with him, come over to his apartment and just snuggle, and though the offers were always tempting you were forced away by your work and studies. You would try to compromise with him stating that your drives together to his therapy appointments were technically dates, but you would only receive a deadpan stare in return, along with a pout.  The look on his face when you couldn’t celebrate New Years with him could kill you. You felt so bad seeing his kicked puppy expression, but unfortunately you had a buttload of work that you had to catch up on. It was odd to be on the other side of the busy spectrum.

“Aiiish, it’s getting cold…” You shivered as your rubbed your arms rapidly attempting to store some heat. Yongguk had told you to wait at the park for him since he knew you had a day off from the text you messaged him a few days ago. You expected him to call you out on a date, judging by the amount of happy emojis he replied with, but you didn’t expect it to be at 9:00 am. During your reheating state, you felt warm hands cover your eyes, causing a big grin to spread on your face. “Guukkiiieee~ It’s too early for a date.” You looked up at the smiley gummy bear. You gently removed his hands from your field of vision, playing with his fingers as you held onto them.

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So far away!!

When I think about how far away September is, I get sad! I want so bad to see Outlander Season 3, but wishing that September would come faster just means I am wishing the Spring and Summer away!! I love when the leaves bud out on the trees and grow into lush beautiful leaves! I love the smell of the first cutting of grass on the lawns! I love the last day of school and Summer vacation! I love the Sun shining bright and well into the night. I love going to the beach with family and listening to the waves lapping the shore! I love the parades on July Fourth and the fireworks. If Outlander is here, all these things have come and gone! So, I will not wish for Outlander S3 premier to get here faster, but I am going to beg that Sam and Cait give us snippets of their time in South Africa. That they gives us teasers of shots and BTS shots that will soothe our souls until the days have passed,we have gotten to experience all the wonderful sensations of Spring and Summer, and September has arrived!

So, Sam and Cait, have mercy on us and keep us engaged with your pics, tweets, and antics!!! We need you now more than ever, STARZ doesn’t get it but we know that you two and Matt do!!! I’m begging!! 🙏🙏😘😘🙃🙃

Chapter 2: Summer

 A/N: The long time coming chapter for Silver and Black Heart Attack. I hope it was worth the wait. Unfortunately the next chapter has not been started, but I did warn you all it was going to be slow coming. Thank you for being patient with me :)

Let’s fall in the summer time,
Star-crossed, dancing ‘till the sunrise. 
And it’s sweeter on the first try.
Let go, believe and we can both fly.
–Ships Have Sailed

It had been two weeks since the start of summer vacation. Two whole weeks since Marinette hopped off the back of his bike, handed over his red helmet, and returned his well wishes that he have good luck on his finals too.

Adrien no longer had the excuse of school to drive Marinette to and from her home, and it was driving him to distraction, which his other Lady seemed to pick up on.

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24/12/2016 • Well, I was inactive for a while so this is a quick update on what happened in the past months:

✅ I took the ENEM (the test we have to take to enter the Federal University). The results will only be available on January 19th.

✅ I also took the PUC test (a private University), was approved and already made my matriculation (but if I pass at the Federal, I will study there).

✅ Finally graduated on High School… Now my only task is to enjoy vacations!

✅ Also turned seventeen this Tuesday (20th).

✅ Lastly, I already started my first bujo for 2017.

Particularly, this was a good year, I achieved my goals and my mental health stayed steady. I made great friends, went to a lot of football games (which is my passion), turned ovo-lacto vegetarian and started this studyblr. No doubt, you helped me a lot to stay motivated and to be a better me. Thanks for receiving me so well.

Wish you all a merry merry Christmas and a happy 2017!

TYPE: Audio Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[Cayde-6] Quiet around here, these days.

[Eris Morn] Indeed. Winter is upon us. The City sleeps.

[Cayde-6] It’s great. Boy, did I need a vacation.

[Ikora Rey] We don’t get vacations, Cayde.

[Cayde-6] Speak for yourself. I’m on vacation. If I’m gonna be stuck in the Tower, I may as well spend my time doing nothing.

[Ikora Rey] Make yourself useful for once and take this to Shipwright Holliday for me. Bring Eris. Her pacing is driving me insane.

[Cayde-6] Can’t Zavala go? He’s not doing anything important.

[Ikora Rey] Cayde.

[Cayde-6] Fine, fine. Eris! Want to run an errand?

[Eris Morn] No.

[Cayde-6] She says no.

[Ikora Rey] I heard her.

[Eris Morn] I have no wish to associate with this buffoon.

[Cayde-6] She says you’re a buffoon, Ikora.

[Eris Morn] I said no such thing. I said that you are the buffoon.

[Cayde-6] Sorry, it’s opposite day. That makes you the buffoon.

[Eris Morn] How dare you? Ikora, this charlatan is unfit for Vanguard duty.

[Cayde-6] Ikora, Eris says I’m a charlatan who’s unfit for Vanguard duty.

[Ikora Rey] I heard her. So help me, the both of you - 


[Ikora Rey] Eris, I hear that Amanda has recovered a sample of mistletoe, and has hung it above her workbench. I am sure she would show it to you, were you to ask.


[Eris Morn] Mistletoe? The parasitic flora of legend? I was not aware that it had survived the Great Collapse. Fascinating. In the stories of our predecessors, Mistletoe was the weapon that begat the end of the world.

Hm. Perhaps the Shipwright has an odd sense of humor.

[Commander Zavala] I believe her intentions are more lighthearted. To meet under mistletoe means that-

[Ikora Rey] Zavala.


[Commander Zavala] Ahem. To meet a foe under mistletoe means that both parties must throw down their weapons for the day.

[Eris Morn] She sues for peace, then? With the Darkness? Has she learned nothing?

[Cayde-6] That’s not-

[Eris Morn] An interesting legend, to be sure.

[Ikora Rey] You sound curious, Eris. You know, for all his failings, Cayde is an expert on Golden Age myth. I’m sure he’ll be able to tell you all about the mistletoe. Won’t you, Cayde?

[Cayde-6] No, I really don’t think I-

[Eris Morn] In that case, let us go at once, Cayde. We must speak to the Shipwright. And it is possible that, with analysis, we will be able to produce a powerful new weapon. 

[Cayde-6] Uh-

[Ikora Rey] Cayde. Eris is waiting.

[Cayde-6] You guys know she’s gonna kill me when she finds out.


[Cayde-6] Come on, guys.

[Cayde-6] Guys?

“Nurse Newt is here to care for all your needs.”

Request: can I have a Newt imagine where he gets sick one day (just like a cold or something) so YN takes cares of him but he ends up getting her sick as well can you make it all cute? 

A/N: kinda wish I had more time to work on this, but I’m going on vacation tomorrow so I literally have no more time unless I want to wait 109209 years to post again. I’m going to California for 9 days so I won’t be able to post again until then, I’m sorry! I’ll try to write while I’m there though I won’t have access to a computer :/ I’ll stick to the old pen and paper i guess. Anyways enjoy! 

You groan as the sun finally rises, the brightness waking you up and signifying that you could no longer roll over and go back to sleep. You were most definitely not a morning person and were usually one of the last ones to wake up, so you’re surprised when you enter Fry’s kitchen for breakfast and don’t spot your boyfriend Newt at your usual table. Newt, being a cheerful morning person, was almost always up and waiting for you with two steaming plates of food.

He probably just wants to sleep a little longer, you think to yourself as you grab a plate of toast and eggs for the both of you and perch at your regular table. It’s not too much longer until you see the boy groggily making his way over to you – and from the look of him you immediately understand his unusual slowness. His nose is red and watery, his skin is a pasty white with sweat dewing on his forehead, and his eyes are puffy with horrible bags underneath.

“You look terrible,” You note, as he heavily plops down next to you, burying his face in his arms on the table.

“Thanks,” He grumbles into his arms, “I bloody feel it too.”

“I’m sorry,” You say, scooting in closer and rubbing a soothing hand on his back, “Newt, your skin is on fire, let’s go see Clint and Jeff.”

“No! I’m fine, really.” He picks his head up from the table as if it would prove his health.

“Yeah? Go on, eat some eggs then.”

He obediently raises a forkful to his mouth, but as he chews his face turns a slight shade of green and he quickly puts it back down, “I’m not hungry.”

You chuckle, “Newt, it’s because you’re sick. The medjacks will have something for you!”

He shakes his head, “They’ve got enough on their plates right now with Minho’s sprained ankle and Winston’s god awful gash! I don’t want them worrying about me, I’m fine.”

“Well, you’re not working today. I forbid you.”

He lays his head back down on his arms, but this time he’s looking up at you, a smile playing at his lips, “Is that so?”

“Yes. And if you’re going to be that stubborn about seeing Clint and Jeff, I guess I’m going to have to take care of you.”

“Well then, what’s first on the agenda, Nurse Y/N?”

“You actually agreed without fighting me, you must really be feeling bad.” You observe. He only groans miserably in response. “First things first, we’re getting you back to bed.”

He’s either letting his tough guy charade down or he’s feeling even worse, because by the time you get him standing he has to lean on you to keep steady as you walk to his hammock.

You help him stagger all the way across the Glade until he finally reaches his hammock, and he gratefully collapses into it. His eyes close, but he’s still awake, “What now?” He asks, his voice coming out sounding hoarse and much deeper than usual.

“Hmmm,” You think for a moment, “Fluids. I need to get some fluids in you.”

He only nods his head, turning to lie on his side, still without opening his eyes. You frown as you look down at the pale, sick boy, and affectionately brush your fingers across his forehead before you turn back to Fry’s kitchen.

“Fry?” You call as you enter the now empty kitchen, “Newt’s sick, I thought I should bring him some water or something.”

“Yeah, of course,” He disappears a moment before returning with a glass of water, a bowl, and some fruit.

You raise your eyebrows at the bundle.

“Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of sick Gladers in my time. He’s gotta eat and drink if he wants to get better.”

You question the chef no further and you take the items he hands you, thanking him for his help. You make your way back to Newt’s hammock, being extra careful not to spill the soup or the water.

“Newt,” You say softly. He stirs at your voice, but doesn’t show any signs of responding. “Nurse Y/N has returned with your fluids.”

His slowly sits up, his puffy eyes betraying how tired and horrible he felt, and accepts the water from you. He raises the glass to his dry lips, taking small sips of the liquid. “Drink all of it.” You insist, when he tries to hand it back to you. He shoots you a half-hearted reproachful look before gulping down the remainder. You hold up the bowl of soup, “Now you gotta eat something.”

He lies back down in his hammock and curls in the fetal position, closing his eyes once more. He furrows his brow and shakes his head at you, but you’re not having it. You take a spoonful of the soup and hold it out to him, “Newt, you got to eat if you want to get better.”

“I don’t want to,” he groans.

“If you don’t eat this bite, I won’t kiss you for an entire week.” You threaten.

“You wouldn’t,” His eyes widen in mock horror.

”Try me,” You smirk, still offering the spoonful.

Fine,” he huffs, playfully glaring at you as he finally accepts the mouthful of soup you’re holding out to him. When you offer him the next bite, he purses his lips and shakes his head, “You said I only had to eat that one.”

You sigh, “What’s it going to take to get you to eat this?”

He smiles up at you, “A kiss.”

The next thing you know you’re sitting next to Newt in the hammock, spoon-feeding your needy boyfriend in between kisses and threats until the bowl of soup is finally empty. Satisfied, you climb out of his hammock and get ready to take the bowls back to Fry.

He lets out a big yawn, “What now, Nurse?” he mumbles into the fabric of his hammock.

“You rest.” You say, brushing away the blonde hair that was matted down to his forehead with sweat and place a kiss on it, feeling the heat of the fever burn beneath his skin.

You start to walk away so as not to disturb him, but you’re stopped in your tracks by his voice.

“Don’t go,” He whines, “I’m cold.”

“Do you want me to bring you a blanket?” You ask patiently.

His eyes are still closed and he shakes his head, instead reaching out his arms for you and pulling you into his warm chest. Pressed against his body it felt uncomfortably warm because of his temperature, but you knew he had feverish chills running up and down his body based on the goose bumps rising on his exposed skin. You don’t complain despite the heat, instead you smile, glad to bring him some comfort, and allow your eyes to drift shut as you stroke his hair soothingly. With his face buried in the crook of your neck, eventually the both of you fall asleep.  

The first thing you notice when you come to the next morning is your inability to breathe through your nose. As you slowly come to your senses, you process the pounding in your skull, the scratchiness in your throat, and the nausea churning in the pit of your stomach. In spite of yourself, an involuntary moan of misery escapes your lips, and the blonde boy sleeping next to you stirs.

“I feel so much better!” Newt says in astonishment as he slowly sits up, “must’ve been a twenty four hour bug or something.”

“Not so loud please.” You groan, pulling him back down and burying your face in his chest.

“Oh no,” He frowns, “Did I get you sick?”

He presses his lips gently against your forehead, testing the temperature, “You’ve got a fever, love. I condemn you to this hammock for the rest of the day.”

“That won’t be a problem,” You say as he wraps his arms around you, rubbing your back to soothe your aching muscles. The moment doesn’t last long, you let out a whine of protest as the rubbing on your back stops and the warmth of Newt is taken away as he carefully climbs out of the hammock. “Where are you going?”

“Why, to get your fluids of course,” He says, a bit too innocently. You can’t help but smile despite how horrible you feel, of course he would be getting revenge for the soup you forced down him yesterday. “Don’t worry about a thing, Nurse Newt is here to care for all your needs.”

“I’m counting on it,” You mumble into the fabric of the hammock, your eyelids feeling as if they were glued shut. You were on the brink of unconsciousness.

“Anything else you need while I’m up?”

You pick your head up, blindly searching for him, and he chuckles as he realizes what you’re aiming for. He leans down to meet your waiting lips in a sweet kiss and you lie back down on the hammock, satisfied.

“That’s all you needed?”

“That’s all.” You murmur, a soft smile on your lips as you curl up to keep yourself warm until his return.

“I’ll be right back. In the meantime, stop being so bloody cute.”

“Shut up.”

You barely hear is answering laughter before you drift off into a haze of sick unconsciousness.

Update: Packing Up

[Well, sadly my two-week vacation comes to an end. I’ll be leaving Crystal River, Florida and head to Chicago, IL. I had fun and I’ll do it again next year. I’m sad to leave, but I miss my home and my father and animals. If I’m quiet on tumblr, you’ll know why. I’ll be on skype for a bit before leaving, it’ll be an three hour long flight, wish me luck]

Yeah, exactly. Like vacation, for example.

That’s why I decided to let Greed wear a cringe-worthy star pattern shirt (I wanted it to be flowers first, but I didn’t find a pattern I liked) to fit the topic. He has questionable fasion-sense anyway. 

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a lil upset bc I invited my parents to come watch my first college musical and like they wanted to come but one of the cars just broke down & they have to get it fixed & they’re like not doing well financially and they can’t afford to take the plane to Cambridge and pay for a hotel for the weekend and my dad is taking on two jobs now so he can’t like take a vacation this soon into his second job to drive all the way here and i just wish more than anything right now that they could be there and see me but they can’t :(((

godofwineandtits  asked:

"I'm surprised you didn't enchant or curse your helm."

        Is this about Hawkeye? Is he walking around with that thing off of posting pictures on social media? What an idiot. Well, the helm is enchanted, but I handed it to him on my free will, so it will do him no harm until I wish it to. Let him play a little, I’m on vacation for a couple of days and not wearing my amor. I’ve grown fond of that manchild. “ 

**REUPLOADED because original post doesn't show up in tags omf 

You shouldn’t judge people on how they look, else you’ll be swept off your feet like so.

Naoto Shirogane | 15 | Female | Chon’sin/Plegian | Dark Flier

Oh man I finally finished her. Been itching to finish this for a while now since I first made drafts of her while I was on vacation. Finally glad I managed to sit down and work on her~ . I’m digging the whole P4 x FEA AU I have going on right now wwww

Fun fact, When I got into FE:A back in 2013 I was not expecting to make Naoto in-game, but after finding out that there is a hair style/color build that works very well for her, I couldn’t resist (I only wish you could use other hair builds in body builds tho, Naoto definitely falls on the smallest body build lmao).

I MIGHT consider doing the rest of the Investigation team (I actually have a few ideas for most of them) , but I guess I’ll see about how I feel about it?

more info  under the cut as well ^q^

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"Where do babies come from?" (Michael and Lacey)

Michael and Lacey were out shopping for new clothes for Lacey for school. She was 6 years old and starting kindergarten soon.

“Daddy look at the baby!” She giggled, watching the baby and her mom playing.

“Cute huh?” Michael smiled and picked her up.

“Where do babies come from?” She smiled and held his cheeks.

“Well, when a mom and a dad want a baby, they call Santa and ask for one.” He shrugged.

“But Santa goes on vacation during the summer? And I was born in the summer.”

“We asked for extra fast shipping, and he really wanted us to have you I guess.” Michael shrugged. Lacey was just too smart for her own good.

“You don’t really know where they come from, do you daddy?..” She sighed, crossing her arms.

“Nope, sorry. I wish I could be of service…” Michael laughed and kissed her head.

[Trans] Eli’s updated profile

Birthday: 1991.03.13
Physical Size: 178cm
Blood type: O
Specialty: As always
Hobby: Watching movies, driving, listening to music, shopping
Nickname: Lai Lai
Responsibility: RAP
Skills: As always
Habit: Biting fingernails
Body part you have confidence in: Everything
Favorite color: Black, RED, GREEN, BLUE

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- Daring, Courage, Power, Noble Purity, Devotion

Kanna may compare Hinoka to a red flower, but honestly as soon as I learnt the flower meaning of Edelweiss, I just can’t think about any other flower that would suit her image perfectly than this smol fuzzy flower that apparently also thrives in a high altitude…just like a pegasus, right~! 

Moreover, the white of Edelweiss complements her red hair and general colour scheme well imo :,D

Commissioned art done by Mizuhikari!

ps. sorry for the lack of posts/mail/im replies as i am away on vacation since last week  actually, but anyway i wish you all a very happy new year! <33

*climbs out of brendons asshole*

Hey brendon :) no offense, but this environment is really toxic right now. I cant be in here atm, its just too much. Best wishes to you, hope your anus doesnt prolapse from the rush of people vacating it at the moment. Do some renovations and well consider returning. Much love :)