wish i knew the other artists

I miss you a lot and I don’t know if you miss me at all but if you do then please give me a sign. I wish I knew what it felt like to be missed instead of it being the other way round.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Does anyone else miss someone a little too much?
My Introduction into the LGBTA+ Community

This came to me while in the shower. I nearly forgot about it but now I can’t forget it and I think it’s important.

Back when I was a small eighth grader, my Christian school asked me to go to a local fair and hold a book reading for kids. I was super excited and said yes right away. I got there, read a book or two, then I had a half hour break. I walked around and saw a sign that said ‘ART!!! X% OF PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITIES TO HELP LGBTA+ MINORS!!“. I don’t remember the exact percentage, but I remember thinking "Art??? I love art!!”

I walked over to the tent where there were two people. One girl with dark purple hair, and another 'girl’ (in quotes for a reason) who had a shaved head. They were in highschool and I was terrified… They were the big kids at a PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! I asked them what lgbta+ meant because I wanted to know where my money was going.

They said “Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals, ace/aro, and others!” And I’m like??? There’s more than just gay??

They laughed and said yes, asked me my orientation (straight then) and introduced themselves. (I’ll use their traits as names) Purple was a girl, and pansexual, which she explained meant she could love anyone no matter what. (Anyone? I asked. Yep! She said smiling. I just care if you’re kind). She has a girlfriend who was a lesbian.

Artist (the persons who art was being sold) was nonbinary and bisexual. They explained what they meant, and how bi was different from pan. But I was confused about nombinary. I told them I didn’t understand how you could be nothing! They smiled softly and told me this.

“It’s okay if you don’t understand! It can be confusing. All the matters is that you’ll treat me like everyone else.”

We talked until I had to go back, but on all my breaks I went back to them. I told them how my mom was at my stand and wouldn’t be happy if she knew I was there. They told me about highschool and art and lgbta+. I ended up buying two pieces from her. One I’m not a huge fan of bc I grew out of the style but the other I still have hanging up after almost five years.

At some point, I had to leave. They hugged me, wished me luck in life, and we parted ways.

I was packing up when I saw a huge floppy sunhat come into my tent. It was Purple and Artist, who got a huge hat so my mom wouldn’t see their “boy hair cut”. They said hello, pretended not to know me, but slipped me a slip of paper, smiled, and walked away. I opened it to see a drawing of a hotdog Artist drew me (I let calling every dog a hot dog because it was very hot outside). On the bottom was a small heart.

This is so important to me. Those people could’ve easily brushed me off as just a kid who is sheltered and bigoted. But they didn’t. They took me in for the day and (most likely painfully for them) explained everything and answered all my questions. I don’t think I’d be on terms with my sexuality without them.

Long story short, always be nice. Have patience, be kind, and never get short with kids, teens, or even adults who just want to learn or are under informed. Or even if they don’t understand some things, like how I was at first with nonbinary.

Always be patient, always be kind. Anything you say or do can impact someone forever.


Hello, in case you are unfamiliar with me or my work my name is PhantomSavage, a comic dubber on youtube that specializes in Miraculous Ladybug comics in particular.

I have been a youtube partner for a very long time, actually predating my work on comic dubs, and I hope that my years of experience with the youtube system and how it handles monetization can help bring insight to this art theft problem as well as hopefully clear up some concerns or misunderstandings anyone might have about MY channel and how I operate it.

To start with full disclosure I should state that my channel is in fact a youtube verified partner with the partnership company Fullscreen and has been for many years as, since my channel’s birth as well as some of the content I produce now, it is in large part a gaming channel which is the means of which I was originally partnered. All my gaming videos are monetized.

To prove this point this is a screenshot of my first earnings ever from Fullscreen’s website:

That is not to say I do not have monetized comics on my channel, I have both monetized and unmonetized comics on my channel with permissions granted by their respective artists.Unfortunately, the youtube system is far from perfect and one of its biggest flaws in this case is that only the content creator themselves have the knowledge of which videos are monetized and which are not.

I hadn’t considered this much of an issue given that I know that, even though I have made mistakes, I operate my channel with as much integrity and loyalty to the artists I work with as much as I can. That was until last night a friend of mine, @maristoryart, an artist I have been working for with some time now on both dubs of her comics as well as an upcoming fully animated project, voiced her confusion and concern when she discovered my channel was partnered and, therefore, capable of monetization.

I showed her a screenshot I had taken at an earlier time around the time Mari was having troubles with GeekTV (someone who I have a great deal disdain for) to prove I was not monetizing her work in case anyone asked or grew concerned.

Once I explained to her they were not monetized and later showed her the screenshot to prove so, she was very relieved and happy to be corrected.

But what’s troubling is whatever plug-in she was using to determine if my video was monetized was wrong, or was not depicting the information accurately as seen in this screenshot.

it turns out that a lot of people, like Mari, are rightfully seeking ways to determine what videos are monetized and what videos are not, but it seems a great many of the plug-ins and extensions they use are presenting information in a vague, misleading, or sometimes flat out incorrect way.

This is fine if you are using these tools to help make business decisions like learning of trending tags and metadata to increase the effectiveness of your own content, like I do, but this could cause some serious harm to some people and channels who are abiding by the rules.

Many plug-ins like Vid IQ, which is what I use, will display a channel as being monetized and display what mcn they are affiliated with. The mcn by the way is the partnership program the channel belongs to.

This is an example of what Vid IQ shows me on a John Oliver video:

And here is what it shows when I look at the animated teaser me, @maristoryart, and @lia-brisa worked on together:

it clearly displays my CHANNEL is making money, and my channel is affiliated with Fullscreen media, but it does NOT tell you if the video itself that you are watching is monetized or not. Which is just an annoying lack of a feature if you’re using it for business or for fun, but presents a serious potential harm if someone were to misunderstand this as a video being wrongfully monetized and a claim made against them without warning.

The teaser, by the way, is also not monetized:

its also worth noting that a lot of information in plug-ins and extensions like Vid IQ is often times wholly inaccurate, youtube’s revenue analytics itself are actually largely inaccurate and generally unreliable. Vid IQ claims I’m currently making $2,300 a month, which I can assure is off by well over a $1,000.

Though I have no screenshot to prove it as it wasn’t a worry at the time, in January of this year Vid IQ was telling me my channel’s monthly income was as much as $1,500, while youtube itself told me this:

Which was STILL not how much I actually received which was this on fullscreen’s site:

I say all this not just to deter any unwarranted claims against my content but also to help educate people going forward when fighting channels whom are REAL hazards and criminals like GeekTV. GeekTV has, fortunately, dug themselves in a very deep hole because they were both impulsive and did not act very intelligently, but the truth is there currently is NO WAY that I am aware of for someone other than the content creator to tell you if a video is monetized.

Not even the appearance of ads can really tell you if the content creator is making money off of it, as I found out last night when @maristoryart told me ads appeared on my dub of her comic which was not monetized.

This means going forward that artists need to be more selective of the channels they allow to use their art. When someone asks for permission to dub your comics and they are not up front about being a commercial or monetized enabled channel, check their channel out yourself, see at least if the channel is affiliated with an mcn. If they are, see if they have a good reputation, are they new? Have artists spoken highly of this channel before? Is it worth letting a channel use your art if you can’t find out if a video is monetized or not?

Ultimately, it simply comes down to “Can I trust this person?” which you will have to decide for yourself, and if you decide you cannot then so be it! Do not allow anyone to use your art in any way you do not wish it to be used.

Now, in the interest of good faith and full disclosure, I will be the first to tell you, though I have been doing comic dubs for 2 years and making content in general on youtube for 10 years, I have made some mistakes, and learned from them as I went on.

For example, when I FIRST started out, I did not ask permission. Comic Dubs were relatively new at the time, and even then I stuck to artists whom I knew had allowed comic dubs to be made of their art to other people, and I must say I very much enjoyed surprising many artists with dubs of their comics and their very positive reactions. I was EXTREMELY lucky that all the artists I had done dubs for up to a point were jovial or even happy with my now very foolish actions, like @spatziline.

Fortunately, I had done that with @hchano on one of her comics involving a piano and she very rightly told me to take it down and that it was not a good practice to use, which is why since then I have always asked permission from every artist I worked with from that point onward (With some exceptions like officially published comics by Blizzard and Overwatch, The Killing Joke, as well as comics from artists who stated publicly on their tumblr profiles they were fine with dubs/reposts being made with a link to the source material which I always provide)

And I have monetized without permission in the past as I discovered with @edendaphne as, though she did not contact me directly, I saw her post about being very upset about monetized works of her art of which point I unmonetized all her work on my channel and was extremely careful how I operated the comic dub side of my business from that point on. I do sincerely regret any feelings @edendaphne might have had if I were the cause, and am very fortunate she did not claim my videos of her work, I hate to admit that I’ve actually avoided dubbing her comics since then if only because of the shame I have of the idea I might have caused her. I sincerely hope that is not the case, and I deeply apologize if it was.

There have also been times and mishaps where a video was accidentally monetized or it slipped through because being monetized is a default setting for all uploaded videos until you specifically go into the settings and tell it not to. Fortunately most of these have been corrected (as far I know) with some exceptions like on or two videos which were monetized without MY permission due to the use of music like Lady and the Tramp’s Belle Notte which is a song that is monetized by Warner Music Group.

I am not perfect and I have made mistakes, and hopefully from mistakes I have made in the past and how I carry myself now this post will help both new dubbers and artists understand the youtube landscape a little better.

I would also like to state, publicly, that if ANY artist has read all this and how this system works and you just feel like you cannot put your faith in me, then I plead with you, please, reach out to me and I will remove any video with your art in it on my channel within 24 hours or sooner.

I had a gaming channel for years, it still is, I didn’t get into Comic Dubs to get rich or make a bunch of money, I got into comic dubs because it was fun to do, it was an outlet for my acting and to express myself, not to mention it was my way of making other people, especially artists, a sign of respect and gratitude for their skills.

If you no longer feel you can trust me, please, reach out to me and I will remove whatever you wish me to remove.


Tears and tributes at Virginia memorial for Heather Heyer

Hundreds of purple-clad residents have packed a historic American theatre to remember the 32-year-old woman killed when a suspected white nationalist crashed his car into anti-racist demonstrators.

Heather Heyer, a paralegal whom colleagues said was dedicated to social justice, was killed in Charlottesville, Virginia, after clashes on Saturday between white nationalists attending a “Unite the Right” gathering and counter-protesters.

“We are absolutely in awe at this outpouring of affection,” Elwood Shrader, Heyer’s grandfather, told the service at the city’s 1930s era Paramount Theater, near where she died. “She wanted respect for everybody. In our family, all lives matter.”

In the crowd were Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, US Senator Tim Kane and Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer. Many of those attending wore purple, Heyer’s favourite colour, at the request of her family.

“I came here today and I was overwhelmed by the rainbow of colours in this room,” said Heyer’s father, Mark Heyer, his voice cracking with emotion. “That’s how Heather was … for that, I am truly proud of my daughter.”

Fallout from Heyer’s death and the street fights among protesters has become President Donald Trump’s biggest domestic challenge. Trump was assailed from across the political spectrum over his initial response blaming “many sides” for the violence.

On Monday, the Republican president bowed to political pressure and denounced neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan by name, but on Tuesday he again inflamed tensions by insisting counter-protesters were also to blame. In a tweet on Wednesday morning, in a first mention, Trump described Heyer as “beautiful and incredible … a truly special young woman. She will be long remembered by all!”

Residents of the usually quiet, liberal-leaning Virginia city were horrified by the weekend violence they said was brought by outsiders. Amid concerns trouble could erupt outside Wednesday’s memorial, a small group of anti-racist protesters wearing pink helmets and carrying baseball bats and purple shields stood quietly near the theatre. One of the group, who declined to be identified, said they brought weapons to defend themselves in case the white supremacists returned.

“The cops didn’t protect us on Saturday and we don’t trust them to do so today,” the group member said. Also outside the theatre, artist Sam Welty was chalking a large portrait of Heyer on a memorial wall where many tributes to the slain woman have been written. “The way she lost her life, doing what she did, really stood for Charlottesville. It makes me wish that I knew her,” said Welty, 42. (AP)

Photo credits: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (2), Andrew Shurtleff/Getty Images, Evan Vucci/AP (2)

Read:  At service for Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer, a call for ‘righteous action’  »

See more photos from Heather Heyer memorial and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

Tarot Blogging What I Wish I Knew

Running a Tarot blog is such an interesting and rewarding experience. It can be used as a wonderful creative outlet where you can freely express yourself, meet like-minded people, grow and learn throughout your Tarot journey. Are you apprehensive about starting a Tarot blog or feeling a bit discouraged with your current one? Here are some things I wish I knew before starting my Tarot blog.

Dare To Be Different

I cannot stress the idea of daring to be different. When I first started my blog, I was met with many harsh comments and mean messages from other bloggers who wanted my blog gone. I was constantly told that the combination of tarot and prose was such a stupid idea and that they were tired of seeing my content in the tags. I blogged for myself for so long. I did my best to continue on my journey of blogging despite the discouragement I had and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Trust Yourself

You are going to grow and learn a lot about yourself as you blog and use Tarot. It is okay to step away from what others consider universal practices and challenge what you read or have been told. Your divination journey is yours and it is all about trial and error. There will be some people who may disagree with you, your practices and your process but that is perfectly okay. Do what feels right and trust yourself.

DeckLust Is Real

When you are a Tarot blogger, you will come across many beautiful Tarot and oracle decks that you may lust and love over. I wish I would have known how much my deck collection would grow being a Tarot blogger but I was not prepared. Make a #DeckLust wishlist to keep track of your deck wants. It has helped me so much.

The Follower Game

You won’t obtain thousands of followers overnight. It takes time for people to learn who you are, what you are about and if your blog and content is one they would like to follow. When I first started blogging it was difficult trying not to dictate the value of my blog and my content by the number of followers I had. I learned early on that my follower count shouldn’t be my driving factor of content creation and expression or I would be blogging for all the wrong reasons.

Mass Appeal

You cannot appeal to every single person that comes across your blog. You shouldn’t want to either. There are going to be people who like your content, and those who do not. Accepting that is the hard part. Embrace that you are wonderful just the way you are and focus on those who enjoy your content rather than those who do not.

Original Content

Creating original content is hard work. I spend hours upon hours writing, rewriting, revising, taking photos and photo editing before my content is ready to be posted. I love sharing my thoughts and unique flare in regards to Tarot and divination. Although creating original content can be difficult, I find it the most rewarding.

Social Media Is Your Friend

Social media has been my greatest asset in helping my blog grow. Utilizing social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helps me to curate my original content and share my blog posts so those who are active on those platforms can find and view my content and hopefully share it.

Set A Schedule

Having a blogging and post schedule helps take a lot of the guess work from blogging. In the beginning, blogging can be a bit overwhelming but if you create a schedule that allows you to queue posts and curated content, you have more time to do other things like interacting with others.

The “Need” For A Shop

Running a shop to accompany your blog is serious business. You do not need to sell Tarot readings or divination services if you aren’t comfortable doing so. You do not need to open an online shop to accompany your blog to be considered a “real” Tarot reader. You do not need to open a shop to “prove yourself”. You are still a legitimate Tarot reader and blogger without it. Do not feel pressured to start selling readings if you are still trying to figure out your own Tarot journey.

Tarot Burnout

It is okay to take a break from your blog and put the Tarot decks away and take care of yourself. I wish I would have taken my own advice looking back. I was always on ‘go’ so to speak in the beginning and put my health and needs last.

Community Events And Divination Challenges

When I first started my Tarot blog I felt so alone. I didn’t really know many people. I strived to interact with others in the community the best way that I could. I started participating in tarot community events like Tinychat hangouts, rabb.it rooms, discord servers, and divination challenges hosted by my favorite bloggers. I’ve also joined Tarot Facebook groups, google hangouts and webinars about Tarot. This helped me meet lots of new people. Networking is so important.  If you are interested in weekly community events, I host some twice a week. More information HERE.

Making Friends And Losing Friends

You are going to meet some incredible and life long friends on your blogging journey. Once I started interacting with other bloggers on a regular basis, I began to form positive friendships that I could talk to about Tarot, divination and other blogging things. These people have helped me so much in my life and I owe it all to the wonderful Tarot and Divination communities of social media for bringing us together. Another sad truth I  wish I knew was that some friendships just don’t last. Whether it’s growing apart, having different interests, no longer liking one another anymore,  or one person being jealous over the other, etc. some friendships have the potential to be long lasting, others do not.

Legal Issues And Copyright

My first year as a Tarot blogger, there was a community-wide issue with legal uses of Tarot deck images and cards. This put a lot of bloggers in a sort of limbo, unsure if they could continue blogging, myself included. It is important to seek out deck and artist permissions for decks before using them on your blog or social media accounts, especially if you want to keep you and your blog safe legally.

Anonymous Bullying And Trolling

It is no secret that I have had my fair share of anonymous bullying and abuse during the life of my blog. My biggest advice is to delete the anonymous hate messages and comments, the trolling messages and block the IPs if you can. I’ve also blocked the drama/gossip blogs. Once I cleared my space from all that noise, I was able to blog peacefully and without fear.

Haters And Constructive Critics

Something I wish I would have known was to take critiques in stride and acknowledge when someone was intentionally being a bully to me. There are going to be people who hold your best interest at heart and want to help better you and hold you accountable for your growth and mistakes and then there are those who want nothing more than to see you discouraged. Knowing the difference is so important.

Safe Spaces And Blog Boundaries

Never feel bad about cleaning up your blog list, unfollowing, blacklisting or blocking someone who jeopardizes your safe space. Also never feel bad about asking your followers or mutual followers to tag things that are troubling and triggering for you. Set boundaries for yourself and your blog. I learned early on that it was impossible for me to try and answer every question that was sent to my inbox or e-mail.  I also knew that I could only devote a certain amount of hours to blogging a week. It is important to set limits within your means to keep your blogging experience enjoyable and safe.

Competition And Comparison

There is no use in trying to compete or compare yourself to another blogger or their blog. As I mentioned above, being uniquely yourself is so much better than trying to be a copy of someone else. Allow yourself to grow and learn and become the kind of Tarot blogger you want to be.

The Fear Of Missing Out

This is something that I still struggle with and it is the fear of missing out. You do not need to purchase every new Tarot deck that is released, buy every new Tarot book, take a new Tarot course or fund every cool independent deck on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to be or stay relevant. You do not need hundreds of decks to be considered valid. You are valid with one deck, no deck, or if all you have is a tarot app.

Post Notes:
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Title: Tarot Blogging What I Wish I Knew
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Decks: Rosetta Tarot, Tarot Of Holy Light, Illusori Tarot
Disclaimer: This post in no way, shape, or form intended to tell you how you should approach your tarot blogging journey. The intention of this post is to share some things I wish I had known when I started my Tarot blog. What I find useful may not be useful or of interest to you and vice versa. I encourage you to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation. I encourage and open up this conversation to added commentary to supplement this post of any kind.
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red carpet

requested: “Hi, can I request Y/N and Shawn walking in a red carpet and Y/N is feeling confident and constantly when posing for pictures they look at each other? Also, they’re newly weds! Have a nice day💕”

authors note: i really like this request bc most imagines that i read or even write are about a problem that y/n is having and then shawn helps her. there is absolutely nothing wrong with those kinds of imagines ( obviously, i write then sometimes) but i also like the idea of writing an imagine where nothing is wrong and there’s just tons of happiness and good vibes. anyway, hope u like this one :)

“Also, congratulations! You two just got married right? That’s awesome, pretty sure you guys are like the hottest couple going right now!” An interviewer on the red carpet of the iHeart Radio Awards Show said. There were bright flashing lights everywhere, blinding you, and you were trying hard not to trip on your dress. You were a little freaked out by it all, but you were also having the time of your life. Your boyfriend of 5 years, was now your husband, and tonight you got to walk this red carpet with him. You were incredibly nervous but also excited. You were especially excited when times like now happened, and people congratulated you and Shawn on your marriage. You felt so special to be the one that married one of the biggest names out there. He was your everything and knowing that he felt the same way enough to marry you, made your heart explode with gratitude and just pure love. You felt so lucky.

"Thank you so much!” You heard Shawn yell over the music, and other people talking. That was probably the 60th thank you he said tonight, to all those who wished you good luck on your marriage, or complimented the rings, and all that good stuff. The evening went on, and soon enough it was time to actually walk the red carpet. You didn’t like the idea of people yelling at you to pose, but you knew you’d be fine if Shawn was with you.

“Chin up, shoulders back, and make sure to keep your posture nice and tall. No slouching, especially not in that pretty dress of yours.” You remember yesterday, your best friend giving you advice on how to walk a red carpet as if she’s done it before. She was a model though, so she probably knew what she was talking about when it came to looking good. You also remembered Shawn talking to you about it, like it was no big deal; “People yell, so be prepared to be deaf by the end of the night. Also, don’t listen to anyone but me okay? If security tells you to go one way, but I’m not there yet, don’t listen to them. Stay with me, I’ll be holding onto you the whole time, I promise.” Shawn’s words echoed throughout your mind and suddenly you were snapped out of your thoughts when Shawn’s hand squeezed around your waist. You were doing it. Walking the red carpet. You looked down from the lights pretending to fix your dress. The camera flashes were much brighter than you thought.

“Everything okay? You’re doing great.” Shawn whispered into your ear, and looked at you lovingly. You nodded your head, and smiled to let him know you were okay.

Eventually your eyes got used to the lights and you felt better. You felt confident actually. Your best friend, picked out the dress you were wearing, and it fit you perfectly. “Stunning.” You remember Shawn saying that to you when he very first saw the dress on you, and your best friends reaction was similar, although hers involved screaming and jumping up and down. Right now, as you did something you never thought you’d do, walk the red carpet, with the literal love of your life, you couldn’t help but smile. You looked up at Shawn and watched him wave to fans, and pose for the photographers. You probably were staring at him for a good minute before he finally looked at you and said, “What?” You didn’t know what to say so you just shrugged your shoulders.

“I love you.” He said, and leaned into you, kissing you on the head. You couldn’t wait to see that picture on the internet later tonight.

“Don’t be surprised if I decide to hang out with the paps and ask for one of their cameras, so I can take pictures of you myself. Either that, or I’ll just take some pictures they take of us and crop myself out. I gotta post your beauty somehow.” You vividly remember Shawn saying this on the way to the awards show tonight, and all you did was laugh. Now here you were, wishing you had the guts to wave around your ring and make sure the world knew you were finally married to Shawn. It was silly but that’s how you felt.

Later that night, you watched Shawn win Best Male Artist, and you cried when he talked about you in his thank you speech. The afterparty was boring, but only because you had no interest in socializing with other celebrities. Sounded crazy, but you had already met them all, and as much as you loved them, you just wanted to be cuddled in bed with your husband, watching a dumb tv show on Netflix.

“Let’s go home.” As if Shawn read your mind, he took your hand and lead you out towards his Jeep.

“Why?” Shawn usually loved these things, so you wondered why he wanted to leave so early.

“Because I’d rather spend time at home with my wife.” Shawn smiled, and grabbed your hand leading you outside.

tammycakes141  asked:

Heya! I love your art! its so super cute! Your girls are voluptuous and your boys are so dang cute! I've been trying to learn how to draw some lewd-smut-type-art. When you starting draw nsfw stuff where there any tips you found helpful? Anything you wish you knew? Are there any nsfw artists you really like? Love your art, thanks for all the A++ draws! Yeah!

hi! thank you for the compliments! I don’t have any tips that are specific to lewd art, for me i have a hard time just drawing what i want, I get hyper focused on what i think other people will like and im working on it lol. 

as for the artists i listed some are sfw some are not, cyancapsule is a furry porn artist and lohkay draws very sensitive content in her stories/art.

underratedhero  asked:

For those of us who like to make our hand made croquis more beautiful, which markers brand would you recommend?

I wish I knew how to respond to this question but I always use whatever pen/pencil/others that is nearest when inspiration hits. Maybe this article about best pens for sketching or this one about best pencils for artists can provide some guidance.

Last, but not least, always happy to get some feedback from the tumblrverse!

Originally posted by jupiter2

thank you, orphan black.

hey hi hello, it’s me, jobelle, hopping on the emotional and bursting with love bandwagon expressing their gratitude towards an incredibly brilliant beyond words show.

i used to make posts like these. once a week, in fact, after the latest episode of orphan black. sometimes they were angry, sometimes they were silly, and all of the time i meant them with love. i can’t recall exactly how i stumbled upon orphan black, but i remember so clearly that i discovered the show whilst i was on the verge of venturing into a facet of my identity (which soon became the most defining) i had just discovered. i had a much different blog at the time–despite being just 20 i think i’m a bit of a tumblr veteran. i had a literary/aesthetic/wannabe poetry blog, which to be honest never felt like me. i was trying to make myself fit into a big, intimidating corner of tumblr made up of poems about pomegranates, howling at the moon, and people who felt like coming home. i’d browse the orphan black and cophine tag from said blog, laughing at your crack posts (you guy are pretty freaking funny), falling in hearteyes with evelyne brochu, being in awe along with everyone else over tatiana maslany, and stanning delphine cormier with my entire heart. sometimes i’d see posts about orphan black and how it figured in other people’s understanding of their own sexuality, and the realisation of how much it resonated with me was frightening, fitting, and so very exciting. i was beginning to feel a kinship towards a large of people who were, in the kindest way, obsessed over this show which deserved all the obsession.

sometime during s2 hiatus, i made this blog. i think it was weeks before the s3 premiere. the excitement was intoxicating, the interaction with people who got it and understood was satisfying, and that’s how i knew i sold my soul to the devil. i often wish i joined the fandom sooner, but i think i cemented my place, wherever that may be, at the perfect time. i don’t want to ramble too much. the main thing i want to say is this:

thank you orphan black, for the passion you invoked in me and in others. for the friendships i’ve made, which i know i’ll cherish for as long as i live, for the creativity you stir in writers and artists, gif makers and creators. for a community full of welcoming, kind, brilliant, hilarious people. a safe space for kids like me who, with the gentlest nudge from delphine cormier and cosima niehaus, have been through the most rewarding journey of self-discovery, and i hope, self-acceptance.

i could ramble forever!! but to close this off, i want to mention some people who have had an incredibly profound impact on me. @thatstoomuchstress: z, you endure my shenanigans like a champ, you were my first friend on tumblr dot com, and i like to think we’ve witnessed each other grow from a distance. @clonetcetera: you’re an absolute delight and i admire your fighting spirit, i think sarah manning would be proud. @jossicat: okay okay okay i don’t wanna get too sappy but you’re the realest deal and i’m forever grateful for your friendship and fsdifjk i honestly? can’t envision a life without knowing you?? and i hope we get to be friends for a very very long time, i love you a lot <333

and these wonderful beings who’ve made me laugh, cry, feel feels, thank you: @delphinesbisexual, @evelynebrochu, @niehaus-sneeze, @thronesforclones, @delphines, @motherofscorpions, @416a6461, @hannahjellypants, @mitskisolsen, @fragmenteddrawings, @jewelsandthugs, @niehaus and so many more!!

cool cool, das it, i’m done. thank you ob, i love you 5eva and i’m beyond sad you’re ending but all good things must come to an end and all that jazz, and you were a good thing–you were the best thing.

ap updates

just came home from the art history ap!! the multiple choice was easier than i thought it would be for the most part, and i knew the earlier works so well and then remembered nothing about oceanic art but it’s fine!! the short answer was good except I just realized that I attributed the annunciation triptych to the wrong artist and completely drew a blank on mblo portrait masks buuut other than that it went relatively well!! thank you so much @everyone who wished me good luck! 

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Why do you think ID and solo Harry had zero female influence/contribution the song-writing process?

What a great question.  I don’t know enough about the industry to know a specific answer.  Have we seen the credits for Harry’s album? Do we know for sure that no women were credited?

The general answer is - misogyny, discrimination and the systematic exclusion of women from well paid and prestigious jobs.

I think the question your probably asking is - what does it tell us about Harry and One Direction that there were no women involved in their songwriting process.

But to answer that question you really need to know more about industry norms.  There are some industries that are so male dominated that the fact that women aren’t involved in a particular project can just mean that no-one has actively tried to find them or noticed that they’re excluded. (On a macro level this sort of exclusion is always maintained through harassment, discrimination and active forms of exclusion - but on a micro level it can be much more ‘we hired the best people for the job’ or ‘these are the people we know are good - Mo Ryan’s work on TV directors is absolutely fascinating in that regard. I also recommend this follow-up piece with John Landgraf - it fills me with equal parts hope and rage).

I suspect pop writing is not that male-dominated.  Sia does very well for herself as does Julia Michaels and those are just people I’ve heard of because they also release their own music.

I imagine the answer is much more located in one of two things - either the work process or the work culture.

Writing for either Harry or One Direction has required giving up your life and travelling for an extended period of time.  In general, men are much able to do this than women, because women do far more caregiving work than men.  That means a work process that requires travelling a long way away from where you are and working all hours will exclude far more women than men.

The other thing is about the ideas about what is serious or more adult and the fact that music industry defines that in ways that excludes women.  Midnight Memories, the first album with a basically new writing team, took a sharp turn towards rape culture and I’ve thought that was Julian and co’s idea of what it meant to be more mature.  Likewise Harry is writing ‘serious rock music’ - and misogynistically excluding women is pretty central to rock musics identity.  And I think that would work in so many ways to ensure there was no space for women in the making of that music.

I’ve looked at the writing credits for a number of other artists’ last album: Beyonce, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.  To me this suggested that it was normal to have men vastly outnumber women in the writing and production of pop music.  But every single one of those artists had credited women writers.  It’s not normal to have none.  That suggests that decisions made about how to make Harry’s album (and how to make One Direction albums) meant that women song writers were excluded over and above the industry norms.

Part 2 of Megan’s speech for the Disability Day of Mourning 2017 vigil in London Ontario. 

TW: ableism, hospitalization, reference to murder of disabled children

Transcript of entire speech:
My partner Russell Harrison is at home right now. He is a member of LAST and he supports what we are doing here, but he was not able to come out tonight. Rusty did however give me permission to share a story with you, a story that he never told me until just a few nights ago.

Rusty was born with a serious heart condition, and he required an operation shortly after birth. By the time he was 15 years old, he had had a total of 6 open-heart surgeries. He spent his entire childhood in very poor health. He regularly experienced severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.
Rusty is not here tonight because the reason we’re here is too close to home for him. One night when he was 7 years old, he lay in a hospital bed in agony, and a thought occured to him. He had been sick his whole life, and it was obvious to anyone who saw him then that he was really suffering….. So what if someone “merciful” came along and took it upon themselves to “end his suffering”?

It was at that moment, at the age of 7, that Rusty vowed never to fall asleep in a hospital again. After that, every time Rusty was in the hospital up until his last surgery at age 15, he did everything he could to stay awake. 

These were the times when he needed sleep the most. Of course the extreme fatigue was detrimental to his already compromised health. He would hallucinate at times. But to let his guard down, thereby creating the opportunity for anyone to make a life or death decision for him without his consent, was not an option. For him, this was a very real possibility, a very real danger, and he was determined to live. 

At 7 years old he could not put any of this into words, he didn’t know how to effectively communicate these fears and wishes to anyone but he knew what he wanted: to keep going no matter what.

Today, Rusty is a strong, healthy, very intelligent, good-looking 35-year-old man. He has the scars, but other than that it seems impossible that this man was ever that sick child I just told you about. He is a blackbelt in karate. He is also an accomplished artist and a writer. He is a friend, a brother, an uncle, a son, and a partner. If his worst fears had been realized, it would affect a lot of people. I would not be who I am today; I have learned so much from him.
Murder is murder and it’s not your choice to make. 

It’s not your choice to make for the person you want to “help”, it’s not your choice to make for all the people who’s lives could be touched by this person, and it’s not your choice to make so that somewhere a child can hear about what you’ve done and be terrified that he might be next.

These murderers are not heros.
Survivors are heros.

I just read a recent article Billboard came out with about the whole Fifth Harmony drama and APPARENTLY Camila, her manager, L.A. Reid, and Epic Records have been working to launch her solo career for a good part of the year. They wanted the other four girls to go on a hiatus next year, put THEIR careers on hold, while C did her solo thing. So basically, in the event that she wasn’t successful in her attempt to go solo, 5H would be something to fall back on. They wanted Normani, Lauren, Dinah, and Ally to be her backup plan, and now their label probably won’t sign on for 5H3 because apparently it’d be more of a risk to back them than C.

Camila. Is. A. Snake.

She basically plotted against her bandmates, with a man (L.A. Reid) who is known for screwing over groups/artists for her own benefit. She willingly and happily fucked over the people she claimed were her sisters in order to get her own spotlight. How absolutely vile, and then she has the nerve to preach about women empowerment and artistic creativity/freedom??? A joke. She stepped on the backs of those who got her to where she is today without even a second thought.

I KNEW there was something off about her whole character. For a while I thought I was being paranoid, but now I know I was right. Karma is coming for that girl. You cannot treat people in such a disgusting way and expect it to not to eventually catch up to you.

As for the other girls, I wish nothing but the best for them and hopefully they have a plan for the future. They sounded very sure in their statement that they would continue making music as a group, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Plan B in the event that Epic drops them. Never in my life have I ever rooted so hard for a group of people than I do for Fifth Harmony. They defied the odds once and with every force imaginable against them, and they’ll do it again.

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Hi! I just came across your previous ask about RISD, and I was wondering what the alternative routes were? RISD is my dream school, but I'd also want to keep my options open. :)

Hey! Absolutely. 

The two main alternate routes are

  1. Attending a ‘regular’ university and double majoring/minoring in art
  2. Working/gap year/etc while taking online courses

Regular Uni: Whatever you’re interested in, be it painting, ceramics or animation, there are many nice programs available within established colleges. (Fun fact, there are many state schools that have better painting departments than RISD.) If these appeal to you, it might be worth applying! You can check out some listings here. For more info, feel free to DM me.


  • These schools generally cheaper than art school and have more scholarship funds available.
  • Smaller art classes with more time to work with your teachers directly.
  • Many more extracurricular offerings like sports, clubs and charities.
  • You will get a solid liberal arts education and skill set that will not only enrich your art, but give you additional employment options after graduation. This is huge
  • You can take courses in business and accounting which most art schools do not offer and are crucial for artists to know.


  • Doesn’t have the same ‘artsy’ community/vibe you get at an art school.
  • Doesn’t always offer the same professional connections and mentorship.
  • Are still expensive, especially if it’s out of state or a private uni.

Online Courses: You don’t need a degree to pursue art. Unless you’re planning on becoming a teacher or professor, it’s not really necessary—it’s the portfolio that counts. So, working and taking online courses in your free time is a thing.


  • Classes and tutorials like those found on Gumroad, Schoolism, Lynda.com, etc are absolutely wonderful and you’ll learn a lot for a fraction of the price of college.
  • Not only would you be building a portfolio, but you’d have more money in your pocket and more time to build an online presence, which is very important nowadays.
  • Gives you a bit more space to pursue other hobbies and get yourself figured out mentally (schedules, medications, etc.)
  • You won’t be 20-60k in debt afterwards. 


  • No campus experience, which can mean less connections.
  • No actual degree to show your parents.
  • It’s self motivated, which can be tricky for some folks.

It may not seem big now, but narrowing one’s education so quickly and thoroughly can hurt your artistic growth. We’re not all just artists. We also have other interests like biology, history, math, etc—you don’t have to let these other parts of yourself atrophy to pursue art. It’s a myth! 

I don’t say this to crush dreams– I just want you all to know the full range of options before you make this investment! I sure wish I knew this stuff going in. 

If you decide you still want to go to art school, all the power to you! I’ll be more than happy to answer questions about that too. :) As always, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Sodapop- Requested

Summary: You (Soc) and your best friend Soda walk to the lot late one night and start dancing

Prompt: “I can’t kiss you” “Why not?” “Because I’ll never stop”

Warning: MAJOR Fluff</b>


I hadn’t realized how cold it was until we started walking.

I tried my best not to shiver, but I couldn’t help the staggered breaths escaping into the air like smoke.

“You’re cold” Soda said next to me as we walked, immediately taking off his leather jacket.

“No, I’m fine really” He had draped it over my shoulders by the time I refused.

It smelt like him, like vanilla & cigarettes. It was an interesting, but acquired combination that I quickly started to love.

“It looks good on you. You’d have this town fooled you’re a Greaser” I hated that word. Greaser. I even hated the term Soc just as much.

“This divide is so stupid & childish. We shouldn’t be defined by where we live, or what we wear, or how much money we have. Aren’t we supposed to accept each other’s differences instead of discriminating against them?”

He looked at me with understanding eyes and a small smile on his lips. I could tell he thought the same exact thing.

“You know, you’re not like what they make you out to be Soda” I kicked a small rock off to the side of the pavement.

“Well, not many Socs would think differently of me” A small pink shade covered his cheeks shyly.

But that shade grew even deeper when I softly kissed the side of his soft cheek. Neither of us were cold after that.

“Where are you even taking me?” We both laughed, I was curious about where we were going.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t think of killing you..yet” I nudged his arm playfully.

By the time my feet started to ache, we had reached an old abandoned lot with discarded car parts and debris.

“Well this sure is somethin’” I teased putting my hands in the pockets of his jacket. He ignored my remark, instead he ran to the middle of the lot and laid on his back facing the sky.

“What are you doing?” I asked curiously nearing him. “Lay with me”

“Excuse me?” What was he doing?

“Just, lay down” I looked around and huffed out cold air before laying down on the cold grass, adjusting my skirt.

“So, you wanna tell me why I’m doing this?” I turned my head to see him not breaking eye contact with the stars.

“Look up”

The sky was crystal clear. You could see all the constellations and stars in the whole galaxy.

“It’s amazing! Is it always like this on the East Side?” I could point out several charted stars. “Mostly”

“Wow. You can see everything”

He looked back up, only the serene chirps of crickets and wind could be heard.

“When I was younger, I used to think how small we were. How we were only one galaxy in an infinite sky of millions. It made things seem not so important anymore”

“What things?” I could tell he was hesitant and that something was haunting his mind.

“I hit uh-rough patch a while back. With my parents gone, my kid brother running away, the death of my two friends, and a girl, whom
I thought loved me. But I was wrong”

I could see the hurt in his eyes. I tried to think empathetically, but I had not experienced his kind of pain. I hadn’t felt mourn, grief, or love.

“I’m so sorry Soda” It was all I could say, but I hoped he took comfort in talking to me about it.

“Don’t be sorry. I used to look at girls and in their eyes I saw her. I saw us & everything she did to me. But with you,” he turned his head and looked at me,“with you, I can see clearly. All I can see is you”

“Is that a good thing?” He nodded his head, smiling and examining my eyes. “It’s a great thing” I thought he was going to kiss me. I could feel myself falling for him.

“Tell me something no one else knows, I’ve done all the talking” He apologized but it wasn’t needed. I liked him talking to me.

“How about this, I’ll ask a question and you have to answer and then you ask me and I have to answer”

“Sounds fair alright, uh favorite artist”

“The Beatles”

“Jeez” He smiled to himself. “It’s true! And it’s not just because i’m a Soc”

“What were your parents like?” I knew Soda didn’t like talking about them all that much. He was hesitant

“They had the type of love people would wish for,” he smiled to himself at the memories, “they loved each other more than anything, but they loved me and my brothers even more. They met in college. He was in football, she was a cheerleader. People used to envy them and say that they wish they would get married”

“I bet they were wonderful” Involuntarily, my hand placed itself on top of his. I blushed shamefully and removed it from his soft touch.

“I’m sorry I-” He only laughed and intertwined our fingers together, causing butterflies in my stomach. The butterflies scared me.

“Uh-Next question” I quickly covered.

We went on for what seemed like hours. Talking about music, celebrities, food, & debates between the existence of aliens, laughing through very answer.

“Favorite breakfast food? Eggs with jam or chocolate cake” I bursted out laughing, curling my legs and turning on my side towards him in fits of laughter.

“That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. You-You don’t eat chocolate cake for breakfast and you don’t put jam on eggs!”

“You do if you’re Sodapop Curtis” He laughed along with me. “I like it. It’s different. I like different”

We both stared at each other. And in that moment I swear it felt like fire in my chest. I had never felt it before. It felt warm and exciting. Was it love?

“Dance with me” He said, still looking deep into my green eyes. “Excuse me?”

“You need to stop saying that” He laughed and stood up from the hard grass. He took both of my hands and helped me up, making me stumble into his chest.

“I-uh sorry” I stammered taking a step back away from him. “You also need to stop apologizing”

“Sorry, I-I mean I’ve never danced before” He rolled his eyes playfully as I pushed his arm again. “You’ve never been asked to dance before?” He seemed surprised, but I didn’t know if he was being sarcastic. “No”

“Well Y/N. I’m honored. May I have this dance?” He bowed down extending his hand. “You may, Sodapop” I curtsied lifting my skirt.

“Now, you place on hand here,” He took my left hand and placed in on his shoulder, “and—here” He whispered this time, placing his hand in mine and the other on my waist. I gasped at the touch, and he pulled me closer to his chest.

“We don’t even have music” I looked up into his eyes. “Well, I can fix that” He started humming a familiar slow song.

“Just follow my lead” He stepped forward with one foot, and I stepped back ungracefully. He stepped to the side, and I followed.

But once he stepped back, I stepped on his foot and fell into his arms.

“Glory! I can’t do this I’m sor-” I removed my hands from his and started walking away. “No don’t be sorry Y/N it’s perfect, you’re perfect” He brought me into him again.

“Please, try again” We started to move again, and this time I kept my eyes glued on our feet.

“Hey, look at me,” he lifted my chin with his finger lightly, “only focus on me” I started to hum now.

“You ready for the spin?” His white teeth gleamed. “What?” My eyes grew wide but before I knew it, I had spun around two times and back into Sodapop’s chest as I squinted my eyes.

“Is it over?” I kept my eyes shut. “Yes, it’s over” I could feel the vibration of his laugh on my heart & chest.

As we danced, I could feel the fire inside my chest rise and grow like a wildfire. When I looked into his eyes, when I rested my head on his chest, when I could hear his heartbeat, when I felt his warm hands on my hand & waist.

“Time for the dip!”

“The wha-” I felt my body be dropped down and I let out a small shriek and closed my eyes. But his hand was still protectively holding me upright.

When I opened my eyes, my breath caught in my throat. He was probably an inch away from my face, but his eyes never left mine.

“Soda?” My voice was merely a whisper. “Yes angel?” His breath fanned over my face.

“I can’t kiss you”

“Why not?”

“Because I’ll never stop—”

But before I could think, he softly placed his soft lips on mine and the fire exploded out of me.

He was light and respectful, waiting for my response. But I quickly kissed him back, putting my hand on his cheek.

I couldn’t get enough. It was like a drug to kiss him and I would never get sober. I wanted all of him.

I wanted to fall for him, and I think I was starting to.

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do you know any anti shaladin shiro stans? im just a sad shiro stan looking for other people to love him with

hm not really :/, but I DO know that @puppyhats has Blessed art and is a great shiro stan, @shirosource and @safeshironet have awesome shiro content


I’m a month late posting my haul from Otafest, but this is all the stuff I bought (minus a couple of items bought as gifts that need to remain secret until they’re given to the recipient)..

Shown are
1.) The SUPER CUTE double-sided Yurio pillow I got from artist @lunapri (omg her stuff was so cute I wanted to buy all of it) on my ugly ass couch.
2.) The 11 Yurio buttons I got from various artist’s booths (including @lunapri and @kamicchisart) [yea, I’m trying to collect ALL the Yurio buttons.. lmao]
3.) The 17 other buttons I got from various artists (including some from the aforementioned 2 artists.. I wish I knew all the artist names, but sadly I don’t).
4.) The Yurio keychain I had custom made by an artist who had zero Yuri on ICE stuff. I commissioned her to make it because I loved how high quality and yet inexpensive her keychains were (super thick laminated AND double-sided). I gave her a description  because she had no idea what Yurio looked like, and she did a FABULOUS job of it - the detail is amazing - she even took creative liberties and added the tail and cat ears and I love it and am SO happy with it! She not only made the keychain for me, but made a bunch more to sell, and said she planned to stock some more yoi stuff as well, since I told her how popular it was. I hope it sells well!

I don’t want to make this a huge deal, so I’m going to leave this untagged here. But I feel for a place I was so invested in, I need to make some kind of announcement for those of you I care about very much. Thank you for the good times I’ve had in this fandom, but it’s about time I’ve moved on.

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Fairy Tail Missed Plots - Natsu: Dragon, Demon, or Human?

Aspects of Natsu’s story had the potential to be very captivating and joining with other aspects of the other members of his team. Of course, as we all know, Hiro went with his feels and really didn’t plan out too much when he was doing this series. Still, this means that there is a great opportunity for the fan writers and artists to really see what else could have been.

I really wished this was one of the few things that Mashima had sat down and really planned out because it could have been a really good piece of work for Natsu to go through this ‘crisis’ of what he actually was. He knew himself to be human, who was also raised and taught to handle Dragon Slaying magic. And then, as the series goes on, he finds himself wrestling with darker impulses and thoughts and his magic also begins to change as well. During Tartaros should have been the time that he is made aware that he is most definitely not a regular human - which could have come to a head in facing off both Acnologia and Zeref. 

Having Natsu coming to terms with all of his aspects by the end might have been a good conclusion to his internal battles between being a human and a dragon and struggling with his growing demon tendencies.

Erza  (if she had a better resolution to her story with her mother) could represent his proud and noble dragon side, always growing stronger, always looking ahead (and of course, being destructive).

Gray can represent the demon side, with a nice contrast of him being a Devil Slayer himself. Can tell Natsu that he will be the one to keep him in check and that part won’t ever change between them. They’ve always been opposites and this just adds another dimension onto it.

Lucy can represent the human side with her just being a pretty normal girl. Someone to appeal to the humanity of Natsu Dragneel.

With these three aspects reaching a balance within him, he’s able to fuse both the Dragon and Demon Seeds and become an existence that can actually compete with both Zeref and Acnologia during the end.