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    “But don’t you want something else as well?  Something just for you, that you can call your own?”
    “That sounds a bit like selfishness and possessiveness.  Two very un-Jedi-like qualities, are they not?”
    “That’s not what I meant.”
    “Look, I know you seek more in your life.  Something bigger and well… different.  I used to see it as a stumbling block to your truly becoming a great Jedi.  But now I’m not so certain.  When this war is finally over, Anakin, whatever path you wish to follow, I will try to support you as best I can.  You have my promise, my old friend.”

This is one of my favorite issues of any Star Wars comics, because Anakin is tromping through the woods and tentatively floating the idea that he wants more from life, things that a Jedi shouldn’t maybe want, and hinting that possibly he’s going to leave the Jedi after the War.

Obi-Wan doesn’t directly confirm that he understands that Anakin is thinking of leaving the Jedi, but he’s not stupid and it’s pretty clear that he does know what Anakin’s thinking here and… it’s not necessarily what he’d choose, he himself is a Jedi through and through, but when Anakin is serious about this, Obi-Wan’s response?

If this is truly what Anakin wants/is good for him, then Obi-Wan will do his best to support him, whatever those choices happen to be.

Do I think Obi-Wan would have made sure it wasn’t a whim if they had survived the war and Anakin said he was leaving the Jedi?  Of course, that’s what Obi-Wan does, he makes sure Anakin is on the best possible path.  But would he have supported Anakin leaving, if that’s what he really wanted to do?


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a stable life for me and my family

maximum/great animator skills

me actually being able to shape my body however i want whenever i want 

lol look at the genie just run away because i asked for the impossible- 

Flowers Friday.

with spring just around the corner these little chaps have made a valiant effort in my window boxes.
To all my followers and friends on Tumblr
I wish you a fantastic day, a great weekend and a brilliant new week.

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A Valentine's day card that says "Hey I know you're aro, but you are flying into my heart!" (Accompanied by a charmed image of an arrow that looks like its flying) -S

(I wish I could do original gifs and graphic art because I can see this so well in my head and what a great card it would make!)


Madam Puddifoot’s does up a huge romantic affair every year on Valentine’s Day… until one year when a bunch of frustrated aros organize a protest to celebrate platonic and qp relationships - and a few even show up to celebrate just being themselves, not attached to any relationships - on Valentine’s Day. They reserve all the tables. They blow out the candles. They bring their own decorations.

They are happy and friendly and polite. They take up all the allotted time students have for Hogsmeade. The visit starts with a group of upset romantic partners outside Puddifoot’s door - but by the end of the day the datemates have all found other activities to do… activities they ended up loving the spontaneity of (there may or may not have been a group snowball fight where datemates were teams). And at the end of the day Madam Puddifoot herself isn’t mad at all. Her customers were wonderful to work for. So even though it’s not what she had in mind when she bought the shop, Madam Puddifoot adapts. 

The next time students get to visit Hogsmeade, Puddifoot has split her shop into separate rooms. One with a more romantic feel to it - a fireplace and candles and dim lights and red hearts and flowy tablecloths - and one with a less romantic feel to it - lights and fun music and big booths and beanbags - so that all are welcome in her shop.

And during Valentine’s, when she sells cards for those forgetful or didn’t have time to make one, “Hey I know you’re aro, but you are flying into my heart!” is her most popular seller.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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Hi there! I'd just like to say that I really like your art style and your artistic take on a bunch of my favorite cartoons. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best! ^w^


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hey i just started and i was wondering how you got to a big account? thanks!!

Hello and welcome :)

I’m not sure how this blog got the number of followers that it did, because there are definitely more of them than my nonsense deserves! I think taking fic requests helps (and I think a majority of people are here for the frequent Lin photos hahah). 

Also don’t be afraid to reach out and make friends with other writers. Everyone here is super welcoming and that’s a great way to make friends.

I wish I had a more helpful answer, but I’m honestly mystified by the amount of people who have followed this blog!


When, and what graphics setup, must one use to see the gloooorioous stars in the night sky??? I’m just dying for a screenshot with them.

While we’re talking optimal SSO photography, how do y’all get the amazing pictures I see all over tumblr? Is it timing with the natural lighting of Jorvik? Do you have fantastic computers with great graphics packages? Padawan wishes to know.

The year couldn’t end without a new drawing of Jack! I’ve been focusing more on drawing other things now but hopefully I drew him and Sammy well enough? I’m trying out new styles and so far I actually really like making this one. Jack, if you see this, I just want to wish you a happy new year and I hope you have a great time and that this new year is much better on all of us. Thank you for making this year a lot more bearable! I don’t want to talk too much again, so that’ll be all, but I really mean it, thank you. Happy holidays, everyone!!

Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List  #1

There are so many great Otayuri fics on ao3 and I’ve… pretty much read them all haha. I wish I could include every single one I’ve read on this rec list, but then this list would probably go on forever so here are just some of my absolute favorites! Please go check them out if you have time! I promise you will love them. <3

From Almaty, With Love (ongoing, mature) by @boxwineconfession

I kid you not: as the Otayuri fanbase keeps growing, this fic will become known as THE LEGENDARY MULT-CHAPTERED SLOW BURN OTAYURI FANFIC. Because that’s exactly what it is. The characterization in this fic is unbelievably on point and Otabek and Yuri’s interactions are just so very… them. I greatly enjoy watching both of them suffer from the UST (although they are suffering no longer… heh).

run in my veins (50 sentences format, sfw) by @rovmustang

Absolutely exquisite writing. Some sentences will make you laugh, some will make you cry and all of them will make you feel like you’ve had the breath knocked out of you. I literally just stared up at my ceiling for ten minutes after reading this just contemplating the beauty of Otabek and Yuri’s relationship.

Feet first (Don’t Fall) (oneshot, mature, underage) by @gunboots

This was the first Otayuri fanfic I ever read and it just… blew me away? Otabek’s voice is so beautiful, clear and distinct, and you get the pleasure of watching both him and his relationship with Yuri grow over the years. There is underage sexual contact when Yuri is 17 (which, I would like to point out for the antis, is older than 16, Russia and Kazakhstan’s age of consent).

soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise (ongoing, sfw) by @thissupposedcrime 

This is a very unique fic with a semi non-linear format and a rich, engaging story! It explores Otabek and Yuri’s relationship over the span of ten years, and it’s really just… riveting.

Golden Days (oneshot, sfw) by @alcoholicrevo

The CUTEST fic you will ever have the pleasure of reading. I almost suffocated myself from muffling my screams with my pillow when the fluff got too real.

melt me down (oneshot, sfw) by @ohhotlamb

This fic is so gentle, romantic and enchanting that my heart just swelled with overwhelming love and affection for these two. Otabek is absolutely precious, and Yuri is smitten (the feeling is mutual!).

Endurance and Peach Tea (oneshot, sfw) by chapstickaddict (I don’t know their tumblr sadly)

This fic was such an emotional rollercoaster for me and I couldn’t help but drown in the wonderful feels. The ending killed me in the best way.

the naming of cats (oneshot, sfw) by @csoru

This fic cut me so deeply and made my heart bleed… But the ending plastered a nice band aid over the wound so it’s all good! All jokes aside, please go and read this fic; it’s so hauntingly beautiful that you’ll be aching from the feels for days.

on the verge of running into your arms (oneshot, sfw) by @clears-jellyfish-dress

Oh god, this fic highlights how utterly healthy, loving and caring Otabek and Yuri’s relationship is. Otabek is literally the bestest, BESTEST (I know that’s not a word but it gets my point across) friend in the world, and Yuri clearly agrees.

holding out for a hero (oneshot, sfw) by @mother-iwa-chan

I literally could not stop smiling while I read this fic. SO FREAKING SWEET AND ADORABLE AND JUST. AHHHHHH. SOMEONE HOLD ME PLEASE.

write my name on your skin (twoshot, sfw) by @altisetsky (one of my favorite blogs on tumblr btw 8D)

A refreshing spin on the soulmate AU trope! Ah, Yuri’s pining is just so freaking adorable to read…

down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em (oneshot, sfw) by @unhookingstarswithoutpermission

This fic killed me? Yeah, I just cannot get over how tender, loving and supportive Otabek and Yuri are to one another!

If the sparks didn’t glow (we would know) (oneshot, sfw) by @slumbrslumbrs

This fic made me smile so hard my face hurt. Everyone is so protective of Yuri, but Otabek is the best and purest bro. :)

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3


I am obsessed with this #Repost from @bodyposipanda. I wish I could dance like that! This lady ❤❤❤❤❤❤
I thought we could probably use some joyful jiggling in our lives right now so it’s #DONTHATETHESHAKE TIME! 💃💜 REMEMBER: your body is so worthy of love in all the shapes that movement creates. Your wiggle is wonderful! Your squish is spectacular! OWN YOUR JIGGLE MY BOPO BABES! Anyone can join the #donthatetheshake party and celebrate their jelly - it isn’t about being a great dancer or looking super cool, it’s just about moving with joy and finding love for our bods outside of a still picture frame! So if you feel up to it, GET SHAKING! And check out @donthatetheshake for more! 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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So I, like the rest of the world, have a lot of feelings about Yuri on Ice!!! episode 7 and also a lot of thoughts, and I’ve been sitting here going, man, I sure wish I could share my thoughts with people. And then I sat here going, “Well…you do have an anime blog…this is a thing that could be done…” and then going, “oh, no, I can’t do that, that’s just crazy talk.”

You see, I have a slightly different interpretation of the whole, “Victor failed as a coach” aspect of that episode. And I kinda kept waiting for other people to offer up my interpretation for me, but so far I haven’t noticed that, so through great reluctance and many cowardly tears, I have decided to do the thing.

First of all, I’m not here to start a fight. I’m not arguing with anyone or saying anyone is wrong, I just had a different reading of how that went down, so I thought I would share that opinion. But if you don’t agree with me, that’s completely fine! I am incredibly respectful of the other interpretations, I want to stress that. My opinions are my own and I’m just sharing them in a collegial way. Picture, if you will, me ducking in, speaking, and ducking back out again to hide under my bed.

So here’s my reading:

I’ve seen the argument that Victor messed up and said the wrong thing, but the thing is? Victor didn’t mess up, he did exactly what he planned on doing.

He knew this was going to hurt Yuuri, he counted on it hurting Yuuri. He said what he did precisely because he knew it was going to be very upsetting for Yuuri. (He doesn’t mean it—he admits he didn’t mean it, and Yuuri knows he didn’t mean it, and I even sorta suspect he said it believing that Yuuri would know he didn’t mean it.)

This face and this realization:

This face is not the face of someone going, “Oh crap, I fucked up and said the wrong thing.”

This is the face of someone going, “Oh crap, I thought I could handle hurting you, and it turns out I can’t.

I even sorta feel like his whole, incredibly awkward attempts to comfort Yuuri is him panicking, “I can’t go through with my original plan!!! How do I fix this?!?!”

And the thing about Victor’s deliberate plan?

It works.

Here’s the thing: I’m a crier. I cry all the time, about everything. Any time I have a serious discussion with someone I care about, I will start crying. At this point in my life, I just start these discussions with, “I will cry, please ignore those tears when they occur and continue discussing things with me as a rational human being.” Emotional stress crying is the worst and I hate it.

But what I can say with this as my resume is that, when you’re an emotional stress crier? It actually helps. About 85% of the time you do actually feel better, calmer, and ready to Do The Thing.

Even other professional coaches who have presumably known Yuuri for awhile remark on the fact that it works:

So for Victor’s plan, was it a nice plan? No, no it was not. He pretty much went, “Well, I don’t know how to make Yuuri feel better, so let’s make Yuuri feel worse and see what happens.” Which is kind of a dick move.

Was it the best plan? No, it definitely was not. Yuuri flat out tells him what the best plan would have been: for Victor to be there and believe in him.

(And honestly, I hear a lot about Victor’s egotistic nature and how he’s brimming with confidence, but to me I think it’s incredibly telling that it never even occurred to him that all he had to do was be himself and be there for Yuuri. I feel like it sort of speaks volumes about his own insecurities that his reaction was, “You mean I didn’t have to do anything? I just had to be me?”)

But was it an effective plan? Well, arguably, yes. Victor had a plan, deliberately carried out the plan, and in the end, the plan worked.

I think this episode showed that Victor is inexperienced as a coach, but by no means did he fail as one, and I don’t even think he messed up, really. He didn’t try the best method, but his method still worked.

Anyway, that’s it! Those are my thoughts! Again, feel free to disagree. I’m going to duck away now and hide under the bed. And probably cry. ‘Cuz you know. That’s how I roll.

Vampire hunter/Vampire AU Rhack..!

Woo! Glad I got to finish this before Halloween ended haha. I wish I could color this too but I just don’t have the time. :’( October has been an especially busy month for me.

This drawing is a small thank-you gift to all the rhack fan-artists and fanfic writers who shared amazing stories, artworks, and ideas with everyone else.

Since I’ve understood the charm of Borderlands and rhack beginning of this year (2016), going through your works after a tough day has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had (and still continues to be! :D 

Thank you for being awesome and I hope you all have a great Halloween!!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having fun tonight. I know I am, this is probably the best evening of my entire life. Right so I’m not great at making speeches but I’ll try my best. 

Twenty three years ago today, my father met the love of his life. I wish I was there to be honest, Mike was, hi Mike! Give it up for Mike everybody! He’s the one who introduced them and truly the reason we’re all here today. 

It took you long enough, you’ve been together for, what, fifteen years? You probably would’ve never gotten married had I not forced you to. Honestly it was all a plan, I just really really wanted to make this speech. 

I’m not going to get into details of the past, you can read about them in dad’s blog, quite adventurous, these two… You’ve been through a lot, we all know that, but you’re strong. You’re both so strong. And at the end of the day you got what you deserved, each other. (and me of course). 

I’ll be leaving soon. I’m going off to college and I’m scared to leave you alone. I mean last time you were alone you jumped off a building and you married an assassin who then shot him. Thank god Mycroft was there to help though, right Mycroft? 

I’m just kidding, we all know the circumstances. 

But now that I look at you, I see that I shouldn’t be scared. You’re embarking on another adventure, I know you have and will protect and save each other until the end of time (at least that’s what you said earlier, and I have it on video so you can’t take it back). 

To close I’d like to quote someone I admire very much. Today we saw two people make vows, I’ve never made a vow in my life but here in front of you all is my first: John and Sherlock, whatever it takes, whatever happens, from now on I swear I will always be there, always. 

I know you two. And I know what you can become, because I know who you really are. You’re not just my old parents, you’re the best, and kindest, and wisest, and bravest men I know. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there’s always one thing lasting. When all else fails, there are two men sitting in our scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there and they always will. My dads, the two people who I love and care about most in the world, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

Thank you. 

“Come on… Say it. Tell her she is beautiful…”

My last drawing of the year! It had to be a sort of Zelink, of course. It has been a good year to me, regarding my personal life. I made a lot of progress in myself, and I’m looking to a brilliant future.

Thank you, all my followers, for being there and support my art and staying with me another year. Thanks to all the wonderful people I met here and I have fun with. Thanks to @greenieloveszelink, and @xx–ingie–xx, and I just wish @the-wolfess was still active here for her to know how grateful I’m to her. Thanks to @gustjar, @japaneesee, @honeygodiva, @thewhitegoddesshylia, @tokyorobin, @breadofthewild I love to see you around. Thanks to the lovelies @radsity, @dysah, @aquanutart, and all these artists I see here and makes me feel happy looking at their stuff, and sending me beautiful messages and comments.

OMG I can’t forget @chat-en-rose. She is supporting me so much with Lady Lioness! Oh, and thank you to those supporting Lady Lioness too! :D

You are a great part of my current happiness.

Love you all, and happy New Year!!

Bitty goes home for christmas and comes out to his family. They’re neither great or terrible. His mum keeps saying things like ‘as long as you’re happy’ and 'I suppose you can adopt’ with longing. His Dad keeps hinting that Jack is just using him and soon he’ll move on to someone more famous or with more money.

He almost wishes they’d just yelled at him.

What he really wants is to go back to Jack but the Falconers are having a big team new years, everyone in, no excuses. And though Jack is out to a few of them he’s not out to everyone and New Year isn’t the time to do it.

Plus, his Mom looks betrayed every time he talks about going back.

But then Rans and Holster get in touch and say they’re planning a big party for their Captain year and Bitty could not be less entusiastic but he talks Coach into letting him move his flight.

He gets in late and expects to come in to the party in full swing. Instead, he opens the door to Ransom, Holster, Lardo, Shitty, Dex, Nursey and Chowder apparently in the middle of a Mario Cart tournament.

He’s surprised. Then the door opens again and he turns to see Jack in the door.

Everyone’s laughing and Bitty just clings to Jack and cries happy tears. The entire thing was a setup so he and Jack could be together. Jack had skipped out on the falconers party after a few hours and they’d agreed to only invite people who knew so Bitty gets to spend new years curled up on his boyfriend, gets to kiss Jack at midnight, all because he has the most awesome friends ever.

Shout out to everyone who is trans/nonbinary/questioning their gender and identifies as ace and/or aro - spec but aren’t sure if they are actually ace and/or aro or if it just dysphoria acting up.

You are valid in using the ace or aro labels. If you find out later it was dysphoria or something else that made you identify as ace or aro and you want to change labels, then that’s completely ok and great!! And if you always identify as ace or aro, that is also completely ok and great!! I love you all and I wish you all the best!~

i feel like relationships are so much easier to fathom as a distant concept if you approach it from the perspective of “i am fuckin great and if this person that i’m having a completely natural interest in doesn’t feel the same, then that’s honestly awesome, i hope we both find love one day n’ life is totally rad”

the moment you start to invest your self worth and validation into whether or not someone just so happens to have feelings for you at the precise moment you do for them, you lose

loving yourself so deeply and so earnestly and fostering that connection is the most vital step to success in this life

so stop wishing for a girlfriend or a boyfriend!!!!!! wish to love yourself and get PSYCHED if someone else comes along too!!!!!!! because connection is great but so are u and no one will see that if u don’t