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I don’t like that Harry ended with Ginny. Nothing against her, I just see too many tropes there. She 1. is the best friend’s little sister, 2. is the girl who wasn’t interesting, but a couple years later… bam! hot, 3. resembles his mother (not her personality, but don’t tell me anyone seeing a photo of Harry and Ginny wouldn’t think of James and Lily). I find the idea really boring. I wish JK had been more bold, or at least creative, with the choice for Harry’s love interest. Tbh, I’d be happier if he ended up single. Harry has gone through so much, I can see how he’d have trouble finding someone that was right for him.

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5, 10, 15 for the sparchess kids?

5. On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?

10. Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?

I wish I was more creative with their outfits (but maybe u noticed i tried to include the bags haha). Basically Corvin likes more clothing, he gets cold easily. Starling also likes layered clothing, but It needs to be comfortable as well and it has to be good for running, and Wren loves to wear skirts and dresses<3

15. Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?

I find this question kinda difficult to answer, but I’d say Starling is more invested in material possession, she’d have her room full of souvenirs from her adventures, she cares about a lot. And I think the Twins would be more preoccupied with money, but I can’t think of why yet hmpf >:c

And Thank you so much for this ask, it was fun!!!

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Oh, no, my birthday was yesterday!
But don’t worry, it’s fine! I think it’s nice enough that so many people took the time to send messages! You guys are so nice!
I just wish I could come up with more creative answers for everyone, but I’m really happy!

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bUT LOKI’S NEW HORNS (I hate the rest of his outfit but I’m making the horns as we speak because omg)

//ayeee all shineyy. I’m actually not too miffed about Loki’s outfits out of all of them in the grand scheme of the trailer … At least his hair isn’t getting all greasy under this helmet. Tho i have questions about how useful that design is in actually providing protection for his head >>

Happy 22nd birthday to Nick ⭐⭐ I love listening to your music, to your guitar playing and owning some of your art pieces and I wish you could explore and experiment your great creativity even more in the future.
Today @ilovesunflowerbean and I were plotting to design a special guitar for you, I wish I could send it now!!
Have some great time 💙


I honestly wish there was so much more graffiti like this. I wish there were more people like this, creative, talented, unafraid, and use their powers for fun to provide a chuckle. I love getting to see something interesting like this, that gives a laugh or a smile as you walk by. This is cool.

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Is there something specific that inspires you about Melissa McBride?

oh wow i love this question, thanks so much for sending it to me! everything that i know about her inspires me tbh. she is so down to earth, so humble and truly cares about everyone she meets and i can only hope i am a little bit like her as well. i wish i was as creative as she is and would love to know more about that side of her and would also love to see more of her photography and designs. she rarely does interviews, but when she does there is always a little something that i can write down (i do have a page on my notes app with some of the things she said so i can always look it up) and save to read it all over again now and then. her whole personality just really draws me to her, she is the most fascinating person to me. i would really love to meet her next year (finally!) and tell her how she helped me through some tough times.

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I loved the detail about Shikako hearing some sort of mystical music/singing when she comes near Gelel (at the start of the arc). I wish SQ would take more creative liberties so we learn more about Gelel. I love magical singing/songs being incorporated into some supernatural powers. Could you do a brainstorm on this, if you're interested?

Hm… see the the thing is, anon, I don’t think Gelel is actually music so much as it’s just Shikako’s way of interpreting it. I’ve previously ranted about Shikako’s chakra sensor abilities here, and how, because of her “hypersensitivity” diagnosis she’s able to sense and differently interpret a larger spectrum of chakra/energy.

Unfortunately, I did also liken Shikako’s chakra sense more with touch and “normal” sensing abilities with hearing, which is incompatible with the why she interacts with the Gelel energy, but I think it sort of applies. Like. Literally no one else in the group could perceive Gelel–and I know, in comparison, that Shikamaru isn’t a sensor and Naruto (and probably Gaara as a fellow jinchuuriki) has issues with chakra perception mostly because he himself is such a large source of chakra it’d be like trying to listen for another car’s music when you yourself are an ambulance blasting sirens–but what about Temari and Kankurou? I’d actually think that Kankurou has some sensing abilities (maybe not on par with a Yamanaka) but close enough. And yet, nothing.

So Gelel’s energy is probably closer to natural energy on the spectrum that is… energy. Like. Chakra is a combination of physical and spiritual energies, then there’s natural energy, then there’s life force/souls/etc. So all chakra sensors (and even most non-sensors) can sense chakra. They can also sense physical energy (which is what a lot of Lee and Gai’s techniques are based on) and spiritual energy (which probably contributes to things like killing intent and such). Most chakra sensors cannot sense natural energy. It’s “outside of their frequency” so to speak, though people can become sages and be trained in sensing and using natural energy.

Life force is something else, not even Shikako can sense it (as we’ve seen in the Land of Hot Springs arc). She knows something is missing and something is being drained from her but she can’t feel it, where it comes from, where it’s going. All she knows is that it’s been taken and it’s going to take a long time before it’s fully restored.

Probably Gelel is somewhere between natural energy and life force. So Shikako can’t feel it the way she can with regular chakra or even natural energy (she can feel it in the air, drowning her lungs, pressing down on her skin like humidity, etc. etc.) but she can still perceive it to some extent. And I probably shouldn’t keep extending the analogy of Shikako’s sensing ability = touch vs. normal sensing ability = hearing, because that’s only to liken chakra sensing (which is obviously not something we have in this world) to senses that we can relate to, but Gelel is, again, something outside of normal sensors’ range of frequency. But still something that Shikako can perceive/interpret.

You know how there’s certain notes where humans can’t actively hear it, but they still subconsciously notice it or get affected by it? Like the fear frequency or cats purring, etc. etc. Gelel is probably like that. Or, well… maybe its more like. It’d be as if she’s “feeling” the vibrations in the air, but not actually touching it. It’s… agh, this is hard. Pattern recognition for a sense that doesn’t actually exist for a person who is atypical in that sense anyway?

That being said, while it wasn’t as important as the song of Gelel, in the Land of Hot Springs arc Jashin’s presence had a very distorted “sound” in comparison. SQ’s writing style for that chapter hAD a lOT oF thIS gOiNG on and the way Jashin communicated with Shikako directly was very much so “whispered / echoed / transmitted”. Even at the Fire Temple, I imagine the energy there was sort of humming or chanting–the monks harmonizing with the Temple.

Maybe that’s just how she interprets gods? If most people/things are a feeling to her, then maybe gods are a sound?

Sorry, I know this isn’t really about magical singing/songs, but this is just how I interpret the song of Gelel…

My dudes if there was a way I could make my vent posts “click to read further” or whatever it is on my phone app I would so I apologise. And if there is a way to do that someone let me know.

Sometimes I feel as if it wouldn’t feel so bad having a stagnant creative career if I didn’t have a stagnant personal life either.

I mean all this shit I bring to myself so keep your pity parties at bay it’s fine I’m fine in that sense I just need to type stuff out to process. I can’t sleep so.

I need to get off my arse and I’m trying but not trying hard enough. I need a proper job. But I don’t want one.

Lots of babies been happening or will be happening recently amongst family or friends which sure as hell doesn’t help.

I wish I was more creative and proactive, I wish I enjoyed doing other art as much as I did the shit I do currently. I know circles of friends - or lack of - has a lot to do with it. I mean I love my online friends to pieces, and they get on with their own stuff and balance it with stuff for fun. I’m just 23 acting like I’m still a teenager.

I mean it’s all down to myself I only have myself to blame. I hate being so isolated but I’m going to have to accept this is the way it is sooner rather than later.

The first night Jay visited all I mainly did was bitch and moan and cry about how isolated I feel. Bit of a mood killer.

I haven’t really bothered to celebrate passing my driving exam past the initial excitement. I mean yeah I’m proud of myself but who cares? I don’t care. I should be further with shit, I could be further with shit if I had my act together.

Sometimes I think about how I’d just like to poof out of existence because this is as far as I’m going to achieve. In fact I was achieving better and I’ve gone down hill. I think about the people I know that will be disappointed in me about this. I know there are people disappointed in me about this.

The fitness classes I’ve been going to have been, challenging. And not just because I’m extremely out of shape or have this shittest coordination and upper body strength possible. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I have body dysphoria but why do those classrooms have to have those large mirrors? I hate looking at myself in those mirrors and I’m basically forced to because that’s the direction I’m often having to face. It’s horrible it’s absolutely horrible. I look limp and I can see how shit I look doing the movements but since there is nothing on me, I look like a stick insect and it’s disgusting and it shoots me right down. I mean this is my figure and that’s that I’m stuck with it, it can change a little I get that. But I don’t look like a woman. I mean I look like a woman because I am a woman I get that. But I just wish there was more of me. Skinny people like me are fucking demonised just because some nonce decided that we are the ideal beauty standard. There’s fuck all body positivity shit here that I can relate to, when you see all that body positivity art like fuck will a figure like me being drawn, and it’s all about thick thighs and stuff and loving your curves. I’m about as curvy as a 90 degree angle. The Zumba classes I have been doing involve a lot of, like, hip wiggling and shoulder shaking at that kinda sexy shit and I hate it I don’t do those moves, I’m not sexual I don’t like to pretend I’m sexual so flaunting myself like that just makes me feel awful. The only times I feel sexy is when I’m wearing one of my dresses that’s tight and exaggerates the little curves I do have so I actually look some what good. And that’s very rare I dress like that because of lack of opportunity. I mean I don’t care that I’m about as sexual as a decomposing fish, but I do care when I see myself in a mirror not doing dance moves because I refuse to because of how I feel about it.

But of a tangent there. I hope stuff gets better soon but who am I kidding I’ve been in this rut for a year now and I ain’t getting out of this pit any time soon.


2016 year end Top Five

I wish this year would have been more creatively productive for me, but it didn’t happen that way. I think many of us feel that we’ve been kicked in the teeth enough and I’m looking forward to this next year and whatever it may bring. You’re not out until you lose hope…

A toast to better days 🍸

1. Badwater Lake on a foggy morning 2. Peavy Pond at sunset 3. Westman Road, Homestead WI at sunrise 4. Spread Eagle Barrens 5. Krans Road, the old Anderson farm, on a foggy morning