wish i knew who this was directed at

why you should not dismiss research unless you rly truly mean it

Internet, I am a queer researcher of queer health and I have something to say.

A few weeks back, a study went viral about the relationship between marriage equality policy and queer teen suicide rates, and a lot of people reacted thusly: “queer mental health is better when we’re not discriminated against! BREAKING: SKY IS BLUE, WATER IS WET”

This happens a lot. People see research about a thing ~Everyone Already Knows~ and they mock it. Now I want to make two things really clear:

1. Everyone does not already know.

2. This shit can lose these projects their funding.

Did you know that media coverage is a crucial factor in funding allocation? When we submit our application for grant renewal, we have to provide a list of news articles about our research so they can decide whether the public cares enough about us to let us keep doing our work. And most research doesn’t get all that much coverage, so individual reactions can really matter. If the primary reaction to our publications is eyerolling, we legitimately might not be able to continue.

I’ve seen some frustration from people who believe this research funding would be better put to use “actually helping” the affected populations instead of–I don’t know, pinning them under microscopes or whatever it is they think we do. But funding for policy initiatives is driven by research. I know you wish politicians would listen to individual voices telling them where the problems are, but that’s honestly not a smart way to direct limited resources. We need solid evidence. And a lot of the areas that need the most attention aren’t obvious–who knew bisexual people are at a much higher risk for physical and mental health disparities than gay and lesbian people? Who would have guessed that transgender folks are more likely than any other group (including straight people) to be military veterans, but overwhelmingly don’t claim their benefits? I’m sure some people noticed these patterns, but they definitely weren’t common knowledge within the queer communities I’ve grown up around, and those findings are leading to direct action as we speak.

I get that it can be frustrating to feel like your identity is being reduced to facts and figures for the benefit of red tape. But trust me, the researchers aren’t your enemy here. Most of us are queer too. All of us are just as frustrated by this crap as you are. We are doing our best, and I swear to you this work really is making a difference. Please don’t sabotage it.

OH MY GOD so I was reading this about how making a character fail is not about having their flaws tripping them, but most importantly about putting them in situations where their greatest strengths are useless

“if hamlet swapped places with othello he wouldn’t be duped by any of iago’s shit, he’d sit down & have a good think & actually examine the facts before taking action. meanwhile in denmark, othello would have killed claudius before act 2 could even start”

And I was thinking of Damen and Laurent and how, despite being remarkable in their own way, they begin the story by themselves, in situations where those qualities are useless. Damen’s strength, confidence and charisma are nothing against Kastor from where he’s standing; Laurent’s intelligence, machinations and charm are useless against the Regent.They just each have a blind spot for their respective foe. 

But then each joins into the other’s scenario. And so, in the end, Laurent goes ‘I won’t hesitate bitch’ where Damen failed and outmatches Kastor by bringing tricks into the fight. And Damen gets one step ahead of the Regent where Laurent has already given up by being direct and transparent and honorable like ‘in front of this esteemed court, I wish to present solid, tangible proof that you’re a dick’

(even in Prince Gambit, Laurent was just reacting to the Regent’s plans bc he knew no other way to fight, and Damen who didn’t buy that shit was there like ‘or we could sidestep all that and actually do something productive ffs??’; the Regent had to find a way to separate them not necessarily bc of their army but bc he wouldn’t be able to corner Laurent otherwise, not with Damen on the side going ‘his show of power is a bunch of barnacles’)

20+ Jealous Louis Fics:

In a twisted turn of events, Louis finds himself posing as the brother of his fiancé, Harry, for an annual company retreat.

Did he sign up for this? No.

Is he doing it anyway? Yes.

Can they actually pull this off? Probably not.

Louis isn’t someone who Harry thought he could ever be with, and Louis never thought he’d break his rules for anyone.

Sometimes being wrong isn’t so bad after all.

AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

AU in which Louis hates his job and loves Harry, Harry just wants a distraction, everyone else wants them to get their shit together, and Louis learns the hard way that new beginnings are only possible when something ends.

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Poison Pen Letters (mobster!steve drabble)

Originally posted by lilith-lestrange

Mobster request for Steve rogers. He’s been in love with reader for years (she has no idea who he is or that he even knows she exists) and he’s been trying to find a way to get close to her. Finally he’s able to blackmail her father/guardian/whoever to get to her and…. you can provide the rest. Hope this request helps.

Requested by @breenieweenie

A/N: y’all can hate me, but this ends on a cliffhanger and i’m not writing another part to this so don’t ask.


Warnings: some swearing, otherwise, it’s kinda fluffy??

Word Count: 1.8K

Summary: an incident involving tripping the Brooklyn King’s henchman turns your life around like a carousel.

Read on A03!

“Y/N!” you heard your father shouting for you from the kitchen. You groaned heavily as you placed your laptop on your bed before standing and stretching your limbs.

“Yes, daddy?” you asked, stepping off the last stair and striding down the hallway, bringing your arms across your chest as the wooden floors caused a shiver to run down your spine. “What is it?”

He silently handed you a letter, disapproval written across his face, making his aging lines look even older than he was. “What is this?” he asked, annoyance in his voice.

You scanned the letter with your eyes quickly, mouth falling open before you had even finished the first paragraph. “Daddy, I-”

“Explain to me why the king of new York wants to meet with you.” he scolded. “I thought you weren’t involved with those fools? What happened?”

“I bumped into Bucky at the supermarket a few days ago. It was an accident.

“Bucky’s his name, is it?” he asked, a frown etched into his eyebrows.

“His right hand man, according to the papers.” you explained, backing into the hallway, the letter gripped tightly in your left hand. “Steve, he’s just a fool. This is a trap, or something. It has to be.”

“How did he get this address, Y/N?” you dad scowled at you. “Tell me.”

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thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:




Newt claims curiosity as his reason. He wants to know how different Grindelwald and Graves really were. He has this impression of a man with poise and power, a gentle sort of gravity – but that was all Grindelwald, wasn’t it? Who knows how long that wizard had been undercover! Surely Grindelwald had been an excellent actor! But Newt doesn’t know for certain, and so he goes to see for himself.

Tina does warn him that there might be some unexpected differences. “We simply thought he’d taken certain meetings to heart,” she hedges without really explaining. “Just… whatever he says, don’t take it personally, alright?”

Newt begins to fear a nasty temper made worse by prolonged captivity and torture. He braces himself for scathing words, a scowl – for dark brows above dark eyes that wish only to see Newt reduced beneath the heel of his boot.

“Tina,” Graves starts off with his tone wicking toward warm amusement, “I knew you weren’t really all that angry with me.”

Tina sighs heavily. “Mr. Graves, this is Newt Scamander. He’s one of the wizards who helped with your rescue.”

“I know who he is,” Graves says. Newt is rather alarmed to see Graves smirk in his direction so lasciviously, especially for a man who’s bedridden at the moment. Graves doesn’t seem to think bedridden is anything more than a challenge, however, because he pats the side of his bed invitingly. “As if I would forget the gorgeous man who so obviously stood out among my aurors.”

Newt almost goes to sit where Graves wanted him, caught up in his own fascination with a personality difference so bizarre, but Tina yanks him back to her side. Newt is still staring at Graves’ face, so he doesn’t miss the way Graves pouts exaggeratedly at her.

“You’re ruining my fun, darling,” Graves scolds her lightly. “How ever is Mr. Scamander supposed to know how grateful I am if I can’t thank him appropriately?”

“Begging your pardon, sir,” Tina replies, “but the last time you thanked someone appropriately, you nearly started an international incident with the Australian Prime Minister and the whole department had to take sexual harassment classes for a month.”

Graves doesn’t even look the slightest bit ashamed. He has eyes only for Newt. “Well, how was I supposed to know that he didn’t like tongue?” he says, licking over his top lip as if to invite Newt to investigate his meaning. “That kind of thing really should be in the dossier beforehand. Don’t you agree, Mr. Scamander?”

“I find your tongue rather interesting myself,” Newt says breathlessly before he can stop himself. Graves’ face splits into a grin, and Tina huffs in frustration before she starts pulling Newt out of the hospital room. “Oh, oh wait– Tina–”

Tina is relentless. “We’re leaving!”

Graves laughs. “Next time then, Mr. Scamander!” he calls out, wiggling his fingers at Newt as he’s pulled through the door.

“There won’t be a next time!” Tina shouts back.

Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

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Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2


He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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Chapter 93 Thoughts.

Le writer is happy because this was such a good chapter.

I will be using Mangastream since it is on the point and Crunchyroll translation is not out yet. I will make corrections after I read Cruncyroll translation.

Ah, I am really living for chapters like this! Many things I learn, many things I crave. New info. Yay! To sum it up cursory, in this chapter we saw:

  • Isayama really did reversed the map, call it a brand new world and gave half of it Marley. Really, Marley is putting British, Mongols and Romans to shame while Alexander the Great is crying at background.
  • Marley is relying too much on Titan power, that is why they don’t have an advanced army and navy.
  • Mads Mikkelsen is their marshal.
  • Mid-East Union is now Fab-Kebab Union who lost the war but also got all the praises and that made Marley jealous.
  • Zeke can get even more interesting every month. He also has a Zekeret.
  • Marley is not aware that Zeke is royal blood. Bruh.
  • We found out how Zeke is able to control titans. With injecting his own spine fluid. Reasonable.
  • Cartman is actually a cartwoman and she stole my heart. Unlike roast master Galliard.
  • Reiner “I must protect the smol ones” Braun. Enough said.
  • The smol ones are also winning my heart more every chapter. Gabi, Falco, Udo and Zophia are 14 year old cutie pies.
  • Paradis is doing well, Paradis is doing great.
  • Ackermans are actually lab rats.
  • Ymir. Beautiful. Willful. Dead.
  • Le writer is wishing next month to be a Warrior chapter as well to get a Warrior volume and her chapter thoughts are under the cut.

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Dean Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

 Written for @iwantthedean  and her SoCo Summer Challenge. I had the prompt: I don’t want to feel this small. 

It wasn’t one big moment that made you feel this way. The culmination of days’ worth, and little moments in each and every one of these days. They built on top of each other until you could feel your cup overflowing, making your palms sweat, your anxiety rise higher and higher with each passing moment.

You couldn’t blame it on anyway. Not Sam or Dean, or even yourself. It was things out of your control, and you hadn’t even realized how much was bugging you until your eye started twitching, and your mind wouldn’t slow down when you should be sleeping. Tears threatened to fall at the weirdest moment, and there had been more than one time when Dean would glance at you, totally confused about how you were acting.

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warning: reader has minor anxiety

pairing: peter parker x reader

words: 1,963

request: you should write something about peter parker and how maybe reader has been his wingwoman for a long time but reader accidentally developed feelings for Peter

a/n: first peter fic i’ve written, hopefully i didn’t go too far off the request! also wouldn’t mind making a part two to this if you guys like it? (i left it pretty open ended hahaha) also, keep requesting stuff!!!


“So..” Peter spoke after a few minutes of us silent eating. “Do you plan on going to homecoming?”

You looked up at him, a comedic expression on your face as Peter and you had never been ones to participate in school activities like that. “Probably not,” you said, “I mean, unless someones asks me. But that definitely won’t happen.”

His eyebrows furrowed. “Why wouldn’t it?”

“Because I’m me,” you said, as if it were the most obvious observation in the world. You were a very lay low person in all aspects, never having had a boyfriend or many friends other than Peter. In your eyes, he was all you needed.

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Fuck You;  Bill Skarsgard

bill x female reader

“If you want me, you will never speak to her or see her again. If you want to do those things, you will never speak to me or see me again. Still sure about you choice?”

“Of course, yes, she’s gone. I swear.”

“Do it now.”

He swallowed hard and grabbed his phone, his hands shaking the entire time.

“Bill, do you have feelings for her?”

“No, no I could never.”

“Now is the time to admit it. You need to tell me the absolute truth right now.”

“I know that I love you..” he trailed off and averted his gaze from mine, “but I just feel really close to her for some reason. She’s like my best friend, I feel like a part of me would be missing if I were to just completely close her off.”

“You’ve made your choice then,” I closed my eyes tightly to keep the tears from escaping without my consent.

“No,” he grabbed my hand before I could turn to leave the room, “I can’t lose you. Please understand how hard this is for me.”

“It’s easy, Bill. If you love me and want this to work, you’ll get rid of anything that stands in the way of our relationship. This isn’t just a crush, someone you’ve randomly fantasized about in your bunk when you’re lonely. You’ve slept with her more than once. There is a connection between the two of you.”

“That’s why it’s hard.”

“Because there’s a connection? That’s because you have feelings. If you have feelings for someone while you’re in a relationship you aren’t fully committed and you aren’t really in love with that person.”

“That isn’t true, I am in love with you. It’s different with her.”

“No, Bill, it isn’t. Tell me right now, can you erase her from your life?”

“That’s not fair.”

“So the answer is no?”

“I can’t just toss her to the curb like that.”

“So you cannot erase her from your life completely?”


He couldn’t look at me. His green eyes were glued to the ground and I wanted nothing more than for him to say it was just a stupid mistake and that he loved me and that she was nothing. He couldn’t though. Despite whatever he said, whatever feelings he had for me, he had them for her too. They were different, they were probably stronger. The tears threatened to fall again.

“I really thought you were the love of my life and I don’t even think that’s a thing. I never bought into the idea of soulmates until I met you. I knew going into this would be hard because you’re fucking famous,” my voice wavered slightly, “but I thought we could make it work because you were the one.”

Bill’s cheeks reddened and he couldn’t make direct eye contact with me. I knew it was over and I knew that I would spend who knows how long trying to get over the fact that I had lost him because I wasn’t able to travel the world by his side.

“You were the one. Not now though, now your feelings are for someone else and I can’t do anything about it. I love you so much and I wish it was enough but it just isn’t.”

“I never meant for this happen. I never wanted to hurt you.”

It was an admission of guilt. Bill had fallen in love with someone else while I was on the other side of the world and there was nothing I could do about it. All I could do was let him go and try to put myself back together, post Bill Skarsgard.

“I love you so much, please don’t forget that. I have loved you since that stupid party we met at. You spilled your beer on my shoes and I was so pissed but you were so wonderful and kind. I’m going to miss the hell out of you.”

“I-i’m so sorry.”

The words themselves seemed to tremble as they left his lips. Tears didn’t escape past his eyes, though. His mouth didn’t curve into a frown that was so desperately trying not to cry.

He didn’t want to hurt me, but he was happy it was over. He was happy it was over because he was ready to move on.

And that, he did.



The headline was splashed across the pages of all of the pathetic tabloids.




I had tried my hardest to completely forget him, but it was difficult when he was so ridiculously famous. In the three years since we had broken up, his acting career had skyrocketed, and so had the career of his stylist. She had become one of the most prominent designers in the fashion world.

At first they were lovely and smiles, but photos of them looking incredibly unhappy had recently graced the covers of magazines and there were constant rumors of the both of them being unfaithful.

The emails had started about a month ago and I had ignored every single one of them. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to speak to him, it was that I couldn’t. Bill had done a number on me and I wasn’t going to let him do it again.

Not only had he cheated on me, which led to him falling love with someone else and breaking my heart, he did it so the world could see. They were a confirmed couple to the media just days after our own break up. Bill had always claimed our relationship was important and special and that was why he didn’t want to share it with anyone.

His fans praised them, saying they were adorable and a perfect fit and it was “finally time for Bill to settle down.”  He had already settled down though. We had lived together for quite some time and it was incredibly painful watching him move out and returning home to an empty apartment.

I backed out of the lease a month later, luckily my landlord understood and let me go without paying extra fees. It was too hard living in a place with all of our memories. It was too hard scrolling through Twitter while laying in OUR bed and seeing photos of them together acting like newlyweds.

The newlywed phase was over now though. Scrolling through my inbox, I opened Bill’s latest email.

“I wish you would just talk to me. You changed your number, you moved out of our apartment. It’s like you’re trying to make it seem like I was never here. I was though, I still am. I love you.”

I spent the next two days debating whether I should respond to him, maybe just to let him know that i’m still alive. Sitting down at my laptop, I typed up a quick draft of what I would send.

It was the typical “don’t worry” type of email and I may have allowed my feelings to get the best of me by telling him that I missed him and there was a part of me that would always love him.

A week or so passed with no response. He was in the middle of a world tour, so it made sense. Logging into Twitter, I saw that his name was a trending topic. What I saw when I opened the first article nearly caused me to have a heart attack.


He had spent months sending me emails of things he had written, which he claimed were about me. He had attached photos of himself and his friends goofing around and all of the beautiful parts of the world he had captured. All this time, never being able to speak to me or even getting the satisfaction of a response but he kept doing it.

It reminded me of when we first met, how at first he was so caring and tried his hardest to make sure I didn’t feel alone when he was on set. The recent emails were just like the texts and phone calls he had sent on his first movie after we moved in together. They were hopeful. They were probably bullshit then, and definitely bullshit now.

What got me the most were all of the apologies he had sent. Always saying that he made a mistake by leaving and made an even bigger mistake by outing their relationship so now he couldn’t get away without the media scrutiny and that he grown to hate her but he had to pretend he didn’t. He said he loved how it was never like that with me, it was never about paparazzi photos or red carpets. It was just about us and he would do anything to get that back if I would just give him a chance. He claimed what we had was “real” and what they had was fabricated and so much different behind closed doors.

Here he was now, pictured in Times fucking Square, one of the busiest, most visible places in the goddamn world, down on one knee giving a giant diamond to someone he “completely loathed.”

Bill had grown to love the attention. The Bill I knew was gone and had been replaced by this spotlight loving asshole. The traces of the old him only left in my memories and in some of the emails I would never respond to again. He had learned to manipulate everyone around him and it made me wonder how much of what he had been saying to me was just a lie to get me back on his side.

Probably all of it.

Trying to collect my scattered thoughts and slow my racing heart, I fired off one last email to Bill.

“Fuck you.”

Bewitching - Draco x Reader

Summary: Convinced by Narcissa earlier during the day, you attend a soirée at the Malfoy’s, where something weighs heavy on your conscience as you feel yourself losing control under Draco’s gaze.

Word count: ~2.6k 

Originally posted by drarrymore

You were hurrying down the hallway, clutching a file full of papers that would go flying should you let them slip out of your grip. You were stressed out, as you’d felt a change in the atmosphere at work over the past months. You had to prove your value, or you’d get rid of.

During the war, the Ministry had seized control of the operations at Gringotts. Since your parents had forbidden you from attending your 7th year at Hogwarts, not willing to risk your life, you’d applied for a job at the bank; making sure you wouldn’t stay idle for the year.

Now that the war was over, and that it had been exposed that He had been controlling the Ministry then, control of Gringotts had been surrendered back to the goblins, on the condition that they kept the wizard employees that had earned a position inside during the war. 

The goblins weren’t too happy with their institution being taken over, and now that it had been months since they’d won back control, tensions were high. They were extremely scrupulous, and should one task be ill-performed, any wizard was sure to be pointed towards the door. Not that you particularly blamed the goblins for reacting that way. You believed if you could outlast their disgruntled period, you could have a future at the bank, and without a complete education, you wouldn’t let it go without a fight.

So there you were, rushing to deliver some important documents from an office to another when you made eye contact with a woman you’d last seen nearly a week before then. She was talking with a goblin, who seemed to be showing her the way out from the vaults, but you knew she recognized you from the knowing smile that she gave you. Observing decorum, you halted to salute her.

“Mrs. Malfoy, what a lovely surprise seeing you here today,” you greeted her with a polite smile, still holding on to your papers.

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anonymous asked:

What if when Claire went through the stones and ended up back to when she arrived there the first time. She is the same age and knows what decisions to make

Anonymous said: And she has to try to hide the fact that she is in love with him

The hum of the stones still rang in her ears, the beating of the earth as it had moved beneath her feet vibrating through the her soles of her feet. Claire had pretended for weeks, dancing the same merry jig she’d danced on her first arrival through to 18th century Scotland. 

Again she was Claire Beauchamp. Again she had run into Captain Jonathan Randall and been rescued by a rather grumpy Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser and again she’d ridden hard through the night with Jamie behind her, his calm presence keeping her warm and safe through the evening as they’d travelled quietly to Leoch. 

But now she knew him. She knew his scent and the arch of his belly as he came to her, naked as a babe, his body ready to sate hers with his powerful and insatiable need for her. 

She knew all of this too well to keep the blush from her cheeks every time he did something gentlemanly to aid her.

Claire had never noted the amount of times Jamie had been simply present in her life at the castle. How frequently he’d settled into the background to ensure her safety.

Now when he injured himself at the gathering for that wretch Laoghaire, she saw the telltale blossoming of love that shone from him like sunshine in spring. Claire saw all those tiny acts of kindness that Jamie had bestowed upon her without even expecting anything in return.

…and how she ached to dive into that love head first. The subtle throb that had begun the moment she’d mounted his horse on that cold evening just a stones throw away from Craigh na Dun had manifest in her bones and even though she’d told herself that she had to wait, to be patient and let it all play out as it had before, she knew that her patience was running short. 

She wanted him, desired him more than ever and now, sat with leeches and a damp rag in front of the fireside she was determined to ignore that persistent voice that begged her not to re-re-write the past.

Blinking, Claire shook away the haze that had overcome her. In the distance her eyes caught Laoghaire, hovering in the doorway and she straightened her spine and nodded in acknowledgement.

“I think there’s somebody who wishes to speak with you,” she whispered, her words less flippant than the last time she’d uttered the sentence. She had, of course, stuck to the same plan, the same routine. Claire had told him of her departure - but this time she had seen the look of sorrow as it crossed his gaze. He didn’t want her to leave.

Clinging to that notion, she swept her hand in Laoghaire’s direction, bowed her head and sloped off to her chamber, her heart sinking at the idea of leaving Jamie and Laoghaire alone for even the shortest moment. She knew, in time, what that would bring and she again would have to witness their brief moment of passion in the shadowed hallways of Leoch.

‘But maybe you can prevent that,’ a small voice perked up from her subconscious, the metaphorical devil on her shoulder smiling widely at the idea of severing the ties between the young lass and *Claire’s* intended sooner than her before. 

“No,” she muttered, the tenacious tingle of temptation clawing along her spine as she shut the door and sank to the floor. Wrapping her arms around her knees she laid her head down and closed her eyes. 

In the dark, the small sparks of moonlight flickering across the floor in the large guest suite, Claire brought to mind those images of Jamie that taunted her through the day. Slowly, carefully, she lifted her chin, unleashed her legs from the confines of her arms and let her thighs slip apart. Her fingers slipped carefully across the soft material of her stockings until she finally met bare skin. Teasing herself, she drew soft patterns across her flesh, pretending that they were Jamie’s hands and not her own.

Claire moaned lowly, her skirts hiking further up her thighs as the cold breeze settled upon her newly exposed skin.

Giving in she let her hands dictate her actions, her brain initiating the act as she dug one palm into the unprotected stonework of the floor, keeping her precarious balance as her arse lifted from the floor and her back pressed more fully against the wooden door.

“Oh, God…yes…” she hissed, dampness coating her digits as her head lolled to the side.

“Jamie,” she whispered as her fingers spread across her wanton flesh.

“Fuck. Yes. Jamie.”

– –

{I Don’t Know Where I’m Going With This; A Memoire.} {Thanks for the ask, lovely Anon.} {So sorry it took like an EON to get it into some semblance of a reply.}

Dating Choices (Reggie x Reader Request )

Request: ‘Can I request a Reggie x reader imagine where the reader is friends with the core four and she and Reggie get into a fight about the way he treats jughead and it gets angsty but ends with fluff?’- Anon.

Characters/Pairings: Reggie x Reader, Jughead x Betty, Veronica, Archie.

Warnings: Physical violence, swearing.

Word Count: 789


Originally posted by riverdalebish

Why can’t everyone get along? We’d have world peace, everyone would be happy and my boyfriend wouldn’t bully my best friend every day.

Today was the final straw, the scene kept replaying in my mind. It was the end of the day and I’d arranged to meet Reggie at my locker. It had been a crappy day and all I needed were some snuggles from my man. When I arrived at my locker to see Jughead up against it, Reggie’s hand around his neck, it was all too much.

‘Reggie, what the hell are you doing?’ I yelled, pure fury running through me.

‘He was making some comment babe, had to teach him a lesson.’ Reggie quipped back, thinking his macho act was impressive. The rest of the gang arrived next, all just as angry as me. Archie grabbed Reggie, dragging him away. Jughead was finally released from Reggie’s grip, a red mark radiated from his neck. Betty ran up to him, inspecting his neck and placing a concerned kiss on his cheek.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~ I have a request please! ((ps I really like your writing ^^) MC and Yoosung and/or Seven are about 12 years old and best childhood friends. They have always had a crush on each other but never admitted to it. Fast forward to current day MC and Yoosung and/or Seven, they still have a crush on each other. At a Valentine's RFA themed party, MC decides to confess her love to him. You can do what you'd like with this prompt, but I'd love to see a reaction too :) thanks!



One day that he was on the hallway of the church has hypnotized by a sound and when he got closer he was amused with a beautiful voice.That voice came from a little girl.

He just stared amazed of the beauty of her voice…but maybe he stare too much so you notice and you wave at him.AND OH MY FUCKING GOD HIS REACTION WAS SO FUCKING CUTE.

  • First,He turn around because he though you were waving to someone else.
  • No one is behind
  • He looks back at you and he point at himself.You giggle.
  • Tomato face ON
  • He waves back in a super shy and cute way.

But the nun scold you.He stops waving an starts to go to another place.  

The Next day you see him and scared him from behind Poor baby he was really scared .

  • ”Ahhh!” he screams and at the same time he falls on his butt
  • ”I´m sorry.Are you ok?”You try to touch him on his arm but he immediately pulls out.
  • ”Ouch!” You touch him on one of his bruises.
  • Are you hurt?”You lean and kiss him in his arm were that big bruise was.
  • He was surprised and very red 
  • Don´t worry…my kiss will help.”
  • ”Ok…” he is still very red .
  • “You are red like a tomato” you giggle

You stand up and give him your hand to help him get up,he grabs it and stands up too.Taking his hand you don´t let go and guide him to the cafeteria of the church.

  • “Let´s eat something” you say enthusiastic.
  • “What? Why?” He was scared of getting cut.
  • “You are very skinny and I never see you eat something plus you stare  the food the same way you stare at me.” 
  • “Did you notice?”  still red
  • “Yes,but don´t worry I look at you all the time and that´s why I notice all those thing.”
  • You took a banana and peel it for him “Eat”
  • “No,It´s bad.What if they catch us?”
  • “They won´t.I promise”
  • “I have a brother and…”
  • You took another banana and other types of fruits and some sandwiches that were around and put it all in a bag.”Take.Now let´s go”
  • You hear someone is coming.
  • “Run Tom”
  • “Tom?”

You two ran and when you were far enough you catch your breath as you stop.

You started laughing and he thought you were weird but cute at the same time.

  • “That was exciting”
  • “That was crazy !” he yells 
  • You giggle  “Tom,It was a thrilling day with you but I have to go.See you later” You give him a kiss on his cheek of good bye and you run in  another direction.
  • “Hey!” he said “My name is Seayoung not tom”and then he yells.

Obviously he told Saeran every thing of what happened “Wow that was a very Interesting and exciting day…I wish I could have a day like that” Saeran says.

Seayoung was excited of seeing you again even if you were a little bit crazy but he didn´t see you until years later.

When he first saw pictures of you ( In the background cheek) he knew who you were but He was to 100% sure since he dosen´t know the name of the little girl.And 1 year later after you enter RFA he is still just your friend.

But all changed when you proposed a RFA party with the them of Valentine´s day and you though it will be a good idea if you sing a love song.The moment of truth arrived and when you were singing…and in the corner of the crowed you saw Seven and he stare at you like that little boy that you meet at the church.You wave at him and he does the same reaction of when he was a boy.

  • First,He turn around because he though you were waving to someone else.
  • No one is behind
  • He looks back at you and he point at himself.You giggle.
  • Tomato face ON
  • He waves back in a super shy and cute way.

When you finish, you go to him and you say:

  • “Hey,Tom.Sorry I mean Seayoung”
  • “You Heard me”
  • “Yes.You know I was always so bold and adventures when I was younger…”
  • “Yeah,I know” He cut you as he smile 
  • “Now I´m not like that but I will try to bring my inner child and say something that I wanted to say for a long time…*Inhale* I like you,Seven,Luciel,Seayoung,Tom”
  • Tomato face SUPER ON
  • “I like you too,Mc”
  • Tomato face Mega ON
  • You hug each other like the knowing the past was the final piece and now you feel complete.
  • “Seven…”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Where is your brother?”
  • “What?”
  • “You told me that you had a brother…”
  • “…”

There is a missing piece in seven´s puzzle and you were wiling to find it with him by your side.

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Little Secrets (Jughead x Reader)

200 Writing Prompts: “Hi,so I was thinking maybe 35 and 41! Thanks“ –Anonymous

“Could you do a imagines with 35 and 41 Please!? Thank you 😀” – @emilycarlton

Imagine: Your long-time boyfriend Jughead dumps you, sending you into the arms of his former best friend, Archie Andrews. When you realize you’re pregnant, it’s time to call up an old friend.

“Hi, Jughead,” You said softly.

“It’s Forsythe, now,“ your ex-boyfriend replied curtly, letting you into his Manhattan apartment.

When Jughead had signed a book deal for his high school tales regarding Jason Blossom’s murder, the book immediately became a New York Times bestseller and he left Riverdale as soon as possible, eager to leave his old life with you, behind.

The apartment was lavish-looking, and bare. The only thing indicating some semblance of Jughead living there was a small bookshelf in the living room with books you recognized from Jughead’s youth. A small picture frame held a snapshot of Jughead as a child, with his parents and Jellybean in front of the drive-in.

“Your apartment looks nice,“ you said.

Jughead leaned against the door, ignoring your comment. “Why are you here, (Y/N)?”

You swallowed, taking a deep breath. For the first time in months, you stared into Jughead Jones III’s stupid, hateful, blue eyes. Facing him, he noticed a small out-sloping on your abdomen.

“I’m pregnant.”

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Barisi Episode Tag, 19x01

(4.4K. Inspired by that deleted scene. Fluffy and angsty and smutty and playful. Please enjoy.)


Rule Number Five


“Did you think I needed your help?”

Sonny stops in his tracks.

“Is that why you did your own research on my case? Because you ‘heard about my setback in court?’”

Sonny wishes he knew the right answer to that question.

The right answer to any of Barba’s questions.

Barba always asks him, asks things of him, and Sonny never knows what to say, except ‘yes.’

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Imagine: Race gets jealous of how much time you spend with Kid Blink.

Sorry this took so long to get up! I got hella busy hella fast. But here it is! The others are currently works in progress so they should be up soon!!

Hope you enjoy! 

“Oh my gosh, Blink.” You say, rolling your eyes and punching your friend lightly.

He just laughed and you pushed him back, into the fountain.

It was the end of the day, and he still had 3 papers left to sell.

Night would be falling soon, as it was mid October, around 5 pm.

You helped your best friend out of the fountain, giggling, as he glared at you as he shivered.

You stood up at his side, and heard a familiar voice yelling a little bit down the street.

Smiling to yourself absent mindedly, you abandon Kid Blink as tries to brush himself off.

You’re leaning against a wall, the cool brick distracting you.

Racetrack was about 100 feet away, talking a sweet old lady into buying his last pape.

He grinned, laying the charm on thick.

“Yeah, all the way up from Mississippi!” You could hear him saying.

Definitely talking about weather.

You shook your head to yourself, and turned around, jumping when Kid Blink was suddenly there.

“Don’t scare me like that!” You shove him a little and he puts his hands up defensively.

Looking over your shoulder at Race one last time, you see catch him staring as he flips a coin from hand to hand.

He looks away and takes a few steps, quickly changing his mind and heads in your direction.

“Hey Race!” You say as he gets closer.

He nods curtly, but grins.

“How’d youse do sellin’?” He asked, lighting a cigar.

You weren’t thrilled about his habit, but you were accustomed to it.

“Sold all 75!” You say excitedly.

Race smiles and pats you on the back.

“What about you, Blink?” He asks, his entire tone changing to something a little less friendly.

Blink looks him up and down, as if sizing him up, before answering.

“I did alright. Still have three left.” He replies, cold.

The air around you became tense.

“Well,” You cut in, to break up the awkwardness. “How did you do?” You ask Race, smiling.

His standoffishness remained.

“Just sold my last one.” He says, not stopping his glare at Blink.

You clear your throat and start to back away from the angry pair.

“Alright, well, i’m going back to the lodge.” Neither boy says a word.

You roll your eyes, but head back.


“What’s your problem, Racetrack? You’ve been actin’ like youse hate me for a month now.” Blink asked angrily.

Race rolls his eyes, as if deeming the question stupid.

“You know exactly why!” He says, crossing his arms.

“If I knew, why would I be asking you?” He was getting sick of the games.


Kid Blink looked confused, then almost horrified.

“Flaunt whatever wese have? By that do youse mean our friendship?” He asks.

Racetrack rolls his eyes again, fed up with this conversation.

“Race,” He says, as Race begins to walk away.


“I’m not with (Y/N)! I don’t even like her that way. Like, I haven’t even considered that. Plus, I know who she likes. I know she isn’t lying, because she plays with her hair when she lies!” Kid Blink exclaimed, immediately realizing he totally gave away a secret.

Races eyes widened in curiosity and smirked a little.

“So, who does she like then?” He smirked, and folded his arms across his chest.

“Uh, no one you know!” Blink stammered unconvincingly.

“It’s someone in the ‘Hattan newsies, isn’t it?” Race asked.

Kid Blink wished more than anything he could disappear from that spot at that moment.

Race’s smirk widened as he bolted in the direction of the lodge.

“NO!” Blink screamed, running after him.

He knew exactly where this was going- he was going to use the tip about her inability to lie against her.

Well, she’s screwed. And then i’m screwed. He gulped, knowing what happened to the last guy who felt (Y/N)’s wrath.

Back at the Lodge…..

You were sitting up on your bunk, reading, despite the screaming newsboys below you.

Suddenly, Race burst through the door.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled.

You jump and your book goes flying, dropping it on poor Specs’s head.

“Sorry Specs!” You cry, hopping down and picking it up.

He smiles good naturedly and waves it off.

“What’s up?” You ask Race, who was smirking as if he was up to something.

You narrow your eyes, but don’t say anything.

“Oh, Ise just wanted to ask youse a couple ‘a questions!” He said, smirk widening.

“Ookay, go ahead.” You say, unsure.

“Youse a girl.” He says.

You laugh a little, and nod.

“Girls has feelins. About people. Guys especially. What do youse feel about somea da oddah ‘Hattan newsies?” He asked.

“Uh, they’re my best friends…?” You reply, unsure what he meant.

He cocked an eyebrow.

“Anyone particular, beyond friends?” He emphasized.

Your eyes widen when you finally figure out what he is alluding to.

“N-no!” You stammer, moving your hair to your left shoulder.

Racetrack grinned in a mischievous way.

“What about, say, Mush? And Specs?”

You shake your head, putting your hands on your hips.

“They’re awesome friends, but I couldn’t date either of them.”

You say, lowering your voice in case they could hear.

“Well,” Race’s voice lowers. “What about me?” The smirk returns, and he raises his eyebrows, as if he knows the answer to his own question.

You feel your face flush pink, and you grab a few curls and start to play with them.

“You’re also my best friend!” You say, hoping the shaking in your voice isn’t obvious.

He takes a step closer to you, and smiles.

You don’t move away.

“(Y/N),” He starts. “Ise been in love with youse since ise met you. Your laugh, the way you speak, your eyes. Ise constantly awed and inspired by youse, and ise had trouble holdin’ back my jealousy when ise saw youse with dem oddah boys.”

He takes your hands in his, and smiles down at you.

Without further hesitation, you slam your lips onto his, deepening the kiss by grabbing his shirt and tugging him towards you.

You break for air, and grin.


Bonnie & Clyde - pt 9

Originally posted by sugaglos

Mason was at the door waiting for you. When he saw the car pull up he ran to open the door for you.

“Hey beautiful.” He said, kissing your hand.

You smiled and threw your arms around him, kissing him happily.

“Dessert is after dinner sweetheart.” He teased, leaning down to kiss your neck.

You gently shoved him away. “Your dad’s inside. He’s going to see us, it’s embarrassing.” You pouted sarcastically.

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