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Why all of the Disney princesses are awesome

Snow White

- was a survivor of attempted murder, and was resilient to not let that horrid and traumatizing event bring her down or let it ruin her life

- was a victim of emotional abuse, and didn’t let the abuse get to her

- would save a baby bird from danger and make sure it found it’s parents

- knows how to hold a rocking party with friends


- survivor of emotional abuse from her stepmom and stepsisters for many years, and stayed kind towards others

- despite her family treating her so wrongly and poorly, she just wanted to spend a night with them and have fun with them, and just be like a normal family “ Prince Charming, who “ ?????

- she’s sassy as fuck “ Well I don’t want to interrupt their “music lesson “ during her stepsisters bad singing

- even though she had a short time to be at the ball, she was grateful for the opportunity anyways


- Gives up her happiness, to perform her duty as a princess for her kingdom and her kingdom’s future and knows that she must do her job as a princess. That’s pretty brave and selfless.

- that gorgeous blonde curly hair !!!!


- she’s the first Princess that goes forward to make her dreams come true, rather than just wishing, hoping and waiting.

- she’s adventurous, curious, loves to explore, learn about new things and new cultures and new world

- she’s the first Princess to save her love interest, but once, but twice


- different, odd and a misfit from the common crowd and gives no fucks

- “ Women shouldn’t read “ Well shut the fuck up, I’m going to do what I love and enjoy anyways.

- takes no bullshit. You are a asshole ? Got no time for that. She’s outtie.

- sees the good within people, but is also isn’t naive, she knows that some people are just plain monsters, through and through.


- will stand up for her rights, and won’t be pushed around

- is quick, sharp, intelligent and a fast learner

-wants to learn more about the outside world and her people

-if you try and lie to her or manipulate her or treat her like she’s a fool, she’s not having that shit


-will fight for her people, her family, her world, her home, her culture

- she’s the first princess to save the day, not the guy, not a male sidekick, she’s the one the saves the day, while Snow had the Dwarfs, Cinderella had her mice friends, Aurora had Prince Phillip, Ariel had Eric, and Jasmine had Aladdin. ( Belle is debatable imo )

- loves the earth and nature and will protect it from harm


- she saves China, I mean, come on

- she never gives up, no matter what. If she fails, she will just try even harder to succeed and will find a way on how can succeed.

- brave, determined, strong mentally and physically, a kind friend

-teaches girls that it’s okay if you haven’t found yourself yet- if you don’t give up, one day you will, and you will conquer

- pushes gender norms

- another female princess that saves the day, not her male love interest, or sidekicks, is also the first princess to defeat the villian in battle, like a previous male character like Phillip or Eric would


- is hard-working, and never gives up on her dreams, and will work hard to get there

- teaches that dreams are done by sweating your butt off, giving up on fun sometimes, sometimes having to work more than one job, than just wishing and hoping, you have to take action, and make that dream happen

-ambitious and smart and realistic

- teaches that you shouldn’t take a short-cut, find a lazy option, cheat or gamble your way to success, the only to get there is through hard work and effort

- again,another badass princess that saves the day on her own


- is kind to everybody

- is cheerful, positive, warm and supportive towards others, even people who seem “scary “, she knows inside, that we all have dreams

-is brave enough to step outside her  zone and new and strange places and territories

- anger her by harming one of her loved ones and she will fucking tear you apart

- a talented artist

Anna and Elsa

- teaches girls that family love is just as important than romance love, if not more so

- Anna goes through a abusive relationship and isn’t put off love forever, she learns her lesson, doesn’t let Hans bad treatment of her ruin her or let her become a toxic person, like he was, and moves on with a better man, and a healthier relationship

- Elsa goes through basically being locked up with lack of other human contact, fearing her powers and fearing what other people think of, to come out as better and stronger person

- Elsa teaches that sometimes its best not let what others think of you, and just say “ fuck it “ and just be yourself and be free

- Anna teaches the difference between a unhealthy relationship (whirlwind romance,quickly trusting people, getting into a deep relationship with somebody you don’t even know )  and healthy one ( somebody who gives you his jacket when you are cold, holds you close when you are scared, is worried about your well-being, getting to know somebody first before leaping in, somebody who asks for your consent before kissing you, will do anything to make sure you are safe and okay )


- will do anything for her island and people and make sure they’ll all okay

- her leadership skills are A++

- no “ you are forced to marry this boy so you can become his queen”, BS, Moana is the future leader

- is brave to fear the unknown waters, learn new skills, and battle monsters

- is understanding, and understands why somebody acts the way that they do

- is extremely independent

in short, they are all awesome, even the three originals.


Group/Member: BTS/Jimin

Words: 2057

Genre: smut, fluff

Summary: Y/N surprises Jimin on tour, and Namjoon lets her know some things about her boyfriend

Request: anonymous

Includes: thigh riding, oral (reader receiving), overstimulation (reader receiving), and breath play

A/N: My longest scenario yet! I’m pretty proud of the length of it! I hope you enjoy it! ~Admin Unnie

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“Thanks again for helping me plan this, Namjoon.” You said as he led you to their waiting room. There was an hour before they went on stage in Anaheim, and you were on your way to surprise your boyfriend, Jimin. You hadn’t seen him in a few weeks since he left for the tour, and you were missing him. Namjoon was more than willing to help when you called him.

“No problem. We couldn’t book an extra hotel room for you because one: Jimin would get suspicious and two: if anyone else were to find out, it would start a lot of rumors and drama about who the extra room was for. Although, I’m sure it shouldn’t be a problem for you to share a room with Jimin at all.” He winked at you before stopping in front of the waiting room door.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You could feel your cheeks heating up, as you were about 90% sure he was referring to you guys having sex, which you thought you had been doing good about keeping quiet about. You didn’t even know if the other guys knew you were having sex with Jimin yet.

“I’m sure you don’t. I just know Jimin’s been asking me some…interesting questions about what you guys may or may not get up to in private.” He moved to open the door, but you grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“He’s been asking questions? Like what?” You were still flustered and embarrassed due to what you two had just been talking about, but now you were curious.

“Just stuff like what he could do to spice things up and tips on how to make things more enjoyable for you.” Namjoon said, slight smirk on his face as he could see you were flustered over the whole ordeal.

“Can we just, act like we never had this conversation, and get on with surprising Jimin?” You asked, since you had no reason to be having this conversation with Namjoon anymore.”

“As you wish.” He opened the door, still keeping you hidden from view. “I hope everyone’s decent, because I have a little surprise for you.” Namjoon stepped aside to let you in the room.

“Y/N!” Everyone called out in greeting, as a fluff ball appeared in your vision and brought you into a tight hug.

“I’ve missed you, jagi!” Jimin says into your neck as you hug him back. He pulls back and pecks your cheek. “What are you doing here?” He asked, not letting go of your hand as he pulled you over to the corner of the room where you guys could cuddle without the others teasing you.

“I wanted to surprise you.” You said as you leaned over to kiss him on the lips. “But I do have something I want to talk to you about. Not here, but later, after the concert.”

It was a little after midnight when you guys finally made it back to the hotel. You bid the other members goodbye as Jimin led you to his, now your shared, room. “What did you want to talk about?” He asked as he swung your linked hands between the two of you, still energized after the show they just performed.

“How often do you talk about our sex life to the other guys?” Jimin stopped right in front of the door, shocked at your question.

“I-I don’t-“

“Namjoon’s already told me about your ‘questions’.” You cut him off. He pulled out his room key, and you can see his hand shaking slightly, obviously nervous over the fact that you know.

“What did he tell you?” Jimin asked as he led you into the room, turning the light on as he closed the door.

“Nothing much, just that you had asked for some tips.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hand over his face. “I’m sorry, I know it’s personal and private, but-“

“It’s okay. I’m not mad.” You say as you stand directly in front of him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Jimin began playing with the hem of the dress you were wearing, still not wanting to make eye contact just in case you were lying about being mad. “But I am curious about what tips he gave you.”

He looked up at you, and you noticed a certain glint in his eyes that only came out for special occasions. “Are you sure you want to know?” You nod as you lean down to kiss him. He places his hands on your hips as he deepens the kiss.

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Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!

Tamaki: Welcome, ladies! As your host, I would like to honor each of our guests for helping us celebrate our first annual Singles Awareness Day Ball!

Haruhi: *aside* Why are we doing this again? Won’t this just upset the guests rather than made them feel good? 

Kyoya: I wish you had mentioned that beforehand. Our princely idiot could not be persuaded out of spending all this money on a rather awkward party. 

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Kaoru: Yeah… How the heck are we supposed to dance with ALL of these ladies? 

Hikaru: Not to mention you and I are in charge of the kissing booth… I don’t think there’s enough Chapstick for that. 

Tamaki: The Host Club couldn’t possibly shower you with the attention you all deserve, so this year we decided to do things differently. Rather than have a few meager minutes with each of you, we decided to spend the whole evening with all of you! We have a plethora of refreshments, activities, and dancing! There’s no room for any lonely girls on my watch! 

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Honey: ACHOO!!! 

Mori: Bless you *hands him a kleenex* 

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Haruhi: Honey Senpai, are you alright? 

Honey: Oh, yes, Haru-chan. I’m just a little sniffly from collecting all the flowers. Takashi and I are supposed to make flower crowns with all the girls. ACHOO!!!! 

 Haruhi: Oh… Well I hope that goes well! 

Tamaki: … And I’d love to dance with all of you, but remember I only have two hands. So to fix that problem… *cue music* 

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Tamaki: we dance with the queen!!!! *strips down to leotard*

Gift Giving

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Summary: Kili gives you gifts and you make a decision to give him one in return.

Pairings: Kili x Reader

Word Count: 1,522

A/N: Like I said last night, I made a different drabble based on a request. 

Master List   

The training room was hot for an empty room. You supposed it was a good thing because it would make the dwarf warriors more bearable to the outside weather.

You were currently in there for your sparring session with King Thorin. 

After the mountain was reclaimed, you and your father, one of the dwarf lords that was alive during the sack of Erebor, moved from the Iron Hills back to the Lonely Mountain and took up residence in your father’s old childhood home.

You were happy that your father had finally got reunited with his old ancestral home but you knew deep down that he was disappointed with you.

You were the most un-dwarrowdam-like dam in the history of un-dwarrowdams-like dams. You were to put it shortly very Tom boy preferring trousers over dresses and sparring over men and your father had lost hope of ever having heirs until you met Kili.

You had found the training room one day and practiced using your bow and arrow, another disappointment to your father due to the fact that no dwarf used arrows, which you now know is not true.

Kili had found you that day and you almost shot him when he interrupted you. After him apologizing and you also apologizing, you two got on like a house on fire and started courting four months after your first meeting which is why you were currently in the training room with Thorin.

After 6 months of courting his nephew, he wanted to get to know you better and had asked Fili if he knew what you were interested in. Fili had suggested a spar session and he jumped at that opportunity. He had thought you were one of those dams that liked to gossip and shop. He didn’t want to deal with that and was glad that he didn’t have to.

“Aren’t you going to take breather?” Thorin asks as you go for your bow and arrows. “This is taking a breather, my lord,” you tell him as you steady your breathing while loading your bow.

Thorin chuckles from his spot on the bench, taking a sip of water from his flask. You were an amazing fighter and he has wished that you had joined them on the journey, but being the only daughter of a very high dwarf lord does hinder things.

You aim for the target, closing one eye and bring the fletching level with your eye line. You steady your movements ready to let go.

“Y/N!” A voice shouts and that breaks your concentration and your grip. You wince as the arrow hits the stone behind, arrowhead breaking.

“For Mahal’s sake,” you groan as you turn to the door that had just slammed open. You ignore Thorin’s snicker as Kili comes bounding up to you.

“Hello amralime,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing a kiss on your cheek earning a groan of disgust as you think about all the sweat on your body.

“Kee I’m in the sweatiest possible state right now. I don’t think you want to kiss me,” you grumble. “I’d love to kiss you when you’re sweaty,” he says lowly and you smile at him.

“Ahem,” Thorin coughs from his spot on the bench. Kili looks at him then back at you.

“Right. So I have a surprise,” he says, backing away and it’s then that you realize he has something attached to his back. He removed it and it’s a quiver full of arrows.

“I made these for you. They’re not the best but-,”

"Oh Kili I love them,” you say, grabbing them from his hand and pressing a kiss on his cheek. He smiles shyly down at you.

“Well I just wanted to stop by to give you that,” he says, pressing a kiss to your lips and jogging out. You shake your head at him and turn to Thorin who has his arms crossed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to throw up this much in my entire life,” Thorin states and you stick your tongue out at the king.

“I bet you’re happy that he’s happy,” you say, notching the new arrow Kili gifted you with.

“What else would I be?” Thorin asks, sneaking up behind you and moving your elbow so you don’t quite hit the target. You glare at him.

“You are just like your nephews,” you say and he shrugs not denying it. Soon, with your newly made arrows, the both of you are parting ways with you in dire need of a bath. When you get home, you find your father already making dinner, something that you typically did.

“Hello, adad,” you say, kissing him on his cheek. “Hello sweetheart. How was your day with the king?” He asks

“We just spent it sparring and I got a new gift from Kili,” you say, holding up the arrows that you wanted to show him.

He smiles and takes the arrows in his hand.

“Go and bathe. You look like you need it,” he says and you laugh, doing what he has told. When you get out of the bath, there is a new wrapped item on the dining room table.

“What is this?” you ask as you take a seat.

“No idea. Prince Fili came by to drop it off while you were in the bath,” your father says as he paces a plate of food in front of you.

You open up the card that was placed on the top and you laugh as you read the message.

“Kili wanted me to give this to you and I have to say you’re both so in love that it’s actually gross. Love your favorite Durin, -Fili.”

You open up the box and there are a new pair of daggers. You’ve been meaning to ask someone to craft you some but you had no time and now you didn’t need to.

Your father chuckles, shaking his head.

“You know, these weren’t the kinds of gifts I gave your mother while we were courting,” He says, taking a seat.

“Well, you know me and mother, we’re not the same person,” you say, planning on what to give Kili since he’s already gifted you with a lot. But what do you get a prince who has everything?

“Aye. You are not,” your father says and with that the both of you fall into a comfortable silence.

A few days later, you find Kili in the throne room with Fili and Thorin with a gift in hand

“Amralime. I wasn’t expecting you,” Kili says, pressing a kiss to your lips. That earns a groan from Fili and you flip him off, earning a grin from Thorin. Let’s just say he was excited to have you in the family.

“I just thought I’d stop by and give you these,” you say, handing him a small box while making his hair neater. You sometimes wondered if he even took care of his hair.

“You didn’t have to,” he says, giving you a small smile. “I just thought I’d give you something since you gave me such beautiful gifts,” you say, watching as he opens the box.

You watch nervously as he looks at the gifts. Maybe it was a bad decision? Maybe he wasn’t going to like it and now you were regretting it. The smile on his face grows wider as he looks at you with tears clouding his eyes.

“Is this real?” he asks, taking your hand in his. “Of course amralime, I want to spend my life with you,” you tell him as he takes out your courting beads.

It was a part of dwarven culture that while the male gives the female courting beads at the beginning of the courtship, it was up to the female to solidify the courtship by gifting the male with her own courting beads. (I just made this up. Its not canon or anything.)

“I do wish you had taken more care into your hair,” you grumble, trying to find a perfect place to braid your beads.

You had spent the last three days in the forge creating your own courting beads with the help of Bofur, the dwarf you met thanks to Kili.

“Oh. This is happening isn’t it? They’re finalizing it aren’t they?” Fili asks excitedly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He already liked you as a sister and it hurt his heart that Kili had the doubt of you would turn him down and he was really excited for this moment.

“Quiet down and stop bouncing,” Thorin says, hitting his nephew to make him stop. Fili glares at him and his attention turns back to you two.

You had already braided one head into his hair and when you finish the second braid, you smile at him.

“It’s not the best, but it’ll do,” you say, flicking his hair. Kili smiles down at you. “Either way, I love it,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you above him and you smile before placing a kiss on his lips, ready to spend the rest of your life together.

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For @anhartcuteneon…reader is royalty as requested. Enjoy! (this kinda hurt because I love both Loki and Fandral)

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math hat

i had a teacher in school tell me
i was one of those people
who couldn’t do math.
when you’re a little person
you’re taught to listen to
and believe big people,
so i did.
and he was right.
all through my pre-college schooling
i couldn’t do math.

when i got to college
i had learned that adults
weren’t always right,
and i could do math.
i killed it at math.
i was a fucking rock star at math.
so fuck you, mr. johnson,
you ass hat.
i wish i’d had the balls back then
to say
you’re just one of those people
who can’t teach kids.

© j.a. carter-winward

From Work In Progress coming in Spring 2017

Figuring it out (finally)

Pairing: Deamus (Seamus x Dean)

Notes: I finally did it, Starr. I wrote a goddamn deamus fic @sleepy-loopin

Thanks to @stripygirl for beta me ♥

Seamus had been avoiding Dean for almost five days in a row now.

At the beginning he disappeared only one or two hours from the side of his best friend. Just to feel like he was still an individual person and not that kind of two headed human that people seemed to think they were. Because Seamus was always with Dean, that was a fact not a fact that made him proud, but a fact.

When Dean started to date Ginny, those hours of “free will” weren’t his decision but a reasonable matter. Y'see, Dean wanted to spend time with his girlfriend, exploring her mouth with his avid tongue, probably playing some sort of join-the-dots with her freckles and his calloused hands, and maybe later pin her down on the bed and– Well, yeah, the thing was that Dean wanted to spend time with Ginny and Seamus didn’t want to be the third wheel. It felt wrong in the human decency sense and at the same time it made his stomach feel sick. But mostly it was because of the human decency thing.

That’s when they stopped being Dean-and-Seamus and started being Dean and Seamus. And it felt weird but mostly fine. He sometimes felt that he missed his friend and those were natural feelings or at least that’s what Harry had told him he had kind of the same problem with Ron and Lavender. But that dreadful feeling didn’t last long since once Dean and Ginny had their amicable break up, Dean and Seamus started once again to be Dean-and-Seamus. Or at least for a while.

When Seamus started to feel once again like an entity with two heads, he tried not to panic. Wasn’t easy, but hey he was a strong guy who could face his fears and it all was well. Until he started to notice the weird looks of their classmates everytime he put a bit of a distance - hey, he was a strong guy but sometimes you need to take a break. People were more surprised at him for not taking Dean’s hand or not hugging him senseless than he was. And that was something to say.

So he started noticing it too. 

The way Dean brushed his hair off his face in Potions or the way Dean’s fingers brushed with his everytime he took the lead on the potion making process. The way he always rested his head on Dean’s shoulder when they were on the library, just to aknowledge him in return. How Dean guided him by pushing the lower part of his back. Or how he bit his fingers until they almost bleeded each time Dean was on detention with Snape. And many, many more things but yeah, the point was made. 

He, himself, Seamus Finnigan, noticed how things were working between the two of them. And the strong man fled.

It wasn’t like he wanted to avoid Dean for all eternity - even the thought of that made him wince in pain. But he wanted to sort out why the bloody hell things had developed like this. Y'see, Seamus wasn’t the kind of friend who got really attached to others. Actually when he was a kid he was pretty friendly but he had his boundaries kinda settled and that’s why he tried to remember in which exact moment everything had changed. Probably sharing a room with your best friend changes lot of things but to the let’s-share-clothes-if-everything-is-in-the-laundry-basquet kind not the I’m-gonna-drag-you-across-the-school-holding-hands kind.

But maybe that was because Dean was a very physical friend; he wasn’t sure. So he tried to watch him interact with others. He knew it looked pretty much like stalking but no, he was just watching for research purposes. But Dean never let himself go, never more than a hug. No brushing anyone’s hair behind their ear nor taking anyone’s hand nor bro-snuggles nor anything else. And it was weird, soothing also but mostly weird. Deep inside himself, Seamus knew that otherwise he would have felt jealous. And that’s… that’s not good.

So yeah, he had been avoiding Dean for the last five days, trying to figure something out that he already knew but couldn’t actually accept. But now he’s here in front of Dean’s bed while the former was reading a book and didn’t even look up at him.

“I have to tell you something.”, Seamus breathed out playing with his hands, just to break contact a few seconds later and clean the sweat of his palms on his trousers.

“If you’re gonna tell me that Slughorn told you that you’ll not pass Potions, then save it”, Dean’s eyes still glued to the book. Seamus could feel the way his muscles tensed even more, a small irking feeling growing in his chest.

“What–? No, the bloody hell? Haven’t you noticed that I was avoiding you?”, suddenly he felt stupid at saying that since the whole point of avoiding someone is not letting them know you are actually doing it. The need of swallowing the words just to stop screwing things up mixed with the feeling of the tip of his ears getting hot.

Dean shrugged, still reading that goddamn book on his hands. “You always do that for a couple of days once in a while. This time it was a little bit more but it’s fine”, he said while turning the page nonchalantly. Seamus couldn’t quite figure out if he felt his chest ache or burst in anger.

“Would you bloody look at me!?”, he roared while his eyes started to prickle. Dean quickly snapped his gaze out of the book just to look at Seamus, who held his breath and felt his ears and cheeks start to burn with too much intensity. Maybe it was an awful idea ‘cause now he couldn’t say a word. Dean’s eyes making him feel lost since there was no judgement nor pain in them, just a warm feeling that made Seamus feel somewhat understood.

The noise of the book in Dean’s hands suddenly closing made him jump a bit. He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t move. He was being a bloody idiot standing there with Dean looking at him like nothing was wrong. Like he had expected this. Seamus squinted his eyes as Dean smirked, Seamus eyebrows frowning as an answer. “You bloody knew, didn’t you?”

Dean got up from his bed without losing a beat and stopped right in front of Seamus. That smirk transformed into a fond smile that flipped Seamus’ stomach. If he didn’t know Dean, he would have said that all of this was somewhat planned. Wich he was pretty sure it was somehow or at least Dean had a faint idea of what he was expecting to happen. Suddenly his mind lost all trains of thought; a hand on the back of his neck giving him goosebumps and another one playing carefully with the tips of his fingers. Seamus swallowed again, unable to tear his eyes apart from Dean’s.

“I’m so glad that you finally figured it out”, the smile on Dean’s lips grew wider.

He didn’t have any time to analize how much love that look was giving him. A pair of lips suddenly on his, barely touching like the fire was enough to contain all the feelings that washed over them. Seamus thought about pulling back for a moment just to let go a soft laugh right after. It felt like everytime he tried to brew a new potion or that time he had tried to do rum. It feels like something was going to explode. And that is all the push he needed before cupping both hands at the sides of Dean’s face and pressing their foreheads together. The smile on his lips so wide he could feel his cheeks burning in what he knew was a pretty obvious blush. He didn’t care. He didn’t mind. A low, wishful sigh escaped from his lips. “For Merlin’s ball Dean, I bloody love you”

Just a chuckle, a little one escaping from Dean’s lips. That’s all it took for Seamus to kiss him back again.

Seamus had been avoiding Dean for almost five days in a row. But that wouldn’t be a issue, he wasn’t planning on leaving Dean’s side anymore.

Don’t Let Go (Alec x Reader)

A/N: I didn’t actually see the scene like this in the show so this is all me. Request are also welcome now for both accounts. Please don’t forget to follow my sideblog @imaginesofwonder

You needed to get out of this party it was starting to make you feel overwhelmed. Without Alec by your side you felt lost there. The party was full of shadowhunters which you didn’t exactly seem to know and it’s not like they wanted to know a warlock like you anyways. Making your way through the hall you finally found the door to the roof. You knew that was the perfect place to go because no one would see you leave and judge you, they probably wouldn’t notice you gone anyway but you didn’t need another reason for them to look down on you. Also there was a low chance that anyone would be up there so you could have a few minutes of peace. As you made your way up the old rusty stairs your thoughts of getting away were interrupted when you heard people yelling from the roof. Not really wanting to go back you kept on going. Just as you were about to open the door you could make out who one of the voices were. It was Clary so you figured that she was fighting with Jace once again, you knew they would stop when you walked out. But when you opened the door you were met with a surprise. There was Clary but it wasn’t Jace it was Alec. You gasp at the sight you saw but neither of the two seem to notice you.

“I would never forgive you for this Alec!” Clary shouted as she waved her hands “You killed my mother, the only thing I truly had left to my old life.” Alec looked down at the street wondering if this is how it would end.

“I’m sorry” Alec mumbled still looking down. You were shocked what was going on. Yes you knew Clary was mad but not this mad.

“Why don’t you just end it here Alec? No one would miss you anyway, all you are is a cold blooded killer” Clary took a step closer to Alec making him taking another step closer to the edge of the roof.

“Maybe you are right” Alec told as he faced Clary once again “No one would miss me. I’m nothing anymore I’ve lost everyone. My family hates me, The Clave hates me and most of all Jace. He can’t seem to forgive me for what I did to you.” Alec had tears rolling down his cheeks and so did you. You were beyond shocked all you did was freeze up. How could Alec think all of this? He knew it was all a lie, everyone knew he had done the only right reason. He did what he was born to do and that was to kill demons to protect others. “I’m sorry” Alec whispered and took his final step back letting himself fall knowing that this was the end. Quickly coming to your senses you waved your arm letting your magic catch Alec before he hit the ground. Clary turned wondering where the magic came from and when she did she wished she haven’t. Seeing your angry face was enough for her to want to curl up into a ball.

“LEAVE!” You demanded as you finally got Alec back on the roof. Rushing passed you she left so you made your way to an anxious Alec.

“Baby” Putting your hands on his wet cheeks all you could do was cry. How could you have not notice this.

“I’m sorry” Alec said shaking off your hands so he could look at the floor.

“Stop saying sorry, I had enough there’s nothing for you to be sorry for. You did the right thing Alec and you need to know that. I’m the one who should say sorry. I didn’t notice how much this was getting to you I..I didn’t think it was bad enough for you to try this” When the words came out of your mouth, Alec finally looked up giving you a force smile. You smiled back knowing that this was going to be a long road.

“I love you Alec and so does everyone else. Clary is still feeling the lost of her mom and she needs someone to be mad at right now and that just happens to be you. She felt guilty on the way out that time you could tell. She loves you too.”

“I..I” Alec took a deep breath to try to calm down but it didn’t work he still broke down into your arms crying. “I almost left you and everyone” Holding him all you did was rock him knowing there wasn’t nothing else to do at this moment. “I need your forgiveness on what I just try to do” Alec quitey said.

“I forgive you Alec, don’t worry I’m here and not leaving.” Alec nodded and stay in your arms where you guys where to for the rest of the night. You had a broken boy who needed to be fixed but like always it takes time and you don’t want to do it but it was Alec all you needed in your long life was to see him happy and thats what you were going to do.

In the Dressing room.

As you my know i have been asked to help chaperone my son’s spring formal. This past weekend we went shopping for his Tuxedo and a dress for me. My younger daughter also came along so i figured there would be no fun. However shortly after ativing at the mall for our shopping trip, she met up with a couple of her preteen friends and asked to go to a movie. Now it was just my son and myself. I figured it would be nice to let him get his Tuxedo out of the way first so we went to the rental place first. It was very fun picking out the style of tux he wanted and trying to match the colors to his girlfriend’s dress. After about 30 minutes we had almost everything decided and it was time to try things on. He went into the back to the Dressing rooms to change and I made small talk with the girl at the counter. I had noticed her staring at my son as we had shopped and was sure she was thinking the same things i was. When my son walked out of the back my panties Immediately were flooded with my juices. Guy i can’t state this enough…. THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING ABOUT A GOOD LOOKING MAN IN A WELL FITTING SUIT.

The girl at the counter obviously felt yhe same because she rushed to check to make sure it was fitting him properly and running her hand over him. I’m not a jealous mom. I know women find my son attractive and that my son sleeps with his girlfriend. The wanton desire this young woman, who was at least in her 20’s, was displaying toward my son got me a bit possive. I looked at my son as she was checking his inseam and he winked at me, 30 seconds later i heard the sales girl gasp. I looked down and saw my son was filling out his pants with all his glory.

I looked into his eyes and licked my lips. The sales girl was mesmerized staring and my son’s crotch. I cleared my throat and she jumped. We talked breifly about fit and additional add-ons. Then my son asked if i could come back and help him fix his cumberbund. The sales girl looked like she was about to offer her own services when the phone rang. She nodded to the right and i took my sone back inyo yhe rear dressing area of the store. I was no sooner in the dressing room with him the i was on my knees. I had his thick cock in my hand and between my lips sucking him hard. Looking up as my son grabbed my head. His throbbing was very quick telling my how excited he was. I took my mouth off him and asked, “ Do you wish it was her?” I swirled my tongue around his head and he groaned. Then he looked down and told me he wished it was both of us, together. I grabbed him and took him in complete flicking my tongue over his balls as he exploded down my throat.

I sucked until he was slightly less stiff, but nowhere near soft. I heard a slight groan in the hall and wondered if we’d been caught. I quickly adjusted my top but when i looked in the mirror you could tell what i had been doing. I opened the door to the dressing room and saw the sales girl quickly duck back out into the store. I strode proudly into the store and noticed her unlocking the front door. I walked up to her and asked if everything was ok. She said yes and told me she lock the door because she didn’t want to be interrupted while taking the order. I went to shake her hand and noticed ther fingers were wet. When i pulled my hand away i looked at her and brought my finger to sniff then sucked it between my lips. Her eyes went wide and a groan escaped her lips. I leaned in and said please keep our secret and for good measure i tweaked he nipple.

We returned to the counter to finalize the rental bill as my son walked out of the dressing room. She stared at his crotch then at me i nodded slightly and she wished us a great day. I looked down at the bill as we were leaving. There was a 75% discount on the tux rental and at the bottom a 10 digit number with the words call me in her hand writing. Smiling i handed the receipt to my son and smiled. Then asked where we should go looking for my dress.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur. My son and i found a quiet place in the mall where he fucked me hard. Cumming deep inside. We did find a dress for me. And he got to return the favor in the dressing room. I asked him what he was going to do with her number and he said he would call it in a couple days. I decided not to ask about his girlfriend. Needless to say i am super excited about the dance now.

The Protective (Boy)Friend | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @pajamabirdi love ur writing!i was wondering if u could do a BellamyxReader one shot where Bellamy&the reader r close friends&Murphy keeps on making unwanted,inappropriate advances on the reader.Bellamy gets pissed&super overprotective because Murphy won’t stop no matter how many times the reader says no&tries to push him away. One time Murphy goes 2 far and Bellamy goes over & punches Murphy square in the jaw leading 2 a fist fight between the 2 boys & ends with fluff or the confession of feelings? thx!

A/N: It took me so long to write this, I’m soooo sorry. Also, I wasn’t born to write fist fights, really sorry for that too.

Characters: Bellamy/fem!reader, Murphy, Finn, Mbege. Clarke is mentioned.

Word Count: 2046 words.

Another day on earth, another day of work, but it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. At least not for (Y/N). Being on Earth for her was like a goal that had been completed, since since she was little she had the dream of being on the Ground, but of course not everything had been like she dreamed, but she just settled for what she had achieved. (Y/N) had a small smile on her lips as she left her tent, her eyes scanning the scenery outside. It was very sunny, as Always, and as she walked through the encampment, looking for someone who needed help with something, (Y/N) heard a catcall that caught her attention, causing her to turn toward the sound.

John Murphy was staring at her with a smirk, right next to that Mbege boy. (Y/N) just kept walking, completely ignoring what had happened. It wasn’t new, in fact, it happened every day. As soon as she’d set up somewhere to spend the rest of the day working, she was sure she would get a visit from him. (Y/N) couldn’t help but frown at the thought, how many times did she have to say no to him to understand?

And unfortunately, she was right. Shortly after starting to help Monty and Jasper separate the food properly, Murphy appeared walking around, with the same smirk he always had on his face. (Y/N) sighed, trying to ignore the fact that he was heading toward her and would inevitably begin to talk to her.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, you know that?” he asked as he arrived in front of the table where the food was spread. It was a bit difficult not knowing something after listening to it a thousand times

“Hi Murphy.” she said, forcing herself to smile at him.

The two other boys who were working with her also cast a few discreet glances at him, seeming to dislike his presence as much as she did. But anyway, Murphy didn’t seem to notice that he wasn’t very welcome there. As she tried to continue working to see if the boy would leave, she felt her hand being held.

“Maybe we could go out together later.”

(Y/N) grimaced slightly at the contact as he held her hand to the table with some force. “I don’t think I’ll be up for it later.” she looked up at the boy, who smirked at her.

“If you won’t be up for it later, let’s go now.” the girl let out a low grunt, wondering if he didn’t notice how uncomfortable she felt around him.

“No, Murphy.” she knew that even with this he wouldn’t stop, that already had been the tenth no that she had spoken to him in the last three days.

He didn’t seem affected by her answer, his smirk remaining on his face. The boy brought her hand to his lips, giving it a kiss. "Maybe tomorrow, then.” Murphy winked at her before he left, not noticing the look Bellamy sent him as the Blake boy walked toward his best friend.

“Is he bothering you?” he asked, nodding at Murphy. “Has he done something?”

A small smile appeared on (Y/N)’s lips with his friend’s concern. “Murphy? He’s just annoying but harmless.”

Bellamy snorted. “Let me know if he causes you any trouble.”

“I can handle him.” she said, tapping his shoulder. “But thank you for your concern, Boss.” Bellamy rolled his eyes at the nickname and a small amused smile escaped his lips.

“Get back to work before people think I’m giving you a special treatment because we’re friends.”

“But you’re”. she said playfully. Bellamy let out a chuckle from his lips and pushed her lightly before leaning toward her. The smile widened on her lips with his closeness.

“No one needs to know that.” and with that he left, leaving the girl standing there smiling like an idiot for a few seconds, until she was called by Jasper.

The rest of the day seemed to have passed normally, making her surprised and relieved that she hadn’t bumped into Murphy anymore, but maybe she shouldn’t have got her hopes up that he might have decided to leave her alone. Besides, he’d said something about talking to her the next day. But she hadn’t been bothered by him the morning of the other day, even though he had walked around the place where she was and even looked at her. Maybe he has finally come to his senses.

The sun was about to set when Clarke asked her to bring some of the food she had separated the previous morning. When she was already returning to the dropship, she was stopped by Murphy, making her sigh. He didn’t give up. “Well well, look if it isn’t my doll.”

(Y/N) held up the urge that she had to roll her eyes and just let out a small “Hi.” before Murphy continue with his horrible flirtation. While (Y/N) tried to ignore everything he said, she saw Bellamy staring at that scene from a distance. Oh, how he wanted to intervene in that. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, giving him a little mischievous smile. He shook his head and raised his hands in redemption, he knew she could take care of herself. She turned her gaze back to Murphy, the smile still on her lips, which didn’t go unnoticed by the boy in front of her.

“I knew it.” he said with a triumphant smile, making hers disappear.


“You were just playing hard to get.”

(Y/N) frowned as she noticed he was taking small steps toward her, making her take a few steps back. “Stop.” she mumbled. The girl pressed the food against herself nervously. She could feel the food almost falling from the sack she held, which happened after Murphy forcibly hold her waist, the smirk never leaving his lips. “Get your hands off me.” (Y/N) raised her voice, pushing him away from her.

Murphy lifted his hands in redemption, but then he moved closer to her, making the girl walk back to her back on the dropship, giving the perfect opportunity for Murphy to pin her against the wall.

“She told you to take her hands off her.” (Y/N) heard Bellamy’s voice before she felt Murphy’s body being pulled away from hers.

And then the next second Bellamy’s fist slammed against Murphy’s chin. John took a few steps back, looking a bit disoriented, but soon recovering and not hesitating to go up to Bellamy.

(Y/N) felt panic taking hold of her as she saw the boys punching each other, but she didn’t know what to do, she was pretty sure that if she tried to come between them, she would ended up being hit, so she just screamed for them to stop, not being heard by any of the boys.

Both were rolling on the ground, still trying to hit each other as the delinquents began to come closer to see the fight, and, unlike (Y/N), they screamed for them to keep going. But the fight soon ended when Mbege and Finn arrived, holding, respectively, Murphy and Bellamy.

While everyone complained that the fight was over as fast as it started, (Y/N) saw Murphy trying to break free from his friend’s arms as he uttered offenses to Bellamy loudly, his smirk finally ripped from his face, giving way to some bruises on his face. Bellamy wasn’t much different in Finn’s arms, though he seemed a little calmer than the other, but he still shouted insults at Murphy. His voice died when he saw the startled look in the girl’s eyes.

(Y/N) walked toward the dropship, knowing that he would probably go after her. And she wasn’t wrong this time, she had just begun to wet a cloth in one of the water bowls that were there when she heard the boy’s heavy footsteps entering the place.

“Sit there.” she motioned to one of the corners, making him sit up against the wall. (Y/N) walked over and sat down in front of him, pressing the cloth lightly on his face, trying to wipe the bruises he had there. The two continued in silence for a few more seconds. “It was stupid.”

Bellamy nodded slightly, as if he knew the girl would tell him that. “I know.”

“But…” she suppressed a smile. “It was cool of you to do this for me.” her words managed to get a smile from him. “But for your information, I was about to kick his balls when you stepped in.”

He let out a chuckle, hissing as he felt her wiping the cloth through another open wound. “That’s something I wish I’d seen.”

(Y/N) smiled. “I did what I could.” she said, leaving the cloth beside her. "I just clean, the whole healing thing is with Clarke.”

They laughed at each other, not speaking for a few seconds. The girl noticed one of the wounds bleeding again, bringing her own hand to wipe it, rubbing her finger there lightly. (Y/N) felt his gaze burn in her more than she had ever felt.

She pulled her hand from his face, lowering it to her lap, but Bellamy took it halfway, entwining his fingers with hers and placing them on his knee. (Y/N) felt her cheeks heat up with the contact. She had already held his hand a few times, usually for support, when some of them were scared or upset, but that wasn’t the occasion and she could see it in his eyes. His touch was gentle, unlike Murphy’s, just as the smile he gave her.

“(Y/N).” his husky voice woke her from her thoughts.


"I beat Murphy for you.” Bellamy paused, seeming to decide what his next words would be. "I did it for you, but I kind of had a selfish reason too.”

(Y/N) frowned. “How so?”

He pressed his lips together before giving a chuckle and lowered his gaze to their hands. “I couldn’t stand to see him bothering you.”

"He made everyone uncomfortable.” she nodded, cutting him off.

"I couldn’t stand seeing him making you uncomfortable the way he did.” he continued, turning his gaze to her. “Or the thought that maybe you’d end up accepting to be with him.”

(Y/N) felt her heart race slightly and a small smile involuntarily appeared on her face. Why did he felt so troubled by the possibility of she going out with Murphy? As if he could see the question in her eyes, he went on, his eyes focused on her to see her reactions.

“You’re my closest friend.” the words made her feel a little hurt, her smile fading. What else did she expect? He was just a worried friend. “I care about you.” he nodded to himself. “More than I should.”

Okay, what the hell did he mean by that? Couldn’t he be straightforward at least once? “What do you mean?” she asked, feeling her heart race once more. Don’t get your hopes up.

Bellamy gave her a quick smile, his eyes staring at something in her face. Her lips. Oh, is he going to do that? His eyes looked once more at hers before looking at her lips again. (Y/N) didn’t have much time to think or make assumptions of what would happen next, for soon Bellamy was already pressing his lips gently against hers in a peck.

“I like you.” he said, leaning his forehead against hers, now stroking her fingers that were tangled in his. Straightforward. Finally.

(Y/N) smiled broadly as she absorbed what was happening. "So…” she cleared her throat. “Were you jealous?”

Bellamy rolled his eyes, an amused smile on his lips. “How funny.” he leaned back against the wall, letting go of her hands, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Oh, don’t be like that.” (Y/N) crawled around to sit beside him, his eyes never leaving her. She hesitantly leaned on his shoulder. “I like you too.”

She kept her eyes staring ahead of her, but she felt one of Bellamy’s arms wrapping around her. (Y/N) could feel a smile forming on his face as he leaned his head on top of hers, giving a small kiss on her hair. Maybe she’d been annoyed by Murphy all that time it was good in the end.

The Skype Call

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

Summary - Your son misses Seth so you decide to video chat with Seth #20 in the parental prompt list 

Pairing - Seth Rollins X Female Reader + Son 

WordCount - 1,081

Requested by - Anon

Written by - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s name. 

A/N - The first person who inbox’s us a Superstar will be who the next Fic will be about

Taglist Beauties -  @missdibiase@lunaticfringe216@crowleysqueenofhell@i-kneel-for-king-loki@littledeadrottinghood@m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum@lip-sync@itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe@thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch@guatebabyxo@xsimplynaex@macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333@xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08@harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode@catie-kaboom@fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420 @panic-angel3314@blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic @amberhere-hi@megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder@itsclaaree@daddmoxley @wweimaginesandoneshots@crossfitfreakvideogamegeek @xfirespritex@sabrina-the-champ

Y/S/N had an important day. He was finally old enough to try out for the Wrestling team and he couldn’t have been more excited. Leading up to the tryout Y/S/N had talked about it non-stop. He wanted to be just like Seth. He wanted to make both of you proud even though you were already proud of him no matter what he decided to do.

Unfortunately, when the time came Y/S/N didn’t make the Wrestling team. The entire drive home Y/S/N remained silent. Even when you stopped off to get his favourite take out and desert. You could only imagine what was going through Y/S/N’s head. Seth had been on the road for about a month and while Y/S/N was now at an age where he understood what his Father did, It wasn’t easy. Especially when you knew that as soon as he saw Seth his mood would change in a heartbeat. 

“You know there’s going to be other tryouts.” You spoke gently as you pulled up to the house. 

“I know…but Dad’s so good at everything…he’d probably get it done on the first try.” Y/S/N mumbled as kicked the back of the passenger chair. 

“No. Do you think your Dad got to where he is on the first try? He didn’t. He’s had setbacks but do you want he didn’t do….he didn’t give up.” Y/S/N sighed. Rejection was a hard pill to swallow. He was still so young but he seemed to have his heart set on becoming a wrestler like his Dad.  

“All the boys laughed at me when I didn’t make it. They already don’t believe that my Dad is Seth Rollins.” Children at times could be astonishingly cruel and while Seth hadn’t been able to pick or take Y/S/N you knew he had been wanting too. 

“Perhaps it was best you didn’t make the team them Buddy. Besides, you and Dad spoke about doing some training with him remember we’re going on the road with him for the Summer break. Do you know what I know what will cheer you up come on?” Turning off the car you gathered Y/S/N bags out of the car before grabbing the bags off of food before heading into the house. 

“Go get changed and I’ll sort everything out?” You called to Y/S/N who was already heading up the stairs as you were dropping your keys into the bowl. 

“Can I changed into my pyjamas?” Y/S/N yelled from the top off of the stairs.

“You can get changed into whatever you want but make sure you bring your clothes down so I could get them washed” You replied before placing the food on the dining table before heading towards the kitchen to get some plates. After you put the food on the plates, you turned on your laptop loading Skype before heading to grab some classes and plates for desserts. You heard Y/S/N’s footsteps coming downstairs stopping suddenly. 

“Mum, what’s this?” 

“I thought we could video chat Dad while you had your dinner. We haven’t spoken to him in a couple of days.” Y/S/N tackled you in a hug, you laughed before stroking Y/S/N brown locks. He so resembled his Father. It was the little things he did sometimes you couldn’t help but watch and smile. 

“Go wash your hands and then we will call him. Did you bring your clothes down?” 

“Yeah, I’ll go put them in the washing machine.” Y/S/N ran off as you slowly observed a smile appear on his face. Seeing Seth would definitely do him some good. 

Y/S/N and you sat at the table waiting for Seth to answer the call. You had texted him asking him if he was busy and when he replied with no you knew he said yes it would make Y/S/N’s day. 

On the fourth ring, Seth picked up and soon the handsome face of your longtime boyfriend appeared on the screen. 

“Well if it isn’t my two favourite people ever. How did tryouts go?” Seth asked about the one thing you were secretly hoping that he had forgotten about. However knowing Seth he would have it written down or something.

“I didn’t make the team. I’m sorry I let you down.” Y/S/N looked down at his dinner suddenly toying with it. 

“You didn’t let me down. So you didn’t make the Wrestling team. You don’t have to be on the Wrestling team to be a wrestler.” 

“Yeah take me for example. I just liked beating people up.” You heard a familiar voice echo in the background for Dean’s face popped up beside’s Seth’s 

“Don’t encourage my son to get into fights. Y/S/N ignore him. The only time you ever allowed to throw a fist is when you’re in the ring or you’re defending yourself.” Dean shrugged as Seth rolled his eyes.

“Hey Y/N, you’re looking as beautiful as ever. Have you done something different with your hair?” Dean winked at you this time it was your time to roll your eyes. 

“Hey, you’re married now. Keep your winking eye off of my girl and on your wife okay?”

“Just because you haven’t got the balls to ask Y/N to marry you.” Dean looked at Seth with a raised eyebrow. 

“Dad, why aren’t you and Mum married?” Y/S/N commentated. You really did want a hole to suck you up right now. 

“Well, I…Well, I…Obviously, we want to get married and we’ve spoken about having more children but I just haven’t gotten around to anything yet.” Seth had gone a lovely shade of red while you wishing the conversation would end. 

“But you want to marry Mum right?” Y/S/N questioned further. 

“Yeah of course I do. Do you still want to come and travel with me during the Summer?”

“Yeah, we can bring Mum though right?” 

“Well duh.”

“Then you can come to Uncle Dean’s house and we can have fun.” Dean popped up. If looks could kill Dean would be dead. 

“Who said you were a part of the plan?” Seth snarled at him. 

“Who said you were a part of mine and Roman’s plan?” Dean smiled hugely his dimples popped. 

“What plan?” Seth looked at him before Dean shoved him off of the chair leaving just Dean on the screen. 

“What is the plan, Uncle Dean?” Y/S/N asked Dean leant forward really close to the camera. 

“you’re just going to have to wait until the Summer little man. But I promise you’re going to have the Summer of your life.”

"The Upcoming Ball"

Summary: As a new professor at Hogwarts you can’t wait for the Yule Ball.

Note: I know this gif isn’t of Snape, but I really like it. Thinking of making a part two, but I’m not sure. Opinions are much appreciated.

Originally posted by blackfloralia

As a professor at Hogwarts you couldn’t wait for the Yule Ball. As a young girl you lived in America because of the work your father was in, thus attending Ilvermorny. However, once you graduated you moved to Scotland and sought work at Hogwarts as an Alchemy professor. When Dumbledore contacted you for the position you were beside yourself with joy.

“Professor Y/L/N?” Snape’s voice interrupted your reminiscing.

“Sorry. What?” You apologised and turned your attention to the tall man.

“Ugh, you’re as bad as the children.” He said as he sat down across from you.

You watched the mysterious man and couldn’t help but thingk he’d make an interesting date to the Yule Ball.

Since your start at Hogwarts he seemed to take a particular liking of taunting you and even talking with you. He often walked down the halls with you, he’d never miss a beat to say something sarcastic or try pushing your buttons a little.

To you it was a wonderful time and you’d always tell him how much you enjoyed his company as you parted. Minerva always found a way to tease you about your schoolgirl crush on the man.

“As I was saying,” he said dryly, one again taking you out of your thoughts, “The Yule Ball is coming up and I’d much rather not teach the children to dance, would you do it instead?”

You nearly lost your composure for a moment.

“Me? Teach the children to dance to a ball I’ve never even been to?” You scoffed, “I’d rather not.”

He huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Fine.” He said and in one swift movement he got up and left the small lounge.

You wished you had said something different to make him stay longer, you loved having him around.


You were walking down to the professors’ lounge with Minerva laughing and talking about the upcoming ball. You entered the room and sat down in the armchair that was almost always empty.

The door swung open and in walked your crush.

“Hello Severus” Minerva greeted Snape with a smile and walked toward the door, “I forgot some things in my room.”

“Hello Minerva.” Snape said as she walked out.

“Y/L/N.” Snape’s cold greeting made you long to be greeted like Minerva.

“You know you can call me Y/N.” You said with a slight smile.

Snape made a sort of affirmative noise and cleared his throat.

“And if you’re mad at me for not teaching your students to dance I’m not sorry. They are your students, I would be willing to help if you needed it though.” You said without even looking at the man.

He made another grunting noise and sat down and huffed.

“Some of my female students are struggling with dancing, would you come to one of the class and show the dunderheads how to dance properly?” He asked, but it seemed more of a statement rather than a real question.

“Uh, um,” You were completely taken by surprise, “sure. What day?”

“Tomorrow, and please don’t be a stammering idiot.” He said and turned and left.

That man was such a mystery you wondered if you’d ever figure him out.


You couldn’t sleep last night, your brain constantly thinking of how Severus’s hands would feel on your hips if he decided to demonstrate a dance to the children. You dressed quickly and walked down to his room in the dungeons, your stomach in knots and images of what may come in your head.

The door was slightly ajar and you knocked lightly as you didn’t want to anger Severus by interrupting his class.

“Enter.” He said, “Ah, Professor Y/L/N. She is here to help me demonstrate the correct way to dance.”

The students smiled wearily and you took your place in front of them. Snape moved forward and swung his wand and music started to play. He closed the gap between the two of you and lightly put his hand on your hip, in that moment you felt your face go red and you avoided his eyes. He then took your hand in his, his hand was bony and cold. He then began to lead in the dance.

“Alright now you all start.” Snape said not pausing the dance.

“Your hand is cold.” You stated, trying to make yourself feel less embarrassed.

He said nothing.

After a few moments he looked down at you and cleared his throat.

“Will you be attending the ball with anyone?” He asked in almost a whisper, as if he was scared one of the children would hear

“Well one of the students asked me to go with them, but I thought it’d be inappropriate, so no, I will be going alone.” You said in a lighthearted manner .

“Ah.” He paused, “would you like to go with me?” He said unsteadily.

A smile etched itself on your face and you blushed again, “I’d love to, but you have to promise me one thing.” You said.

“That is?” His voice now a little more confident now.

“You have to dance with me at least once, I’ve never been to a ball and want to experience it in full.” You confessed to him.

He nodded but didn’t say anything. He stopped dancing and signaled for the children to do the same. No more than a minute later the dismissal bell rang and the children filed out.

As you began to walk to the door Severus stopped you, “I think I can manage one dance.” He said as if it were a big deal.

Your smile widened, “Wonderful.”


Thinking about writing a part 2, opinions?

Álvaro Morata: ‘Footballers are more like singers or rock stars than sportsmen’ | Sid Lowe
The Real Madrid striker who endured dark times in Italy is upbeat for the trip to Bayern Munich in the Champions League but craves a manager who trusts him
By Sid Lowe

“…in his second season, he was struggling, 100 days passing without a goal and he had tried everything, from cutting his hair to changing car. Things were not right; he wasn’t right. “People think we’re machines; they don’t realise that behind a bad run there’s almost always a personal problem, some family issue,” he says. “You have feelings, you make mistakes, you’re a person.”

“I was a bit lost. It wasn’t just the goals; I was arguing with people who are important to me, not bothering with things that truly matter,” Morata continues. “It was a bit of everything. I’d left home young, I’d fought to play for Juventus and I was ‘conditioned’ by Madrid having a buy-back option that didn’t depend on me. I didn’t know my future. All that affected me and I let myself slide a bit, became distracted.”

Morata was down, his mood impacting his play. It did not go unnoticed. “I’d just finished training one day. It had been a terrible, terrible session – one of the worst in my life. I couldn’t even control the ball. The physio asked what was wrong and I told him I was sad. I was crying. I was there on the treatment table and Gigi Buffon was next to me. Afterwards he took me aside, alone, and said that if I wanted to cry, do it at home. He said the people who wished me ill would be happy to see that and the people who wished me well would be saddened by it.”


Buffon once said Morata was a better player than he realised, and asked if he realises it now the striker replies: “Yes, but I need games as a starter, continuity, and over the last three years I haven’t had that: at Juventus, for certain reasons, and at Madrid it’s difficult. I have that desire to start more, then I think I can reach a much higher level. It’s difficult to play 10 minutes one game, then 20 another, then two weeks later play again. It’s a difficult situation you have to live with until, one day, it changes.”

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I wish people shut up bout SS. If any of those people watch Dragon Ball super then they know full well why Sasuke doesn't display his affection towards Sakura anymore then Vegeta does with Bulma. Their actions speaks more then a simple kiss or hug could do. Vegeta was the only one able to harm a god while not in SSG and Sasuke crushed a man's bones. Simply cause those men had harmed their wives. Its different year and yet the same nonesense with these people

Yep. The Vegeta example in particular was great, especially because of how Goku teased him after the battle with how he said “MY BULMA!”:

Goku did such a perfect impression there, it was absolutely hilarious! XD

Creepypasta #1046: The Ice Princess

Length: Super long

I had suffered from bullying for as long as I can remember. Girls on the playground would pull my hair. Boys in the halls would call me ugly. I could even hint some of the teachers thought I wasn’t the brightest kid there.

My parents told me I had to rise above it, that they were all just jealous of me and I shouldn’t worry. Jealous of me? Of what, exactly?

Did they envy my freckled face that looked like a set of misshapen polka dots? Or perhaps my curly orange hair that looked like a weary fire? Oh no, I figured it out. It was definitely my inability to do… well, just about anything.

I wasn’t smart enough to be a geek, athletic enough to be on any of the sports teams or cool enough to have any friends. Bullies, teachers and adults were the only people I knew in the world. Nothing more, nothing less.

I know what you’re thinking. Look at this girl, complaining about everything when her life probably isn’t nearly that bad. She’s over-reacting. Probably just being dramatic for attention.

If that’s suddenly taken you aback, you’re part of the problem. If it didn’t, you might change your mind by the time this story is over. Oddly enough, it doesn’t begin with me at my old school.

Sooner or later when I came home with one too many bruises and scrapes, my parents had me shipped out of there. Within the next week, I was told I’d be moving to a new school outside of town. It was just after January so I got to spend Christmas with my family before leaving. Something about it just felt right. Luckily, it was still snowing.

I was confused when my parents had packed me a suitcase when they drove me to the new school. It all became clear once I saw two separate wings on either side of the building.

“Honey, we think this might be good for you,” my dad said, holding my gloved hand as we walked across the snow.

“And we’ll write to you every weekend and visit every month.” my mum continued.

I nodded and smiled. I knew I would miss my parents, but I’d rather not deal with the alternative.

They took me up to the main office, where the headmistress greeted me. She was a kind looking older lady. Reminded me a bit of my grandmother. She had her grey hair cut short with perfectly rimmed spectacles on her face. Behind her stood another girl. Short, petite with dimples and wavy blonde hair. She smiled and waved at me. I admired the locket she wore around her neck. A diamond heart that looked like it could open up.

My parents said their goodbyes and the girl took me to the dorm. She introduced herself as Tia Lightfoot. Funny, that was the same last name the headmistress had.

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I wish I had the balls to just fucking leave

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I have read a lot "Beauty and the Beast" Sherlolly's AU. But what about "Cinderella"?

Ooh this is actually gonna be fun! Thanks for this one, I think it’s a creative idea! I’m going with a loosely based Cinderella AU, and I’m going to use some of the ideas from a certain Sherlock episode to make this work. Enjoy! ;)

“For goodness sake, Sherlock, she can’t possibly be here!” Captain Lestrade complained as his and John’s horses approached the old building along with Sherlock. “This is a mortuary! It was run by that old man…Hooper, I believe. But he’s long dead and I believe it’s run by his son now.”

Sherlock stopped his horse, unconcerned with his complaints. “I will not rest, not till I have checked the entire kingdom. I swore I would find her, and marry her, and I meant it!”

Lestrade and John exchanged weary glances. They’d been at this with the Prince for almost two weeks now, searching high and low for the mysterious young woman that had somehow cracked through the walls around his heart at the ball. And now that those walls had been breached, he wanted nothing but to find her again. The problem was, she seemed to have vanished into thin air. Not a trace of her and no record of her existence. All Sherlock had was a name. One little name…Molly. That, and the memory of her face.

“Who are you?” Sherlock gruffly demanded of a man who came out of the building.

“Anderson, your highness,” he said with a nervous bow. “Philip Anderson. To what do we owe this honor?”

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Chicken Soup

“Chicken Soup”

When I was a child and would often get sick,
My mother used to make me chicken soup.
I never understood why she would do this,
Except that’s what mothers do.

She would tuck me in and read me a story,
Before offering a kiss good night.
She chased the scary monsters out of the closet,
Before turning out the lights.

And as I continued to grow older,
So did she too,
But she was always there for me.
She always made me chicken soup.

When my friends and I would be done,
Playing ball in the park.
She had a meal prepared for us.
A meal with many parts.

When I wished I was blind,
So I can’t see my life before me,
My mom was always there to help.
Moms can fix anything.

She never once stopped encouraging,
Morning, noon, or night.
She trusts with my decisions.
I trust with her advice.

And now that my mom is sick and aging,
I know what I have to do.
I can see that things are changing.
I have to make her chicken soup.

Old friends (Dylan)

Words: 1933

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of Columbine

Request: Ok i hve a request! Can you make one after 4/20 where you were dylan’s gf and you’ve been so depressed after the massacre so one night while home you see dylan and he’s like i have one night to spend time with you and you guys talk & kiss & stuff SORRY THIS IS A MESS BUT LOVE U


Half of the people who came over kept saying that it would be a quick recovery, the other half kept saying that she was bad for getting hung up over it.

“Oh he killed people! He killed your friends, how are you sad?”

“He’s a monster, why do you miss him? Are you crazy too?”

Internally, (Y/N) wanted to get over it, be able to stand up proudly and talk about who he really was, but every time his face came to her mind, she would choke on her breath, beginning to sob into her sweater again. She was angry at him, she was so mad, but not for the reasons she should have been. She was mad that he had left her all alone, with everybody upset with her for something she didn’t do. She was mad that he didn’t think to warn her, he didn’t have a way to tell her that things weren’t okay with him.

And then she was sad, sad that this was the end for him, that he wasn’t going to do all the stuff that he talked about. When he talked about it, he spoke with a dreamy sense, as if his future was going to be the most ethereal experience that anybody had ever experienced.

(Y/N) curled up into a ball, lying over top the blankets, sniffling into a washcloth and placing it back on the bedside drawer.

She started to sing along melancholically to the music playing off her CD player. “I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks. I’ve been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap.”

“I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black.”

(Y/N) sprung up out of her sorrow filled daze, trying to make out the intruder at her window. They threw one leg over the window sill, starting to climb in, and (Y/N) backed up.

“What are you doing?! Who are you?!”

“Shh, shh, we can’t wake up your parents.” Finally his face was illuminated by dim lamp in her room.

“Dylan?” She gasped, holding her hands to her chest. “Is it really you?”

“More me than I’ve ever been before.” He chuckled, opening his arms in a cocky way.

She was on her feet, tackling him in a hug before he could even put together what was going on. Dylan looked down at her, a little shocked, but eased into the hug, wrapping one arm around her upper back and the other around her neck, playing with her hair.

“I thought you were dead… there.. there’s photos, you’re dead…” She sobbed into his T-shirt.

“Good, that’s… that’s kinda what we need people to think…”

“What?” She looked up at him, letting him wipe away her tears.

“We can’t get hunted down…Eric and I… we’re gonna disappear. We were supposed to do it yesterday, but I had to see you one last time.”

“One last… you’re gonna go again?”

Dylan pursed his lips together, scooping (Y/N) up and putting her down on her bed. “Look, (Y/N), I’m so sorry, for everything… I know you have a lot of questions, and I’m here to just… answer them. But you can’t tell anybody that I was here, you can’t tell a single soul.”

“I get it, Dylan, you’re going off the radar.” She reached over, taking his hand in hers, and touching it to her cheek. “Can’t you take me with you?”

“I don’t want you to live your life like that. It’s shitty, y’know, the alleys and the shitty food, and the- the… it’s not fun.”

“But I’ll be with you! And it’s fine with you, I love you.”

“No, (Y/N), I want you to live your life, long and happy, and I want you to meet somebody who treats you better than I did. Or… I do.”


“Huh?” Dylan sat closer to her, tucking his legs up onto the bed.

“Why did you do it? All of it? Rachel, Daniel, Kyle, they’re all good kids, so why did you do it?”

“I don’t… nobody there were good kids… society, it needed a kick and it got it.”

“You know the world is going to hate you? You’ll be remembered, but they’re gonna despise you.”

“I know, I know, but we won’t be forgotten. I know it.”

They sat there quietly for a while, Dylan shifting onto his side with his arm wrapped around (Y/N), holding her close to him.

“You should sleep.”

“I can’t sleep, this is the last time I’m ever going to see you.”

“I know, I know…”

“Let us be important right now, let it just be us and nobody else right now.” She shushed him, pressing her lips to his. He was hesitant for a second, but he kissed her none the less.

“You’re… so…. Amazing…” He breathed in between kisses. “God, I love… you…”

“I love… you… too…”

He tucked his hands around the nape of her neck, pulling her closer to him by that much.

“I’m gonna miss you so much.” He gasped, (Y/N) kissing him another time. “You’re such a god.”

“Then don’t go.” She pulled away, Dylan lingering over her.

“I have too, I have too I’m so sorry.” He shook his head, kissing her cheek. “But tonight, we’re just you and me, and nobody else, okay? Our love, it’s everlasting.”

“You sound like Eric,” She laughed.

“Shh, don’t ruin the moment.” He chuckled, falling down onto his side and hugging her. “You know, I think you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I would beg to differ, but I know you won’t settle for that.”

“I won’t settle until you know how beautiful you are.”

“Beautiful? No. Makeup fanatic? Sure.”

Dylan raised his eyebrow. “I’ve seen you without makeup, and you still… radiate beauty.”

“That sounds… incredibly preachy… I’m gonna miss that.”

“I’m gonna miss you, like crazy.”

“Do you think you could send me letters.”


“Okay, so, you have to send me a letter every month, with a photo of you, or I’m gonna think you’re dead and… kill myself.”


“Yep, so, you better send those fucking letters.”

“I will, I will, but that’s a lot of stress to put on somebody.”

“Yeah, well I think you deserve it because leaving your girlfriend forever is a lot of sadness to put on her.”

“Touché, touché. Will you send me letters back?”

“As long as I know where to, I will.”

“And pictures too, I want to see you.”


(Y/N) stuck her pinky out, Dylan laughing and hooking his pinky with hers, shaking. “It’s set.”

“You’re the best-“ (Y/N) stopped to yawn, rubbing her face into Dylan’s chest.

“Come on, just sleep, I know you’re tired.”

“Okay, but…” She looked down, taking a breath, and Dylan could hear it beginning to get shaky again. He brushed her hair back, kissing her forehead. “Are you leaving while I’m sleeping?”

“I… yeah, I think that’ll be the easiest for you.”

“I love you, you know that? I know we’re young, but I really really love you.”

“I love you too, so much, and I know I’ll be going a little bit crazy without you.”

“Don’t forget the letter, okay?”


“And just… don’t forget me… I won’t forget you.”

“I won’t forget you, I can’t stop thinking about you anyways.”

“Alright then… let’s pretend that everything’s gonna be the same tomorrow, yeah?”

He nodded, sticking out his pinky, and she hooked hers with his, nodding to him.

“Goodnight Dylan, I love you.”

“Goodnight (Y/N), I love you too… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” (Y/N) repeated, cuddling herself into him, Dylan tangling his legs with hers as she drifted off to sleep.

(Y/N) woke up, feeling cold.

“Dylan?” She rolled over, seeing the window open and the bed empty.

Her face twitched as she tried to keep herself together. The sun reflected off something on her desk, and she reached for it, picking up a pair of earrings, the triple-barred cross that Dylan would always wear.

(Y/N) smiled at it, holding them in her hand. She reached over to pick up the other things, his Chemical Brothers t-shirt and an envelope. (Y/N) brought the T-shirt up to her nose, smelling the scent of Dylan, which smelt faintly of Dr. Pepper and doughnuts.

With her other hand, she pulled open the envelope, which was labeled ‘LETTER- April 22nd, 1999.’

I didn’t know if you wanted one this month, but I felt bad leaving you with nothing.

I’ve never told you how pretty you are when you’re sleeping. I know that’s creepy, but I feel so safe with you, and I’m really gonna miss that. I put a polaroid of us in here, so you can keep it.

I want you, I know this is a big job, but I want you to keep the world right for me. Make the people remember what happened when society let kids be assholes to everybody. You need to teach people how to accept people who are different.

The people around you, they’ll listen to you, you need to keep people in place because I know you can do that, and you might be the only person who can do that.

Please be kind, you know why all of this happened, and I need you to be the perfect that this world needs to remember why this happened.

You know everything, and you need to tell people everything so that they know. Eric wanted me to say hi to you, by the way, he says that you were super fun and that he’ll miss you too. He said he’s gonna send letters too. Tell us if you move, so we know where to send.

And please, please find somebody who loves you more than I love you. That’s the only person who will ever, ever be good enough for you.

I’ll talk to you soon.


(Y/N) felt just as alone as she did last morning.

April 20th, 2007.

“Thank you for giving me your time today, somebody quite important to me one told me, ‘I need you to be the perfect that this world needs to remember why this happened.’ And you guys, everybody who listens to me is a part of that perfect. I’m on a mission to make the world-“

(Y/N)’s voice caught. Even though she was up on a podium, she could see the faces and normally, she didn’t know anybody, but this time she caught the eye of somebody hiding behind their cap, and she could immediately recognize the smile.

“The world perfect…. Uh, have a good day everybody, and please… never forget the victims, Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrnough, Dave Sanders, Kyle Velasquez, Steven Curnow, Cassie Bernall, Isaiah Shoels, Matthew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin, Kelly Fleming, Daniel Mauser, Corey Depooter, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.”

As the audience applauded, (Y/N) watched him leave, turning on her heels and sprinting out to the back alley, sure he would be there.

And sure enough, when she burst out the doors, he was standing right there, an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

“Dylan? I, what are you doing here?”

“You said you were speaking in our last letter, Eric and I are in town, I thought we would say hi. So, hi.”

“Hi. Holy crap, you don’t look a day older.”

“And you look… amazing.” He scanned her up and down.

“Thank you, I missed you too.”

“Here, come here.” He opened up his arms, and (Y/N) rushed into a tight hug, smiling. “You wanna get dinner.”

“Yeah, of course.”