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Panic or Queen?

I knew someone was gonna ask this!!  Tough question tbh

Both of these bands have captivated me.  Their music has become like good friends of mine.  The difference between these bands and other artists I’ve liked is that with these two, I have a personal connection to them beyond just enjoying listening to them.  It feels like almost as if I know the band members personally (I wish!!) and the songs have intertwined with my thoughts so much that these bands have become a part of me.  And hell, I even have two blogs kinda dedicated to them, this one for Panic, and @a-kind-of-mercury for Queen.  

I’d say the one thing that tips the scale is sheer time and experience.  The one whose songs have always been my go-to and have sent shivers down my spine (no pun intended) when I lost myself in the music.  These two years have been set apart from my life before all just because of a band and their art.  And, although a very tough decision, I would have to choose Queen.  The old friend who has been there from the very beginning.

[ give me two bands and i’ll tell you which one i like better ]

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Name: Angelo

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Finally getting around to finish this drawing I started months ago. Also got around to adding in Lucy so far. Have to finish Natsu by finishing his hair and adding in his scarf and other little detail. With Lucy I still have to finish her hair add the flower crown along with the veil and her dress. After that’s all done I’m going to ink it and add color. I’ll probably finish the sketch either tomorrow or Monday. But drawing has helped me alot with my stress and self-doubt. It clears my mind and relaxes me. I hope to start my other Fairy Tail inspired drawings. And credit to the artist who drew the reference picture wish I knew who drew it. #NatsuDragneel #LucyHeartfilia #FairyTail


This was a tough project as it basically caused me to rethink how I naturally did work, to deconstruct what I knew already and to apply it in a different way.  It didn’t come naturally to me, and I struggled to get into it and had a large period of time where I swept it to the back of my mind and focussed on other things.  The more weeks that went by the more I understood what I needed to do; but that didn’t mean I really knew how I wanted to experiment.  Deconstructing the images was easier than applying what I learnt into an experiment.  I sometimes wished I chose to write an essay, but at the end of the day doing this research project was probably the better decision as it didn’t mean poring over philosophical journals and papers about subjects I could never grasp or want to grasp. I preferred simply checking out artists I knew about, deconstructing their work and wondering over why they made the choices that they did.  


Someone said: the best  knife is the one that you always carry and use.

So maybe my best knife is this old douk-douk…it’s a gift from Stanislas Lelio who was one of these true parisian artists..his studio was fantastic..he was a good friend of mine, I met him with other taiwaneses and frenchies in the only taiwanese bistrot in Paris in the late 90′s. Lelio’s last wish was to make an exhibition in Taiwan..but he passed before he could achieve his dream. He knew how I like to be in the nature, and gave me his douk douk. It’s an excellent knife, the 440C steel one, so no problemo with Taiwan rainy weather…