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Ficlet: Birthday Aesthetic

Dan woke to the shivery feeling of breath against his neck and a sleep-husky voice saying, “Happy birthday.” He weakly swatted at the face sending the air whispering across his sensitive skin, but smiled at the same time.

“You already said that at midnight,” he mumbled, not wanting to wake up quite yet. But Phil’s arms tightened around him and he turned in the familiar embrace to find Phil already wearing his glasses and a smile that matched Dan’s own.

“I know. But then we went to sleep, and now we’re waking up, so it’s like your birthday’s starting all over again,” Phil reasoned in a way that only Phil could. Dan wasn’t awake enough to point out the flaws in his logic, so he just snuggled in closer.

He lay there for a moment, letting himself wake slowly as he listened to Phil’s heart beating under his ear, then requested hopefully, “Mario Kart?”

Phil’s chest bounced Dan’s head up and down as he laughed. “You’re the king on your birthday. I am your lowly subject, and your wish is my command.”

Dan grinned. “My wish is to kick your ass at Mario Kart.”

Phil laughed again and gently moved from beneath Dan, getting out of the bed and putting on pajamas that indicated clearly this was going to be a lazy day at home, just like Dan had wanted. They’d go out with friends tonight, but the rest of the day wasn’t going to involve anything that involved real clothes. Maybe some things that involved no clothes, though. He eyed Phil speculatively, and Phil raised an eyebrow in response.

Dan got out of bed and pulled on a black t-shirt and pair of track bottoms, then followed Phil out to the upstairs lounge. Phil turned to look at him. “Your birthday breakfast order, Your Majesty?”

“Doritos and salsa,” Dan replied.

Phil nodded sagely. “Ah. We’re going for the healthy option this morning.” He glanced at the clock and amended, “Or this afternoon.” Then he headed off to the kitchen to raid their snack stash.

Dan collapsed onto the sofa and looked around. He loved the smoothly modern aesthetic of their new flat. No more creaking floor boards, peeling wallpaper, and leaking pipes. The new place felt much more like him. Like the new Daniel Howell. He was happy Phil had been so relaxed about the whole thing and had let Dan have his own way about most of it.

Phil brought in the chips and salsa, and for a quick moment Dan remembered the “fanfic” they’d recreated for one of the PINOFs. He chuckled, and Phil asked, “The fanfic?” It was eerie sometimes how in sync their brains were. Dan just grinned at him and nodded, then grabbed the game controller.

They played a couple games, taking snack breaks occasionally, and at one point Phil took a picture of him with his phone. Dan barely blinked, accustomed by now to Phil documenting his every move.

“You never used to bite the controller,” Phil pointed out. Dan looked at him questioningly, removing the device from his mouth where he had placed it in frustration. “You made fun of me when you first noticed that I do it. Now you do it all the time.”

Dan rolled his eyes. “That’s because you’re a terrible influence.”

Phil shrugged. “True.” They both giggled. “I’m going to tweet this picture with your birthday message,” Phil announced, typing into his phone.

Dan grabbed his own phone and said, “Then I’ll have to write my own birthday tweet, too.”

Their tweets went up almost at the same time, and Dan shoved Phil’s shoulder when he saw what he’d written. “Nothing about how great I am? Just a picture of me being a dork with a birthday hat pasted on?”

Phil looked at him and bit his lip, looking uncertain. “Did you want me to write something more…”

But Dan cut him off. “No, Phil. This is perfect.” He smiled to show that he meant it. He knew when his mum called to wish him a happy birthday, she would comment on how impersonal Phil’s tweet had been in comparison to Dan’s tweet on Phil’s birthday, but she’d never really understood their relationship. She didn’t understand that, despite his degree in language and linguistics, Phil didn’t show his love through soppy words. Dan was the one who said, “I love you,” most often, the one who gave Phil flowery compliments and talked about him in glowing terms.

What his mum, and pretty much everyone else, didn’t understand was how “I love you” could be just as effectively expressed by a happy smile while giving someone a free hand to decorate the new flat, or a teasing whisper against a sensitive neck, or chips and salsa for birthday breakfast.

Dan didn’t need flowery words. Phil told him in a thousand ways how much he loved him, and Dan saw it every day when he looked at the sleek new white sofa, the shiny metal handrails of the flat’s stairway, and the moonscape of their new bedroom. This entire flat was a testament to Phil’s love for him, even if no one else could see it.

tanovic54321  asked:

I have anxiety @depression(it flears up in croweds)I was wondering if you could do a imagine where the reader @Josh are in some sort of crowd for some reason @well the reader can keep her cool then later she loses her shit @he comforts her?fluff?idk


“You ready kid?”

Your eyes met Michael’s brown ones as you looked up at the security guard. The tightness in your throat became almost unbearable, and your body was growing damp with sweat. You could hear them, people screaming, trying to get you to come out of the safety of the store. And as much as you wanted to stride right through with a smile on your face, you knew you couldn’t. You had way too much social anxiety for someone who’s boyfriend had made it big.

You instinctively checked your phone at the thought of Josh. He had gone back to the venue for rehearsals before the show, but apparently the crowd lingered around the store, unaware that he’d even slipped out. And now you wish that you could’ve gone with him. Your breathing slowed as you stared at the wallpaper on your phone. The picture of Josh, squinty-eyed and rustled hair, stared back at you. You had taken the picture one morning when the sun had shone down on Josh and illuminated his tan skin, it was too much of a perfect moment to miss.

You take a deep breath before lifting your head and shakily nodding at Michael.

“You sure?” he asked, giving you a look of concern.

You nodded before pocketing your phone clutching tightly to the bag at your side. The noise around you drifted out, until it was just you and your slow breathes, a tunnel of black you had to get through to reach the waiting car. And in your mind you pictured crinkly eyes and vibrant hair and soft, sweet kisses.

The front doors of the store opened, and suddenly the loud roar of screams outside slammed into every inch of your body, breaking your Josh-centered reverie. The noise clawed at your skin, crept up your spine and pinched at your neck. You felt so exposed, so lost.  Your body turned stiff, and your eyes opened wide like those of a baby deer. You suddenly felt so stunned, completely unable to move any part of your own body apart from the tiny little shakes of your head that no one caught on to. Michael laid a stiff hand on your lower back, trying to usher you out of the store. Out of safety and comfort given in the form of shelter and isolation.

“Listen, this is a big one. Just try to count to 30 or something, yeah? 30 and we’ll be there at the car and it’ll all be over. You can do this Y/N,” and for a moment you thought that maybe you could. For a short, fleeting moment you honestly believed that you could be brave and smile with your head held high and walk straight to the car. But as you were pushed out of the door and into the suffocating, thick air, you knew that this wouldn’t go down as smoothly as planned. This was big, huge.

Shakily, you just tried to concentrate on putting one foot slightly in front of the other. Your head was pinned down, hands pinched into fists and you tried to concentrate on the pain of your nails digging into your palm. Your mouth was quickly lacking moisture, your lips were sealed shut to contain an array of whimpers that otherwise would be released.

The crowd around you roared, a constant stream of screams of hysteria that left you wanting to disappear, away from the faces and disappointed eyes. Because as you looked up to take in the situation, that’s what hit you the hardest. Not the hundreds of people staring at you like hawks, stripping you bare of the little self reassurance you had left. Not the hands grabbing at you, snatching your only sense of security,  But the looks in the eyes of those around you once they realize Josh isn’t around.  The crestfallen emotions swarming the eyes of the people you knew waited all day to see him all for just a quick glimpse at you.  That shook you to your core. Because now it was all your fault, you’re so stupid, stupid, stupid. And as the guilt flooded your system, hurtled through your body and mind like a tilde wave, you felt your cheeks become red hot from embarrassment and shame.

‘They’re all looking at me’

‘They’re all going to hate me’

‘Someones going to get hurt and it’s going to be all my stupid fault’

Your thoughts haunted your brain at a frantic, uncontrollable speed.

“Y/N! Over here Y/N!”

“I love you!”

“Get off of her!”

"Please just a quick picture!”

Voices overlapped and infused into one giant, angry wave of noise that threatened to push you over the edge. You began visibly shaking, your breath shortened. You squeezed your eyes shut, desperate for this to end and to be safe and warm and wrapped up in Josh’s warm arms. You counted in your head, until you gathered up the courage to open your eyes. You wish you hadn’t. Because as you looked towards the car and the entrance of the store, you realized that you’d only walked about ten steps. And you had so much more to go. You began to shake your head frantically, clawing desperately at Michael’s arm muttering "no please, I can’t do this” and it was all too much and you knew you weren’t going to make it and it was all your fault and you couldn’t breathe.

“Hey, not long now. You’re doing grea- woah back off!” Michael belted towards a paparazzi that seemed desperate to take a picture of your distressed state. The shouts only made you cringe. Your whole face scrunched up, eyebrows furrowing and bottom lip quivering as you couldn’t get over the horrible thoughts and feelings that plagued your entire being. You were shoved, pushed, prodded and pulled as you tried desperately to make it to the safety of the car at the end of the pathway. You stumbled, tripping over your own feet as the panic set in and overcame your body. Before you had the chance to stand up and carry on, hands were all over you. The world became mute apart from the sounds of your own quick breathing as nails dug into every inch of your body that was available. Your hair was tugged, shirt clawed at. Tears slipped from your eyes, small sobs emitting from your throat as your worst nightmares came true and played out right before your very own eyes. And only when a hand with long nails scraped across your cheek did the world suddenly come back. The noise bombarded your eardrums, ground suddenly returning under your feet helping you stand up. Small gasps could be heard throughout the mob of people as they saw your state and took a few steps back. Hefty hands clutched at you and dragged you away, until you were finally shoved into a car.

“Y/N! Hey? Come here, look at me. Are you okay? Hey, please stop that!” Michael frantically tried to grab your arms, stop you from shaking. But the more he tried, the more you panicked.

“Please stop, please please don’t touch me I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry” you choked out more sobs, shaking your head left and right until your brain felt as fuzzy and chaotic as the rest of you. You clawed at your own arms, scratching until they burned.

“Shit shit shit, listen I don’t know how to— Y/N— I’m gonna grab your phone okay?” Michael lifted his arm towards you warily, not wanted to distress you any further. “I’m gonna call Josh, okay? Stop that, sit back Y/N. You’re okay, it’s all okay.“ He grabbed your phone, nervously unlocking it and finding Josh’s number, saved with a heart emoji. He pressed the phone up to his ear and waited

"Hi this is Josh, I can’t get to the phone right now, but leave a message an I’ll g-“ Michael hung up and you let out a distressed cry in the background. Michael tries again and again, not stopping until Josh finally answers with a rushed ”'Hello? You alright babe? Sorry I didn’t answer, we were practicing—”

“Josh! Listen we’re on our way to the venue… I need you t-“

"Michael? What are you doing on Y/N’s phone, everything okay?”

"Yes, well no bu-” you let out another desperate cry.

“What was that? Was that Y/N?! Michael what’s happening?” Josh nervously raised his voice.

"We got mobbed, I’m sorry we should’ve waited until the crowds died out but they were only getting bigger, she said she was fine with it. It was fine. I don’t know what happened, she freaked out. Started shaking like crazy, crying, and then this girl scratched her cheek and now she’s in the car and she won’t calm down, Josh, she won’t let me touch her I don- I can’t stop her she won’t let me!” Michael’s frantic voice stirred, as he tried to get his distress across to Josh.

“What the hell do they think they’re doing!” Josh was angry,  in fact, he was furious. “How far are you?”

“Couple of minutes—“ Michael says quickly, checking the roads.

“Just try… try to comfort her- tell her I’ll see her soon okay? I’ll be waiting outside for you guys.”

Michael agrees before shutting your phone off and gently slipping it back to you.  

You flinched as his hand moves towards you, burying your face further into your legs, just trying to breathe.  

“Josh is gonna be there, he’s gonna see you soon,” He says softly.  

You start pulled your hair angrily, scratching your scalp because it’s all too much to handle.  You couldn’t get a grip on yourself, you couldn’t calm down.  

When the car finally slows to a stop, you barely notice.  Your face is buried so deep into your lap that only complete darkness surrounds.  

”Y/N?” You hear a strained voice, croaky and sad.

“Y/N, hey, hey, it’s me! Are you okay?”  you can’t look up, you can’t show your face to him.  It was all your fault.  “Listen to me love, listen to my voice and try to calm down a bit. Everything’s okay, everything’s going to be alright,” You sobbed even at the sound of his voice, breaking down entirely.

You feel the car wobble a bit before feeling something brush lightly against your knee, at first you flinch a bit, until then an arm is wrapping around your frame and forcing you to lean to the side.  You protest at first— struggling with the grip, but Josh’s soothing voice makes you eventually give in to his strength.

“Shh—“ he pleads desperately, seeing you in so much pain makes his insides ache.  

“Make it stop, I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to go away, I don’t like it. I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I- I don’t know what’s going on. They were everywhere Josh, they all tried to hurt me.. I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.” Josh felt his heart shatter, and his throat caught as he tried to hold back his own tears because he didn’t know what to say— He places his hand on your back, rubbing softly.

“No, no, it’s okay, you’re perfect okay? Listen to me, you’re perfect, you’re okay. It’s going to be okay, and I love you. I love you so much.” Josh whispered into your hair as he wound his arms tightly around you.

"Take a few deep breaths and just listen to my voice, okay?” he says softly.

Your quick panting had dissolved into large shaky breaths, and you closed your eyes tightly, trying not to focus on anything but Josh, his smell, his voice, his touch.    

"Remember that one time when we went to that aquarium in Chicago, and a group spotted us so we decided to hide in the closed off inclosure, the one with all the jellyfish? And it was pitch black apart from those blue lights, remember that? And the jellyfish were just like floating around. And we lied down on the floor next to it, and just stared because it was so peaceful. Remember all you could hear was our breathing and the water. Can you think about that now? How peaceful and quiet and safe that was.” Josh’s voice was smooth and as he replayed the memory to you, desperately trying to put a nice image into your mind.

“Yeah, I remember.“ you hiccuped, your breathing becoming more and more steady.

“Remember that time we went to see a movie, but it was all sold out?  So instead we went for a long drive to the lake and just laid a blanket out in the flatbed and looked at the stars?  Remember how visible they were that night?  They sparkled and shone so brightly.  Remember listening to nothing but the sound of the wind in the woods?  You fell asleep in my arms and we stayed there until the sun rose.”

“It was a thousand shades of pinks and purples and yellows,” you recall, your breathing was almost back to normal.  

"You feeling better?”

“Much better, thank you so much Josh. I love you.”

‘  all around the world girls will be girls  ’
‘  all i need is someone to love  &  tonight it’s you  ’
‘  all i wanna do is make love to you  ’
‘  and baby, talk dirty to me  ’
‘  can you, my darling, can you picture this?  ’
‘  dig if you will a picture of you  &  me engaged in a kiss  ’
‘  don’t come around here no more  ’
‘  don’t dream it’s over  ’
‘  don’t forget it’s me who put you where you are now  &  i could put you back there too  ’
‘  don’t give me no lines  &  keep your hands to yourself  ’
‘  don’t go away mad, just go away  ’
‘  don’t wish it away, don’t look at it like it’s forever  ’
‘  don’t you forget about me  ’
‘  don’t you want me, baby?  ’
‘  even then i knew i’d find a much better place, either with or without you  ’
‘  every now  &  then i fall apart  ’
‘  every now  &  then i get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears  ’
‘  everybody dreams of angels  ’
‘  girls just wanna have fun  ’
‘  heaven isn’t too far away, closer to it every day  ’
‘  hey, little sister, what have you done?  ’
‘  he’s been knocking, he won’t leave me alone ’
‘  hold me now ’
‘  how am i supposed to live without you?  ’
‘  how could our love be so blind?  ’
‘  how do i get you alone?  ’
‘  how i love the way you move  &  the sparkle in your eyes ’
‘  i can’t believe you’re gone  ’
‘  i could never steal you from another  ’
‘  i didn’t want to see you go  ’
‘  i don’t belong to you  &  you don’t belong to me  ’
‘  i don’t know why i did the things i did  ’
‘  i don’t know why i said the things i said  ’
‘  i don’t wanna lose your love tonight  ’
‘  i don’t worry about nothing, no, cause worry’s a waste of my time  ’
‘  i guess it would be nice if i could touch your body  ’
‘  i guess that’s why they call it the blues ’
‘  i haven’t been there for the longest time  ’
‘  i just wanna use your love tonight  ’
‘  i know this much is true  ’
‘  i met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine  ’
‘  i need you more than ever  ’
‘  i never really cared until i met you  ’
‘  i never wanted to be your weekend lover  ’
‘  i only want to be some kind of friend  ’
‘  i pretend you still hold me  ’
‘  i really didn’t mean to hurt you  ’
‘  i remember you  ’
‘  i see your true colors shining through, i see your true colors  &  that’s why i love you  ’
‘  i still love you  ’
‘  i think we’re alone now  ’
‘  i wanna new drug  ’
‘  i want your sex  ’
‘  i won’t forget you, baby  ’
‘  if i could turn back time, if i could find a way, i’d take back those words that hurt you  &  you’d stay  ’
‘  if this ain’t love, you better let me know  ’
‘  if this is it, please let me know  ’
‘  if we blame it on anything, let’s blame it on the rain  ’
‘  if you fall i will catch you, i’ll be waiting time after time  ’
‘  if you want my love, you’ve got it  ’
‘  if you’re lost you can look  &  you will find me time after time  ’
‘  it’s a nice day to start again  ’
‘  it’s such a shame our friendship had to end  ’
‘  it’s the same ol’ ball  &  chain  ’
‘  it’s the same ol’ situation  ’
‘  i’ll be gone in a day or two  ’
‘  i’ll take my chances, i forgot how nice romance is  ’
‘  i’m going crazy, i’m losing sleep  ’
‘  i’m gonna keep on loving you  ’
‘  just one more night  &  i’m coming off this long  &  winding road  ’
‘  maybe i’ll be sorry when you’re gone  ’
‘  maybe i’m just like my father, too bold  ’
‘  maybe i’m just too demanding  ’
‘  maybe i’ve been hoping too hard  ’
‘  maybe you’re just like my mother, she’s never satisfied  ’
‘  my future’s so bright i gotta wear shades  ’
‘  no one will ever know how much i loved you so  ’
‘  once i ran to you, now i run from you  ’
‘  perhaps i should leave her, go far away ’
‘  she will play around  &  leave you  ’
‘  she’s got the looks that kill ’
‘  she’s the kind of girl you dream of  ’
‘  sometimes i want to give up,  want to give in,  i want to quit the fight  ’
‘  stay with me  ’
‘  tell her about it, tell her everything you feel  ’
‘  tell me how it is that you can sleep in the night without thinking you lost everything that was good in your life to the toss of the dice  ’
‘  tell me what it takes to let you go  ’
‘  tell me why can’t this be love?  ’
‘  tell me your troubles  &  doubts  ’
‘  the power of love is a curious thing  ’
‘  then i see you  &  everything’s alright  ’
‘  they could never tear us apart  ’
‘  things ain’t always what they seem  ’
‘  think of good tender things that we were working on  ’
‘  till now, i always got by on my own  ’
‘  too young to fall in love, guess we knew it all along  ’
‘  we are the youth gone wild  ’
‘  whatever you want, i’ll give it to you  ’
‘  what’s love got to do with it?  ’
‘  when i said that i love you i meant that i’ll love you forever  ’
‘  when i see you smile, i can face the world  ’
‘  where do we go now?  ’
‘  wherever you go, i’ll be with you  ’
‘  who knows how much further we’ll go on  ’
‘  why do we scream at each other?  ’
‘  words are like weapons, they wound sometimes  ’
‘  you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone  ’
‘  you feel so right  &  i could be wrong  ’
‘  you know i like my girls a little bit older  ’
‘  you know i’m a dreamer  ’
‘  you know there’s nowhere that i’d rather be than with you here today  ’
‘  you say i’m a dreamer, we’re two of a kind  ’
‘  you were the first to be the last  ’
‘  your love made me a prisoner, my heart’s been doing time  ’
‘  you’re all i need  ’

You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 23)

School was hell.

Okay, more so than usual, but still.

People were still talking about Ghost King but not as much as they were talking about the party. It had been a week since then and still, all people seemed capable of doing was talking about the stupid party.

It was a constant buzz in Nico’s head.

The kid who got possessed was in the hospital still recovering both mentally and physically, yet a lot of people kept trying to interview him. Didn’t they have anything better to do? Didn’t they know he was still freaking out? That he was still trying to come to terms with what happened to him? The sad thing is that, maybe not all of them, but a good chunk of those people wanting an interview, did know all that. And yet they are still trying. Still pushing.

It made Nico feel sick.

So, all in all, Nico was having a bad day.


Reyna knew Nico wasn’t having the best of days, hell, even she wasn’t.

After the party had ended and after talking to the police, a neighbor had called because of the commotion, it was up to her and her brothers to pick up everything and clean as best as they could before they called their parents. Of course their parents weren’t happy, but they were glad not too many people got hurt. All three of them were grounded, which was understandable, and if that wasn’t enough, Connor somehow caught a nasty cold. So he was somewhat off the hook with their parents, still grounded, but their mom was kinda babying him.

So yeah, Reyna wasn’t in the best of moods either, but she was worried about the Italian. She knew he was angry and frustrated, but he looked more…empty than anything. Will tried his best to pull his somewhat-boyfriend out of his own mind but to no avail. But he seemed to understand how Nico worked and was content to just stay by his side in case he needed anything.

And Reyna appreciated that, she really, really did. Right now, Nico needed his space but he also needed someone to be around just in case. I suppose the best way to explain it would be that Nico needed space emotionally, he needed time to think, but he needed the physical comfort of someone being beside him.

Reyna has seen him like this before, when she found him at an old psychiatric hospital, the one where he got attacked pretty bad. He usually got over it quickly, but the other times he was like this, is because he got hurt, not anyone else.

But besides the whole incident, the school was also talking about a lacrosse player, specifically Mitchell. It would seem as though he had been wearing Connor’s Letterman jacket around today. So people were assuming they got together.

Reyna wished they were, but alas that hasn’t happened yet.

She shrugged to herself before gently leading Nico out of their class and to Demeter’s Garden where Will was waiting for them.


Mitchell was kind of having a crisis. He had accidentally worn Connor’s Letterman jacket to school. Yes, it was an accident! He had forgotten that Connor had given him his to wear at the party, so when he woke up that morning, he had woken up late and rushed to get ready. In the process of getting ready he grabbed the first jacket he could before rushing to school.

And now he was paying for it. Everyone kept asking him if Connor and him were dating. It didn’t matter how many people asked him, he still blushed and denied it, yet people still kept asking and asking and asking!

It wasn’t his fault he was in a rush this morning, okay….in a way it was, but It was also Connor’s fault. Mitchell had been worried about him and found out he had gotten a cold, so he called him last night to see how he was feeling, he sounded bad but Connor assured him that he was doing a lot better than a few days ago. And then they somehow got sidetracked and ended up talking until one in the morning.

So it was a group effort.

Mitchell was glad that Connor was doing well, his cough even went away so it was just a stuffy/runny nose and a slight fever he was suffering from. And since he was feeling better they decided it would be okay for Mitchell to go visit, which he was looking forward to.

He just had to get through the school day and then he would get to see Connor, and that was actually great motivation for when he had to deal with all the people asking him what wearing Connor’s jacket “means” and stuff.


Finally! It was the end of the day and Nico could not wait anymore. Once the bell rang Nico ran to Reyna and begged her to take him to her house to do a shprt investigation. Before this whole thing went down he knew that Reyna’s house was spirit free, with the exception of their deceased dog. So it didn’t make sense that a poltergeist was at the party, it didn’t make sense at all.

When they arrived at the house, they both realised that Reyna’s parents weren’t home.

“They’re working late tonight I guess.” Reyna mumbled.

Nico absentmindedly nodded before walking around the house and stepping inside the rooms. So far he hadn’t felt anything but he wanted to be thorough so he made his way upstairs. He could hear someone down in the kitchen and since he had just walked into Connor’s room he guessed that it was him probably making himself soup. Actually he was probably heating up soup that his mom had made him.

He gently closed the door behind him as Reyna passed by and said she’d be in her room if he needed anything.

Nico just stood there and closed his eyes, trying to sense something, anything. As he was doing so he heard someone coming up the stairs, actually two people. One was definitely Connor, and the other was….was that Mitchell?

They were getting closer, and now they were in front of the door.

What was Nico supposed to do? He didn’t exactly have an excuse as to why he was in Connor’s room, nor could he come up with one right now! So he did what he thought best to do.

He hid under the bed. And boy did he wish he picked the closet, he bet it would be cleaner than under the bed where he was joined by dirty clothes, empty and half empty water bottles, and various food wrappers, also some papers and textbooks.

But before he could move, the door opened and in walked Connor and Mitchell.

“Thanks for coming by.” Connor mumbled as he sat on his bed with a thud, thus effectively squishing Nico, who was trying not to make a noise.

“No problem, I figured you were lonely, and plus I brought back your jacket.”

“Ah, sweet! I was wondering where that was. I kinda forgot that I lent It to you.”

Nico wanted to laugh at that because Connor did not forget. He had been texting and talking to him and Reyna about it ever since the party. More so when Reyna sent a picture of Mitchell wearing it during school.

“Well then it’s a good thing I brought it. So you’re really feeling better?”

“Yup. But I wish I wasn’t practically drowning in used tissues. Besides that though I feel great. I’ll probably be at school tomorrow.”

“I knew you couldn’t stay away from me.” Mitchell joked.

Nico barely refrained himself from headbutting the floor.

“Of course I couldn’t,” Connor exclaimed. Nico could tell by his tone that he wasn’t joking. Was he going to confess? Right now? Nico was hoping not, he didn’t want to intrude on the moment. “ I like being with you.I like you.”

And there was the confession.

“I like you too, dork.” Mitchell chuckled and Nico could feel him sit in the bed as well. Obviously he didn’t get what Connor said.

“No. Mitchell…I mean….I like-like….you…..”

Oh god, Nico needed to get out of here! Now!


“I’m sorry, but I’ve been wanting to tell you, but I was scared of what you’d say and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. And I think I just did. And I’m sorry. Please ignore what I said-”

“No! I mean not no, I mean me too. I like-like you too…”

And there was the other confession. Nico didn’t refrain himself from hitting his head on the floor, but he did do it softly.


It got quiet ….

And the weight of both of them was shifting…..

Oh…oh no….were they kissing?

“I’m sorry! I know I’m sick but I just really wanted to kiss you and-”

“Do it again.” Mitchell whispered.


Well this was certainly not how he planned his visit to be, but Mitchell couldn’t be happier.

Especially when a red faced Connor smiled at him so fondly and was leaning in for another kiss. Mitchell leaned in as well and then they were kissing again. Just as soft as the the first had been. Connor’s lips were warm and a but chapped but they were perfect.

They ended up breaking the kiss when they thought they heard the door close.

“What was that?”

“Reyna probably went downstairs or something.”

Mitchell nodded before hugging Connor and burying his face in his chest. He couldn’t help but smile as Connor rubbed circles into his back.

“I’m really happy that you told me. I…I was scared too.”

“I’m happy I did too. So happy. You have no idea.” Connor murmured into Mitchell’s hair before he planted a kiss on it.


Meanwhile Reyna was trying to comfort an embarrassed Nico who was sprawled out on her bed and hiding his red face in her pillows.

“I didn’t want to see that! I feel so bad!” Nico mumbled.

“Well, it’s not like they noticed you. I think it’s fine, Nico.”

As a reply Nico made a long strangled noise.

“So….find anything?”

That got Nico to stop and actually sit up. His blush was slowly dying down as he scowled.

“No. That’s the weird thing….if it didn’t come from the house then that means…”

“That means?”

“That means it followed someone here…. That means that someone has a poltergeist attatched to them and that is not a good thing.”

Not a good thing indeed.

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two of my brindle-y coyotes. click the pictures to enlarge them for more detail! left one is a coydog (54″) and the right one is a coyote (62″). 

the coydog amazes with me with his unique d/oggy features- short muzzle, tiny ears, short tail, short/thick nails… and he is not much smaller than a typical coyote so all of those small and short features are quite interesting. i love him, he is very unique and i wish i knew more about him and his background! and i adore my large yote boy and his cute little white paws and brindle-y muzzle! ♡

When I was on preschool a kid brought in his favourite book for show and tell and the techer read it to us. I don’t remember anything about the book except I think one of the characters looked like this. I went home and had a nightmare about this character hiding in my garage and 17 years later I still remember it. I wish I knew more about the book so that I knew if the nightmare was unwarranted or not???

Bad Reputation (Song Preference)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,301

Requested: Yes

A/N:I hate that i’m making you all wait so long for stories but, I promise i’m trying my best here. Today i’ve dedicated the whole day to writing and emptying my inbox sooo wish me luck. Hope you all enjoy :-)

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

All my friends have seen her naked

Or so the story goes

The cafeteria was abuzz with gossip and mindless chatter of the hormonal teenagers. It smelled of leftover pizza and stale fries. The room was so overcrowded the fire marshal would have a stroke at the large amount of student all squished into the small space.

Michael sat and observed the busy place. Person after person passed by his bored eyes as they all went to their designated places. Michael’s people watching was interrupted but a slap on his shoulder.

“Right, Mike?” he looked up to see his friend Calum smiling at him mischievously.

“What?” Michael asked with a confused expression.

“Luke was just talking about how he got some sick nudes from that Y/N chick” Calum chuckled.

Luke was seated across from Michael and looking at his phone triumphantly. “Yeah man, I was talking to her last night and she sent me this super hot snapchat” Luke beamed.

“Eh that’s not that impressive” The fourth member of the group, Ashton, interjected. “I mean hasn’t like everyone seen her naked?” He inquired.

“I mean duh” Luke replied “But she’s still hot” He finished.

Mistakes we all make them

But they won’t let it go, no

She got a bad reputation

But I know what they don’t

Michael simply rolled his eyes as his ignorant friends. He had known Y/N and he knew that she wasn’t the type of girl they thought she was. She was smart, funny, generous, and kind. He could remember when they used to be best friends up until eighth grade. High school was when everything changed.

Michael began getting closer with Calum, Ashton,and Luke and soon they had started their band together and that began to take up majority of his time. Meanwhile, Y/N had met her former boyfriend, Blake. They were together for about six months until she finally broke it off after the incident.

In the beginning of their relationship, Y/N and Blake were very sexual and were known to show more PDA in the halls at school. They were inseparable and constantly had their hands on each other. Pretty soon, the two would exchange sexual pictures back in forth, sometimes even in class. On their half year anniversary, Y/N went to surprise Blake at his house since she knew that his parents were gone for the weekend. When she had arrived she caught him in the bed with another girl. She was absolutely heartbroken by this and broke up with him immediately to much of Blake’s dismay.

By this time Blake had a nice collection of Y/N’s “pictures” and out of anger he showed them to all his friends and his friend showed them to their friends and so on until the whole school had seen them. Not only was Y/N embarrassed but she was also hurt. She would’ve never expect someone who she trusted so much to betray her in such a way.

She got a bad reputation

Nobody gets too close

A sight of a soul when it’s breaking

Making my heart grow cold

After all of this, Y/N’s friends didn’t want to be seen with her any longer which left her alone in the big school. She was mocked and teased constantly. Michael pitied her and tried to reached out to her, but she became introverted and withdrew from all social interactions.

He soon began to miss their youthful friendship and he couldn’t figure out what kind of a guy would do such a thing to her.

Pretty soon after the incident more people started to say that she had sent them pictures as well or she had performed sexual acts. At this point Y/N was weak and beaten, so she simply took all the hit to her reputation.

Michael knew better than to listen to the harsh rumors. He wanted so badly to pick her back up and place her back down on her feet again so she might have a fighting chance again. He had wished that he would have kept in touch with her throughout the years.

And I don’t care what they say about you baby

They don’t know what you’ve been through

And trust me, I could be the one to treat you like a lady

Let me see what’s underneath, all I need is you

The school’s bells rung signaling that classes had ended for the day. Michael walked out in the parking lot to his car. He hopped into the driver’s seat and turned on his radio to a deafening volume. Loud music would drown out the rest of the world and help him think. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as he drove when he looked out his side window to see Y/N walking all alone.

Michael pulled up next to her and slowed down so he could go the same pace as her.

“Hey Y/N” He said to her.

She didn’t even look up. She kept her head down and shoved her hands in the pockets of her skinny jeans and continued walking.

“Are you on your way home? I can give you a ride home if you want”. When she remained quiet he continued speaking “Y/N, you okay? If you want to we can talk. Just get in the car and I can drive you home,you look tired”

The girl halted her steps causing Michael to step on his brake pedal which made him stop as well.

Y/N looked up at him “Why do you suddenly care, Michael? You haven’t talked to me in years. Why now are you concerned for me? Do you pity me? I don’t need your pity. I just want to walk home. Alone.” with that she tore her eyes away from his and walked at a faster pace, trying to get away from him.

Michael started driving again but didn’t leave her side “Look, I don’t pity you. To be completely honest, I miss you. I miss our fun times and our friendship” he confessed

Y/N scoffed “If you really valued our friendship so much then why did you ditch me?”

“It’s complicated” he explained. “I was a dumb freshman and I didn’t know any better, but you have to believe me. I changed as a person since then”

“Yeah, well, I’ve changed too.” Y/N stated simply.

Michael sighed at the stubborn girl “Y/N, i’m sorry. I really am and I want to move forward. I know that you’ve been through alot in the past year but I do not pity you. I’m trying to reach out to you but you keep pushing my away. It’s not healthy and I love you and I don’t want to see you suffer anymore”

Y/N covered her face with her hands and soon he saw her shoulders shake as sobs racked her body. Michael quickly pulled his car off of the road and ran to her side. He wrapped his arms around her and embraced her.

When he had eventually calmed Y/N down enough he lead her to the passenger side of his car before getting back into his own seat.   

“You’re right Michael” Y/N sniffled. “I push people away. I can’t help it though, imagine if the people you trusted the most had hurt and abandoned you. It pains me so much. So, I lock everyone out. I don’t want to. I just want to be normal again.”

Michael reached over and grasped her hand and gave it a light squeeze. “I’m here now, and I can see what’s underneath all those ugly rumors. I see you as the beautiful, intelligent, sweet, funny person you are and I promise I won’t leave you again.”

She got a bad reputation

She takes the long way home

William Nylander - With Us

A/N: Hello everyone! This is the first imagine on this blog. I wish you’ll like it :) I plan to write a second part for this. Let me know what you think about it. 

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Warning: Cancer

Word count: 968

I am in the MasterCard Centre for the practice of the Maple Leafs. The atmosphere was heavy and I knew that it was because of me. Everyone was doing their own thing quietly. I tried to capture some pictures of the new goalie Andersen and also of the rookies but my finger couldn’t press that button. I close my eyes trying to stop the tears but it was too hard.

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They find out that you and Jungkook eloped (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he was kinda happy for you guys because he knew you would be married someday- “aw that’s cute. I wish you would have told us sooner”

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Jin: -he would want you and him to pose for him somehow. Being mom like and wanting tons of pictures of the two of you- “okay okay I promise last one”

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Suga: -he really didn’t care because it was your guys life not his and you were happy so was he- “congrats guys be happy and healthy together”

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J-Hope: -he wasn’t mad more a less teased you two about it in a whiny way- “you know I could have been the best man”

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Jimin: -he saw it coming and had a feeling something was different between the two of you especially since you guys had rings and all- “congrats I’m glad you guys tied the knot”

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V: -he was shocked the baby of the group got married so earlier on in his life- “but you two are so young. You two aren’t having babies yet right? We’re safe for a bit?”

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Jungkook: -he was happy with you, you two were ready, neither of you guys had a problem with being married. Eloping was fine with you two even if you guys didn’t even tell the boys right away- “are you guys mad because I feel in love and got married before you all?”

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Uhhh I was looking through your page (I LOVE YOUR ART BTW U HAVE TALENT) and I saw you drew a picture about a game called yanderella? I wanted to know where to play it cause I love yandere games and other things with yanderes and was wondering if you knew of any other yandere stuffs???? Thanks~

thank you ! i downloaded it [here] !! it was pretty short but i liked it :3c

and honestly ahh i wish i knew more yandere stuff, there’s yandere simulator of course but everyone probably knows that haha, i haven’t played it myself though. apart from that and a few yandere anime characters i don’t really know more ;(

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How do you picture Planet Vegeta, since they are a primitive race think it was like a jungle type atmosphere?

Yup, pretty much!

Based on some of the images we saw on DBZ of Planet Vegeta, it was red, right?

So I’ve always pictured it as having a weather that was hotter than the one from Earth. I think it was probably a hard planet to live in, which would have also forced its inhabitants to be strong in order to survive in it.

That’s my personal headcanon anyway, sadly we don’t know much about Planet Vegeta or Vegeta’s family/origins/younger years…


I kind of wish we’d seen more of how Vakama’s audience reacted as he was telling them the stories of Metru Nui.

I just picture him getting to the bit about how they hid the masks around the island, and all the Toa Nuva jump up and start yelling at their respective Turaga at once. 

Or even the other Turaga pulling him up on certain details, putting their two widgets’ worth in whenever they could. 

And the sheer amount of “YOU did THAT? You? YOU????” from all sides (even between Turaga, since it’s unlikely they knew literally everything about each others’ shenanigans).

lavietudier  asked:

♫ !! woohoo you finally posted it! My day has been alright but it's just!! one more test left and I can finally take a break from school ahhhhhh.

Yes one more test left and then a very very deserved rest! (can’t wait to text til 2 am about how much you hate satie and also.. can’t wait til i have a nicenice nickname for you).

Ah Hen! Where do I start? You’re just so sweet and nice with everyone (you were the first person to talk to me! idk if you knew that) and i lovelovelove how supportive of everyone in this community you are <3 please never leave tumblr (even if it sucks now). And ah! i never get to see enough of your original content, i wish you would post more because i really like your warm pictures of music scores, so clean and simple, and so effortlessly nice.

Pls be my friend forever.

Also another fun thing that happened today: we colored pictures of JPII and so I told them about how in iconography certain colors symbolize certain things. And one girl said “what does pink mean in heaven??” Which was probably the most adorable question I’ve ever heard and then everyone started bringing their pictures to me and asked me to explain what their drawings meant “in heaven”, and I honestly could only remember like 5 color meanings but I wish I knew more because it made them so happy and I just love these kids so much💖☺️💖

I wish I knew more about the side effects from drinking from the well. I mean it seems like it imparts the ability to comprehend the language at least.

Like imagine Lavellan hearing or speaking elvish and suddenly the knowledge of their ancestors starts spilling forward to fill the gaps in their knowledge, finding that grammar that was foggy is now clear, and words and meaning are clicking together seamlessly to form new meaning.
Former First Lavellan practising their writing or reading an old elven tome and finding that they can make sense of it. The swirls and waves aren’t just pretty pictures with hidden meanings that take hours of deciphering to understand, they’re words. And warrior or rogue Lavellan? They can read elven. They can read it. They’ve never been trained, never been allowed to see the tomes the Keeper has in her aravel. But they can read it now.

10 Questions for Our Chief Scientist

NASA Chief Scientist…pretty cool title, right? The office represents all the scientific endeavors at NASA, ensuring they’re aligned with and fulfilling the administration’s science goals.  

After more than three years as Chief Scientist, Ellen Stofan is departing for new adventures. We caught up with her to ask 10 questions about her role and what she will miss most after she leaves the agency. Take a look…

1) What were some of your expectations coming in as NASA’s chief scientist?

When I started as Chief Scientist, all I knew is that I would be science advisor to the Administrator, Charlie Bolden, overseeing the agency’s science portfolio. What I did not realize at the time was the degree that I would be impressed by him. 

Charlie is an amazing leader who deeply cares about each and every person at this agency. He makes everyone feel valued. That is why NASA has just been voted by our employees for the fifth straight year as the Best Place to Work in the federal government!

2) What do you think it the next big thing for NASA science?

Looking across our science portfolio, I think the most exciting area, which actually connects everything we do, is the search for life beyond Earth. People have long wondered if we are alone, and we are now actually going to answer that question in the next few decades. We are exploring Mars, where it is very likely that life evolved at around the same time life evolved here on Earth. Conditions on Mars deteriorated after about a billion years, so life either went underground, or became extinct. It will likely take future Mars astronauts to find the best evidence of Mars life.

We also are planning to explore the ocean worlds of the outer solar system, like Europa, where we might find life in subsurface oceans. Beyond our solar system, the thousands of planets discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope have made me very optimistic that we are close to finding an Earth 2.0—though that will take us a little longer.

3) NASA science rewrites textbooks all the time. What is something you’ve seen here that has the potential to occur in the future that will change the textbooks for kids of tomorrow?

For kids 16 and under today, for every day of their life, we have been living and working in space on board the International Space Station. Now we are ready to take that next step in the coming decade, to move humans beyond low-Earth orbit where we have been for such a long time, out to the vicinity of the moon and then on to Mars. 

These kids are the “Mars generation,” and the exploration of Mars will change our outlook in profound ways, from looking back at Earth – that will just look like another star – to finding evidence of life beyond Earth. So it will not just change science textbooks, it will change how we look at ourselves when we become a multi-planetary species.

4) Behind every pretty space image is a team of scientists who analyze all the data to make the discovery happen. What do you wish the public knew about the people and work that goes into each of those pretty pictures?

It really does take a team.  When I go out and talk to school kids, I tell them learning how to be a good member of a team is so important in life. You need to learn to be a leader and a follower, and above all a listener. Our teams at NASA are becoming more and more diverse, which is incredibly important. If everyone looks the same and comes from the same background, they are likely to approach problems the same way. And when you are trying to do tough things – from addressing climate change to sending humans to Mars – you need the best team, which means a diverse team.

5) We have a lot of opportunities for citizen science. What’s one opportunity you wish everyone knew about that they could get involved with at NASA?

Go to www.nasa.gov/solve where you can find all kinds of great opportunities to join us at NASA in searching for planets around other stars, exploring Mars, helping us gather data about this planet, and tackling technology challenges. We really are stronger together, and getting the public involved in what we do is helping us get more good science every day. Even more importantly, it lets people know that science is fun!

6) What changes did you make at the agency while you were there?

As Chief Scientist, I got to work on a lot of fun challenges, from our strategy on how to get humans to Mars, to learning about and promoting the research we do every day on the International Space Station. But one of the things that I am most proud of is that, working with my team, NASA now collects voluntary demographic data on all of our grant proposals. Implicit or unconscious bias is all around us; we may act on deep-seated biases that we don’t even know we have. The first step in dealing with bias is seeing if you have a problem, and that is what the data collection will tell us.

7) You worked a lot with kids as the agency’s Chief Scientist. How important do you feel STEM education is for NASA?

We need the next generation of scientists, doctors, computer programmers, technologists and engineers, and NASA provides the inspiration and hands-on activities that help get kids interested in science. Because of climate change, we are facing rising sea levels, changing patterns of agriculture, and changing weather. We need good engineers and scientists to help us mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

On top of that, we live in a society that is dependent on technology; I don’t think most of us can go very long without checking our smartphones. But as technology becomes more complex, we need everyone in society to have at least a basic understanding of it, and that’s where the importance of STEM education comes in. We are ALL consumers of science and technology. We all need to be informed consumers.

8) What solar system destination are you still most excited/eager for NASA to still go explore?

As a planetary geologist, I am most excited by one of the ocean worlds of the outer solar system. Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, is an amazing little world where it rains, and the liquid forms rivers, lakes and seas. But this liquid is actually liquid methane and ethane –basically gasoline, rather than water – due to the extremely cold temperatures out by Saturn. 

Titan is an excellent place to explore to help us better understand how oceans and atmospheres interact, and maybe even understand more about the limits of life. We think water is critical to the evolution of life, but Titan may tell us that having a liquid is the most important factor.

9) What will you miss most?

It’s the people of NASA whom I will miss the most. Everyone I work with is so committed to the mission of this agency—pushing back the frontiers of science and technology to accomplish great things for the nation. NASA represents the best of this country. We demonstrate that with hard work and determination, we can explore the universe, our galaxy, our solar system and our home planet. 

Our partnerships with other space agencies from around the world and with the private sector here have shown me that great teams accomplish great things. I like to say that NASA is the keeper of the future—we don’t just wait for the future to happen. We work to create it every day.

10) In your opinion, after seeing everything you’ve seen here, why should people care about the science at NASA?

At NASA, we gather the data to help answer the most fundamental and profound questions: Where did we come from? How does our planet and our universe work? What is the fate of our planet? It is only by exploring, by making measurements, by answering scientific questions that we can move forward as a society. And in doing so, we push technology and engineering in ways that benefit us every day right here on Earth. 

NASA makes measurements that show how the sea level is rising, how Arctic ice is melting, and how weather patterns are changing. We also gather data to help farmers grow more crops using less water, help understand our water resources, and do the research to improve forecasting. These data keep us secure and improve the quality of life on Earth every day.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com

Lesson 9e - Literature and the Sagas, Part V: The Icelandic Sagas and Saga Style.

Komið þið sæl,

Note: [If you have not done so already, check out last week’s lesson, which was Part IV of this lesson series. Visit “Viking History” on my blog to view all of the lessons.]

Last week, we discussed the two saga genres of Fornaldarsögur (mythical-heroic sagas) and Konungasögur (king sagas). This week, we will be discussing the third genre of saga literature: Íslendingasögur (family sagas). This final genre actually makes up the bulk of saga literature we have. It is also the genre that is most studied for historical information, in regards to medieval Icelandic society and culture. In this lesson, we will seek to understand what makes this genre unique. We will also uncover how they are created and in what context they were made.


  1. Íslendingasögur
  2. History or Fantasy?
  3. The Contemporary Sagas
  4. Saga Style


The sagas of the Icelanders are quite unique, maintaining a careful sense of realism and familiarity. Although most were written in the thirteenth century, also referred to as the “Sturlung Age(Snorri and his powerful family), the stories they tell take place between ca. 870 and 1070. We will discuss the complications of this in a moment, though. 

There are around 40 of these sagas, telling the tales of those families that migrated from Norway to Iceland, telling of intricate family connections and the lives of the early settlers. Most importantly, these sagas give some insight into life in Iceland during the medieval period.

Some of the most popular family sagas are:

  1. Njal’s saga
  2. Egil’s saga
  3. Laxdaela Saga

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vanessnettness  asked:

Hi! So can I request? I've been having throat/cold problems for what seems like forever... Dr. Finally made some headway on a diagnosis- either have an enlarged thyroid (which runs in my family) or a mass in my throat, which as a singer and actress terrifies me. Having thyroid tests next week and meeting w/an ENT surgeon on the 28th... Could you write a Harry oneshot where y/n has surgery since that looks like my future?

Your POV

“I’m sorry Miss Y/L/N, but the sooner you have the surgery to remove your kidney, the less likely the infection will spread.”

“But…” I was scared, I needed Harry here with me but he was in New York, doing interviews and writing with other artists while I was stuck here at Massachusetts General Hospital, talking to the top surgeon in his field because Harry demanded I have the best.

“Y/N, right now,” Dr. Thompson held up a scan of my kidneys up to the light, “The infection is predominantly in your left kidney, but if we don’t remove it, it will spread to your left kidney and other organs.” He pointed at the dark clusters and moved his fingers down and across my internal organs, showing me how it would spread.

“Alright, let’s do the surgery.” I felt my voice shake as I agreed and Dr. Thompson nodded and ordered the nurse to draw up the paper work.

I needed him here with me, holding my hand, telling me it was going to be okay. My parents were on vacation in Europe and I made him promise not to tell them because I didn’t want them to worry. My friends were all in Los Angeles and I didn’t want them to lose their shits by telling them, so I might have lied and said I was on vacation with Harry.

I picked up the phone that was on my side table and unlocked it, quickly finding Harry’s name under my favorites.

I didn’t want to worry him or have him leave his bandmates by telling him I was probably going into surgery tonight, but I did need to hear his voice.

“Hello?” I was surprised to hear that he answered to quickly.

“Hey Harry!“ I smiled.

“Hi love, how are you feeling? Everything alright?” Harry sounded concerned.

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and tried my best to conceal the shakiness in my voice,“Yes, yes, everything’s fine! How’s New York?“

“It’s great! Just finished running through the SNL skit that’s going to be aired tonight. It’s quite funny.” I heard him chuckle.

“Oh I can’t wait to watch it! I’ll be tuned in!” I lied.

“What did Dr. Thompson say about your infection?”

“He’s still running a few more tests, but I think I’ll be fine, I feel much better today.” I lied again, I really hated doing this to him but Harry had more important things to do than worry about me.

“Y/N, you fainted in my arms five days ago, that’s not fine.” His voice was serious now.

“Oh pfft, Harry! Don’t worry about me!” I tried to change the subject, “What else are you going to be doing in New York? Where are the pictures you promised you’d send me?” I said in a pouty voice, which I knew made him smile.

“I’ll send them as soon as we get off the phone! It’s beautiful, Christmas time in New York is a sight to see. I wish you were here.“ 

"Next year!" 

"Definitely. I promise to bring you here next year babe.”

Harry and I talked for another half an hour before he had to go because his manager needed to talk to the gang, so we said our ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love you’s’ before he finally hung up. As promised five minutes after we hung up, Harry sent me 32 pictures of him and the boys in New York and also a video of them telling me to get well.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and cried as I watched the video over and over again. I needed Harry to know I loved him, just in case anything went wrong. I know that surgically removing a kidney has been done thousands and thousands of times a year but it was still scary because anything could happen while I’m under and that terrified me.

At 8pm the surgical prep team woke me up from my 20 minute nap and prepared me for surgery. I was absolutely exhausted. I was suppose to sleep and rest all day but because I was going into this surgery alone, my mind was in a daze. On top of that I hadn’t eaten in almost 12 hours (because you can’t before surgery), so my nerves were on the fritz.

The nurses and physician’s assistants rolled me into the surgical room and I requested that the surgeon explained the nephrectomy (kidney removal) procedure step by step. During pre-op, another docter already told me the risks, such as I could have breathing problems, a stroke, a heart attack, or blood clots during the surgery and I needed the surgeon to tell me everything he was going to do once he opened me up to calm my nerves.

The anesthesiologist placed the anesthesia mask over my mouth and nose and told me to count backwards from ten. I picture Harry’s green eyes and concentrated on them as I counted and then I blacked out.

7 hours later

“The surgery went well. It only lasted about 4 hours. There were no complications. She should be waking up pretty soon, Mr. Styles.” The anesthesia was wearing off and I was coming out of my sleep but everything was still hazy. I heard my doctor’s voice ring in my ears as I tried to focus on something.

I was groggy and extremely tired but I could recognize his voice anywhere, “Thank you so much Dr. Thompson, for all your help and for letting me know about the surgery.”

The door to my room softy shut and I tried to lift my hands and push myself up, “Harry?”

“Y/N… you’re awake.” His voice was soft and comforting. I felt him take my hand in his and kiss the top of my forehead.

My throat was dry so I swallowed what little saliva was in my mouth, “How… why are you here?” 

“Because you’re my girlfriend, I want to be here for you. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were going into surgery. If it wasn’t for Dr. Thompson’s voicemail, I wouldn’t have known. I flew here right after our episode of SNL.”

“Harry, you did-” I felt terrible, I never wanted him to put me before his work.

“Ssshhh,” Harry picked up my hand and kissed the back of it, “Get some rest babe, we’ll talk later. I love you. I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.”

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two secret personalities

Summary: Chat Noir isn’t the only secret Adrien is keeping from his friends that only a certain kwami knows about.

Here starts the late uploads for Adrinette April! Day #18 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is crush swap!

AO3 link here!

Marinette had not stopped gushing about him.

It had been days since the superhero had saved her. Alya felt like she had been there to witness it personally with the way Marinette kept gushing about him.

According to her best friend, Marinette had almost gotten hit by a car that had gone flying into the air during an akuma attack, and she felt frozen as she watched the car fly towards her, only closing her eyes and waiting for an impact that never came.

Chat Noir had been fast enough to run in and grab her before she had gotten hit and had held Marinette tightly in his arms, not noticing the way Marinette was staring up at him with such adoration, a blush crossing her cheeks as she let out a deep sigh.

“Hang on tight, I’ll bring you home, princess.” Chat had murmured before taking off, running at top speed as he held onto Marinette tight.

Not that she would have fallen, anyway. Her grip on Chat was strong enough, and she forgot about the fact that she had almost died, instead focusing on the fact that Chat had just called her princess.

“Stay safe, alright?” Chat had told her, giving her a smile as he set her down on her balcony. She could only nod in response, allowing Chat to think that she was simply a civilian who was in shock about her near death and not because she was trying to comprehend the fact that her crush had cared enough to call her princess and bring her home.

Which, Alya realized, explained all the doodles Marinette had drawn of Chat Noir. The cat-themed superhero was all over Marinette’s sketchbook, and there was even a doodle or two of him in another outfit.

She had fallen head over heels and there was no reeling her in.

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