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Ugh.. Your such a cutie, wish I could call you mine, puddin', but sadly your heart belongs to another, which leaves no point in tryin' or me revealing myself *sigh*

“ My heart had been taken a long time ago, me and Lucie have been dating for quite some time so yeah…real shame there, guess no point in even trying now “

“ Heh… puddin, know who calls me that too? Lucie “

- Bendy

RIP To My Youth

and you could call this the funeral

My first Jughead imagine, this is part one, if you guys enjoy it I’ll keep it going. 

Pairing: Jughead x Reader 

Description: Jug and the reader have been best friends since they were kids, but lately, things have changed, Riverdale has changed, Jug has changed and Y/N thinks maybe it’s time she changed too. 

Warnings: ANGST ANGST SO MUCH ANGST YO (maybe a couple o swears)

Word count: 2088

Part 2https://thatsadbreakfastclub.tumblr.com/post/158505761114/rip-to-my-youth-pt-2

It was getting to the point where I was having internal battles with myself every night. ‘Y/N he’s working on the novel and the newspaper, of course, it’s going to be harder for him to spend time with you’ versus ‘he’s moved on, he’s closer with Betty now, he and Archie are closer too, you’ve lost him, you’re irrelevant’. These were the thoughts that had been consuming my brain for the past couple of weeks. Jug was my best friend, right? Maybe I should text him? Maybe not. I started playing with my pale grey cap, my nervous tick of sorts. Jug could always tell when I was nervous because I would fiddle with the cap “Y/N” he’d say “spill it, you can’t hide anything from me, I can read you like an open book”. Thinking about this little memory was bittersweet. How can someone who’s practically by your side every day suddenly just have no real interest in talking to you? Ever since the murder of Jason Blossom, it really feels like everything in Riverdale has changed.

I glanced at my clock perched on my bedside table, 7:45 pm sigh. Maybe doing some homework will take my mind off all this bullshit, who’s idea was it to put me in advanced algebra anyway? Oh, that’s right my father, who I really wish was here right now and not away on some business trip. Tonight would have to be a lonely one. That’s when I remembered I had Jug’s math textbook, there it was sitting on my desk. I flipped it open and sure enough on the bottom left-hand corner was a small ‘property of Jughead Jones’. Perfect I could use this as an excuse to text him. 

Hey Jug, I forgot I had your math textbook? Want me to come drop it over? The two-hour wait to get a reply just built up more and more anger inside of me Hey Y/N, I’m working on an article with Betty right now, could you drop it off to me in the newsroom in free period tomorrow? This was it, this was fucking it, oh I would take his textbook to him tomorrow and I would also confront him about this whole thing, that’s what I’d do straight up ask him why I was suddenly dead weight, I’ve had his guys back for so many years and now I’m just nothing, I won’t have it. Will do I sent back, cool calm and collected and then I was going to give him a piece of my mind tomorrow.

Getting ready for school was never a difficult task for me, I pretty much did the same thing everyday. My Y/H/C was tied into a ponytail with the front strands falling onto my face framing it. I put on my classic ripped boyfriend jeans and a black t-shirt, accompanied by my army jacket. To finish off my classic look I added my signature grey cap and put on my favourite dark grey lipstick. I wasn’t the girliest of girls, that was for sure, but everyone seemed to identify me by my style and in this I found comfort. After giving myself the once over in the mirror I grabbed Jug’s textbook from my desk, shoving it into my bag and I set off for school.

The day dragged on and on, I had a tonne of classes with Kevin and Ronnie today so it was nice to hang out with them for a change. This was of course until Kevin pulled the “I haven’t seen you and Jughead together in a while, what happened you two are usually joined at the hip?” line “You guys are my otp, I hope there’s no trouble in paradise” Veronica added. “Ronnie we’re not dating, why does everyone always think that and honestly, I don’t know, I guess he’s been too busy with this whole novel and newspaper thing to remember me as well” I replied giving my best interpretation of a fake smile. Veronica and Kevin gave me sympathetic looks. 

As the bell rang, signaling our release I was packing my things together when Veronica grabbed my arm. “Y/N you need to tell Jug how you feel, I don’t know if you’ve even admitted it to yourself yet but it’s pretty obvious you’re in love with him, I can see how much not seeing him is hurting you and I think it’s best if you face this head on” I was so taken aback by this, I mean for years I’ve always had people ask if Jug and I were dating but no one had been this blatant with me. Was she right?, No he’s my best friend, I couldn’t be in love with him no way. I let out an awkward laugh “I don’t love Jughead, we’re just friends” It came out so defensive that Veronica raised both her eyebrows and folded her arms “the fact that you’re being so defensive about this just further proves my point” She said in a sing-song voice. “I gotta go Ronnie” I replied standing up from my seat and walking out the classroom “I only say this cause’ I care” she yelled after me.  

Making my way towards the newsroom, I’d never felt so nervous in my life, like get a grip girlie it was just your friend, surely this whole not speaking to me thing was just, not even a big deal and I was hyping it all up. I was still going to have a go at him though because he was angry when Archie ditched him and now he’s okay with doing it to me? Not on my watch.

I had the math book in my hand as I was walking up to the door of the newsroom, I had my best ‘pissed off face’ going on I was ready.

I had my hand almost on the doorknob when I took a quick glance through the doors glass window. That was when my stomach fell, my jaw dropped and my heart involuntarily shattered. It was just a glimpse that’s all I could allow myself to watch, but inside that dusty old newsroom was one Jughead Jones kissing Elizabeth Cooper. The feelings hit me like a truck, and then everything went numb.

I didn’t know what to do so without giving any sign I was there I dropped the math book and ran, I ran out of the school I ran past pops and all the way home. By this time the tears were free falling, I couldn’t stop it and I didn’t care. Once I was in the safety of being inside my house with the door locked I gave in to my emotions and just slid down to the floor.

Wow, I felt so stupid and so naive, why didn’t I see this coming, it all made perfect sense now. I guess this was me also coming to terms with the fact that as usual Ronnie was right, I was painfully in love with Jug and now I was too late to ever do anything about it.

The more I sat there and thought about it the more I came to realise that this was my fault. I held Jug up to this crazy high standard and just assumed it would always be him and me at the end of the day. I had sacrificed so much to hang out with him, to keep my “image”, I avoided making too many other friends, I avoided parties, extracurricular activities you name it I wasn’t a part of it. Now it was all going to change, it had to change. Maybe this was the wake-up call I needed. I had to work on myself, be better, be stronger. Most of all this needed to happen because this meant I could quite literally not be around Jughead anymore, I think seeing or talking to him would make me cry, something the new me will NOT be doing.

I picked myself up off the floor and headed to the bathroom to wash my face. “Get a grip Y/N, ” I told myself staring into the mirror. It’s like as soon as I come to terms with the feelings I think I may have had for years, I have to immediately try to get rid of them. I think this was a coping mechanism for me, and I think the reason I’ve never let myself admit that I had feelings for him before was because I fear rejection so much so very much, and I had to do what I knew would keep him around and that was to continue to be his friend. Well, little girl it’s time to grow up.

And what’s the best way to look more mature and confident, change your style. From what I’ve witnessed from the media, what you wear can have a profound impact on how people view you. This is what I had to do first, get rid of the “old me” look. This meant bye grey cap, bye dark lipstick ( I mean what was I even trying to do with that? Look like a corpse?) (oh wow corpse jokes really funny, maybe a bit too real in light of recent circumstances.) And also a very big goodbye to my jeans and army jacket, that would have to go too.

Looking through my closet it was apparent I didn’t have much to work with, I would definitely have to go shopping this weekend, I’ll bring Ronnie and Kevin along, they know fashion and are probably more than willing to help me out. AH HUH eureka! The dress I’ve been looking for! About two months ago I bought this really nice burgundy skater dress that I was planning to wear on a summer trip away, but when that got cancelled I never really had an excuse to wear it, until now. It showed a lot of leg, which I was surprisingly pretty comfortable with. The thought of people seeing me in this tomorrow made me feel a mixture of excitement and nausea.

The next thing that would change was the hair; no more would it be hidden by a cap and just randomly pulled back behind my face. I would wear it down and give it a curl. I think that would give me a nice elegant edge. God, I really don’t think anyone’s even going to recognise me tomorrow, kinda funny really. The next thing I had to do was go on to the school website and look for an extracurricular I would be willing to do. Hopefully, this would be a good way to make new friends and keep me busy.

I went and grabbed my laptop from my desk, as I did this I heard my phone vibrate, which meant I had a message. The name that made the screen light up made my heart skip a few beats, it was from Jug Hey, I just found my math book outside the newsroom? Why did you leave it there and not come inside? SIGH, reading that was like a knife to my chest, I immediately deleted the message, this may be immature but I needed time, I can’t bring myself to talk to him and if he can do it to me I can sure as hell do it to him. 

Shaking those thoughts away I was brought back to the task at hand. Logging onto the schools web page I found the list of extracurricular activities going on at Riverdale high. Chess club? Pass. Girl’s soccer? Hard pass.  Mathletes? No way in hell. Come on there has to be something here. After fifteen minutes of looking to no avail I scrolled past the extracurricular activities. Eventually I saw an ad posted by the she-devil herself Cheryl Blossom, apparently, one of the river vixens had broken her ankle and a new vixen was needed immediately, auditions were tomorrow after school. Hmm, could I do this? Maybe I could? The old me would never dream of being a cheerleader but the new me, maybe she could. You know what, fuck it. It was decided, I caught myself slightly smiling as I clicked ‘attend’ on the event. It felt like a breath of fresh air, tomorrow I would walk into school confident and new. I was going to cure my own broken heart. I just hoped a run in with Jughead wouldn’t make it all come crashing down.

Drunken Confession

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k-ish

Summary: The Reader confesses to Dean. 

Warnings: None really. Just a bit of fluff :) 

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for  @winchester-writes Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge!! My prompt: Republic Tequila - “Y'know know, they’re all ‘Well…you gotta drink too.” it’ll be bolded in the fic. I hope you guys like it!!!

Drunken Confession

I’m not that much of a drinker.

Usually, it was Sam and I that had to drag Dean’s drunken ass back to the Impala after he made a complete idiot out of himself in front of the bar’s waitress.

It was never me.

But tonight was different. Especially when the feelings you’ve been harboring deep inside your core for the green eyed Winchester were finally reaching maximum overload.

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Pulse Part 3

Part 2

Genre: Fluff, angst
Words: 2,203
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Stalking
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

“-A fiancée?” Natasha interrupted for clarification.

You nodded, taking a rather large sip of the red wine in your hand. “Why does this kind of shit always happen to me? I swear, God is out to get me.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic.” Natasha laughed. "You’re his soulmate, you’ll win him over.”

Sighing, you poured more of the alcohol into your glass. “I’m not so sure, Nat. You should have seen her, she looks like the love child of Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway. So not fair.”

“But you have one thing she doesn’t.” She teased.

“What?” You asked bitterly. “A stalker?”

“I was thinking more along the lines of your hearts beating in-sync, but that one is true, too.”

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She Can Hear You

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  1078
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I please get a Sam oneshot where the reader temporarily goes deaf (though they al think it’s permanent) and Sam takes the opportunity to repeatedly tell her how he feels about her and then the deafness wears off but she doesn’t tell him because she likes hearing what he says, though he finds out somehow and is embarrassed before she tells him she loves him too? 

          The explosion was deafening. Literally. Your ears started ringing. And then there had been nothing.

           When Sam and Dean found you, you had tears rolling down your cheeks. You had somehow let them know you couldn’t hear. They looked almost as scared as you felt. What were you going to do?


Sam’s Point Of View

           It was terrible, really. The fact that Y/N couldn’t hear was terrifying for all of us. I hated seeing how distraught she was. Seeing her like that made me sad. She had been so full of life. Now, she was just sitting around, not doing anything.

           “I wish you could realize how amazing you are,” I sighed, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Y/N’s back was to me, so she couldn’t read my lips or see that I was talking to her. But for some reason, that helped me open up to her. I would have never had the courage if she actually had her hearing back.

           “That’s not fair, Sam,” Dean said from behind me, making me jump.

           I turned and looked at him, “What?”

           “You can’t confess your love to her when she can’t hear you. That’s not fair. To either of you,” he said.

           “Dean, I can’t really tell her.”

           “Coward,” Dean accused.

           “It’s just … it’s complicated.”


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Yes - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

Part 1 

*Word Count 6,116

Love Is In The Air… Again? 

On again and off again couple, Y/N and Harry Styles are reportedly on again. The two were both in NYC last weekend, Styles for his appearance on SNL and Y/N for her show on her Y/Tour/Name Tour. Y/N was seen on Styles’ best mate, Nick’s snap chat in the SNL audience and fans took to twitter saying they saw Styles and his group of friends at Y/N’s show. 

It’s also rumored that Y/N’s newest song that she performed at that very concert was all about her rekindling a relationship with now Solo artist Harry Styles. 

We’ve reached out to both Harry and Y/N’s camp, but neither has responded to the rumors. 

One would guess we would just have to wait and see if our favorite Pop couple is once again a thing. 


You have had a long couple of days during your tour and since tonight was your off night, you decided just to have a quiet night in your hotel room. You put some candles on and some music before starting the water for a bath. You took off your robe and got into the water and closed your eyes. 

A few minutes later, your phone rang and you groaned. You reached over for it and saw that Harry was face timing you. You smirked and accepted the call. 

“Baby!” he smiled waving to you. “Wait, where are you?” 

You laughed. “I’m right here, hold on,” you said. “I’m in the tub, so I had to look a bit decent.” 

“Aw come on… You don’t have to do that,” he smirked. “I wouldn’t mind a little sneak peek.” 

You rolled your eyes turning the camera to face you. “You’re such a perv,” you joked. 

“It’s not pervy if you’re my girlfriend,” he smirked. 

“Whatever,” you giggled. “So, what have you been up to?” 

“I just finished rehearsing,” he said. “So, my voice is a bit gone, but it’s all good.” 

You nodded. “When do you have to record for the show?” 

“Um, it airs on Friday night, so sometime Thursday, I think,” he said. 

“Well, make sure you rest of your voice,” you said. 

“Yes, ma’am,” he laughed. 

“Did you that we’re trending again?” you asked. 

“Yeah, I did. My Mum called me and asked me about it,” he said. “I told her we spent time in New York and that we’re going to give ourselves a second chance.” 

“How did she react?” you asked. 

“I think she was a little hesitant at first, but then she asked me if this was what I really wanted and if being with you made me happy and when I told her it did and it is what I wanted more than anything, she said that was all that matters,”  he smiled. 

“Well, that’s good,” you smiled. “Especially since your mom hasn’t always liked me in the past.” 

“It wasn’t that she didn’t like you, she just didn’t like the situations surrounding our relationship,” he said. 

“Which is understandable,” you sighed. “Do you think you’re going to get asked about our relationship during the interview?” 

“I don’t know, maybe,” he said. “It’s only supposed to be a short interview so there might not be time for it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was though.”

“And if there is a question, what are you going to say?” You asked. 

“I’m not going to confirm our relationship,” he said. “I might just say we’re friends or something.” 

You nodded. “I think that’s best especially since we’ve only been back together for a few days. It’s one thing having the media and everyone speculating, but people actually knowing we’re together will cause a bit of a frenzy.” 

“And besides no one but us and our close friends and family need to know if we’re together or not,” he said. 

You smiled. “I miss you,” you sighed. 

“I know, it’s only been what three days since we saw one another and it feels like that didn’t even happen,” he sighed. 

“But you’re still coming at the end of the week, right?” You asked hopefully. 

“Yep. Since we finish recording the show on Thursday, I have a flight leaving on Friday morning,” he smiled.

“Really? So, you’ll be here Friday?” You asked. 

“Well, not there obviously, because you’ll be in Miami then, but yeah, we’ll be together on Friday,” he smiled. 

“I can’t wait!” you smiled. “And I can’t wait to go shopping!” 

“You’re waiting for me to go shopping?” He laughed. 

“No, I’m talking about going shopping for some things for when you get here,” you smirked. 

He looked at you confused and then it suddenly dawned on him. “Oh, OH, oh, now I really can’t wait for Friday to get here, especially looking at you right now,” he smirked. 

You giggled. “Well, I have a show Saturday Night and Sunday night, so that will give us a bit on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday to enjoy each other and the sun,” you smirked. 

“We’ll there be any enjoying ourselves in the sun?” He said cocking his eyebrow. 

“Oh, of course. There will be swimming and be walking on the beach,” you smiled. “Oh and I’m sure we can rent some jet skis.” 

“That wasn’t exactly what I was implying, but okay.” he laughed. 

You giggled. “Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of time for that.” 

“There better be,” he smirked. “We have lots to catch up on.” 

“Yes, we do,” you smiled. 

“I love you,” he whispered. “And I wish I was in that bath with you right now.”

“I do too, it’s been a bit lonely in this hotel,” you sighed dramatically. 

“Well, I’ll be there in a few days,” he smiled. 

“Can’t you just record your parts before Thursday and come now?” You pouted. 

“If I had that kind of power, I would already be on a plane to you right now,” he said. 

You smiled. “What time is it over there?” 

“Uh, just after 1 in morning,” he said. 

“Oh, well you better get in bed,” you said. 

“But I want to talk to you,” he whined. 

“I know, but you need your sleep,” you laughed. 

“Ugh, fine, fine,” he sighed. “You’re so bossy.” 

“You love me though,” you smirked. 

“That I do,” he smiled. 

You giggled. “I love you too.” 

“Night baby,” he whispered. 

“Night,” you smiled. 


It was the next day and Harry was going out to lunch with his sister. He had already told his Mom about the two of you, but he hadn’t told Gemma yet. He was a little more nervous about telling her than his Mom because there was actually a time where Gemma didn’t really like you with him. 

He never told you that and it was years ago, so hopefully, Gemma wouldn’t make a big deal about it. By the time Harry got there, Gemma was already there. She was typing away on her computer when he sat down. 

She looked up at him and finished what she was working on before putting her laptop away. 

“Finally,” he groaned dramatically. “So rude.” 

“Oh, piss off,” she laughed. “Anyway, how’s my baby brother doing.” 

“Great,” he said. 

“How was New York?” She asked. 

“It went well…” he coughed. 

“That wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain ex, would it?” She asked. 

He took a sip of his water and looked at the menu. 

“Don’t play coy with me,” she said. “The evidence is out there that you two were together at some point.” 

He sighed. “Yes, we were together in New York.” 

“Really?” She sighed. 

“Why are you saying it like that?” He asked. 

“Because you’ve been down that road plenty of times and it’s always ended the same,” she said. 

He sighed. “We’re in different places in our lives, Gem. It’s not going to end the same way.” 

“You’ve said that exact same thing the last two times you gave it a try with her,” she said. 

“Why don’t you like her?” He sighed. 

“It’s not that I don’t like her. Y/N and I were really close when you two first got together, but then I saw how your relationship with her was affecting you and how it hurt you were, so excuse me for not wanting to see you go through that again,” she said. 

“I get where you’re coming from and I don’t want to go through that ever again, but being without her in my life is just as painful if not more,” he sighed. “You don’t know what it’s like seeing all your friends or your sister being happy with their significant others and being in love. Or having to go home to an empty house every night and thinking about if you’re ever going to have someone to cook dinner with or open a bottle of wine and listen to music while sitting in front of the fire? And then you think about how you did have that, with that one person that you can’t get out of your fucking mind and heart because they’re the only one that you’ve ever felt anything with. Y/N, is my person and yeah, I’m scared as hell that it might not work out again, but at least I know that I gave it one more shot.” 

She sighed looking at him. “I know that you love her, and I know that she loves you. I’m not doubting that, but sometimes love isn’t enough and people aren’t meant to be.” 

“Wow,” he said shaking his head. “After everything I just told you, you’re really going to say something like that? I understand that you’re looking out for me and quite honestly I’m sure if roles were reversed, I would be the same way, but I would also support your decision if meant that you were happy.” 

“I do want you to be happy, but I also want you to really think this through and just not jump back into a relationship with someone that you haven’t even been around for over a year?” She said. 

“We’re not jumping into anything. Yes, she’s my girlfriend, but we’re taking things slow,” he said. 

“Then you didn’t sleep together in New York?” She asked. 

“That’s none of your business,” he said. 

“Damn it, Harry,” she sighed. 

“Who I have sex with is my decision,” he said. 

“I know, I know, but don’t you think it’s better to build your relationship emotionally instead of physically,” she said. 

“It’s not like we only have sex,” he sighed shaking his head. “Our relationship is more than that, it’s always been more than that.”

She sighed. “Okay, okay, I won’t say anything negative about Y/N or your relationship anymore. If you’re willing to give her another chance, then so am I,” she said. 

“That’s all I ask,” he sighed. 


You were now in Miami for the next few days and since Harry would be arriving tomorrow, you decided to go out shopping with your stylist, Maxy, and makeup artist, Manny, who were your best friends from over the years. 

“Not that I’m complaining, but what’s brought on this sudden shopping trip?” Maxy asked. 

“We’re in Miami, why wouldn’t we do a little shopping?” You said innocently. 

“Normally, I would accept that answer, but our shopping trips don’t usually involve purchasing new lingerie,”  she smirked holding up a red lacy see- through bra from the rack. 

“Girl, don’t you know? Y/N’s little boy toy is coming into town tomorrow for a few weeks,” Manny smirked. 

“He’s not my little boy toy, he’s my boyfriend,” you laughed looking through different options. “And I wanted to get some new things to wear to spice things up a bit.” 

“I didn’t realize that you and Harry were already official again,” Maxy said. “I mean, I know he was at the show and you two were quite on top of each other, but I didn’t know it was that serious again.” 

“It’s always been serious between me and Harry. After we first met initially, we only talked back and forth for about two weeks before we went out on our first date and then we became exclusive in a relationship after our third date,” you said. “If you know that you want to be with him, why should I wait a certain amount of time before we get back together.” 

“I don’t know, it just seems sort of fast, you know? You two were broken up and hadn’t spoken to one another in over a year, but then you meet up for one night and you’re already in a full blown committed relationship with him flying here to be with you,” she said. 

“I can see where you’re coming from, but it’s not like Harry was a one-night stand and now I’m in a relationship with him. We have history and we love each other, those feelings never went away even during our year apart, so to us it’s not like we’re rushing in or moving too fast,” you shrugged. “And honestly what’s so bad about us being together, we don’t want to see other people, so what’s wrong with already being exclusive.” 

“Nothing is wrong with it,” Manny said. “It’s your and Harry’s relationship and if you two love each other, that’s all that matters. We can tell you our thoughts or opinions, but at the end of the day as long as the two of you are happy and in love, then don’t worry about it.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled. 

“Now, that’s settled, let’s pick you out some things for your man to take off,” h smirked. 

You all laughed and finished looking through the store. Once you had a handful of lacy bra and underwear sets, you went back to the dressing room. As you were trying each set on, you smirked to yourself as you got a bit of an idea. You took a few pictures of yourself in the different sets. 

You went to your messages and clicked on Harry’s name. You picked a few pictures that you had just taken to send to him with, “Out shopping, which one is your favorite? ;)” as the message. 

You changed back into your clothes and grabbed the sets you tried on. 

“So, which ones are you getting?” Maxy asked. 

“Um, out of these probably the red, the black, and the dark purple,” you said. “ 

“Great choices!” Manny said. “He’s going to lose his shit when he sees you them.” 

You laughed. “He probably is already losing his shit. I might have snapped a few photos in the dressing room and sent him a bit of a sneak peek.” 

“Damn girl, I didn’t know you were the type to sext,” he gasped. 

“Usually, I’m not, mostly because of the whole like hacking and iCloud issues and things getting leaked, but there are ways around it. Especially, when you’re away from your significant other, it helps the time pass by a bit,” you smirked. 

“Ew. I don’t need that visual,” he said shaking his head. 

“Oh, but it’s perfectly fine picking out lingerie for me and talk about my sex life, but god forbid we talk me sexting with my boyfriend,” you giggled. 

“Oh my god, stop talking about it!” He laughed covering his ears. 

“Anyway, I’m going to go pay for these and then we can go get lunch,” you said. 

“Sounds good to me,” Manny said quickly.


Harry was finishing up his packing before he had to head to the studio to film for the Graham Norton show. He was literally counting down the hours until his flight would leave and he would be seeing you again. The conversation with his sister the other day had stuck with him a little bit and it made it wonder if she would ever really be happy that you and him were together. 

While it didn’t really matter to him about her opinion on you and your relationship, he still wanted his girl and his sister to get along. He heard his phone beep a few times, while he was packing, but he didn’t think anything of it. 

Once he zipped up his suitcase, he grabbed his phone from the bedside table and saw that you had sent him a few messages. He slid his finger to open and his eyes widen when he saw the pictures that you sent. 

“Bloody hell,” he mumbled to himself. 

“Out shopping, which is your favorite? ;)” he read the text along with your pictures. 

How was he supposed to choose just one? You looked fucking amazing in every single one of those and all he wanted to do was see you in them before he ripped them off of you. As he continued to stare at the pictures, it was obvious that a bit of a problem was growing. 

“Damn it, Y/N!” He typed into his phone. 

“What?” You sent back with an innocent looking emoji. 

“You know very well, what I’m talking about. You can’t just send me photos of you half naked looking fucking amazing without some sort of warning.”

“What? I was just asking for your opinion, but it’s nice to know that I looked good in all of them.”

“Of course you did! Please tell me you bought them all?”

“Nope, not gonna say, which or how many I bought. That’s something you’re going to have to wait and see.”

“But…but..but,” he sent with a pouty face. 

“You can whine all you want, but it’s not going to happen. Patience is a virtue.”

“Fuck patience, I want to know! It’s the least you could do since you’ve got me all hot and bothered over here! Did you forget that I’m going to filming a show in like two hours? I’m gonna have a fucking hard on and it’s all your fault!” 

“It’s not my fault you’re like a horny teenager.”

“Only for my beautiful, sexy, amazing, gorgeous, hot, girlfriend who I love more than anything in the world.” 

“You’re so sweet, but buttering me up is not going to work on me telling you which ones I bought.”

“I’m offended that you think I was trying to butter you up into getting what I want.”

“I’ve known you for almost 5 years, Styles, I know how you get when you want something.”

“And what I want is you…” 

“Tomorrow you can have me all day and night…”

“Fucking… You’re not helping my situation.”

“Maybe, I should let you go take care it before your big show.”

“Or you could help me take care of it… Video Chat?”

“I’d love too… but I’m out to lunch right now and I’m quite sure others around us wouldn’t be too keen on that type of video chatting.” 

“Damn it! Well, in that case, I’m gonna go have a nice cold shower. I’ll call you after the recording.” 

“Looking forward to it, and you never know you might get another little sneak peek then too ;)” 

“You’re having fun with this aren’t you?” 


“What am I going to do with you?” 

“Anything you want. ;)” 

“Okay. Cold Shower is definitely happening now.” 

“Sorry! ;) Talk to you later! I love you and you’re going to do great tonight!” 

“Thanks, baby and I love you too!” 


Harry was at the taping of the Graham Norton and as he sat in the dressing room with his parents, he wasn’t as nervous as he had been for SNL, but he still had a bit of nervousness. 

“You’re going to do great,” Anne smiled. “I’m so proud of you.” 

“Thanks, Mum,” he smiled. 

“So, how are things going with you and Y/N?” She asked. 

“Great,” he smiled. “You know I’m flying out to see her tomorrow morning right?” 

“Yes, I know,” she laughed. “I think that’s the real reason you have that stupid smile on your face.” 

He blushed. 

“It makes me so happy to see you happy,” she smiled. “This is all I’ve ever wanted for you and Gemma,” she sniffed. “And now you’re performing your own music that you’re so proud of and you’re with someone that you love and I’ve never seen you this happy before.” 

“Mum,” he laughed hugging her. “Why are you crying?” 

“Because I’m your Mum and that’s what I do.” she laughed dabbing her eyes. 

“Mum, you’re gonna make me cry,” he laughed rubbing her back. 

“Okay, I’ll stop. I’ll stop,” she said. 

He laughed kissing her head. One of the show’s producers peek their heads into the room, “The show starts in a few minutes,” she said. 

 “We better get to our seats,” Robin said. 

Harry nodded and hugged his mom one more time before they both left. He was alone in the room, except for his band. They were all trying to get into the zone for their performance that was coming up. 

It was a little more than halfway through the show when it was time for Harry to perform. After he nailed his performance, they brought him out onto the interview stage with the other guests. 

“Harry, Harry, welcome, you did a fabulous job,” Graham said. 

“Thank you,” Harry smiled. 

“So, we’re going to do this little game that we did with one of our guests last week and we’re going to talk about some of the craziest rumors about you and we’re just going to go off of your facial expression,” he said. 

“This could be fun,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, and there’s going to be camera zoomed in on your face,” he added. 

“Oh, god,” Harry laughed sitting up. 

“Okay, is it true that you took a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert?” He asked. 

Harry smirked and laughed. “I did, I didn’t take a carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert. I like carrot cake,” he shrugged. 

“And Fleetwood Mac, hopefully,” Graham said. 

“Love,” he laughed. 

Graham continued to ask about different rumors and so far they were all easy, until the very last one. 

“Now, this next rumor is quite recent,” he said. “And is it true that you and Y/N have rekindled a bit of a romance.” 

Harry tried so hard to keep a straight a face and he did good for the most part, but then a little smile broke through before it went back to straight face. 

“Oh! That’s a yes, that’s definitely a yes,” one of the guests laughed pointing to him. 

“I didn’t say that,” Harry said. 

“You didn’t have too,” he joked. 

Harry coughed and sat back with a smirk. 

“Well, we’re out of time, thank you to our guests for joining us tonight and thank you to Harry Styles for performing his new single,” he said. 

Harry smirked and stuck his head into the view of the camera giving it a wave. 


It was the day Harry would be arriving. You didn’t have plans that day, so you used it to get ready for his arrival. You picked up your clothes that covered the floor and put them away. You went into the bathroom and tided up your hair and makeup products a bit and then you took a quick shower to freshen up and shave your legs and what not. You pulled out your candle stash and put them throughout the room, but away from the curtains and other possible flammable items. 

You then went over to the shopping bag from yesterday and tried to decide on which one you would wear. You decided on wearing the red lace one and quickly put it on before putting your robe on. You then went and fixed your hair a bit and put on a little bit of makeup. 

You knew that you didn’t have to put this much trouble into it, but you wanted to make it a little more romantic setting than just a random hotel room. You looked at the clock and saw that Harry should be arriving within the hour. 

You felt that nervous-excited feeling in the pit of your stomach. Seeing him this time was different than New York because you knew where the two of you stood and it wasn’t a short visit. You would actually have more than a few hours to be together. 

You kept pacing around the room as you waited. It felt like Christmas morning or the night before your birthday. You were brought out of your thoughts when you heard a knock on the door. You were sure it wasn’t Harry because he wasn’t supposed to be landing until about now and it would take a while to get here from the airport. You tightened the knot on your robe and walked over to the door and opened it. 

Harry was standing there with his bags in his hand and a huge smile on his face. 

“Oh! What are you doing here so early?” You smiled. 

“Where you expecting someone else?” He asked. 

“Of course not, I’m glad that you’re here, I just thought you wouldn’t be in for another hour,” you said. 

“I was able to get an earlier flight,” he smiled. “Can I come in or is your other boyfriend in there?” he joked. 

“Don’t worry. He snuck down the balcony,” you giggled. “So, come on in.” 

He smiled walking in the door and putting his bags and guitar on the floor. 

“Now, come here,” he said pulling you to him after you close the door. 

You giggled wrapping your arms around him and he holds you close to him, kissing your head. 

“God, I’ve missed you,” he whispered. 

“I’ve missed you too,” you smiled. “These last four days were torture.” 

“I know, especially with you teasing me,” he laughed. 

“Don’t act like you didn’t like it,” you smirked. 

“That’s the problem, I loved it,” he laughed. 

You smiled. “Well, we have plenty of time to make up for it,” you whispered leaning up to kiss him. 

He smiled into the kiss bringing you closer to him as he deepens it. You wrapped your arms around his neck as you stood on your tip toes. After a bit, you pulled away. 

“No offense, but you smell like an airplane,” you laughed. 

“Is that your way of telling me I stink?” He pouted. 

“Pretty much, yep,” you giggled. 

“I guess I’ll jump in the shower really quick, wanna join?” he smirked. 

“Normally, I would, but I spent a good amount of time on this look and I’d hate to ruin it in the shower,” you said. 

“You know you don’t have to get all done up to impress me or anything,” he said. 

“I know, but I wanted to look nice,” you smiled. “Now, go and shower.” 

“Ugh, fine,” he said grabbing his toiletry bag. “I’ll be out in a few,” he said kissing you quickly and going into the bathroom. 

While Harry was in the shower, you lit all the candles and put on some music. You had some champagne brought to the room and you opened it to pour two glasses. You also had some fruit sent up as well. You set everything up and lowered the lights. 

The shower turned off and a few minutes later, he came out wrapped in a towel. He looked around at the candles and smiled. 

“Someone’s trying to be romantic,” he smirked walking over to you. 

“Well, I figured it would be nice to have a nice night in without feeling rushed,” you smiled handing him a glass of champagne. 

“A romantic night in sounds amazing,” he smiled. 

You grabbed the plate of fruit and climbed on the bed. Harry smiled joining you and laying next to you before grabbing a strawberry. 

“So, how did the show go?” You asked. 

“It went well. I had so much fun,” he smiled. “And the performance was amazing if I do say so myself.” 

“I’m sure you did great,” you smiled. “What about the interview?” 

“Really short, but we played this little game about asking about rumors about me and they zoomed in on my face. Most of them were ridiculous, but then they mentioned about us and I tried to keep a straight face, I really did, but I broke a bit and recovered quickly, but everyone was taking that as a yes,” he laughed. 

“Way to go,” you joked. 

“What? I’m not good at lying!” he laughed. 

“Apparently,” you said. 

“I’m just happy,” he smiled. 

“So am I,” you smiled. “Happier than I’ve been in a long time.” 

“Same here,” he said. “So, I told Gemma about us.” 

“How did she react?” you asked. 

“Not good at first,” he admitted. “She just kept bringing up our past and how it doesn’t seem like a good idea that we’re getting back together. And that she didn’t want to see me get hurt again, but I told her about how much I loved you and how happy being with you made me and she eventually decided that she would support my decision.” 

You sighed downing the rest of your champagne. 

“Hey,” he said taking your hand. “It’s okay, she’ll come around.” 

“I hope so,” you sighed. “We used to be really close, she was like my best friend, but then everything changed.” 

“Well, hopefully, the longer we’re together, the more you two can work on your friendship,” he smiled. 

“I’d like that,” you smiled. 

“You know what I’d like?” he smirked leaning closer to you. 

“What?” You asked. 

“Some of those kiwis,” he smirked leaning over you and grabbing some slices off the plate. 

You laughed. “Didn’t you eat on the plane?” 

“Yeah, but I’m still hungry,” he smirked. 

“We can order some food you know,” you laughed. 

“Nope. I don’t have time for that,” he said. 

“Oh, really?” You asked. “Why not?” 

“Because” he smirked pulling you on top of him. “We have things to do.” 

You giggled looking down at him. You tucked your hair behind your ear and leaned down to kiss him. He deepened the kiss as soon as you lips touched and put his hands on your hips as you straddled him. 

As you kissed him, you moved your hips a little causing him to let out a moan against your lips. He ran his hands up and down your thighs before sitting you both up. 

“Let’s see what’s under this, shall we?” he smirked pulling away and untying your robe. 

“I have a feeling you’re really going to like it,” you smirked. 

He let the sides of your robe fall and he pushed the robe off of your shoulders. 

“Fuck,” he whispered. “I see you got the red one.” 

“I did,” you smirked. “What do you think?” 

“I think I want to see more of it.” he smirked. 

You giggled getting off his lap to stand up next to the bed. He was staring at you with both lust and admiration. You smirked and turned around to show him the back. 

“Fucking hell,” he mumbled. “Now, get back over here.” 

You laughed as he pulled you back over him. He kissed your stomach and ran his hand over your bum. “You’re so beautiful,” he said with a kiss along your stomach. “And sexy,” he whispered with a kiss over the tops of your chest. “And fucking gorgeous,”  he whispered against your neck. “And funny,” he smirked kissing along your shoulder. “And talented,” he whispered. “And nice. And the best person I know. And did I mention beautiful?” 

You nodded. “You did.” 

He nodded turning back around you face you. “And you’re mine,” he whispered before pulling you in for a kiss. 


Later that night, Harry laid his head on your chest. You smiled playing with his hair. 

“I love you,” you whispered. 

He turned his head to look up at you. “I love you too, baby.” 

“So, we should probably order some dinner,” you laughed. “I’m starving.” 

He laughed. “Me too, but I don’t wanna move. Your boobs are the best pillows,” he smirked. 

“Oh my god,” you laughed. 

“What? It’s true,” he said. 

You giggled. “Remember that time after we first started dating and you were at backstage at my show and you didn’t realize I was changing, so you walked into my dressing room and you stood there forever before you realized I was a bit naked and then you tried to leave the room super fast and ended up running into the wall,” 

“Oh god, that was so painful,” he laughed. “I had a huge bruise on my forehead for weeks and the entire show, I kept thinking about you and I felt so bad because we obviously hadn’t taken that next step yet.” 

“Yeah, you were so embarrassed,” you giggled. “It was cute though.” 

He laughed. “I was just trying not to think about it so I didn’t pop a boner.” 

“Aww,” you laughed. 

He smiled. “You know this right here is what I think I missed the most about us being apart,” he said. “Just laying here and talking. Just being together.” 

“We used to do this all the time,” you nodded. “We would just stay in and be together. I think that’s why we grew so close because we didn’t always go out for fancy dinners or a night out at the club. We were both fine with just having a quiet night in watching movies or something.” 

“Among other things,” he smirked looking up at you. 

“That’s true,” you laughed. “Can you hand me the phone? I’m gonna call in an order.” 

He groaned dramatically before reaching over for the phone and handing it to you. 

You dialed the number for room service and waited for the to pick up. While you waited to place the order, Harry smirked to himself and started kissing down your stomach. 

You gave him a look and he looked back at you innocently. 

“Oh, hi, I would like to place a dinner order to be delivered,” you said. 

“Okay, whenever you’re ready,” they said on the other line. 

Harry had now disappeared under the sheets and was kissing your thighs. 

“Stop it,” you whispered pulling the phone away from you. 

You felt him smirk against your thigh and you rolled your eyes. 

“I need two cheeseburgers with everything and fries. I would like a bowl of the house salad with the dressing on the side,” you said. 

Harry smirked while he moved your legs apart a bit and kisses his way your thigh. 

You gasp and pull the phone away from you. “I’m on phone,” you gasp. 

He shrugged and you groaned. 

“Okay, so two cheeseburgers with everything, fries, a bowl of house salad with dressing on the side, and would you like more champagne?” They asked. 

You were holding back a moan as you listened to them list off the order. 

“Ah…yeah…that’s uh… fine,” you mumbled out. 

“Great. Everything will be delivered in about twenty minutes,” they said. 

“Sounds….Good,” you said before throwing the phone to the side. 

Harry sneaked out from under the sheets and looked at you. 

“What the hell was that?” You asked. 

“Nothing… Nothing at all,” he smirked. 

You playfully glared at him. “Well, you better finish where you left off with that nothing.” 

“Don’t mind if I do,” he smirked. 


By the time, you two had finished a quick round of fooling around there was a knock on the door. You quickly rolled off of Harry, who got up from the bed and wrapped the sheet around his waist before walking over to get the door. He took the cart of food from the guy and gave him a tip before thanking him and closing the door. 

“Food!” You laughed putting Harry’s shirt on. 

“Did I say you could borrow that?” He asked bringing the food over to the bed. 

“Didn’t have too. I’m pretty sure I bought it for you a few years ago and it looks better on me anyway,” you smirked. 

“Damn, you didn’t have to mean about it,” he whined. “But yeah, it does look pretty good on you.” 

You laughed and grabbed your plate of food and put some of the salad on the another plate. 

“Want some water?” He asked. 

You nodded and he grabbed two bottles and handed one to you. 

“Thank you,” you smiled giving him a kiss. 

After you both ate, you laid down on the bed and turned on a movie. Harry wrapped his arms around you and held you to his chest. You smiled as you cuddled into him and he kissed the top of your head. You two spent the rest of the night watching a movie before finally falling asleep. 

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Another Mitjo fic!

It’s cute fluff this time (no horrible sad zombie AU which I hate but can’t stop thinking about.)

SUMMARY: Jonas is in his second or third year of marine biology at university.  He and Mitch live in an apartment together.  Uhhh also Mitch is making some pretty sweet dough from selling drugs by now???

A/N:  A lot of this is based off of personal experiences with friends taking me to clubs with them and such.  I outlined this in some sort of post-club stupor at 4:30am last week, and I guess I decided to actually finish an idea for once???

Also, this is my first time trying to write in present tense???  It feels super weird to do, but I hope it reads okay!

Anyways, happy Valentines Mitjo Day!!

@smokeplanet @mitjo  <3

Here’s uhhh, oh my god is this the title…

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another trashy angsty simon minter imagine

not requested for once lmao, probably absolute trash but have this while i take some time out - also are any of my followers one direction trash bcos i am and i would really like to write some harry imagines but obvs its up to u guys cause i wanna please yall?? anyway idk enjoy

“Why is it that everytime I see you, you’re drunk, Y/n?”

His voice instantly soothed the aching in my brain. I shut my eyes, hoping to just listen to that voice for a while without hurting. I knew that seeing his face would hurt. I wasn’t ready for that. 

He sounded cautious, almost. Hesitant. I wasn’t sure how to react. Part of me wanted to scream at him, to throw something, to make him hurt. But I couldn’t. 

I wanted him to think I didn’t care anymore. But the alcohol in my veins took control of my shy mouth, running the controls behind my timid, shaking voice.

“Oh don’t worry, Simon,” I breathed, feeling my words float away into the hall. “I’m drunk when you don’t see me too.”

“And how often is that?”

“I’ve lost track.”

His sigh was audible between the narrow white walls. Disappointment. I’m so damn familiar these days. He always managed to do this; to make me feel like it was my fault. I hated him for doing that. I hated myself for believing him.

“Y/n, why are you out here? Why aren’t you inside?”

“I could ask you the same fucking question Simon,” I spat at him bitterly. “It’s my flat. Why are you here? Why aren’t you out with your fun little friends, picking up girls, smashing and forgetting? Why, Simon?”

He sighed again, his lips pressed in a straight line. I couldn’t exactly tell what the look in his eyes was. I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

“Because, Y/n, it’s a Tuesday. Some of us work. And plus, my ‘fun little friends’ told me you were locked out. And I…” his voice trailed off as he cleared his throat, scanning the floor for his next words. “Well, I still have your key. The spare one.”


Just like that, I burst into tears. Uncontrollable, loud, messy sobs. I hated myself for it, but I hated myself anyway, and so what really was the difference? After all this time, it was still Simon coming to my rescue, picking up the pieces that only broke when he started to touch them. It was almost like I couldn’t live without him. The thought made me cry more.

As I sobbed his face softened, panic overtaking it.

“Oh no please, please don’t cry.” He crouched down to face me from where I sat slouched on the floor. “You’re okay, you’re fine-”

“No I’m fucking not Simon! Stop kidding yourself, you know just as well as I do I’m not fine!” I pushed him away and he flinched. 

“I don’t know what you want me to do, Y/n,” his voice came out so small, so defeated. My heart throbbed. I focused on my hands, the dark makeup stained tears falling into them. “I’m trying, I really am. But I’m so worried about you. I’m constantly scared about what you’re gonna do when I’m not around. I can’t leave you alone.”

“Look at yourself, Y/n,” he continued as he lifted me, holding me in his arms. I curled up against his neck as he fumbled around in his pocket for the key. “You’re ruining yourself.”

I cried harder as he lowered his voice to a whisper that I wasn’t completely sure I was intended to hear. “Or am I ruining you?”

Before I knew it I was on my bed again. The hard, unwelcoming mattress was familiar against my back. I watched as Simon sat beside me. The fatigue had hit.

“What am I gonna do with you, Y/n?”

“Stay with me,” I responded groggily. His hand reached out, stroking my hair. The cold silver of his pinky ring touched my scalp slightly.

“You know I can’t do that, Y/n. You have to learn to live without me.”

“But it’s hard,” I sobbed softly. 

“I know, Y/n. I think you forget I’m learning too.” His face was a picture amongst the dark room as he continued to stroke my hair. “It’s weird, and it’s lonely, and it’s hard. But it’s for the best.”

“For the best?” I asked drousily. “You’re better without me?”

“No, best for you. I’m not what you need, Y/n. You’ll realise it one day.”

“You’re what I want.”

He edged further away from me like an elastic band I’d lost control of. An elastic band with a lot of commitment issues and insecurities. I felt my heart crack as he withdrew his hand. Amongst the darkness, in my drunken tired state, I wasn’t entirely convinced I hadn’t seen him use it to wipe away a tear of his own.

As I drifted to sleep he continued to talk to my state. I knew I wouldn’t remember half of this tomorrow, and I knew he knew that too. But for now it was nice to hear his thoughts.

“We always come up too short,” Simon sighed from the end of my bed. “I just wish…I wish it had been different. That I had been different.”

“I don’t,” I slurred. “Do you love me, Simon?”

“More than you know, Y/n.”

“So why didn’t it work?”

“I don’t have the answers, Y/n. I wish I did.” For a brief second he turned away. Then forcing a smile, he turned back to me, standing. “Now get some sleep.”

“Are you gonna leave?”

“Not yet, Y/n. Not just yet.”

A Little Bit of Poe

Summary: Lin is good at a lot of things, but being sick is not one of them.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

A/N: This was originally supposed to be short. For @gratitudejoyandsorrow because she works too hard.

Lin was terrible at being sick. He had been trying to hide it from you for the past few days, but you weren’t that thick. You awoke to the sound of him drumming on every surface he could reach, trying to figure out a beat. Armed with a thermometer, you entered the living room. His hair was getting long, and it fell around his face in a way that you found oddly attractive, since he usually kept it short. Bits of paper were strewn around him, littering the floor where the garbage can used to be. He had turned it upside down and was using it as a drum.

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zodiac horror story (part 2)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • *
  • part 1: http://littlekingv.tumblr.com/post/158545307359/zodiac-horror-story-part-1
  • *
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • *
  • - previously on ''zodiac horror story''
  • ''virgo: this forest is scary as shit.
  • aquarius: your face is scary as shit.''
  • pisces: *screams*
  • cancer: PISCEEESSESEESS.''
  • - this time on ''zodiac horror story''
  • *
  • the signs are all traumatized by what just happened. did pisces die? is she still alive? who knows. the signs are sitting in taurus' tent, waiting for the perfect moment to come out.
  • taurus: well, aries, because i wanted to have a tent all for myself because i don't want to sleep with any of you in one tent. and it was really small and cute, i just had to buy it. couldn't resist.
  • cancer: then why are we in this tent and not in yours, aries? you have the biggest tent out of all of us.
  • aries: the tent is only meant for sagittarius and me.
  • scorpio: then don't fucking complain about being in the smallest tent. you are the one who doesn't want to share your big ass tent, so it's your fault that we are here, in this tent.
  • virgo: y'all know that we could easily move to my tent? my tent is the second biggest.
  • leo: what if the killer is outside?
  • aquarius: who the fuck said that there was a killer?
  • capricorn: she could've easily fell.
  • gemini: true, but can you also explain how she's gone all of the sudden and why she screamed so loudly?
  • aquarius: aliens.
  • sagittarius: guys, don't worry. she'll probably be back soon. gemini left too and here she is.
  • gemini: hehe.
  • libra: is pisces gone?
  • scorpio: *hits libra with a flashlight*
  • capricorn: so.. are we going to move from tent or what?
  • aquarius: i just want to sleep, man.
  • taurus: saaMEEEE.
  • cancer: should we just go outside and check if anything's outside?
  • virgo: yes.
  • leo: who's going first?
  • sagittarius: i will go first, i don't care 'bout shit.
  • sagittarius slowly peeks his head out. he crawls out of the tent.
  • sagittarius: no one's here! you all can come out!
  • everyone crawls out of the tent.
  • aquarius: hmm.. what time is it?
  • cancer: *grabs phone out of pocket* ehh.. 3:34 AM.
  • aquarius: OH MY GOD I WANT TO SLEEP.
  • scorpio: well, we aren't going to sleep until we find pisces. let's split up.
  • aries: what?! are you out of your fucking mind?!
  • virgo: why can't we just stick together..?
  • scorpio: if we split up, we have the chance to find pisces faster.
  • gemini: not if she's dead lol.
  • scorpio: she's not. she can't be.
  • capricorn: she can..
  • cancer: WE DON'T CARE. we're going to find her, whether she's alive or not. we can't just leave a friend behind.
  • sagittarius: well, she basically left us behind.
  • aquarius: can i just stay here and sleep?
  • taurus: yeah, can i stay here too?
  • scorpio: no.
  • cancer: wait, what if taurus and aquarius stay here and watch our stuff, and we are going to find pisces.
  • capricorn: good idea.
  • leo: can we just go already?
  • virgo: i ain't leaving if we are all going to split up. i don't want to go alone.
  • cancer: we ain't going alone. we're going in groups. you and capricorn will go that way, leo and libra that way, sagittarius and gemini that way and scorpio, aries and i will go that way.
  • virgo: ugh, fine.
  • cancer: great, let's go.
  • scorpio: and be careful y'all.
  • libra: yay, adventure!
  • all the groups are out in the woods, looking for pisces, not knowing where they are, or where to go. let's see how capricorn and virgo are doing out in the woods.
  • virgo: it's sooooo cold.
  • capricorn: i know.
  • virgo: why does this happen to us?! why, oh, why?!!!!!?!?!
  • capricorn: calm down! we're just going to walk around, head back and then we're just going to say that we didn't find pisces. end.
  • virgo: what!? i don't want to lie!
  • capricorn: well, too bad! pisces probably just left us because we didn't listen to her.
  • virgo: she wouldn't! she would've told me.
  • capricorn: maybe not.
  • virgo: she's my best friend. why wouldn't she?
  • capricorn: soo.. you're her best friend, still you don't want find her. okay.
  • virgo: what? who said that?
  • capricorn: you did. all you were worrying about is splitting up.
  • virgo: that's just because i'm afraid to go alone in the woods, okay?!
  • capricorn: you didn't even say anything when she went missing or when she screamed or when there was a blood trail on the ground.
  • virgo: i-i.. i don't know.
  • capricorn: of course you don't.
  • capricorn starts walking while virgo stands still, not knowing what to do or say.
  • capricorn: hurry the fuck up.
  • virgo: *sigh*
  • let's see how taurus and aquarius are doing.
  • taurus: i wish i had some pizza right now.
  • aquarius: oh my lord. why did you say that?!
  • aquarius: I'M HUNGRY NOW, THANKS.
  • taurus: i have chips in my bag if you want.
  • aquarius: yes please.
  • taurus walks over to his tent and grabs a bag of chips out of his bag.
  • taurus: *sing hallelujah*
  • aquarius: *sings with taurus*
  • taurus: do you want a drink?
  • aquarius: yes.
  • taurus: coke?
  • aquarius: yes!
  • taurus walks over to his tent again.
  • taurus: aqua, do you know where my mini-fridge thingy is?
  • aquarius: uhh.. no?
  • taurus: uughhhhh. someone probably stole it.
  • aquarius walks over to taurus to help him find it.
  • aquarius: uhhh.. maybe behind your tent?
  • they go behind the tent and they see a light in the distance.
  • taurus: hey, do you see that light too?
  • aquarius: yeah..
  • taurus: should we go to it?
  • aquarius: uhh.. i don't know man..
  • taurus: i'm going.
  • aquarius: w-what?!
  • taurus walks towards the light.
  • aquarius: fucking hell.
  • aquarius follows taurus.
  • taurus: heeyy, it's my mini-fridge and a flashlight!
  • taurus picks up the fridge and flashlight.
  • aquarius: phew.
  • aquarius walks back to the camp.
  • aquarius: *looks behind him* taur-taurus? what are you doing? why are you standing there? come on!
  • taurus falls on the ground with 4 knives in his back and one knife in the back of his head. he's.... dead.
  • aquarius: *screams*
  • scorpio: aquarius?
  • *
  • rest in peace taurus.. you will be missed..
  • *
  • stay tuned for part 3, and thanks for reading!
More Than A Feeling

Here is part six, the final part in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1017

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”
Read “Sweet Emotion”
Read “Just What I Needed”
Read “Feel Like Making Love”

A/N: Thank you all so much for the love this series (And pretty much everything I write)! Y’all keep me going.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

Originally posted by ifellinlovewithabrokenheart

          You hadn’t seen Jeffrey in almost three weeks and it was killing you. You talked to him on the phone as often as you could, but when you were both being pulled in opposite directions for filming, you didn’t get to be together.

           You were getting your things ready to go home from set when your phone rang. You hurriedly dug it out of your pocket and sighed happily, “Hey, Jeffrey.” You couldn’t hide the happiness in your voice.

           “Hey, Sweetheart.” You could tell he was smiling too.

           You slung your purse on your shoulder to continue what you were doing while you talked to him, “How’s my favorite guy?”

           “Good.” He said, “I just miss my girl.”

           “I miss you too.” You sighed, feeling that pull in your chest that you got every time you talked to him.

           “How was your day?”

           “It was good.” You answered, grabbing your keys and walking out of your trailer to head to your car. “I’m heading home now.”

           “Get some sleep for me?” he chuckled. The sound brought a warmth over you that you had become used to.

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey, could I please ask for a JugheadxReader with #46&23? Love your writing!!

46. “Will you still be here when I wake up?”
23. “Last night was a mistake.” 

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Implied/Smut, Maybe some slight cursing, alcohol.

A/N: Thanks for requesting, nonnie! :)
And this is based off the television Juggie- hence the smut.

Tag List; @dempsey-mantle @sunshine51879 @day-dreaming-nightmare @emotional-wrek-hello @aezthetically @nafa1604 @theselfishllama


It was just a party. You had been to millions of these before. But this one had been completely different because your best friend and crush, Jughead Jones had been there, too.
And, stupidly, after you had a few drinks you wandered to where he was. You knew he hated his birthday, parties, and people in general. Suddenly you felt very terrible about the fact that you had took place in the party and had left him out there all by himself.
“Hey.” You sighed, taking a seat next to him on the small chair.
He rolled his eyes, “You’re drunk.”
You shook your head, “Tipsy. And besides, that doesn’t matter. I’m sorry. I should have been in here with you and instead I went out there with them and ended up drinking and forgetting all about you. I’m such a terrible fucking friend.” You groaned.
“No, you’re not.” He replied, continuing to play with Vegas’s ear. “I’m glad you’re having fun.”
“That’s not the point. I should be having fun with you. It is your birthday. And even though you hate it- which I totally get, by the way- we should have some sort of fun. We can ditch this party together. We can ignore the fact that it’s your birthday. It’s just another day.” You shrugged.
He chuckled slightly at that. “What did you have in mind?”
You glanced at him, shrugged again. But you couldn’t find it in you to speak all of the sudden. And maybe it was the alcohol you had consumed that night that gave you the confidence you needed to do what you were about to do, and maybe not. But you were grateful you were finally doing this.
When your lips touched his, he didn’t fight back. Actually, he invited it. And you kissed him harder, climbing into his lap.

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Kicked out

I decided to just write a quick something based on this prompt:

“We are both stuck in the dorm common room because their respective roommates needed ‘alone time’” au.

Will was unhappy. Annoyed. Irritated. Royally pissed off. Something in that category.

Why? Oh yeah, his roommate had kicked him out of their dorm room because he needed some ‘alone time’ with his girlfriend. Sometimes he wished that his roommate and his girlfriend could use another room. But noooo, it always had to be theirs.

And Will wasn’t very happy with this arrangement. Firstly, because he had a shit ton of exams coming up soon. He could have very well studied in the common room because it was empty apart from some other guy he barely knew. But he couldn’t do that either now, because he hadn’t had the opportunity to grab his books before leaving his dorm room. The only thing he had with him was a sketchbook, a pencil case, his phone, earphones, wallet and keys.

He looked down at the sketchbook he had in his lap. He wasn’t quite sure what he had drawn, but he suspected that it was a small doodle of his roommate and his girlfriend together. Based on the pose, he guessed that he had unconsciously taken inspiration from a picture his boyfriend kept at his desk. It was a nice photo too, Will would admit that. But sometimes it made him feel lonely. He didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet.

But times and times again he had reminded himself that he really didn’t have time for a relationship right now. But unfortunately, it didn’t stop him from wishing for one or wanting one.

The guy sitting on the couch opposite him looked up. “I saw you get kicked out a couple minutes ago. Why?”

Will sighed. “The usual. My roommate and his girlfriend needed some ‘alone time’. He could have just told me that they were going to fuck. Like they do about every other day. And usually I’m okay with leaving too, but today I managed to forget my books, and I can’t just walk in there and be like ‘whoops, I forgot my books. Just pretend that I’m not here. I’ll be gone in a minute’, can I?”

The guy let out a small laugh. It sounded a bit hoarse, as if he hadn’t used it in a long time. “Seems like how I have it. I’m a bit luckier than you, though. I’m only victim of getting kicked out about once a week. I’m Nico, by the way. You’re in my History class, right?”

“I’m Will,” Will said. “And yeah, and English. What are you doing here? I mean, field of studying?”

“Art,” Nico said, fumbling with a drawing pencil. He had moved and was sitting so close to Will that he could just see the gold writing on the pen saying 4B.Perfect for shading or light sketching,’ Will thought before catching himself. He wasn’t going to say to an art major something that Nico already would know. “You?”

“Pre-med. I’m taking history for the credits. And English. But I really like those subjects, especially now that we’re working with Greek and Roman Mythology. It’s fascinating.”

“It is,” Nico agreed. “It’s not the worst thing. I’m glad I’m in college right now. High school was a bitch. In several ways.”

“Oh?” Will leant forward in an interested manner. “Why is that?”

Nico didn’t quite meet his eyes. “The teachers didn’t like me. I had just moved to America. I – got bullied a lot. It made everything hard.”

“That’s horrible, Nico,” Will said honestly. “Why would anyone bully you? You’re a good person. I’ve seen how you’ve helped out others with their work.”

“Well … I wasn’t the best person in high school. I was depressed, an anxiety wreck. I had just lost my mother and sister. I smoked some point. And I didn’t really talk to anyone apart from Percy, who’s now my roommate.”

Will sensed that Nico was going to continue, so he kept silent.

“I drew a lot. My drawings got destroyed by others. My locker got damaged and written on. No one wanted to sit next to me in class. I got beat up a couple times.” Nico paused. “Why am I even telling you this? I barely know you.”

“Maybe because you needed to let it out. You haven’t really talked to anyone about it, have you?” Will suggested. He was happy that Nico had opened to him, though it wasn’t a lot. “Do you feel a bit better, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?”

Nico thought a moment before nodding. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

The door to Nico’s door opened and two people walked outside; a guy with dark hair and a girl with blonde curls.

“Hey, Nico? You’re free to be in our dorm room now,” The black-haired guy – had Nico called him Percy? – said. Nico turned around. “You guys done fucking now? I actually have homework to do, you know.”

Will watched Nico disappear into his dorm room and hoped that maybe they would both be kicked out from their rooms again at the same time in the future.


This is Part Six in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1081

Read “Needy”
Read “Deserving”
Read “Loving”
Read “Vacation”
Read “Try”

A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” (So…after this one) but I’m not taking anymore requests for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

Jensen’s Point Of View 

           Jared and I could only hold Y/N’s hands as she remembered what happened the night she got stabbed. It was hard to watch as tears streamed down her cheeks. But it was good that she remembered what happened. Maybe it would help the police find who attacked her.

           “I was walking, just enjoying the beach at night,” she said, starting slowly, “Everything was so beautiful. And I was thinking about how lucky I was to be here with you two. How lucky I am to have both of you in my life. I heard someone coming up behind me. I got spooked and turned around. He was wearing a mask. He told me to give me all the money I had. But I didn’t have anything with me. He kept coming closer to me and I couldn’t make myself run away. And when he realized I really didn’t have anything to give him, he stabbed me.”

           “Hey,” Jared put his hands on her shoulders, trying to ease the shaking, “It’s okay. We got to you. You’re going to be okay.”

           “He just . . . didn’t care. I was just some random girl walking around and he didn’t care. He stabbed me. I could have been anyone. What if he stabbed someone else? What if he does it again? What if he kills someone?”

           “They’re gonna find him,” I said, putting my hand on her back, “They’ll make sure no one else gets hurt.”

           “How do you know?” she asked.

           “I believe they will.”

           “Come on. Let’s get you back to the house. You need to rest,” Jared said, trying to take her mind off of the panic.

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Parting Ways


Song or quote: “I don’t know how to forget you”
Who: Sebastian Stan

[Y/N] chewed on her bottom lip as she prepared for the words she had been rehearsing for days. There had been an internal battle fighting a war inside her heart for the last few months and today was going to be the day that the battle was finally going to be won. She just wished the victory didn’t mean leaving behind the man who had given her the world and some. 

Sebastian knew what was coming, he had noticed for weeks now that she had been pulling away from him. He had just hoped that he was going to have more time. Sighing out, he placed a hand on hers. “I know what you’re going to say, [Y/N].” 

[Y/N] froze, “You do?”

Nodding, he swallowed hard. This wasn’t going to be easy, how was he supposed to let the love of his life leave him. “Is there anyway I can change your mind for you stay?” 

[Y/N] heart shattered at that moment as his eyes glossed over with fear and sadness. Opening her mouth to say something, [Y/N] quickly closed them, she feared that there could possibly be something Sebastian could say to her but that was only going to be a temporary fix. How long until she felt like she was running the same rut or feel suffocated by the affection that she couldn’t reciprocate? It wasn’t fair to either of them. Shaking her head no, she avoided his stare. 

“Please?” He pleaded, his voice breaking slightly at the strain of trying to keep his composure. 

Taking a deep breath, [Y/N] mustered up the courage to look him in the eyes and regretted doing so the second she did. “Oh, Seb.” Removing her hand from his, she sighed. “You know that I love you with every bit of my heart but our time together faded. I could have never asked for a better person to come into my life when you did, Sebastian. You picked me up from the ground and nurtured me into reminding myself who I am and what I stand for. For that, I can never thank you enough. Because without you? There’s no telling where I would have ended up. It’s been the best five years and I honestly feel so heartbroken to feel this way about us. I wanted it to work out because of all the things you have done for me but this is how I feel and I can’t force love and I don’t want to try because you, Seb, deserve the real thing.” 

Gritting his teeth to hide his emotions, he rubbed his jaw, “So, what now? I just, I just try to forget about you, [Y/N]? Because I don’t know how to forget you. Or even think that I can.”

Shaking her head, she grabbed his hand back. “No, you don’t try to forget me because I would never forget you. I will always love you, Seb, just not in the way you’d like me to. If we pass each other on the streets or run into each other at events, I want us to just smile and think of the good times we shared with each other and then move on. It’s okay to be upset because believe me, I’m probably just as upset or even more because of myself.” Standing up, she walked over and pressed a kiss to his head. “I’m really, truly sorry it had to be this way.” 

As the Long, Long Nights Begin: Chapter Two

AU.  After the fight with Gaston, Belle is just in time to save the Beast’s life-but too late to break the spell. Can they manage to find some happiness anyway?

You can read Chapter One here or on fanfic.net.

Two days ago, the servants had seen the last petal fall from the rose, its faint, eerie glow extinguished forever. The stem had immediately crumbled into ashes on the table.

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Name: Captain’s orders, Doctor. Also, I want you alive.
Pairing: Bones x Reader
Summary: Bones accidentally got a very severe fever that is not serious, but is too sick to perform his duties, so Kirk ‘asks’ the reader to take care of him and stay with the doctor in case he needs anything.
Author’s Note: yes, too much of McCoy. Yes, I do have other requests. Yes, it’s because he possesses my soul right now, and I need some of his sarcasm in my life.

“Doctor McCoy? Doctor?” you walk in McCoy’s cabin, holding a big bag with medicine on your shoulder. “Excuse me?”

“What do you need?” he asks grumpily, and you notice McCoy, standing next to the wall, almost laying on it, his eyes almost closed, his uniform dirty and creased.

“Wow… You look bad,” he sighs and rolls his eyes.

“What do you, ensign?”

“I am here to take care of you.”

“I am a doctor, I can take care…” he starts coughing, pressing both hands against his chest, as if it was breaking apart.

“No, you can’t!” you approach him and gently put your hand on his shoulder, pushing him towards the bed. “Come on, let’s get you to bed, doctor,” you help him take the uniform off and throw it in the laundry corner, pretty sure that McCoy should get some sleep before you get to torture him. McCoy sighs and leans back, closing his eyes and breathing very rapidly. You sit down by his side and put a hand on his forehead, trying to make sure he will survive without taking out any medical instruments (which you know will be the reason for him to kill you). “Dear lord, you are burning!”

“Well, heal me,” McCoy murmurs, and you roll your eyes, standing up and looking at his cabin. Being the doctor of the Enterprise, McCoy got a rather big cabin, with a big couch (which you intend on using until he feels well) and a good bathtub (which you are going to use to sweat the hell out of this stubborn man). “Jealous of the cabin?”

“God forbid!” you wave your hand at him. “Just expecting the joy of bringing you back on two feet!” he moans, rolling on the bed.

“How are you feeling, doctor?”

“Alive, if that’s all that interests you,” you grin and help him up, leading him towards the bathtub. “What are you doing now, you crazy human?”

“Well, as you are not willing to sleep, I have to make sure that you at least get clean and can sleep in a clean place. You take a hot bath, and I will set the room to get clean,” you enter the command in the computer and get to the bathtub, honestly not looking at Bones until the water reached the level enough for you to act appropriately, as he obediently drops the ‘soapy water’ ball in the tub, and it dissolved in the foam all over the tub. “Thank you.”

“I am not cruel enough to embarrass a girl, crewman,” Bones mumbles, and you grin, putting a towel under a stream of hot water and leaving it on McCoy’s forehead. He smiles weakly and closes his eyes, his breath slowly calming down. You sigh with relief with sit down, feeling both safe and weirdly uncomfortable next to McCoy. “Why are you still here, ensign?”

“Captain’s orders, Doctor. Also, I want you alive,” you answer quietly, feeling like the towel on his forehead and eyes allows for you to actually look at the neck and shoulders, without being terrified of the thought of being seen. There is a blood vessel, slowly counting his heartbeat right next to the trachea, and you can see his beard has started growing back again. You feel relieved that he does not have that overly muscular body of a soldier, but a simple, fit, and more gentle one.

“I can feel that you are looking at my neck and shoulders, ensign, I am quite aware of what you would expect Star fleet officers to look like,” you hear McCoy and, as you look back at his face, you notice that he is grinning. “Disappointed?”

“Quite the opposite,” you murmur, doing your best not to blush. McCoy laughs and slowly gets deeper in the soapy water, so you have to keep your eyes on his face. And quite possibly the still visible part of the neck. “Sorry.”

“No, that’s alright. Quite possibly, I won’t remember anything from today, so do go on… Feel free to yell at me for all the things I said wrong,” you shake your head and lean forward, using a weirdly shaped sponge to wash the back of his neck. As captain said, Bones got stuck in some weird muddy substance that fully absorbed him (which was why you were doing your best washing his hair), and then just spat him out, as if he didn’t fit its taste.

“How did you even manage to get in this… substance?” you ask him quietly, holding McCoy’s head up, so that you can wash the back of his head.

“Oh, Jim told you?” you nod, so he continues, even though Bones can’t see you. “Well, we were talking. And then I realized that I am not walking, and phasers do not do much good with that thing.”

“What about side effects?”

“Oh, I am being painfully honest today. I told Spock I appreciated him being next to Jim to stop him from doing shit,” McCoy sighs. “I wish I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because now this green-blooded goblin will think that I approve of him being the goblin!” you laugh and carefully run your fingers through his wet hair, making sure it’s totally clean.

“I am sure he understands that you didn’t mean to say it,” McCoy moans and splashes some water at you, so you gasp and stare at him, totally offended.

“Oh, you had it coming!” he mumbles, not even trying to pretend to be sorry, so you just fill your hands with water and pour all of it on his face.

“So did you,” you smile innocently, as McCoy starts snorting and spitting, looking like a very hurt five year old.

“I am a doctor!”

“You are an idiot right now,” you answer simply, standing up and taking the huge towel. “Do you need help with getting up or will you make it to the bed on your own?”

“On my own, thank you very much! I am still a man, and I shall act like one,” you nod, trying not to laugh and head out of the bathroom, expecting the following few days to be just as hard.

15| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3578

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Friday passed quickly. Your dorm mates were excruciatingly quiet in the morning. They whispered amongst each other, looking from you to Minjee. Minjee, who was making her bed at the other end of the room, kept shooting you death glares. Last night had ended so abruptly, with Madame Hyejin walking in like that. Minjee’s comment about your age and experience had been left hanging, and you’d never gotten back at her since she’d slapped you. She didn’t have the upper hand, but, neither did you.

You tugged a pair of jeans and a sweater out of your trunk. Patience was a little difficult to have when the entire dorm was wondering if the two of you were about to burst and start arguing again. It didn’t help that you’d landed her with a punishment either. Still, if she hadn’t left a great red mark on your face then Madame Hyejin wouldn’t have been so harsh.

Speaking of the devil, Madame Hyejin appeared and started the usual dorm inspection, walking up and down ensuring everyone was tidy. When she was finished, she cleared her throat. “Miss (Surname) and Miss Gwan I have decided you will both be joining my conditioning class every morning for all of next week. You will also report to the kitchen staff after class on Monday. The rest of you, have a good day.”

Minjee looked at you sneeringly, and then strutted down the dorm room, flanked by Seohyun and Hyeun.

You rolled your eyes as she shoved past you. Conditioning and washing up, weren’t too bad.

The other girls left silently, though as soon as they got out the door they began whispering excitedly again.

Reaching the dining hall, another dilemma hit you. There was no way you could sit with anyone from your class. They were already sitting around the usual table. Seohyun was excitedly telling everyone what had happened last night, no doubt accentuating Minjee’s slap. Only Yuna and Kwangsik didn’t look amused. You certainly couldn’t sit there. You swallowed and went into the food line. What were you going to do? It was probably too obvious if you walked out to the toilets with a bowl of musli and a glass of apple juice…

“(Name)! Morning!” You turned around to face a grinning Dawon.

“Morning.” You looked at the bouncing pixie in front of you. Your mind suddenly taken away from depression. “Nice leo, by the way.” You nodded acknowledging at her. It was black and bright pink lycra with a matching skirt and fingerless gloves. She finished the ensemble off with black tights, and a pair of bright pink pointe shoes hung from her hands.

She grinned, and turned around to Seokjin, who stood behind her in the usually black and white uniform. “See, (Name) likes it!”

He sighed affectionately down at her. “Don’t blame me if I drop you with that damned slippery lycra.”

“Aww, you wouldn’t.” She curled her arms around his waist.

He gave her a peck on the lips. “Never, my little fairy.”

You blushed as they shared what was really quite an intimate moment. You wished you could have what Dawon and Seokjin had. She seemed like the happiest girl in the world as she stared up into his eyes.

“So, (Name).” Dawon said eventually, as you were serving yourself some fruit salad. “How are things?”

Your entire class against you, punishment from Madame Hyejin this afternoon and not being allowed to dance. “Bearable.”

She raised a dissatisfied eyebrow at you. “What’s wrong?”

You sighed. “Gwan Minjee and I had a bit of an argument last night.”

“That would explain why all your little friends are giggling right now.” She glared over at them. “Seriously, has that Kihyun guy’s voice even broken yet? He looks like, five.”

“What happened?” Seokjin asked, curiously.

“(Name)’s managed to piss off the bitch-establishment of the first years.”

He grinned at you. “Good job. It took Dawon at least three weeks to really stir them up.”

“Hey!” She exclaimed. “It didn’t take that long! Remember the scrunchie war on the first week?”

He laughed. “True, but that wasn’t single-handed.”

She made a face, then grabbed your wrist. “Come on, let’s go eat!”

You looked towards the table she was heading for. All their friends sat there, talking to, crap. No.

“I’ll see you later.” You said, trying to detach yourself from her hand.

“Nu-uh, you are so not becoming a social hermit!” She kept pulling along.

“Dawon.” She stopped as your voice became desperate and turned to face you. “What about Taeyeon? And…”

“Jimin?” She predicted. “(Name), I promise I won’t let Taeyeon scratch you and I will ensure that Jimin’s not too grumpy. ‘Kay?”

You grudgingly let her tug you along the rest of the way.

When reaching the table, you kept your eyes down, but you couldn’t help but see Jimin tense up, looking darkly at Dawon.

You nervously sat down. Kim Taehyung was on your left, Dawon on your right.

“Well if it isn’t little Miss (Name)!” Taehyung exclaimed. “Long time no see!”

You smiled at his warm welcoming. “Hey.”

“Why is she here?” Taeyeon snapped, looking you up and down distastefully with her long lashed eyes.

“Taeyeon.” Jimin muttered quietly.

“She’s our new addition.” Dawon said happily.

“She’s a first year.”

You felt like sinking into a hole. Taeyeon’s scrutiny was frightening.

“But she’s the same age as us.” Dawon folded her arms. Across the table, Jimin didn’t look surprised – he had the same irritated expression on his face. You guessed Madame Hyejin had already told him. You wondered what he thought of it. Maybe that you were even worse because you couldn’t dance at your own age level. You could hardly get angry about that – not when you thought it yourself.

“Wait, you’re seventeen?” Namjoon asked surprised.

You nodded hesitantly.

Namjoon smiled. “Ahh, that explains a lot. I did wonder how a first year could be all wise looking like you. How’d you end up down in the duckling class?”

“I started late.” You shrugged. “Thirteen.”

“Wow! You must be pretty damn good then, since you getting into Amour.” Hoesok exclaimed. “Most of these guys have had to work since they were tiny just to get to this level. Four years though?” He looked extremely fascinated. “You must be a natural. I mean, Taeyeon, didn’t you start when you were three to get in here?”

“And with those private classes from Andre Blanc.” Dawon added.

Taeyeon’s nostrils flared as she glared at them. Then she turned her face to you, a malicious smile suddenly spreading across her face. “So (Name), did you enjoy spying on me and Chim yesterday?”

Oh God. Your gaze slipped to Jimin. Your eyes locked. Something channelled through your body. He was asking the same thing. Why had you been watching him? Why had you run away from him? Not talked to him? But there was something more in his eyes than just questions of privacy, there was curiosity. Like he wanted to know what you’d thought. Like he already knew why you’d been looking. Building your confidence, you raised your eyebrows and tore away from his gaze, looking back to Taeyeon. The surges of adrenalin still powered through your chest, making it hard to think reasonably.

“I could say the same for you.” You knew you were entering dangerous territory, but you kept going. “I’m surprised; I thought you were too cool to watch a mere first year. May I ask why?”

She glared at you. Very dangerous territory. “Your arabesque sucked.” She snapped. “And your pirouette was totally off.”

“Taeyeon.” Dawon warned, but you just smiled at her.

“And thirty-two fouettes really don’t fit in Moonlight Sonata.” You said back as politely as possible.

She raised her eyebrows, tightening her lips. “You’re just jealous because you’re not even close to dancing like I can.”

You shrugged. “Perhaps not, but I still think Moonlight Sonata has its own rules for choreography. Beethoven didn’t write it just so people could show off.”

Yoongi, who had been sitting and observing silently, let out a roar of laughter. “You are a lioness (Name)!”

You glanced at Jimin. He was looking down at his plate, trying to hide a grin. You didn’t particularly like getting a laugh at someone else’s expense, but well.

Taeyeon looked away irritated.

Dawon wisely decided to change the subject. “So I’ve heard about the guest list for the review.”

Jungkook shot forward to look at her. “Who?” He demanded excited.

Dawon grinned. “So far I think it’s the US Ballet Academy and those cute little ones from the Ballet Club in Wrystone.”

“Wait.” You said. “The US Ballet Academy’s coming?”

She nodded. “Of course.”

“The reviews not just between classes, you know.” Jungkook spoke up, leaning back in his chair. “We invite them to show them how damn good we are.”

“Will anyone from the US company be coming?” Taeyeon inquired, distracted.

“The director of the Academy’s coming.” Dawon nodded. “He has serious connections.”

“Which is why we’re all blacklisted to get into the US company.” Yoongi mumbled. “They detest us.”

Taeyeon snorted. “I’m not, and neither is Chim.” She turned to him. “This is so perfect – they won’t even need to bother with an audition after they see us on Sunday.”

Jimin didn’t seem remotely excited. He just nodded, absentmindedly tracing the rim of his orange juice glass with his finger.

“Who else?” Jungkook pried.

Dawon thought for a second. “I think a few classes from JYP Ballet are coming too.”

“Bastards.” Yoongi muttered. For your benefit, he added. “Even worse than the damn US Academy is JYP. They’re always going on about how their contemporary is so much better than ours.”

You frowned. “So what? I didn’t think Amour even cared about modern.”

“We don’t.” Seokjin said. “But they still think it makes them better than us.”

“We should care.” Taeyeon muttered. “The US Ballet’s repertoire is half contemporary.”

“That doesn’t mean it’s good.” Dawon defended. “Some of their moves are just grotesque.”

“Anyway, JYP is pretty much our devout enemy.” Dawon said looking at you. “Even though some of the guys are dreamy hot.”

“Aw, thanks.” Seokjin scoffed, but he was grinning.

She fluttered her eyelashes. “Mm, you know you’re better.”

“Guys.” Hoseok chastised, looking sternly at his sister. “Not at the table.”

Dawon sniggered, still wrapped up in Seokjin’s arms. “And not doing it during warm ups?”

Jungkook and Taehyung looked horrified. “Or during the dress rehearsal for the Snowflake scene last year!” Taehyung sharply added

Jungkook folded his muscular arms. “Well I had no idea the King and the Angel made out at the end of the first act.”

You almost choked on your juice. “On stage?”

“Oh yes.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrow. “Right as the curtain went down, there they were, bang centre stage kissing like – ”

Dawon reached over you to thwack him on the head. “Shut it, Tae, we don’t want (Name) getting the wrong idea.”

Taehyung laughed and turned to you. “Ah, who’s to say that (Name) doesn’t have secrets of her own. By the way, who’s your partner at the moment?”

“Dahn Eungkwan” You told him, biting your lip.

“That second year?” Dawon asked. “I don’t know. He’s kind of yummy, in a cold sort of way.”

“You might as well have some fun – Pas de Deux’s all about the closeness, you know.” Seokjin teased and wound his arm around Dawon’s waist.

Through the corner of your eye, you thought you saw Jimin’s finger halt on the rim of his glass. His hand was rigid, but then maybe you just wanted to see that.

You turned back to Seokjin. “I don’t think it’s possible with Eungkwan, he’s a little. Well, he has amazing technique.”

The finger relaxed, continuing on its course around the glass.

Seokjin, guffawed. “Yeah, you seriously need a new partner. Now, who’s available.”

Taeyeon abruptly stood up. “We should get to class.”

Dawon glanced at her phone clock. “Oh crap, yeah we should.”

You looked around. Most of the dining hall had emptied. Your normal table was cleared.

You said goodbye to your new found friends and headed for the library. Despite the tension with Jimin and Taeyeon, you felt warmth blossoming through you. You liked Dawon and Seokjin, who had told you to call him Jin. Taehyung and Hoseok was very friendly and they really seemed nice, not to mention bright and bubbly. Jungkook, Namjoon and Yoongi was more the reserved types, but soon enough they had warmed up, and began talking to you too.

You spent the rest of the day in the library. You sat at your usual table, writing out the choreography notes as Madame Choi had instructed. You glanced at the clock. Nine-Twenty. Your class would have found out by now about your new solo. You seriously doubted they would be happy with yet another change in the choreography. Your logical defence about your concussion was only valid because you hadn’t purposefully changed anything. Now they would know that you had deliberately gone to Madame Choi and asked her to use your new solo. Maybe it wasn’t the best for the class, okay honestly, it certainly wasn’t. But if Madame Choi thought it was possible, then surely there was some hope in it?

Walking into the dining hall took a lot of mental effort. You knew Madame Hyejin would be on your tail if you missed yet another meal – You’d missed dinner to go and see Madame Choi yesterday – But you didn’t want to know your class’s reaction.

Minjee and her friends sat around the usual table, leaning in and talking. When they saw you, though, they went quiet, staring at you with deadly glares. The confident part of you almost felt like laughing – they looked like sheep’s, all doing exactly the same thing in an attempt to seem oppressive. But the much larger, freaked out part of you shuddered. Things didn’t look good.

You went and sat with Dawon again. Jimin and Taeyeon weren’t there, but Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok managed to take your mind off the stares burning into your back with a series of ridiculous jokes and stories.

However lunch passed too quickly, and soon you were at the door to Ballet History. You couldn’t ditch again – You still weren’t a rebel, despite building a new reputation for bitch fights. You pushed open the door. Thankfully there wasn’t any teacher there yet, and everyone was sitting on their desks, chattering.

As soon as you walked in, everyone went quiet. They just stared at you.

So that was their game.

You pushed your hair over one shoulder and dumped your books on a desk at the back. Kwangsik was sitting at the desk next to you. He didn’t stare like everyone else – He just looked down at his books miserably. You swallowed. To have so many eyes on you, all threatening, angry, despising. It crushed you, too heavy to bear. Despite asking for yet another change in choreography, you didn’t deserve this. You let your hair be a curtain, trying to block out their penetrating gazes. It was horrible. Why couldn’t you stare back? Why couldn’t you be confident? You had been confident last night, against Minjee, and even an hour ago, in the dining hall, but this was your whole class. People who you’d never talked to. People who hardly knew you and yet they hated you. Tears prickled at the back of your eyes.

Strength. You had strength. You were going to be okay. They couldn’t hurt you like this. They couldn’t be upset before they really judged how good or bad your dance was. You knew they were angry. The thoughts Minjee had planted in their heads had been confirmed – You had just ruined the review. On purpose, no doubt.

As if.

Yes, yes this was bad, but you were going to be okay. You just had to breathe. Breathe and be patient. Wait until the whole dance were put together. Then let them judge. Then and only then.

But the silence was deafening. The thoughts directed at you, loud and obnoxious.

The door swung open. “Afternoon class.” Master Woo’s voice boomed.

The stares were over. They all slid off their desks and on the chairs. You knew that not all of them had been staring – Yuna had been politely looking out the window, but a lot of them had been. Time passed very slowly, but at least none of them had a chance to look at you, as Master Woo slowly began his lecture about the history of Pointe Shoes.

Perhaps it would have been interesting if he’d been more interested himself. Ballerinas had originally danced in high heel. The promiscuous Marie Taglioni – promiscuous because she came on stage in a calf length, sleeveless dress – had heavily darned her ballet slippers and performed an entire ballet on the tips of her toes. The Italians created more supporting shoes in secret, leaving the Russian dancers far behind.

But then Master Woo started going into the finer details of pointe shoe evolution, and it was impossible to make that interesting. The transition from newspaper to leather toe boxes couldn’t take your attention away from your class.

In front of you, Minjee and Seohyun sat passing notes. Seohyun suddenly burst into laughter, her eyes flicking back to you for just a second.

You had to breathe. You had to stay calm.

1…2…3 You started counting in you head.

The rain was heavier than ever as you made your way down the silent corridors to the studio. You’d skipped out on dinner. You knew it would draw unnecessary attention to you especially Madame Hyejins. You knew that Dawon would wonder where you were. You knew your class would notice and would think that they’d gotten to you. They hadn’t, at least, you kept telling yourself that.

You’d stayed sitting numbly in the library until it was time to get to your rehearsal. You had felt so out of yourself. As if their stares had taken away the assurance you’d had with yourself, and now you thought of that confident (Name) as a different person. You plugged in your iPod and scrolled down your playlist.

Clair de Lune.

Your chest ached for it. The sweet notes began playing in your mind.

Calm, familiar. You shut your eyes and pressed play. You had to hear it. Just once.

You sat down on the floor, reaching forward to hold your feet, breathing in and out slowly, letting the strain and the worries drain off you. Only a few of the lights were on, creating the dim, dreamy world of dusk. As you leant into the stretch, your gaze looked into the darkness. The memory of the notes wove into a glorious picture.

There he stood, his hands cupped, his chest rising and falling. Jimin. He stood there, as if he were your guardian angel. And as the music began to move, so did he, moving round the room so agile and fast, strong and sure. He circled you, joining with the notes, enveloping you in his and their warmth, taking you away from the stress and the pain. You felt protected. As if this familiarity would lead you through anything, the music escalated. Yes, yes he was familiar. The way he moved, the same steps you would take, the same expression.

“Ah, Clair de Lune.” Came a voice.

You snapped out of it. Madame Choi stood at the door, dressed in her usual black long sleeved leotard and skirt. You hurriedly stood up and curtsied, then switched off the music.

“A good piece. Quite lyrical.” She nodded in thought, and then walked in. “How is your concussion, Miss (Surname)?”

“Gone.” You said, pushing your thoughts from before completely away.

“There are a few changes I want to make after seeing the class today.” Madame Choi said.

You nodded.

“Good, now let’s begin.” She clapped her hands and went to stand where the audience would be.

You then immersed yourself in the exact thing that had caused all of today’s strife.

Madame Choi had changed several things, and she changed even more as she watched you rehearse. The technique you needed was becoming engrained, and you knew you were improving.

Like last night, you worked for hours. The rain was a constant companion to the piano, sometimes light, sometimes heavy. “Remember those extensions!” Madame Choi called as you went through the finishing bars. “And show the change! Good!”

The music ended and you stood up straight again, waiting for Madame Choi’s notes. But she was looking away distastefully. “I don’t doubt that you can pull this off, Miss (Surname), but we must both understand that it is a class competition.” She looked at you. “What I mean to say is that if we lose, don’t take it upon yourself.”

You nodded, though you knew you wouldn’t be able to help questioning.

Madame Choi sighed. “It’s very good. I don’t believe we can get any further without the rest of the class. Tomorrow you will be able to dance legally, as it were?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“Good.” She said. “At least one of my students is ready.”

Just want to let you all know I’m not hating on JYP, but this is just a part of the plot.