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Day 8: Front’s Seat’s For People Who Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Fucking Numpties

“Front seat’s for people who haven’t been kidnapped by fucking numpties,” said Simon, his words sinking from his lips to mine as he kissed me (in between sentences just like he knew I liked).

“I really wish I never told you that,” I said, biting at his lips.

After a moment of this (time lulling to a honey-like consistency) he pulled away, though he kept his arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“I can’t believe we’re snogging in your aunt’s car,” said Simon with a breathy chuckle.

“We’re like any other teenage couple,” I said, cocking an eyebrow in his direction. He smirked.

“Except you’re a vampire and I’m the Chosen One and I don’t even know if I’m gay or not,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said firmly, digging my fingers into the thick fabric of his jumper. “But you know what does? This.”


I leaned forward and kissed him hard enough to push him back against the passenger side door. Whatever he was about to say faded into an indignant muffle. I never ceased to feel a spark of triumph whenever he reached for me, held on to me. I hoped that this never changed.

When I leaned back he was breathing heavily, his rosy cheeks even rosier.

(I loved that I had this effect on him).

“I guess it doesn’t matter,” he said after a pause. He shook his head, almost like resignation. “You’re attractive either way.”

“Damn right,” I said, tossing my hair for good measure (I knew he secretly loved when I did that).

“Oh fuck off,” Simon sighed.

Instead I pulled him close, nestled in the crook of the driver’s side door. There wasn’t much leg space, but at the moment I didn’t quite care. I cared so acutely about this moment instead. Because Simon was curled into my arms, and his hair was brushing my chin and I could feel his heart racing beneath the wool of his jumper. These were the things I cared about. I relished every bit of this, even the fact that our legs were tangled and pins and needles had begun to bloom in my feet. It wasn’t perfect—but then again, neither were we.

Sure, the front seat wasn’t for people who had been kidnapped by fucking numpties. It was for an ordinary teenage couple. 

Well… one was a vampire and one was supposed to save the world. But this—this felt almost normal.


“Could use a hand these days, Andal. Things startin’ to go pear-shaped on us. The Speaker’s less useful than ever, the factions in the Tower operate more and more independently - we have to ask them for help. It’s embarrassing. And now? Cultists, Taken, and a missing Queen. Wonder how much of it you saw coming.

Still, I like to think I’ve given us some strength. Some direction. Some urgency. We need it; need that momentum. Thought I wasn’t cut out for it at first. But you always knew what you were about, didn’t you?

‘Sides, turns out it’s kinda fun being the one who calls the shots. Just wish I was doing some of the shooting, too. Anyway, even after all this, funny thing is that I’ve only got one regret:

Someone took my vengeance from me. 

But Taniks is dead, so I suppose I’ll have to turn my sights to darker targets. In the Tower or out of it - we’ll give ‘em hell; don’t you worry about that. This old cloak ain’t hung up yet.

Sorry, old friend. Shoulda been me that pulled the trigger.” 

- Cayde-6

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Send me ✍️ + a muse, and I’ll try my hand at writing as them || open? 

Guest Muse: Pyrrha (with side muse Nora! bc I need sisterly love lmao who you also rped as!!)

Pyrrha had been training all day for the Vytal Tournment on her own free time. She was dedicated to it because she didn’t want to let her teammates or the people who looked up to her down. She wasn’t nicknamed “the invincible girl” based on sheer talent. It took hours of training and she wished people knew how very much human she was. Being on a pedestal was nerve wracking. One small move in the wrong direction and everything she had worked on could come crashing down. 

Entering the dorm, she saw Nora sitting on her bed listening to some tunes as she flipped through a magazine. Pyrrha waved to the red-head before sitting on her own bed debating taking a nap or changing first. Exhaustion crept in on her eyelids. “You know, Pyrrha you should take care of yourself more than worrying about others.” 

Pyrrha gazed over at the girl who she had thought was consumed by the media that surrounded her. “I’m alright, Nora. This isn’t really new to me. I’m used to training at this difficulty.” Nora’s green eyes gazed at her, softly. 

“Your back is going to get a hunch in it if you keep carrying the world on your shoulders.” The girl took her headphones off and sat up, crossing her legs. Pyrrha smiled at Nora. The girl seemed all bubbly at first impression, but she was incredibly astute with her observations. Nora always knew what to say. 

“I suppose you are right. I guess I get caught up in all the expectations sometimes.” Pyrrha replied as let her shoulders fall. “At least, I have friends like you to help me with this burden.” Nora let out a laugh. 

“Well duh! That’s what friends are for!!” Both of the girls let out laughs that filled the room with joy. The exhaustion and nerves leaving Pyrrha for that moment. 

i don’t even know where to look, i sent in an app to two other sonics nearby, but i’m not entirely sure how that’ll turn out

on the one hand, this franchise has hired back somebody who literally stole SEVERAL deposits

on the other hand, if i get into a he said she said sorta thing regarding what all happened between me and my gm, i know from a logistical standpoint, i’m at an insane disadvantage - BUT my gm does have a reputation amongst the other gms for being…well, fucking idiotic

beyond that…i’m fuckin stumped. i really wish i knew what direction i wanted to go in life that didn’t involve sonic

I’m not just a shield or shelter, meant to be used or directed for the benefit of protecting just one life. I am strong for the benefit of those I love, and for those I love, I shall guard them with the very same strength which one might guard their own heart.
I’m not afraid to feel, I am afraid to fail; to fail my friends, and fall short of my own expectation. I have accepted this much about me because I’ve known you; the one who had always accepted what was before you. Open to the strange world… Possibly too open.
Remember yourself, stay true, and should the burden become to heavy, know that you can turn to me. I will stand with you, until you find your feet again.
I won’t stand for you to lose yourself, because you’re more than just a haunting spirit, a dark cloud, or a passing rainstorm. You’re a loyal friend, an open heart, and the very light at the end of my life’s darkest tunnels.
Because nobody is invincible, and nobody should have to feel they must be.

– Juvia & Gajeel –

He (Zayn) must have a good pr team because now everyone knows who he is, I knew who were One Direction but I couldn’t name everyone on it. Now I know who Zayn Malik is and he has great publicity to start with his solo career. He took the right decision because now he is getting the recognition he didn’t have when he was in the band. We wish him the best and success on his career
—  Venga La Alegría (the second most popular morning show in Mexico)