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So - definitely at least season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow Len, and post the Chronos reveal, but how much further along?

The Waverider never visited Siberia in 1892. I don’t even think it had the time in season 1 for that after the Chronos reveal.

There’s the whole “there are no strings on me”. Which could be foreshadowing of Len’s personal timeline or it could be Len making a callback to the Oculus. Can’t tell.

So - either post!Oculus Len or sloppy writing?

I don’t understand why there was no Mick, though (apart from Dominic Purcell probably not having been available) - though I suppose the third option is the brief time period between the Chronos reveal and Len and Mick’s heart to heart - except they seem to head straight to 2147 after picking up Sara and it’s at the end of that episode that the heart to heart occurs. And after that Len carries bruises for several episodes, so - no. Does not work.

I really wish it was Oculus!Len, but realistically - probably sloppy writing.


30 day teen titans challenge » day 8: what’s your favorite Starfire moment?

Starfire + dealing with that jerk Valyor

“There will always be people who say mean words because you are different, and sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people who do not judge others based on how they look or where they are from. Those are the people whose words truly matter.”

A Court of Spring and Stars pt. 17

Word Count: 2470


I shove away from Kieran as I wait for the dizziness to dissipate from my skull. “Why the fuck do we always have to winnow? You have wings for fuck’s sake.”

Kieran chuckles. “You also can have wings if you want to. You choose not to use them.” I roll my eyes and resist the urge to call him a smart ass and he continues, “Besides, winnowing takes less time.”

“Yeah, less time and less substance out of my stomach.” I mutter rubbing my hand against my rolling stomach. I seriously hate winnowing. When my stomach settles I look around to find that we’re in the mountains at some kind of camp. Cabins are set up in various spaces and dark-haired, tanned skinned males are walking around with wings like Kieran’s.

“Shit, Kieran, is your friend an Illyrian?”

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I will say though, that I didn’t like how Iris doubted her contribution to the group. Literally my heart broke for her. This is mainly due to the show’s glorification of science, being a meta and having powers (which I think they realized this episode?). Iris is so brave, and so so smart - so I didn’t like how she doubted herself but I felt for her. It’s been shown that her career has contributed to the team many times. But I’m glad Barry reassured her, again, that literally the only contribution that he has to the world (as in being The Flash), is because of her contribution to him. 

I Never Gave a Damn About the Weather, and it Never Gave a Damn About Me (Josh Dun)

Word count: 557

Requested: No

Warnings: Anxiety, storms, cursing

Yes this is the unrequested one that I promised forever ago and finally got time to write it!

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vvishall: Was just waiting for my food and girlfriend @christinaachanell to come out of the restroom when I happen to look over my shoulder and Harry Styles walked in the cafe and gave me a nod when we made eye contact. Christina wouldn’t stop shaking as we were eating but once we were about to leave, we asked to take pictures and he was really nice about it. Christina was jealous because when I went up to take a picture, he put his hand out and I shook it. Not that into celebrities but he was pretty chill. He even parked his car near us and as we were all leaving and flashed a peace sign to us. I wish I knew I was gonna meet some one famous today, I would have tried not to look like shit lol

Home For The Holidays Pt. ?

step 1. pull your hat down over your eyes and pretend to text

step 2. go to the bathroom before you accidentally cry in front of everyone

step 3. crap. cry much more than pride will let you admit oops

step 4. leave through the garage door as inconspicuously as you can

step 5. drive home and think

step 6. accidentally cry some more as you sink and realize, “i don’t know if i want to go to the next family party, or any ever again. how do i tell my mom”

step 7. stop crying and ultimately come to the conclusion that Suffering-In-Silence, containing my suffering, not letting anyone know what happened, only benefits the person that made me suffer and does not actually benefit me

step 8. so fuck suffering in silence

step 9. come to facebook to publicly declare that this platform will now serve as my official Fuck You To Being Told That It’s My Job To Quietly Endure Prejudice From My Family While Being Expected To Keep Coming Back For More

step 9. finally, share what was previously relegated to silence:

several weeks ago an aunt that never engages in one-on-one conversation with me, and especially never weaves around furniture to the corner i’m crouching in to talk to me in any interested way, suddenly did exactly that and asked me about my tools as she laughed as if to communicate, “it’s a little ridiculous isn’t it? a girl with so many tools.” i confirmed upon her asking they were yes actually mine, and explained that i.. well.. i use them.. she pressed me and asked me what i used them for. i told her for my truck. she asked me if i knew how to fix my truck. she asked me if i knew how to fix my truck. then that same question a few more times at first i got excited and started to tell her about the work i’ve been doing, the parts i’ve been replacing. then snapped out it because the questions-with-obvious-answers indicated to me she wasn’t actually asking what she wanted to ask. so i said to her, “you wouldnt be asking me, a 25 year-old in possession of hundreds of tools, these questions all together if i was a boy. you wouldnt even ask me these questions if i was my little brother who doesn’t even do his own car work.” she said..she admitted without blinking but still smiling from that laugh, “yeah but you’re a girl so i’m asking you” and went on to make sure i knew girls don’t own tools and trucks, and, “you’re a girl, aren’t you?”
she rly could have just been straight up with me and said, “you know, we never ever ever ever ever EVER talk, but i thought you should know that thing you’re doing quietly in the corner behind this furniture is offending me and you and your gender need to align with what me and the rest of the world think is right.” instead she bombarded me with mocking questions blocking my only exit. when she was done, i sat, alone behind the furniture. with my evil homo tools. feeling resentful that the only conversation my aunt could ever be motivated to have with me my entire life of 25 years was to condemn me to hell without condemning me to hell

flash forward to tonight, the lunar new year. i’m sitting front and center, legs crossed, quiet, attentive and ready for the tết performance my aunt (same aunt) has promised called, Message To The Second Generation. she’s downstage on the foyer holding a mic, and starts off with general, nice wishes for all of us. i think i remember “love, laugh, live” somewhere in there. she moves on to wishes for us to continue to carry the culture and the recipes. she keeps making really prolonged eye contact with me especially, i’m curious but not sure why and then it comes, something abt a wish for us.. relationships.. “boys for girls and girls for boys.” i flash a low-browed glance at my sister. she’s looking for my eyes too, finds them, and returns the look in understanding and solidarity. i try to get another from this aunt’s son but he looks away from me and back at his mom. the rest of her message is lost on me as i wrestle with too much inarticulable conflict. the message ends and i ask to the cousins in my general vicinity, “did she just wish us all straightness?” hoping to breach the solidaritous condemnation with humor. instead someone said, “i think she just means she wishes for us to find someone.” another looks at me, pats my leg and says, “it’s okay it’s okay” with a tone that made it more of a “i heard what she said, but it’s not that a big deal” and turned away from me. i retorted but the momentum of unanimous dismissal and suppression overcame my lonely efforts. so i sat and looked at my hands. my head built up pressure and thought, “okay but she didn’t say that. she said she hopes all the girls find boys, and all the boys find girls. that is what she said. it’s not a big deal for you because you are not personally inconveniced by this irreconciliation and have not grown up in a way that forces you take these quick casual comments and see the entire society that exactly reinforces this- the trillion and one other comments, images, stories, jokes that all say the same. exact. thing. all the time. every day. every fucking minute.” but i look around and everyone has moved on.
my aunt just held a karaoke mic, looked me in the eyes, and told everyone not to be gay, and i couldn’t do anything or get any more support. i felt helpless and trapped, and despite my own heroic vision of myself, my eyes began to well up. i pulled the bill of my hat low, and pretended to be occupied texting. i couldn’t stop it, so i went to the restroom, ran the water and cried into the sink. i thought about how different it felt to be attacked explicitly and hatefully by a stranger than to be attacked subtly and casually by family. and how the former would make allies and heroes out of my cousins while the latter makes no one care. or makes no one see it. i thought about how i’ve been trying so hard to desensitize myself to the bombardment of these casual erasing, dehumanizing things so i can enjoy the parts that are enjoyable. so that when kalene, my life partner, the most caring loving supportive best person in my life moves here, i can bring her to my family and have her welcomed as if we were a package deal. tonight shredded the painful tiring numbing saddening work i had already pessimistically done all with one sentence, and the realization of the struggle no one wanted to protect me from overwhelmed me and shook my shoulders and pulled my already tired eyes. i remembered that i had i promised myself that if i was made to feel unwelcome then it wasn’t my job to stay. so i dipped. don’t know when i’ll be coming back.

i want a lot of things, i want kalene to have my family and the fun and the love we share. but damn, this shit is getting old. stop. your best friend is in this position, what do you tell them? you want to protect your best friend so you tell them ‘self-preservation over familial ties.’ right? i dont like that answer either. i. don’t. know.